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Crunchyroll App

Stream the world’s largest anime library. Watch over 1,000 titles—from past seasons to new episodes fresh from Japan, including critically acclaimed Crunchyroll Originals. Get full access to new shows like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Attack on Titan, My Dress-Up Darling, The Strongest Sage With the Weakest Crest, In the Land of Leadale, ORIENT, plus favorites like One Piece, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, JUJUTSU KAISEN, Black Clover, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and more! Whether you’re new to anime, or have been a fan for decades, Crunchyroll has something you’ll love. Want to upgrade your experience? Try Crunchyroll Premium FREE for 14 days! Depending on your plan, you'll get great perks like: • No ads • New episodes one hour after Japan • Offline viewing • Quarterly Crunchyroll Store discounts Become a Premium user with in-app purchasing and auto-pay each month. In-App Purchase information: - Subscribe to Premium starting from $7.99 per month (amount in USD in US App Store) - Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription - The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase - Your iTunes Account will be charged monthly for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period - A current subscription cannot be cancelled during an active subscription period - You can find our Privacy Policy at and Terms of Service at

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Crunchyroll app reviews

  • Joseph Samuel Gene Fitchpatrick I love Crunchyroll 5/5

    By Joseph Fitchpatrick
    I love Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is one of my favorite anime apps to use. It has a wide range of anime genres to watch, so you can watch anything you want. Any genre you can think of Crunchyroll probably has an anime for it. They have a large selection of English dubbed and subbed anime, as well as a variety of other languages dubbed anime, which I appreciate.Although I understand that subbed animes help a lot of people, dubbed animes are a great option for people like me who have OCD, ADHD, and other mental illnesses mixed in. That’s why people like us need a dubbed version of the anime in the language we speak, and I’ll tell you why we need a physically dubbed anime in whatever language you speak. It’s because it is very hard for people like us to watch a subbed anime because we either need to watch the anime and enjoy the action and the art of the anime with no understanding or context of what we’re watching, or we read the subtitles and do not enjoy the action or the art of the anime. We are so preoccupied with trying to read and understand the subtitles that we miss the art and action. So therefore, I wish Crunchyroll would make more dub in everyone’s language. For example, I'm missing out on a slew of animes because many of them lack English dubs. My friends want me to watch them because they think I would enjoy the story, the art, and the action of the anime, but come to find out, the animes they wanted me to watch had English subtitles, and I had to tell them I couldn’t watch them. I’m sorry it doesn’t have an English dub. Therefore, I won’t be able to understand it because I’m either focusing on the art in the action or on the subtitles, comprehending the story and understanding the context of what I’m watching but not actually getting to focus on the actual show, which is the art in the action that I’m most excited about. So with that being said, I never got to watch or understand the anime because it didn’t have an English dub, so I didn’t get to talk to my friends about their favorite anime shows. Other than that little problem it’s a great app and I’m going to continue to use it.
  • It's good 5/5

    By alexis193773
    I like it no problem at all
  • Was my review delete? 1/5

    By LadAus
    What wrong with the app? Everything. There is like 99% of all anime under premium section. I can’t tell which is free to watch with ads. I still won’t pay for premium because they still have issues. Now there are barely any anime to watch for free with ads. I don’t care for the numbers of ads just as long as I can watch it. You still don’t have the icon that tell me this is premium. I wasted so much time searching for anime to watch.
  • Crunch roll 5/5

    By Smitb J
    Missing some good anime I would like to watch like eminence in shadow! Other thin that amazing I really enjoy watching this app crunch roll👍👍👍
  • Okay but it has some issues 3/5

    By noornoodles
    So Crunchyroll has all the animas for starters and for me it’s very easy for me to look for a anime but on to problems the first is the ads the ads are very annoying they come on every time a pause or it will come randomly and then when that’s over theirs another. One and then 20 seconds later or ten a ad comes on.problem two, For some animes you need to Watch with premium and others is like a few episodes are free but then after few episodes it says premium and I can’t afford that and a think other viewers to and to take the ads away you need premium. So I think you guys should make some animes free and not for premium and for the ads could you please make thier be less.And if you can’t do one of thos or both it is ok I understand
  • Used to be good 2/5

    By FrenchFry_GURLL
    I used to watch crunchy roll free, but recently my phone would not load the anime they updated it so that you can’t watch for free anymore (with ads of corse) so I am no longer gonna use this app
  • Zay 5/5

    By meekorthis
    He every anime u can think of at good prices
  • Great app with one product issue 3/5

    By 1234637274742
    App has a ton of anime. One major issue is the way seasons are handled in the mobile app. Rather than separate out language and season name they bundle these together and you end up with many seasons per show. Also the season numbers appear random and movies are included in seasons adding to the confusion. I recommend separating out a movie section and adding a feature to select your language after you select your season.
  • Ads are horrible 2/5

