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Cozy Grove

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  • Current Version: 3.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Spry Fox, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Welcome to Cozy Grove, a life-sim game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you'll wander the island's forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you'll bring color and joy back to Cozy Grove! Features: - Beautiful, dynamic, hand-drawn landscapes that come alive when you help a spirit in need. - Dozens of memorable characters and spirits for you to find and befriend. Each spirit has a unique, extensive story for you to unravel over time. - Collect spirit animals, craft decorations, go fishing and more! - Playable for many months as you explore the narrative, decorate the island and more.

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  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By JArnold221
    I love this game. I genuinely look forward to coming back each day and seeing what new quests there will be. My only grievance is with that bug with the pointy nose that gets in your face every time it sees you. That thing is legitimately infuriating.
  • I lost my bird house and cant find it! 5/5

    By qrtyuiigvyhvghfhhg
    Please help cause I don’t wanna have to get the game again
  • Love it 5/5

    By jessmotron
    Since I don’t have a Switch and can’t play Animal Crossing, this is a good alternative. It’s adorable and fun although I’m kind of sad I can’t have more than one cat in my house, maybe I just have yet to find one that doesn’t hate other cats.
  • October 15th. Still crashing even after recent update! 1/5

    By Mmfeast
    I really like this game. I’d give it more stars but since the new update it crashes constantly. And I’m not exaggerating this! My advice if you want to continue playing is to save after every item you get ( even if you have auto save on) and save often.
  • Love this game!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By UrJstH8in
    This game is fun and super adorable with new missions and different storylines within your own. I love to sit and fish when I am at chemotherapy or catch bugs and tend to my animals when I am just sitting at home, bored. Haha Please keep this game going with more bears, more storylines, and an even BIGGER island! :) 10/13/2021- had to downgrade a little for the Bearos the Third glitch I have going on right now. I cannot get to the imp!!! Help!
  • Great game, with some infuriating bugs 2/5

    By Kidgett
    I love the gameplay, story, etc. Like others have said, the grinding and object placement/selection are annoying, but I can forgive those quirks because I enjoy playing it. One thing I can’t forgive is the bugs. Several times I’ve been unable to buy something from the merchant because even though the item is selected, I don’t get the info/buy dialog. Other times the info dialog is too tall for the screen and the buttons at the bottom are off the screen. When this happens, the info dialog covers the inventory close button and the only way out is to restart the game, which is very annoying because the load time is ridiculous. The worst issue is the horrendous lag. Sometimes the game is responsive, but eventually terrible lag will set in, growing worse with time, and it’s especially bad near my tent. It gets so bad the game becomes totally unplayable, even though this game is the only app open on my phone. Restarting the game doesn’t always help. I want to love this game, but the bugs are plentiful and game breaking.
  • At the beginning game is fabulous 1/5

    By Delgottismom
    I am now on day 111 of this game. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this. It is one that I can play, put down, and pick up to enjoy later. Love the tasks, love the unique story. And now comes the “but”. I was approaching, what it seemed by tasks completed, the last 1/3 or 1/4 of the game and it began shutting down on me mid play. It started shutting down more and more often each time I played, so I checked to see if my tablet needed updating. I also checked to see if the game needed updating and saw some “additions” were added to the play. That’s great, but now I barely get to begin the tasks and it crashes immediately. To add to this immense frustration is the length of time it takes to reload the game. What should be a 1/2 hour span of play time has begun to take an hour or much more if I want to try to complete the tasks in one sitting. All because of multiple shut downs and reloading each and every time. And sometimes I need to redo the tasks I had just completed because the crash occurred before saving my play. A really fun game has become a frustrating experience each time I attempt to play. In the beginning I would have given it 5 stars. Now, if I could give a negative score I would. FIX THE CRASHING PROBLEM.
  • I love it 4/5

    By stranger things lover 52
    So, I love this game! It is so cute. I love the hand drawn animation. It is a very simple and calming game. And feeding the bird is very simple. All you must do is not feed it the bagels, but the snow berries which can be bought from the store. Still it took me a while to figure that out so could you please change that. Other than it is perfect in every way. Update:So, I still love this game, and I like it is very calm and relaxing. But, I ran into a small issue. I went to the mayor to do my quest and he/she gave my a bust of him/her. And I tap on it when it was in my inventory and it disappeared I look every wear and I try reloading the game but, it is still gone! Please fix this. Update: I still love this game and I found the mayor statue, but I have ran into a major error, it won’t get past the loading screen. I tried to turn my device of and exit the app, but it still won’t load!!! I think it might be the update, but I do not know please fix this!!!!!! 😭😭😭
  • Love this game 5/5

