Cruise Norwegian - NCL

Cruise Norwegian - NCL

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  • Current Version: 2.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Norwegian Cruise Line®
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cruise Norwegian - NCL App

Prepare for your cruise by pre-booking dining and shore excursions while at home. Once onboard, access Daily Activities and continue to book dining, shore excursions, and entertainment, and even stay in touch with friends and family using the chat and onboard-calling feature*. Key features include: Retrieve reservation details, view your E-docs, prepare and save time boarding with mobile check-in, and access directions to the pier. Organize vacation itineraries by pre-booking activities in advance and while onboard i.e. shore excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment, and make purchases including gifts (wine, flowers, and treats). Call and message guests onboard through the app, including Group Chat*. View ship itineraries, port information, and daily activities. Review your folio for onboard purchases in the app. Check Latitude Reward points and learn more about our CruiseNext program. Review disembarkation information including immigration and easy walk-off details. *Calling and Texting Package has a nominal one-time fee per person for making unlimited onboard calls and texts during your cruise.

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Cruise Norwegian - NCL app reviews

  • Only work on the ship and missing some key features 1/5

    By jpchen10
    Recently had a 8-nights cruise from NYC. The app was inconsistent and mine (iPhone 13 pro) wasn’t opened up for the onboard checking in. Big trouble at the moment. My wife’s app (iPhone 12) was ok so we both got on the ship. The app couldn’t work well unless turning on the airplane mode for many phones. Paid ~$10 for messages and call but the call never worked. The messages were sent but the iPhones never showed nor alarmed any incoming messages. Surprisingly my Apple Watch was able to pickup the messages. Needs big improvements.
  • Why so many 5 star ratings?? App is awful! 2/5

    By sean-sull
    This app does MANY things wrong. First off, it’s clunky and crashes every few hours. Second, it does the *extremely* chaotic practice of auto-saving every picture that is sent over chat. Meaning if ANYONE sends you a picture on the onboard chat section of the app, it will AUTOMATICALLY save that to your photo library. You may not even see the message but the picture will end up in your camera roll. This is very problematic as someone could send literally anything, maybe even child porn, and it would auto save to your camera roll. Please fix this NCL. also outsource your app development to a 3rd party like Royal Caribbean does.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By jman1283
    This really helps to keep track of what is happening! Really useful app! Great job!!
  • Stellar App!! 5/5

    By Tiger_ King_69
    Take the time to prepare for your cruise using this app!! Easy interface, images are top notch, and really gets you excited to go on you NCL cruise vacation!!
  • Annoying pop up 2/5

    By Absolutheada
    Every single time I open the app or try and navigate anywhere I get a pop up that says “ leaving the app. This link opens in a separate web browser” I’m not clinking any sort of link and if you hit ok on this pop up it brings you to a blank website. We are cruising Sunday I hope this will not be happening all week long.
  • Bugs galore! 2/5

    By Law of Murphy
    The NCL cruise consultant say the app is better than the webpage… the app is buggy, is hard to navigate, and continually informs me when I do anything that I’m “leaving the app”. I have to cancel to stay in the app. Beware of the webpage too! It doesn’t ask you if you want to arrive early or depart late. This is causing us to arrive by air five hours ahead of the cruise. Not much time for hiccups!! Would’ve preferred some check box or something where I’d info NCL of our wishes. Maybe I missed it?? Also, NCL website doesn’t adequately inform you that the names of the travelers need to exactly match passports. This will cost you $150 to change once airfare is booked (assumes you book your air travel by NCL).
  • Wi-Fi requirement is infuriating. 1/5

    By SariLash
    The app is fine until you get onboard and it requires you to connect to the on ship Wi-Fi before you can use any of the functions. Such a massive oversight that requires you to switch back and forth between data and Wi-Fi all the time. Maddening.
  • Cruising 5/5

    By ?/()123
    Your cruise line is the best. I’m cruising on March 19 from Tampa. On the Dawn I have a cruise book leaving Rome on November 11, 2023. On the Prima My Daughter and her fiancé are sailing on November 11 also ( their first Cruise )
  • App not working 1/5

    By zaz12344
    I’m sailing in 26 days. Downloaded the app and it’s stuck on the log in screen just loading. Nothing is happening.
  • App keeps getting error. 1/5

    By Jjzz1999
    Ordered shore excursion 3 times and never showed up in the checkout cart. Log on and off the app didn’t help.
  • Consistently doesn’t load 1/5

    By ggdvjkb
    Every time I’ve tried to book any activity or meals, or add-ons, sometimes it will actually let me select a date and time but then when it’s supposed to populate names, it spins. If I’m able to get something added to my cart, I receive an error that says I have to log out and log back in. I really hope this isn’t indicative of how the app will function on the ship. Really crappy app!
  • Not great 2/5

