CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper

CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper

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  • Current Version: 3.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: UNITED, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper App

A definitive app for changeable icons and wallpapers! With 1,500,000 icon and wallpaper designs, the combinations are limitless :) With these cute icons and wallpapers, completely redress your home screen! Check out the icons and wallpapers that are taking the world by storm! ▼Especially recommended if you - want to make your app icons cuter. - want more stylish wallpaper. - want your favorite character icons or wallpaper. - want to change your icons to pets or entertainers. - want a cute SNS cover photo. You can use all the cute icons and wallpapers you want for free, so the sky's the limit! Icons and wallpapers are posted by creators from all around the world. We assure you will find ones you like! ▼Customize All Find your favorite Home Screen Packs in the [Lounge] and download them all at once. ▼Cutest icon changer ever Cutify your home screen with CocoPPa's kawaii icons and wallpapers, for free! We have a line-up of cute icons, from popular app icons used by everyone for Facebook, Instagram and other apps, including default apps like phone, email, browser. Enjoy your customization life icons and wallpapers! ▼For Creators.. Thank you very much for sharing your design! We always welcome your icons and wallpapers :) ▼Make friends around the world Because it is a favorite application in the whole world, I can talk with an illustrator making a nice icon or wallpaper, I can make a request. I am glad about the translation function! ▽Attention CocoPPa is a tool for creating shortcut icons. Shortcut icons will no longer work if the apps linked to them are deleted. Please note that we hold no responsibility for apps you delete by mistake. Inquiries about the app can be directed to the addresses below. ▽Contact ・For user  [email protected] ・For business  [email protected] # CocoPPa is a trademark of UNITED, Inc.


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CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper app reviews

  • Cute but crashes 3/5

    By helloxday
    Crashes everytime I try to download and set a wallpaper. :( Please fix!
  • This app is not what you think!!! 1/5

    By birdbrain6
    Ok so I got this app like “oh I’ll get it to make my apps look cute!” WRONG! You have to read the full review!!! This app is so! No worth it! It has cute wallpapers but if u got it to change ur app “look” it doesn’t work literally all it dose is make a whole different app that looks like whatever u choose but the original app looks the same! For example I got this super cute YouTube, and I downloaded it then looked in the other page of my phone and normal looking YouTube is right there!! It is nothing like it says it is!!!!😡😡 WARNING do not get this app unless u wanna be disappointed!
  • I know how to fix it 5/5

    By Helps Apps
    If u guys complained about Sarfai then u jus have to delete the app sarfai to do this go to setting,them gernal then go to recrictions and put on and uncheck sarfai and there.
  • BROKEN OR ??? 1/5

    By Nima100
    This app doesn’t work with my iPhone 7, period ! I download an icon, then ok to confirm my choice and that’s that . nothing happens after that ! My original icon is not replaced . wasted 3 hrs trying to make it work :(
  • Rip off but cute 2/5

    By Cgxrc
    When I download the wallpaper it didn’t show up but all the wallpapers was cute.
  • Really good! 5/5

    By Stargirl_50
    Translation could use a little work :)
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Katie 506
    When I first saw the snap I thought to myself that would be really cute to have new icons but I opened it and every time I try to download a background or an icon it goes back to the homepage so I absolutely hate this one so I rated it one star😡😡😡
  • It’s okay if ur looking for .. 2/5

    By Vbdjdhd
    It’s not a actually icon changer it’s just a app that can change ur apps but not ur actual app u can’t change ur original app it just makes a shortcut for it and u can’t delete ur original app but they should make it so u can custom ur original apps instead of shortcuts cause what’s the point🤷🏽‍♀️ ur going to have to of the same apps on ur phone just taking up space
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Meme kween
    When I try to download a background the app crashes. So there’s that
  • Loved it.❤️ 4/5

    By 💕loving it💕
    I loved this app❤️❤️. I only have one complaint. When Installing an icon for an app it just sends me to safari. This gets really annoying☹️ because all my friends have the app and they never have problems with it☹️. Well other than that everything's good👌🏾. Really cute wallpapers too.❤️❤️😘🐶🦋👌🏾💯💕💘🙏🤟🏽👍🏼
  • Love it 😍 4/5

    By hbanana171
    This app is amazing. I get the cutest backgrounds and wallpapers and icons. I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • A BIG BUMMER 😭😱😦 1/5

