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  • Current Version: 5.9.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Crunch Fitness App

Stay connected with the Crunch Fitness mobile app. As a member, you’ll be able to track your gym check-ins and record all of your workouts, set goals, connect your workout tracking devices, and have all kinds of fun!    Fitness Tracking: Track your fitness activities in one place! With Apple Watch Crunch app, record your workouts on the gym floor or in a group fitness class. Connect your Apple Health app to track all of your daily activities. If that's not enough, add more! Connect Fitbit, MapMyFitness, Garmin, Polar, Precor, or other popular fitness tracking devices and apps, and get a full overview of your day. Club Check-ins: Check-in at the front desk using just your phone instead of your keytag. If you’re locked out of your home, you can come visit us for a workout.   Book a Class: You’ll never miss another class with up-to-the-minute schedules from your favorite Crunch Fitness locations. Add classes to your phone calendar when you book them through the app (available at some locations) for a workout schedule that can’t be beat.

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Crunch Fitness app reviews

  • updated and conflicts 2/5

    By eurocar_lover
    have tried crunch + and trying all the alternatives to log in to my account with two different email addresses and deleting the app and almost every avenue, the app or system does not recognize my account information, yet i still have my qr code to go to the gym. pls fix or tell me what im doing wrong so i can get into my account.
  • Bug? 3/5

    By Aran D
    Trying to sign in and I can’t access my account linked to my email. It says there’s no email to send “forgot password” to, though I get emails from crunch on it, so in an attempt to create an account, it won’t let me due to my keycard being invalid, even though I’ve been using it to check into my gyms
  • App tracks 2/5

    By dfarnold
    App works fine. I denied this app’s access to my location, don’t want them tracking me(I don’t care if it’s weird, that’s my preference). I drove past my crunch and and a push notification came up from this app mentioning that I was close by before disappearing before I got to look into it.
  • No longer updating crunch o meter 2/5

    By ᛒᛖᚨᚱ
    As the title says, the app is useful. Now it is less than useful other than checking in. The crunch o meter always says light when that is not the case. It never updates.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By m3rmaid95
    Tried signing up as a new member, typed in my crunch card number and it said there was an error. I tried skipping that step and exploring as a guest and it says error something went wrong. I even tried deleting the app and redownloaded it and still nothing. I have an iphone so im unsure if its the app itself or my phone. Please help in any way.
  • “Live data” on gym business has no basis in reality 1/5

    By 7hat nickname is taken
    App’s description of how crowded the gym is in real time has absolutely NOTHING to do with the actual crowdedness of the gym. The app literally shows a gym as empty as possible on the crunch-o-meter and I show up to a doghouse of 14-19 year olds and roid heads taking up every single piece of equipment and being rowdy in the locker room. This occurs for more than one location. The app is not only consistently wrong by over a 60% margin, but today was wrong by a 90+% margin. Literally less than worthless feature. Otherwise the app isn’t superb at letting you choose the specific location you’d like info on. And crunch itself costs a lot and it’s hard to get the value out of the membership when I can’t complete workouts due to crowds.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Msparkles12
    App is neat. But a lot of the features don’t work. Ex. Crunch Ometer and times. Doesn’t make sense to have it and not keep up with it.
  • Filter issues 2/5

    By E. Marie
    App won’t let you filter classes by type anymore. Only gives the option of ‘all’
  • The Forced New Update Broke the App 1/5

    By dubefest
    After being forced to update the app, I cannot login. The app glitches when selecting US and Canada regions, with it only bringing me to a login screen that at the bottom says “Switch to Us and Canada App?” no matter how many times I switch. I am unable to login, my email address and account are not found.
  • Not working! 2/5

    By Cindle1
    The app isn’t keeping track of my visits. This is my 3rd visit to the gym so far this week and yet it’ll says I have been here once🙁.
  • I would like to use the app but 5/5

    By Lactoseintolerant
    Hello.. The Norwood in NYC location isn’t listed on this app. Can we get it added on?
  • Was great before. 2/5

    By D3r3ka
    Not sure if it was an update or what, but the app stops syncing workouts with my watch and iPhone. Problem started in the past 2-3 weeks, prior to that the app was working great. Would be 4-5 stars if it wasn’t for the recent issues which many seem to be having. Only fix is to delete the app every few days and reinstall , works for a few days then happens again.

