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Credit Sesame App

Get your free credit score, monitor your credit, get personalized tips for improving your score, and enjoy zero-fee mobile banking with Credit Sesame. Our mission is to empower you to achieve your financial goals. With our credit monitoring app we’ve helped millions of people get on a path to better credit. Now, with Sesame Cash, we’re providing the first mobile banking app that helps you grow your cash and credit in one place. No credit card is required, and checking your score will not impact it. Start the journey to financial wellness today! Here is what you can expect in addition to your monthly updated FREE credit score check: • New! Sesame Cash - A zero-fee, first-of-its-kind mobile bank account that lets you manage your cash and credit in one app. Qualify to earn rewards like free, daily credit score refreshes. • 
Free Credit Report Card - We'll break down your credit score and show you what's impacting your credit. • 
Cash Back Offers - Earn up to 15% cash back on eligible purchases at over 5,000 retailers with Cash Back Offers from Sesame Cash. • 
Free Credit Strategy - Once you know where you stand, we'll give you a custom action plan to take control of your credit.
 • Free Credit Alerts and Monitoring - Free 24/7 credit monitoring with early identity theft warnings and fraud detection • My Borrowing Power - Get personalized recommendations for the best credit cards, mortgage rates, and refinance options. • 
Free ID Theft Protection - You're always protected with credit and ID theft protection insurance up to $1 million. • Our Robo Credit technology helps us provide customized, tech-driven recommendations so you can make the most of your finances. We help you answer questions such as: -What is my credit score? -How can I check my credit score? -How can I better manage my credit? 
1000's+ news mentions, including: 
• The Wall Street Journal
 • The New York Times
 • NBC’s TODAY Show
 • CNN Money 
• CNBC Testimonials:
 "It gives me a detailed look at my finances and makes suggestions on what I can do to make it better." - Adriana "If you are trying to buy a new house, Credit Sesame is the place to start." - Daniel "It’s like having an assistant that keeps track of credit and debt." - David "I feel so much less stress, and more optimism about our future." - Jesse Subscription options - Subscriptions are monthly. - Sesame Pulse gives you daily credit score + monthly credit report - Sesame Platinum gives you daily credit score + 3 Bureau report + more - Your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. - Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the next renewal date. - Manage your subscriptions in Subscription Settings after purchase. - No subscription is necessary for general Credit Sesame app use. For more information: - Terms of Use: - Privacy Policy:

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Credit Sesame app reviews

  • App review 5/5

    By Castellon4Life
    Great tool
  • Great app giving them one star due to them advertising for Lexington Law a big pyramid scheme 1/5

    By Shannon rye
    App is great never have any issues with itAt all keeps me very updated on my credit score and gives me very helpful tips as to how to bring my credit score and credit grades higher.Giving them one star due to advertising for Lexington Law it’s a big pyramid scheme I was with him for two years they took over $5000 from me and nothing was removed from my credit I took it upon myself wrote into the credit bureaus and did disputes and within six weeks I hadEverything off my record that I had paid Lexington Law to do and they did nothing never use this company unless you want to be lied to and stolen from Lexington Law is a joke and I highly suggest credit sesame using a different credit fixing agency because that is a big issue and makes your app look rediclous
  • Wonder How The App is??? 1/5

    By HB 92103
    They use Plaid to link your bank account and they never the eff ever recognize my B of A account!!! I’ve tried on another app. What gives???
  • So Far I like the layout 5/5

    By Altrain123
    I hope this can help me improve my credit situation. I hear a lot of good things about this Company. Sincerely, Mr. Wood
  • Great APP 5/5

    I like it work great and always up to date
  • My credit score worsened! 2/5

    By jdvd dhxx.
    First, I added the option where paying my utilities upped my score. Then I went to apply for a few credit cards that the app said would improve my score. I found out yesterday, that each credit card I applied for decreased my credit score by one point, since I was turned down for the cards, even though the app said I had a 95% chance of getting the card. I’m actually sorry I got this app!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By sL!!!!ckKk
  • BiggD 5/5

