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  • Current Version: 3.1.35
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  • Developer: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
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Cracker Barrel App

Thank you for downloading the Cracker Barrel app! From finding the closest Cracker Barrel to beating the line when you dine or ordering homestyle favorites to-go, we think you’ll find lots to love. Save more time by creating an account with your details for future To-Go ordering or joining our Online Wait list. Features FIND A LOCATION Get directions to your favorite Cracker Barrel store or view store details with one tap. ORDER ONLINE We’re giving you more ways to enjoy your Cracker Barrel favorites – at select locations, we’re offering delivery and curbside pickup! We’ve also added our Lunch and Dinner Daily specials to the app. Now, it’s easier than ever to place an order for your homestyle picks. Just select a location and pick-up time, and customize your cravings. JOIN ONLINE WAIT LIST Add your name to our Online Wait List before you arrive for parties up to six. Or, simply check the wait time at Cracker Barrel stores. EXPLORE Access our Catering and Online Gift Shop through direct links.

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Cracker Barrel app reviews

  • Like it but 2/5

    By Journeyspumpkin 
    I like this app. We ordered 3 meals online for a scheduled pickup. The entrees was correct but the sides wasn’t. We had to go back in for correct sides. The cashier told my husband not to use this app anymore but after we left I noticed there was a pending update. So I’m gonna try it one more time in the future.
  • Doesn't work, can't set up account 1/5

    By hammy638
    I downloaded and tried to set up an account multiple times. Every time I enter my phone number the NEXT button is greyed out. So, no account for me. I tried at home, at a CB location, and at work. Won't let me go past entering name and phone. Just deleted the app from my phone.
  • Coke a Cola Cake 3/5

    By MrsRanzman
    I few weeks ago I daughter called in an order. We spent over $30.00 dollars. Well, after getting home our two slices of Coke a Cola Cake was not in our order. So I called the store and was told my name would be written down and I could in anytime to pick up. A few weeks past before I got a chance to go back to the store. After getting there, I was told they had sold out of cake. But then I was told I needed to bring in a receipt. Now, I been to Cracker Barrel many, many times. Sometimes the service was excellent and other times just fair, but I still come back with an open mind could excellent again. I called in when the incident happened. I received an apology. I was told my name would be written down and the desserts would be replaced. I trusted that.
  • Waitlist feature not working 1/5

    By Daniel_theman_C
    Used the waitlist feature as we parked in the lot. Said 5-10 minutes. 25 minutes later still waiting and saw 4 parties who arrived after me seated.
  • Worthless for adding to waitlist 1/5

    By Small guy 2012
    The wait times are completely inaccurate. Multiple times we check app for wait times while on our way. Shows 0 minutes. Get to restaurant and have a 20 to 30 minute wait. They need to make sure that wait times are updated.
  • Good if you can select a location 3/5

    By Blackstar of shadowclan
    I’ve tried on my iPhone and iPad to select a location (Athens, Ga 30606) and the response I get is “Oh No! The biscuits are out of reach”. I’ve ordered from the Athens location before, so this is a new problem.
  • Works Fine, But Lacks Features 2/5

    By Rwharris22
    Very basic app, could improve by adding an order history or a “Favorites” to save time reordering same meals.
  • Won’t let me sign up 1/5

    By deer_in_the_woods
    I’ve tried downloading, deleting, and redownloading and it will not let me sign up. I enter all my info (name, phone number) and the NEXT box stays grayed out and will not let me click it to continue on. I give up.
  • Doesn’t work for ALL stores 1/5

    By Carolinagirtsgirl
    Be wary of this app! I used it for a store located in Tennessee and then upon arrival was told it didn’t apply to their restaurant! I deleted the app- not traveler friendly. Do NOT recommend.
  • Unable to add modifications 2/5

    By tmacrunner
    No input mechanism for modifying order. For example, we order the rainbow trout plain, with no seasoning. I have to call in the order because there’s not a “special instructions” field on the app. Works beautifully otherwise.
  • Unable to add modifications 2/5

    By tmacrunner
    No input mechanism for modifying order. For example, we order the rainbow trout plain, with no seasoning. I have to call in the order because there’s not a “special instructions” field on the app. Works beautifully otherwise.
  • Inaccurate and unable to join waitlist 1/5

    By El pepino 73
    We tried for 10 minutes straight to join the waitlist. The app said our location has a zero minute wait time, the neckline to five minutes, and then it said 5 to 10 minutes. Once we arrived at the location (After giving up on joining the waitlist) we were informed that the wait time was in fact 30 minutes.
  • Number of seats 3/5

    By Frankyhappypants
    This app will come in handy as I travel and eat at Cracker Barrel regularly. The one problem with this app is that you can only reserve a table for up to 6 people. I usually travel with 8 or more. I hope this can change. We eat Cracker Barrel at least twice a month.
  • Service 4/5

