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  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 7.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cracker Barrel App

The all new Cracker Barrel app offers even more convenience. You can join the waitlist, pay for your dine-in meal, and order to-go all from your phone! ORDER ONLINE We’ve made it easier than ever to place an order for your favorite Cracker Barrel meal. Browse the menu and order in the app for convenient pickup, curbside, or delivery. CATERING From holiday gatherings & birthdays, office parties, or even cookouts with friends, Cracker Barrel Catering offers food made with care that everyone will love. Place an order for now or schedule it for a later date. CHECK WAIT TIME AND JOIN ONLINE WAITLIST On your way? Use the app to check current wait time, join the waitlist, and reduce your wait time. PAY AT THE TABLE Skip the register line and pay from your table using our Mobile Pay feature. FIND A LOCATION Get directions to your favorite Cracker Barrel store, see current wait times, and browse the menu before you stop by.

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Cracker Barrel app reviews

  • Add Special instructions 1/5

    By Ms D Roper
    You should have a place to add more customized instructions. Such as No Gravy on the pork chops
  • Checkout page lacking quick checkout 4/5

    By Buggy4321
    I’m always relieved to see the availability of Apple Pay/Pay-Pal b/c having to hunt for my wallet is time consuming
  • Horrible Horrible App 1/5

    By Kalel9007
    5 stars for the food. Zero stars for the app and To Go experience. I would eat Cracker Barrel six days a week if I could easily and accurately order it to go, but I haven’t eaten there in over a year because of this app and the fact that they don’t answer the phone if I attempt to call my order in. Whomever is in charge over there, shouldn’t be in charge.
  • Ordering was fast and easy 5/5

    By butterrum46
    I appreciate the ease of mobile ordering.
  • Still… 1/5

    By More Tritone
    … one of the widest apps. Sign up for waitlist and no feedback if even registered.
  • Customer Service 5/5

    By Jemrn04
    You are always met with a smile or hello from the store staff! I love just browsing around the store and finding all the great products they have.
  • Review/suggestions 3/5

    By Empress Kali
    Please consider the debit/credit card section to auto populate from credit info that is already in the phone or computer. Thank you
  • Love the curbside 5/5

    By Joey Rp
    I love to order curve side. When I m tired from work and just want to pick up something and go home it is easy/peasy!
  • Missing features 3/5

    By davperez
    Why is there no option for Apple Pay or save payments when placing an order for pickup? I cannot find previous orders to quickly reorder anything. Otherwise the app works fine it’s just a Pat to always enter my card info after manually entering my order every time.
  • Some flaws 4/5

    By Risewithin
    So under price it says $12.49 but then when you add item in cart the price jumps up like $7 for some reason. Also let us save our credi card info in their. Manually having to put it in all the time is aggravating. Thanks
  • Cracker Barr 5/5

    By DebDeb51
    Love the app and curbside service. Wish the app would let you store card info
  • Good service 5/5

    By mrstoad04
    My last order had a couple errors and I contacted store and manager was so kind and fixed issues right away! It was a to go! I eat here regularly because of the service!!! And kindness!
  • Love at first bite 4/5

    By ChooChooMan402
    Cracker Barrel makes food fun I love Cracker Barrel!
  • Doesn’t work for local restaurant 1/5

    By bcchristensen
    I’ve tried multiple times to place orders using the app, but it always gives me an error saying I can’t place a mobile order at my local restaurant.
  • Great, but… 3/5

    By Eugeeeeene
    If you don’t want to store the credit card info, at least be nice to provide me with a numeric-only input to enter my credit card number. Also it would be nice if you to process my cc expiration date and add a slash in there or at least put a placeholder to see what format you expect. And it would be terrific if I didn’t have to log in every time. My password manager does not pick up that I’m on Cracker Barrel site. Basically, I am very lazy. The less time I have to spend retyping the info, the more I’m likely to order.
  • Menu item 4/5

    By Justmyspill
    Missing the grilled chicken. Please add it and more menu items thanks :)
  • Missing some options 3/5

    By Kodyfab
    App generally works well however there is no option to pay by cash or gift card. There is also limited ways to customize an order. My biggest complaint is that the app will always say "you're order will be ready at ..." but it NEVER IS and I end up standing in the store forever waiting for my food . With this said I do love Cracker Barrel and all they do for the RV community
  • App VS call in 4/5

    By br's tunes
    In this age of Covid and the CDC telling everyone to be cautious of those around you, calling in to the store to make a to go order doesn’t make it easy for those with loved ones at home with Covid. I’ve been exposed and you tell me you can’t take my card over the phone or add to an app order, I’ll have to come in to the store and possibly expose others but I can make another mobile app order and pay on the app. I’ll take the app all day long rather than trying to call in and get people on the phone who are rushed and show no consideration or understanding. Customer service has reached an all time low.
  • Syrup 4/5

    By Sanders007R
    There was no place to add syrup choice for pancakes as a side and no place to add it by itself. You have to have syrup choices for pancakes, Cracker Barrel!
  • Enjoyed 5/5

    By jerlinson
    Best food ever!
  • Love the new website! 5/5

    By Lockgirl
    After years of struggling I’m so happy to see your new website! It’s a dream to use and no glitches! Only negative I have is it won’t let you store a credit card otherwise it’s great!
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Dunn it all
    This app is so frustrating. Nine times out of 10 It does not work. They need to work on staying logged in, maybe face ID, storing payment. Maybe add a favorites option as well. I cannot tell you how many times I went to put an order in, and it would not let me process it when I was ready to check out. When it does work, it’s great. Like I said, 9 out of 10 it doesn’t.
  • Please these additions 4/5

    By dawn c w lucy
    1. Need to be able pay with a Cracker Barrel gift card, currently unable to do so. 2. Need to be able to ask for extra dressing or extras
  • Can’t use gift cards 3/5

