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  • Current Version: 3.0.83
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cracker Barrel App

The all-new Cracker Barrel app offers even more convenience. From finding the closest Cracker Barrel to beating the line when you dine or ordering homestyle favorites to-go, we think you’ll find lots to love. FIND A LOCATION Get directions to your favorite Cracker Barrel store or view store details with one tap. ORDER ONLINE It’s easier than ever to place an order at any time for your favorite Cracker Barrel meal. Simply select a location and pick-up time, and customize your order. JOIN ONLINE WAIT LIST Add your name to our Online Wait List before you arrive for parties up to six. Or, simply check the wait time at Cracker Barrel stores. EXPLORE Access our Catering and Online Gift Shop through direct links.

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Cracker Barrel app reviews

  • Good service 5/5

    By pleased guest
    We came in Sunday to eat. Our waitress Karen was a delight, very informative of menu ,suggested the new fried chicken ,which was very good . It’s nice to go out to eat and be catered to. Well done Karen ,we will be back to see you
  • Hardly ever works 1/5

    By Rayzgto
    Either order doesn’t go thru or the password changes. Who needs a password for food??...just one giant glitch
  • IOS app doesn’t work 1/5

    By twotothe10
    I entered all the info on the “place your order” page, but the button that allows you to proceed is never enabled. Too bad - it would be nice to have a way to order pickup instead of the current, error-prone phone-in method.
  • Everyone was wonderful 5/5

    By Marilyn Carol
    Greeted by Savannah immediately. Our wait staff member was Lauren. Lauren treated us perfectly. Food was great
  • Missing menu items 2/5

    By valk9
    Can’t choose daily specials for dinners or daily vegetable choices!
  • Waitlist Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By TARV2020
    The waitlist part of the app doesn’t work. It said it was a 15 minute wait so I put our name on the waitlist. Showed up and had to wait an extra 40 minutes.
  • Please Update! 1/5

    By kb040611
    App won’t allow joining wait list at the Cracker Barrel, Gumbranch Rd, Dickson, TN location. Please fix it. Told manager last week and she said she couldn’t do anything about it. One week later, still can’t join wait list. Ugh!!!
  • Few suggested improvements 3/5

    By CrashKB
    The app works great and I appreciate the opportunity to order and pay at the store. It could improve by offering “sour dough bread” toasted, grilled, or plain as a bread option. When I order at the table I always prefer the bread over the muffins and biscuits. Also... there is no option to order the dessert of the day cobbler is served right now but never on the app memo. A notes section would be good too for notes like extra butter and jelly.
  • Location finder broken 1/5

    By Highpti
    I am outside a Cracker Barrel, yet the app cannot find a location within 50 miles!
  • Useless waitlist 1/5

    By mad as hwll 52
    Useless waitlist they don’t explain to you that you will be put at the bottom of the waitlist when you arrive
  • Can’t order from app 1/5

    By Busyfam5
    Woke up early, had a hankering for Cracker Barrel before work, downloaded app, and to my displeasure I cant order on your app. Got my order ready and then , can’t place order button don’t work. I thought I had to create an account. Got all my info entered in, and then I was shut down again as the “next”? Button don’t work. What a waste of my time!!!
  • App needs work 4/5

    I tried to place an order and can’t get past the pick up time and date. It keeps telling me orders can’t be made 14 days in advance. I was trying to make the order the same day. After today’s update I tried the app again and it seems to be working. I upgraded it to a 4 star and will try it out tomorrow for lunch.
  • Needs a “Favorites” 4/5

    By BrentMoney
    Solid app, but it needs a “favorites” feature so that I can save my favorite meal and more easily order it the next time.
  • Needs Menu Improvement 4/5

    By mares ariel
    I enjoy using the app! My ONLY issue is that the menu does not have the option to choose their daily special.
  • Nutrition information very sparse 1/5

    By VP RPh
    With a child living with Type 1 diabetes, it is vital that we be able to calculate the carbs in each menu item. Many restaurants are very accommodating to this but not Cracker Barrel! Calorie count is readily available, but not much else. Get up to speed Cracker Barrel...
  • Not a good first impression... 1/5

    By MamaBear757
    I downloaded the app just today. I chose to place an order for 45 minutes later TODAY and received the error “You may not order for more than 15 days into the future.” I continued to get this error message for any time today except ASAP. Kind of pointless to have the option if it doesn’t work.
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By Bob Biggs
    Downloaded app, created account that was done now I try to order, “next” button does nothing I will use yelp and call in my take out order..disappointed
  • Daily Specials 2/5

    By KJMcEntee
    Wednesday and Saturday chicken specials are a carryout option for us several times a month, especially with waitstaff so under-staffed at our HARRISBURG location. It would be so much easier if the app included capability to order the items served week after week...
  • It’s don’t work 1/5