    By Wingeddelinquent
    Just a few words of encouragement to those of you frustrated by the time it takes to accrue resources. This was my story the first couple of weeks, although resources quickly added up once I started checking in later in the day to gather & sell or recycle newly spawned weeds, leaf piles, shells, etc. I was stymied initially by being unable to catch fish to complete quests, but that must’ve been a bug that was fixed early on. And with this latest update, I see that birds & deer are craving some simpler foods occasionally. Lastly, don’t underestimate the value of crafting & baking items for resale. Oh, and Captain Snout usually pays more than Mr. Kit for new items, so you won’t lose out by donating to his collection.
  • Adorable and addicting 5/5

    By Mere Mom
    My only complaint is that it always crashes shortly after saving. Both the auto save and if I manually save have this problem. I never lose too much progress but since it takes awhile for the game to restart the constant interruption is troublesome. I adore all the characters. There’s gotta be some stuffed animal versions out there or t-shirts, cause the artwork is gold and the personalities are memorable. Some of those bears are in need of such healing, I just want to hug ‘em all day. This gentle game has been a huge help in me managing my healthy mindset. By the relaxing music and the engaging tasks, I am able to escape to that lovely island. The spirit animals are always happy to see me and the shy little imps are so relatable with their love of chocolate!
  • Love the Game but where’s the support? 3/5

    By It's_Ari
    I love the game but now that I’ve come across a bug, I’m not even sure where to report it or find any tech support. It appears I may have not completed a quest and had some items in my bag that didn’t disappear. I am unable to sell, burn, recycle or any way get rid of these items. More specifically the “package” and “letter”. Please help.
  • Great game but don’t bother . 2/5

    By jb25!!!
    Ugh . Constantly CRASHING after you invest so much time in the game.. like A LOT OF TIME . So frustrating.
  • AMAZING but suggestion 3/5

    By Shiny_Tiger
    I just LOVE the game, graphics and music, but waiting for 24 hours just makes me annoyed. It would be fine I could grind for however I want. Otherwise, it is an awesome game.
  • Cute fun relaxing game 5/5

    By Iris7865
    I love playing this game as its very relaxing. The storyline and graphics are cute and I love the updated music. However, I’ve Perry much finished the game so I no longer am collecting logs to make my fire grow and have discovered all ghosts where only 2-3 still need to have their story completed. It’s kind of sad I’m basically at the end of it and wished there were still more ghosts to discover. I have started a new game in another start from the beginning though.
  • Nice game to zone off to but doesn’t save consistently 4/5

    By syliswrong
    It’s a nice mindless routine for me and helps me reduce stress. But I’ve often come back after a day and find that auto save didn’t work, or didn’t sync across devices and so I have to redo a bunch of quests. Not the end of the world since the truth is, every single quest/ day is just really iterations of the same thing anyway. that’s why it’s a mindless destresser for me – you basically do the same thing again and again and can let your mind wander off…. but still sometimes kind of disappointing to have to do the exact same things again. Sets off that completionist obsession in me.
  • Great Game 4/5

    By cozygrove
    Love love love this game. But the bugs that fly around and won’t leave you alone have GOT to go.
  • So cute and fun 5/5

    By tenstep91
    Update: Did as suggested and have had no problems. Enjoying this game every day 💙 I’ve only been five minutes into the game and I’m disappointed because the graphics and character seem cute and well rounded, but after every cutscene my character only goes one way. To fix this I have to save and exit, then return to the game. This game is meant to be fun and not a chore to do. Please fix!!! I would love to adventure in this land!!!
  • Great but infuriatingly flawed 4/5

    By Crazycat1760
    I love this game, but there’s a reason it does not get 5 stars. If it weren’t for the ability to wirelessly connect my ps4 controller to my iPad then I would be completely unable to play. 10 minutes into the game every single time without fail the navigational functions stop working. I’ll be dragging my finger along to move my character when all of a sudden like clockwork, the character becomes unable to move anywhere but to the right. I have to literally exit out of the game to reset it. But then 10 min later it happens again. The first time I played this I rage quit because it was infuriating. I only started playing again because I found out I could connect a controller. How can the most basic and important function - MOVING - be so screwed up. This doesn’t occur with the ps4 controller, but as I do not always have the controller with me when I’m out and about, this is extremely infuriating. Please fix this. It’s a a major problem. I also seem to be unable to use my iPencil with this game as well. I think it would help with ease of play too if that were made compatable.
  • Couldn’t finish 3/5