    By Bob18964
    I love the app for ordering. Payment does not allow for using gift cards like the other apps. Frustrating.
  • Apple Pay and Payment Difficulties 3/5

    By Chriscurtisbass
    I’ve had several issues getting Apple Pay to work in store for it to be advertised as feature at every table. I have yet to get it to work, the same goes with Google payment. Also, when ordering take out I wish Apple Pay was offered as a payment choice instead of needing to type in credit card details every time I order.
  • App is terrible!! 3/5

    By Kencitadel
    App is not intuitive it’s is just terrible
  • Looking For A Good Meal 5/5

    By Krimbill
    Best food and service at Cracker Barrel in Spring Hill Florida. Breakfast all day, great selection and at a good price. Lunch, or dinner, or a daily special. I love the cat fish selection with three sides and tea. Great value.
  • New app 5/5

    By JanieF54
    Great job. Very user friendly. Remembers your info so not to input every time. So much better and I appreciated your making changes to meet your customer. Thank you.
  • CC info 4/5

    By SublimeFan
    Make a option to save CC info so we don’t always have to put it every time .
  • Save Payment 4/5

    By mfinan68
    Please update to allow payment card to be saved.
  • App and website keep going down 1/5

    By TheSuperBomb
    The site keeps going down. Also the login crashes every time you try to login. Don’t matter if you redownload the app either.
  • Syrup 5/5

    By coolbeans5186383)
    Extra syrup
  • Useless 1/5

    By EdR436
    This app does nothing. It’s annoying to enter my order, details and payment information only to have it say “an error occurred” and drop my order, erasing all my details.
  • Good food! 5/5

    By Words are my passion
    We are your special on 2 nights ago. I Think I left my blue purse with all my I d & quite a large amount to hel our daughter is on a vent & drs don’t give her long to live. Please if you found it just return it to your Cracker Barrel. All my debit & crdit cards are there so if you use them they will get you. If you return it to Cracker Barrel’s manager, I will not press charges. That money is to use to keep my daughter alive!! I beg you to please bring it back. If you want the purse, keep it but return credit cards & if & money!! Please do this. I know people do this all the time!! Be a good person & do what’s right!
  • Easy to follow and select orders 5/5

    By Casava4
    Like it even more than the previous version
  • Mobile order 5/5

    By way473
    It’s quick easy to read
  • Chicken 4/5

    By Happyintennessee
    Love Cracker Barrel, I just wished they would have grilled chicken tenders more often.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By titi-s
    I tried using the app to add myself to the waitlist, and it glitched out and added my name 8 times. The hostess had to call me and ask if I had a big party coming!
  • It finally works after all these years! 1/5

    By Bill525
    The new app functions as it should. About time CB. Better late than never. … I take it all back. The totally inept folks that write this app can’t keep it working. The pay feature has been broken for days now. Sad.
  • Missing Menu items 2/5

    By Old and Gray Two
    Crazy to think you can’t order mashed potatoes and gravy through app. Please fix!!
  • Please fix your app!! 2/5

    By R.D.Wolfe
    I would eat hear 3 days a week if I could easily use this app. Please fix these issues! -Will not keep me logged in. -Will not save a payment method. -Cannot change order location after order has been added to cart. -Does not use apple wallet. -Cannot easily change or alter my saved location. - Use face ID. MAKE THIS EASY!!
  • Interface is bad 1/5

    By Terishouse2home
    I downloaded this app so I could join the waitlist with my family of eight. Sadly, the number only goes up to five on the waitlist. It looks like it’s too big because the interface extends past my screen face. Meaning, I cannot see the all the data on the screen.
  • What happened to app!? 2/5

    By Dawglover330
    The ability to get on the waitlist used to be a great feature, sadly not anymore. Signing in on the app does absolutely nothing now. When we arrive to the restaurant, we are quoted the same wait time as the app showed 30 minutes prior. Also you dan no longer tap “I’m here” on the app, the feature doesn’t work. Plenty of restaurants have an app for waitlist that actually works, this one is useless.
  • App 3/5

    By Aarron's review
    This app is missing items from the menu like the buttermilk chicken, and the momma and grandma specials and it gives incorrect wait time was giving 15 minutes and it was actually 30 minutes wait. I love the food but this app needs to account for the restaurant times so we are not wasting time
  • Can’t join waitlist 1/5

    By aaaaaaaasrgh
    Tried repeatedly to join waitlist. Filled in all the fields—party size, name, phone # — and the join waitlist button won’t activate. Even tried removing and reinstalling app. Tried both with and without joining the mailing list.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By dm7
    Without a doubt a great restaurant chain, with the worst app on the apple store
  • Waitlist is completely useless 1/5

    By Stephanie Joy
    Signed up for the waitlist and was given a 30-40 minute estimate on when to arrive for our table. I have two children 2 and under, so this was going to be very helpful. We got a confirmation text with the same estimate time and arrived on time. We checked in with the hostess and after 10 minutes of waiting in the crowded store, we checked in again for a time estimate. She said it would be another 15-20 minutes. When I mentioned the estimate we were given, she said the app isn’t connected to what’s happening in the store. Texas Roadhouse has their system figured out. I don’t know if there’s any connection, but it’s worth it for the app developers to find a way to connect the times to the store otherwise the time estimate is completely pointless and frustrating.
  • Waitlist Doesn’t Help 2/5

    By 1of42
    The waitlist functionality is a joke. Claims to put you in the list but then you’re basically waiting but full length of time same as if you had just checked in in-person.
  • East To Navigate 5/5

    By Kbear01
    I normally don’t leave reviews but the app has recently gotten so much easier to use! Thank you Cracker Barrel:))