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CVS Pharmacy App

Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less. The CVS Pharmacy® app makes them all easier. Here’s how: Checking out. Easier. • Save with ExtraCare® and pick up prescriptions with a single scan (just tap “Show Card”). • Enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after the first time you prepay for your prescription. Saving money. Easier. • Get app-only deals and access all of your offers and rewards when you link your ExtraCare® card. • Make sure you never miss a deal by opting in to notifications. Get photo and prescription updates too. • Plan out your shopping and saving with the weekly ad for your local store. Getting prescriptions. Easier. • Pay for your medications and have them delivered. • Prepay for your prescriptions then show your barcode for more private pickup. (Turn landscape to sign.) • Order refills, check their status and see your prescription history. • Check drug interactions and information. Caring for your health. Easier. • Video chat with a health care provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Find a nearby MinuteClinic® for general care and clinical services. • View wait times and schedule a clinic visit (restrictions apply). • Check available health care services and insurance coverage. Printing photos. Easier. • Order prints and more from your device and online albums for same-day pickup (select stores and products). Please note: Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.

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CVS Pharmacy app reviews

  • App never loads information. 3/5

    By harleyfuentes
    Every single time I try to pull up any sort of information -whether it be personal or coupons- they never load up. Very frustrating.
  • Prescriptions 1/5

    By &;:&&/&;&/!:3$
    App doesn't work correctly to add CC to pay for deliveries. Functionality is NOT user friendly.
  • Poor Pharmacy Delivery & Customer Service 1/5

    By Reedr243
    I’ve ordered prescriptions twice. The first time, it took 4 days (2 days longer than promised) to receive my prescription from a pharmacy 1 mile away from me. It was shipped out of state and back again. The second time I ordered, the app spazzed out 3 times before finally processing the transaction, then defaulted to an old mailing address that isn’t accessible during the coronavirus, which forced me to endanger myself unnecessarily by going out in public anyway. Finally, I was referred to the corporate office customer care line by the pharmacy filling my prescription (again just 1 mi away), but after 6 tries of getting cut off, hung up on or sitting on a crackly, creepy line while hearing someone in the background who wouldn’t respond but kept the line open, I’m done. I will never use this app for anything I need ever again. If my ins would cover refills at Walgreens, I’d switch in a heartbeat. CVS is awful.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Not worth the Time.
    Every time I get on the app there is a problem. Not worth using.
  • Great idea, horrible execution 1/5

    By fffiehshai
    Trying to refill prescriptions is a nightmare with this app. Refilled one day, was told they would be ready that day (within 4 hrs of 9am). Checked back multiple times throughout day, not only were prescriptions not filled, status wasn’t updated. Next day: received text alerts to refill the exact same prescriptions I had refilled previous day. No updates to app. Had to call, automated system had no record. Spoke with pharmacy, told they would be ready ‘that afternoon’. Waited until late afternoon to go to pharmacy. Yep, still not ready.
  • Makes u shop then “Not Available” 1/5

    By Anthony 3209
    Horrible waisted 1/2 hour shopping & put 8items in my cart (available items) NOT out of stock. I get to checkout & NOW they tell me all items are Unavailable!!! & these are regular Items Neosporin, Toothpaste etc
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Big48frankeee
    Tells me my email is being used on another account .. no phone number to call
  • Rate the APP? OKay... 1/5

    By Rockxie123
    Regarding prescriptions only - The app is terrible. No help; it’s unclear and poorly laid out. Claims one my prescriptions is linked to another account and I must remove before continuing- but gives no instructions on how to do this!
  • Extra bucks 3/5

    By alsaxs
    App doesn’t load coupons in efficiently. I noticed extra bucks don’t show up right away either. Very frustrating especially when you want to make a purchase. Fix the problem
  • No Coupon Expiration until June 4/5

    By albertcons
    I think with the current devastation to our country, CVS should be doing like all the other businesses are and not let out coupons expire until June because people don’t want to be out unnecessarily. We have been asked to only go out for what we essentially need. Thank you
  • Cvs pharmacy app 1/5

    By no nicknames untaken
    This app stinks. I want to prepay for a prescription pickup and cannot figure out how to do it. When I fill in my information, the only available option is “cancel.” No one answers at customer service and the pharmacy itself is too busy to answer.
  • App is easy to use 5/5

