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  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Norwegian Cruise Line®
  • Compatibility: Android
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Cruise Norwegian App

Prepare for your cruise by pre-booking dining and shore excursions while at home. Once onboard, access Daily Activities and continue to book dining, shore excursions, and entertainment, and even stay in touch with friends and family using the chat and onboard-calling feature*. Key features include: Retrieve reservation details, view your E-docs, prepare and save time boarding with mobile check-in, and access directions to the pier. Organize vacation itineraries by pre-booking activities in advance and while onboard i.e. shore excursions, dinner reservations, entertainment, and make purchases including gifts (wine, flowers, and treats). Call and message guests onboard through the app, including Group Chat*. View ship itineraries, port information, and daily activities. Review your folio for onboard purchases in the app. Check Latitude Reward points and learn more about our CruiseNext program. Review disembarkation information including immigration and easy walk-off details. *Calling and Texting Package has a nominal one-time fee per person for making unlimited onboard calls and texts during your cruise.

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  • Frustrating due to forced use of shipboard WiFi 1/5

    By Alehra
    I am on a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship in port. Since we’re in port, I have cell phone connectivity, so all my apps are fully functional - EXCEPT the NCL app, because, after 10 minutes of free shipboard WiFi use, this app REQUIRES in-app purchase of a shipboard WiFi plan in order to work! Hey NCL, your paying customers would like to use your app. You are supposed to encourage that! Your policy, which appears to be designed to coerce purchase of your WiFi, is instead alienating customers. That is never a good idea.
  • Useless 1/5

    By -_Jeff
    Won’t let me register. Looking to cancel my cruise. Not going risk my life on a ship, if they can’t get a web site to work in 2019.
  • Needs organization, but better than website 5/5

    By bobinps
    The title summarizes my thoughts. I just downloaded it last night and I like it much better than the website. However, I think the organization could be improved tremendously by simply offering categories, such as: Excursions, offer a filter by Port or by activity level Food, offer a filter for cost or complementary, also to filter restaurants that are participating with the food package purchase
  • Good app on the ship 2/5

    By Rexgamer
    It's a good use of the freestyle daily(sort of) for mobile use. However, if you use it on a trip that breaks in to a new year, it's not usefull as the days become out of order and can't be viewed after the day has passed past. Example, we had a cruise from 24DEC18 to 04JAN19. Day one was on the list as January 1, after day one passed you couldn't look at January 1 anymore even thought it was Christmas, day 2.
  • Slow 2/5

    By *************^^^
    The app is very slow
  • This app is a fail 1/5

    By bman46
    This app is horrible. I don’t understand how the ratings are so good. It basically does nothing that the freestyle daily and your stateroom tv doesn't. It’s nice to have what’s happening on your phone but beyond telling you the title of the event it doesn’t give you a description of the event. I also had the app randomly stop working several times and i had to log out and log back in. There is so much more an app could do then what this one does. #Fail
  • Great vacation app 5/5

    By DKD12123
    If you are going to cruise with Norwegian, this app will make planning much easier. Clear descriptions and/or instructions for everything on and off board. But don’t get this mixed up with their other app that can be used on the ship while you are at sea and need to communicate with other members in your group. This a per person pre paid, on ship communication is called “concierge” and it is a downloadable app.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Gjvdthgcc
    Great for looking up what’s going on on the ship on the fly. Nearly useless as a communication device. And they prompt a review right away, and you can’t skip it. So all the feedback they are collecting is from people who haven’t even used the app yet. Brilliant!
  • Eats up battery 3/5

    By Caligrl9881
    Takes up too much of my battery life. Would be nice to have the option to not have it continuously update in the background. Otherwise it was great.
  • App won't work with google login. 1/5

    By J____R
    Downloaded, app won't log in with Google+. Google says can't establish secure connection with OAuth being used (Older API?). Tells me to log into site with a web browser but that doesn't work with Google+ login either, no nice error - just a blank window after credentials established. Browser login was working a few months ago not now. One star until they sort out Google+ login.
  • Can’t ever log in 1/5

    By giberti
    App loads and then just spins. Not able to login so I don’t really know what, if anything I can do with this app. Current iOS.
  • Great app for travelers 5/5

    By Toontown0909
    This is my first experience using the Norwegian Cruise app. I love how it has all the information I need right in one place. It makes the process very easy.
  • D 5/5

    By wagsrif06
    It’s so good with telling u the activities and things
  • Ahhh... 5/5

