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  • Current Version: 1.02.08
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: DWANGO Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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"Create your very own 3D character!" Choose from a variety of body parts and clothes, and create your very own 3D character from an infinite combination of parts. You can create your very own 3D character from a rich and wide variety of customization parts, such as hairstyle, clothes, skin color, face type and accessories. You can also create and save multiple 3D characters. You can use different characters, or enjoy dressing them up by changing their outfits and hairstyles. ------------------------------------------------- "Post on social media!" Take screenshots of your customized 3D characters making various expressions and poses using the app, and post them on social media! You can also decorate your screenshots with cute stickers and frames. Show off the 3D models that you created! ------------------------------------------------- "Let's stream!" You can start streaming as a virtual streamer using your created 3D character. Your face will be detected by the camera on your device, and your 3D characters will move based on your movements, such as tilting or turning your head. You can also use the gyro function to create immersive streams, and use Flicks to make your character do specific poses. The AR function is also available for iPhone X and later models to integrate the real world with your stream. Perhaps you can even become a virtual streamer in the real world...!? ------------------------------------------------- [Operating environment] iOS 11 or higher 1GB free storage or more [Models with confirmed compatibility] iPhone 7 series|iPhone 8 series iPhone X|iPhone XR|iPhone Xs|iPhone Xs MAX iPad Pro 1st|iPad Pro 2nd|iPad Pro 3rd

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CUSTOM CAST app reviews

  • More options 4/5

    By 11222222cake
    Game is fun I wish there was more options for boys and more skin colors please :))
  • Regarding Options and Other Things 3/5

    By mama jamey
    I think this app is very fun, however I wish there were more diverse sets of clothing. It would also be nice to have different hair options, I don’t like how the clothing sometimes sort of due to overlapping, this is something that kind of ruins it for me.
  • boobs 5/5

    By C4bommerguy
  • overall pretty nice app 4/5

    By shiinie
    great but could use a few more emotes/animations and poses !
  • Did not work 1/5

    By tazania iiii
    This just did not work when it finally turned on I couldn’t customize the character without the character being completely pink
  • Long wait 5/5

    By dggdhfhjjfygkjhgfhgvhjtdrdfg
    The game is great but the loading takes way to long I stit and wait but nothing shows plz fix that
  • Devices 5/5

    By Marcona the Saiyan
    The app is great overall, but I think it should be fair if this was added in the App Store for iPad users
  • why??? 1/5

    By mia adderson
    i keep having to redownload it becuase it gives me a black screen when i log in 😡
  • 😐 1/5

    By hsjsejjrjfi
    Dont get this app yall its not worth it. It takes to long to load even though I deleted all my photos and two apps. Takes to much storage also and when i change clothes or try to change my name after i save it just leaves me at a black screen
  • 😐 1/5

    By hsjsejjrjfi
    Dont get this app yall its not worth it. It takes to long to load even though I deleted all my photos and two apps. Takes to much storage also and when i change clothes or try to change my name after i save it just leaves me at a black screen
  • Bruh 1/5

    By can it tin
    I downloaded it and I can’t even start it it makes me download all this stuff like 900 things and it keeps stopping so I can’t even get in the game
  • Only one downside.... 4/5

    By Kawaii unicorn angel
    We need more character slots NOW!!!!!!!!!
  • Not so go good 2/5

    By chngh gf vtg
    So when I got custom cast the screen would turn black and it wouldn’t go away for a couple hours and I kept deleting the app and getting back, it just wouldn’t work, idk if I have to disconnect from my Wi-Fi or idk.
  • lol miss whaat? 5/5

    The next update can their be new underwear? And new outfit? :0
  • Terrible. Nothing loads. 1/5

    By oakajks,skes
    I can’t get anything to load, especially when it comes to wanting to customize. This app is terrible.
  • Diversity needed 2/5

    By EEBOR
    I’m perfectly fine with editing the characters I create to have darker skin, but honestly it shouldn’t have to be that way. You need darker skin tones. Do not. Give me any bull crap about how it’s an anime style and “darker skin doesn’t work in anime” yes it does, you’re just lazy. Add in more skin tones.
  • Why no boys? 5/5

    By mibelka10
    I cannot make a boy even if I try to learn if I try to make a male cast it takes forever to download make a girl cast at least.
  • Skin color 5/5

    By cyburx1
    I think there should be more skin colors added!!! Other than that I love this game <3
  • It says content file is not valid 3/5

    By Xx_dark_angel_2003_xx
    It keeps telling me the content file isn’t valid and keeps making me redownload. I think it’s a bug. If you could please fix it that’d be great.
  • Bug 2/5

    By buuunnniiiieeeee
    Might need a new update when I try to make a character the screen just goes black and it’s really hard to navigate
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Sunishinext
    I couldn’t customize anything I was so sad
  • It isn’t loading? 2/5

    By stars in bannana
    It seems like a great app but when I got it I had to wait like ten whole minutes for all the files to load after that when I pressed customized and I tried to make the characters body it isn’t working the face and the body isn’t showing it’s like a glitched pink circle
  • Getting Coins 4/5

    By x_karuma_x
    Hi! Personally, I think the game is great for character design. Everything the game is supposed to be, it is! Just- If it’s possible, could there be another way to earn coins? The websites that are used for surveys are difficult to navigate. They are FILLED with ads and very laggy. That’s all I have to say 😁 Great game though!
  • Can’t even use it effectively?? 1/5

    By 0'6
    For some reason all that shows up is a pink model without a face, and whatever that’s a different model just shows up as pink. I can’t really creat anything. I’m hoping it’s just a bug - Even worse? That was just loading up a preset character to edit. When I finally tried just making a character from scratch, it took me to a black screen and never loaded
  • black screen 2/5

