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craigslist - The original online classifieds. Established 1995. Find jobs. Hire employees. Post your resume. Offer your skills/services. Buy & sell cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, trailers, auto parts. Offer your services, locate contractors, find short term gigs and odd jobs. Buy & sell furniture, household items, electronics, computers, clothing, bikes, art, any and all kinds of used items. Activity partners, artists & musicians, pets for rehoming, local events. Save your favorite postings for later, save searches, set search alerts. Post, edit, renew your own ads.

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  • This App Is A Scam 1/5

    By J da Map
    Just figured out that my ads are being either flagged or ghosted. CL really should clearly spell out the rules so that legitimate people with legitimate items to sell don’t get penalized for unknowingly violating the rules. Aside from that, I have had more people (bots) sending me the same emails over and over again and I have no way to block them in this app. I have had text messages from people attempting to hijack my phone number to get fake phone numbers. I know it will not mean anything to you (CL) but this site is basically a scam. The scammers have free reign whereas those of us that are legitimately trying to sell are labeled as scammers while constantly being bombarded with scams.
  • Trash 1/5

    By KatlynnHahn
    People can flag and remove your post for nothing. Simply trying to find a new home for my dog became even more frustrating and stressful when it kept getting removed for no reason.
  • Better nothing from Craigslist themselves 3/5

    By Posterized
    (Updates Review) Finally some improvements in the right direction. You no longer have to rely on tiny arrows to browse photos within a selected listing. Perhaps my only major grip now is the ability to browse thru listings with one hand. (1) Hate having to stretch my fingers to the top corner to exit a listing. Since swiping left is already assigned to going to a prior listing, perhaps let us pulling down within a listing to go back out to the search result view. Currently pulling down seems to be assigned to updating the listing. But honestly, rarely is there a need to refresh a listing once you’ve already have selected it. (2) Similarly, when you’re in the photo browsing mode within a listing you have to reach the top corner to exit. Again plz let us pulling down on the screen to exit out to the listing details. That said, I do appreciate the improvements so far. —————————— I’m glad they finally thought it was a good idea to put out an official app. That said there so many better alternatives to this app. My biggest gripes are usability/GUI issues. (1) Hate the swipe to next listing. (2) Because of that you can’t swipe to go thru pictures for a selected listing. You have to rely on archaic left right arrows with small hit areas. (3)You can’t exit out of the photo viewing mode or a selected listing without stretching your finger to reach the top left x mark (again small hit area). *The app has some vendetta against one hand use in so many areas. (4) Notice a listing have many uploaded photos? Well you only see them as many little dots. Want to get thru all or a desire photo? Yeah you have to scroll thru one by one... swiping? Nope, gotta rely on that good old archaic left right buttons. I can go on and on, but really anyone would a half decent GUI experience would come up with something better than this. 2 stars
  • So Glitchy! 2/5

    By Meggy Meggy Megroll
    This app is constantly freezing. It won’t let me select items to look at the posting, or sometimes it won’t let me back out of a post! So frustrating that I prefer to use the mobile website.
  • Scammers list 2/5

    By Moe112
    Mostly scammers . I wish they allow profiles and internal inbox that will show located of messages being sent from . This site has been spam and scam infested and more bad than good...
  • iPad version needs Landscape mode 3/5

    By Person Y?
    Downloaded to my iPhone, didn’t notice at first that it was portrait mode only. Downloaded to my iPad, (which is a fixed to my iPad magic keyboard) and it would only do portrait mode. Guess I will have to stick to Safari until this is corrected...
  • Scammers 1/5

    By juhtechboi
    First experience with this website I got scammed
  • Less than stellar search results 1/5

    By frazzledmachinist
    It's awful, really. I thought I'd get better options anders control with this app, but, no dice. Search results are awful. I have no filters active, but it's not showing me anything similar to what the desktop version is(for results) Back to cPlus!
  • Need landscape view 2/5

    By Mato M
    LANDSCAPE PLEASE. How am I supposed to use this with my Smart Cover?
  • Stopped working. 2/5

