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Credit Sesame App

Get your free credit score, report card and monitoring with Credit Sesame. Our mission is to empower you to achieve your financial goals. With our credit score app we provide millions of people access to free credit scores and coach you to grow your financial potential. No credit card is required, and checking your score will not impact it. Start the journey today to improve your credit score. 
Here is what you can expect in addition to your monthly updated FREE credit score check: 
• Free Credit Report Card - We'll break down your score and show you what's impacting your credit. 
• Free Credit Strategy - Once you know where you stand, we'll give you a custom action plan to take control of your credit.
 • Free Credit Alerts and Monitoring - Free 24/7 credit monitoring with early identity theft warnings and fraud detection 
• My Borrowing Power - Get personalized recommendations for the best credit cards, mortgage rates, and refinance options. 
• Free ID Theft Protection - You're always protected with $50,000 in identity theft protection insurance. We help you answer questions such as: -What is my credit score? -How can I check my credit score? -How can I better manage my credit? 
1000's+ news mentions, including: 
• The Wall Street Journal
 • The New York Times
 • NBC’s TODAY Show
 • CNN Money 
To learn more, visit Testimonials:
 "It gives me a detailed look at my finances and makes suggestions on what I can do to make it better." - Adriana "If you are trying to buy a new house, Credit Sesame is the place to start." - Daniel "It’s like having an assistant that keeps track of credit and debt." - David "I feel so much less stress, and more optimism about our future." - Jesse


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Credit Sesame app reviews

  • Thorough and Detailed 4/5

    By biscuit 83
    Th app provides create insight to your score and tips for improving whether you have the free subscription or you’re paying for premium service. The concern I have with the app is that they provide waaayy too many details in the subject line of their emails. The emails will list your amount of debt or level of credit (excellent, poor, etc). That’s way too much information on the subject line. Also, it was explained that you can receive a free credit score daily. I haven’t figured out how to do that yet and I have the $19.99 subscription. I can only receive a monthly credit report thus far. Other than that way more detailed than Credit Karma, but credit karma did have my credit score sooner. I recommend you download both as I believe they both pull two different credit reports. That way you can view 2 of the 3 reports.
  • Just grades 1/5

    By TDC0430
    FAKO SCORE. JUST LETTER GRADES. No data points or nothing. Just a service to offer credit cards. loans. Says I have an inquiry. No way to see who the inquiry is from. They want to sell you an actual credit report.
  • Do NOT fall for this SCAM 1/5

    By Kris10 Dachshund
    I paid for this app. I am unable to save or print my report!!! I have contacted support numerous times and never received any response. I may as well have thrown my money out the window because I got NOTHING from this app.
  • Fingerprint ID USELESS 2/5

    By Stonesfan1973
    When you logout the fingerprint ID DOES NOT WORK! IPhone SE 128 GB/TMobile USA
  • Credit Sesame 3/5

    By Joelamos
    03/08/2018 I like the app....not bad....I use Credit Karma also...I like it a bit better.....but Nothing is even near perfect....CK won’t recognize payments I’ve made like Sesame will, but I’m Leary of any of these companies.....especially Transunion and Equafax none of em are trust worthy....example....Equafax was hacked and thousands of bits of data on millions of people were compromised....Equafax’s Solution.....????? Charge a Monthly Stipend to secure your info!!!😠😠😠😡🤯 it wasn’t SECURE ANYWAY.....NOW “THEY” want YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO PROTECT YOU???????? Proverbial dogs hind leg!!!!!! Once you’re on the monthly Meat Hook...Monthly Payment On Any web’s like pulling your best friends teeth out with a pair of stop payments. Want peace of mind? Limit EVERYTHING.....YOURE NOT GOING TO GET FURTHER BY GIVING YOUR HARD EARNED DOUGH TO ANYONE ELSE BUT YOURSELF😉 But I appreciate knowing at least a modicum of info. You have to know at least something....even if Most of the “Truth” won’t be released to you.😐😒
  • Spam Flood 1/5

