CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI: Hidden Crimes

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  • Current Version: 2.60.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Android
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CSI: Hidden Crimes App

Join more than 20 million investigators & solve gruesome crimes in Las Vegas CSI: Hidden Crimes features a fantastic interface & characters which you'll instantly recognize from the show -- Product-Reviews.net • PLAYER REVIEWS 5/5 “Addicting and fun!!” 5/5 “Best hidden objects game I've played” 5/5 “If you like CSI you'll love this app” • FREE TO PLAY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME • Investigate stunning crime scenes to find evidence, analyze clues & interrogate your suspects! Exercise your brain to find more objects faster & feel sharper with every new case. Logic & observation will be your key talents! • TEAM UP & NEVER MISS AN INVESTIGATION • Enjoy new episodes regularly available on tablets, smartphones & Facebook. Get help from friends! But will you let them beat your score? • BE A TRUE CSI • Unlock achievements, customize your avatar, investigate better with your recruits & get decisive advantages in teaming up with the CSI crew! Immerse yourself in the CSI universe with cases written by CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION writers. Feel the thrill of unraveling game-changing situations & putting murderers behind bars! About the franchise: “CSI: Hidden Crimes” is based on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” which is a three time winner of the Best Television Drama Series awarded by the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo, and was named the most watched show in the world for the 5th time in 2012. Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean & Chinese. Like the game http://facebook.com/CSIHiddenCrimes Follow us on Twitter @CSIHiddenCrimes Play more at http://appstore.com/ubisoft And join your community! Facebook http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames Twitter http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile Youtube http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft Any feedback? [email protected]

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    By Acorley84
    There was a special game that you could play once every 12 hours from Thursday to Sunday where you had an extra board that you tried to find items...and last week it didn’t show up and nor did it today! I am so disappointed because that’s pretty much the only reason I came back to play! BRING IT BACK!
  • No update?! 1/5

    By Twivix09
    Why hasn’t this game been updated? The last update was a year ago?! What the hell? My avatars won’t download anymore. I have some cool outfits I’ve gotten that I can’t even use! Waste of money! I love this game and I’ve been playing it for a long time i deleted it for space on my old phone but no I redownload it and its a mess!
  • CSI 4/5

    By ShAfT619
    Amusingly, annoying....Love it
  • A waist of time 1/5

    By dont spend your $
    This is just a money hungry game
  • Pick an -ist 2/5

    By Veggienae
    I like games that mix hidden objects with other mini-games; the ones here are relatively simple and the stereotypical killer is glaringly obvious long before all the clues are gathered. My main complaint is the somewhat sexist, racist game itself. All the detectives are white and mostly male. Even the avatars are mostly white: the darkest avatar skin tone is a burnt caramel-think dark spray tan. The first black character is a man whose name is “Pimp.” The game consistently has you hunt for things like bras and panties, but so far no male undergarments. And all the victims so far are women. There’s even a weird glitch with the recruits that makes one them always appear as the torso of a naked, bald woman—but the glitchy guy just shows up as a shadow. Fix the -ists and the game could be a fun way to kill some time.
  • So much for 24 hours unlimited energy 1/5

    By dentmobile
    This week they had a special where you could buy 24 hours of unlimited energy for $110 in-game dollars (fake money, not real money... I don’t use my own money). I traded my in-game cash for the unlimited energy and decided I wanted to use it later perhaps on the weekend when I’d have more time. To my surprise, I opened the game today only to find that the 24-hour countdown clock had already begun even though I did NOT tap the button to use immediately. Ok, fine. You screw me out of three hours, I figured I’d try to make good use of it and advance myself through the game. EXCEPT, I’ve somehow run out of energy and it wants me to use one of my energy power-ups even though the unlimited energy icon shows it’s in use and my energy bar shows the infinity sign and a countdown of 19 hours left. Ubisoft has such a poor reputation in the console gaming industry that it only makes sense they’d translate their woes to mobile gamers, too. What a joke, and they’re not even updating this game anymore which means they’ve completely abandoned it. Don’t even bother with this game, it’s everything the poor reviews say and worse.
  • App crashes. 1/5

    By Defcon106
    Every time I open it crashes. Sometimes it gets to the screen that lets me choose to start or login with my Facebook. Then it crashes. Maybe it wants me to login with Facebook so it doesn’t work unless I do? I don’t know, but take your 1 star, I’ll be uninstalling. Most recent iOS update on an iPhone 8 so this app is just trash.
  • Disappointed 5/5

    By pom pom 61
    It was extremely disappointing to suddenly no longer being able to play my all time favorite game on my computer because it is not a Mac brand. That was just mean. I played that game for years and to have it suddenly taken away was simply mean, I have now been forced to find alternatives through other games. Shame on you.
  • Love this game 4/5

    By Bth6655
    Unfortunately they no longer support this game. I use an iPad and it no longer works properly on the newest operating system. I still play but the every other day bonus game feature no longer works. I see no update has been released since 2017.
  • Issues with App....needs update 1/5