    By valeriejune
    My husband and I go to Cracker Barrel many times per year because we live very near store#171. We have had to ask for ice tea refills every time we go. Is this normal? valeriejune
  • Kenny Barnes 2112 2/5

    By Ken Barnes 2112
    1) Wait list is poor. Click on app to get on waiting list and you still have to check in when you get there. It doesn’t save any time. 3 times now 2) No point system for frequent customers
  • Doesn’t add u to waitlist 2/5

    By Jnkyddog
    Added to 60 min waitlist got there and checked in and bam you start over. Wasted 40 min on Father’s Day. Doesn’t actually add you until you check in at the store. Worthless. I’m giving this 2 stars only because I haven’t used the app for anything else and maybe it actually has a purpose. Maybe
  • Almost perfect!! 4/5

    By lwilliams1423
    This app is almost perfect. Only a couple improvements that I think are needed. First the ability to add special requests such as extea gravy or to remove and item from the regular recipe. Second make a section that shows your past and current orders and possibly the status of your order such as pending or ready for pickup.
  • Much better, but...... 1/5

    By bmbutler2
    Time to pick up order is never the time it is ready. Today was a prime example. I placed my breakfast order at 3:40 pm for p/u at 4:15 pm. I got there 5 minutes early. When was I given my order at 4:25 pm. Lady who had come and placed her order at restaurant got hers first. This keeps happening and has happened to other as read on other reviews. Come on, CB. Get it together. You are having to many problems with your system. And while I am at it, PLEASE bring back your chicken and rice on Saturdays!
  • Needs LOTS of adjustments 1/5

    By miss_jo12
    This app is a great idea conceptually. However, when I add myself to the “waiting list” and given a wait time (15-20 minutes), I expect that to be the wait time. Instead, I arrive and am asked to wait an additional 15-20 minutes. The explanation from the hostess was “oh no you’re put behind the other people that are here. The app doesn’t sync up with our live wait list.” What is the point of the app and being added, if the time frame isn’t honored?
  • Online wait didn’t help 2/5

    By bryanjen
    Online waitlist didn’t do anything for us. 30 min wait. Then when we got there...30 additional minuets.
  • Pointless better go in and sit 1/5

    By AT&T family plan user
    So we ordered for 1145 pickup. Walk-in at 1147 and nothing was made and we had to go to two different lines. Waited til 1215 to get food. Why bother.
  • App doesn’t won’t let me check out 1/5

    By jaru757
    I downloaded the app, picked my meal and proceeded to check out entered my credit card info but the app keeps saying something went wrong and my order did not process. Waste of 30 minutes.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Sannermerch
    Doesn’t work with the waiting list at all
  • Don't EVER believe their time for pickup 1/5

    By batroc123
    The app puts you in the same crap pile as phone orders
  • Fundamental Flaw 2/5

    By Alarmed 4 AM
    It is easy to add your name to the waitlist but if you get out and back in to check your status, it believes you are modifying your waitlist status and your original stop in the cue disappears. Very frustrating to get kicked off a waitlist 30 minutes in.
  • Easy to use - I’d only change on thing 3/5

    By Qu33nB88
    This app was very simple to operate. Everything was easy to find and I was able to place my order quickly and without issue. Options are displayed with pictures for reference. The only thing I would change is to add some sort of “additional requests” area where you may ask for certain jams, sauces, silverware, etc. I was not able to find an option for changing the sawmill gravy to brown gravy on my meal or any selection of sauces and had to call to add them. Everything else was perfect!
  • Right on! 5/5

    By LynnieBynnie
    Attractive and SUPER easy to use.
  • Needs Improvements 2/5

    By ClearlyFocused
    Online ordering does no include daily specials.
  • Daily special 4/5

    By kldka
    I can’t really use the app to place an order anymore, because it doesn’t have all the food on it. I still have to call if I want to order a daily special or any seasonal menu items. The app use to include the daily specials, but not now. I can still check the wait times and see the regular menu.
  • Apple Pay soon? 3/5

    By Beans and Cornbread83
    I am really hoping Cracker Barrel will integrated Apple Pay into the app so I don’t need to keep getting my debit card everytime.
  • Don’t rely on wait times 1/5

    By ninamoona141
    App said 20 minute wait do we came on only to have the hostess tell us the wait time was 45 minutes plus the 20 minutes from our initial sign in.
  • What’s the point 2/5

    By Tazzwoman14
    So I have always been able to check in online from website. Now you’ve forced us to download an app that we don’t want or need to check in online and it doesn’t work. Need to put the option back online to check in ahead of time. Without that my visits to Cracker Barrel will be fewer since I’m not willing to wait 45min to an hour for a table 😣
  • Always DELICIOUS! 5/5

    By PFerebee
    Love when we have a 20 minute wait because the shopping is so FUN! This is the greatest gift store! Seasonal ideas are so fun! Children’s clothes are so age appropriate! Books on tape to rent while traveling @$3.50 a week! Regional gifts also amazing AND the menu is HUGE!!!
  • Side item of the day 2/5

