Curb - The Taxi App

Curb - The Taxi App

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  • Current Version: 5.8.1
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  • Developer: Curb Mobility, LLC
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Curb - The Taxi App App

Curb is the #1 taxi app in the US that connects you to over 50,000 taxis with the tap of a button. Easily request and pay for rides in 65 U.S. cities, including New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington,DC. Have questions about Curb or suggestions for how we can improve? Send your feedback to [email protected] 3 Ride Options - Ride Now: Request a taxi for immediate pickup - Ride Later: Reserve a taxi for a pickup up to 24 hours in advance - Pair & Pay: Use the Curb app to pay for rides you hail with your hand (Available in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Las Vegas) Benefits for Riders - Connect with nearby licensed, fully-insured drivers - Request a regular taxi or wheelchair accessible vehicle (in select markets) - Pay your taxi fare with a credit card or Paypal in the Curb app, or pay with cash - Receive an e-receipt at the end of each ride for easy expensing - Earn free Curb rides by sharing your personal referral code Have questions or feedback? Visit

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Curb - The Taxi App app reviews

  • Never works 1/5

    By peds ed
    Every time I try to open the app it just closes. Never works
  • Help! 1/5

    By Lu the mom
    I used to love this app but it stopped working. Says it will send an email to reset password but the email never comes. Cannot log in, cannot set up new account because my phone number is already attached to the original account. Have tried to reinstall, still nothing. Has been almost a week. Waiting for the email (not in junk).
  • Incorrect charges 1/5

    By Geauxtigers 318
    My experience with curb has been good up until today. I linked to the cab after I got in and noticed the driver incorrectly set the flat fee for JFK—I was traveling to Penn Station from 58&2. I pointed this out so he ended the ride and I was charged $63.36 which is the flat rate plus my tip that I had set. He restarted his meter and I was dropped at Penn Station and also charged for that ride. Well, after emailing support at curb I have had no response. So I called customer service and their “policy” is to have the customer dispute the charge with their bank or cc company. That is completely unacceptable. Errors occur, but without a mechanism for recourse/issuance of a refund if there is a mistake, I can no longer use the app. Uber, Lyft, and Juno all issue refunds seamlessly.
  • App doesn’t launch on iPhone XS 1/5

    By FoodGuy123
    App doesn’t launch on iPhone XS
  • I correctly calculates tips 2/5

    By Ex-chiver
    Tips are calculated on the fare plus taxes and other fees including tolls resulting in significant over tipping. Otherwise a good app.
  • Good but some issues 3/5

    By jjjjjaaaaccckkkk
    Convenient system, but it keeps charging more tip than I specify.
  • Will never use again 1/5

    By 2behappi
    Used this app once. The first ride was great. However, the following morning I get an email notification about a ride at 4:00am (which I didn’t take). My bank security called about the charge as well. They blocked my credit card and closed my account due to fraudulent activity based on the charge. Very concerning how this happened. Closed my account and will never be using again. Used this once and cc was hacked less then 24 hours after using.....
  • Service in SF, but not east bay? 1/5

    By Jbasilio07
  • Will not use CURB again! 1/5

    By pras456
    Tried it for the first time for my taxi ride from LAX. I paired and paid but the taxi driver did not get any conformation and we were stuck trying to solve the problem. I called CURB customer service but she was rude and hung up on me. We called the driver’s supervisor and solved the issue. Bye bye CURB, it was truly unpleasant to meet you and will forever stick to UBER.
  • Couldn't schedule a cab in advance 1/5

    By Conrad Halling
    In Washington, DC, the app didn't allow me to schedule a cab in advance. When I entered the time I wanted to schedule a cab, the app said curb hailing was disabled.
  • Charged me for a ride that it I didn’t ride 1/5

    By @CRUB
  • Works fine for paying for rides, useless for hailing 2/5

    By Random NPC 143
    I can pay for my cab rides just fine using the app, which is nice, but hailing using the app simply takes too long. It buffers, and buffers, and buffers, and before it so much as finds a cab I’ve successfully hailed one the old fashioned way. One time, after I cancelled, I got a call from a cabbie saying he was waiting for me. I got a notification about my cancellation so I know it worked on my end, but it would seem the app has even more problems on the driver’s side. I still suggest getting the app to pay for rides, but the developer needs to make serious improvements.
  • Doesn’t pair 2/5

    By Ri02840
    Used to work but I haven’t been able to use it for the last 2 weeks as the app will never pair. I give up.
  • Impossible to sign up 1/5

