Cross Stitch: Color by Number

Cross Stitch: Color by Number

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: X-Flow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cross Stitch: Color by Number App

Cross stitch and make your life more peaceful and comfortable! Discover a great variety of free sewing patterns: animals, florals, landscapes and etc., and find your favorite ones. Cross stitch easily, just choose color thread and tap on the canvas to sew a knot. Don’t forget to share your best artworks with family and friends, let everyone see your beautiful pictures. · Sew anywhere, no needle, canvas or color thread needed! · Enjoy numerous themed pictures: animals, florals, landscapes and many others. · New sewing patterns are added daily, so you will never get bored! · Our coloring game automatically saves your progress as you play, so there is no need to start all over again! Create colorful embroidery, relax and relieve stress!

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Cross Stitch: Color by Number app reviews

  • Loving it. Just what I wanted. 5/5

    By Wemmon34
    Very relaxing. I am playing it on my full size iPad and it’s much more fun than on a small phone. My only suggestions would be add a timed component. Also I would like to be able to turn the highlighted selector off-it would make it more real. I actually cross stitch projects just like these but this is definitely a more portable option! Thank you!
  • Room for improvement 1/5

    By 19ansnd
    1. Arrow in upper left hand corner needs to be moved out of the way 2. Not all categories are updated daily and on other apps they are 3. Speed or touch is slow to respond
  • Rip off 2/5

    Used to love this app but now it has been 4 days since any new pictures. So much for 3 new pictures daily. And absolutely no response when sent multiple emails
  • Poor quality 3/5

    By Dr.pepper fan
    I feel the pictures should be more brighter when done they look to dull plus you need more of a variety
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By Need a name not taken
    Why are you not sending out new puzzles daily? It’s been 2 days
  • Was a good app 1/5

    By somersvacations
    It was a good app when I got it but the last few weeks it has went downhill from there. I might get new pictures about 2 times a week if I am lucky. I would love to get more but if it can’t get fix I will be deleting this app...
  • Relaxing 5/5

    By BabsiBee
    I didn’t think this app would be as enjoyable as it is - I thought I would just feel goofy not just doing actual cross stitch! But I’ve found it to be very relaxing and enjoyable plus obviously much easier to carry around than a bag of cross stitch stuff. (And you won’t get the weird looks for doing it in a waiting room.) It literally slows my heart rate to work on a picture. I enjoy this app so much that I went ahead and bought “no ads” to show my appreciation to the developers. (Thank you!) It is a bit steep of a price, but considering how many pictures I’ve done and how much enjoyment I’ve gotten from it, it is well worth it. Less than a Starbucks drink which will make you jittery instead! Lol I didn’t like the update at first, the way the “thread” looks, but I like it now. And I like the surprise of not knowing for sure how the pic will look with the previews being black and white. My favorite ones are the circular simple landscapes - more please! :)
  • Stop deleating my stuff!!! 5/5

    By dogsthe
    Your app is great and very addictive but you delete my puzzles——some that are complete and some that I was working on.
  • Good 3/5

    By Ajgnw
    This is a good app I only have one complaint that I cannot use my I pencil with this app it will not color in any boxes if I use my I pencil
  • Súper 5/5

    By BetinaN
    Me gusta muchísimo..... me relaja y distrae y disfruto lo hermoso de los diseños y paisajes, me encanta.
  • Wish 1/5

    By Recc
    I wish it was stitching one block at a time instead of the whole thing changing into that same color when you touch it wrong. Cross stitch is one block at a time not the same color going all across the picture. Just seems like coloring instead of stitching.
  • Daily? 1/5

    By BACRA
    So much for daily new puzzles, nothing new for two days! I even tried to reinstall since I keep getting messages about new puzzles, but that did not work either.
  • I Love This App. 5/5

    By ddagnese
    I really love this app. I used to be able to do cross stitch pieces, but because of my poor eyesight now I cannot do them any more. This app is perfect for me. It’s very easy to follow and I can enlarge the numbers and letters to see them better. Thank you so much.
  • What is going on? 5/5

