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craigslist - The original online classifieds. Established 1995. Find jobs. Hire employees. Post your resume. Offer your skills/services. Buy & sell cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, trailers, auto parts. Offer your services, locate contractors, find short term gigs and odd jobs. Buy & sell furniture, household items, electronics, computers, clothing, bikes, art, any and all kinds of used items. Activity partners, artists & musicians, pets for rehoming, local events. Save your favorite postings for later, save searches, set search alerts. Post, edit, renew your own ads.

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  • Attention app Developers 4/5

    By opera mini user
    I just have one question, what took so longgggggggg to make/ release this application?
  • Waste of space. Use the website. 1/5

    By jkirk1626
    Severely limited ability to edit. Developer team doesn't care enough about its end users to fix it.
  • Lots of work to do. Definitely in its prototype phase 2/5

    By Greenvette1970
    After using craigslist for more than a decade, there are plenty of glitches and faults. App hates WiFi, the web page is exceptionally easier even on a device that supports the app. Most times I just use the webpage. Craigslist is a great site if you’re savvy enough to recognize the consistent force of scammers, I will support the site and hope it brushes up on the app, the app is clunky and cranky as of now.
  • No syncing of favorites? 3/5

    Unless I am missing something, the ads on the account sync across devices, but not favorites. Not sure why that would be, but I would think it’d be easy to fix.
  • App won’t rotate. 1/5

    By m1ng1st3ch
    I use an iPad Pro with a Smart Keyboard. The app loads sideways and won’t rotate. Totally useless in it’s current state.
  • Cut and paste in description field doesn’t work 3/5

    By AlbertTWong
    The QA of this app is horrible but what you pay is what you get.
  • I love it butt... 3/5

    By webdaddy
    My only complaint – please allow the app to function in horizontal orientation. Pretty please!
  • Spams!! 3/5

    By alex090909095
    Not a bad app, fair amount of people use so that helps. But I’m tired of seeing same truck multiple times.
  • Would be better but... 2/5

    By fonziecory
    The app randomly deletes itself from the phone. I’ve downloaded it so many times
  • Alerts 4/5

    By stewgungo
    When will we be able to set up alert for searches in the app?
  • Bad!!!! 1/5

    By cjdhrishfjsoxbdjsichrvdixhd
    Absolutely contaminated with scammers, posted an add, had 4 scammers in 15 min reply asking for my information. Will never sell anything on Craigslist again
  • App is OK so far. 4/5

    By Atom Smaher
    Originally posted a negative review, turns out I was using the app in an area that was causing all the apps on my phone to glitch out. This app seems OK on my iPhone.
  • Awful for posting 1/5

    By Cortez3000
    Trying to post an item is really annoying. Trying to edit a post is really really annoying.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Ugly child
    This app is a great idea but the implementation leaves much to be desired. “Favorites” is probably the worst, but as that is the main feature separating the app from the browser webpage it matters. Robustness overall needs work, like when the “clear expired” button is pressed and nothing appears to happen but everything else on the Favorites page stops working. A nice addition would be having the titles of expired or removed posts that were favorited remain so one could tell what has been removed.
  • Incredibly bad , with or without the app. 1/5

    By Jakob pee lol
    App is very clunky and there are several workflows that make it hard to continue the process of posting/editing a post. Including a phone number in the ad through Craigslist’s own input will not slow down the spamming text messages for even a second. I just paid $5 to list my motorcycle for sale, and within only minutes I have over a dozen similar text messages asking if they can send me a google voice code so they can verify I’m real... this is a super common scam and thanks to craigslist I’m not $5 poorer and my phone is being blown up because they don’t protect your phone number at all. I work professionally as a software developer and it’s immediately obvious how little care was taken when making this app.
  • Smooth as butter 5/5

    By Dragon5hiza
    Great app. Everyone is wrong. No bugs. Very fast. I post lots of rental units. This is great!!!
  • Great start! 2/5

    By Nick s.
    Great start for the official craigslist app! Some things I think that are needed: iPad compatible app The ability to choose which album you scroll through when adding photos.
  • Four out of five people are trying to scam you 1/5

    By hfcnuf n
    I deleted this app before because of all the scammers I don’t know why I redownloaded everybody wants to send you a check or something stupid.
  • Freezes 3/5

