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Credit Karma App

Make the most of your credit, it's totally free! Start by digging into your credit profile and finding out what goes into your credit scores. Then get important updates with credit monitoring, keep an eye on your info with ID monitoring, check out personalized recommendations and more. • Check your scores – Log in anytime to look, it will never hurt your scores. • Spot potential ID theft – We’ll tell you when your info is in another company’s public data breach — and what you can do. • Find $ that belongs to you – Search state databases for unclaimed money in your name. There’s over $40 billion waiting to be claimed! • Get money-saving recommendations – Use your credit to qualify for lower interest rates and better credit card rewards. • Monitor your reports – Get alerted when there’s an important change to your TransUnion and Equifax reports and challenge errors on your TransUnion report right from your account. • Review credit tips – Receive helpful recommendations matched to your profile. • Get a personal loan – We work with great lenders to bring you personal loan offers based on your credit profile and financial needs. • Save on your auto loan – Compare car loan offers and find the one that'll help you save. • Compare home loans – Get personalized offers and sort by terms like APR, term length and monthly payment. • Credit Karma Tax® - Filing your 2018 State and Federal tax return is 100% free start to finish, plus get our maximum refund guarantee, Audit Defense and dedicated support. Join more than 100 million members on the path to financial progress. Learn more and sign up at

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Credit Karma app reviews

  • Won't verify my ID 1/5

    By mr.Douson
    I've taken multiple photos trying to verify my account with my id because that's what it is telling me I need to do. I can’t do it. It’s very baddd app.
  • Happy Customer 5/5

    By 10927475939
    The new update is extremely easy to navigate. Thank you 🙏🏼
  • Positive This would open your eyes 5/5

    By chaseman bj
    An excellent way to check on your credit, and also help you to be better, I thank Credit karma karma.
  • Free, Easy, and Useful 5/5

    By Joce N
    I’ve been focusing on improving my credit for over a year. I’ve been using credit karma for 6 months to better understand my credit score. They provide me with simple recommendations to improve my score and I’ve been able to improve my score by 100 points since I started using it. Basically, it’s an essential tool and it’s free!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Sugrgrlsugrgrl
    Easy to use and understand app!
  • Buenísimo 5/5

    By Sjavier144
    Esta aplicación te activará para alcanzar tus metas en el crédito, la cual es la llave para abrirnos puertas. Es sencilla para utilizar y te conecta con los recursos que necesitas para seguir avanzando a tu meta crediticia; la recomiendo.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Renay777
    It is so very nice to be able to see my scores at the touch of a button! It’s excellent motivation to continue to improve.
  • Credit Report 5/5

    By bwaryasz2016
    I love how my device handles the app and software. The only thing I wish it took into better consideration is that driver information isn’t ironclad to one single state or driving number, there is no single way to update this information to reflect the changes.
  • Raymond Pounder 5/5

    By Godson3in1
    You drop my credit score before I can pay my bill . You have worked good all the way up until this time. Give me a chance to pay my bill this month before you drop my credit score. Thanks
  • Five stars - one of the best!!! 5/5

    By Solar flares 10
    Credit Karma is one of the best free app out there. Very easy to navigate. Give it a try & it will be a keeper.
  • Issue processing dispute 3/5

    I submitted a dispute about an error balance on my report. Waited for two months to hear back. The response I received was that there was an error submitting my dispute.
  • Credit Karma App 4/5

    By Credit Karma Stong
    Credit Karma, is a great app. It keeps you alert on credit changes. For me the only down fall is when it comes to scores, it can be a little deceiving. My credit scores showed 620 but when I pulled my scores at the bank it seems my numbers were under 600. On a positive note, Credit Karma does let me know when my scores go up or down. It also alerts me ways to improve my credit points. 👍🏽
  • Love getting UPDATED information 5/5

    By Long Time BOA Banker
    I check very regularly. I appreciate the tips provided to help improve credit scores and the ability to drill down to the actual account. Love my CK app.
  • Class Listen Up 2/5

    By kar1ton
    This is kinda sorta app backwards customer service wait for it wait for them you get reply our team working it , tried to change email address backwards customer service reply back oh you said change address which was wrong another 2-3 months nothing. This app you can have items removed from you credit report, their scores are way off .To high or to low good idea needs better customer support,and please don’t do community support, Hey don’t tell anyone there’s no such thing as a cellphone their our lives copyrighted 2019
  • Credit Karma 5/5