    By KawaiiKittyGirl
    Liked a couple things about the game but the fishing aspect killed it for me. Far too slow and the fish quests take too long since it’s up to random chance on what fish you get. It got too boring having to wait for fish to bite and gave up on the game entirely.
  • Wait to play?! 3/5

    By Rando_Commando
    I hate the fact that I can’t play at my own pace, I have to wait til the next day to continue. No wonder people started changing their system clock. I want to play MY way. Not wait until the next day. Sad.
  • Fishing gone wrong 3/5

    By vhoojddil
    I love this game, I play it every day, the only issue is, the majority of my quests right now require fish. After the first 3 fish I’ve caught, I’ve not been able to catch anymore. I throw out the line and the fish go after the bobber but they never hook on. My character sits there so long it pulls like line back in & no matter how many times I recast, I can’t catch any fish. Is this a bug? If this isn’t fixed soon I’ll be deleting the game.
  • Okay Gameplay, not really good though. 3/5

    By Story_Writer_Sof
    I can't use the fishing rod; it will just make my character move. Even when I do use the fishing rod, it always lands on land and never in the water unless it's a tutorial. Though the game is fun and cute, it kind of seems like a rip-off of Animal Crossing games, and I don't like how you can't interact with items. The Imps (Or other creatures) shouldn't really be in the game because they pretty much just swarm around places, and all run away, which makes them pretty boring. Also, there isn't a lot to do. It's pretty much something like 5 or 10 minutes and then I'm done. No more game for me.
  • Great! 5/5

    By kaymdrake
    I’ve only played for a few hours now. It’s amazing! Cute and interesting game. However, the game seems to force-close on me. It’s nothing to do with my internet and I’ve made sure to triple check there isn’t a update I was missing. I’d love to play more but it’s a pain to keep opening the game every 5 minutes after it closes.
  • Great game to pass the time! 5/5

    By shelbylove3
    This is such a great game! I can’t stop playing it! Each animal spirit that inhabits the island are special in their own way! My fave is Ursula Pine and her sunflower costume! 🌼
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By Yesmama
    I usually don’t write reviews, but I love this game. I look forward to playing every day. I am excited to see my new tasks and feeding my animals. It’s very laid back, but exciting in a weird way. This is by far my favorite game right now. Only complaint is the controlling, it’s hard to get to the extract spot. I am using my phone.
  • bugs 3/5

    By babymexico713455
    i cant fish any fish can yall fix this bugs
  • Beautiful Game, Starts slow but give it time! 5/5

    By jewelofok
    UPDATE: After playing this game more and unlocking more bears, I’ve come to find that there is a lot more to this game than I originally thought. The quests get more involved and take more time to complete. I think this game is so much fun and the art style is absolutely beautiful. I would have rated this a 5 star game but I docked 1 star because I think it needs a little bit more. The one thing I would want changed is to have more quests. There are main storyline quests but you only get so many a day and I usually finish them pretty quick. I would love some side quests to do in the meantime.
  • Complaint 5/5

    By Gglickst
    I generally love this game but have a complaint. Why is it so freaking hard to click on things?! I click directly on my deer to harvest it and it clicks anywhere but my deer. It’s near impossible to harvest the deer. Ugh fix this. It’s so frustrating.
  • Absolutely adore 5/5

    By Lil Survivor
    I love this game! The graphics are so cute, and I love the way the character you play looks and how you can hug the bears(and seagull)!! My only complaint is that there are not enough quests, imo, in the day, I love all the quests that are given, and mind you I haven’t played for very long, two days, and I have just been burning through all the quests I’m given within an hour. Which kind of leaves me with nothing to do in game, yes I could fish for rarer fish, or hunt for seashells and decorate, but I like to decorate as I play, like figure out as I go, and yeah fishing is fun, but you can’t do that for hours and not get bored. But! I do understand why the creators wouldn’t put more quests in, it helps create the effect that you actually have to build a relationship with the creatures, which of course irl won’t happen overnight, and in a game shouldn’t either. So all in all, I absolutely adore this game!! :D
  • SO FUN 🤩 5/5