    By Jmwfmydisc
    App is easy to use
  • Can I add my spouse to my account 5/5

    By PA BOBC
    Tried to find a way to add my wife’s prescriptions to my account. Is this possible?
  • App DOES NOT allow Pet Prescription Management 1/5

    By Sweddi
    App Will NOT allow me to manage Pet Prescription. How is that any different than managing a prescription for a child? Fix this!
  • Slow and Sloppy App 1/5

    By InAccurateWeather
    This app is terrible! It hangs, it is counter intuitive, and it has slow slow slow responses. Whoever wrote this shoukd be fired for ineptness!
  • Delivery 2/5

    By Abruzzetti
    I keep saying to deliver & I set this yesterday & now when I ordered another prescription, there was NO option!!!!
  • Meh 3/5

    By Shane198634
    App works well enough but taking off 2 stars for not being able to attach my CVS card to my Apple Wallet.
  • only okay 3/5

    By Soph.mes
    it doesn’t work super well. kinda glitchy
  • Great and Frustrating 3/5

    By delusia42
    I use this to organize and take care of my and my family’s prescriptions. For the most part it does its job very well. However, I have recently been surprised and frustrated by an influx of archived prescriptions, some that I hadn’t taken for years, and now I just got them again out of the blue. I called the pharmacy and they told me that the Archive button on the app does nothing on their end, so if we want to have a prescription stopped, we need to contact them on the phone or in person. Don’t be confused by the “Archive” feature! It’s not doing much for you.
  • Check store availability doesn’t work 3/5

    By Keahi12
    While online purchases work, checking store availability function doesn’t work.
  • No customer service for app that doesn’t work 1/5

    By Amy Close
    Grouchy lady at the store says she can’t help that the app won’t give me delivery after offering delivery. Tells me to call Shop CVS. After several loops I get another person who is no help. FIX YOUR APP.
  • Update again 3/5

    By tee sab
    Like the app but Face ID hasn't been working for awhile now. It got to be updated again!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By outofnicknanes
    Trying forever to set up delivery
  • Service 3/5

    By me in arkansas!
    I’m sorry, but Bella Vista CVS store is slow in service and never answer the phone in timely manner!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By f%#%%#
    After multiple tries over a period of two weeks, I am giving up. This app is the worst I have ever encountered. It is utterly impossible to place an order online for delivery of prescriptions or any other products. I have been trying for the last half hour and have gotten nowhere. Useless.
  • App issues 1/5

    By u/f
    Although the Cvs app has been super but lately I haven’t been able to log in on the pharmacy to view my list of meds at all or to make any sort of adjustments. All it saids the CvS browser is not responding. Try again latter. This has been going on for a while and customer service is really no help. I even dropped and reset the app that didn’t work either including resetting my password. And I don’t think anything I did. Please help!
  • Great app but... 3/5

    By Mrs. Claris
    This is a great app to find deals, but when I try to sign up for RX delivery it doesn’t let me. It says I live too far, yet when I call they tell me I don’t have to live in the same town as my CVS for delivery. I live in a rural community and the pharmacy here charges too much for the Rx I need. CVS is far more reasonable which is why I chose to have my Rxs filled there.
  • Updates 4/5

    By Yfree
    I like the app but hate when you come to register to pay and you are informed that a update is required before you can proceed. This is something that should change. Thankfully if I just want the app to show my card, I can give the phone number.
  • Stuck in the country 1/5

    By Tazzerray
    Every time I put items in my basket before I can enter my card information the items are unavailable. I put 2 of Prevacid 42ct 24hr and before I could enter the payment it was gone. It has happened several times. No matter how fast I checkout, what I need the most has been deleted. I understood before because I was entering more products. But this morning two items and after entering my card info, because it won’t save it, items were unavailable. I am disabled and cannot be exposed to contagions. How am I suppose to get the medicine I need?
  • Care pass coupon 3/5

    By Monkeygirltoria
    I was trying to get my $10 care pass coupon to load online and it wouldn’t . It said it expired today and now it’s not there. Please explain how to get the coupons to work online. I know I have another $10 on 4/10. If you could tell me why I couldn’t get that to load online. Not going to the store because of Covid19. Thank you, Laura Wendt
  • Always has a problem 1/5

    By Heatherpaq
    For a few weeks now, i cant log in (as many other reviews have said as well). I used to be able to with face id, then out of nowhere it stopped working. So i entered my correct pw and got some “oops” error. I went to my browser and was able to log in fine with the same password. I changed it on my browser so i could re try, and nope the app still wont work, even tried re installing. Fix this please, this app is already so glitchy, unorganized and messy as is
  • Does not work for pharmacy 1/5

