Cox Panoramic Wifi

Cox Panoramic Wifi

  • Category: Productivity
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  • Current Version: 3.19.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cox Communications, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cox Panoramic Wifi App

Panoramic Wifi app supports CGM4141 and TG1682 Panoramic Wifi Gateways. The Panoramic Wifi App gives you control over your home network like you have never seen before. It enhances your in-home wifi experience from Cox with new levels of personalization and control. Your app lets you easily manage all sorts of wifi options, including the ability to pause devices, set simple device names and see the top bandwidth users. You can manage your family by setting profiles, pausing wifi for dinner or bedtime as well as easier troubleshooting. The Panoramic Wifi App is required for installation of Panoramic Wifi Pods. Key App Features: - Cox User ID: No extra passwords to remember, just control with your Cox Primary User ID and Password - Manage your wifi network name and password. - Device Naming: See what devices are connected to your wifi network and give them nicknames for easy reference. - Profiles: Create profiles, like one for each family member, and assign devices to profiles - Parental Control: Manage device profiles to set bed times or limit when the internet can be accessed. You can pause all the devices for dinner! - Pause Wifi: Take any device or profile off the internet with a click - Advanced Security: Protection for your connected devices - Easy to Troubleshoot: Intuitive app tells you about errors without contacting tech support - Pods: Add and manage Panoramic Wifi Pod extenders to reduce or eliminate dead spots in your home Requirements: - Cox Panoramic Wifi Subscription - Cox Panoramic Wifi CGM4141 or TG1682 Gateway (check the label on the bottom of your Gateway for "PN: CGM4141COX" or "TG1682G") - Cox primary user ID and password Need Help Signing In: - Create a Cox user ID and password: - Look up your existing Cox User ID or reset your password:

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Cox Panoramic Wifi app reviews

  • Gigagarbage 1/5

    By gigacrap
    Ever since I was talked into the new “gigablast” WiFi I have had NOTHING but trouble with the service. Restart, freeze to stream every night, kids only get one hour of screen time which turns into complete frustration. Hopefully COX will see this and reach out to me, called 4-5 times with the same problem, down load the app, restart system, flush the toilet honestly please reactivate my old router and modem I used throughout most of the scamdemik when EVERYONE was home, during that time it worked just fine. OVER IT, so are the little ones!!!!!!
  • Doesn’t work on my iPad 1/5

    By Mingo Family
    Never has worked on my Apple IPad. Can’t even get a login screen..?
  • Not the most reliable 3/5

    By Bravedamien
    Sometimes the app is unresponsive when pausing devices. Every so often I have high packet loss and random router restarts. I had 3 internet outages in the pas month that lasted over several hours each. The additional $50 for unlimited internet is crazy. While purchasing my internet package I never even asked for the rented panoramic Wifi. I specifically told the sales guy that I have a router already that I can use. Other than that the speed is always as advertised and is pretty user friendly when it comes to the app.
  • My internet 2/5

    By jagagasinger
    Iiiii have gigs blast and panoramic internet and and my internet is slow. I can’t believe that none of my neighbors complain. I pay $130 a month and this is the service I get? Very sad.
  • Gateway Not Reliable 1/5

    By Ex Cat Guy
    80% to 90% of the time I had to restart my gateway in order to connect my hand phone again upon my return home from work everyday.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Magoo is not satisfide
    WiFi service has been terrible the last couple months but really bad last two weeks. Wife is working from home and is depending on an undependable service. Called twice and got no real explanation. Upgraded for the best service and it isn’t worth it. Won’t have your service much longer. Shopping for a new provider with dependable service.
  • Waste of app space 1/5

    By MSSpisak
    Pause does not work
  • the internet is sooo slow 1/5

    By seakittens
    the wifi often drops out from our devices even after purchasing the cox internet extenders
  • Poor reliability 1/5

