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Critical Ops

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  • Current Version: 0.9.12
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Critical Force Oy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Critical Ops App

Are you ready for a no-nonsense, action packed first person shooter ? Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience the thrill of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist. Fight for domination alongside your friends, or show the world your skill by leading the individual scoreboard. Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS! We are constantly updating the game to fix bugs, improve optimisation and add a ton of new features and content to the game! Critical Ops is not and will never be pay-to-win: Purchase weapon skins to customise your favourite weapons! Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


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  • What’s going on 4/5

    By Elika momoa
    Can some one tell me y the game is not working it says it’s on maintenance
  • Laaaaaaaagg 1/5

    By Ahmed Gadour
    Fix the laag pleaaaaaaassssse i cant play the game
  • LAG and BUG 1/5

    By LandsonFerrer
    THERE ARE ONLY LAG AND BUGS, TRASH! I deleted this piece of ...
  • It lied to me 4/5

    By The Winter Wolf
    I did one of their request for 2000 credits and I did not get any thing and that’s bull so can u fix that pls
  • Why lagging 5/5

    By deeppatel9717
    Why am I lagging in iPhone 6
  • The game is good and all but... 4/5

    By gaster122904
    Why is there no grenades in deathmatch?
  • Lag 2/5

    By Jessd3464
    When I play my game has some minor lag mostly when I move or shoot making me die in combat please fix this
  • Keeps crashing 4/5

    By Zungali
    I love this game and play it almost everyday. But all of a sudden when I go to play a game it will start to load the game and then just crash. I hope you fix this soon so I don’t fall behind on daily objectives. It is an amazing game, I just want to be able to play it.
  • GOOD GAME BUT..... lag fixes please 4/5

    By kqoqiwieir😏😏
    Ok this is a great game and all probably the best CS:GO knock off but the lag is the problem. In competitive anytime I move on my screen it shows I’m moving but then puts me back to where I originally was it lags me back and I can’t shoot sometimes and/or choose my team please make updates fixing these issues until then it’s 4 stars
  • Fun game 5/5

    By PoopBoopDoopBitch
    I like this game because it is to control
  • The best but... 4/5

    By Duke,d,d
    This is probably in my opinion the is best fps game ever but I think cases should be easier to get or at least the price dropped
  • Ur aim assist trash uninstall pls 1/5

    By Knife Bugs 2 stars
  • Luv it... but 4/5

    By DigitalDoghnut
    The game is fantastic, beautiful and seamless graphics/FPS. But the servers honestly ruin the whole experience. There’s so much latency and lots of delays as the game pairs you with people on servers that are across the globe. Which can be nice as they usually have different playing styles, but the lag is just unbearable.
  • Great Game except... 4/5

    By defender of fake news
    This was an excellent app until they decided to censor the chat. Playing the game without a censored chat was the best part of this game by far. It made it more fun and enjoyable overall.

    By Daniel790
    I Haven’t Played In So Long Because Of Y’all FPS Drop
  • The FPS kills the game 3/5

    By Brook$ boy
    Currently me & my friends FPS been dropping & making the game incredibly hard to even kill people,This game was fun but until this is fixed then the game is bad imo. If it isn’t fixed soon will probs uninstall & move on.

    By Xanderjj
    I would love that u Guyz notice that All the Assault Riffles In this game are getting pretty Yawn boring we need new guns now bout the Scar for a new AR in the game thank u plz add the Scar
  • This game is bad 1/5

    By ItsMeDeath
    I have iPhone 6 and it go 20-40 fps Fix that please
  • bug 1/5

    By Nima Mahmoodiazar
    in new update it has too bug! it is a very good game but i cant play now for bugs!
  • Shooting button errors 3/5

    By xNoRxspect
    I don’t like how when u tap the shooting button, it doesn’t work or it just doesn’t shoot. Plz fix this because it’s starting to get on my nerves having to spam the shooting button just to make it shoot once. Especially during sniping in close range. Just plz fix this as soon as possible. Everything else is great for now but I know it will be better. Thank you so much:)
  • Fix lag 2/5

    By add an online mode
    I have bad lagg please fix this
  • Good. I guess 3/5

    By Texans72
    It’s good but when i bought the Spring Fair crate it didn’t give me a guaranteed hat. Waste of 1000 credits
  • Amazing! Definitely a must get. 5/5

    By DemArtistzDoee
    This game is awesome I love the variety of guns, gun skins, and maps! This game is one of the greatest I’ve played! Continue the good work!
  • Still too laggy 1/5

    By I have super fast internet too
    Lag issue has been chronic.
  • It’s an okay game... 4/5

    By unicornpoop200
    I’ve already wrote a review for this game and it’s was about the new map division. In this review it’s almost the same but some other things. To me I feel like the game devs are getting lazy. Two maps that are same as the original but worse, lazy skins, and no good punishments. I want to start with the maps brewery and division, these two are like ripoffs of bereau and brewery. They are small, cramped, and feel unfinished. The skins used to be great but the new ones are trash and stupid. They have nothing great it’s just colors smashed into each other. Now finally the punishments (no really punishments tho). There are sooo many players who use hacks, are racist, and rude. Punishments are not at all good, they’re just like two days to four days ban. The chances of getting someone reported is real slim. There should be a report button in the game, and depending on what the player did is how long they should be gone. So this my review it’s a great game but it’s lazy, no punishments, and just basically ruined by hackers.
  • Review For Critical Ops 4/5

