Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

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  • Current Version: 9.8.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cozi
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cozi Family Organizer App

Cozi Family Organizer is the surprisingly simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more, Cozi is a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner and The TODAY Show “must-have app” for a better life. Cozi is free, easy to use, and available from any mobile device or computer. FAMILY CALENDAR • Keep track of everyone’s schedules with a simple color-coded calendar • Set reminders for yourself or others in the family so no one misses practice or an important event • Send automated daily or weekly agenda emails to any family member • See upcoming events quickly with 3D Touch and Widgets for iOS 10 SHOPPING LISTS & TO DO LISTS • Everyone in the family will always know what you need at the grocery store • See items added by other family members in real-time, and never forget the one thing you really need to make dinner • Create as many to do lists as you want - a shared to do list for the whole family, chore checklists for the kids, a vacation packing checklist, and more RECIPE BOX • Organize all your recipes in one place that's accessible anytime, anywhere - at home or at the store • Add ingredients to your shopping list quickly and schedule meals onto your calendar • Cook from your phone with helpful features like the no-dim button that keeps your screen on while you're cooking MORE ABOUT COZI • Your Cozi calendar, shopping lists, to do items, recipe box and family journal are accessible from any mobile device or computer • No matter where or how your family signs in to Cozi, everyone will be looking at the same information • The whole family shares one account that everyone can access using their own email address (as specified in Settings) and the shared family password RAVE REVIEWS ABOUT COZI • "Cozi is, in short, ridiculously handy. My only regret is that I waited this long to start using it." –PC World • "Cozi just works." –The Wall Street Journal • "This thing is indispensable for busy families" –CNET • "Too good to be true." –Family Fun Magazine • "Cozi is a FlyLady-approved application." –The FlyLady All the features listed above are free. Cozi also offers an optional ad-free premium subscription called Cozi Gold which gives you additional features like Contacts, Birthday Tracker, mobile app themes, more reminders, mobile month view, change notifications and more. Cozi Gold is $29.99 USD per year. Price may vary by location. Your subscription is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew unless you cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription in iTunes or visit Settings in Cozi after purchase. Cozi privacy policy: Cozi terms of use:

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Cozi Family Organizer app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By abbygirl33
    I enjoy the easy way to put appointments in. I like the place to put grocery lists.
  • Don’t waste your money, no support 1/5

    By Phuqabich
    Renewed Cozi Gold 2 months ago. Still no access to Gold. It was billed twice. One was refunded but I still don’t have access to Gold. Error message says “It will be activated as soon as possible”. No one from support has followed up with me.
  • No recurring todos 1/5

    By Used to use it more
    I was looking for an app to manage the chore list. Found Cozi with great reviews so I downloaded it. But it was quite disappointing that it does not let me manage recurring todos, that makes it quite ineffective at managing chore list.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Enirama
    I love this app! It helps me and my husband stay on the same page and can add grocery items as needed during the week. TWO THINGS I wish it did: allow you to attach pictures to grocery items so I can remember which particular product we get for those we dont replenish often. Had an undo button - I deleted my grocery list showing someone the app!
  • Cozi app 5/5

    By MD Burnett
    Great app for scheduling.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By Rader7777
    We love this app. I would love an expanded version that had a budget portion option and receipt and money tracking. Also an option for goals and tracking. I use a separate program called goals wizard that makes reoccurring stuff easy and you can check off daily. I would love something on here like that. It would be nice to consolidate everything into this app!! Love that you can uncheck lists to use again after you check them off. Love the journal part. Love the grocery lists and other lists.
  • needs to notify when changes 3/5

    By DanAppRvw
    cozi (free edition) emails notifications of new events added, but not when those events are modified.
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By gepaza
    Cozi Gold is close to perfect as a family schedule organizer. We have used it for 4 or 5 years now and it is super! My one wish is that they add a comprehensive print function and yes, I would be willing to pay more for that capability.
  • Disappointing, especially for mobile use 1/5

    By MamaChickadee
    A desktop computer is necessary, and customer service is nonexistent. When I attempted to email customer service via the app, my email was returned as undeliverable due to an incorrect email address.
  • Don't Waste your Money! 1/5

