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Coursicle App

Need to get into a class? Coursicle will notify you as soon as it has an open seat. Now supporting over 700 colleges. If you need to plan your class schedule or want us to add support for your college, please visit our homepage: *** Note for returning users *** We've had to replace our texting service with the app due to increased demand. Some of the colleges that are now supported on the app: UNC (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) UIUC (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Clemson (Clemson University) Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) Notre Dame (University of Notre Dame) UofSC (University of South Carolina) UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) W&M (College of William & Mary) UA (University of Alabama) Purdue (Purdue University) VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) UGA (University of Georgia) Auburn (Auburn University) Appstate (Appalachian State University) UNCC (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) NEU (Northeastern University) ECU (East Carolina University) WFU (Wake Forest University) Truman (Truman State University) UT (University of Toledo) UNCG (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) Temple (Temple University) UTK (University of Tennessee) ... and hundreds more


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Coursicle app reviews

  • Wowowow 5/5

    By 123travekwithme
    Great app idea and it works!! But when you see the notification you better dash to your internet browser and enroll because the app has a slight delay.. I took the last open seat in a class and the app notified me that the class closed about 2/3 min later.
  • Multiple course tracking charges 3/5

    By Astrid Lupus
    This app is a great help at making it easy to watch for courses opening, and it has made it a lot easier to get the schedule I want. However, it seems that every time I close the Coursicle app, it forgets that I’ve purchased the ability to track unlimited courses for the semester. I’ve already had to purchase the tracking multiple times this semester as I track and untrack courses. Compared to the money I spend on textbooks, it’s minimal, but it’s very frustrating to keep having to pay the fee each time I find another course I want to track.
  • Broken? 1/5

    By MegaMegan1221
    Only showing math classes even after I purchased premium. Have deleted and redownloaded and having same issue. Disappointing.
  • In love with this app 5/5

    By Johnytl
    Genuinely impressed by the user interface and how efficient this app is at gathering course listings from my university. I think it outshines other tools that attempt to do something similar but fall flat on streamlining course tracking. Very creative and well executed imo.
  • Great! 4/5

    By Squid Bones
    Coursicle helped me get into my perfect fall semester. Left off one star because the winter is not supported, but overall really great app!
  • Did exactly what it was supposed to do 5/5

    By puppygirl230
    Got my last GE that I needed to graduate so I guess in a way, this app ensured my graduation 💁🏻‍♀️

    By 123mediame
    This app is an anxiety reducer, time saver, easy to use and a must have. I have used this app to organize my schedule for 3 semesters - love this app.
  • Don't Buy This 1/5

    By Jsjsbscahajakwkwvvw
    I can understand charging. The fee is understandable. But EVERY semester? No. If it was a one time fee, far more people would join. Seriously. But making it $40 for all 4 years to be able to track classes is insane and will cause you to LOSE more money because less people are going to want this and I will let everyone I know that uses coursicle to not pay for it once. Bad marketing.
  • Got the class I wanted! 5/5

    By AlpacaPower
    I watched the last seat in the class I was most looking forward to fill five minutes before my registration time even started. After refreshing for an hour in hopes that someone would shuffle around their schedule, I downloaded Coursicle kind of doubting it would work. BUT TWO DAYS LATER I SAW A NOTIFICATION THAT A SLOT OPENED (I saw the notification an hour after the fact) AND RAN TO MY COMPUTER AND GOT THE SPOT! I now trust that coursicle is very accurate because the moment I registered for the class I got the notification that it was full. There’s only two sections with 16 students each so I’m very grateful to this app! I wish I had known about this for past registration sessions to get into other small classes or classes with highly sought-after professors!
  • GVSU Spring/Summer Registration Needed! 5/5

    By luchr12121212
    This app is amazing, I have told everyone I know about it!! I was able to get into all of my classes even with my late registration. My ~only~ negative feedback is that I wish it supported the spring/summer registration for Grand Valley State University. I would gladly pay an extra fee for that feature if it was offered! Negative feedback did not affect my 5 star rating because this app is amazing and I stand by that.
  • Great App 5/5

    By i know
    Not only is the app a life saver, but also awesome customer service!
  • ucla 1/5

    By Ziqx
    doesn't support ucla
  • Great 5/5

    By JackPearson010
    Easy to use and got me into the class I needed.
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By lils44
    Simple, easy to use, and the reason I got all my preferred classes this semester. Thank you Coursicle!! I agree with other users that a schedule feature would be useful, but don’t think that its worth docking a star off for it. It’s easy enough to just screenshot your schedule, figure out which section you want, then track that specific class. Most university’s have schedule planners that pre-select your course/section based on which teacher and any “blocks” you put on (aka if you don’t want class after 4 PM, before 9 AM, etc) so it’s really not too big of an inconvenience. Again, cannot stress enough how happy I am with this app 💗
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Meremere12000
    This app helped me snag a spot in a very high demand class! There’s a small lag time that caused me to miss out on a spot in another class I wanted, but overall the notification timing is pretty good. It was worth the $2.99 upgrade! My schedule for this semester is almost perfect.
  • Great App & Customer Service!!! 5/5

    By els008
    Coursicle helped me get into an online class that I really needed, and when the app crashed and didn’t notify me of another class opening, they were extremely helpful. Since I paid for premium, they offered me a full refund without hesitation and responded super quickly. I will definitely continue to use this app for future semesters! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • Classes 5/5

    By cocksontop
    Great app. Helped me register for multiple classes
  • Great App 5/5

    By Gughgyjfygduvd
    Clutch app to have if you are trying to get into a class. Super helpful. Great team behind the app as well.
  • Unbelievably helpful 5/5

