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CVS Caremark

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  • Current Version: 4.44
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Caremark, L.L.C.
  • Compatibility: Android
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CVS Caremark App

The CVS/caremark™ app lets you refill mail service prescriptions, track order status, view prescription history and more. You must have CVS/caremark prescription benefits to use the app: If you’re not sure, check your health insurance plan information to confirm. Features include: • Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or signing in (Easy Refill) • Submit new mail order prescription • See number of refills due and orders in progress without signing in • Check order status • Renew or request new mail service prescriptions • Check drug costs and coverage • View prescription history • Find a pharmacy in your network • View your member ID Card (if provided by plan design) • Identify unknown pills • Check for potential drug interactions • Update account information; shipping and billing information, manage family access, and reset password • Touch ID sign in for easy access to your account and key app features If you already use, your existing username and password will also work on the app. If not, you can register directly on the app and use your new username and password on the website. ** We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.**

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CVS Caremark app reviews

  • Unable to view orders 1/5

    By tx waterbird
    Cant pay for mailorder prescription through app. When trying to view orders app will not connect to server. Tried updating app and restarting. Nothing works.
  • Site changes drug 1/5

    By Roz H
    I am trying to find out how much my drugs cost. I typed in Glipizide er and it gives me the mail order price. When I tap on pharmacy price it changes my prescription to Glymeprizide. Why can’t it show my drug at the pharmacy???
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By BellLizzy
    This app is great for refills and price comparison
  • Needs looking into.... 1/5

    By Tio Joey
    1. Unable to select state in shipping address field. Only selection available is “State” 2. Unable to enter any payment information. App locks up. Multiple app and device resets do not cure. 3. Unable to transfer 3 prescriptions to 90 day mail. Process indicates it’s completed but app does not show status change. 4. Need the ability to edit/cancel orders.
  • Terrible info on comparative diabetic supply pricing. 1/5

    By BMW Boston
    Terrible info on comparative diabetic supply pricing. Cvs store sends you to Caremark. Caremark sends you to store or try online. Online is no help either
  • PITA 1/5

    By hdhdinxbdjrj
    The darn “Rate this App” keeps popping up while I’m trying to use it. If I could give zero I would
  • Different info from website 1/5

    By mjdindc
    The app is basically terrible. Page load times are long (app loaded and installed in less time than recent orders), prescription just filled shows as ready for refill, order placed shows on website and not on app. I can’t believe how bad this app is. From the ratings it appears not to be a problem for many people though.
  • Face ID login? 3/5

    By EngineerCA
    Si I am trying the Face ID login because apparently it should be faster and easier. Well not so. After enabling Face ID the next time I login it asks me to activate Face ID again so I have to login normally. How frustrating is that? Why don’t you fix it? It appears to me that this bug has been there for a while. Fixing it I may give it another star. It is not a 5 star app though as there are other issues as well
  • Pharmacy 1/5

    By celrahc
    Site very confusing, cannot locate to update for billing payments. Take a look at Aetna or Humana AAPS. Much easier to obtain information for billing, automatic refills, and etc.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Pigvoices
    This app is not user friendly. I just want to check drug prices and have to enter the same information over and over. I’m managing multiple people and it keeps reverting to the primary person. My primary purpose is to compare prices to choose the best option. I have run each option individually to see the price. Definitely not efficient.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Pathetic awful
    Coding and algorithms are awful. Loading times are awful. You can’t log in with Face ID even tho it says you can. It doesn’t save any login info you have to type it in every single time. While it still meanwhile asks you if you want to use Face ID. Sure. Then it doesn’t work. Period. They ask for feedback about their app and I can’t be the only one who’s submitted complaints. That was 3 months ago. Guess what? Nothing. That’s right. They ask for feedback and do nothing about it. Sorry but 3-4 months? There’s no excuse. This is an absolute trash app by CVS tech team. It is total trash folks. Make no mistake. And don’t be mistaken by the positive reviews. Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Use it. See for yourself.
  • What? No. I’m new 1/5

    By Jb8
    I am new here this is Day one for the app and it says I have a prescription ready for refill. But I don’t. I found old ones and archived them, but it still says one for refill. Oh boy. Not a good start.
  • Refill reminders 5/5

    By GB2G
    I love this app. Whether I forget to check my med for refill due to senior moments or busyness, this app let me never run out of my med. it keeps me on task.
  • Prompt 5/5