    By JunkWithSpunk
    Way too expensive for a subpar product & all sales final. (TLDR: Download TimeTree. More useful & FREE!) Thought we'd love Cozi, got Gold subscription ($29.99!) even tho we only upgraded for monthly view & search function. BUT... on included holiday calendar, Easter is missing. Their reasoning: Easter is not a federal US holiday. So I have to manually add it in, then create a reminder to manually add it in yearly since it falls on a different day every year. Unnecessarily tedious! Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve aren't included, among other holidays that likely affect users' schedules. Lazy programming! Cozi provides bare minimum, even to paying customers. Both views (List & Monthly) are difficult to sift through & visually separate. Design & typography needs work here. Not user-friendly: can't even double-click on a day in Month view to open up that day's events! Have to tap on the day in Month view then click Week view just to see that day. Simple functionality missing. All-day events do NOT show on lock screen widget. Even included holidays & added birthdays will NEVER show. If you manually add a holiday, you have to pick a time for it to show, but it ALSO doesn't show events where the START time has passed (not END time!), so you can't schedule it from midnight through 11:55pm; you have to schedule the start time for 11:55pm for it to show all day, but keep in mind the widget only shows TWO upcoming events, so if you have ANY other 2 events starting before 11:55pm, the workaround doesn't work until it's 1 of the last 2 events of the day. Pretty useless. You can't add a Contact in manually, you have to have the contact created in your phone, then import it into Cozi. It pulls photo, phone numbers, physical addressees, emails & notes. Doesn't import URLs saved to that contact. Workaround: add URLs into Notes field but then it's also that way in your phone unless you change it, import it, & change it back again. & you'd have to do it every time any info changes because you can't edit Contacts in the app!!! Cozi must think people pay for mobile app subscriptions just to be forced to login on a computer for more useful functions. Features that sound cool that you don't actually use: "Themes" - all it really does is barely change the colors on your list & month view. The "image" for the theme only shows on the "Family" tab which should really be labeled "Settings" & who gives a flying flip how pretty the SETTINGS screen is? Would have made more sense to have the home screen or calendar be prettified but nope, just the one "settings" screen. No one uses the Recipes section. No reviews listed so to check if a recipe is worthwhile, you have to click the link Cozi pulled it from & check the website in Safari. Don't expect AllRecipes, it's 5-6 selected recipes from 6 categories, plus a list of about 75 of "Cozi's picks." Anything else, you have to add by URL. It's easier to just bookmark in Safari. Journal is lacking: you can only post a plain text description with 1 image. You can't add multiple images like an album from a family gathering, a video, a PDF/document, URLs, there's no text formatting, & you can't "like" or "comment" so no clue if anyone's even seen it. It also feels counterintuitive to have the Journal here (a perceived "Settings" area), would make more sense on the home screen as a "feed." You don't get notifications for new journal entries like you do for calendar events. Shopping & To Do lists are basic. You can't add anything to your list in uppercase because it creates a sublist with that as the heading. If you click on the heading to change it back to a list item, it forces the word to title case. (Ex: "Add Medication" is different from "ADD medication") It's also silly that you have to swipe to edit a list name instead of it being in the menu options inside the list. Different family members can "own" a to do list (not shopping) but it doesn't change anything except the color of the title icon. Every member can see & edit all lists. Would be nice to make certain lists private & only allow its owner & selected members to view. What if my spouse & I want to make a list of things needed for our daughter's surprise party without her seeing it? We're right back to using shared Reminders or Notes in iOS. You can add URLs in your list items now, but no attachments. If I want my spouse to pick up something they've never seen, I end up texting a picture & eliminating that use for Cozi. (iOS Notes allows attachments.) Home : I do enjoy the colored dots that show next to upcoming events but we never remember who is what color, so it's not useful. Maybe add an expandable key/legend? My biggest gripe with the home screen is lack of customization. It only shows upcoming events & the last-edited shopping list & to do list (according to Cozi: "when the algorithm works" anyway.) Would be more useful to allow users to choose which lists (as in multiple) & organize how these are shown here. The last-edited list isn't always the most important or needed. We love using TimeTree because we have multiple calendars, each shared with specific people that can add events to it as well, & the ability to copy events between calendars or see all calendars together to ensure no double-bookings or schedule conflicts. Also a feed showing any activity on the calendars, by whom, with options to like, comment, or add a photo to the activity. Monthly view & search function included, too. 😱 Really wanted to love Cozi, but only resentful having wasted $30 on something we were doing for free (& better) in iOS. (I can just tell Siri to add something to my store list!) Especially now that we've found a free app that does everything (calendar-wise) with quality functionality & a MUCH better user interface that doesn't crash, Cozi is just overpriced with not enough features -- more of a beta product that needs to be user-tested, given feedback on, & highly improved before selling at such a high, nonrefundable price.
  • Awesome application 5/5

    By 💔x3
    Very easy to work... multiple users... best shared calendar app I’ve found for Android and or iPhone
  • Seems to do it all except one major thing... 2/5