    By Cheisgal40
    Third trip with NCL. Decided to use the app this time. Very clunky and confusing. Information is incorrect. We paid in full at booking and for 3 weeks it told me I had an additional 900+ balance. Contacted NCL to confirm and they told me it was a glitch. Apps should make it easier, not harder. Completed check in on it and it kept saying just a few more steps to complete check in. Can’t delete messages after you read them. Most are just trying to sell you upgrades. Depending on what you are doing in the app, it bounces back and forth to the website. Hoping it works better in a couple of days when we cruise. Still waiting on boarding passes as it was not clear if I did finish the check in, had to confirm with the 800 number that it was complete. We have two state rooms and it’s the same clunky thing on my wife’s phone with the other room.
  • Beware of battery issues 1/5

    By Bigbobhill
    The NCL app will destroy your phones battery life if you keep it on in the background. I first noticed this when my phone, charged to 100% before going to bed, was down to 20% waking up 8 hours later. Reviewing my phones app usage, the NCL app had doubled any other activity of any of my apps running in the past week by day 2. The app had 100% activity usage; leaving the app running in the background is essentially the same as keeping your phone on, even when the phone is locked.
  • Technology 4/5

    By Silly Lily Likes Billy
    This website would be more beneficial if it was monitored and updated & corrected regularly Reviews from 2013? Why bother putting a 10 year review on excursions? One entertainment says “complimentary “but says cost is $289 a person
  • Ncl app 2/5

    By Bama685490543
    This app won’t let put anything in the cart to purchase for the cruise Now when you click on certain items the app redirects you to a web sight that doesn’t load 😕
  • App review 3/5

    By Request Details
    It is slow and does not provide detail info. For example the water pack does not indicate if the price is per day.
  • Upcoming cruise not visible 3/5

    By SidBWA
    This could be a handy app, but every time I open it, I have to manually enter my reservation number to view it.
  • Dawn 5/5

    By karl and cassie
    The crew made the experience that much better. Shout out to Gujabhur, Shrabhay and abba!!
  • Could be better 3/5

    By 2savmor
    It has a lot of information, but is lacking things that would be helpful. 1. Excursions that you like and save, you should be able to organize them by the ports, once you have them in the like part. 2. It does not have in your reservation all of the extra offers that where included in your ticket purchase, at least with the deposit you made. (Maybe, it’s added once you pay in full) 3. You should be able to email them back. But, they are only able to send you an email and you can’t respond or ask them a question. 4. It allows you to book a cruise online, but does not allow you to add a day or two at the beginning or end of your cruise, with the airline request (you must call). It also does not tell you it must be within a 2 day time frame. You should probably go ahead and use a travel agent then book online, to make sure your getting what you paid for and what they are advertising, to be on the safe side!
  • Incomplete info, can’t rely on it for booking 1/5

    By Rocketman9999999
    Only some of the excursions are listed for booking, and when you book, I’ve had one not go through and had to go to guest services. Also it does not match what shows up on their onboard TV app. Please test these apps before releasing!!!! Finally, please put a ring alert for incoming messages and calls. It’s not much use paying for onboard in-app calls if you have to be staring at the screen when it comes in!
  • Not synced with on ship systems. Messaging useless 1/5

    By duebeuhcdnshsbks
    On board accounts never synced up with the ship systems , I ended up with too many excursions due to missing bookings. The call app does not ring, so we missed calls and rendezvous. How hard is it to program a sound for messaging and in-app calls?????

    By 777customer777
    Not enough staff to cover the amount of people on board. Very little bar staff. Deck 16 has no bar staff at all so you wait at the bar for 30 minutes just to get waited on because of the droids of people waiting on themselves. The rooms are only made up once a day and no cute animals anymore. Some rooms are not made up or fresh linens because administration has added more rooms to the stewards room count All of this is a major fail for NCL sorry to say. Not sure I will come back to such a lack of customer/service ratio
  • Excellent all in one app 5/5

    By Todd Hanni
    Tons of info and great tool to manage almost everything from one app.
  • Buggy, slow and out of date. 1/5

    By Wzonk
    This app is absolutely terrible during a cruise. Calls fail, messages are dropped, the app crashes. It’s a necessary evil during the cruise, but it was tired and buggy in 2018 and it hasn’t changed.
  • Where’s the cruise’s map? 3/5

    By Gonefromfacebook
    On the web portal there’s a nice map of the route and stops but the app seems to be missing this info.
  • This app does not work well 3/5

    By 2thumbsmcgee
    This app does not allow you to see your boat information. It also doesn’t allow you to choose restaurants or excursions. You have to go online to see most of the information you will need. I’m new to going on cruises, but so far Norweign is the great “bait and switch” company. Not pleased at all with the help I have received. Hopefully the cruise is better than the experience I have had so far.
  • Sail Norwegian 1st 5/5

    By Loving to cruise
    I have sailed on other cruise lines but Norwegian is by far the Best!!
  • Latest update killed app 1/5

    By bmgfl
    App update that was was supposed to fix bugs won’t stop crashing my app and 5 others that are currently on the NCL dawn! Mine updated last night and stopped working and the other 4 never were able to use theirs
  • Cannot download the NCL app 1/5

    By Do d F c
    For some reason, I cannot download the NCL app, which makes it very frustrating to look at my future cruise
  • Housekeeping 1/5