    By 😍😘🐼😻
    The app is okay. By being able to sign up for classes and you are able to build your workout with the app. BUT PLEASE UPDATE THE CRUNCH METER! Their crunch meter, which shows if the gym is accurately full, never is accurate! Please update the crunch meter
  • Bad business all around 1/5

    By dmidod
    This gym charged me more than $500 a month for a membership and personal trainer. They didn’t provide all training I paid for. When I asked for all missed sessions they told me that I used all of it. I tried to cancel membership multiple times but they keep putting me on hold. Two month later they called me and told me that I must pay. After I refused they reported me to one of the debt collector, ruining my credit history.
  • Won't let you change home gym 2/5

    By spartaite
    Even though I've moved the app refuses you permission to change your home gym no matter what and will not allow you to book your classes at your home gym as a result
  • Can’t log in Costa Rica 1/5

    By Mshjfkdosnsbxhdjfjehaa
    Impossible to log into the Costa Rica site on the app. Can’t log into USA or Canada either but what’s the point of the app if I can’t log in? Absolute waste of a membership
  • Crunch app 1/5

    By A##en592
    One thing that never seems to work is the crunch meter to tell you how popular the gym is at the moment. It’s pretty frustrating bc that’s the only reason I downloaded it.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Rissybo
    I just registered to a gym a month back and I thought I created a login. I tried to log into the mobile app and it can’t recognize my email even though I have an email from them confirming my membership and my personalized login. I can’t reset my password because it doesn’t recognize my email so I try to create an account with my agreement number online and it says I’ve already created an account.. this is ridiculous I can’t reset my password or figure out if I even made an account or not.. please fix this issue.
  • Son unos delincuentes no entres a este Gym 1/5

    By inberal100:)
    Muy malo ellos activan tu cuenta de Gym sin tu autorización y extraen tu dinero aunque tengas más de un año sin usar el Gym
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By Theo and Ellas Mom
    The crunch-o-meter doesn’t work at my location which is a huge bummer. My check in count is also never right. It’s a good idea to show statistics but pointless if it’s not accurate.
  • Could be an excellent app but needs several fixes 3/5

    By Ipadphan
    This app has a lot of potential but: 1) Creating custom workouts is a pain (reordering the exercises) 2) Needs to support landscape orientation for tablets 3) Only supports one goal 4) The “Request a Trainer ” form is broken These issues shouldn’t be too difficult to address but they cripple the app for me. Hopefully they’ll be addressed in the next release.
  • Cancelled 1/5

    By kfkdkjrneksid
    Had to cancel my membership since this stupid app made the book class button disappear
  • The Staff gave me the wrong information and I paid for it … LITR 1/5

    By Douglas H. Wantz
    signed up February of this year for Crunch Fitness in Murrieta CA. When I joined I was offered a free session for a personal trainer. I took the offer and after which I wanted to start sessions with the trainer. Now the trainer had told me that I would pay as I did the sessions. Now fast forward a few months I have left murrieta and moved to another city. I was still getting charged $420 every month for the personal trainer even though I never paid for any sessions! Now I tried several times to cancel on the Crunch website with no help and getting error 404 messages on the login screen multiple days. Now I called the manager with my dilema and they told me they hadn’t had issues with the website and that there was no chance at a refund even though the actual trainer lied to me and gave me false information. Don’t go here the management is not helpful, the trainers give you false information it seems to me all that it is about is the money. I wish it wasn’t true I was a member we there for many years when I was in high school. And immediate singed back up after returning from the Military there. But I don’t feel comfortable giving my money to a company that showed little empathy or attempted to work with me on their errors of their personal trainers and their website.
  • App is aware for your location 1/5