    By Bhgfdchu
    No combination of phone number and email works. Unnecessarily complicated. Claims I have an account but I don’t. Use Uber and don’t waste your time with this
  • Competes with ride sharing 5/5

    By vallopz
    Used in NYC. Great app!
  • Failure 1/5

    By tvaux212
    App immediately failed to recognize the cab I’m in. Fails to pair. Horrible first impression. Deleting.
  • First Impression - not so good 2/5

    By VTfreakshow
    Since it keeps prompting me to rate, I will. My first experience with the app is poor. For some reason my account was flagged, and my account was deactivated. This prevented my payment from going through (even though there is still a hold showing up in my account from Curb). I finally got my account reactivated, but now I have to go back in and deal with entering a different account in order to affect payment. For an app that emphasizes convenience, this is a contradiction. If I ever use Curb again, I will update my rating accordingly.
  • Ripoff! 1/5

    By Judieloo
    Used a Los Angeles taxi from airport to hotel. Back seat screen said that I needed to pay via Curb app. The app charged my card, but driver said it didn’t process, and I paid cash. Charge did go through on my credit card, and now they will not issue a refund. Piece of junk and total ripoff!
  • Curb 1/5

    By cyclenyc
    Curb never works.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Upset ED Doc
    What does the death rattle of a dying industry sound like? Curb. Available in 20% of cabs, and in those it only works 20% of the time. Most of the time it presents you with an error message saying the app is not available. And when it does allow you to connect to the cab, the payment takes forever to process. Complete garbage. Giant waste of time.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By fraudstop
    Didn’t process until after I had to pay cash when the app wouldn’t complete the transaction and just froze. Now hoping for refund...
  • Prompting for too many reviews 3/5

    By sar0065
    The app is fine except that every other time you use it it prompts you to leave a review. You have to decline 3 times before you can use the app again. The prompt for reviews shouldn’t be this often.
  • Good and bad. 3/5

    By OkieG8r
    Good: Can avoid hailing cab in NYC. Cabs always show up. When pairing works, no need to pay as it is automatic and receipt is emailed (you pre-define standard tip.) Bad: Doesn’t always pair. Even when you get a Curb cab, ride may not appear in your history (only 2 of 5 in recent NYC trip). GPS for pickup always off by a building (or block) or two. Doesn’t remember previously used pickup site. Had to type in full hotel address each time. Standard service fee for use should be made clear in app description in App Store ($1.95). In NYC, it basically costs an additional $5 to use for each reserved cab ride. Maybe that’s not that bad, but you wouldn’t know about it without reading the FAQ.
  • Card Refused and Account Suspended 1/5

    By Ben A. F.
    First time user. Title says it all. Uber/Lyft, anyone?
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By booshayb
    First time app got frozen in the Done screen asking for a review. I had to delete which wiped my data then could not get back in and to top it all off the password reset feature didn’t send a message to my email for reset as suggested. No thanks.
  • Price giving not guaranteed 1/5

    So the price the app tells you that the ride will cost you is not what it will be. It depends on the driver meter price. I don’t understand why even set a price in the app when it won’t be guaranteed. Uber price are always set what is giving.
  • It's ok 2/5

    By Stephenc01
    When I get a yellow cab I pay this. When I order a cab it usually messes up the address
  • Beware of additional charges 2/5

    By Jn333
    Ordered a ride, curb estimated my ride to be $23 (for comparison Uber was charging me $30). After the ride was complete, curb added taxes, toll, and tip making my ride closer to $50. No reason to not be upfront with customers. Two stars instead of 1 because driver was prompt.
  • Great idea but poor execution 2/5

    By Rkillory
    App is great concept but runs very slow and delays end of ride. App crashed and falsely reported card decline which disabled app and made unusable. Poor customer service trying to resolve issues.
  • Account disabled 2/5

    By ccbiggz
    This thing works about half the time.
  • Rubbish - avoid 1/5

    By frndlyfire
    First and last time I’ll use Curb. The Cab driver told me I had to pay him for the fair, then Curb also charged me. Chasing the company to get the payment back has been very painful and customer service has been woeful. Avoid.
  • Cab never showed. 1/5

    By HoopusMaximus
    I will never use Curb again. My driver never showed and the app crashed. Had to Uber. A complete waste of time waiting for the taxi that never came.
  • Crashes Immediately 1/5

    By MattMillr
    The Curb app crashes seconds after opening, every time. Impossible to use.
  • Update: Unable to register 5/5