    By Mdiaz13
    Quick and easy
  • Frustrated using site 3/5

    By G-ma x 3!!!!
    Every time I try to get into my account something is wrong with the site. Today it said access denied on this server. It’s always something. Site needs to have an ease of using. I’ve had to call several times over the years and do my ordering and other stuff. Frustrating!
  • Hard to navigate 1/5

    By Rockbeach
    Hard to navigate
  • “Rate Us” keeps popping up 1/5

    By vidioteic
    When I try to use the app, the rate is continues to pop up. So here’s you’re review.
  • SvG1117 2/5

    By SvG1117
    I am frustrated by the difficulty of using this app. It will not allow me to put in the Rx specifics to accurately determine my cost.
  • Slow, circular logic, frustrating 1/5

    By bbpbbp
    I tried using the price a drug feature of this app. It was unclear what I was leaving out but I seem to be in some sort of circular logic trap. I finally got to where there was a button that said price and before I could click it CVS comes up with a request for me to review their app. Very poor experience so far. Normally I don’t waste my time reviewing apps.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By G:Pops
    I’m a brand new CVS customer. So far I’m impressed with the design and ease of navigation on the site.
  • Dr. Anne Deming 5/5

    By White Dig
    Excellent service. Love that you keep me up on my prescriptions by sending reminders of refills and expiration dates. Thank you CVS!
  • Slowest clunky app ever 1/5

    By JasonGraham502
    Forced to use CVS because of my company plan and haven’t had any positive experience in 3 years. I’ve used 3 different locations and always the same antiquated computers. It has taken 3 calls to set up the 90 mail order to change my address. I would much rather pay out of pocket than support this company. Why do you have CVS CAREMARK and also a CVS Pharmacy. The systems don’t talk because I have two completely different profiles all linked to the same drivers licenses. No tech has been able to assist, but when I get locked out of one I can refill on the other. Run to any other store. I find it hard to believe with other companies improving their computer systems CVS isn’t bankrupt.
  • Deductible 1/5

    By karen townely
    I cannot seem to find anyone at Caremark who can simply tell me my 2018 deductible and if it has been met. Why is that? Seems like a simple question to me.
  • Ordering system 5/5

    By cuh d
    Great system❤️
  • Apps need an overhaul 1/5

    By kermit
    I’m tech savvy & I get frustrated every single time I use these apps. “You have 3 refills ready” and they aren’t for 40 days. Get your i for straight for one thing. Then I have another that just say there doing nothing even when it was on auto everything with refills ready. And my last complaint is my specialty MED that still shows “in process” but I go it after it sat in 32 degree weather for 8 hours. Bravo & it’s STILL in process. All of your apps are crap & the website is even worse. Fire everyone & start from scratch!
  • This app doesn’t support Face ID 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    12/27/2018 updated complaint: Face ID is offered but not supported. You’ll have to log in the old fashioned way or call every time. Looks like you have to call them for every problem related to the app. The people answering can’t help you out. They are not app techs or developer. Also, ready to refill doesn't mean the pharmacy can refill your prescription. It’s confusing. The script should only show ready to refill when it can be refilled. The last filled date is tiny and may not be seen by the customer. Medication cost doesn’t work either, it defaults to CVS Local and doesn’t show the discounted price for 90 day refills. Give me a range weather or not it’s covered by my insurance. I don’t want to hear the phone talk. I Just want to know a cost range. You’ll get a text message telling you they received and order, ID number, but when you go to the app you can’t find it. Why? Same problem on the web. 12/22/2018 (morning) This could be a great app if the developer took time to read the complaints from the end users and fixed the app so that it coordinates with the messages received on my iPhone or any cell phone and text message. 12/22/2018 701p I logged in manually even though Face ID is turned on and doesn’t work. I wanted to check my profile. Guess what… I had to log in again while already logged in. This is crazy. I got a text to give permission to ship a medication that I spoke to a customer service rep about this morning when I reported this apps lack of performance. So why’d I get the text this evening? There seems to be a disconnect with the technology. The personnel are very nice and accommodating.
  • App 1/5

    By WaFa Hong
    I just finished registering my account for Caremark or cvs and it tells me to download this app.So I had to put my information back in and this thing tells me it doesn't have me and I made a error in which I double check and the only error is this stupid app
  • Silver Script Service: 5/5