    By feb98
    The game says not connected to the internet, but I'm clearly connected. Nothing corrects this issue!!!
  • Mrs. PDS 4/5

    By PattyPDS
    Love this game, just started playing recently. It’s addicting though...I do wish some things were a bit more self explanatory so I wouldn’t keep making the same mistake over and over only to realize I could have done something else to do it easier and faster...otherwise just minor fixes would be great. I do like playing, so as long as I feel challenged, I will play!!! Thank you!
  • Not clear instructions 1/5

    By bfhfigssaeryiojnvvh
    Connected to fb to save my progress was having problems with the new content re downloaded it lost all my progress
  • Ted danson 4/5

    By Apprater6710
  • CSI 5/5

    By Bonn10480
    Love the game!! Takes a while to get stars but I love watching the show so I love playing it!! Wish there was a CSI Miami too
  • Fun game 4/5

    By Jmoor89
    This is a very fun game. I enjoy playing it, but I hate having to unmark to post to my social media account every time something pops up. I would rather check it only if I want to share on my newsfeed. Gets to be a hassle.
  • Energy replenishment too slow 2/5

    By BengalsfanLV111
    I have played many games like this one and find that energy replenishment is too slow. The reason it is so slow is the amount of time (5 minutes) to earn one energy bolt. Most other games provide one energy bolt in (2 minutes). Further other games provide 110 max energy bolts where this game only have a maximum of 85 energy bolts. To improve the users ability to really enjoy playing the game maybe changes can be made to the maximum energy bolts and the time it takes to earn energy bolts. Most people will not pay to move forward in the game, me being one of those. The game otherwise is comparable to other games like it.
  • Play it for free 5/5

    By Pances72
    I don’t pay for it so ya can’t complain
  • Needs an update!! 2/5

    By keoneal5
    This game hasn’t been updated in a year, and until now it still worked well enough. The avatars no longer worked or showed, which was super irritating, but you don’t really need that to play the game. But lately, even though it still sends me push notifications, it will not load. Crashes every single time. I really enjoy playing this game, and have several cases left to solve. PLEASE update this app, knock out the bugs, and give it an iOS 12 overhaul. I want to keep playing!
  • Not for people of color? 2/5

    By NicNacz
    I guess the developer didn’t think that anyone who is nonwhite plays this game, and by this I mean the avatar. Seeing the selection or should I say the lack there of totally turned me off of this game.
  • About to delete this game! 1/5

    By alhewitt82
    I have been playing this game for over a year now. All of a sudden it will not let me go to the next case. I have finished all that is required to move on and it is stuck at the same level saying I’m still on chapter 2 of the game and I have collected all stars for that case!!! Very frustrating! I just want to go to the next case!
  • I used to love this game 2/5

    By Sunny in ABQ
    I really loved this game when it first came out, but now it keeps freezing, there have been no special holiday episodes in a very long time and I can’t play anymore because of all the bugs and glitches. This game needs a serious update now!
  • Love CSI but .. Suggestions 4/5

    By FatChicksAreHott
    I’ve been playing CSI: Hidden Crimes for years. Love it, currently on Episode 14, just promoted to ace league in the Csi Cup and playing another case in Quests. So pretty into it. I would love to see a change to the Spin feature. We should be able to increase the chances of any part of the wheel for a price in coins. Just like there’s a way to increase the probability of a key, I would really love to adjust the other prizes as well. Overall though, great game! 🧐👮🏾‍♀️
  • Needs more episodes 4/5

    By Crimegames
    Been playing for a long time but it has not been updated in forever. No episodes left so it’s disappointing to have spent so much time playing and it just leave you high and dry. There is an option to restart. WTH!? Why would I want the agony of replaying scenes I’ve already had to play twice? No thank you!
  • Lack of variety 1/5

    By Chan/1
    Why are there no avatars of other races? Even with the semi ethnic hairstyles ( which you have to pay so much for) all you have are tanned white people. Is that who this game was created for ? If that the case I will delete it because it’s 2018 and creators should know by now that there are other races. Highly disappointed!
  • Takes way to long to get stars 2/5

    By Amazon Alexa Dot
    The basic mechanic of getting stars takes almost 3 tries on the crime scenes to get one star, and you need the stars to investigate things, and the energy is simply annoying and not needed. The game doesn’t challenge you, basically handholds you the whole time.
  • CSI hidden crimes 2/5

    By Rich1950moorhead
    I rate this because I can no long view videos to increase my tokens I haven’t been able to contact anyone regarding this problem. So for support, this is why I rated it this way. I really should have rated it a 1 star, I am being generous.
  • President 2/5

    By airbag66
    This game could move faster and be more interesting!!.
  • Needs An Update, Pronto!! 3/5