    By Babs1212343456789
    Why did I sop getting a daily puzzle?
  • Cross Stitch 5/5

    By Annraymond47
    I would like it if you could darken the squares as I have trouble seeing them otherwise I love this app and would greatly appreciate it thank you so much in advance
  • Fun, Fun! 5/5

    By TommyFrankHarry
    So easy to stitch and patterns are awesome!
  • “My works” don’t work 5/5

    By Missapamela
    My works are stored in the category section. Why?
  • Cross Stitch 4/5

    By Larkamlady
    I do enjoy using this app and find the new features to be a positive. I don’t know why someone would want to turn off the double tap. I love it. And the screen lock is great when filling in the same color in non-adjacent squares. I do have one suggestion that would make the app more enjoyable for me. The highlighting of the squares that are not yet done for the currently selected color is meant to draw the eye to those squares, I assume. This works fine as long as the picture does not contain light earth tones — tan, ecru, light brown, cream, and variations of these. The highlighting is lost in such areas. It would be great if the highlighting color could be changed for each picture, so that a color that does not appear in the picture could be chosen, either by a setting that the user selects or chosen by the app. The same is true of the error indicator in pictures containing yellow and gold tones. It often can’t be seen by my 77-year-old eyes! I do miss the daily feature that seems to have disappeared. This would make me use the app every day to complete the daily picture, and sometimes a few more. Maybe I just enjoy having something picked out for me. I would like to continue using this app but I don’t think I can if I’m always straining my eyes.
  • So Irritating 5/5

    By SusanMK
    UPDATE: I have had no issues since I took my phone out of its Otter Box Defender. I think the plastic screen protector affected the game. The game works great with a tempered glass screen protector. When I try to move to another area, it freezes. This used to be a fun app. Now it’s a pain. Some times I’m in the app for only a couple of minutes, then it freezes up.
  • Game keeps stalling 2/5

    By stitcheridoo
    I used to really like this app but in the last few days it has started to stall constantly. The only way to get it going again is to close it and start again just for it to stall again after few stitches. Now it feels like it’s not worth playing anymore. It would also be nice to use my own pictures.
  • Hide 5/5

    By cathy of michigan
    Would love to be able to hide the pictures once they’re colored in.
  • Major bugs 3/5

    By Scoutinahamsuit
    I cannot play this game anymore. It freezes and crashes every time. I uninstalled and reinstalled, lost all my progress. Starting over I thought it might work better without all the previous pieces to load...but no, this game refuses to cooperate! I hope you’ll fix it because I loved it.....
  • I Love doing Cross Stitch but Hate the Disruptions 3/5

    By Cindabelle
    I enjoy doing the cross stitch but can’t stand the pop ups for clues. Nor can I stand when you get to close to the upper left arrow, it takes you away from your work and you have to start over trying to find where you left off.
  • Cross Stitch: Color by Numbers 5/5

    By datkins8533
    This is addictive and I love it!!!!
  • Freezing 1/5

    By RayfaKhurain
    Love this app but lately I can’t go a minute without the app freezing, making it impossible to play without closing and reopening a million times. Sad.
  • This app uses stolen artwork! 1/5

    By jodacious10
    This app is violating copyright by using my original cross stitch design without permission. Emails to your support desk have been ignored. Remove my artwork immediately or legal action will be taken. I’ll also be sure to tell my 20k+ followers and cross stitch fans to boycott your app.
  • Cross 5/5

    By caddy196
    Love this cross Stitch app it’s fun have some beautiful pictures on there thank you
  • Cross Stitch. Color by number 5/5

    By Queen Bee 55
    Love the choices of pictures can get lost doing pictures Excellent app
  • Locking up 5/5

    By today-sunshine
    Why does the app keep locking up every time you start your work? You can work for about 2 minutes and then locks up.
  • It’s good but it needs work 3/5