    By kurapikakurta
    uh ?? idk how i’m supposed to use the app. lol you have to wait a really long time to download the resources and then have to log into an account that barely loads.
  • bruh 1/5

    By bcxcb. hjn
    i waited for the 300gb stuff to download and it wont even let me create a character 😐
  • potential! 2/5

    By Hangs gab
    i downloaded this app with high expectations, which i still have - but moreover, cut short? i am experiencing a black screen whenever i try creating a character, which does /not/ go away. whenever i attempt at customizing the defaults, i only see a magenta character. i redownloaded a few times, though only to no avail. still looking forward to using the app, hopefully sometime soon! (oh, and i don't think i'm the only one having these bugs)
  • Pretty Cool 5/5

    By help123422
    I wish there was more options for clothes, but overall it’s pretty nice.
  • Will not load for some reason 1/5

    By len kagamine 🦨
    Keeps getting stuck on the many different loading screens I’ve had it for a few hours deleted photos and games on my phone just to use it and it won’t even open it will get frozen on a black screen or a “log in successful” or a “logging in” screen. I will stay there and wait for it to work but I shouldn’t be standing here for 10 minutes on each loading screen for a game in my phone to load
  • I hope this gets fixed 2/5

    By mlfkfk
    When I first downloaded and go t into the game it wouldn’t let me see any of the minor tweeks I made also I couldn’t see any model and when I closed and re-opened the app all the models are pink with no outlines
  • Blank screen and unloaded avatar 1/5

    By Janee Woods
    Every time I go to create new avatar the screen goes black and avatar won’t load I have tried downloading and uninstalling the app more then once
  • 🤷🏽‍♀️ 2/5

    By Weeb_things
    It looks like a really cool and cute app but it just won’t work lol I was excited too
  • 50/50 3/5

    By ZayPlayGames_YT
    It’s a wonderful game but it has many issues, like glitches, when I try and customize my character a blank screen pops up, and when I first downloaded the app a pink headless character stood there in the middle. Even if one of the sample presets did load the character would not be there
  • Bro- 4/5

    By h e r e
    So basically when I do whatever make a new character or sum, literally anything the screen goes black and stays like that-
  • Need more outfits (especially for male) 3/5

    By 00g4b00g4
    Theres only about like 4 shirts that dont have the boob shadow. We need more shirts and clothes!!! Please!!!!
  • It ain’t free😾 1/5

    By zoeismywolfie
    so when I was looking at a tutorial and when I did it I couldn’t find anything in customize body
  • I dunno 2/5

    By fishfalé
    I don’t know if it’s my phone or the app but whenever I try to customize my character the character just turns pink and nothing happens to it.I also don’t know if anyone else is receiving this problem because the most I have seen on the app is it working.
  • It’s so cool! But.. 1/5

    By dinonuggets2
    I don’t know if I’m dumb or not but for some reason it only shows maid outfits for me. Can someone help please? everyone is talking about different outfits and I’m confused!
  • Not working 1/5

    By MikanOnMain
    I downloaded this app hoping that it would work out and I could use it for my original characters but it’s not working AT ALL. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but the avatar is either all pink or doesn’t show up at all. Not working and not worth your time.
  • My Character Is Pink..? 2/5

    By frogchild<3
    Everything works, except the character is just pink, and all the accessories are too. and the face is just invisible. Please fix it, I can’t play the game.
  • great but.. 4/5

    By FreudGirl
    I think this app is great! The poses are nice but for some reason whenever I try downloading the data it never works.. it always says “failed to download” or “content invalid try again” and I try again and it does the same thing? I hope this isn’t just me because I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but it doesn’t ever work?
  • the app is really good 4/5

    By ohcydpof
    the app is really good and all, but whenever i get a acc on and then when i press customize and then when i go to outfits, it only says “maid outfits” and im really confused about that, i think u should fix that error a little bit. although, the app is great.
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By TaiXV
    App is great for character design. However, it’s hard to navigate the clothes and skin. Looks like there’s not a lot of diversity for skin tones and clothes take me about half an hour or so to go through because it’s set at randomization. Should make it where we can see all clothes and they are in a certain order so I don’t have to keep randomizing until I find the one or so I don’t miss any clothes. That’s my biggest issue with the app. Also, where’s the character customization for boys? Hope to see that soon. Also should make a feature where we can set all characters together on a background and do group poses or something, would be great for group shots. Great app, just those flaws could be fixed.
  • PLS HELP 2/5

    By l00velyyy
    Looking at the reviews, I haven’t seen any issues like I’m having so I’m genuinely confused.. every time I go on the app it doesn’t even let me choose a preset. Like.. there’s no character there. And when I try and choose one, it takes me to a black screen I can’t get out of. Why is that? Plssss help!!!!!
  • Super big app 3/5

    By weeeeepad
    Make it less heavy please I can barley download it
  • It takes up all my space 1/5

    By tedddyzooook
    It’s looks good but it takes up all my space
  • Black screen?? 3/5

    By Aoosoksje
    When I tried to get in the game and it let me in but all it showed was a black screen and I'm getting confused
  • Hmm 2/5

    By poko peko
    I’ve seen videos of this game and it looks super fun but whenever I tried to create a character or customize one of the presents that were already there in the game when I click customize it’s just a black screen I waited and waited and it was still black screen when I try to customize one the presents it shows no character can you please help me
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Thorn 💓🥺
    i saw people play this app for ocs and i wanted to try. It takes up so much space so i had to delete most of my apps for it finally it downloaded and i got to play it took me a long time to download it and when i got to get on my avatar was pink. i didn’t give up now because people had the same issue and they said to uninstall it i did and the exact problem not worth ur time

CUSTOM CAST app comments

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