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CVS Caremark

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  • Current Version: 4.41
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caremark, L.L.C.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CVS Caremark App

The CVS/caremark™ app lets you refill mail service prescriptions, track order status, view prescription history and more. You must have CVS/caremark prescription benefits to use the app: If you’re not sure, check your health insurance plan information to confirm. Features include: • Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or signing in (Easy Refill) • Submit new mail order prescription • See number of refills due and orders in progress without signing in • Check order status • Renew or request new mail service prescriptions • Check drug costs and coverage • View prescription history • Find a pharmacy in your network • View your member ID Card (if provided by plan design) • Identify unknown pills • Check for potential drug interactions • Update account information; shipping and billing information, manage family access, and reset password • Touch ID sign in for easy access to your account and key app features If you already use, your existing username and password will also work on the app. If not, you can register directly on the app and use your new username and password on the website. ** We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.**

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CVS Caremark app reviews

  • Automatic notification 1/5

    By sherry401
    I’ve asked multiple times to get automatic notifications when it’s time to refill but have never gotten it to work.
  • Goofy App 2/5

    By Scarpwi
    It always seems to be off. One time I sign up for auto refill and then a few months later it is not refilled and there is no evidence of my enrollment in auto refill. Then at other times I end up getting double fills shipped to me.
  • Cvs Caremark website is one of the worst I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Peaknucklefan
    I think your website is probably the worst website I have ever tried to access information from… Just today I was asked to click yes to receive the full name of my prescription and when I clicked where they told me to click it took me to a page that had nothing to do with what I needed to do… It is so dad that I keep from using it and I’m killing everybody I know about it how awful it is… I’ll be calling tomorrow with all my issues
  • Face ID does not work 1/5

    By nujadul
    I have to keep typing in my username and password every time. Face ID does not work.
  • CVS/caremark is the only way to go 5/5

    By BigDaddy Branscum
    They are really the only way to go when they get their instructions right . I highly advise that in the future that you offer daily dose medicine dispense already with pills put in each compartment . So old people do not have to go through and take a chance getting their medicine messed up .
  • FaceID doesn’t work 3/5

    By RaptorBob
    I like a whole lot about this app. I used TouchID with my previous phone with no problems, and I find the app to be very helpful. Now I have a new phone, but FaceID does NOT work. I have set it up numerous times, but every time I come back to the app, I have to log in with my username and password. Please fix this!
  • JAY 1/5

    By Unhappy MS
    I have had nothing but trouble with! When app didn’t work, tried website, and then finally tried phoning refills. Had 2-3 refills before spring 2019 available but CVS constantly insists I need a new prescription. Dr. ordered one med September 9, had to re-order it September 19 and still didn’t have it by October 10th. CVS Caremark first claimed they didn’t receive it, but Dr had proof they did both times. Then they needed a preauthorization when none was needed. I pay for this myself. CVS/CAREMARK IS THE WORST!! I’m switching to Walmart! Negative star rating
  • Touch ID 5/5

    By Happy Dork
    They recently added Touch ID which is a real time saver. All apps should have this security feature. I love it!! And for the overall convenience it’s great.
  • On time every time 5/5

    By Mr g f b
    I’m giving you 6” stars
  • Very good exprience 5/5

    By Skimalito
  • Problem 3/5

    By Dwnf
    Problem I have with caremark which is forcing me to use local pharmacy is if there is a problem with the prescription I get a letter in the mail 3 weeks after I have send them in, it has caused me to run out of medication. An e mail it phone call would prevent this. If you could fix this problem you provide good service
  • This is not the CVS pharmacy app 5/5

