Cruise Norwegian - NCL

Cruise Norwegian - NCL

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  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Norwegian Cruise Line®
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cruise Norwegian - NCL App

Prepare for your cruise by pre-booking dining and shore excursions while at home. Once onboard, access Daily Activities and continue to book dining, shore excursions, and entertainment, and even stay in touch with friends and family using the chat and onboard-calling feature*. Key features include: Retrieve reservation details, view your E-docs, prepare and save time boarding with mobile check-in, and access directions to the pier. Organize vacation itineraries by pre-booking activities in advance and while onboard i.e. shore excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment, and make purchases including gifts (wine, flowers, and treats). Call and message guests onboard through the app, including Group Chat*. View ship itineraries, port information, and daily activities. Review your folio for onboard purchases in the app. Check Latitude Reward points and learn more about our CruiseNext program. Review disembarkation information including immigration and easy walk-off details. *Calling and Texting Package has a nominal one-time fee per person for making unlimited onboard calls and texts during your cruise.

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Cruise Norwegian - NCL app reviews

  • Can’t even log in. 1/5

    By sharptattoos
    The app keeps telling me that my login info is wrong. I’m logged in on my computer and phone with the same app. Same password. Same screen name. Must just be an iPad thing. Also…. Why no caps lock button? So annoying having to keep hitting shift because a name has a string of caps together.
  • Norwegian Spirit 1/5

    By lo16us54y
    WiFi is a total rip-off. $600 and it works 50% of the time if you're really lucky.
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By redace4567
    App did not work for most of our group on ncl jewel . Constantly hogs battery and asks for local network connection even when doing nothing . The only benefit was the ship map and the location of restaurants.
  • Confusing 2/5

    By joe:123
    Not the most user friendly app.
  • What a joke 1/5

    By dizzyslot
    I have been trying to set up this app for over an hour. I’ve set up an account, and got in, we have 7 people in our group over 3 rooms. I had to go enter the persons name, cruise phone #, and room #. I did this three times for 3 different people, and they had to do it for me! Then I closed the app and now I can’t log back in, because my password is wrong. I just set my password don’t you think I would remember it. You need to go to Carnival or Disney and see how simple their apps are!
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By tccmnfl
    Navigating through parts of the app isn’t always logical and easy. For example, when reviewing the ports of call schedule, one would expect to be able to select a port and view all excursions for that port, but it only shows three. To view all ports one must select “View All Shore Excursions” which takes you to a page that shows all excursions but they are not categorized by ports of call making it difficult to review. Why can’t we see a list of all excursions by port?
  • Eh 3/5

    By Juju_B.
    My family and I just went on a Norwegian cruise this past week. To clarify, we went on the Norwegian Breakaway ship. The app was not much help for us. To communicate with each other it was a 50-50 chance to get through to them. When trying to call my parents or my brother, it would just go straight to voicemail. (There were certain parts of the boat you could not get through to whoever you’re with no matter how hard to try) Overall, my family did like the app except for the communication aspect of it. Also it was a little confusing to navigate through at first, but once you got used to it, it was a lot easier. It was nice to be able to look on the app to see what all was happening that day and 24 hours ahead for any activities. Along with that, what you had booked for your cruise trip: dining, excursions (what you are doing on the excursions), and the activities on board. I’m mainly giving the app 3 stars mainly for communication issues and prices of activities onboard.
  • The worst app ever! 1/5

    By IPhoneLover2Death
    Absolutely terrible design! It’s never been tested. There are million bugs. You can’t find anything you are blocked with severity 1 bugs constantly. Hire a new QA Director!
  • Great activities 5/5

    By Hitenfj
    Great activities
  • Great App 5/5

    By spaceguy123
    I loved the app AND Their cruises!!
  • Not intuitive 1/5

    By mermaid4696
    When you initially log into the app it is difficult to find the excursion, the a buried under a different heading. This app should be easy to use and find what your are lookout g for but it is not. Perhaps they should have a separate menu item for excursions booking then an option for booked. .Like I said once you login and play with it you can figure out where everything is buried but it should not be this way. If you haven’t logged in a while you forget where things are buried to find them it should be easily found all in your face under the menu bar.
  • Use of the app & website 1/5