    By DragonSlayer612
    DEFINITELY recommend this game. It does have some things that are a bit on the close side to Animal Crossing, but that’s OK. Also the characters are SO CUTE 🥰
  • Really a Fine Game 4/5

    By Silverstone2828
    My actual rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Graphics and audio are smooth and pleasing. Gameplay is smooth. The characters are engaging, even when some of them are crotchety by nature. You don’t mind doing favors for them because they become your game friends and, prior to ascending, your favors can be helpful to them. The theme of the game is fairly obvious from early in the game, but you aren’t bombarded with it. The dialog with characters can keep the philosophy from being too cloying. The reward system is good and seems pretty reasonable. The path of the game is fairly linear—some story quests must be completed before the story can progress. Still, the story line and game progression are pleasing. I took four months to complete the game, given how much time I was able to devote to the game daily. Since this game seems designed to avoid obsessive playing, I am satisfied with the time I needed to finish it. I only have one knock on Cozy Grove. Once a character has ascended, I did get tired of their daily quests; once ascended I didn’t see that daily quests should make that much difference to them. I would ask that the developers consider reducing the number of daily quests from ascended characters, making those quests simpler, giving us a way to decline them (aside from just avoiding talking to the character, of course), or eliminating daily quests from ascended characters. In order to stay involved with ascended characters, consider having them give more of their backstory when the player converses with them instead of daily quests. All in all, I’m very glad I played Cozy Grove and hope that Spry Fox stays in this particular genre.
  • Cozy is right! 5/5

    By dont like it much
    This game is so satisfying, it’s calming, adorable, and fun. Super creative and it’s a great way to wind down from work in the afternoon or play before bed. The music is comforting and the sounds are so cute and soothing I love it all!
  • Automation 4/5

    By 12mmr
    This a message for The developers. I really love this game it beautiful, relaxing, and amazing, but there is something missing and that is in my opinion is automation. I think that having to do everything on my own is kind of boring especially fishing, I don’t like how I have to spend 30 min to an hour just catching fish I would really love to have the choice to craft some kind of trap or big net where I can just set it up and let it do the work for me. The crafting aspect of this game is everything so you might as well add some more options like crafting traps not just for fish but also for insects, and don’t take me wrong I like the idea of running around trying to catch insects but I think we should have the choice to either craft trap for them or just catch them ourselves. Also plus feature would be voice over for the bears that would be amazing it would make the experience that much better, and as you can tell I am lazy so most of the time I don’t even read what they are saying and just skip but if there was voice over I would listen to and enjoy even more. Thank you guys!
  • A promising start, but slow 4/5

    By FrenchPoliSci
    So far I have enjoyed the game. However, you should know that it apparently runs in real time. That means when you are done with tasks at noon on Saturday and you still want to level up, tough. You gotta wait until Sunday morning at least. I would rather see the game do like other games have done and have a shortened day/night cycle. When I’m further in the game and dealing with more spirits, the real-time mechanic might be something I really want. However, when you’re only dealing with 4 spirits, it makes for a very slow beginning and kind of asks a lot for the player to keep playing through this frustration. Especially since the loading screen mentions that some tasks may take days to complete and I’m just picturing that will go.
  • Improvements please! 5/5

    By 喜欢玩游戏的小米
    I really love this game but decorating my camp place is such a torture!
  • <3 5/5

    By Eltrinox
    I love this game! Fun to play and gives a nice little bit of stuff to do every day
  • BROKEN TOOLS—11 Relic Dust Needed to Repair but NONE Available 2/5

    By Manju's
    You spend very little time actually helping spirits. Ran out of relic dust to repair tools; Shovel, Pickaxe, & Machete cannot be repaired (11 Relic ASH Needed to Repair these TOOLS -plus- One Spirit Request requires 8 Relic ASH … Another Spirit Request Request Requires 1 Relic) … That’s 20 RARE Relics Needed to continue this game and the DOWSER Rod for LOCATING relics has NEVER WORKED even tho I’ve tried daily. I GIVE UP … with tools that CAN’T be repaired, it’s pretty useless trying to play this game and it would take a VERY LONG TIME to acquire 20 Relics (plus any additional/new ones that may be required each day). You may have to wait many many days/weeks for some of the items needed to help the spirits so you spend most of your time REPEATEDLY digging holes, pickaxing rocks, or chopping down shrubs (but with broken, unrepairable tools you cannot even do this).

