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Curiosity - Get Smarter Daily App

Join millions of people who never stop learning! From the creators of, the Curiosity app is the best way to get smarter about your world. Read interesting articles and facts about your favorite topics and learn more about the things you enjoy. READ: Enjoy short-form, easy to read articles that will inspire you. From science to technology, millions of amazing topics await to expand your general knowledge. Just open up our app and start learning. WATCH: Watch smart videos from the best hand-picked, educational content creators. SEARCH: Search 5,000+ articles and over 1 million curated, interesting videos on every topic imaginable. PERSONALIZE: Like to save your favorites, then follow your favorite categories. Please note: *App content is currently English only *App experience allows sign-up/sign-in to sync cross-device. This is not required. Have feedback? Please get in touch! Email us anytime at [email protected]


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Curiosity - Get Smarter Daily app reviews

  • Ads? 5/5

    By Awsome gamer me
    Hello, I had this app a while ago but had to delete it due to storage reasons. I love this app❤️! But I have one question. Is there some reason that you have to scroll through the ads just like an article? Like it stops at every article, and then the ads too! If this pays you more, that’s fine but if this is a bug, please fix it. Also, maybe an option to decide between side scrolling and vertical scrolling? One more thing: an option to watch ads to help you? Thanks😄😄🤗!!!
  • Great idea. Horrible implementation 1/5

    By Joshadik307
    The idea is great but the app is so glitchy it’s rendered useless. Basically every time I try to open the app from a notification it crashes; the scrolling is super glitchy and just plain bad, and the app freezes and causes my phone to get hit a lot, and I’m using an iPhone 7+ so there’s not excuse. Advice to the developers (for the iOS version of the app): try to design the app using the built in iOS patterns as much as possible. It feels like maybe you’re trying to customize animations / views a little bit too much, in particular with the way the main tabs table view works (which is super glitchy). But yeah things work a lot better when you stick with the built in navigations, tabs, table views, etc. and use apples design principles and patterns.
  • Really great! 5/5

    By PiscesOG
    I love the daily reminders of what informative stuff to read this app really is good for those like me who are curious.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Samisprettycool
    Great, perfect for knowledge enthusiasts and can Ignite a sense of wonder unparalleled by any other comparable information site
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By sttjstn
    An amazing app that delivers genuine knowledge and of the larger world we live in.
  • Back to 5 stars! 😁 5/5

    By M1d2i3v4
    Fabulous app for satisfying the need to learn new information everyday!!!! Once again able to use the app without creating an account. I love the selection of topics and the in-depth information. Thanks for making it possible to use again!!!!!
  • The BEST learning app! 5/5

    By G-Jitsu
    Great way to explore interesting topics! This helps you learn so many things that you can apply to your daily life. I usually never write reviews but this definitely deserves it!
  • Liked it, & had no problems, up until recently 3/5

    By DreamDruid89
    Encountering an issue where the app fails to save favorited stories after a short amount of time. Don’t know if I have hit some sort of limit as to how many articles I can favorite, or if the app is having trouble saving more than 2,580-something articles to favorites, but if it’s the latter, something needs to be fixed here Devs
  • Used to be good 3/5

    By TaleOfGenji
    Back in the day it was my favorite app, I used to love the swiping down, left, and right, but this swiping down for every thing has made it hard to get to past days. I also hate how this app has been infected with adds and sponsored content, it really detracts from the overall experience. Thank you
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By gazakull
    First the account sign up and now the in your face ads have started ruining this app. The quality of the articles has gone done as the amount of ads has gone up.

    By Blueslifter
    Excellent pop-up brief science articles that are meticulously curated (Yes I am a scientist (chemistry)). A EDUCATIONAL way to pass the time waiting for a meeting to convene. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • I do like it BUT Videos couldn’t be played! 5/5

    By Farbod24
    Really I mean it but how does it work?! I can’t watch videos!!
  • Readers paradise! 5/5

    By veritykesh
    Love the app! Keep up the fantastic work.
  • Finally! Truly unique & interesting content. 4/5

    By information sponge
    Update: Curiosity still wins for content. I’ve deducted a star for the UI, scrolling has become increasingly jerky and hangs up constantly. Could be coincidence, or strategic, but it seems to lag right over the ads so you end up hitting on the ad while frustrating trying to scroll. This opens said ad in another screen leading to an obnoxious loop back & forth. After a few rounds, I lose interest in trying to read anything and abort. Please fix so this stellar app can shine! Otherwise, keep up the fabulous work and thank you for sharing unique, educational, fun content. I've tried dozens of curated content apps, this one is my new favorite that is sure to stay. Quality content is just the beginning... Works seamless with Pocket, has a powerful accurate search function, responsive design, UI is uncluttered and flowers easily, visually pleasing, topics are well organized with relevant sub categories- exploring is effortless vs getting tangled in an unfocused rabbit hole. THANK YOU!!!
  • Crashing after the latest update, Guys. 3/5