    By vvibinkvdvin
    No one answers phone
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By Fratstarjake
    This app is horrible. Nothing but bugs that need to be fixed. For the past three days I haven't been able to load anything.
  • The app was intermittent at best 1/5

    By Jrasm7
    Norwegian cruise line is awful regardless of their app, but on top of everything else it logged out of the Wi-Fi every five minutes. The on board chat option that you have to pay for never worked. The reservations kept giving error messages. Be smart and choose a different cruise line.
  • Great app one tiny issue 4/5

    By smokinjoe112869
    My wife keeps trying to sign in to her account and the app keeps reverting to our daughter’s account when She attempts to Change her password. Please help if you can. Thanks
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By AlisaJayne
    Nothing but errors. This app is completely useless. Couldn’t use it for check in, doesn’t work on the ship. Paper maps, here we come.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Beks Ro
    Love this app and it’s definitely easy to use!
  • USELESS- Does not work on the ship 1/5

    By acr8988
    Once you’re on the ship the app does not work AT ALL whether you’re connected to wifi or not. Keep getting an error message. It is impossible to book excursions, see what’s going on in the ship each day or when you need to be back on the ship at each port, etc. Extremely frustrating. Totally useless.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Zqwvx
    Slow and buggy. Won’t let me access any details of my reservation or cruise offerings.
  • Change your app vendor 1/5

    By 木木爱宝鸡
    Just useless and confusing. This app doesn't do anything more than pdfs of map and everyday activity sheets, which are also available in paper. I wonder if your app design team/vendor knows about app design at all. Just hire a new team and redo it. Users want information and functions from an app, while this one surely doesn't have either.
  • Password reset 1/5

    By Bruceb1964
    Have request password reset for 2 days and nothing. Would love to get access to my cruise
  • Epic fail 1/5

    By Allenbrown1977
    This App is about as good as the cruise line. Full of promises but a huge let down. For a company that supposedly prioritizes food and entertainment, I have not seen quality in a few years. We used to be dedicated to Norwegian however now that Norwegians quality has gone down, and the prices have gone up, there are MUCH better cruise lines. The app is so inconsistent, and provides disadvantages to people. The app won’t show all available excusrsions, or let you reserve dining early so you miss out. Some are able to do this and some are not. We have yet to be able to reserve early on our app.or find out on the ship that they had excursions available that we wanted to do but we’re sold out already. Norwegian not it’s app rewards loyalty whatsoever. We are excited to explore new cruise lines and so far have loved the cruises with other lines much better.
  • Not good 1/5

    By DeregNY
    Could never login due to glitch if wife logins in to your reservation with different email. Good luck with their so called “support service”. No one ever answers or responds.
  • Horrific app 1/5

    By vivica_v
    This app fails to load more often than it does load. Really bad. I’m on an NCL cruise and I can’t even use it. I have deleted it and re-installed over and over. It’s also not intuitive. Horrible UX.
  • Good tool but needs some work 4/5

    By First Time Fred
    Overall very helpful app for booking meals and excursions. I have been unable to use with success certain functions with absolutely no indication as to why (e.g., ordering water, upgrading room options).
  • Just OK 3/5

    By John 542
    When I first used the app, I was surprised that there were so few reviews for excursions. I realized the reason once our cruise was over. The app does not let you see anything about your past cruise after the trip is over. We left no reviews of anything, since we are now locked out. NCL is not helping themselves with this policy.
  • Did not work 2/5

    By mtlarz
    The app worked the week prior to our cruise, but once we boarded the ship, it no longer worked. We talked to the concierge and IT people on the ship, with no luck in getting the app to work during our cruise.
  • Feedback 5/5

    By horsetiger10
    I’m biased because I’m about to set sail. My last cruise was during OCT 2021 right before so called Omi-cron.I’m ready to get out there and travel unfettered by fear mongers. I didn’t get COVID. My two boys got it and the oldest had it 2 times. My friend asked why I’m bringing up the topic at dinner recently! I said “china still is dealing with this mess”; but of coarse it’s not a DAILY top headline. DEC 3, I went to a function for widows; only ONE mask in fifty people ! Last OCT I didn’t need a mask but RC made me use a mask and it was only a month after NCL. My son took a rock and roll cruise thing out to Nassau from MIAMI. I was not super interested but he said he invited me AND my money. He loves to be light hearted; he pays great compliments too. Anyway, he’s not going to Panama or Costa Rica but he will one day when he’s older and more able to pay his way. I’m on my way to points south and I apologize for digression but the APP is really helpful. I’ve enjoyed coming to see how many days are left and now it’s 59! I only need to lose sleep 59 days and I’ll be flying happily to Panama in early FEB. I hope you’ll join me, if not I’ll see you on another fantastic journey.
  • App 5/5

    By A Foxinheimer
    Must more user friendly than other companies.
  • The app 5/5

    By Cherryv7856
    It’s great. My girlfriend can’t stop looking at it
  • Extremely buggy application 1/5

    By Nick1289
    I just returned from a cruise and was hardly ever able to use the application. It never loaded, and would always give an error message. The few times it did work, it was helpful but man it would be nice if NCL invested time and resources into their technology.