    By Lexa1024
    I’m obsessed n love your game but the play time is pushing me away. Some type of change gas to come or the DELETE is coming.
  • Every update corrupts the save file 2/5

    By Bcj6790
    Both my girlfriend and I play, and each time there is an update, we are unable to load our save file. We’ve lost 60 days and 30 days of progress a couple of times now. The game is great, but be prepared to start all over again
  • Fun game but new update has glitches 4/5

    By nettlenoose
    I’ve really enjoyed this game, play it daily. Lots to do but not unlimited so the time you spend playing feels more valuable. The new update has created a few bugs which I had not experienced before. My character will run off in the opposite direction from what I click (playing on my phone), happy imps disappear off the map before I get my reward, and my character actually got stuck today! I couldn’t move her anywhere. Easy enough to reload the game but these all began with the newest update.
  • It’s so…..meh. 1/5

    By Rattata At Heart
    This game has the right idea, but the wrong application. Some of the quests are so difficult to finish that it becomes discouraging and underwhelming. I will also come here to complain about the tea egg quests as well as the dowsing rod. I need about 20 relic ash at this point in my game and I have only found two relics in a month. Ultimately I cannot upgrade my tools and do only half of any activity and it’s so frustrating. It is also not possible to color the island entirely and that is unsatisfying to me. On top of it all you can only play this game if you have an arcade subscription so it’s pretty much 4.99 a month. I’d rather pay 1.99 once for this junk.
  • Favorite 3/5

    By Lucahma1143
    This is an absolute favorite of mine. However lately it seems to be glitchy. While walking the frame will pause then resume, repeat. A little frustrating while trying to navigate. Great game otherwise.
  • No longer Stalled by a bug 4/5

    By Eerie Gardless
    I’m unable to progress with the seditious flyers task. I lost one due to a random imp consuming it and leaving no item. Now I’m short a flyer and cannot complete it. I have loved this game and stuck by it even with the lag issues, but not I’m so far and just stuck. Edit: updating my review. The latest update did indeed allow me to proceed. Thanks for addressing the issue, devs!
  • Fun, but Frustrating 2/5

    By lbalmer
    Come on people....fix the bugs. I have played for 102 days and the last several weeks it has go e from bad to worse. The lag time and freezing is getting ridiculous. It deserved 5 stars until this last update. And the quest directions are wrong. Or at least you go to the area several times and the item is not there. Finally go get a hint and then there it is. Or you get the item from an area and the log doesn't update you retrieved that item. I am tired of my character running in circles out of control. Too many glitches. Not fun anymore.
  • Constant crashes 3/5

    By Kalleysinger
    I love this game! It’s literally the only game I play but there’s one fatal flaw that makes it so frustrating. It crashes constantly. Then I lose progress that I may have made since the last auto save. I’ve been tempted to get it on switch but I don’t want to lose all the progress and start all over! Please fix it! It’s so good otherwise.
  • My fishing rod disappeared! 4/5

    By 肥肥丁
    I love this game until I lost my fishing rod. I dropped it on the ground of the holy lamp when my inventory is full. But it’s gone when I log back after a couple of days. Now I can no longer go fishing. I need help!
  • Lots of New Bugs 4/5

    By emz-27
    I’ve been playing Cozy Grove for 85 game days now, and I’ve noticed the after the new update, there’s a lot f freezing and crashing. It’s been so frustrating because I’m working on a quest that takes a lot of time and crafting, but the game crashes and doesn’t save. I think I’ve done one of the same random side quests four days in a row now, since it crashes after I’ve finished it and it resets my progress Four stars because I love the game, and I really want to finish the story, but when it crashes four or five times in an hour, I eventually just give up. Hopefully this can get fixed soon
  • From Love It- to Frustrated By It 3/5

    By Yadamamg
    I loved this game before the update that caused the constant freeze glitches and slowed my ipad down. Please, fix it, so I can give it 5 stars!
  • Fun, but seems increasingly laggy/crashy 3/5

    By Jsealand
    I really like this game—I’m a sucker for side quests, gathering/crafting items, building NPC friendships/unlocking stories—and I like the concept and (in theory) the gameplay. My problem is that I can’t seem to play for more than 15 mins or so these days without it crashing and losing some of my progress. And while I’m actually *able* to play it’s constantly lagging, so I’m not enjoying it as much as I did at the beginning. It seems like both of those issues have gotten worse over the last few weeks, to the point where I’m losing interest. If I can’t make any progress, what’s the point?