    By ANGELA 😎🥔🤓
    Anyway I downloaded the app excited for the cute backgrounds and all 🤗 but I saw this adorable rose🌹 background and I tried to download it but when I try to download it, it glitched 😧😭 to my home 🏡 screen 📺 so I tried again❗️, Did the same thing so I tried to do the “Download 📲only icons⚠️” I added all my apps💎 that I wanted to be decorated 🎉🎊 I pressed the saved button 📃〽️ and it said “Couldn’t open specified URL. If a URL scheme, this might be due to changes implemented by the apps developer.” So I was a bit frustrated 😱😭😩😤 but I was chill😎 so I’m thinking 🤔 maybe it’s the person 👩‍💻 who created 🎂☁️the decor🎉🎊 so I tried 👩🏽 another one 🔁still same thing ❓❗️❓ and I tried another🔁and another 🔁one same old 👴🏻thing I was really disappointed 😑😯that’s why I rated it rlly low ⬇️⤵️ I know I sound 💢🔊🗯 like a old lady 👵🏻 complaining🙄 like “LET ME TALK TO YOUR MANAGER👩🏽👨🏽” but I’m just rlly rlly rlly rlly disappointed 😔.
  • Very concerned 3/5

    By Chocolxtte
    Ever since I have gotten this app on my old phone it worked out very great! You can make custom wallpapers and icons + etc. But I have gotten a new phone now, CocoPpa has updated I am sure but I don’t know if it’s my phone or how the update is but when I press download on a wallpaper it always blacks out my screen and returns me to my phone screen. What happened to the old cocoppa? Did the Japanese creators mess up? Help me because the backgrounds are adorable but I can’t get them and many other people have had the same issue so I just don’t think it’s my phone that is the problem but I think it’s the update if there was a recent one. BRING OLD COCOPPA BACK!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Kayoko rose
    Can't download anything 🙁🙁 please fix it
  • Happiness and cuteness 5/5

    By Dakota Saafeld
    This game is very cute and I love the backgrounds. But mainly I JUST LOVE the icons there are also so many of them and backgrounds so it’s just amazing. Like the other reviews I really am not writing one of those. This game is probably the best girly background game. So it’s just the one fact is that it’s just so annoying to do all this stuff but that’s OK 😀😊🤫. I gave you a 5 STAR REVIEW I JUST REALLY REALLY THINK THAT ITS SOOO CUTE :D But It’s just like so awesomely addicting to the backgrounds and icons :) :3 that’s my review :D!!
  • App shuts down 1/5

    By Fallen-Constellations
    I download some wallpapers or icons and the app automatically shuts off I was hoping for the best :(
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Aeces
    Everything is super cute! However, whenever I try to download wallpaper, the app crashes. Also, I recieve a 404 error when I try contacting app support, so I cannot even report this bug. Everything else works fine except for the wallpaper. Please fix this! Thank you.
  • 😔😔 1/5

    By angelmarie201878
    Every time I download a wallpaper it will crash
  • Really good, needs some fixes 4/5

    By SnuggleKitten101
    The icons are frickin adorable!!! It's awesome, but the only thing keeping me from giving five stars is that sometimes it glitches the loading so I have to restart it. Great app overall, though!!!
  • I really want one for Amino!! But overalls it’s super cute 4/5

    By LuckyCJC
    So I only downloaded it so I can change the Amino app image but the was none so I was really sad but overall everything is super cute

    By kittycat meow :3
    When I saw this app I thought it was so cute but I downloaded the app and downloaded the cute stuff I wanted but then it kept getting me out of the app and it didn’t work I give it a 1!
  • How to use 4/5

    By grammy062
    Wallpapers how do you make them your wallpaper
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Awesome_colorer
    I thought this app was amazing and I’ve downloaded it before but I decide to download it again so I saw this super cute wallpaper and I downloaded it but it wouldn’t download and it would get me off the app every time I Tried to download a wallpaper
  • DONT get this app!! 1/5

    By Panda game mode on
    when my friends told me to get this app, i was super excited so i can decorate my phone really cute. i got the app and whenever i tried to download a picture, it took me back to my home screen and it froze on me. i was really disappointed. DONT get this app. unless anyone knows why it does this and how i can fix it. but for now, i expected more from this app.
  • Why Safari 1/5

    By Lognag_J.Pauler
    Why does safari have to open when you tap on an app I hate that why can’t it just go straight to the app instead of going to safari fix it and then I’ll get the app back. PLEASE FIX IT I LOVE THE ICONS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
  • More Apps 3/5

    By EB🦄
    You need more apps for an app changing app. I have awhile bunch of extra apps that weren't on your app to change. Also on some of them that worked the don't allow me to get on the app for it. It was better on Android.
  • Cute app but disappointed 2/5