    By Jbailey2020
    I like this Craigslist app so much better but it freezes way too much and won't let you click on the car you want to view and then you have to restart the app
  • Great App So Far! 5/5

    By Dubstepqueen
    I’ve only used it a couple of times but it appears they’ve made a lot of progress since it was first released. It was quick, clear, and easy to use. Clean and seamless. And as always, no ads! My guess is that some of the 3rd party ones have ads to pay their bills.
  • Doesn’t allow copy and paste 1/5

    By Alijahasancevic
    This is so simple and for that 1 Star
  • Why 1/5

    By Bill from the zoo
    My 5 year old could have designed a better app! I’m sure you will support this as good as you’ve updated all of your outdated garbage. Why put out something that does not work what is the point ! It’s a circular nightmare with no ability to update your posts and lacks a proper search engine. Shame on you
  • Wrong business move and THE END of craigslist. 1/5

    By SammyTHTX
    Craigslist is over! It was a bad decision to start charging for ads while monsters like OfferUp was doing it all for free. The reason why people were still using craigslist to buy and sell was because of it being free even though they had to use a web browser to access it. Free OfferUp waited approximately a year after craigslist started charging for the ads, after literally all craigslist community migrated to OfferUp and Facebook marketplace, both of these platforms started charging sellers. By the way, I am talking about businesses not individuals that are selling their garbage.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Jub9000
    Can’t even select which photo album to post from so I have to go through my thousands of photos. The ability to choose a specific photo album is essential for me. I’ll just use the lousy website from 2003.
  • No landscape mode for iPad! Really? 1/5

    By Fordeeseven
    It took you this long to come out with an app and you don’t even support landscape mode? I do everything on my iPad in landscape with Bluetooth keyboard but I have to pull out my iPhone if I want to use this app.
  • Craigslist 1/5

    By LLSands22
    Often leaves posts out, I mean they don’t appear in the app at all. When you select the post you it often opens up a completely different post, as if the link is directing you somewhere else. Contact info phone numbers often do not appear in the app, but do appear on the actual web page
  • Regular website works better 1/5

    By a55hole533
    Screen freezes up. No “other items from this user” button, won’t allow me to renew ads. No advantage over the website. Initially I liked having on my home screen, but I figured out how to add the website icon to my home screen.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By ClintMan310
    Awesome makes craigslist so much easier to use!!
  • Every buyer was trying to scam me 1/5

    By holly halloway
    Don’t waist your time trying to sell things on here. Over 10 people have tried to scam me. I haven’t sold a single thing where as apps like “poshmark, let go, offer up, and Facebook marketplace” I have had so many sales on
  • Trying to charge me to post. 2/5

    By Kimphooey1
    I have a Craigslist account that I have used for years and have used this app as well but now it’s asking me to input my credit card info and won’t continue on to posting until I pay $5. Not sure what’s up, never had this happen before...
  • It is dead 3/5

    By starfall88
    I used to sell lots of used stuff on Craigslist a few years back. I recently posted like 10 items including electronics, video games and small home appliances on Craigslist and none was sold. They were sold on other web sites. The app is good, but I am afraid the Craigslist community is dead.
  • Great App!!! 5/5

    By Stepside66
    Easy to use, great display styles. Fast and love the sort options! I’ve been waiting for this app forever. Thanks!
  • Can’t connect to Craigslist 1/5

    By sejohannsen
    Couldn’t connect to Craigslist, so lasted about 30 sec on my phone.
  • A petri dish for scammers 1/5

    By No corn
    What a joke, I post a add through the the app And all I get is SCAMMERS!!! I have not have one legitimate reply all scams. No customer service available only email so bad Appel needs to delete this app!!! TRASH
  • $5 to post my car on App?! 1/5