    By Why me?!
    Even though my privacy is set to Never allow crunch to track my location, the app still knows when I’m by a crunch location and prompts the distance from it. Highly upsetting
  • Crunch-o-meter 4/5

    By TechyBanker
    Please show the name/location of the gym being displayed in the crunch-o-meter. It seems to always go back to the “home” gym, which I never go to. (If I update the location in crunch-o-meter, it should stay on that one the next time I view the app). Thanks!
  • Apple Watch 3/5

    By Peteorius
    App doesn’t seem to pull calories burned unless the apps been recently opened. Have to remember to open the app every so often, otherwise it won’t pull/update health data from the health app. Otherwise, not a bad app.
  • User beware: Sketchy privacy policy 1/5

    By Lady T Dp
    I’m a new member and am excited about going to this gym, so I wanted to download the app. However, after reading the privacy policy (which I’m sure many people I was astounded at how much sensitive would be collected…that’s a big no for me, especially since the only way to “opt out” appears to be deleting the app/online account altogether!
  • Can’t create an account 1/5

    By ironheadhooligan
    I’ve tried for months to create an account…it loads like it is about to log in. It then…always….try again later…..I tried months laterrrrrr!!!! …doesn’t work!😒👎
  • Big problem with the “crunch-o-meter” 2/5

    By randomdude1782
    It is super inaccurate and every time I look at the meter it is always really low but then I come into the gym and it is packed. The crunch gym that I go to has very little equipment and I get a better workout at my home gym. The only problem is that none of the other gyms in my area are any better.
  • No Apple Watch Check In?? 1/5

    By MikeyB1007
    Says in the app you can have faster check in by using Crunch from your Apple Watch but it does NOT let you when you launch the app from the watch. Some people don’t want to bring their phone in to the gym with them to workout. Please please fix and I will change this to a 5 star review. Thank you!
  • Can’t book classes 1/5

    By laur23c
    Can someone make it so I can book classes through the app? I’m reading through old reviews and this apparently had been a bug for a long time and it’s still not fixed. This is very inconvenient, especially since the classes are the main reason I even joined the gym.
  • Not showing “booking” options for classes? 2/5

    By sashabeee
    There’s no booking button. I can’t seem to book any classes, and I qualify to take them at my home gym and with my membership and everything. Really tweaky app.
  • Can’t log into the app 1/5

    By kisslife
    I try to log into the app and unsuccessful! I tried to create and account and it tells me to speak to someone at the gym. I did that and they just tell me to delete the app and reinstall. I just can’t seem to use the app.
  • Not enough info 2/5

    By M Radcliffe
    The app doesn’t show explanation of classes, I can’t sort by type or instructor. It just stays on 1 category, doesn’t let you book classes or says there’s an error & try back later.
  • Unable to add pass to watch wallet or watch 1/5

    By Mitchell Motlagh
    I live near a crunch and don’t want the notification on my Home Screen all the time. I turned it off and the pass isn’t showing up in my wallet anymore. I also can’t add the pass to my Apple Watch. This functionality worked last week but I got a new phone and it new longer works!
  • Best gym I’ve ever been to 5/5

    By Matt.Walters14
    The workers there are amazing (especially Caitlin). There very polite and help with any problem I have. Also keep the place clean.
  • App enhancements 3/5

    By r6gal
    Can you please enhance the app to show “status” of a class I. E how you show once it’s booked but show what for “full” / “open to book” / “cancelled” etc. in addition you should provide more clarity when attempting to book that you can’t book more than 22nd ahead - should be one of your standard bullet points along with the others. And please don’t reply to send you email on this (as it seems to be a trend with all responses) as the purpose of the feedback feature is to send feedback this way.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By idkmybffwill
    Not compatible with iOS 16. Nothing is syncing. Definitely dropping the ball.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Annahub
    App isn’t all that great. Used to sync with my Apple Watch activity and now no matter what I do, it doesn’t work. It’s very aggravating. Crunch o meter never works even though our gym is a very busy location. I keep checking for an app update since I’m not the only one complaining about it and there hasn’t been one in months. I wonder how many things need to stop working before they properly fix the app .
  • Set goals and track progress 4/5