    By Mystic Mike43
    I am very disappointed with the app & website! I have not been able to book anything through the app or website on my laptop. I get the little spinning circle & because of that nothing I do will confirm. I’ve had to call to book a birthday package & my dinner reservations so far. Even as I type this I cannot see what I am typing. Smh. I hope I don’t have this problem when it’s time to check in! This is just crazy & very frustrating!!!
  • Not working 2/5

    By Laburen
    This app was great when I first got it but now it’s not working at all. Won’t load. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still won’t work!!!
  • Everything at your fingertips 5/5

    By B2Rowe
    The app is very good and contains everything you need to know about your cruise. You can do anything you want like booking Shore excursions or planning an evening meal. It’s a handy tool I have and you can use it anywhere. It has helped me make Many decisions right from my hand. I recommend it for everyone.
  • Absolutely worthless 1/5

    By Windyzona
    It had nothing on it.
  • Very first cruise and possibly last with NCL 2/5

    By arc1360
    Before today’s very disappointing turn of events, NOT stopping at our scheduled stop, Roatan, Honduras, and losing my ONLY planned and bought excursion, I would have given NCL a 4, maybe 5, star rating. All because another cruise line docked incorrectly and we couldn’t dock safely, which I understand, but couldn’t NCL have made them dock correctly? Canceling seems extreme. I’m 62, a recently retired educator of 35 years, and it’s my very FIRST cruise. I only planned ONE excursion, snorkeling, and that’s been ruined! We plan on cruising more, but I’m not sure it will be NCL after today’s disappointing fiasco. My question is; what is NCL going to do to make me whole and make me feel like a valued customer? I say, of course a full refund for our excursion, but that’s mediocre and a given. We want a gift of a NEW CRUISE and a voucher to prove so. We spent $3,000.00 for our retirement cruise! I want a $3,000.00 credit for a new cruise. That’s about what it will take to make up for the disappointing event that occurred on this cruise. The ports were the reason I chose NCL and this particular cruise. So, the ball is in NCL’s corner! Social media can make or break you, NCL! Much disappointment, Angela R Carpenter
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By everywhere ricky
    Not user friendly! Can’t find things!
  • App is broken 1/5

    By MarkC1914
    Does not work. Login and you get error page and nothing else. Fix this crap
  • NCL app 5/5

    By Topaz60
    This makes planning my cruise easy. Thanks
  • Time to move the app into 2022 2/5

    By sapphire cruiser
    The current app seems to be stuck in the last decade. (While your at it, the in room tv interactive information channel also needs much improving.) It provides basic information but aside from allowing a restaurant reservation, that’s about it. The RC app allows the cruiser to do just about everything from booking restaurants and shows to daily activities. Booking shore excursions is a great convenience as well. It’s like having a concierge in your phone.
  • High Battery Drain Overnight 1/5

    By Scott1155
    iOS 15.3.1, iPhone 12 Pro - This app worked fine on land with good performance and no noticeable battery drain. I am currently on the NCL Bliss and I find this app still works alright but it has very high battery drain for no apparent reason. At night my phone is fully charged and connected to the internet when I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning I find my battery sitting at about 49%. The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke, but it happens every night. When I investigate the issue I find the Norwegian app had 1 minute of screen on time and 9.5 hours of background activity. What is this app doing in the background while I am sleeping? There is no way this app needs to be doing anything in the background while the app is not in use. This high battery usage is definitely a bug that needs to be investigated and resolved.
  • Very useful and easily used app! 5/5

    By Fleatick
    Great for checking out excursions!
  • Wishes 5/5

    By you need to....
    More ballroom/Latin dance classes. Have already seen Kinky boots 2 times-need more new shoes. No gap if no coffee or food between 1030-11 on sea day especially with time change. Where is the coffee/breakfast? Disappointed.
  • Work in progress 3/5