    By fazan_a
    Update: after updating the app, I was able to register and used it to pay for the ride. Works well. After filling out the info pressed Register button — asked to confirm the phone number. Confirmed. Nothing. The screen didn’t change, no sms code. Tried to register again — error message “You’re already registered”. Tried to sign in — wrong password. Tried to reset the password — no email received.
  • Didn’t work. 1/5

    By Tbhshdhhdjrjr
    Downloaded, put in all my info and credit card. Tried to pair with the seven digit number and it gave me errors. Closed it and tried to reopen and it said I was locked out and to email support. Yeah, right...
  • When it works 1/5

    By Cynical Jerk
    Convenient when it works. Hailing a cab through the app is almost useless as you’ll likely be passed by numerous available cabs before yours arrives. There is also a significant fee. Finally, app is best used for pair & pay to pay for ride, but the feature often doesn’t work. Frequently paired with ride, only to have to select different payment upon completion of trip. Sometimes double charged.
  • Better, safer, faster and better priced then Huber or Lyft 5/5

    By BBigCat
    We are impressed: Pro drivers, smoke free clean cars for not more expensive! The best way to go around New York in our opinion.
  • I’m getting extra charges 1/5

    By 3c3m
    I have canceled curb as every time I use it I am getting strange charges from ‘creative mobile Long Island City’ in addition to curb. My bank says this is also a ride service and it looks like it is somehow connected. It’s adding up to hundreds of dollars. When I went back to double check my ride history I have been mysteriously blocked out of my account and can only contact curb via some support website. Wish I had read the reviews before subjecting myself to canceling credit cards and going through a fraud claim.
  • This is JOKE!! 1/5

    By Nick5842
    Prices are like 2 or 3 times more than Uber!!! How are you even in business? Actually, WHY are you even in business?? Ridiculous service!!!
  • Payment process 1/5

    By RMhatesfakes
    I used the app once everything worked fine until I got an email stating my card was declined. And you never got back to me.
  • Piece of crap, unreliable 1/5

    By Dragon711212
    Thank you for ruining my day and my trip. Will never rely on curb again
  • Customer service 1/5

    When I signed up on the app I had a typo on my email I have called customer service 3 times and each time I get a customer service person on the phone they put me on hold and never come back Also sent and email and have never heard back The app is great but the follow up by customer service is horrible
  • The end of the Taxi Industry 1/5

    By VinceClarke
    If the taxi industry is hoping to compete with Uber they will need to do better than this app. It is slow and often unresponsive. On most occasions drivers accept and then drop fares for someone hailing them street side, leaving app users stranded at the curb. I contacted customer service and received a canned apology and a promise to investigate the issue with no follow up. If the fate of the taxi industry is hanging its hopes on this app, they might as well begin making funeral arrangements because Curb is sure to be the final nail in this industry’s coffin. It is sure to drive people away out of frustration. It did for me. If you want a ride on demand service that actually works, use Uber or Lyft.
  • Didn’t work for me 1/5

    By PappaBoz
    Multiple charges and reversed charges happened on my bank account. Had to contact the bank to correct and make sure fares were only charged once. Although system paired every time, only 1 of 3 charges via Curb were successful. Their system kept saying my card was declined, yet I hade checked info multiple times and was also using card at other retail outlets. Can’t say I recommend this app. Too many headaches.
  • Lots of spam 3/5

    By Redcollege
    This app works well. I downloaded it while I was in an extended stay in NYC because the Lyft pins kept dropping random places. I love not having to carry cash, especially for those long rides. It is also great that the app works in other parts of the US. Beware that this company definitely sells your information to some sort of third party. Almost immediately I started receiving spam on both my email address and my cell phone. I wish I had used another email because now I can’t get rid of it! The text messages are also super frustrating and make me question why I downloaded the app to begin with.
  • No Apple Pay 1/5

    By belcorriko
    This app doesn’t take Apple Pay - even though you can use it directly in the cabs in NYC so I don’t see how this makes the user experience any better. Add Apple Pay as a payment option because I don’t want to give you my credit card information.
  • Don’t bother with this app! 1/5

    By Silentbobcom
    I used pair and pay once. The second time I used it, the app logged me out of my account and disabled it. I emailed customer service days ago and still no response. Don’t bother with this app! Just pay with credit card or cash instead!
  • Crashes every time it opens 1/5

    By Toobiz
    Useless if it can’t open.
  • Brutal 1/5

    By clash4678
    Signed up because taxis credit card machine didn’t work and I had no money, start processing and cancelled my payment and then temporarily suspended my account.

Curb - The Taxi App app comments

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