    By mirspa
    I have been trying to find the perfect calendar app and so wanted it to be Cozi, but syncing calendars through iCloud is a must. I understand you can set it up so that Cozi can access my events, but it can only read them, not add to it. That just seems to be a nightmare waiting to happen
  • Love this app BUT need an Apple Watch Functionality 5/5

    By Fun!times2
    This app keeps my whole family organized. We LOVE Cozi! My husband and I work very different schedules and have two active children and active lives ourselves. This app keeps everyone moving in the right direction and makes communication 100x easier. BUT I NEED THIS TO HAVE AN APPLE WATCH FUNCTION PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!
  • Love It!! 4/5

    By heelmi0624
    The good: really easy to set up, super helpful for appointments and other schedule updates. Love the recipe portion, and the birthday reminders! The bad: none! The wishes: -can we have a voting button added? If someone is cooking a recipe, can other family vote on what to eat? That would be super helpful! -chat with all family members? -a commentary section on journal entries? Love the app, and am so glad I purchased the full version!
  • You’re not on Netflix’ level 1/5

    By Cooltgggryswyg
    A calendar is not worth a fee annually. Give the option to buy your software outright and fair like the good ole’ days, nobody is throwing a calendar in their monthly budget and living expenses...jeez
  • A Busy Family Must 5/5

    By DanielleEB
    My family has used Cozi for quite a while now and I am so grateful for it this month I decided to write a review. I am a wife and mother of two boys. My husband and I started using Cozi to note appointments, concerts, dinners, reminders to cancel HBO after Game of Thrones ends...the usual. The past month has seen the kids end of the year activities, two family members having medical problems with multiple doctor appointments each week, and I would not have made it to this weekend without Cozi to help me keep our world organized. I added each follow up, testing, dance, second opinion doctor to the app as I checked out. No card to add to a wall calendar or having to bring a planner. I open the app and see the schedules of every member of the family. I can’t recommend this app enough.
  • “ALL” Calendar Every Time! 2/5

    By Rosalee Hawai'i
    I can’t seem to turn off the All in The Who part of the event.
  • Cozi Calendar 5/5

    By Mjb54
    It’s nice to share with family and know what all going on. If there was an emergency it would know where they are.
  • Like it but it crashed 3/5

    By humblehustler
    Fun until it crashed in the middle is me inputting my calendar bc no matter what I synced the google calendar is connected but didn’t transfer anything so I have to put my whole calendar in manually and only use this one now
  • Fantastic. Worth the subscription. 5/5

    By Trnner6
    I’ve never left a review for an app, but felt compelled to do so for this one. This really is a great family management app. The ability for everyone to add events and be updated in real time is awesome. It has made managing my time so much easier. I never pay for subscriptions but in this case the Gold is worth it for all you get and a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this app to everyone.
  • Cozi 5/5

    By nice person kaylee
    Cozi is really helpful especially to people like us that are really busy. So if your tired of buying calendars get cozi and put all you events here
  • Cozi 5/5

    By its_BMB10😘😜😎
    Me and my family love this app. It really helps out when it comes to plans and groceries.
  • Needs A Fix 1/5

    By Jazzrules
    This app WAS great. Now it freezes or crashes every time I open it. This app is now virtually useless. Please fix.
  • Previously great app broken and useless 1/5

    By Pamiamm
    This app had always been great... we use the shared blander a lot. Maybe it bugs the developers that we use the free version but they do offer it. Now I can’t get to the calendar unless I continually kick on their ad to upgrade. Now that’s very irritating. I hope they will notice this and fix this problem ASAP.
  • Entries not saving 2/5

    By AthleticPoet
    Even after I save them, they aren’t there, though they used to be. Why?
  • Keeps me on time 5/5

    By Crisany
    Never miss an appt due to Cozi
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By cpolatsidis
    I love the idea of it, but my lists and events don’t always sync on my husband’s phone. Also, I’ll check stuff off in the store, but they’ll reappear later at home and never come off my husband’s list at all. Very annoying
  • Loved it for years but now it crashes constantly 2/5

    By mich-k
    Loved using this app for the past several years but for the last month or so it just freezes constantly. Sometimes I have to restart it five or six times in the process of creating one appointment. Now I’m committed, I’ve finally gotten the whole family on board with this system and I am dreading having to switch us all to some other platform. I’ve got the latest release (which I hate because of the switch from the grid calendar and clock by the way) and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Am I being punished for using the free version? Because the upgrade is way too expensive.
  • Good but too much of a push to sell you GOLD!! 4/5