    By BigChip22
    Excellent App 👍🏾 Really help assist me with my credit repair !
  • Very good app 5/5

    By jeff'x
    Thank you for keeping me posted on my credit score.
  • Back on track 5/5

    By Cletus Chaos
    This app helped me monitor my credit. In doing so, I increased my credit score, refinanced my house, saved 5 years of house payments. I feel like I am back in control of my finances. Thank you
  • Margaret Reeves 4/5

    By tipe girl
    Yes there good need to give me a better score in mor information about my score!!
  • Review 5/5

    By kennethdunlap33
    Nice app so far, look forward to using it more!
  • Better credit 5/5

    By my credit14!
    I’ve been using credit sesame for a few years now. I went from bad credit to good credit. It’s been very helpful, showing me new ways to improve my credit. I recommend this to everyone that wants to improve their credit.
  • Super handy! 5/5

    By procoding
    Immediate notifications of changes to your credit report can be important information.
  • Credit building help 5/5

    By iroegbu
    I really like the new feature of helping to build credit. With no hard inquiry towards your credit which is something I don’t need at all. Thanks
  • Excellent app check daily very helpful 5/5

    By retytty
    Excellent App very useful
  • Follow tips! 5/5

    By jakb3
    Following the tips from credit sesame, and of course making sure my bills are pd on time, has really made a difference in my credit score! There are so many factors involved with having good credit, so I just follow the suggestions that credit sesame sends me, and my credit just keeps going up! Credit usage, mix, age, debt to income ratio, etc. Is a lot to keep up with. They do it for you based on your credit profile, and it’s free! It’s really been a huge help to me!
  • Score 3/5

    By dely212121
    Need to update the scores more often
  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Dinothepisces
    This App is awesome 😎
  • Credit Sesame is a Great Free Way to Check out Your Credit Score!! A++ 5/5

    By Ron14534
    Credit Sesame is a Great Free Way to Check out Your Credit Score!! A++
  • Credit is great but banking…not so much 2/5

    By ck675h
    The app is great for credit monitoring and suggestions to build better credit. So far I’m not a fan of their banking as certain parts do not load - turning on “cash back offers” for example. End of getting a “oops” error message and can’t turn this function on. As there is a growing number on on line banks I’d recommend looking elsewhere. If app continues to be “buggy” I’ll stop fights no the app and go with onjuno, axos or one of the many highly rated apps.
  • Couldnt even sign up 1/5

    By Noconfirmation
    Tried to sign up never received confirmation code
  • My Opinion! 🤟 5/5

    By I AMM T.O
    Helpful in understanding and explaining my situation specifically, thanks, not just advice but informative and direct.
  • Love 5/5

    By bmmnh
    Absolutely love credit sesame
  • Lacking in some areas 2/5

    By lyn519
    It doesn’t have correct scores updated as credit karma? Plus when you go on and the infor they give you applying for a credit card or loan may say good or very good based on your credit, but it’s not true !
  • Good s*#t 5/5

    By sharky 600
    I lov r

    By Ahmad8888
    SESAME CASH IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. Someone SIGNED UP WITH MY NAME AND STOLE $6000 and they admitted that but refuse to refund the money. Please look at bbb or search about this bank before giving them.your info.
  • cReDiT’SeSaMe 5/5

    By kittypoo69
    They the truth my credit score was super low like 1something now look at me 559 579 one month later
  • A good app my credit finally going up 5/5

    By Cookiewell88
    It’s a very good app
  • Screwed me for months 2/5

    By Brady Bisel
    They suggest credit cards on a scale that determines your odds of approval. So far over the course of years, they’ve always been wrong and I’ve always been denied, which results in a hard pull from my credit, lowers my score and then costs me months or even up to 2 years of things I can’t apply for because of an inquiry that equates to too many inquiries if I don’t wait long enough. They’ve never been right and I’m done taking their suggested advice because it’s cost me at critical times where I needed reliable information, like flying out to see my newborn and trying to make sure I’m choosing something that they think I’ll get approved for. I feel like they are directly responsible for continually messing up my ability to get credit.
  • Could always count 5/5