    By yuuuttttyy
    Was a little clunky but worked okay. Now it barely works at all. It’s very laggy takes up to two minutes for it to register an action. Not worth having until they fix the bugs. It’s just a frustrating mess in its current state. If they can put out a patch soon ill download again
  • Bugs & Glitches! 2/5

    By Barryxu43
    I like the simple easy to use interface but there are many glitches that are so annoying. The back button freezes frequently; sometimes the app just freezes for no reason or slow to respond. Fix it!!!
  • Photos API they are using is a fail 1/5

    By JFinkelstein
    Doesnt see my photo library and slow af
  • Scams 2/5

    By Derek123345
    I posted an ad for roosters I am trying to get rid off. 20 seconds later two people were texting me. Both ended up scammers. Asking for a phone number to verify on Google Voice which they are using to activate a new one. Watch out for these scams who want your personal info. I deleted the post and Craigslist soon after.
  • Junk 1/5

    By DarbinCo
    The App worked fine for a couple weeks. Now search results dont bring up anything in any category.
  • Landscape view not supported 3/5

    By Ltnguyen83
    Landscape view update would make this app experience better...
  • Too Many Bugs to List 2/5

    By Memyselfandi777
    CL should have provided a better platform. Back to the drawing board, folks.
  • Add Micronesia 3/5

    By Andrew Usov
    Add Micronesia location
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By potirjdieijfjd
    I bought a used d1ldo recently and it was amazing! This is the best app of all time!
  • Annoying bug 3/5

    By Melonhead07
    Hey could you please fix the location from covering half the search bar. 1st issue as soon as I open the app. Not a good look guys.
  • Best craigslist app 5/5

    By t.tigre
    You can’t beat the original
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By iLoveCars1337
    This app is way better then the website. People rating this app low clearly haven’t actually used the app for 10 mins to figure it out and once you do it’s amazing. Smooth fast Experince and my brothers also all love the app.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Blahhhblablaaaaa
    It keeps freezing. All the time. I have to end up restarting this app with every use
  • It’s side ways 1/5

    By Levis99
    The app Display is sideways it doesn’t rotate makes it kind of pointless for an iPad
  • Needs some work. 2/5

    By jaredbossart
    I was hoping downloading this app would save having to go through an internet browser for craigslist shopping. Unfortunately the images are not matching to their respective post and the search function is questionable in its effectiveness. Maybe a couple updates will sort this out.
  • App is crap 1/5

    By Captain Starbuck
    It doesn’t let me log in or send myself a link. My email and password are correct, but it doesn’t even let me login. Useless.
  • I almost got raped 1/5

    By Random_Unicorn_2.0
    I was looking for a babysitting job and a guy needed up seeing my ad. He was texting me about he had a 3 year old son and he needed a babysitter ASAP!! Well turns out he called me and started asking me questions like “are you alone?” “How old are you and are you mature” “do you look mature and do people tell you that you look mature” then after I told him that I wasn’t comfortable of him asking me those questions and then ended the call. He then kept texting me that he wanted to see my nudes and if I’d let him spoil me.
  • Review 1/5

    By ivanmartinezbruh
    Horrible app, save some time and don’t use it
  • Have to pay for posting 1/5

    By yduroooo
    Horrible rather use OfferUp or 5miles
  • Super easy!! 5/5

    By Laura buck
    I tried using my phone to post an ad and it wouldn’t let me get past the map. I was going to try doing it in the computer but sometimes that’s even harder. I was hoping there would be an app so I checked the App Store and low & behold, there was one! Then I hoped I wouldn’t have the same issue with the map and there was none!! The post was super easy to do!!!
  • It’s good enough 4/5

    By Curb Alert
    I find this app good enough for what I use it for. Please allow landscape orientation on iPad. Most people use their iPads in landscape so please accommodate this orientation in your next update.
  • Hijacking my phone!! 1/5