    By Jdimstrsan
    Bye Craigslist.
  • CraigsNotSoListing 2/5

    By Armis Sanz
    I downloaded the App because well, I’ve been a fan of Craigslist since I can remember! Not to mention it’s efficient when it comes to why we all visit the site... or at least I was expecting higher efficiency via the App. Unfortunately the app needs work. First, I’m not able to access “My Account” feature towards the bottom of the menu bar. This is important if I want to post an ad or manage my positing. I’m unable to interact with “Favorites” section to delete or update selections. Secondly, I can’t post an ad using the “+” button on the menu bar at the bottom either. Lastly, feedback feature is disabled. As many other users have expressed, Craigslist must do a better job of monitoring SPAM postings for repeated or even invasive post that eat up the entire feed (especially from Dealers). Or allow us to flag post and provide selection options as to why we are flagging. I used the app for a few months... mainly for job searches and miscellaneous purchases. The search for either jobs/for sale is not accurate and while I live near the ocean... it wants to account the ocean space in my search- which leaves me with limited search results. Meaning the radius dial needs to be changed to reflect specific regions or be able to select shaded area on a map. Because the lack of accuracy and development I’ve decided to remove the app and rate it a 2 star... because it’s more troublesome to use than it is fun and resourceful as a tool.
  • Really bad this app 3/5

    By saragalvez
    Doesn't show entire description under each listing. Seems to get cut off by the map. Also doesn't stay on grid view even though I have it saved in search history. Otherwise has good functionality and easier interface than using mobile page.
  • Better nothing from Craigslist themselves 2/5

    By Posterized
    I’m glad they finally thought it was a good idea to put out an official app. That said there so many better alternatives to this app. My biggest gripes are usability/GUI issues. (1) Hate the swipe to next listing. (2) Because of that you can’t swipe to go thru pictures for a selected listing. You have to rely on archaic left right arrows with small hit areas. (3)You can’t exit out of the photo viewing mode or a selected listing without stretching your finger to reach the top left x mark (again small big area). *The app has some vendetta against one hand use in so many areas. (4) Notice a listing have many uploaded photos? Well you only see them as many little dots. Want to get thru all or a desire photo? Yeah you have to scroll thru one by one... swiping? Nope, gotta rely on that good old archaic left right buttons. I can go on and on, but really anyone would a half decent GUI experience would come up with something better than this.
  • Dark mode..? 3/5

    By ten|m|s
    Functions well, however it’s UI is far too basic and extremely needs an overhaul. With some feature upgrades and enhancements to the interface this could really be awesome and a strong competitor to the few I’ve been using for ages.
  • Please help me dump the spam 5/5

    By KurtSheperd
    That’s all I really want from this app. One swipe, and never see any given spam post again. Instead, it’s a cumbersome process to ‘hide’ junk posts, which then jacks up the listings, leading to broken links. Did you guys even test this app at all? Or too busy working some side hustle to pay that Sf rent? Maybe move to Cincinnati or something?
  • Needs landscape mode for iPad 1/5

    By coolwhip85
    It’s a bit unbelievable that the official Craigslist app for iPad is locked to portrait mode. Until that is addressed I can not recommend this app.
  • Worked for a few weeks, update broke it 2/5

    By titogreggy
    Not sure what happened but the latest update pulls up no listings. Whether browsing or searching for specifics nothing. I’d give it one star because it used to work great. Fix it please.
  • Does not work well with voiceover 2/5

    By Emily608
    Does not Work very well with Voiceover We cannot read the listings Very disappointing
  • Lose your place when in background 2/5

    By Why would I create a nickname
    There seems to be a major bug where if you navigate away from the app, when you return to it it refreshes to the home screen instead of saving the page you were searching on. Also the favoriting/deleting doesn’t sync with your desktop account, even when you’re logged in on each.
  • Missing contact info 1/5

    By panicrev555
    I started to wonder why nobody was giving out phone numbers. The Reply button only shows email. I checked the same listings in the browser version and there were phone numbers. This is a HUGE problem.
  • Features not at parity with desktop version 2/5

    By grehce
    Looking for a new place to live, and it doesn’t look like the neighborhoods filter is in the app. For San Francisco, I don’t want to use just a broad Bay Area search for results. Disappointed.
  • Craigslist charging me $ be subject to scams 1/5

    By Rabbitwhole
    Craigslist, if you are going to charge me money to post a vehicle for sale, you need to do a better job with handling the scams that surround your platform... or at least make some effort. That is what a consumer should expect when paying you money! So now I can add a rip off (directly from cl) to the scams that come from using craigslist. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Johanison
    Simple, small, and fast.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Xyu Bam Ha BopoTHuk
    The application doesn’t work at all:( it breaks and freezes. “Favorite” section works even worse Who have developed it for you?? I like Craigslist, but your app is crap

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