    By CRPS81
    I can’t thank Credit Sesame enough for being or bring a debit/credit card out; I mean it help me in so many ways from direct deposit, paying bills or just giving me points for keeping money and spending it in a manageable way. I remember a few times I had low cash and didn’t have no money to eat, man out the blue they gave me ten bucks I guess for maintaining a account or for the direct deposits I had, anyway it help me get through the day big time and I thank you for it all. Credit Sesame is a choice over many debit cards out . Can’t go wrong with them. Thanks C.Price
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By PennyPlacio
    I like this app it helps me a lot with tracking my credit scores and it allows me to get extra money.
  • Hurts credit more then helps 1/5

    By beeknowledgeable
    I have been using credit sesame along with Experian and the 2 are completely different. Credit sesames score shows over 100 points lower than all my others and I have been working really hard on my credit to get it where needs be to buy a home. Experian is a lot more accurate and don’t tell you you have excellent odds for a credit card just to get denied on all and have a hard inquiry on your report for 2 years. Every card experian said I would get I got and have gotten 6 now to get my credit going. Steer clear if you want to improve your credit not hurt.
  • Others are better 2/5

    By Esmirna
    This company is more focused on selling you lending or credit products than their core business. They keep sending notifications to sell you things. I terminated my account.
  • Nice work 5/5

    By jschmid76
    Very helpful!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Hollow#1
    Awesome app!!!
  • A Class 5/5

    By zeno productions
  • No updates unless you pay 2/5

    It won’t update your score or credit changes unless you pay, competitor is faster, detailed and offers disputing for free.
  • Violating the law 1/5

    By Seated by him
    I have tried so many times to terminate this account, excuse after excuse. Cease and desist from reporting my information. You no longer are authorized to use it for any reason.
  • Money transfer takes long 3/5

    By thisfoesntmakeanysence
    I recently opened a sesame cash account something like a debit card you transfer money and use it as you would a bank card. It is supposed to help with you credit score. I’ve enjoyed this app, with the only exception that any money transfer takes 4-6 days in order for it to go through. I had transferred money to pay a bill and I ended up paying with a different credit card because it took so long for the money transfer from my bank to sesame to go through. Why does it take so long, where is the money while is transferring for almost a week. Almost makes me think that this money is being used for something else in that week period of time.?
  • Better than the others 5/5

    By Aric3971S
    I’ve used other credit monitoring apps and wasn’t impressed. This one monitors but without bugging you constantly about doing this and that. Just wanted to know what my scores were from time to time.
  • OCD Housewife 5/5

    By Compassionate Nurse
    I love this app. I allows me to monitor my credit since I am so obsessed with keeping a perfect score! Thank you so much!!
  • Helpful info for free but lots of ads 4/5

    By Real Estate Afficionado
    Good app, mostly easy to use once you get used to where the information you want is located. Be forewarned, this site is “free” to use because they get paid by credit card companies to promote their products.
  • Fixing my credit 5/5

    By jeromelove1
    I have been able to see exactly what I need to do to fix my credit score, and how I can improve it for the near future.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By todarntuff
    I think this app is a handy tool to gauge where you’re at with your credit
  • Download now 5/5

    By KMC327
    Accurate , accessible, and awesome This app is my go to and has helped me regain accountability of my credit score and things I need to build
  • Don’t waste your money! 1/5

    By Lakotamonroe
    They give you your transunion free, which is alright. They had an option to pay $19.99 monthly to get all three reports from all three bureaus, I’m currently looking into buying a house and wanted a good idea of where my credit stands, so I decided to take the jump and pay the 19.99. However there was no option for me to look at all three reports, it still only shows my TransUnion ! Waste of money!
  • I like Credit Sesame but it doesn’t give account details like other apps. 4/5

    By Bakerboyzzzzz
    This app is helpful! But the one thing keeping it from being 5 star is that it doesnt show details of your accounts that it lists.
  • Trash 1/5

    By moonshinejeff
    This app when opened screen goes black. I had this problem on the last several versions

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