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Curb - The Taxi App

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  • Current Version: 5.6.2
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Curb - The Taxi App App

Curb is the #1 taxi app in the US that connects you to over 50,000 taxis with the tap of a button. Easily request and pay for rides in 65 U.S. cities, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington,DC. Have questions about Curb or suggestions for how we can improve? Send your feedback to [email protected] 3 Ride Options - Ride Now: Request a taxi for immediate pickup - Ride Later: Reserve a taxi for a pickup up to 24 hours in advance - Pair & Pay: Use the Curb app to pay for rides you hail with your hand (Available in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas) Benefits for Riders - Connect with nearby licensed, fully-insured drivers - Request a regular taxi or wheelchair accessible vehicle (in select markets) - Pay your taxi fare with a credit card or Paypal in the Curb app, or pay with cash - Receive an e-receipt at the end of each ride for easy expensing - Earn free Curb rides by sharing your personal referral code Have questions or feedback? Visit


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Curb - The Taxi App app reviews

  • Used to work now no cabs 1/5

    By Envcat
    I support medallion drivers so I used this app until everywhere in Brooklyn it couldn’t find drivers. Now I’m back to Uber. Tried requesting password reset after support fixed my account- still no luck. Still not happy.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Tautlinehitch
    I use this only occasionally but it’s been very nice when I need it. Now it refuses to run on my 5se, just crashes on launch. Updated the app and rebooted the phone - doesn’t help. I guess it’s Uber for me...
  • Nice interface, but unreliable service. 2/5

    By B_TX
    Twice in a row the app said there was less than a 3 minute wait, made me wait 15 minutes, the cancelled the ride. Very disappointing in the rain!
  • No love for the iPhone 5c? 1/5

    By BillHPC
    The requirements listed say iPhone 5s and system nine. I have system 10, but it's on my iPhone 5c, so I cannot download and use the latest version. Curb application erased!
  • Used to work but has gotten exponentially worse. 2/5

    By Schmeiller
    Not sure what the deal is. I’ll order a cab in downtown Chicago and it will take 20 minutes for a cab to arrive. No longer worth the effort—I’ll start carrying cash again or using a different service, which is too bad. I want to support cab drivers.
  • Great app. Often crashes 3/5

    By M-ason320
    I love the app. When it works.
  • App won’t open? 1/5

    By avionSucksDontBuy
    This app doesn’t open. I tap the icon, and it registers and shows the main screen, and then it kills. Fix it.
  • Chicago 5/5

    By ideasoflight
    I’m pretty conceptually opposed to Uber/Lyft etc, but last time I was here trying to get a standard cab was just terrible - you went through a horrible phone dispatch and never knew when your cab was coming or what it was - and the rideshare apps were just miles more functional and reliable. Curb fixes that and brings standard cab service back up to the same usability level. I’m glad to have it.
  • Does not pair on iPhone X 5/5

    By zphodbrblbrx
    UPDATE: developer has reached out. Will keep trying and update review soon! I’ve sent in a bug report for this and haven’t received a response. Every time I try to pair and pay it says “we’re sorry, we had a problem pairing with your vehicle.” I’ve tried restarting, quitting, etc. And nothing works. Also, it seems like code variables are showing through the interface. Like “kPairAndPayTitle”. Please please fix.
  • Used to work but no more 1/5

    By drdanjd
    I used to love this app. I used it in NYC and Chicago then it stopped working. When I open the app all I get is “no internet connection” even when I have great cellular connection. Reloading the app didn’t work and neither did support!
  • Where is Apple Pay? 1/5

    By Vascaino1979
    It’s 2018 - please accept Apple Pay so I can start using Curb App!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Osita Mbadugha
    After my trip was over and I had paid and left, the app randomly refunded my money saying the payment was in error and then restarted / continued the trip. I’m still on the trip currently according to the app, even though it’s been 15 minutes. I don’t think my cabbie ever even got paid ay all...
  • Very good but needs some minor improvements 4/5