    By riri D
    Ever since this new update occurred I’ve lately been getting a ton of glitches. For instance, when I start walking away from my starting position it intends to glitch me back where I started from. Also, the sounds have been going away I can’t hear when there shooting or when I’m reloading my gun. Don’t get me wrong it’s good game, I just you guys can fix these glitches
  • Good 3/5

    By Richard566
    Too many hackers! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been one-shotted from across the map with an SMG!
  • This game is amazing 5/5

    By rygyrock's fan
    This is spectacular game it has so many mechanics
  • Lag and passwords 4/5

    By ThatAppDoe
    The reason I hate this app is because lag. I usually get 100-300 ping every time I play. The other reason is the passwords. I hate them. My friend, OPS WIZARD plays games on c ops that have passwords. I want to play with him, but the stupid passwords don’t let me in. I HATE IT.
  • The best shooter but 5/5

    By Turbo_Shadow
    I have iPhone 6 and I have a lot of lags. But it’s the best shooter with good physics
  • C-ops 1/5

    By -Cypher
  • Pls fix the bug. 5/5

    By GB-4871-7300
    Got bug. I keep pop out of the screen. Is a nice game. I m a all time lover of this game. Pls fix the bug.
  • It is trash 1/5

    By dixj$
    The maps are trash and it lags to much and so many people hack it
  • LAGGGG 1/5

    By Bentzi.
    AMAZING GAME sick gameplay but the lag makes it impossible to play.... dont update the game and make it more laggy.... just fix your servers

    By ReasonGurung
    I have an idea how about a 3rd person for people who like 3rd person like in settings you can change to 1st person to 3rd person :D
  • Laggy and sound broken 5/5

    By JennLindsay
    The game is a gift from the gods, but is one of the laggiest things ever. Even at lowest settings my iPhone 6 can’t run the game higher than 50 FPS. Hell, my friend’s iPhone 8 sometimes lags. This game is superbly laggy, and it’s been going on forever. You need to fix this. And sound keeps cutting off early, making it sound like a marching band.
  • FIX LAG 1/5

    By Youngan.1k
    Y’all really needa fix the lag cause I can’t never play ranked without my fps dropping.
  • Make me smash my phone 1/5

    By I smash mh phone
    0.9.8 update lag so laggy and they didn’t do any improvement neither FIX THIS GAME.I smash my phone once by playing 9.8 update HELP MEE
  • Really fun 5/5

    By Giggle dog
    After playing for 2 years I can confidently say this game is amazing. My only issues would be some weapon balance and the frequent toxic players. Other than the the game is perfect! My only suggestions would be to report toxic players, increase the recoil on the AK, make cases easier to obtain (maybe one a day) and fix the competitive matchmaking. More updates would be nice rather than the occasional map. I would love to see more skins,game modes, or even guns. Overall a very good game! 👍

    By Goovyjorge
    Please have a report option where you can write their gamer tag and explain in how are they’re cheating because they’re slot of hacker and I can not enjoy this game. PLEASE
  • LAGS 1/5

    By Six9ine
    This game use to be dope but now that I play it is not the same anymore because I could never get to a match that’s not lagging. Therefore, I deleted & don’t think will ever download it again.
  • Excellent game 5/5

    By hoi is lyf
    This game is hands down the best mobile shooter I have ever played. The guns are balanced and the micro transactions are cosmetic only. The developer seems devoted and adds new maps.
  • Good Game But Lots Of Lag From New Update 4/5

    By StarFox964
    I used to play a lot and before brewery was even made but now when the division map was made everything is laggy I can't even type it's so laggy
  • Lag lag lag lag lag.... 3/5

    By Gggtjuejs
    Lag lag lag lag lag the whole wasn’t like this.
  • Lag 5/5

    By lioxprokiller
    Pls fix that lag problem I have a iPhone 5s previously it was so fast now so laggy
  • Great game but 5/5

    By 1st marine
    Sound bugs out, all weapon noises including firing shots has stopped and there’s a lot of lag, hud also flashes in and out for some reason
  • Comprehensive Rating 1/5

    This is an amazing mobile CSGO “port” but some pretty minor changes need to be made before it becomes epic 😉 rather than amazing. The biggest thing I see that needs changing is the lag I have no idea what kind of servers are available for this but the lag is a major problem even with my 100mbs internet and data assist. Next I would definitely say that it needs to be easier to earn in game currency I realize that microtransactions are necessary to keep money in the pockets of devs but it shouldn’t be the only way to earn cosmetics. And finally the damage count is definitely a necessity. When you die it should display the amount of damage you did to each other like in the normal CSGO. As always if even 1 of these changes are made (fingers crossed for the lag) I will be happy to give a 5 star rating.
  • Used to be fun 3/5

    By A sorry kid 😫😫😫
    This game is really fun and is a good replacement for when I don't have enough storage for Modern Combat but ever since I updated it it literally crashes every match. Like what the heck? I was forced to update it because it wouldn't let me play anymore unless I had the latest version, and ever since the update it crashes all the time. This is really annoying, and I would have given this a five star rating if I could actually play the game. Fix this and you will get your five stars.
  • What’s the problem? 4/5

    By Dannyxr27
    The last couple times I’ve played, the game keeps lagging so much and I see my ping low enough not to get lag..
  • Awsome needs improvement 4/5

    By gerry nub
    Now this game is soo fun its just ranked is soo hard to beat

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