    By JStumpf18
    I’ve been using this app for about a month now and I love it! However I hate how it DRAINS my battery. I will be on it for 5 or 10 minutes and my battery will drop 10 or 20 percent. Also whenever I am coloring and listen to music the music will start skipping and cutting in and out. Anyway it’s a great way to relax and color pretty pictures but it needs some work to fix the mentioned problems.
  • Very addictive & relaxing 5/5

    By suri0329
    I love this app and liked it even better before the most recent update. Now colors seem muted and pictures are less detailed, a little juvenile. All that aside still a great free app and fun too!!
  • Cross stitch 5/5

    By jnhughes
    Very fun and addictive. Love it can’t stop playing
  • So disappointed 2/5

    By Puzzlemaster2210
    I really liked the app when I first downloaded it and began “stitching”. Then I liked it so much I paid for no ads. Then the changes began. First, they stopped giving colored preview of the patterns. For us old “stitchers” we are use to having a colored reference for what were stitching. But ok I can live with that. Then the daily patterns sopped. Then it went to simple patterns that could be finished in a few hours to 30 minutes when you can double tap a cluster of same colored squares. That it for me. Some days I like to do a simple patterns and others I like one that takes a few sessions like the places or mandalas. The repeating patterns were great but now they are just too simplistic and the great definition of more complex patterns are missing. It saddens me because I had such high hopes since I cannot see well enough to do real cross stitching and I had great hopes to enjoying doing it once more.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By jlorrie
    I love lighthouses and would love to see a tab for them
  • It was great...until I paid for it 2/5

    By Knit Rabbit
    I enjoyed the free version so much I decided to buy the premium app thinking it would be even better, boy was I wrong! As others have noted, the images are all so bottom-tier, juvenile now, the colors are either over-saturated or completely washed out. The preview in black and white is ridiculous. I hate how “my works” seem to clear out every few days or so. I am sorry I paid for this app now, it isn’t nearly as fun as I hoped.
  • Cross stitch 5/5

    By Mereleen
    Best addictive app ever!!
  • Addicting! 5/5

    By Mcoccc
    I love this cross stitch app! Best I’ve tried! Thank you.
  • What happened to the beautiful pictures you used to have? 2/5

    By Mad Deby
    What happened to the beautiful pictures he used to have? Now all I see are silly looking pictures that look like first grade art. Are used to enjoy choosing a picture to do from your selection. Now I am less than interested. Another problem that seems to have occurred is that All the pictures I see, are only in black-and-white. Once I choose a picture, and start working on it, it does come in color. It’s just not the same app that I got a few months ago. Please try to fix this.
  • In stitches 5/5

    By Mit tin
    I absolutely love 💕 this app I love 💕 to do cross stitch so when I found this app I was delighted with joy I am so happy 😁 now I can do cross stitches my hearts content thank you for a great app l just love ❤️ it thanks again
  • Love Game 5/5

    By 60&lovingit
    I am addicted to this app. Love,Love, Love!
  • Still horrid 1/5