    By Squashbuckling Hero
    As a frequent user of Uber back home in Seattle (because it makes more sense), I was very impressed with this app. I used it while traveling in NYC for the first time and am too safety minded to just hop in some random person’s car in NYC (no offense) and too nervous at the idea of hailing a cab. I downloaded this app immediately to help expedite the payment process, but also liked the request feature. I would suggest that similar to Uber, you include the destination in the map if I pair after I’ve already gotten in a cab. Also, it’s not immediately clear that your app works with various cabs. Some cabs have your logo while others advertise other apps - but your app worked just fine on those that promoted the other applications. There may be some missed revenue here for you guys if others make the same assumption and use your competitors instead...
  • Excellent app. Better than Uber 5/5

    By oinonio
    Great app for e-hailing, or paying virtually hands free. And unlike Uber and its myriad issues, you support the yellow cab.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Kavita86
    The app failed to send the verification code so I can verify my phone. Tried multiple times. Restarted my phone & the program. Definitely not my providers service because I’m posting this review after trying to get the app to work the last 15mins
  • Great if it works-UNRELIABLE!!! 1/5

    By JCMB1708
    I set up an account a while back which worked great for a few months. I tried getting a cab last December and couldn’t. It was really bad today when I NEEDED a cab to get to the airport. I kept trying to reset my password on my phone with no luck. I’m now sitting in the airport being told I don’t have an account, but can’t register because my cellphone is already registered!
  • Nancy Salgado. 1/5

    By nbeja
    When I first upload the app it worked very well. And suddently it does not, it takes too long to provide info on drivers that are available and the minutes you have to wait. 💔
  • Used to be functional 1/5

    By Thor Bigglewiggle
    Latest release seems to have trapped me in an infinite loop of can't create a new account, can't reset the password for my old account, and can't use the app at all. Fought with the app for 20 minutes, then just deleted it and called a taxi. Current version of Curb is every bit as useful as a single, rusty ice skate with no laces. Update: tried to use Curb again a year later. Nada. Spouse tried on her phone with the same result. It’s just a broken app, dangling in the wind.
  • Overcharged 3/5

    By Aabbsop
    Normally I prefer this app over Uber and Lyft, but recently I was over charged nearly 4x because the driver did not end the ride. Customer support is completely non-responsive and non existent. Edit: this issue was resolved eventually, and I still prefer Curb over Uber/Lyft; however, I’d prefer if issues like this didn’t happen in the future or were more quickly mitigated.
  • Dysfunctional App and Service 1/5

    By NFrasonic
    The App charges you for your ride before providing a driver and actual ETA. ETA is far from accurate (a 3 minute wait is double that time). The App constantly freezes, crashes or takes several minutes to ‘search for a driver’. On several occasions, the drivers picked up other passengers, disavowing our booking. Why make a reservation for a table if someone else takes your seat? Don’t waste your precious time or energy on this App which severely under delivers on functionality and service.
  • Terrible app don’t understand all the positive reviews? 1/5

    By Vanz07
    Every time I have tried to use this app in NYC, it gives you the taxi number, and our designated taxi goes driving by with a person in it. This has happened over 10 times. Obviously your taxi partners don’t honor your taxi requests for some reason? Don’t use this app unless you want to be stranded and frustrated. Terrible!
  • Fraudulent scheme!!! Beware! 1/5

    By No-Bama
    Drivers in Las Vegas will pretend that payments through the app are not working and demand that you pay in cash, only to then end the trip and receive a double payment. Do not use this app.
  • Curb enables FRAUD by drivers and has done NOTHING about it. 1/5

    By Unused nickname 1234
    It's happened to me AGAIN. And again and again. I keep emailing CURB with no response Today's example: Cab # 6923 Bitewlign 1. Accepted my ride request at 3:09 today (see below) 2. Never showed up 3. Picked up another passenger elsewhere 4. BUT he activated the ride IN MY ACCOUNT - the "enjoy your ride" appeared on my screen. (i hit "not in cab" and then tried to cancel) How is it that CURB allows this type of fraud to continue? How does a driver activate the ride if the passenger who requested is NOT the person he picked up? Why does the app allow thus? DRIVERS KNOW THIS AND ARE DELIBERATELY ACCEPTING RIDES, then picking up a different customer then "activating the ride" in the "ditched customer's "account. They are doing it because they CAN and because the CURB app has no safeguards to prevent them from activating a ride without the customer being in the cab. This is fraud!!!!! CURB needs to fix this!!!!!
  • Just doesn’t work 1/5