    By improve your site
    Not all booked events show on your daily schedule. Daily newsletter page showed the wrong issue for an entire day. The what’s happening page shows no activities at any time. Booked events don’t display on the app for all parties in a single cabin. This app is almost as frustrating as it is helpful. Someone needs to do some programming work.
  • Great way to help prepare for our great vacation! 5/5

    By gabbyols
    My first cruise with the kids and enjoying all of the help to prepare for it.
  • Photo safari whale watching 5/5

    By knizeguy
    I’ve taken this excursion several times and I find it the BEST by far. The boats only have 14 to 20 people depending on the tour name. You don’t have to look over the heads of the other guests like on the larger tours that are offered when whales are sighted. I highly recommend this tour!
  • Messages can’t be deleted 4/5

    By Greg's wife 2021
    I have messages on this app, but they are old and can’t be deleted. New messages don’t show up and can’t be read. Otherwise, a great app!
  • Nearly useless 1/5

    By emberhard
    It’s was nice being able to have the daily itinerary on my phone, and see info about some of the activities/locations but that was about the only useful thing it did right. All over the ship and the itinerary it stresses making reservations for things, dining, shows, tenders etc. and to do so it always said to make those reservations in person, at a touchscreen kiosk, or with your stateroom TV. “Well why not in the app?” I thought. Well it turns out some things you can reserve in the app, and some things you can’t. Some things you can’t even find listed in the app. Seemingly random. Practically useless. Additionally when I tried to load my personal itinerary, it was a gamble as to if it would even load, and when it did, it was not correct. Useless. The app would randomly log me out at least once a day, usually multiple times. Very stressful in the beginning of the trip when I still though the app would be invaluable, and I could not recall my password, with no internet for a password recovery email. Thankfully by the end of the trip I became an expert in my login credentials. Pointlessly. Because as I said. The app was nearly useless.
  • Useful, but needs some tweaks 3/5

    By Capt Catnip
    Good features like showing my cruise account balance, my plans, and the ship's itinerary. Plus all the places to eat, be entertained, makes it really easy to find where to go. Very easy to book excursions. When the app is working properly, it improves my cruise experience. Activate/deactivate internet packages, etc. For the first several days of my cruise, the daily events/what's happening wasn't being updated so I had to take photos of the paper schedule to have it on my phone. Also the app has problems logging in to my account if I switch from ship wifi to cellular. Has other issues loading data. The part of the app that shows what's happening morning/afternoon/evening (the week view with tabs) was empty for the entire cruise. Overall a must to have for NCL cruises. Good experience, just needs a few tweaks
  • 1980’s technology, designed by high-school students 2/5

    By AvidHKGuser
    1). This app is filled with bugs. 2). This app constantly quits/logs-out randomly. 3). This app is not integrated with other NCL systems and/or customer information, reservations, etc. It’s information os more often wrong than correct. 4). This app is not dynamic or interactive. This app only shows a historic snapshot of outdated information… if/when it is working correctly. 5). This app does not enable or facilitate communication: to NCL, between customers, etc. 6). This app does not enable reservations, updates, excursion purchases, etc. This app was designed with a 1980’s spec, and developed by high school students. I would award these high school students an A- for their project in 1983… and NCL an F for deploying such a horrible, buggy, and useless app as we enter 2022.
  • Norwegian Bliss 5/5

    By Imosprey
    Every question I could think of was answered in the FAQ section. Great snipets of all onboard activities, dinning, and shopping. A great tool to help plan activities, shows, and down-time long before even setting foot on the ship. Plan ahead and leave your anxiety and angst at the dock of departure.
  • App and Cruise Is Chaos 1/5

    By cwp9851
    Onboard NCL right now. App freezes up on login screen. Nobody on ship can access. All reservations cannot be seen. It’s complete chaos, especially with huge uptick in Covid.
  • Terrible user experience 1/5

    By Jo_Mu_Go
    Logging in is hit or mis. Sometimes it lets you on and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not a user friendly interface either. Royal Caribbean’s app gave me less problems compared to NCLs.
  • The app is not very user friendly 1/5