    By captain-acab
    I downloaded this app to see what it was about (already had credit karma just wanted to try credit sesame) a. I cannot stand the app itself credit karma has a lot more features and overall capability and b. Immediately after opening and signing up my email got bombarded with credit card and loan offers via credit sesame and I cannot stop it I’m about to delete my email and get another it is ridiculous! All in all go credit karma this app isn’t worth it
  • Stay away unless you love spam 1/5

    By Bobby Moon
    Ever since I signed up for their service I receive a few emails a day even after unsubscribing. Stay away, credit karma is much better!
  • Slow refresh. 1/5

    By Mdav818
    Slow refresh. Credit Karma updates its scores weekly. Credit Sesame is monthly. Use credit Karma for faster updates.
  • Not accurate at all!! 1/5

    By ChristinaMae
    I too would rate this zero stars if it let me! My husband and I were leasing a new car. I looked on the app and so did he, we planned our purchasing around the scores given. Mine was actually 65 points HIGHER than what CS said. My husbands was 50 points lower. It also said I owed less on our mortgage than we really did. I had a coworker try too (she had just paid for her real score) and CS showed 15 points lower. I’m deleting the app and I believe all the other reviews- this is about credit card signup and nothing more. Don’t trust it!!!
  • Former user 1/5

    By Azee21
    I’ve used this app before and deleted it at one point. Now I am trying to log back in and use their new feature (home affordability) but i can’t even get in after I’ve reset my password and entered my ssn. I’m scared that my info is being compromised now bc of how many times I’ve entered it. 😯😔
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Ellice415
    I haven’t been able to log on without it crashing Even after redownloading and restarting my phone
  • Incorrect information 2/5

    By Debs craze
    Too many emails all day long and they do not update your score correctly. I have used other apps do not recommend this one.
  • Some Good, Some Bad 3/5

    By cats_bell
    There are a few things I absolutely love about this app and a few I cannot stand. It’s handy to have because it shows you all of your loans and debts in one place. It updates monthly (for free) to recalculate your credit score. The ads and emails will drive you insane. I get several emails every day encouraging me to get more credit cards, take out loans, and buy a house. I do think this app is helpful, even if you have good credit. If you can learn to ignore emails or take them with a grain of salt, you’re golden.
  • Too Many Emails 1/5

    By HalleyF
    Despite repeated attempts to unsubscribe from emails, the constant barrage of “account related” messages was simply too much, and I deleted my account after less than a week.
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Korny98
    I paid $4.99 for the 30 day refresh. It does not work. I’ve contacted them 3 times and can’t seem to get it to work or get my money back. I also have reported it to Apple and they aren’t doing anything either. Very sad customer service from both companies.
  • What is with these people?? 1/5

    By Quajas
    I went to set up an account with Credit Sesame, entering in all my info. Correctly. The three verification questions had NOTHING to do with me, and after all the signup bull****, it wouldn’t verify me and ceremoniously locked me out. Piece of junk!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By armesey
    I tried more than several times and the app just kept asking for my legal name and could not verify my ssn.
  • App is terrible! 1/5

    By gdfsuybv
    I like the website and have used it for years. I tried to download the app and it won’t let me have access to my account. It keeps telling me that I’m not using my legal name. I have used all the same information for my account, but it will not let me have access or even troubleshoot. I will be uninstalling the app.
  • Love the app, but keeps crashing 2/5

    By titantrucker
    Keeps crashing once I go to view the credit section? I mean really? Love this app but!!!!!!! But this bug needs to be squashed!!!!
  • Stick with Credit Karma 2/5

    By NessFi
    Takes FOREVER to update your credit score. Haven’t gotten an update since 01/04/18. It’s the 25th now. With Credit Karma and and others I get an update every other day.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Rllee07
    I ordered my 3 bureau credit report on 1/14. They charged me the money but the report would not run. There was an email address to send any questions or problems to. I sent THREE emails over the past week and not one response. Save your money there are much more reputable credit organizations out there.
  • Scam! 1/5

    By 67JourneyGirl
    This app is just a ploy to get you to apply for more credit through cards that pay them to get applicants. My one credit card is maxed out and I have too many credit cards. Their solution? Apply for another credit card to pay down the maxed card. Oh, and here’s a card to apply for that you have a FAIR “chance” of getting approved. Everything they say leads back to applying for one of their sponsor’s credit cards. Scam!!