    By Onyi😎
    I actually thought that you can use the wallpaper and put them on your phone but you can’t 😡😢 . Away it’s a cute app with disappointment.DONT DOWNLOAD
  • Glitches Galore! 1/5

    By Robdogg1
    App keeps crashing☹️
  • I don’t get it 5/5

    By Keylimepie pie
    So when I first used CocoPPa all the apps work even Snapchat my problem is when I downloaded the app back again and I got the icon for Snapchat and I tap on it wouldn’t go to Snapchat I want you to fix your app so I can go on Snapchat
  • Help 4/5

    By Muffetgaming
    I tried downloading some backgrounds but for some reason, the app crashes before it finishes downloading.
  • CocoPPa 5/5

    By pusheenlover483
    Anamarshmello27 you were doing it wrong
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By aml the kitty queen
    Every time my friend used it it would work for her but she has a Samsung phone I have an iPhone and it does not work for me I hit download and it sends me to the internet and a blank screen please fix it
  • Meh.... 4/5

    By Savvy_Sage
    Im really upset bc theres no Tutorial on how to to use the app. Whenever I try to make my apps looks super cute..... IT WONT WORK!!! My 2 year cousin acts better than that. But I redownloaded the app so I can try again
  • iPhone 7 Plus user 3/5

    By ~ARMY WIFE~
    I go to download a background and the app crashes on me every single time...
  • Please fix. 1/5

    By Lordthekiller
    Hi, whenever I try to download wallpapers or icons the app glitches and takes me back to my home screen. Please fix.
  • help please 3/5

    By Dumb game 101
    I am looking to get the app soon but I am hesitant because I do not know how to undo them once I feel satisfied enough. does anyone know how to do this before I download it?
  • The app is great but 5/5

    By wow👩🏽‍💻
    Look don't get me wrong,this app is absolutely amazing the only problem is the whole Snapchat thing you probably already know about because so many people have said it if you didn't know you would get a cute skin for Snapchat you would open it but then it would say that the app wasn't compatible please fix this though the app is great!
  • me me big dissapointed 2/5

    By xXSkyeLiksChezXx
    adorable icons but when i click on them they bring me to the page where i set the icons before redirecting me to the app. sometimes it doesnt even bring me to the app. me me big disappointed
  • It doesn’t work =/ 2/5

    By Bintekster
    At first when I saw this app I thought that’s just so cute! So I got the app and tried it out but when I try to change my icons and all of that but my icons are still the same as always! It even sometimes glitches me out of the app and that just gets me on my nerves. I’ll give this app a two star because I mean it’s really adorable but...It just doesn’t work and I wish it would let me use it.
  • Great app but.... 5/5

    By doggy lover11111874638
    This app is great I just got it and was playing around with it. But I just wish you could do it to more apps
  • Crashes 4/5

    By SpringtrapGirl43
    Every time I try to download a back ground the app just crashes...
  • No, Just no 1/5

    By îtšavægëbrûhávæčádø
    So I saw this app and REALLY wanted to make my background look cool! So I downloaded the app and it kept crashing! I then tried again but it crashed again I then tried again and it logged me in, so I thought ok it works! I looked for one I liked and found one I liked ! So I tried downloading it but it did not work, so I tried downloading it AGAIN then it crashed me!!!!! I’m soo mad 😡
  • Amazing 5/5

    By MaddyMaster
    I love I I send new wallpapers to my mom all the time
  • Totally Awesome!! 5/5

    By tlcmalloy
    I discovered this app several months ago and have had nothing but fun with it!! My screen is noticeable to anyone that is around me! My icons and my backgrounds are unique and a personable! My kids are always excited to see what I’ve done next!! Love this app too much!!
  • Hi 5/5

    By kimari H.
    I love this app it can make you home screen look amazing
  • So cute 4/5

    By Satan's cupcake cat
    Just wish you didn't have to go through safari
  • No back round 3/5

    By Lazo1959
    When I got cocopa, I wanted to use to used the background but it didn’t work so I tried again but it still didn’t work😡
  • Stupid App 1/5

    By lex_paradise
    I used to love this app now it won’t let me download any wallpaper or home screen every time I click download it crashes!!!! Someone needs to fix this I’m only able to download icons and I want the wallpaper
  • What’s going on 1/5

    By Ashaml
    Every time I open a app it take me to a link to press first does it not just take u where u need to go without the hassle
  • Personally think it’s great. 5/5

    By Kirstie Maldonado Aviously 😉
    I honestly have no problem with this app. It’s cute and cool. Some people have a problem with the iPhone and it taking them to Safari but honestly I’ve gotten so used it to it, it doesn’t even bother me.

CocoPPa - cute icon&wallpaper app comments


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