    By Jess_97
    I have used Cozi for quite a long time now and rely heavily on it to make sure I don’t forget important things. This is especially necessary for us ADHD folks!! Saved my butt many times over. Also love love love being able to have whole family add items to shopping list and when I go to store I don’t forget to get something that someone needs and have to make more trips. Set reminders for all kind of things. If I have to remember it Cozi helps me do that! Even keep up with my husbands swing shift work schedule, my call days at work, my paydays, and the kids’ schedules. Ability to send alerts and reminders to them too. Only problem with it is that they keep certain features reserved for the paid version, Cozi Gold. And try all the time to get you to upgrade to a subscription to that. I can’t afford to do that so I deal with the limitations of the free version. It’s still extremely useful to me and serves the purpose.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Aprnarkansas
    Easy to see each member of the family and their needs. Functions well. Only recommendation is that in the to do list tab, could write more narrative. Spacing is off and seems to be only for a onliner. So far so good!
  • Family member 5/5

    By TX gL
    Cozi keeps our whole family organized and on task! Simple to use. Thank you!
  • Savior 5/5

    By Swany33
    This app has saved soooooo many arguments and stress from our marriage with 5 kids and both of us having jobs. Honestly this app is priceless!!!!!
  • Great program 5/5

    By Tzoosie
    We are able to keep track of each other’s busy schedules in our family. It has saved us tons of time for rescheduling and trying to straighten out times for different events. Don’t know how we lived without it!

    This app has been so great for our family! My husband and I work opposite schedules and it allows us to keep on track with our plans and know what each other has going on. Love the color code feature and everything about this app + it’s FREE! I wouldn’t change a thing about this app!
  • Need 2 calendars 3/5

    By luvbrianjones
    The good thing is it does help keep organized. The bad: it tells me I only need one calendar and that is not correct. I am divorced and would like a separate calendar for my household, which they tell me I don’t need.
  • Kudos 5/5

    By Mixing Bowl
    Simple to use. Shareable. Reminders.
  • Cozi frustrations 2/5

    By msdogmsmsms5647
    I have been using the Cozi app for almost a year and have loved it. However just recently it has started to freeze every time I open it. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes and nothing has worked. I am so bummed that I will have to load a different app.
  • Love 5/5

    By keto girll11
    I love Cozi calendar. It has made my family planning extremely better
  • Great App For Organization 5/5

    By Leader2
    Organization is the key to a successful life. Cozy has helped my wife and I had to do exactly that. To get organized and stay organized. I highly recommend.
  • Why won’t it work!? 1/5

    By trashfandom
    Me and my family/friends tried to share it with each other and it would not work.
  • Great app, but ... 4/5

    By socalnovak
    Great app, but I wish that it could somehow sync with apple dates and e-vite and other social affair/gathering websites.
  • Great family calendar 5/5

    By Caseyjmc
    This is the only app I have found that consistently does what we need. The only things that would make it better would be to be able to post to it from another app, much like I can if I were using, say, Apple Calendar. Also, would love the ability to copy and paste from one appointment to another time.
  • How to add events without sharing with everyone else? 3/5

    By Tom Iffrig
    Can’t figure out how to put things just on my calendar and not share them with the rest of the family. Also, customer support will not respond to my wife’s or my questions. Otherwise, This would be a 5 star app!
  • Crashes after recent update 3/5

    By MicCheckOne
    Cozi has served us well for a year or two, but after the most recent update, the app freezes and crashes consistently, to the point of being unusable. Deleting and reinstalling app, and restarting iPhone has not helped. Time to find a new shared list app.
  • Life changer!! 5/5

    By burtj3
    Absolutely Best way to keep a family of five organized I don’t know why we would do without it.
  • Cozi 5/5

    By Krafty Pony
    Love this app, setting it up was very user friendly! Perfect for keeping up with the barn family, knowing when the ring was being used and when the vets and farrier’s would be using the main barn center Aisle!! Awesome love it!!!
  • Cozi is so dependable and lists work with Alexa 5/5

    By dabhl
    Am amazing way to have shared household calendar, to do lists, shopping etc lists Calendar is simply the best. The only negative is that Amazon Alexa does not access Cozi calendar like happens with all of Cozi lists which is awesome
  • View 4/5

    By Sjberliner
    I would like a larger weekday view option. Otherwise, it’s been great.
  • dumb restrictions 1/5

    By Lizzy✨
    don’t even bother, you can’t even see the month view without paying $30/yr.

Cozi Family Organizer app comments

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