    By LornaTB
    You can’t order as one of your side item choices the side of the day. That is a deal breaker. I have to call in or go in if I want today’s side item which could be cabbage or dressing or sweet potato casserole! The whole point of using the app (for me) is not having to wait in line-over the phone or inside.
  • Where’s the store 1/5

    By error code boss
    Just downloaded the app and it could not find a store in the entire USA, much less the one located just one mile down the road from me. People who write these apps should have to use them personally before that are ever released to the general public.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By M_Mgirl
    Today I used the app to check my party in for lunch. It’s Sunday so you can imagine the wait had we just driven directly over. From home I put my name on the waitlist. The wait was 25min. We arrived about 15min later. When I checked in, the people ahead of me were told that the waitlist was (still) at 25min. We waited for less than 5min and our name was called! It was a great experience and I will definitely use it again. By the way....we had a great hostess who explained the specials very thoroughly. Our waitress, a one star employee was superb. I asked a question which she was not sure of. She immediately went to the manager and got my answer. She checked on us often and served us a very good, hot meal.
  • Still not able to join wait list 1/5

    By Helenkaannies
    When I first got this app it worked. Now for the last several updates I am not able to join the wait list. I put in info usually for 4 people and the confirm option is greyed out and will not work.
  • Ordering Needs Work 3/5

    By jmtt1
    I always end up calling or going to CB to place my order because the app doesn’t have what I want. I want to order the 4 vegetable plate for 7.99 that is on the menu at my CB. The app has a 3 vegetable plate for seven twenty something. If you add another vegetable, which it doesn’t give you the option to do from the 3 vegetable plate choice, you would end up paying more. Also, I like the country house salad with grilled chicken and backed potato. Sadly, it is no where to be found on the app.
  • Phone order still faster 3/5

    By Hotoru
    I order to go occasionally. The phone auto attendant encourages me to try their app. This time I remembered that before calling and decided to download and try. App looks good. I like that it let me proceed as guest without creating account. I quickly found local store. Browsing menu seemed intuitive and I was able to build the order. Ran into trouble at checkout. Tapped payment with hopes to find Apple Pay as I did not have my credit card handy. Sadly, not only Apple Pay missing but no options for Amazon, Google, etc or even PayPal. Well, maybe at least click credit card will pop up web type list of credit cards in my wallet, nope. Not even option for scanning a credit card with camera. Only option was typing in card manually (like an animal 😆) So, I decided to change to “pay in store”. It was at this point app froze about 5 minutes into this process. I exited app and called store by phone. Had order placed within two minutes. ——————————————— Update: I decided to give app another try. This time I was able to successfully order a dinner and dinner salad with option of “pay in store”. When I arrived order was ready but price was higher than expected. When we checked the order the app had put in for four salads 😆.

    By That1GirlKB
    It would be must helpful if there was a comment section either on each item or at the end where you can specify your needs. For example I don't want sawmill gravy for my chicken friend steak, I want brown and I want it on the side. Either there needs to be a comment feature or there should be options.
  • Wait times always wrong 1/5

    By DrBaller
    The wait times are very misleading and always underestimate the time. It may show a 10min wait only to show up at the restaurant and it actually being 40min or longer. This needs to be fixed.
  • Waitlist is in accurate 2/5

    By Mmt1018
    Twice the waitlist has given us a specific wait time and it has been inaccurate. This last trip, our wait time was 15 minutes according to the app. We waited 45 minutes for a table.
  • Practicable but no customizing orders 4/5

    By Jlirvin10774
    I have used it a few times to order carry out and found the pictures of the menu items helpful. My only suggestion to the developers for an improvement opportunity is to enable customizations on orders. For example, take the double meat breakfast. What if the customer is in the mood for it to be all bacon. Not an option currently on the app.
  • Needs option for daily specials 4/5

    By jaegan
    Pretty good app, but lacks the option to order the daily special and vegetable of the day. Pretty big oversight. Of course, they could just stay serving lima beans and cornbread dressing EVERY day, and that would solve half my problem.
  • Good service 5/5

    By pleased guest
    We came in Sunday to eat. Our waitress Karen was a delight, very informative of menu ,suggested the new fried chicken ,which was very good . It’s nice to go out to eat and be catered to. Well done Karen ,we will be back to see you
  • Hardly ever works 1/5

    By Rayzgto
    Either order doesn’t go thru or the password changes. Who needs a password for food??...just one giant glitch
  • IOS app doesn’t work 1/5

    By twotothe10
    I entered all the info on the “place your order” page, but the button that allows you to proceed is never enabled. Too bad - it would be nice to have a way to order pickup instead of the current, error-prone phone-in method.
  • Everyone was wonderful 5/5

    By Marilyn Carol
    Greeted by Savannah immediately. Our wait staff member was Lauren. Lauren treated us perfectly. Food was great
  • Missing menu items 2/5

    By valk9
    Can’t choose daily specials for dinners or daily vegetable choices!

Cracker Barrel app comments

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