    By Koendit88
    I’ve been directed to use Curb by my taxis in the DC area. I can never “Pay with App” or check into the taxi ride. Wasted hours and hours - doesn’t work. Avoid - use a different app.
  • Curb appeal 5/5

    By Dansurfin
    I tried Uber and Juno and curb rocks. Love it.
  • Dead Support Links In App 2/5

    By Bojango
    Trying to report an error I attempted to use the in-app links to contact customer support. One link allowed me to type a message, but not send it. The link under the support menu did not even open a message template.
  • what is going on 4/5

    By Soundman245
    Curb has been great until recently, now I can never seem to “pair and pay”. it either spins forever or I get an outright trip not found or we’re sorry error. It is not my phone. is it the individual taxi transponders?
  • Poor design. Passing the buck 1/5

    By Lakerdg77
    I was initially excited to use an app that supported local cab drivers. Finally, some up to date competition for Uber and Lyft. Yet, when a driver dropped me off at the wrong address (literally the other side of town), I had to hail another cab. I paid $40(with tip) to reach my destination, a trip that was initially 1.6 miles away. When I contacted Curb, they informed me that I used the Pair & Pay feature which is managed by a completely different vendor. This feature is through the Curb app yet it’s managed by a separate company so if you have an issue, you have to go through Curb, THEN through CMT who basically told me I had to go through my credit card company... To do what? Report fraud on an ignorant cab driver? For $20? I don’t have time for that BS. Uber has way better customer service. When one has an issue with a ride, it’s corrected right away. It’s no wonder the cab business is suffering. It’s like Blockbuster failing to see streaming was on the horizon and failing to get on board. Now we have Netflix. Delete.
  • NYC! 5/5

    By jsquid
    Found cabs were cheaper than Uber in NYC and love the convenience of the app!
  • Credit card fee is tortuous 1/5

    By Gud Spelher
    Goodbye. The terminal said the credit cards fee was 34 cents the app charged me $3. There is nothing anywhere first to tell me that it would bother that much. I’m really unimpressed. It would be a great service if they didn’t hide the fees and then blindside you.
  • Receipt lacks medallion number 1/5

    By Natbeans
    Great idea - similar to Arro. A great option if you want to avoid surges. However I recently left an item in a cab. I tried to call and locate the item. The email provided a driver and vehicle number - neither of these numbers were the official medallion number. The receipt said serviced by CMT - I called CMT and there was no ride matching my card number at that time. The email “receipt” they send you contains no information the TLC recognizes. The driver number and vehicle number they give you are useless.
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Naeelah
    The drivers are nice
  • Not well designed 3/5

    By 一-一
    First time using app. It hailed a taxi, surprised that ny taxis actually used it. So the cab is on Westside highway I tell the driver to make turn on a specific street the driver misses exit and has to circle back from next exit to my destination. After arriving I expect the app to allow me to choose how to pay the driver just exactly like the in-taxi meter interface (also made by verifone), but no the app automatically charges you adding a 20% tip for a bad driver (giving unwanted scenic route - I’m not a tourist). Verifone also charge a fee to use app which I didn’t know on top of what they charge the taxis to use their meters, which they should tell explicitly users before hand. Next time will use arm instead of thumb to hail taxi. 2018-03-21 response to developer response Thank you for the response, but your app doesn’t add any value for the user. If you want to charge a fee look at Uber pool’s business model. Verifone needs to fix the taxi pooling system. You have control of the in-taxi meter POS. USE IT! Ask/prompt riders if they want to pool when they get on or have driver ask and start pooling fares. Status quo won’t cut it I have been taking ny cabs all my life, and after trying Uber pool and your app, Uber pool put you to shame and if verifone doesn’t develop a working pooling system the taxi industry is going out of business and along with it the monopoly verifone has in the taxi meter business.
  • When it works 2/5

    By Cynical Jerk
    Convenient when it works. Hailing a cab through the app is almost useless as you’ll likely be passed by numerous available cabs before yours arrives. There is also a significant fee. Finally, app is best used for pair & pay to pay for ride, but the feature often doesn’t work.
  • Useless 1/5