    By Vegasshogun
    Speed is inconsistent and connectivity is far from dependable. Never get the speed I pay for since I got Cox internet years ago.
  • Had it 1/5

    By abcdedfgsjeib
    Your internet coverage is so 2020.
  • Worst TV and Internet service 1/5

    By Oromojomma
    I have been with Cox since March. My installation was hindered by COVID, but I was able to self install. Since then internet speeds have slowed and my ability to view TV has gotten worse. I was forced to watch the last three week of football without sound and with service interruptions. I have contacted support several times and received a refund, but no improvement. I was notified today that the ”construction” that was causing my problems had ended so I tested the speed. (19.3 upload and 4.46 upload since I downgraded to 50 mbps) I was told to reset the modem that didn't work. My radio is buffering. (will try the manual rest when I leave) Waited 7 minutes with o response from tech text support. They disconnected without a response. I’ve done all I can to stay with them and tolerate the horrible service. I would check to see if you havsother options.
  • Speeds not stable 3/5

    By Oldfart 1969
    Sped test often and usually under 100mbps down and 3mbps up. Am paying for 500.
  • Signal Strength 2/5

    By Team Ahlstrom
    We spend $300 a month on internet/cable, but our signal doesn’t even reach throughout the house. A couple calls and a router upgrade haven’t worked. house isn’t made of concrete, nor is it a physics isn’t the issue.
  • Internet is lousy 1/5

    By amyw34
    Not happy with internet quality and service
  • Great!! 5/5

    By TBB1971
    Fast and great
  • Cox does not support my iPhone or iPad 1/5

    By witchycrosspatch
    Why???? Where is the fault, Cox or Apple?? HELP!!
  • WiFi issues 1/5

    My WiFi is not working properly and this problem has been going on for 3 days now
  • Mala conexión 1/5

    By mal señal
    Se desconectaa cada rato
  • WiFi & cable 1/5

    By Kill-shot
    WiFi is very slow and the cable boxes take a long time to respond.
  • Cox ai-fi app 1/5

    By kxholle1
    Not incredibly user friendly there is definitely no ease of the layout
  • Wifi always going out! 1/5

    By Bfc176
  • Unsteady 1/5

    By Masters1084
    Interrupts 4g streaming all the time. Nothing else connected and panoramic is a joke
  • Security camera 1/5

    By Kathy and the Aviator
    The security camera stopped working on my phone keeps telling me to retry Don’t know how to fix it!
  • Cox cable and WiFi service is sub-par. 1/5

    By lajas59
    Have had no service for over 12 hours. Difficult to work from home without connection.
  • Outages 2/5

    By Senior T
    The internet/WiFi goes off several times a day. We upgraded to the panoramic WiFi because your troubleshooting person said that would fix the problem, it didn’t. Very disappointed with Cox internet/WiFi service. If this continues I will search for another provider that can give me reliable service.
  • Service Tech and CSR 5/5

    By Drs53
    I had a great experience with Tyrese and John. I may not always like pricing but I do feel well taken care of today. The service people are genuinely nice and don’t make you dub. Thank you Cox.
  • Completely unreliable internet 1/5

    By stoojo
    I’m paying for Gigablast or whatever Cox’s highest speed connection is called and if I stream video on one device and open a web page on another, everything crashes for at least two minutes, or until I close the web browser. Embarrassing bad internet. Definitely canceling service.
  • Internet goes in and out 3/5

    By Top Google Reviewer
    What is the point of offering an affordable option when the speed doesn’t support even a few devices? The more expensive/faster option, which my family really doesn’t need, is almost $100 a month! Most phone plans come with unlimited data, which is the reason I opted for the basic WiFi plan that seems to work at certain times. The app is great! And I love how my apartment came prewired for Cox services. The troubleshooting capability on the app seems pointless when the internet is not connected to the network, it’s almost impossible to get customer service to help troubleshoot, they repeat exactly what the app suggests before actually sending useful help. Again...what’s the point of offering support if it doesn’t resolve a connection problem?
  • Unstable 2/5