    By RevWriter
    Was totally loving this app, but since the latest version it crashes three articles in every time I open it. Not sure what the problem is, but I’d prefer to use the app rather than have to rely on the e-mail summary. . . .
  • Love it!!!🙂😎😀🤩 5/5

    By Blacksox42
    This app is just so amazing because first, it helps me learn new stuff, second, helps me with my math, and third, because it lets me have my own library with the articles, videos, and topics that I like. So I guess you’ll like it too.😏
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Huge huge fan, lemme tellya
    Best app I have ever downloaded, and I have downloaded many. 5/5 Update: This app has literally changed my life. I learn so much, and it has even enabled me to change my life style, become organized, and excel in college. If this app wasn't free, I would pay without even looking at the cost. Priceless and extremely helpful! Thank you Curiosity Team, I’m really grateful!
  • Fast learning for the busy 5/5

    By Chillin'withmusic
    I love to learn new things but don’t have the time to sit down and read a book. Curiosity satisfies my love of learning new ideas, facts, and theories whenever I have spare some spare minutes.
  • Good app 5/5

    By yasinbl
    I think the most important application for me. I improve my self.
  • App needs an audio mode 4/5

    By Riptide360
    Would love it if they hired a narrator to read the articles so I could listen instead of just reading
  • Helps with productivity; UI not smooth 4/5

    By Z...a
    Great information on how to be productive. Has other cool facts and information, some I’m aware of and some I never knew of. The jerkiness and lag in the app is why I docked a star.
  • Inane Pop-Up Ads make for a terrible experience. 1/5

    By Patrick&Sara
    The APP was and should be 5 stars but these random and obtrusive pop-up ads make for a dismal and infuriating experience. I will be deleting after years of use. I don’t need random pop-up ads of a dog and whatnot. Silliness.
  • My view as a fan 5/5

    By kadiriadam1
    I really enjoy reading on the app , but the only thing that I think it while be helpful for me to read more is to be giving the right to make a research and find the topics that I’d like to read about !
  • I’m Over the STEM Heavy Content 2/5

    By Lady.CF
    I used to like this app and would open it every day. Now, I’m somewhat over it and have uninstalled. Curiosity does not seem to know how to balance and best provide information to users without going overboard. By this I mean, articles are longer than they need to be and most are filled with fluff. Rather than directly answering the question that the headline proposed in two, to maximum three concise and succinct paragraphs, the articles ramble, with put upon humor and stale wit. I get the feeling the writers are flexing, trying to show off what they think is writing prowess. Unfortunately, what their efforts end up being are tiresome run on sentences, rigmarole, and bombastic speech. Don’t write every article as if you’re giving users philosophical quandaries. It is insufferable. Keep things short and to the point. Second, I don’t mind your app having ads but the recent implementation of having ads spring up on my screen while I’m in the middle of reading an article is a turn off. You continuously pop up an ad for Purina dog food while I’m reading articles and yet, I don’t even own a dog. A static ad placed between paragraphs or articles as I’m scrolling is fine. You throw my reading rhythm off by having the ad pop up multiple times as I’m reading and I have to swipe it away. Of course, it pops up again. Lastly, must every other article be about some interstellar phenomena? By the rate at which almost every article is about space, I’d wager you were being sponsored by NASA. If it’s not an article about space, it’s some silly, hackneyed puzzle. How about more articles on historical events, literature, historical trailblazers, world wonders, classical humanities, film, or just general human innovation in a subject other than tech and science. Know your audience! Not every user of your app is in or interested in STEM. Not all of us want to be like Elon Musk, nor do we have plans to work in Silicon Valley. There is a world outside of tech, write about it. I’ve uninstalled!
  • When max is the goal then why to look back. 5/5

    By RANA
    ‘God bless.
  • Teacher love 5/5

    By Montana chick
    I teach all the sciences in a small rural school and this is the perfect current event information. Interesting and current information I can absorb myself and use in my classroom.
  • The One App I Use Every Day 5/5

    By SongDuck™
    I absolutely love this app. Every day new articles are added. You can just read, or drill down further, or watch the videos. There are many opportunities to learn quite a number of topics. I tend towards cosmology, physics, science, math and the like. Nothing beats a cup of coffee with Curiosity to start the day! Highly recommended!
  • Fun and informative 5/5

    By NaziriteMom
    Wide variety of subjects, informative pieces, excellent representation of various cultures.. I spend a few minutes a day browsing this app to expand my knowledge. I always end up sharing an article or two. Great conversation starter / builder.
  • A Daily Read 5/5