    By XweAponX
    Now that Silverscript is my Part D provider, I can now use this app to get prescriptions delivered to me or paid for and I can just walk in and pick them up. But people have to realize this is absolutely not the CVS Pharmacy app. This app is specifically to use to set up mail delivery, In most cases this is easy, but sometimes you absolutely have to contact the pharmacy or your doctor or Silverscript to resolve issues, and that sometimes you can’t just continue to order mail refills without having some pharmacy or Dr. interaction. You have to renew prior authorization annually, that’s how it is. And that is probably why it says “call Customer Care” in the particular medication that you are having trouble with. Also, this app works strictly with CVS Pharmacy’s even if you get medications through other pharmacies. But you can still set up mail deliveries on those. After going through the reviews I see a common thread: that they were not able to order refills of certain medications and they had trouble contacting the doctors. My response to that is that for one thing this is not the primary app you should be using to set up those refills, you should be using the regular CVS Pharmacy app which will do everything for you once you enter a medication that you wish to refill, the pharmacy will then contact the appropriate doctor and get your refill approved or not approved or depending on if your doctor is going to refill the prescription. Once he does however, you can go into this app and set up auto delivery and auto refill. But what people don’t realize is that medications that you have been taking for a long time obviously need to get re-authorized at least once a year by your appropriate physician. In my case, it’s my psychiatrist. So it’s not really the fault of this app or of Silverscript, which is your part D provider and the people who created this app. It all comes down to operator error and you didn’t do something correctly if you are having trouble using •this• app. Always remember to set up any refills that require doctor contact through the regular CVS pharmacy app. Or, better yet, call your physician yourself and order the prescription from him. Because most likely if it’s mandatory that you have to contact your physician, it is because of your annual Prior Authorization, which is between the pharmacy and your doctor and all you need to to get started is contact the pharmacy. I know about this, I have been doing it for 20 years. Mr "EpicFail" is a dolt- you cannot use this app with your CVS pharmacy account. So it shows you a blank screen? DOH-it will do that if you try to log in to your EXTRA CARE ACCOUNT. THIS APP is for something else entirely! This app is specifically for users of Silverscript medicare part D. If you try to use your regular CVS store login, it will boot you out into the Ether. You have to create a new account using your Silverscript member ID. ===========>>Previous Review: CVS had removed the app “CVS” from the store while it was being updated. THIS IS NOT THAT APP, if you have that app installed, you can still log in to your extra care account. But THIS app is for something else entirely. If you "Couldn't Log In" you were probably trying to use your STORE identity. THIS APP is for a different service entirely, and it is a Shame to see this level of ILLITERACY in iPhone users. It's best, you stop using your iPhone, and get an Xbox instead.
  • glitch “ready for refill” 2/5

    By Whadyouknow
    I want to be able to rely on the app for re-ordering meds, but It needs a major fix. I am getting “ready for refill” indication within a few days after I received a refill. If I check the block again, I get a message that it’s too early to refill and they will edit to the list to refill later. Then I get further messages when it’s time to refill. As a result of the above, I cannot rely on the “ready to refill“ indication as indication that I’m really ready for a refill. It is not helpful for me to instantly refill, Ben have it put in a pending status for months of the time. I recommend that you modify the app to trigger the notification only when med is actually ready for refill — or, alternatively accept auto-refill authorization as retail pharmacies will.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Cbs2977
    This app is just about as useful as the company. That means not very.
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By v22osprey
    I have used CVS/caremark now for 8 months and am very impressed
  • Easy 5/5

    By Trickster sniper
    Easiest way to receive my medication. I would recommend everyone to use CVS Caremark. Thanks so much. Y’all are a life saver !!!
  • Review 2/5

    By Terri8374
    Having problems with them misplaced prescriptions, also doctor gave me prescription to make sure I had enough until my prescription came in the mail and they just waited longer to send it!
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Maybabies
    The easiest way to reorder prescriptions.
  • Auto pain 2/5

    By Buffyjames
    I have used mail for several years without any problem. Submit a prescription click auto renew and auto fill and they arrive timely. Now I spend more time calling the doctor to get the script submitted. So much for Auto Refill and Renew! I can’t even find the auto renew option. This app was great now it’s just frustrating! What the heck happened?!!
  • NOT user friendly 1/5

    By Sheila0513
    This app is very difficult to navigate, and I consider myself to be quite computer/phone savvy.
  • Site to confusing 2/5

    By gyrene5x5
    Trying to refill a script tells me o sign in to change doctor I'm signed it says continue with order but nothing shows up to change doctor
  • Works well usually 4/5

    By Randomlettersjjgftujgdd
    It works pretty well. The interface is a little messy but not terrible. I don’t understand why Face ID never works. Overall it gets the job done and it beats having to mail stuff in.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Gjf2u
    Don’t work
  • Auto refills did not refill 1/5

    By G h mann
    Had all of my medication set to auto refill, but when I noticed I was running out of needed medication I checked this system and none of my medication showed in history nor was on order. Had to go in and manually scan the medication to order. But now I am out of my very important every day medication. I hope that this does not cause me to become ill or worst while I wait for this to be processed and then mailed in about a weeks time!
  • Broken 1/5

    By Miss Integra
    Haven’t been able to see or refill since the update.
  • Filled my refills 5/5

    By KumarSurrsh
    It took less than 30 seconds to fill my prescription and it is an awesome experience. Just few clicks with my mobile phone and my prescription are ordered. Can’t get any easier. Thanks CVS
  • Pop-ups! 1/5

    STOP popping up while I’m using the app!
  • Desktop works a whole lot better 4/5

    By Denise.E.R
    I cannot see a list of all my Rx in one spot. You have to figure out if active, due for refill, due for renewal to find. I’ve put some in archive and the continually pop up as active
  • Could be so nice, but there are issues 1/5