    By gittarguy
    Ive never had an app that opens automatically!!! They have ruined the website and the app is unusable. Ive written a review before and its gone!! STOP hijacking my phone and let me continue to use the website. SO frustrating

    By 2jp3
    The website has an option to filter by neighborhoods, which makes looking for apartments easy. The app DOES NOT have this option, only “miles” which makes searching for things/rentals difficult.
  • Fantastic!!! Please add landscape mode for iPad 5/5

    By circadian-slip
  • No landscape support 2/5

    By Brad GL
    Good app, but it doesn’t support landscape orientation on the iPad.
  • Get your act together seriously can’t even paste 1/5

    By lixiang7349
    Facebook market will eat you alive.
  • Worst listing app ever!! 1/5

    By ReviewAppMasters
    Craigslist has become the most pointless app for posting ads. It’s nothing but trolls removing your posts for no apparent reason. My friends & I all removed our Craigslist app & we will never be using them again. Good riddance!!
  • please make a dark mode! 4/5

    By qashto
    dark mode please
  • Mobile website is better 1/5

    By Netslacker
    This app is a bit of a disaster. I’ve been trying to use it for months and finally had enough and uninstalled it. The search results are inconsistent, shows different results than the website. The image viewing and swiping barely works, the app constantly (and I man on every launch) asks to set your location. Why does it not remember my location? No matter what location I set it to, it would not give me the same results as the website. I couldn’t even get results to show up that are only a few miles from my location no matter what or where I set me location to that are present in the website results. I’ve gone back to using just the website and removed the app from my phone (a necessary step to keep the website from automatically launching me into the app). It’s much less annoying.
  • No Tokyo 1/5

    By llihgdots
    There is no reason technically or legally to exclude Tokyo. If so, than you’d also have to block the browser.
  • iPad support? 3/5

    By Manystyles
    I use this app on my phone and it’s great, is there any thought on support for iPad in landscape mode?
  • Craigslist policy is down 1/5

    By Poisonix
    Even you are paid advertiser they are blocking your credits cards and names! By complaining by free over poster . There is no control of ads. No response for reason to block after 15 email! NO ZERO FOR THIS APPLICATION TO GIVE BUT WHAT THEY GOT 1 not deserved 1 star.
  • Yes 5/5

    By Mr Dreher
    Finally craigslist has a craigslist app. Couldn’t stand cl apps so I always used my web browser. Now I just tap the app and get down to business!
  • Way too many scams. 2/5

    By Savannah_941
    Craigslist should take more steps to ensure that there are no scams being ran using their services. The majority of post and people I contact about items end up being fake. Very hard to trust any of the information on it. Very frustrating when online market places aren’t trust worthy. After all that’s where the future of America is heading... more and more technology and online based advertising are being used everyday but in the end we can’t trust over half the websites being used.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By sprfrkr
    YEARS we have waited for this. In that time, craigslist squandered their dominance in the classified marketplace, but they still have valuable listings. So, I am very happy that this finally exists. Will be five stars if the alerts function actually works! Doubtful, as they disabled it years ago on their website.
  • Once I started using the app, Craigslist started blocking my posts 1/5

    By X9/27
    I’ve posted maybe three times a year on Craigslist for the past 5 or so years. Never had an issue. I download the app to try it out and now Craigslist won’t let me post on the app or on the website.
  • Reply problems 3/5

    By Tuckersgramma
    I no longer get the choice not to use my email as the reply. However I no longer get a choice to check the no replies to email. When I put my phone number in it says error and won’t show the number. I’m getting all the replies there but I want to use only my phone number. I’m so frustrated with doing that I need help fixing this problem, I’ve read all you help subjects to pertaining emails and replies. They were absolutely worthless. That’s my only pet peeve. It never did this to me before , I haven’t changed the way I do it but so don’t know y it’s not working...:(
  • Doesn’t support landscape view on iPad 1/5

    By radscientist
  • simply terrible 1/5

    By nsn r
    Horrible people on this app.
  • No landscape mode 3/5

    By Suryavelchandra
    Needs landscape mode, otherwise pretty barebones

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