    By Fab4ever62
    This site is worthless. It’s just a scam to get you to apply for more credit cards. And their credit ratings are bogus too. I just applied for, and got, a new home loan. I know what my credit score is. Credit Sesame claimed my score was over 100 points lower and encouraged me to get more credit cards. I gave it 1 star because I had to, but this site doesn’t deserve a star. Remember, you get what you pay for and this site is free. STAY AWAY 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • New update won’t allow me to see premium paid for content 1/5

    By Nicola316
    I updated the up and now the page for overview will not load. This is the page you click to update score daily if you paid for that feature. Nowhere else in the app can you update the score so now I can only see old information throughout the app from before I updated. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t work. Very unhappy right now. I want my money back unless they fix this.
  • Won’t let me register 1/5

    By Davjhawa
    I’ve tried to register 4 times in as many months. Keeps saying they need more info and to email them my name etc. and they will get back to me within 24 hrs. never have ... not once.
  • Good but not great- app doesn’t open anymore 3/5

    By KB1285
    This app WAS good Until recently. For some reason when I open the app, the “my credit” & overview” will not update and show anything.
  • This feels like a scam 1/5

    By Lorena Davila
    I signed up for this app and gave it my information yet when I try to access the app it only seems to be loading and nothing shows up. I tired canceling my subscription but there is no option to do so. I sent two requests for technical assistance and no answer as if now. I feel this is a scam to get your information and I fell into it like a fool...
  • Pay for the auto-renewal, then it stops working 1/5

    By Lalala159
  • Do NOT follow their recommendation 1/5

    By Katrinalee48
    After following one of their recommendations to improve credit by appling for a capital one credit card my score went DOWN 67 points.
  • Hard to cancel this service 1/5

    By James Russell Keys
    I attempted to cancel this service by phone and hung up on. There is not an easy way to cancel at all. Now I have to message the someone to try to have the service cancelled. Very annoyed!
  • Decent app but worse than a Stage 5 Clinger 2/5

    By MasterPlan52
    The app itself is decent at best. It provides you with a once a month update of a specific credit score and will only update once per month unless you pay them. (Other apps will updated every week for free). Which brings me to another downfall, CS is a Stage 5 Clinger. I get at least one email per DAY, and occasionally two. They are the same emails over and over but they will not stop, slow down or pace themselves. They have forced me to send the emails spam like a jilted ex. Stop trying so hard CS.
  • Ppl r dumb There’s no scam, just a junk app 1/5

    By Five0hFour
    Just read the review that is shown when clicking on this app and I feel bad for the company. I will never understand why people who have no idea what they’re talking about feel the need/right to go spouting off. She applied for a credit card, and got it, and the credit card company needed her info to activate the card, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS APP OR CREDIT SESAME. Why are people so stupid? Having said that, the app is trash for all but looking at your score, it’s super slow to do everything else and many things don’t work, this is even on a brand new super fast iPhone X. It’s always been this way, their app is terrible. Quite frankly there’s zero reason to use credit sesame anymore, Credit Karma is superior in every way, they give you TU & EQ scores AND REPORTS for free, updates weekly, as opposed to Sesame only giving you TU score, only once a month, and only the score/no report. Their paid service is also useless as if you’re going to pay for daily updates (something credit sesame used to do for free) then you want to be getting your actual FICO score not this junk. Experian has purchased free credit score dot com, and both websites/apps from them give you an actual FICO 8 Experian credit score once a week for free and an option to buy daily updates. It may even be a better deal than MyFICO which has gotten expensive lately. But credit sesame, it’s junk. OH and WalletHub is a site that also has a excellent app and they give you daily updates for FREE. I think it’s TransUnion but may be equifax, regardless, it’s 100x better than this junk, I don’t understand why credit sesame hasn’t properly updated their website/app to run better.
  • Don't sign up for the premium option 1/5