    By Raychael3224
    This app don’t work at all . It’s won’t let me sign up ,’ it’s won’t let you order. And I press on the side selection it’s let them go to your shopping cart, but you still can’t check out are place the order. And I’m hungry. And I had to call my order in .
  • Waiting list 1/5

    By Clermont,FL complaint
    App waiting list is not real time. Two times happened when I check inside the restaurant the hostess said the double of time or more show me on the app.
  • Much better, but...... 4/5

    By bmbutler2
    The app is 90% better. Thank you. Now please add the daily specials to the menu choices. Still have to call an order in if we want the special.
  • Useless... 1/5

    By sak11202
    Unable to create an account login.
  • Crappy app and crap system 1/5

    By babyinvestor
    Walked into the restaurant and the waitress said we don’t need to do anything extra to check in. I waited for so long and the time hasn’t changed. Apparently she was wrong and the check in server put us at the back of the line.
  • Actually, update is solid 5/5

    By Kattygate
    I just reinstalled the app and they’ve made significant updates that resolved the complaints I had previously (in my earlier review). Everything worked great. Good job, devs!
  • Greenville NC’s Management Team 1/5

    By Cliff Ols
    I’m a big Cracker Barrel fan. But the other week I went in the store on a Sunday morning to complain to the manager about a phone conversation. This man is the Self Proclaimed General Mngr for this location. Tells me there’s never been call ahead seething. And the website that one uses doesn’t work on Sunday. After asking for upper Mngmt info; that’s when he comes out with whom he is. By now I’ve got a lot of employees staring at me; and quite a few customers. I then ask him for his number for a better time to contact him. Then he proceeds to leave again to go get me his card. Why didn’t he bring it in the first place. I asked the lady behind the counter, as two others just sneered my way. Maybe upper Management will see this and actually give this man his Training Moment. Since obviously I couldn’t.......
  • Limited customization 2/5

    By B.Browning
    You can not request sauces, jams, extra gravy, or any special ordered. I always get honey mustard with my grilled chicken and this was not an option anywhere on the app. I’m very disappointed at how little thought went into developing this app.
  • Wait list feature is inadequate 1/5

    By Mj112233
    I downloaded this app for the wait list feature. It does not put you on the list until you are at the store. Pointless.
  • Wait time- not accurate 1/5

    By dunn, NC
    I would not recommend using the waitlist option on the app. The wait time is not accurate. The store employees will tell you the time is not accurate upon arrival as well.
  • Signed up but could not even place an order 1/5

    By dadoffourkids7
    I signed up with this app so that I could place an order. But then I found out that what I wanted to order was not listed anywhere in the house. So I ended up having to call over the phone and place an order. What was missing was the daily special the Sunday homestyle chicken. That selection was completely missing from the menu and so the app did not work.
  • App 1/5

    By Juneah
    I was thrilled to download the app and anxious to order. When I went to pay for my items I couldn’t enter my credit card expiration date or the number on the back. I kept on getting a error and they were conflicting the dates. Could you please correct this issue? I ended up having to call the sire and thankfully I spoke a wonderful employee and told her what happened and placed my order to go with her instead!
  • Browse Menu Needed 2/5

    By jmtt1
    Why would you have a start your order feature, but not have a browse menu feature? It would make more sense to go into a menu and then have an order feature from that point.
  • Great new design 5/5

    By ATLDude
    Works really well, makes Cracker Barrel seem so modern. Nice app
  • Nice Improvement 5/5

    By mikeschouder
    I like the updated design and easier to order now.
  • Menu? 1/5

    By Tmgreene
    I really don’t see why you can’t just view the menu without having to use the order menu. Unless I am blind ( not out of the question) I can’t find the daily specials and the daily veggie.
  • Useless waitlist 1/5

    By cealonzo2105
    Downloaded the app so that I could get put on the wait list. When we got to the store they checked us in at the bottom of the list. What’s the point of using the waitlist option in the app if we are gonna end up in the same spot. Waste of time!!!! Would rate zero stars if at all possible.
  • Cracker Barrel 1/5

    By fukoffasshat
    I can't get it to work....had entire order ready & payment info put in, but then I couldn't check out. It wouldn't let me complete anything. Thought maybe I had to set up a log-in, but it wouldn't even let me do that. In the end I just had to call in my order by phone. Not very great when you want to use a card to pay online, but have to have someone else pick up the order who doesn't have that card on them.
  • Trouble 1/5

    By Helenkaannies
    Can’t join wait list with latest update.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By STL#1fan
    We eat here often at home and on the road. Tonight disappointed. Food not really hot. Meatloaf I had was under cooked. Plus since doing app update the app won’t recognize my password. Not a happy camper right now. Pat D
  • Online check in not accurate 1/5