    By Rdnckbkr
    Easy to navigate and see what's available on our future cruise without having to deal with other humans. It's like we're already on vacation. Lol. 😂
  • Not working 1/5

    By dmpcruise
    I updated app today. Still won’t work. Kicks off immediately. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work.
  • Website, checking in 5/5

    By Sissy AKA Teresa
    The site had lot of information that I need to plan my cruise,easy to get around the site for people that isn't computer littered It had the things that you could do on aboard and off and the shows and activity was more that enough for people to do for all ages. Thank you Norwegian Breakaway for porting in New Orleans. This Norwegian cruise line has got me spoiled from my last cruise from when I also cruise on the Norwegian Escape! I don’t even want to try another ship. The old saying if it’s not broke then don’t fix it. This means to me if I've loved cruising on the Norwegian cruise line and I fell in love with the ship and its staff. I’m very happy so I don’t want to try another cruise line. On top of my bucket list is to cruise on every one of the Norwegian cruise ships!!!! Thanks Norwegian for making my cruise vacations fun and exciting! Thank you again Teresa Newson 12/15/2018
  • Not working on iPhone XS 1/5

    By KetchJason
    Please fix bug.
  • Decent app but buggy 2/5

    By NotAdamL
    There are two distinct pieces to this app. First is the onboard services, which all work pretty well. Checking the daily activities, dining reservations, shore excursions, and onboard account all work reasonably well, and come free of charge. Second is the messaging and calling, which costs based on the length of the cruise (usually between US$8-US$12 or so -- it was $10 for an 11 day cruise, and that's per person using it, not per room). The problem is that the app is quite buggy still. I was using it on iOS 11.4.1 in November of 2018 on the Norwegian Gem. First, the app drains the batter about four times faster than when it's not running. Even if it's just in the background, it drains the battery. Swipe up to close it when you're not using it. Second, it takes over the volume of the phone in a weird way. Normally on iPhone when you're not in an app, the volume controls adjust the ringer volume. When the app is running, even in the background, the volume controls adjust the "volume", but I'm not sure what volume they're adjusting. Even at full volume, any app that makes noise on the phone will be very quiet. If you close the NCL app entirely, the volume control goes back to normal and full volume is loud. It's very strange. The worst part is that you're paying for messaging, but you will not hear the alerts when you get a call or message, so it's really not very useful. Third, the app takes over camera control. It doesn't seem to matter whether you give it access to your camera (for sharing photos) or not. When the app is running, the camera app will not take videos (if you don't allow the app to access the camera, then *sometimes* video is available, sometimes not, but if you allow access, video is never available). The video option is actually gone. You have to swipe up and close the NCL app to get your video capability back. This is truly annoying. So the free capabilities of the app are worth the price (ha!), though it'll drain the battery if you leave it running in the background. The pay service for messaging, which is the most useful feature on board if you're with a group of family, friends, children, etc is not particularly useful and can be really annoying.
  • Broken 1/5

    By clrbchicago
    Doesn’t work. I click on it and it thinks for 5 seconds and closes. NCL just sent me an email saying this was the app that will work on our upcoming cruise. Clearly they are wrong. It’s been doing this for 5 days and no app updates to fix it
  • Great app 5/5

    By merrimac valley
    Very easy to navigate. Love being able to know how many days left till our cruise. Thank you
  • C’MON!!! Update did not work!!! Please fix!!!! 1/5

    By Reevesjl
    This is horrible. Please Fix your app!!!! Can someone please fix the crashing? I have been unable to open the app for about 6 weeks now. This is awful!!!
  • Launch new version and it crashes. 2/5

    By shwingme
    Tried many times. Mo lick. Iphone 6s plus Latest os
  • Crashes when opening 1/5

    By whitsha81793
    Can’t use the app, it crashes immediately when trying to open.
  • Almost 5 Stars 4/5

    By Nectarmaiden
    So far the app has been great and easy to use but there is one minor issue. I keep getting notifications that something needs my attention. When I open the app, I see that I have a new message. However, when I open the messages I do not have any new messages, they are all old messages that I have already read. I wish there was a way to delete them once I’ve read them. Also the notification badge will not go away.
  • Crashes when opening 1/5

    By celovires
    See above
  • Only Supports Some Ships 1/5

    By Former Verizon Customer
    There is a good chance your ship doesn’t support this app. Mine doesn’t.
  • Crashing, crashing, crashing... 2/5

