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Crunchyroll App

Stream the world’s largest anime library. Watch over 1,000 titles—from past seasons to new episodes fresh from Japan, including critically acclaimed Crunchyroll Originals. Get full access to new shows like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, My Dress-Up Darling, The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest, In the Land of Leadale, ORIENT, plus favorites like One Piece, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, JUJUTSU KAISEN, Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and more! Whether you’re new to anime, or have been a fan for decades, Crunchyroll has something you’ll love. Want to upgrade your experience? Try Crunchyroll Premium FREE for 14 days! Depending on your plan, you'll get great perks like: • No ads • New episodes one hour after Japan • Offline viewing • Quarterly Crunchyroll Store discounts Become a Premium user with in-app purchasing and auto-pay each month. In-App Purchase information: - Subscribe to Premium starting from $7.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store) - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase - Your iTunes Account will be charged monthly for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period - You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at

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Crunchyroll app reviews

  • Why 2/5

    By sxers_7
    You have too pay money too watch shows and some things are free on other apps.
  • Crunchyroll 5/5

    By radio69er
    JUST BUT IT ALREADY. Straight addicting and fire
  • Love Crunchyroll 5/5

    By SSG Daniels
    The only app for me when it comes to watching anime!
  • Good content but horrible subtitles 3/5

    By spiderman103099
    I have issues with sensory processing so subtitles/closed captions are a necessity for me to watch stuff. The subtitles in this app are terribly inconsistent to the point where sometimes they just aren’t there. I’ve double checked all my settings and made sure CC is on, restarted the app, deleted and redownloaded it, etc. Nothing helps. This problem is extremely frustrating and is frankly unacceptable. I looked up this problem online and there are hundreds of results showing people having the same problem. I wish that they would just fix this issue because subtitles/closed captioning is a disability aid.
  • Terrible support and cannot access my account 1/5

    By CarbonX
    This app has terrible support. I cannot access my account even though I’m a paid member under the yearly plan, which was paid through the App Store. There is no way to link my Crunchyroll account to my Apple ID and when I try to restore an iTunes purchase, I get an error message in the app. It’s impossible to get in touch with the maker of this app easily.
  • Plz fix issue 5/5

    By kitek kitek
    Absolutely love love love Crunchyroll best app ever. Use it on my phone laptop roku tv etc … we did an update on my laptop and now the app only has tablet or phone size no longer does it for the laptop that’s VERY disappointing plz plz fix this don’t let it continue to be a problem.
  • I really like the app 5/5

    By Nathalierdl
    Is easy to use and it has a lot of good animes and it’s no costly. 🫡
  • Dubs 5/5

    By Mark0327
    If I am watching a dub in any language can you make it not start the same season over in a different one
  • Delete my account 1/5

    By ogsimps
    It won’t let me delete my account of cancel my free trial. I’ve tried deleting my account but it never works
  • Great app 5/5

    By Uhm... hullo?
    A go to for anime lovers! Highly recommend.
  • Quality issues on the iPad 2/5

    By Shane B
    The iPad app is now running into the type of issue the lowest quality video playing apps sometimes exhibit (think dedicated single TV channel app). It leaves the white bar up at the bottom of the screen, and on the iPad the 3 multi-tasking dots on the top of the screen, it does not bring the video into the foreground and fade out the bright white bar which is making it incredibly annoying to watch. This is not the type of issue a person will deal with for long before turning off their subscription and diving into some other subscription service.
  • Its great but… 4/5

    By Millaheavy
    I like the app, i wish it had the release/update schedule posted for each anime and didnt say “recently updated” for dubs. Its just false hope for more episodes after i watched a show. Also the recently updated is the only way other than going to simulcast and checking each show for updates. Then with every shows dubs there are only 2 new anime ACTUALLY on the “updated” tab cause its out of space. Really poorly formatted.
  • Whack 1/5

    By mom
    Deleted bleach while I was halfway through an episode
  • Play back features 3/5

    By shadoworks4
    I would of given it a 5 star but the play back features are better on Funimation I feel. So once that get figured out it would much better in my opinion.
  • 6 year member 4/5

    By EliteGamerJP
    Ive been a member for 6 years on and off, my one thing i need for a 5 star is the “skip opening “ I noticed you added it on the website, please do the same for the ios app.
  • WHY?????? 1/5

    By galaxy_owO_gaha
  • Organization is Key 2/5

    By DroNoah
    Crunchyroll has the best selection of anime over all streaming services, especially now that they’ve acquired Funimation. However! The way Crunchyroll organizes the various dubs as separate seasons in the list is maddening. A show will literally list it having 6 seasons and 72 episodes when in reality it only has 12 episodes in original Japanese and dubbed in 5 other languages. I realize it may not be possible to just change the language in the settings, but a revised layout to reflect the correct number of seasons and episodes would be a welcomed change in my book.
  • Love u 5/5