    By lsh1849
    Have to reset modem too much
  • Unsatisfied 1/5

    By Brent fowler
    Overpriced service
  • Needs Usage in GB 2/5

    By jbdrums69
    The data usage shown only as a percent is meaningless. Please add a data usage in GB per device so you can prove the overages charges you are now charging me.
  • Not recommending 1/5

    By jijie02
    Always up selling something every time I call for help or assistance, or simple troubleshoot, “do you want to sign up for complete care” how about you help me.
  • Disconnect and says out of range 1/5

    By sonnid83
    I have my fire stick next to WiFi can’t locate says out of range
  • Cox 1/5

    By Big Easy Gent
    I’ve had gigablast service for two weeks now, rarely does it work for a full week and it does not give you the speeds it advertises, not even a third of what they advertise and guarantee. Be skeptical before you make this choice.
  • It’s ... 5/5

    By Somebody Using a Pseudonym
    Top of the line quality stuff.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By hymesmucker
    Been very happy thus far! Not happy with bundle savings disappeared
  • Another Non Concerning Business 1/5

    By lesleyshell
    I am finished my one year contract with Cox come January and I am going elsewhere. Thank goodness I have plenty of Internet companies to choose from. Cox has made me increase my spending by almost $100 since last December, I believe they intentionally slow down speeds to make me pay more for panoramic, data and other fees. We have had the same devices and over the last 3 months our data usage is through the roof, internet drops every hour and if you don’t pay $10 each month for support, they give you useless information.
  • Constant restarts needed 1/5

    By wertheshit
    Works great as long your ok with restarting your modem twice a day
  • Continued Service Disruption 1/5

    By Discouraged Again Please Help
    I am writing this review because at this very moment our service has been disrupted again—7 times this month, 3 times tonight. And we can’t get Cox to take us seriously. There are no competitive options, so what can we do? Robert Herron 757.687.9848
  • Keeps cutting out 1/5

    By Odeneho Papashee
    Keeps cutting out even though I don’t use it much
  • Riley provided great customer service 5/5

    By ifguhrugryy
    Thank you for the help
  • Good Connections 5/5

    By Randyyyyy3
    I almost never have any issues and I am a huge gamer.
  • Snail 2/5

    By DavidRenfroe
    I am paying for 100 mbps and I am getting less that 5. It has been that way for days. So when I get less than I pay for do I pay less? I’ll bet not.
  • Frustrated loyal customer 1/5

    By KPellen
    I’ve been with Cox for years but the service now has got to be worse than ever!! The higher I pay, the more the connection drops it seems! Not only do we have to use phone data frequently but now the “usage” has skyrocketed in a time that we’ve used less internet than EVER. Kids at school, devices paused, we aren’t even gaming anymore!! Almost $200 a month and for what?? We don’t even have the bundle anymore, JUST a panoramic router. About to drop Cox just like I did DirecTv. FIX IT!!
  • No internet connection even with booster another $150 1/5

    By nocolmedina
    I would think twice about switching to this internet.
  • Sharing 1/5

    By avt55112
    I don’t appreciate that I have to concent to Cox snooping on my WiFi usage to use their network. NOT GOOD AT ALL!
  • Not sure what to do but wanna be able to log in with no problem 1/5

    By big dappy joe
    I have installed it and hasn’t worked since, it ask me cookies are required but have it on with cookies... unsure what to do now and hate having apps not work like they are supposed to, if you could please help
  • Slow speeds 1/5

    By kipperthedog17
    My internet is crawling
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By frustrated in Pungo
    The Cox business model doesn’t work in the Pungo, Virginia area as the density isn’t heavy enough for Cox to invest in the appropriate infrastructure to keep up their signal strength for TV and Internet. They only play lipservice to their interest in solving this issue by sending technicians out that end up doing nothing to improve the problem.

Cox Panoramic Wifi app comments

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