    By StephanieAG
    I’ve been playing for a few years and everything was going great then everything fell apart! Have had many problems, which I reported, but no fixes for any of my issues! I’ve had to work things out myself…doesn’t do any good to contact support because, it seams, this game isn’t one of their top priorities. Ir’s been a year since the last update!! Wish they would, at least, try to fix it…very disappointed.
  • Avatar 1/5

    By Jen McI
    I’m now experiencing an issue with my avatar. All I see now is a blank shilouette
  • Can't get the dollars after watching a video 2/5

    By Texman01
    Watch the video for free cash and everytime this week it keeps saying there is an error while apply later. Well it's been almost a week, have watched at least 4 videos and no cash. Even have a screen shot of the error. Fix it!!!!!
  • Fixes 3/5

    By F1Az2018
    Love the game, but please stop resetting my daily bonus to day 1 for no reason. I launch the app every single day. Fix that please. Also please fix platinum mode.
  • Love it 5/5

    By bobby nuter man
    Love it but it sometimes it loads to long and it’s a waste of time and annoying but I love it so much
  • Flawed 1/5

    By Blue4you!
    Cannot progress!
  • Game crashing 2/5

    By Barbr817
    Game takes too long to come in, and when it does and you play it, it crashes almost every time lately. It is very frustrating to play and lose what you were winning. I don't have time to play a game and have to start over and over again. Please fix problem ASAP
  • How can I count the ways? 3/5

    1. Energy takes too long to replenish 2. After getting a star on an item to analyze, once you get one thing done you have to do it again. Like putting together an item and then turning around and analyzing it again for fingerprints 3. These interns are useless. You don’t get any of the things it’s says they found. No extra coins, no extra points to get to the next level. Then when they are fully trained you don’t see them ever again. I think my homegirl Julie moved to another department 4. Building buildings will take the rest of your natural life because they only give you the same materials over and over again and not the ones you need. 5. I’ve held onto my infinity prize for like 5 months because I’ll never get another from that pitiful spinning wheel 6. To not get annoyed I really just focus on the hidden objects part of the game because the story line and everything that comes with it is a hot mess
  • Was enjoying the game, until.... 1/5

    By Hawktilly
    As others have said, the energy reload times take far too long, but that aside, I was enjoying the game, while I could play it. Today, some new content automatically downloaded, and since then, I cannot get the game to load. At all. It crashes every time. Game play was perfect until this point, so it's very frustrating. Guess I'll uninstall.
  • Update? 2/5

    By Blaster188
    Will there ever be another update? The special scenes path doesn't work and I can't go any farther.
  • BS 1/5

    By Iam_mrcashflow
    Keys are not that easy to get. Waste of time.
  • Was great now stinks deleting 1/5

    By wrightrealtor
    So now I'm deleting! Can never get to the 5th reward which usually got everyday if we signed in. Too bad was a good start
  • Platinum mode 2/5

    By Abbbyroad
    I hope you plan on fixing the platinum mode, it's not that much fun anymore. That mode is not working at all. The new update did no fix the platinum mode. You still have to go through the whole crime again, not the way it used to be. I don't want to play the whole crime again. Update: why is scenes 46, 47, and I’m sure 48 are repeats?They are totally the same as as previous scenes.....
  • Bug fix 2/5

    By Zieg Heil
    There seems to be some bug where the Quests and Collections won’t load no matter how long you wait. It just says downloading latest content and never loads even 1%. Please release a bug fix.
  • Love the game 4/5

    By tahn1375
    The game is fun .!! A lot of reading but that's ok
  • What's after scene 48?!? 3/5

    By LSUjen
    I've played it nightly for months, now there's nothing past 48 on the map?? WTH!
  • It's alright but I don't actually recommend... 2/5

    By herbivore137
    As many others have pointed out, the time to get and limit on energy is absolutely horrendous. It will drive you crazy. They need to give us more energy faster (or AT LEAST get rid of the cap on energy build up) and they absolutely need to require less times playing to get the stars (especially after the first two). It gets super repetitive on top of only be able to play 5 times a day (which takes only about 3 minutes!) because of the energy/waiting issue. I would happily give 5 stars if these issues were resolved and I know many others would as well. Just to give you a sense, it takes over a week to do one case because of all the waiting one must do. It's seriously maddening.
  • What's the point? 1/5

    By ijr257
    Doesn't even open.
  • Energy 1/5

    By sdurham19
    It takes so long to regenerate energy that I only play once a month. I have no idea where I am in a case. I can play pba bowling several times in a day. Not this. The last csi game where u searched squares was better.
  • Update 5/5

    By Joj sandwiches
    It keeps crashing
  • Mode 2/5

    By Ymailb
    Take the stupid time attacks off. I also need a way to clear space without losing progress. A similar app has a way to so why can't this one
  • Quest 8 1/5

    By 3xtg
    I recently reported a problem. Case 5068110, as it is impossible to reply to the email or get to a link to respond, I will post here. Quest 8 will not play, I can open it play the cards, even pay for the speed up, but when I close the app it resets to the unlock pop up. So no is the answer to "is the problem fixed"

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