    By Markitos721
    The app allows you to set goals and track your progress as well as working hand-in-hand at the gym with great trainers!
  • App barely works 1/5

    By ctina10
    App constantly exits while in use. I pay a little extra at Crunch because I was interested in taking the classes they provide, but I can’t even sign up through the app because the book now button is never activated. Will probably cancel my membership because of the lack of accessibility.
  • Cheaters can log as many points as they want 3/5

    By Wherescc
    There is a girl on my app every single month and she doubles me suddenly one day after she wasn’t even in the leaderboard and she does it every single month!!! She is a cheater.. and I workout every day so there is not way she is being honest!!!!
  • Money Grubbers… for a Poor Experience 1/5

    By LeavesKnots
    It’s so unfortunate that Crunch gym is just as money hungry as every other sniveling corporation out there. I signed up thinking that my gym experience would be a fulfilling one where I could feel valued by the company I paid money to every month, but come to find out I’m just another number in the system for them. I say this because I was CHARGED for showing up to the gym 30 minutes “late”… mind you, I was not taking a class. I use quotations because I was just showing up to use the facilities on my own time within a period of two hours. I work out for two hours, so I felt as if I could come at any point within the two hours. Apparently, I cannot (even though I PAID IN FULL) for the two hour session. I was charged $12 on top of the already egregious membership fee. For a gym that does not know how to manage its facilities or member capacity at any given time. I’d say such a shame, but really there were no redeeming qualities so I’m just left with an lighter wallet.
  • “Can’t connect to Internet” 2/5

    By fit 9864446
    Constant error , no network connectivity
  • It’s not the App 1/5

    By meow_ria
    Giving this a 2 star rating because my experience in transferring to different gyms has been a pain. I have been living in a new city for 6 months and my transfer still hasn’t gone through. Crunch is living in ancient times.
  • Beware 1/5

    By Skpkss
    Crunch gym will lie and manipulate you to prevent you from canceling your membership and take every penny they can from you. After moving out of town to provide in home care for my grandma (who was dying of brain cancer), I tried several times to cancel my membership both in person and over email. They refused and told me that I could not cancel at the gym that was near me; I had to go back to the original gym I signed up at IN PERSON to cancel which was in a completely different city. I contacted them over five times through different ways and they still refused. I explained my situation. I asked if I could freeze my membership. They refused. It does not say this anywhere in the contract I signed that I need to be in person at my home gym to cancel. After being unable to go to my “home gym” for four months, I finally had a debt of $80. I went in to the gym to cancel. They then proceeded to charge me an extra $70 on top of this amount for my “yearly dues and late fees”. They had no sympathy and they BLATANTLY lied in their contract. How can you just refuse to allow a customer to cancel? How can you lie about what is in a signed contract? How can you put a hit on their credit unless they pay a debt for something they do not and cannot use? This is completely unethical. I hope they close down.
  • Can’t even sign up 1/5

    By dangirli
    Upon filling out the form, I keep getting the “Minimum Age of 14 required” error. There isn’t even a section that asks for my age! Can you guys fix this??
  • Barcode issue 3/5

    By samuel907
    The app says my barcode is not found, but it works at the gym with no issues.
  • Unable to create an acc 1/5

    By MicaOlie
    I signed up for the gym online 4 days ago. I checked out the group classes online and decided to go check it out. When I got there I was told I needed to download the app so I could get a bar code and that that would be how I would “check-in” at the gym. After 30 minutes struggling to create an acc I was kindly told to give the app a day to reboot or something. I keep getting “oh no, bar code is not found” even thou the person at the gym checked it over and over again and I was not putting any wrong info in. It’s been 4 days and still not working.. so I will just cancel my membership and try another gym!