    By Mabpagan
    Update--04/16 I'm about ready to uninstall this app. I haven't really used it in the last two weeks, because it still has the same problems: black-and-white images; variegated, bright thread; washed-out completed images, blah, blah, blah. It's obvious that the developers don't care at all about those of us who have complained loud and long about the updates, and how they've ruined what was a really good app. I'm done, unless they FIX THIS!!! ---------------------- Update--03/30 Just installed the latest update. All the things people hate are still there: the black-and-white images; the variegated, bright thread; the washed-out completed images because the thread colors are so weird. It's obvious the developers don't care about what people want. They're going to do what THEY want, and we can all go to blazes. I really hope they get their act together. Otherwise, they're just going to keep losing customers. This should be a case study in business school--how to lose business by making unwanted, unnecessary changes to what was a really good app. It could also be seen as false advertising. When new people look at the app page, they see the old images. Won't they be surprised if they download the app based on those images! Update--03/27 Okay, I've worked with the "enhancements" for a few days, and I've changed my mind. I REALLY HATE the update, hence my now 1-star review. I will never understand developers who mess with their apps when they work just fine, and please a majority of their users. Is it because they're bored? Who wanted new images shown only in black and white? I've never bought a cross-stitch kit or pattern that didn't show the image in full color. What possessed the developers to think that black and white only would be a good thing? Is there a technical explanation for why you did this? If so, please provide it, so us lesser mortals can understand why you screwed this up. Who wanted the thread to show as variegated, instead of as a solid color? It was nice as a novelty, but as a constant it makes the completed picture look washed out. Remove your "enhancements," please, and return the app to the way it was. Then I'll return the 4 stars your foolishness has lost you. Update--03/24 I originally gave this app 5 stars. I'm deducting 2 stars because of the latest update. The unworked designs used to be displayed in color. With the update, they're displayed in black and white. If they had made it so we could choose whether to display them in black and white, that would have been fine. Instead, we have no choice. I used to be able to select which design to work based on the colors that appealed to me that day. I can't do that anymore. If they make the black-and-white display a choice, with color display the default (or vice versa), I'll give them 5 stars again. -------------------------------------- Original review: This app is loads of fun. The pictures are beautiful, and varied. I'm an occasional cross-stitcher. This app is much more relaxing than using a real needle and thread. You also get results much faster! I'm playing on an iPhone 8. I can imagine that on an iPad the game would be even more amazing. I did pay to go ad-free, in part because the ads were a tad annoying. The bigger reason, however, is to support the developers. They've put a lot of effort into producing a really pleasing game, and I wanted to show that I appreciate that. Support your game developers, people!
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By Nana m 7
    I’m not at all happy with this app,it keeps freezing and I have to shut down to get it to open up again I will not recommend this app to anyone.
  • Disappointed by latest update 3/5

    By sportygirl333
    I would give this game a 5 star review but the latest update took away the ability to see the finished product in color before you choose what to color. Instead, the picture just shows up in black and white, and you don’t know what colors are in the picture u til you select it.
  • Cross stitch. 1/5

    By op-i
    I did start the picture what it does take a lots of time and I want to continue the next day and I can’t finishing ,because the site would not let you continue.Waist of time and there is no instructions to be found. pictures are very nice but site is no good.
  • My favorite app! 4/5

    By Ghjffdgjjgdgyuuh
    I LOVE this app! Out of all the games on my phone (and I have plenty) this is my favorite. It’s very relaxing and it can keep me busy for hours on end. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because of the “double tap to fill the whole section” feature. I enjoy being able to fill in a lot of squares at once when I don’t have a lot of time, but usually I want to fill it in square by square. I accidentally double tap quite often and fill in sections I wanted to do one at a time. It would be great if you added a button where you could turn that feature off and on when you wanted.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By sumsums31
    Been playing it for about a month now! It’s very fun and I love getting new pictures each day. For those wondering how to fill in large spaces you just double tap the area with the corresponding color. Not sure what else to say but I love this app
  • Love/hate It 3/5

    By gdvjuudvh
    I love working on the pix but every few minutes it kicks me out of the app and I have to reopen it. It saves my progress but it is really annoying to wait for it to reopen, then find the pic I was working on, get it back to the same area, size it approximately the way it was and finally be able to work again. It may not seem like a big deal but it is frustrating. Some times I just quit using it at all for a while. It a five star app without this irritating issue.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By AprilNY
    I just started this and I’m already frustrated. When you try to scroll to a different area sometimes the canvas doesn’t move so it reads your finger moving across the canvas and that colors in what you don’t want colored and then you have to go fix all the mistakes. I work with other apps where you can scroll to different areas a lot easier.
  • Nice app 3/5

    By Slot to
    Love the app, but would like to add my voice to the request to make the double click to fill feature optional. I keep accidentally doing this and it’s frustrating. It would be 5 stars with this feature!

Cross Stitch: Color by Number app comments

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