    By captaincrackhead
    Thank I guy's so much for supplying me with the content of the anime I love in order to increase the dopamine levels in my brain and teaching me what It means to have friends and loved ones. Nothing can stop me with the power of anime and gawd by my Side l!
  • Stop 3/5

    By Bensonator2000
    Stop it with your censorship and insertion of American politics into Japanese entertainment. Also, high guardian spice…
  • Ads 1/5

    By glflsm
    Its a great app free if u want to watch ads. but its absolutely ridiculous one the amount which is a lot but not even the killer, its the fact that i not only have all these ads but they dont even play i have to restart app 5 times to and replay ads over and over again to get back to the show its so ridiculous Adding on: im actually back now a little bit later, its crazy its actually worse than I realized because on top of all that it will tell u that u have 3 ad breaks u know like the little white dashes on the time bar, no in actuality u have 6 whole ad breaks because they dont show u half. This is kinda disgusting can we get like a update so i dont have to close app repeatedly at least pls
  • It is the best 5/5

    By Joseph Jayce Zamora Jr
    Anime is better now because of Crunchyroll
  • NO WARNING 1/5

    By gluechugger369
    Deleted the entirety of Bleach without a warning while I was still in the middle of a season. This allowed me to open my eyes and delete this garbage app. The mobile player always glitches and pauses, even when my wifi is perfect. Will be using other services, DONT WASTE UR MONEY!!!!
  • I just want to watch Anime 2/5

    By L.E.C. Jr.
    I need you all to be more versatile! I connect to my account through apple, PS4 won’t grant me access. Samsung doesn’t have an app on their products and they only have Funimation. I just want to watch anime!
  • I love it but 2/5

    By 112pie man
    I love anime and it’s many comfort shows has helped me through things so I got Crunchyroll but there a problem. They don’t have dubbed that much and the ones that do I don’t know how to change to English. Subtitles are one thing but I rather enjoy my shows then read them. There no other problems. I just wish there where more dubbed English episodes and shows. And a way where I could change it to English instead of hearing it Japanese. Absolutely terrible I can’t find a single thing in dubbed English. It’s glitchy and not even the other stuff like one piece or Naruto have English dubbed. If they want viewers and more subscribers I suggest that they get English dubbed for mostly everything. Also there’s another problem I can’t find The difference what videos I’ve watched and haven’t watched. In Funimation it show you what videos you have watched And it also has everything in English dubbed
  • It’s good but… 5/5

    By Lyria.S
    I just want to say this is a great app but I’ve been waiting for My hero academia season six and I just got Crunchyroll after having Funimation and My hero is not dubbed so can you make it dubbed Ive been waiting for so long for season six but it’s only in Japanese so can you please make it dubbed?
  • This App is needs a whole 360 degree transformation 1/5

    By ~Erraberra ~
    I’m a paying member. Subtitle issues all the time, whether I’m constantly having to click out my whole because the subtitles don’t show up or subtitle delay. Constant dang issues. Very annoying. Some shows have trouble playing while others don’t. Lots of buffering , even though my wifi is good. Also my biggest problem with this app is that it needs to be more compatible with lifestyle I guess functions. I should be able to go into another app and still be able to watch my anime in minimized size. I’m not sure what the technical term for this is but whatever. I am able to do that with everything else except this app! Very annoying that I can’t multitask. I just like that Crunchyroll has good anime choices but their app still needs a lot of work with these issues. Make things easier. Thank you for all the hardworking Crunchyroll employees and anime creators, these are just my frustrations as a viewer please don’t take it offensively, but things that could be done better.
  • Too many problems 2/5

    By Giselle Ortiz Fernandez
    I hate how we have to get premium just to watch the shows we want to watch. Too many ads out of nowhere I can’t enjoy watching something without ads popping out of nowhere .Most of the animes here mostly requires premium which why there’s better places to watch anime without both premium and ads. If you want to watch an anime without ads and no premium, Crunchyroll is not recommend
  • Dumpster Pile of Ads 1/5

    By CloudyGrammarian
    Even on a free trial couldn’t watch more than two minutes of content without an obnoxious ad for an overpriced subscription getting stuck on loop. Always used crunchy roll online but this app is atrocious 🤢
  • Post-acquisition huge step back 1/5

    By bradfs14
    They said only new content would be locked behind a premium subscription, but have been steadily rolling that back.
  • 👎 2/5

    By for reall 225
    For some reason the dubbing isnt working im trying to watch yu Yu hakusho in dub but its only playing in sub
  • Review 5/5