    By ggzmnjr
    Easy & quick to use!
  • Raised my score 5/5

    By /:;32
    This application is amazing! By following suggestions on ck I’ve raised my score 140 pts and had successful disrupts. Thanks for all the help credit karma 😍🥰
  • More than scores. 5/5

    By luckyarea51
    Respectful communication interval. Wide range of information beyond credit score such as insurance score.
  • Won’t find me 1/5

    By Wolfiiiiiii
    So I created an account and it asks me to fill out this information. When I fill everything out and try to continue, it will tell me that I filled something out wrong. I’ve tried many times and I know that everything is correct. I don’t know what is up with it, but it is disappointing. I can’t continue when it can’t even find me.
  • Dispute Error Bug 4/5

    By Kinobie
    The app is fine and works as intended but when I try to file a dispute regarding a credit error, it kicks me back to the overview of my account. Please fix this with an update. Thanks.
  • What’s Wrong With This Mobile App? 2/5

    By cubssssssssss
    It has been working just fine until a few weeks ago when now I’m getting “System error. Please try again” pop ups and manually having to sign in instead of finger print log in. Still it won’t allow me access to my account information and on the rare occasion it does I have to make a new pin# and putting in my user name and password. I don’t get it. That’s what the fingerprint is for so you don’t have to do this every time. Security first is my motto and having no fingerprint access is not very secure.
  • Id process is annoying 2/5

    By ICYMIKE464
    I was literally trying each and every angle to get them to id my license,it was always too sharp, or low contrast. I shouldn’t have to need lighting like im at a photoshoot just so they can id my card.
  • Hot and Not 4/5

    By PolyWop
    Works well monitoring your credit. Both reports are easy to read and have a good list of suggestions to get your creator score up. BUT filing a dispute is lame because they are still disputing a claim from a few months ago that I was able to workout myself. Next they heavily suggest getting a new credit card, unfortunately they don’t offer any good deals with these CC’s. They all have high interest, deposit requirement and high annual changes.
  • Credit review 5/5

    By cam2240
    Credit Karma has been a great help
  • I love it 5/5

    By Los Angeles 20101997
    I love it
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Elisadell
    Accurate information when you need it.
  • Review 4/5

    By topfuel1953
    Credit karma is a very handy app. Convenient and gives you all the information you could possibly ask.
  • Udayyyyy 1/5

    By udayyyyyyyy
    It doesn’t take my ID at all even though the brightness is fine
  • Ahhhhhmaazing 5/5

    By ~Nicole297~
    Can’t really complain. Tell me all things you need to know about credit score and how to manage and what to keep an eye out for in order to improve your score.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By AlyssaBreaud
    I installed this app with high hopes, only for it to reject my social security number because it “didn't seem normal.” I was born in Alaska, and my number is different than most, however, they completely discriminated me and my social security. Therefore, I could not even use this app. I tried over and over and over, and an hour later, I reinstalled the app and tried again, and they said, “Well, this is embarrassing. We must have blown a fuse.” The app was apparently down. MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BAD EXPERIENCE FOR ME, BUT AWFUL FIRST IMPRESSION. I will check my credit score- ELSEWHERE. Thanks credit karma shredit sharma.
  • Love Credit Karma 5/5

    By BD crows
    Credit Karma helped me to build my credit
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By Gregggggggggggg
    Love checking what is owed and what’s on my report ! But stop sending pre approvals for your sponsors so I run my credit and get denied and have it hit my credit report the very thing you guys are promoting to help us with ! Ridiculous you would post something to have us run credit and saying based on your credit and income your qualified I would down load this app and use it to see who’s collection agency your in that’s it ! The score is not accurate either so please don’t go based of it on this app
  • Most useful app ever 5/5

    By Quitapay
    Credit Karma is by far the best app I have ever had in my life. Now granted, the “vantage” score they use is not exactly what your score is but it’s DEFINITELY close and it allows you to be completely aware of what’s going on with your credit without having to pay for it. This coupled with Experian’s free app that gives your actual FICO Score 8 really helps you know what’s going on. It also gives tips of ways to improve and I actually follow the tip. Since downloading I have raised my score 160 points just from being able to see and be aware of what changes I needed to make. It also suggested a personal loan to me for debt consolidation, I waited a while (a year) then applied and was approved and that also helped my credit score soar! There is nothing bad I can say about this app. It’s amazing and I feel so financially powerful Being able to know exactly what’s going on at all times and how to plan my next moves. Thanks Credit Karma! Oh one more thing to add!! I had 3 collections accounts on my credit which were derogatory. I used the loan that credit karma recommended (One Main) to pay the collections in full. One of the collections was still reporting that I owed $140 which was false, so I submitted a dispute through the credit Karma app with TransUnion only. Well just days later, they not only removed the error from TransUnion, but ALL 3 COLLECTIONS ACCOUNTS WERE COMPLETELY REMOVED FROM MY REPORTS WITH ALL 3 BUREAUS JUST FROM ME SUBMITTING ONE DISPUTE FOR ONE OF THE THREE COLLECTIONS!!! I didn’t even think they would be removed, just marked paid, but apparently since it was actually an error it was ALL WIPED CLEAN! HALLELUJAH I THANK GOD FIRST FOR HIS FAVOR BUT I MUST SAY THIS APP IS INSANELY GREAT!
  • Michael Weyer 4/5