    By jess Bish
    Curiosity cultivates exactly that. It exposes parts of the world I would have never known about, asks questions I would have never thought to, and gives me tips about common things I’ve been doing wrong. This is my go to app when I’m in an awkward situation and I feel like I need to look at my phone. Also, if I can’t sleep, I read the daily articles and learn a little. I love this app. If you’re a lifelong learner, I recommend downloading it.
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Ddddddman
    Great app for new, interesting, yet simple news. Its just a few paragraphs given to you, getting you to the point. The app is a bit slow and glitchy; would love for them to fix that. But other than that they give you current and eye catching stories.
  • Great idea but off feeling.. 4/5

    By debb7x
    Haven’t been using but so long but passing through a lot of articles that don’t have enough research or information behind it. Maybe I’m wrong but looking through some just don’t feel right. There are plenty of interesting ones with the facts to back it up though.
  • My favorite app! 5/5

    By Runningelk🦌
    This app has become one of my favorite apps to view. It’s about time something of real value has been added to the Internet.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Forever 21 Addictive
    I love this app... so many great things to read and look at.
  • Revolutionary 5/5

    By Big1RY
    I read all of the about 5 articles that come in every morning and I absolutely love this app, my fave article was about how your lungs actually make blood FRICKEN CRAZY, you really get smarter every day.
  • Slow and full of ads 1/5

    By InfiniteCode
    Just opened the app for the first time and encountered a bunch load of ads. Sluggish and takes a while to load each next chunk of data. No, thanks.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Christian Curwood
    Love everything about the app so far, as a student I love that it’s free because I can learn endlessly without worrying about cost, keep it up!
  • great for curious minds 5/5

    By Sarah Noelley
    this app is incredibly diverse and simple to use
  • Everyday is Fascinating 5/5

    By Katie Cutie :D
    I’ve never opened this app without audibly exclaiming, “WHAT?!!” I love the variety of intriguing articles- I’ll never get tired of it!
  • Excellent source 5/5

    By Bol Weevil
    I am always learning knew things and amazed with the articles that are available on this app. If you are a curious person or wish to obtain new knowledge then I would highly recommend this app.
  • Same stories over and over. 1/5

    By MongoOnlyPawnInGameOfLife
    What happened to this app? I used to love it, but now we’re seeing the same stories over and over. It’s becoming clickbaity with ads disguised as articles. Such a shame.
  • Interesting and fun 5/5

    By kkaliko
    I love curiosity always learning something new. The articles are short which I like they aren’t overwhelming just to the point. I would highly recommend this great app!
  • Love Curiosity! 5/5

    By Un4gettaBelle
    Love Curiosity! Wish all text could be adjusted. Am low vision user. Wish it had a black Background with white Text mode! If has categories from which to choose, have not found it yet. Five stars for accessibility features! UPDATE: Although it is difficult for me to get through the articles, and I am presented inverted colour images as that is how I must read the articles (and Apple's new Smart Invert definitely needs some tweaks), I am changing my rating. Curiosity is such an interesting and newsy edutainment for me, I'm going ahead and adding a star to give it a five-star rating! I hope the developer(s) see(s) this and CONSIDERS LOW VISION USERS and those who want to use the app! Think about colour contrast, making the text size adjustable, and any other accessibility feature that can be applied.
  • Email spam 1/5

    By here in cali
    I signed up to check it out, now I get 2-3 emails per day from them. Not sure why they think that is ok.
  • Ads I don’t Want 4/5

    By manaze
    I don’t mind ads. I understand that they’re necessary to making apps like this free. But every day, there are multiple ads for boy-on-boy gay anime comics, and no matter how many times I flag them, I keep getting them. This is the only place on any app, website, or anywhere that I am getting ads like this so I know it has nothing to do with my mined information. Getting really annoying and is the only flaw I have with this app so far other than sponsored articles. Nothing reeks of discredibility like ads disguised as content.
  • Wouldn't change a thing 5/5

    By Erin Omara
    It's awesome. If you have a thirst for knowledge and want to learn about everything - or just a few specific topics- this is app is perfect for you. There's nothing else like it on the App Store.
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Cyn10101010101010
    I Love Curiosity. I love info and researching and you learn something new everyday. I'm on this app everyday.
  • Nice 5/5

    By DampKoala
    So far has performed well as a platform for simple reading and exploration. Load times are long and lack of customization are the only major downsides
  • Love 5/5

    By tffnbrssrd
    I love this so much and I learn something new everyday
  • First Time User but I'm already in love 5/5

    By Creative Wonder
    The articles are very interesting, refreshing and intriguing. The information is very informative at the same time it opens a whole new world of literature discovery, discussion and learning. Thank you for creating a site like this.
  • Item 9 5/5

    By KodyMaverick
    Keep Spreading Knowledge

Curiosity - Get Smarter Daily app comments


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