    By Ccvhfxcvbgfcgh
    The app is unwatchable unless you buy premium Insane amount of ads it’s unbelievable
  • Anime 5/5

    By The FireKing
    This is the main anime streaming platform
  • It just declined 2/5

    By himiko.toga.lov
    A year ago a lot was free with adds, but now everything costs money
  • Good stuff bug issue 5/5

    By mucho280
  • Broken had to uninstall 1/5

    By bring back good services
    Wouldn’t let me log into the app after going online to reset my password then will not allow me to purchase premium membership even though all the good shows all locked me hide a membership wall
  • Save to device functionality is horrid. Not worth the premium that was paid. 1/5

    By Random Xennial
    Save to device functionality is horrid. Not worth the premium that was paid.
  • Fracasó 1/5

    By Lobonegro300
    Si pudiera dar 0 lo haría jajaja.. Esque me gusta el app pero en 2022 todos libres ahora para ver los que veía antes tengo que ser miembro hasta los de audio original … Eso si que te pasas y solamente lo cerré
  • I don’t like the app 3/5

    By David18384881
    I went to watch something and turns out in order to watch it in English I had to have a membership, which in my opinion is stupid that they are charging money for you to watch the show in English. Other than that I guess it’s okay, but make I’d make it to where you don’t have to pay for the English version.
  • Worthless app that makes it extremely difficult to cancel 1/5

    By 9&:!;!:
    Awful app and terrible to navigate. Worst app I’ve ever owned. Shameful.
  • DO NOT BUY 1/5

    By daneja7
    the worst garbage app. Bad connection problems no matter what device I use. I pay for premium and can’t even watch my shows. It will constantly kick you out of the app. It might work a for a little while. But IT WILL start glitching and then it’s done. They don’t have customer service either unless you want to email for weeks of your time with no solutions. It’s sad because I love anime and this is supposed be the place to watch. Terrible terrible
  • I love this 5/5

    By kade7dg
    It’s so amazing I can now finnaly watch the animes I have wanted to watch I do wish that it had one peice dubbed though but all in all it’s amazing
  • Lack of anime titles 3/5

    By Young Jefe 188
    the app is great, almost no bugs but whenever i want to watch a specific anime that is said to be on crunchyroll, i can’t ever find it. i can only guess that they are still adding anime since they bought out funimation but i wish this gets solved soon especially considering i have the highest membership
  • The shows 5/5

    By Kerensky_e
    You get to choose versions in any language you want

    By johnny"fletcher
    If you are saying that the adds are way to long or that there are too many than rate it one star so they will do something about it
  • Subs 4/5

    By Colormagic¡
    When I watch the dub episodes the subtitles don’t work
  • One piece 4/5

    By avacmatsonlol
  • X 1/5

    By bts fan 100
    スパイ×ファミリーなどのアニメを見るのが大好きで、5つ星だと思います fr
  • Inflation in an app!?? 1/5

    By skittle qeen
    Don't get me wrong Crunchyroll used to be an amazing app and all but ever since they started showing adds more often it's gotten worse and worse, I remember a random day I was just watching ghost stories right, and I suddenly got an add. Pretty normal id say, but I got ANOTHER one... 🤔 Kinda odd, I kept getting adds like every 5 minutes which had made me extremely mad. Fast forward to today, I wanted to see how webtoon was doing after some time so I re downloaded it. But here's the thing, I couldn't log back into my PREMIUM account, so then I had to make a new account. Smh, anyways so I wanted to look to watch smth else, I click on a bunch of anime and non of them are free, they are all premium which makes me angry. So I just decided to watch ghost stories again( only some episodes are free) mind you about the adds earlier. I kid you not, not even 2 minutes in and I'm forced to watch 4 30-15 second long ADDS!!! I swear when I find the mf that wasted the apps potential I promise you I WILL end your career, it's lights out for you lil bro. 🫙🥛🐴
  • best way to watch anime 5/5

    By Nate633
    Download for offline view ,comment, track history, rate,suggestions, cast to devices, on 1 app, . Get anime when it comes out in Japan. For boomer anime fans, you still can’t have an online profile tracking 1000s anime, write essays , debate teenagers on forums and have customized profiles to show off you are better than everyone else on the Crunchyroll app. Still, need another site for it. But for everyone else, it is great anime watching experience. If there was no Crunchyroll app, I would quit watching anime. You could not pay me to waste time going on online forums, reading essays, watching videos reviews , and visiting weird websites to find a series.
  • Why Crunchyroll is bad 1/5