    By billybobjoe4577
    Half the time I can’t connect - not sure if it’s the Wi-Fi, but all passengers should have access to the app at all times regardless of log in or Wi-Fi plan or age. It’s just to hard - I would rather carry a piece of paper with my calendar and a map of the ship. Also, consider the video screens at the elevators - they are useless and hard to read/follow. Hate to compare cruise lines, but Princess seems to be the easiest and most intuitive with the medallions. Tracking family and friends, finding restaurants and shops on the ship with the giant, horizontal screens at the elevators, wearing your medallion instead of carrying a card - super easy.
  • Trash App 1/5

    By BobbySC3
    App works great when you’re not on a cruise, doesn’t work when it needs to when you are actually on a cruise.
  • Better than nothing 2/5

    By ME Fisherman
    Great for watching schedule when it is working. On transatlantic cruise, they failed to update time or did not do so till late morning. With 5 time zones this is important. System kicks you out 2-3 times a day. If not used to the app it is hard to find place to log off so when you think you have logged off, it continues to use your minutes. Large lines at internet help desk due to users losing minutes. In our case my wife lost over 200 minutes. One would think, since you need it on board, they would do a better job of keeping it updated.
  • Drops often on breakaway 3/5

    By nybenop
    Drops often, does not remember you have to log in over and over
  • Barely functional 1/5

    By gxm-23
    On board only one person in the party can be on the app at a time. When not on board there is no way to log out. It frequently crashes whiler on board. It is frustrating to the point that they would be better off not having an app at all.
  • Network 1/5

    By Chandl3r58
    Getting onto the ships network is terrible. Still unable to communicate with anyone.
  • Cannot wait 5/5

    By Balcony dreaming
    I wish I had the app sooner. So informative and so much to consider. This app is making the excitement to cruise with you even more intense!!! Cannot wait to experience my first cruise on the Norwegian Epic
  • Buggy 2/5

    By dpalmes1
    Lots of bugs in this app. Whenever looking at shore excursions and selecting one, once scrolling up the app quits every time.
  • Muy bueno 4/5

    By Bayamon 69
    Un crucero bueno pero faltan mas show y mas actividades en español. Amables meseros en especial Luis Contreras. Excelente limpieza en las cabinas y muy amables especialmente David. Muy pequeños las cabinas. Este es nuestro 3 crucero con ustedes y ya reservamos el de 21 día. Les recomiendo tener un obsequio a las personas que hayan tenido mas crucero y alguna actividad para ellos. Hay otras líneas de crucero que lo hacen. Gracias y bendiciones
  • Vladyslav 2/5

    By vshvartsman
    Works terrible. After plane all eDocs disappeared. Almost lost my luggage at port
  • Crusin’ 5/5

    By christileggs
    Easy to start setting up my trip
  • Not an easy use 2/5

    By Trsveller
    Constantly have to log in from the same device because of being logged out even in the middle of use. Some show reservations cannot be viewed. Difficult to find how to change account settings
  • Problems at sea 3/5

    By Me Mr T
    Planning cruises for us this app is great. Could be improved by allowing customers to change dining reservation times after initially scheduled. Our problem is while at sea using iPhones in airplane mode and using wifi the ringers are so silent they can’t be heard. So far 2ships and 3 cruises no one can make it work.
  • Primera vez en El crucero, espero que se cumplan mis sueños y perspectivas!! 5/5

    By Blanca y Fernando
  • Sue Tingley 5/5

    By suzzy booze
    We love Norwegian. We only book our cruises on NCL have tried other cruise lines and we feel NCL is our favorite so we’re looking forward to be cruising again. Always great food service and entertainment. We love especially right now how they are caring for our well being and safety. See you in 15 days on the Escape.
  • “LET’S ROCK” 5/5

    By witch droctor
    Comforting to have no worries! We (my wife and I) been pushing through this time in history. She a teacher. I work as a RPh in hospital. Ready for rest, relaxation, take in and absorb the beauty, site’s, art, music. LIFE I GOOD! Peace my friends!