    By sugarandsatire
    Can't find a ride. Over and over. And when you do manage to book one for a specific time, and you call customer service, the driver cancelled the ride because he went to the wrong address and didn't think to use the phone number to call you. They'll say they have another en route, just 15 minutes away, but when you call back 30 minutes later, there won't be a car dispatched to your address and no drivers will be available. Terrible waste of time. You'd be better off walking if you can't find another app..
  • Unable to find a ride in the DC area 1/5

    By TurboWhitey
    It’s still useless in DC area. There’s a cab stand by the metro station near me, about 1.5 miles away. Cab icons show up all over the map around me, yet the app is unable to find a ride. Used to work when it was taxi magic, now it’s useless.
  • Double charged 2/5

    By Grammy&Pete
    I have used this App twice in Chicago. I like to support local cab companies but both trips were charged twice to my account. There is no number to call and I will not use the app again. Guess it will be Uber or Lyft.
  • NYC cabs will be forever yellow 5/5

    By Mmzzxxu
    I’ve been a New Yorker for 20+ years and Curb makes transportation a lot easier even though all it takes is a single hand movement to catch a cab in seconds. NY Taxis feel a lot familiar to me personally as it is seen to be a huge icon for NYC.
  • Not all that 1/5

    By getareellife
    Min charge of $20 per each time you pair with a cab. If you pair at end of ride it will not register with cab so you will be charged by app and will still need to pay cab. Cabbie cant help you so don’t bother.
  • Biggest gripe is that it doesn’t accept Apple or Samsung pay 4/5

    By Serphaes
    Would use it more if curb accepted it since most cabs take apple / Samsung pay as well, so it’s not any more convenient.
  • Handy way to pay 5/5

    By dinA182007
    Nice to be able to jump out of a cab at the end of a trip instead of waiting for the credit card to go through!
  • Took money, refuses to answer emails 3/5

    By OvalJason
    This app took incorrectly took over $40 from my debit card. Have emailed twice. No response. No telephone number to call. Very dodgy.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By mrlibretoyou
    Created an account. Tried to pay in a cab. Didn’t work, logged me out and said my account was disabled? Total waste
  • Used but stopped when unauthorized charges appeared. 1/5

    Suddenly charges started to appear on my Amex while I was still in cab. Then to add insult to injury I got another charge for cab ride. I immediately wrote to company and no response. My next move is to call Amex and report unauthorized charges from Curb. I will no longer an app from dishonest and horrible customer service.
  • super glitchy 3/5

    By JJ-Jo
    I like curb because I prefer taxis over Uber type car services. What can I say, I’m old school! Having said that, the app is pretty glitchy and I don’t think it provides drivers with directions to pick up points. Often drivers are down the block from me and take a wrong turn, driving completely out of the way and putting them 5-10 minutes further away. It’s also just simply still hard to get a cab. Driver call back doesn’t work usually- I get calls and when I answer it’s an automated “leave a message” as if I called them and it went to voicemail. Then just yesterday I logged in to get some receipts and a bunch of my rides are missing from my ride history. The app is not unlike a kinda like a beat up cab. Anyway, still using it.
  • iPhone 1/5

    Why doesn’t this app work for iPhone. Such BS.
  • Wish I could 1/5

    By Shotinzenjin
    I was trying to schedule ride to SFO from Oakland and the app kept crashing. When I tried to send an email from the app to tell them it wouldn't send. I would love to support the taxi industry and you're probably working on it really hard, But if it's not working out I'm not gonna be able to use it. Also I need to get a price before I hop in a cab take me to the airport. Under price it said not available. I hope you can work this out
  • Solid day to day 5/5

    By R Stern
    All the drivers are more calm and professional than the Uber drivers when I compare the rides. Cars cleaner, more pride and personality. Keep it up!
  • Pai & Pay major Fail - Las Vegas 1/5

    By TFSanDiego
    Tried to use in Las Vegas. Car had sticker on side. No one had the 7 digit code. Even called their dispatch. What a extreme “fail” for Curb. Vehicle 2136 2/18/2018 1:22pm Driver ID 23724
  • Download the app but not able to verify my number 4/5

    By Tgeigel
    I have put my correct cell phone number and I have not received a text verification at all! I've unistalled the app and reinstalled it and still nothing! I can't even use it! Very frustrating!

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