    By jsjdjddbdhhddhjd
    Let me start off by saying I used to love Crunchyroll but the ads killed me but I put up with it but the final straw was when Crunchyroll put all the good shows on premium but then I got up one morning to watch haikyuu and it was on premium.
  • Subtitles Do Not Work 1/5

    By Fix Subtitles
    This would be a great app if the subtitles worked!!! We paid for a membership to watch the anime we like, only to find you cannot add Closed Captioning to the English dubs. If you are hard of hearing or deaf you are out of luck!! Please fix this issue as this is a HUGE problem.
  • Very glitchy 2/5

    By dude with additude
    They really need to work on the freezing and crashing that constantly happens. Also they need to have someone organize their libraries better, a lot of the shows are scrambled in seasons and dubbing.
  • Censorship 3/5

    By red1111111176578&
    Stop censoring mature titles, it has a rating for a reason if you see the rating and still decide to watch that’s on you. If you going to block it out just remove the show completely. Bc I don’t want to be watching something than see half the screen blocked out when I could just found it on a different site that would of shown it how the artist intended it.
  • Make the library region 5/5

    By fiz187
    The system is good but needs to improved 1-I should be able access all content without using VPN 2-if I’m paying for premium I should have access to non censored content if I choose
  • Great for anime fans! 4/5

    It’s a really great app with tons of anime to watch. They only thing that I would say is a problem is that it will auto play from the ending of the episode you where on if it’s the last one or end of the season to 1st episode of the same series but in another language. Besides that it’s great and use it all the time.
  • dubbed 1/5

    By JorBgaming
    I be trying to watch boruto and its subbed when i look it up click the link it doesnt work i just want to look at dubbed anime bro
  • Crunchyroll Biased & Misgendering Characters! 1/5

    By DivinityLuxu
    I’m big fan to the series since 2013 its web novel release by Mr Fuse. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a slime. Main character Rimuru Tempest is genderless with no gender at all, they don’t have male or female gender or sex, nothing blow the belt. And they gender identity is simply a slime who is an asexual person who is neutral. Rimuru has no need for a sex partner because slime reproduce by themselves. Rimuru alway identity themselves as a slime. Crunchyroll translation stuff has abused their power, closed minded and biases towards refixing Rimuru Tempest gender pronouns as They/Them or She/Her because Rimuru fine with being addressed that way or by name when stuff has been addressing Rimuru by male pronouns through series. Creator Mr. Fuse addressed this to me directly Rimuru pronouns are what readers want based on how creator said it. Author Mr. Fuse confirmed Rimuru identity isn’t male no more but neutral now. The term “Ore” doesn’t matter because Rimuru was neither gender from the start and Rimuru identity also changed to neutral halfway through the story. Author address Rimuru not by “he or she” but by Name only. Author lets the reader decide how to keep addressing Rimuru by name or either he/him, she/her, or they/them because of the change how Rimuru see themselves now. Let’s stand up to fight this injustice towards best slime character, best slime Rimuru Tempest to be treated fairly with right pronouns we want to see towards them. I favor They/Them because it truly fits Rimuru but I understand many others see Rimuru as a woman or man and wish to use those pronouns. Crunchyroll needs to include subtitles option what pronouns to address Rimuru as a person or by name only. If Crunchyroll won’t listen by email or read the reviews it’s time to file lawsuit against them for injustice against treatment of genderless character who identifies as neutral from halfway point in the story.
  • UX Design/Ease of Use issue 4/5

    By Meera T
    Love the app & I don’t mind paying for the basic level subscription, because the amount of anime I watch is worth it to me! I just absolutely HATE that after finishing a series or season, it doesn’t remove itself from the currently watching lineup, either on the phone or the computer. I have like 8-10 anime in my list, more than half of which I do not watch or have completed already but there’s no way to remove them. Completely ruins my experience with both of the website & application. Netflix has an easy solution to this which I think Crunchyroll should adopt.
  • App keeps crashing 2/5

    By CC LuvJ
    If this app is on the Amazon Fire stick it crashes constantly, it’s super slow and difficult to access the show’s page. It’s intuitive, but it just doesn’t work well.
  • missing funimation already 2/5

    By uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
    just paid for a subscription to find out that most of your most popular shows don’t have an english dub. you say that crunchyroll is the “future of anime” then proceed to take most of the good stuff from funimation. looks like i’m taking my butt back to funimation.
  • App has gone downhill 1/5