    By JollyJoseph
    The latest issues I’m seeing are that the login information is not saved and Touch ID does not work even though I have those options turned in. Every time I touch the refill icon I must log in by entering my email address and password again. Setting up Touch ID appears to work when setting up but does not. Fix it.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Samson72704
    I am trying refilling prescriptions. One it told me to scan from bottle. I scanned the barcode on the bottle and the app could not find it. Then I found the QR on the other side of the bottle. Need better instructions.
  • Joyce 5/5

    By joyce&gary
    Easy app to use!
  • Please support Apple Wallet! 3/5

    By Marina del Nerd
    Your app is fine for looking at status of prescriptions, etc., but far more often I need quick access to my prescription ID card. I don’t want to open your app, log in & click around in the app when people are in line behind me in a doctor’s office. I want to keep all my ID cards in Apple Wallet for quick access. Please add this. Support in the app is easy.
  • Administrative Assistance 5/5

    By Ljt1230
    Love my mail order. Pharmacy at home. Order from my phone!! Don’t spend my lunch break getting Rx refills.
  • App not good for much other than updating your address 1/5

    By 49cent
    This app is really just a way to access their home page, which doesn’t work either. Nearly everything you try to do, the app links you back to the browser and you have to login their too.
  • I cannot get the Caremark app to continue past functionality 1/5

    By Notlehsaras
    I used to get text messages to refill or renew Rx. In the past 6 months or so this functionality does not work. I have checked my preferences and made sure I checked for texts to be active. Can you fix this problem and text me that it is fixed?
  • CVS scan service 5/5

    By 412sch
    This is great finally something simple and easy!
  • Using CVS caremark 5/5

    By Petem2108
    Responsive, reasonable, helpful and a pleasure to deal With the staff and the pharmacy staff
  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By Eskcpa
    Nice app but it could offer so much more. It should keep track of how many refills are left and offer what retail cost of medications are. It should also provide what cost would be if one was to make a plan change.
  • My Rxs 4/5

    By grammiep1
    I am suppose to get Rxs 90 days each time. So I am ordering more because I only received 30 day supply. Thank you I like your site so far.😀. Pat Boren
  • Mail order 5/5

    By nursecustomer
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE CVS Caremark They are the best!😄
  • What Gives! 1/5

    By What Gives RXs
    I totally agree with the customers review I just read. This is the most frustrating website I’ve ever encountered. I had another drug mail order company that was totally customer friendly. Used it year after year without having to contact the company. Sorry I can’t say that for yours. Before you mail a RX the customer should be notified what the cost is going to be. This is 2 RXs you indicate you are filling within a week, without a single word what the drug is or it’s price. Not to mention if I go to the website it’s difficult to find the info you’re looking for. Totally irresponsible.
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By hasperw
    My auto refills do not work and you always confuse my medications and Consistently have problems getting my medication on time and you state that my medicine refill was called into dr but that is a lie. I have checked and my dr has had to call numerous tones to try to straighten things out. Today I need an urgent order MF gave to pay for that expedited shipping because my auto refills are not working. Not ok
  • Auto Refill 4/5

    By Berry-lang
    When I set it up for auto refill & renew it should stay that way until I say otherwise.
  • Something changed 2/5

    By Williemama
    I used the CVS app for 3 years without complaint. The mail refill was so fast that I quit using autofill because it arrive so quickly. If a new Rx was needed, there was never a pause or any delay in contacting my dr and my script being filled. In the last 6 or 7 months I have yet to get the CVS app to work without calling in, only to find out that the RX has expired and “the dr hasn’t renewed the script.” This is the same dr for the prior 3 years!! Last month I was told I will have to call in any future refills. I live in a rural Texas town - the nearest CVS store is 1hr away, so mail order is my only option. Thank you for the opportunity to “rate” this app - I’m sure you share my concern in finding out why this wonderful app suddenly started having problems.
  • App review 1/5

    By holds57
    App could not find any prescription info even though I have had this prescription for years. Bar code scan from bottle also did not work. QR code finally worked.
  • A soon-to-be former customer 1/5

    By Certown
    A very poor system for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country. Not very customer oriented; difficult to speak to a rep; retail and mail-in are not synced. Giving one star is generous.
  • Still Abandonware 1/5

    By Mallard06
    Well done, it only took you guys 4 years to optimize this app for iPhone 6/6+. That’s a minimum threshold for any usable app. However, this app is extremely slow, especially during loads. This app doesn’t follow iOS conventions like swipe right to return to the previous screen within the app. CVS management needs to make a serious investment in this app or they need to stop pretending they have a mobile strategy. As far as I’m concerned, this is still abandonware.
  • Confusing 1/5

    By TysDWells
    No flow.
  • Won’t tell you the cost 1/5

    By Scottish$$$
    When you are renewing your prescriptions they won’t tell you the price... like they don’t know... get real... CVS/caremark also pushes you to sign up for auto refill

CVS Caremark app comments

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