    By Mysterious Lake
    When I downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago, it worked nicely. I have not used it for some days and now it crashes every time! It just does not launch! Please have it fixed!
  • WTH? 1/5

    By jf314
    This isn't a real app. More of an annoying collection of advertisements and offers that prevents the user from finding any useful information.
  • Can’t open App it crashes 1/5

    By Dr McEvil
    Please fix
  • Poor set up of what we needed to do. 1/5

    By AHKing13
    We never got any communication after booking our cruise what to do next. Not from Norwegian or our travel agent. It’s my birthday present and a bit wishing we could cancel.
  • Ncl 5/5

    By lulebebe
    La mejor línea de cruceros que existe
  • Ship not supported 1/5

    By Soonerbudrow
    Don’t do an app if you can’t support all your vessels.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Dennis Liuzzo
    This app is completely trash. Would not advise using it not unless you want to get mad. All the ships are not listed. Was on phone with support for almost one hour Carnival Cruise lines I think has it more together. Lol. Anyway not worth it.
  • Great cruise 4/5

    By jats100
    Our first cruise ever. We enjoyed seeing Cuba. Missed out on Belize due to high winds. Costa Maya was nice but we were like guppies swimming in a sea of vendor sharks! The Mayan ruins were cool, but we were on a bus for an hour in and an hour back. Food was good and always available. Alcohol was free flowing. Great service. We were not too much into the shipboard activities. We’ll do it again, but probably on a bigger ship. Overall good experience.
  • Not as intuitive as iConcierge. 3/5

    By sadaf f ahmed
    Not as intuitive, fonts are non standard, hard to find bookable items. What’s happening Format doesn’t match freestyle daily
  • App won’t open 1/5

    By ncl crash
    I have been looking at the app every few days. I was counting down the days until my cruise. Over this past few weeks the app won’t even open. Very disappointed.
  • App won’t work after update. 1/5

    By Jbasdffg
    I’m looking forward to our cruise but now the app won’t work (on iPhone 6) since the latest update. Screen flashes then closes.
  • App Only Supports a Few of NCL Ships 1/5

    By New2Birds
    If you cannot do it not do it. A partially working app just ticks people off.
  • App wont open 2/5

    By RRTS62
    Keeps crashing
  • Staff and food 2/5

    By Setavia32
    On 10-14-18 my 7 yr old had to use the restroom and so we went to the bathroom on the 7th floor and one of the cleaning crew staff had to stop from cleaning since ppl had to use the restroom so he was standing outside of the restroom when we came. My 7yr old went into the large stall with me and used the restroom. That particular stall had a sink in it so she decided to use that. On the wall was Lysol disinfect the liquid kind and so she pressed on it to get some and it fell off the way and splashed in her hair, face, eyes, mouth and all over her clothes. She just screamed because it started burning. I immediately wiped her face and went outside the door to have the crew member get medical staff. She was taken to medical and her eyes flushed and then given eye drops to use for the next 2-3 days. I think this could’ve been avoided had it been securely put on the wall after it must have been refilled and he was in there cleaning. Also the food in the dinner hall was horrible. And I’ll just leave it at that.
  • Cruise Credit 3/5

    By Sheepdog 14
    Would have liked to have this included on the master bill. But if I want to make plans today I have to pay on a credit card. Don’t send info on what to do and expect me to sign up today.
  • Hopeful that the app will work 1/5

    By datalife
    Come to find out that the app will not work on the ship we are on
  • Horrible Bug Ridden 1/5

    By ATLJonathan
    Rewrite from scratch, your app is a disaster.
  • ios app doesn’t load 1/5

    By srphilbe
    Previous version would never load, so I was happy to see a new update released. Same exact thing, will not load.
  • App 5/5

    By thehombre24
    This app is much better than the concierge app
  • Crash 1/5

    By Wildleigh
    Updated, app crashed. Updated IOS and new app update. Crashed again. Can't open app. Worked just fine before the updates. Please fix. Thanks.
  • App makes this easy 5/5

    By assign4futbol
    This app makes things extremely easy. Loved finding things easily and quickly.
  • Hard to pay online 2/5

    By Tracey534
    It won’t let me pay online. Wants me to go to the concierge app but can’t pay on it. Very frustrating.
  • Great Experience !! 5/5

    By Buick001
    Such a great cruise line. Brought in my 50th on the ship and it was amazing !! Highly recommended A+

Cruise Norwegian app comments

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