    By kdot4evr
    Ignore all those positive reviews. Crunchyroll is not the same anymore. You can barely watch anything. The most popular shows can only be accessed through paying for an subscription. Crunchyroll is a FREE app. It use be where if a new episode came out for a show, you couldn’t watch it (if you were a free user) until another episode came out. It was inconvenient, but fair. Now almost everything, you have to pay for. Some shows let watch you a few episodes for free then suddenly make you pay to watch more. It’s ridiculous and makes no sense. The positive comments were from years ago, back when Crunchyroll was an actual good app. Back when ‘funimation’ 🤮🤮 didn’t partner with them. Do not get the app unless you’re willing to pay (although even paid users are having issues).
  • Nothing is “free” 1/5

    By Flurrimint
    Crunchyroll literally made so many older animes premium, and made the new animes have 3 free episodes, but eventually become premium after a week. Might as well make the app paid :/
  • I can’t create an account 1/5

    By Caulio_girl
    I’ve been trying for awhile now and I don’t if anyone has been having this problem to but literally can’t create an account. I can’t even get into the app sometimes.
  • Download feature broke? 3/5

    By FixYouAreHouse
    Good app but when ever I try to download any shows for off line viewing they never download.
  • Loved it but… 4/5

    By PlasmaSkeleton
    I very much enjoyed watching on the platform but after being gone for a few months I came back only to realize I had to pay premium to watch old favorites. I get having premium for specific animes or the gift receiving, but the reason that Crunchyroll specifically states as to why I couldn’t watch many shows is that “you have to pay premium to watch once it’s been 24 hours after airing.” … isn’t that why people came to Crunchyroll? To watch things whenever and only worry about premium if they wanted gifts and such? I don’t know, it felt very cash-grabby. Months before I never had to worry about premium and now I do? I really just wanted to watch the animes I’ve watched before, now I just want answers.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ray inator
    Love everything about this app. Love the organization, The amount of anime, the quality of the anime. I would love for it to be able to simulcast on the ps4/ps5. Open the app on both and play what you want from your phone. It would be very convenient. What I don’t like about the app is the amount of seasons an anime could have but it’s really the different versions by languages that they have. Not a big deal but it didn’t throw me off a couple times. Not saying it would be best to put them in one category per season but the number of seasons would be inaccurate. The different language tabs for the season can stay the number of seasons displayed can be changed. Nonetheless great streaming site to watch many anime in one place.
  • So many bugs!!! 1/5

    By aniosaurus
    Look, I love anime but like I don’t know who is coding this app but it is just awful. The subtitles don’t work the syncing feature is soooo buggy. Why in the world does it say that a show has 12 seasons when it really doesn’t, it just has 1 season translated in 12 different languages. I don’t know who is running Crunchyroll but they need to get with the times, there isn’t even a skip intro button. It is just so frustrating and everyday I struggle to want to keep paying for my subscription. Please step it up.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By caboosevx9
    Crunchyroll your services is so disappointing that it’s sad you created a monopoly essentially on streaming anime. For some unexplained reason you guys don’t know the difference between original, dubbed and subbed which is very annoying when you’re trying to watch stuff that’s under dubbed but it’s not dubbed not even in a different language. You guys don’t communicate whatsoever with the community even though you racking in the $ that u can afford to have someone doing so. I’m going to say this for all looking into using crunchyroll if you’re wanting to watch English dubbed or Spanish or so on know this first about 75% of it is old series merged from funimation just with the issue of the show ur trying to watch taking 4-10 times trying to get the series to play the other 20% of the series are old crunchyroll series and about 5% new dubs from the last 3-2years. I’ve had crunchyroll well before the funimation merger so i know what progress that has been made and sadly underwhelming and not worth the cost especially when free services like 9anime out does crunchyroll with new releases and so on they have series on 9anime that has 6eps dubbed compared to crunchyrolls 1-2eps I doubt crunchyroll is going to step up their game he’ll they might even hide my review so they can continue to get $ without doing it the right way like funimation used to do or like how 9anime does it now. Makes me wonder if funimation would have been better to keep going instead of crunchyroll at least their support team was active and understanding to each of their communities.
  • Good but don’t switch phones 4/5

    By Teddybofficial
    Had it on my android for a month or so then I got an iPhone work fine till I upgraded to an iPhone 11 then it said I didn’t have premium so I had to cancel my subscription and but it again before my billing was up (ended feb 21) so beware switching different phone with the app
  • Mid 2/5

    By Sharigan_Uchiha
    I personally think its okay because of the premium subscription only like come on i thought it was free
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Kahtee1219
    I switched from Funimation to Crunchyroll when they merged. It seemed like a smart move, but sadly it wasn’t. Crunchyroll only connects when it wants to. It won’t even load on my samsung tablet. And I can rarely ever get it to work with Airplay. It doesn’t even have app for samsung tv, which Funimation does. I’m going back to Funimation, this app is a piece of crap.
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