    By weyerski
    Keeps me informed of what is going on with my scores and what I need to take care of
  • Recent update - unable to login 1/5

    By Tkane823
    What’s going on with the recent update? It says I can’t log in due to system failure. Where is support??
  • Love credit karma 5/5

    By CandyYamYam
    It tell u everything
  • Love credit karma 5/5

    By skeepy beauty
    It’s very helpful and if I need help with something I get a response right away I love it .
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jan maria
    I have been using this app for years. Excellent app, great at keeping you on target.
  • Loving it!!! 5/5

    By pklady4526
    I love CK as I was having issues with my credit and it got me back in track for free and knowing this is a secure site. I recommend this to everyone!!!! Thank you!!!
  • The Road to Great Credit! 5/5

    By kit kat b
    I was bankrupt, been promised the world! Having listened to banks and lenders who only wanted my business for my money. Suddenly illness stuck! And I lost everything! And those banks and lenders couldn’t care less! No help there! It was so depressing I didn’t know what to do! Then one day I stumbled upon Credit Karma! Thank God! It’s a blessing! I began taking their advice and in no time my Credit began turning around! I now have great credit! Thank you Credit Karma! You are a positive and steady influence in my life! Sharon B.
  • Can’t get in due to pin I can’t reset 3/5

    By SafeLibraries
    Can’t get in due to pin I can’t reset. So it might be 5 stars but I wouldn’t know. Hence three stars. And I haven’t seen them making it easy to set or reset a pin. And I can get my free FICO from other sources. And on the web site there are lots of ads for other credit cards, only it’s packaged to look like it’s helping you. I don’t recall ever getting any help form the website version that I can log into, as opposed to the app where I can’t.
  • Credit karma 5/5

    By jasonshannon
    This app rocks!
  • Working out Great 5/5

    By love+kids=family
    I have had this app for a long time and it has always been helpful!
  • Credit karma 5/5

    By mama Lee 123
    I am thrilled that I have credit karma as I am trying to raise my credit score and this helps tremendously
  • Bad Recommendations 1/5

    By LAG1130
    I’ve applied for 4 of their “excellent odds” recommendations over the past 4 years and have been denied on all 4. My wife has applied for 2 and also has been denied. This has hurt my credit due to the inquiries. Make sure not to pay too much attention to their recommendations, they make money when people apply for thibgs through here so they need to make money somehow.
  • Just lucky I guess 5/5

    By Ahold of nothing
    I’ve just started to use this app. about 6-9 months ago. I find that it’s very useful to keep a watch on our credit. So you can slowly fix it. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s close enough. In my book I’m very glad some one came up with it. With so many useless apps out there. This is definitely not one of those. Ooohhh Rrraaa. ( as the Marines say it.)
  • Comment 4/5

    By Pattihat
    I love this app. It has help me keep an eye out on not forget and get things paid. And keep improving my score..your credit report can mean success or failure in doing what you want to go “credit karma”
  • So much info 5/5

    By Jess-TheHotMess
    I just went through the different features of Credit Karma’s app after having it and using it to check my scores for some mind is blown. It provided me with so much more information than I thought. I don’t usually rate apps, but I literally went to the App Store and searched for Credit Karma just to give them a 5 star rating. 👏🏼👏🏼
  • Not too accurate 3/5

    By Artskyboy
    I am somewhat disappointed in Credit Karma I bought a new truck and both major reporting agencies gave me a 865 credit rateing ,but Credit KARMA claims THAT I HAVE a 798 and a 803. I don’t under stand the reason for the extreme difference. . Something is not right.
  • No live customer service person 3/5

    By fiat16
    I loved credit karma the only problem I have with it is there’s no live person to call when you have a problem

Credit Karma app comments

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