    By happen2b3m3
    So every time at my location in morrisville NC cracker barreI , I do the mobile check in to get put on the list and get my wait time. But when I show up it’s another 25 to 35 min wait .
  • Wait list is crap 1/5

    By Slaughterjm
    Text said 10 minutes...when we arrived the hostess told me 30 and seemed to be clueless about why I was told 10 minutes. Super disappointed in Cracker Barrel. The hostess wasn’t helpful at all. Why even use the app if the wait time is the same or WORSE?!?
  • A Solid App 5/5

    By Brett Hagerman
    Although Cracker Barrel’s app is new and still has some adjustments that can be made. Their new menu layout is stunning and easy to use. While the wait-list feature can use some work. If you enter yourself in the system it will hold your spot in line and upon check-in you’ll be placed in whatever spot you should be in based of the waits of other guests. Like I said it’s not a perfect system but for this amazing company to be making such quick strides in technology as well as efficiency in mobile ordering and in house. I give them 5 stars for effort and 4 stars for execution. I will never stop being a raving fan of this great company. Can’t wait to see what’s next Cracker Barrel!!!
  • Terrible upgrade 2/5

    By Reach524
    I don’t like the upgraded app because of what it cut out. One can no longer access the daily specials or the vegetable of the day. Serious omissions for those who like Cracker Barrel and order to-go frequently. App was 5 star before this so-called upgrade.
  • Missing toast? 3/5

    By RYPOD80
    While the option to order online from Cracker Barrel is a great idea, the one thing that I’ve found missing from the app is the ability to add toast to your order. I placed an order online only to have to call afterwards anyway to add on an order of toast so it kind of defeated the purpose of ordering online. Otherwise, the app is pretty handy.
  • Wait times 2/5

    By Krewsmom
    Wait times are not accurate. It said 5 minutes on the app and then arrived to a 20-25 minute wait. Hostess said wait times are not always accurate. Then I wonder what the purpose is? To make people think it’s a short wait then we show up and just wait anyway cause we are already here?
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Ferchosoy17
    I used it for the store at Pembroke Pines Fl, it was totally useless. I had to wait for an hour like anyone else without the app.
  • Don’t bother using on-line check-in. 4/5

    By bkwrights
    Don’t bother using on-line check-in. It’s a waste of time! We put our name in using the app, which said 10-15 minutes, then we received a text message indicating it would be a 45 minute wait. We delayed leaving 20 minutes so we wouldn’t add to the crowd at the restaurant. When we arrived we checked in with the host who told us our wait would be 55 minutes. WHAT?!? It appears that your wait time doesn’t start until you arrive at the restaurant. If that’s the case, then tell your customers that up front. Don’t make people mad because they were mislead by your app!
  • Come to West Branch 5/5

    By Ama & GPa
    This isn’t a review! This is a request to put a Cracker Barrel in West Branch Michigan! We LOVE your restaurants! Every time we head South, Cracker Barrel’s are our pitstop destination!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By neverCrackerBarrel
    Just the Facts - I would NOT recommend you take the time to get the Cracker Barrel App. I got the Cracker Barrel App from the App Store thinking this would be great whenever I wanted to go eat out. Today, before I left home I put my name on the waiting list at Cracker Barrel in Lexington, Ky. I quickly received a text as you can see on the second photo stating my estimated wait time was 1 hour and 20 minutes. The text from Cracker Barrel to me stated I needed to check in with the Host upon arrival to be seated. I'm thinking GREAT! It takes me approximately 45 minutes to drive to this Cracker Barrel so my wait should not be too long. Right? WRONG! When I checked into the Cracker Barrel with the Host I was told my 1 hour and 20 minutes would start then!!!! Not when I submitted my request through the Cracker Barrel App. Imagine my displeasure! Why would anyone even fool with this Cracker Barrel App? It's of no value to me! I'm deleting it and I'm just passing this information on to allow everyone else to know how this Cracker Barrel App really works! Or in my case, how it DOESN'T work! Thanks for listening. I hope everyone is having a great day. Blessings to all.
  • Thanksgiving divided 3/5

    By Texas Louisiana
    My son lives in Texas. We live in Louisiana. We met half way at the store in Sulphur. We were told it would be a 50 min wait. No problem. We expected it. 45 mins we went to the host and asked again. They told us it would be another hour because of people who signed in online came in. WHAT!!? That’s ridiculous! We waited another 45 mins only because it was thanksgiving and wasn’t sure who was open in the area. We were offered 2 different tables and after an hour and half we took it. My son and his wife along with our other daughter was at one table while my husband and I sat at another table close by. We couldn’t visit while at the table. We will never do that again! If it wasn’t for our waitress it really would have been awful. But she was so good to us. She’s the only reason I gave 3 stars. Btw. No substitutions in thanksgiving for meals. That’s ridiculous!!!

Cracker Barrel app comments

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