    By canadacuddle
    This app does exactly what it sets out to do. Has helped me for two semesters now.
  • Great app, slight drawback 4/5

    By CarolinaCaniac59
    I love this app and I believe it does what it is supposed to, however, each time I receive a notification about a class being open, I immediately check the registration site and the class has already closed. There seems to be a lag time in classes opening & the time a notification is sent out. False hope is becoming aggravating!!
  • Poor notification time 2/5

    By pdominey
    4 of my classes have opened up but the app either notifies me when it closes and doesn’t notify when it’s open, or it notifies me that it’s open and when i open the app it’s already closed.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Reflector😊
    Was able to add a class that I really needed just now, all because of this app.
  • Okay 2/5

    By Laurel C A
    Having some trouble because it is taking a while for the classes to “process”. Also, after pressing the “plus” button, I don’t know how to get back to where the classes are tracked. But good idea
  • Was helpful at first 3/5

    By Hdjd beiges
    I bought this last semester and it was really helpful. But now I'm trying to use it and I already bought the upgrade and added a few classes and just went to go add more and it's asking for me to buy it again. I thought I was a one time $2.99 fee? I don't want to pay $6 to track 6 classes... wasn't like that last year
  • Works as expected 5/5

    By NyAireN
    Got me into the closed section I wanted, what more can I ask?
  • Arizona State University not listed 2/5

    By Jigja
    Was willing to pay the fee but my school wasn't listed. It's also cheaper than other sites and apps that charge. I would suggest writing the full name of the school in the app because there is another ASU but once I saw the class codes I could tell it wasn't Arizona State University. I also had trouble going back to the home page after selecting ASU because there wasn't a back button.
  • Useful but could do more 4/5

    By HamMan253
    Coursicle is a literal life saver. I got to keep tabs of a class to make sure it was still open by the time I registered so I didn't have to stress about it. The one thing that'd make this a 5-star review is a schedule implementation feature. The website allows you to view your daily schedule, but the app only allows you to track a class for registration.
  • Nice people 4/5

    By Nikkkkp
    Keep improving
  • okay 1/5

    By GhostNote11
    I just got this app and paired it with my university, UIUC, and i'm trying to track a class which on this app says it's open but i'm looking at it online and it says it's still closed so I don't know how accurate it is.
  • This app is the best 5/5

    By dancer-019
    10/10 would recommend. I have been able to get into every class I wanted!!
  • Best App 5/5

    By Ohhner
    Its a really good app but it depends on your university register classes system. I think the app would be better if they update notification as soon as possible because I found a class empty then 2 min later the app send me notification.
  • Land your perfect schedule 5/5

    By Spooky doo
    Amazing app, you have to pay to track more that one class but it's honestly so worth it. It's a one time purchase for your entire colle-schedule-making career. If you can drop $400 on a textbook or $6 on liquid motivation from your local coffee shop, you can definitely drop $5 to ensure you get the classes you want. I have no reason to complain, or to rate anything less than five stars.
  • UT Austin??? 1/5

    By absharp15
    UT Austin is the biggest school in Texas & one of the best... not sure why it's not listed on the app.
  • Add More Universities 2/5

    By Mizzy J
    An addition to more universities in the app would help tremendously with a wider array of users. UT Austin for example wasn't listed? That was weird to me. It's the biggest school in Texas
  • Great Concept 2/5

    By Disneyphanatic
    Awesome concept and would have loved to use it, but the classes I found weren't matching up with the ones I have on my course catalog for my university. Maybe USC on the app is University of South Carolina instead of University of Southern California.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By SonnyJim2
    I was stressing out over not getting the classes I needed for my major, but this app made is super easy! I was able get the classes I wanted at great times! Thank you guys for making this app.
  • Can't find my bloody university 3/5

    By lillylovesrice
    I love the website and wanted to check out the app. I have been searching and scrolling forever now but I still can't find my university even though they have it on the actual webpage. The search feature and catalog could be greatly improved. Edit: I'm about 100% sure that my university is not on the app even though they have it on the website. Hmm... Weird and frustrating. I wonder if there is a reason for this?
  • Especially helpful during summer 5/5

    By phasep482304
    The app made getting into a class over the summer a lot less stressful.
  • Thanks so much 5/5

    By loganfour7385
    This app has made registration significantly easier for me.
  • The Microtransaction Phenom 2/5

    By allenquanobi
    Literally used this app last year and got a perfect schedule for this semester; however, now we have to pay to track more than one class... Devs please, seriously becoming the thing everyone hates
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By 244sugarfly
    This app has gotten me into countless classes now.
  • Rip off 2/5

    By Nick6269326
    You have to pay $3 to track more than one class
  • Really helpful 5/5

    By hypersand
    This app is pretty much the only reason I was able to get the schedule I wanted.
  • Good app 3/5

    By BoomBoomBloom
    Wish it was free but good
  • Good app 4/5

    By BIGJake111
    I love this app, it does what it advertises, however I wish two courses were available for free, the developers should look into forced ads or even selling location data or something. I'd rather pay to use this app in ways other than money.
  • Was looking for an app like this 5/5

    By kt2544
    Got me into the class I wanted! Life saver
  • Really helpful app 5/5

    By 2jazzylaz
    Got me into two classes I needed.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By corallnimby43
    Got me into a class. Thank you so much!!
  • $$$$$ 1/5

    By JajdkcnnakKamzbkans
    Charges you to add more than one class 🙄
  • Essential for getting into full classes 5/5

    By Soccerdude77
    This app works as advertised. Downside: you have to pay if you want to track more than one class at a time.

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