Cupixel: AR Trace & Classes

Cupixel: AR Trace & Classes

By Cupixel

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The world’s first all-in-one creativity app removes all obstacles from creating art using augmented reality and expert artists’ instruction. Daily class updates for beginners and experts covering everything from acrylic, to pencil, to watercolor, and even shoes means there is something for everyone. HOW IT WORKS 1. Pick your experience - Choose from thousands of artist-led, step-by-step instructions. From pets and portraits, to cookies and shoes, there is something for everyone. 2. Convert your photo or select an artwork - Choose an image from your camera roll, and our AI technology converts it into outlines that you can use. Or, pick one of the thousands of artworks that we provide. 3. Trace - Look through your phone and trace the image directly onto any surface. Our Augmented Reality technology locks into the surface for foolproof tracing. This tool is essential for everyone, from beginners to masters. 4. Add the details - Follow along with our artists as they tell you how to add the details that bring your art to life. Or, if you like, you can create on your own, without the instructions. MORE FEATURES OUR MEMBERS LOVE Smart Trace: The Augmented Reality locks on to the corner of your surface for foolproof tracing Use Any Surface: Canvas, paper, cookies, shoes… Anything you can imagine Make Huge Artworks: Trace up to 16”x20” using the wide-angle camera on most phones Drag Tool: Compose your art by dragging and scaling your tracing anywhere on the surface Text Editor: Type your text and choose from tons of fonts to trace Time Lapse Generator: A video can be recorded while you create to share on your social media Spaces: Share your creation with the community