    The most difficult thing I have to do with Silver Script Service is to walk out to the mailbox and bring in my prescriptions!
  • App needs serious update 1/5

    By doug.boyett
    System prompted to reset password even though I know my password. System doesn’t recognize the answers to my security questions. They’re MY questions, and they aren’t wrong! This is a pain in my backside! I wish Walgreens had this service!
  • Renewal Notification 3/5

    By mtatom92345
    I sometimes run low/out of medications because CVS doesn’t send reminders. My previous mail order pharmacy was much better.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By reildog123
    Worst piece of garbage app ever, i cant even sign in
  • Rx with refills aren’t listed 1/5

    By Thunderfan54
    I manage my father’s meds using CVS/Caremark because I have no choice. There are always meds with remaining refills that aren’t listed. Some copays are outrageous. Makes me sick that we are paying for all the attorney fees for people filing lawsuits against the companies who make these drugs. Xarelto being the number one. Every time I refill it, the price is higher. Combivent and Advair are the other two. Not fair. And this website stinks.
  • December 3/18 5/5

    By Jogrphx
    My app makes it very convenient because I keep forgetting to call during operation hours and sometimes I can ‘t get a prescription after hours. I change banks and I called CVS to change my credit card it got changed and will be using the new card for the new Rx requested tonight to pay for it.
  • Phillip Brunson 5/5

    By PETE Dale B
    Love Love Love Caremark❣️❣️❣️ So Much easier to Order online! Automated refill sooo easy❣️ Customer Service is Excellent ❣️❣️
  • Cvs 1/5

    By pspddy
    Not intuitive and slow Hard to use Ended up calling for answers
  • Great app 5/5

    By Terrysquier
    I am very satisfied with this app. It is very easy to order refills and to check on the status of refills ordered.
  • Junk 1/5

    By wysiwyg77
    Try to refill a medication by scanning the bar code the app states in not a valid code for RX mail order. I do not want mail order do not trust mail order. I just want to scan the bottle and refill at the store. Also stop sending me all the worthless reminders. This app is junk for how it handles personal medicine data
  • Prescription costs 1/5

    By Budg K
    I’m trying to figure out my prescription costs for next year. When I go to the spot to see what the cost is for a prescription, it tells me $0 because my insurance would cover it in full this year or because it won’t be covered yet. Prescription cost should show the price of a prescription and if it is covered, show what the insurance pays. Don’t say it costs $0 because it isn’t free!
  • Seamless app 5/5

    By PFBill
    I knew I needed to refill a prescription and hit the app. My phone supplied the sign in info, from there on everything flowed in logical order and my order was submitted in a matter of moments. One of my best experiences ever!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kmp48
    I like CVS (CareMark). Does everything it claims. Communication is awesome. Thank you!
  • Worst prices 1/5

    By Dunkindock3
    CVS pharmacy is rude. They act like they are doing you a favor, not helpful about helping...much rather her go to Kroger Pharmacy where they seem to care about customers.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Ricky812
    I like the fact that CVS keeps up with my meds and lets me know when it’s time to refill and keeps me informed on the status. This is the Best Ever !
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By KaysKid
    Easy to use and quick
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By gggggggghhhhy
    This app is just terrible
  • Not very intuitive at all 1/5

    By dont make me create a nn
    Clunky, misleading labels or awkward locations.
  • Poor telephone customer service! 1/5

    By patient4321
    Unpleasant experience with telephone customer service. Found out that the medication being processed for me (not shipped yet) is in the wrong dosage that would have been lethal to me. Called, and the representative was not patient enough to help me with the issue. Did not listen carefully to what I was repeatedly telling him regarding the problem.
  • Great Service 5/5

    By Blondie From Florida
    I love the reminders! It’s so easy, simple and pleasant to deal with Caremark! Being retired and traveling they make it easy to keep ahead of my prescription needs! Keep up the good work! It does not go unnoticed!
  • Ok 3/5

    By me reid
    It’s better than it was but you should be able to look them up by name. Needs a feature to choose to be billed for scripts. If I can do it by phone, I should be able to do it in the app. Also need reminders to refill.
  • Bad release notes 1/5

    By Ricky Romero
    The release notes for this app are too generic and don’t change for each version. Please detail which specific features or fixes you’re making to improve the app.

CVS Caremark app comments

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