    By chsdrtffggf
  • Can’t find most of the anime I want to watch 4/5

    By ctfybuft
    It’s weird that some of the anime like bleach , grand blue (the swimming one), and probably more but I just don’t relies it just disappeared from my watching history and the whole app, maybe it’s because some of the copyright stuff but I just really don’t get it why an anime app don’t have the anime I want to watch, not only because it disappeared or anything but the anime I want to watch it just doesn’t have it in this app.
  • Dubs not Subs 5/5

    By IWantToWatchNotRead
    I want more dubs I am paying to watch not read. I can pick up a book to do that. My one and only complaint. Other than that I love it.
  • Since the devs won’t see this 1/5

    By D_Brew4xD
    Why does the website have some episodes the app doesn’t make it the same before people haze me for giving a 1 star this has been an ongoing issue for 5 years while using the app
  • It’s an ok app 3/5

    By Nina.:
    App isn’t bad, just hate the lack of options. And even though it claims to have fresh episodes, it doesn’t have some seasons that have been out for years. Even has large gaps between seasons.
  • Best anime app ever 5/5

    By iitzMelody
    This app is free it has a good variety of animes not all of them are dubbed but it’s still pretty good and there’s always subtitles there are adds in the anime at least three adds every episode but there short and some anime you can’t watch but if you pay there is no adds and you can watch any of the animes! I love this app so much I encourage getting it I hope you enjoy your experience with this app!☺️
  • Best anime app ever 5/5

    By A great app for anime
    It’s super good and has all my favorite shows and if you’re looking for something new, it’s also very great
  • Good, but sometimes aggravating… 3/5

    By jid121995
    I’m pretty new to watching anime I’ve only watched a few like Naruto, One piece, Demon slayer, attack on Titan, and currently watching bleach. The problem is that randomly Crunchyroll will not load episodes for long periods of time. The other issue that is happening today in particular, is bleach has disappeared off of Crunchyroll and I was hoping to get caught up before the new season. There’s just a lot of glitches on the app. Other than that it’s awesome to be able to access so many different anime that people tell me to watch on one website!
  • Poor Dub Selection & Subs don’t work 1/5

    By Jack Bickers
    The dub selection is tiny compared to Funimation and the dubs they do have are stupid romance animes. The subtitles on dubbed content are turned on but they don’t show up on the screen. The app is fully updated but still, no subs. Badly constructed with too many ads. Waste of 7.99 to get no ad version. At this point, it’s more sad than angering. ALSO THE “FREE TRIAL” is a LIE, you get charged IMMEDIATELY!!
  • Picture in Picture request 4/5

    By Rain_drops 4ever
    Please have pictures in picture available on the iPad.
  • I want to love it, but the issues are stacking up 2/5

    By NunchuckPup
    Inconsistent organization of different dubs, subtitles don’t appear for many series (Jujutsu Kaisen is a notable example), random crashes on both Android and iOS in the middle of watching episodes, and some concerning news about Crunchyroll as a company (see the fiasco with the English voice actors of Mob Psycho 100). I want so badly to love this service, but lately I’ve been wondering if I should look into other options for watching anime.
  • Dubs and Subs 3/5

    By Pauli A.J.
    You really should fix the dubs and subtitle versions, and stop making each dub have their own seperate seasons. The selection you have is great and I appreciate all the work done but it’s a chore, especially when a show has multiple seasons and I’m searching through them for the one I want to watch at the time. Not to mention having the dubs in one or even more languages as their own seasons. That’s inconveniet and at times a lot to sort through. It would be nice to be able to click the season of tv show or any movie and be able to switch between dubs and subs there. If that’s fixed then it’ll make it so much easier as someone who likes dubs and subs, and wants to watch whichever one when the mood strikes. It would be nice if I was also able to have subtitles/captions while I watch the English dubs too.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Oppai_shukun_86
    Hands down the best. It’s just that.
  • Excelente 4/5

    By Royfigueroa
    Solo q tiene censura algunos animes y eso no me gusta

    By Camden Juleel Manning
    The ads on this app are hideous. I’m trying to watch Naruto or something and ad pops after that one the same ad comes again and VRV does the same thing so FIX THE DAMMED ADS
  • Shmeep 5/5

    By abenccue
    Needs one piece dubbed
  • Bruh 2/5

    By chxgehshsj
    It won’t let me go on the app and idk why
  • Need More Info 3/5

    By Ekto8
    Need more info on the title like rating, length of show and year it was made.
  • I love the app but can I make one suggestion… 5/5

    By iplaygames117
    I love how easy the app is to work but could we possibly see an update that allows us to do Picture-in-Picture?
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