    By Soccer
    Downloaded, undownloaded, re-downloaded, updated, etc. multiple times. Every time I try to use the pharmacy section to refill or see prescriptions, it tries to load and then slams back to the main pharmacy page. Useless.
  • Products Online 1/5

    By TGAZ12341234
    never can get products online
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Drewboberoo
    Constantly crashing, super flaky behavior when attempting to scroll through cart to double-check everything. Guess what, we’re all shifting to online now so hire some more developers and fix this thing!!
  • App doesn’t work properly 1/5

    By Ms Unhappy Customer
    It shows items to add and has for days but then i go to cart. When i get to cart it says not available on all items. I tried for many days to see why. It’s ridiculous that it isn’t working properly after almost a week.
  • Loging in 2/5

    By eurocar_lover
    Having deleted and re-installing the app 2x and updating it just now, im still having to use my password and then when i try to “tap” the “use face id” the “email and password” above the keyboard keeps appearing and i keep getting the same error message “oops server not available, server is not responding, please try again later”. That has been happening for a few weeks off and on. And the website doesnt “ack” my email or password. The joys of consistent redundancy. Might as well have error “404” on both interfaces. At that point google will tell us that the automation broke.
  • Out of stock 1/5

    By MDK1705
    What’s the point. Everything is “Out of Stock Online”. Can’t come up with the minimum order for free shipping if I tried.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By KSohio
    Can’t get payment options to work in app. Stored info via website but it doesn’t work in the app.
  • A great application 5/5

    A Fantastic easy to use application.
  • Crashes multiple times 1/5

    By Zzkd
    This app crashes every time I attempt to use it. Trying to schedule home delivery. Frustrating.
  • Facial recognition 2/5

    By pmb76
    I had facial, I updated the app. Now can’t use Facial recognition.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By chflsh
    Doesn’t accept any valid manufactured coupons Not by scanning or entered number Also doesn’t allow store pick up.
  • Usually it’s great. 4/5

    By geislerjen
    I’ve been ordering from the app for a while and really like how easy it makes it to save with the online coupons. I also love the Carepass. But I have one complaint right now. I have now, twice, spent half an hour building an order only to find out at checkout that the items I’ve put in the basket are unavailable. This is really REALLY frustrating. If you’re not going to fill orders for shipping right now, DONT LET PEOPLE PUT STUFF IN THEIR BASKET, and waste their time spent shopping this way. It’s enough to make me go across the street and try Rite Aid’s online store. Seriously. It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to stop people from shopping online if you’re not going to ship the stuff they’re putting in their basket.
  • What happened? 4/5

    By Pam903
    I have enjoyed using this app. It’s very convenient, easy to use and very helpful. So glad to have it! However, why did you remove the Face ID feature?! It was much quicker and more secure. I have so many passwords to keep up with, this was refreshing! Please put it back!
  • Problems finding choose delivery option. 3/5

    By PrettyBright
    How to have Rx delivered is not obvious on app
  • Anna 1/5

    By Figs22
    This app is horrible and why is no one answering my email inquiry. Also why have a phone number attached if no one answers Absolutely awful.
  • Impossible 1/5

    By cambridgelife
    The CVS app is impossible. You cannot easily determine which prescriptions are due. One was refilled when I specifically had nixed Auto Refill. I changed from one doctor to a specialist who both prescribed one of the same medicines. CVS keeps filling the first one. Automatic voice system tells you your medicine is too early to be refilled but won’t say when the eligible date is. I tried to sign up for my prescriptions to be delivered and the form went into a loop of authorizing and it either fails or succeeds without confirming that it’s done anything. You can’t tell if it’s gone through. When status of a prescription is “Picked Up” it means the post office has picked it up not you. Very confusing. They say you can add nonprescription store items to your delivery order. There is absolutely no way that I saw on the app to do that. They tell you codeine can’t be delivered but then they deliver it. Right now I have THREE pending charges on my Amex card for the same ONE bottle of $50 eye drops. This is probably due to my trying to correct the order process. There better be only ONE posting to my card tomorrow.
  • Face ID stopped working with latest update. 1/5

    By VA-Mudhen
    Set in account page and setting is forgotten next time the app is launched.
  • Touch ID not working 1/5

    By jarvisfin
    Touch id not working in most recent update - please fix

CVS Pharmacy app comments

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