    By houston2183
    I've asked how to cancel my subscription though the app with no response. I don't see a way to cancel through the app. I've been paying for the last several months and can't figure out how to quit. Why pay $15 a month when credit karma gives you more information for free.
  • Too many emails 1/5

    By JerBearTX
    So many emails of “offers” just stop! The information on this app is really no different than other apps. It’s of very limited use.
  • pointless app. 1/5

    By theendofthe
    useless. 0 stars.
  • Wong address 3/5

    By Zarboar
    Will not take my address keeps asking to verify address that isn’t mine or go back.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Adcul1
    Crashes immediately upon opening. Useless right now
  • SSN in use 1/5

    By Bhadeti
    Never created an account with CS in the past, apparently they have someone with an unknown email to me using my information? I don’t know how I feel about this app right now.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Johnny Cash03
    Won’t load since last update.
  • Scam alert!!!! 1/5

    By primerime
    After using their ap and applying for one of their recommended cards, I was asked for additional personal information I had not provided when applying. They would not activate my card until I provided them this additional personal information they claimed to need to verify my identity. I was calling from the number on file and got the card at the address on record. I provided my social, bed, etc... on the ap itself the card I received wasn't even showing. When I asked for a manger, she claimed to be the manager. Needless to say I have shut down the account. But I am VERY concerned my personal information has been compromised by this ap and would NOT recommend it to anyone after that ordeal!!
  • Changes to App 2/5

    By lll1995
    I've used this app for the past couple of years and I often refer back to it. Not sure why you changed the design of the app but it is no longer user family. Used to provide more info. Example: who made the credit inquires. Now it just tells me how many but not by whom. It really helps to know that info. Plus you just can't click on overview and see a clear picture any longer. Think it time to remove this app and find another. Should of left it instead of changing it. I'm not afraid of change but when the upgrade makes it hard to find info then it's not worth my time.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Rigged2018
    Only shows transunion. Most lenders do not even do checks through transunion. Useless!
  • Can't even log in now, call it credit krap 1/5

    By Tobyb303
    Hasn't updated my score in over six months. Provides no details on the particular credit items. Nothing but a big ad for selling Regis. Deleted it after login in once.
  • Terribly SLOW 1/5

    By Kgb4639
    U stink
  • Not true score 1/5

    By Ninak76
    According to the actual 3 score system everyone uses sesame is like 30-40 points lower than my score and all they do is say u have a good approval rating for this credit card or that one use ur money else where
  • Post update can't log in 2/5

    By 88aff
    Since the recent update I can no longer log in. Great app if it works.
  • TOO SIMPlE 1/5

    By I Love Hye Ran Yang James Lee
    Basically only a vantage 3.0 score , you can't see the entire report , and it update once or twice a month , delete the app now
  • It's not bad but not what I expected 3/5

    By AngrySurveyor
    I mistook the concept of 'credit score' to mean credit report. Credit Sesame gives you your credit score, a credit report card that shows you ways to improve your credit score. It is a helpful tool but very limited. You can pay them to get an actual credit report. Though my husbands credit score from Credit Sesame did not match his recent credit score from Equifax.
  • More and more advertising. Less useful information 1/5

    By Ydhdnw
    This a mediocre app that doesn't inform its users with important details such as what agency they're using to check credit. But there is something you will get a lot of and offers for everything from car insurance to any type of loan... Who knows what they are doing with your information... Credit Karma is way better.
  • It's broken 2/5

    By richard abernathy
    On iPad iOS v10.3.3 the app fails to launch properly. I'm don't know what happened, one day it worked fine, then stopped working. The app fails to land on the page where I used to enter a pin, instead offers a page with "login" or "signup" as options. Hitting "login" causes an immediate termination of the app. Right now it's useless. Maybe you'll have better luck.

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