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CVS Pharmacy App

Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less. The official CVS Pharmacy® app makes them all easier. Here’s how: Checkout. Easier. • Get ExtraCare® deals and pick up scripts in a single scan. • Enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after the first time you prepay for your prescription. Running errands. Easier. • Pay for your prescriptions in app and choose to have them delivered once they’re ready at the pharmacy. Saving money. Easier. • Get app-only deals and access all of your offers when you link your ExtraCare® card. • Opt in to notifications so you never miss a deal. Receive photo and Rx updates too. • Pre-shop local store sales with myWeekly Ad. • Enjoy free 2-day shipping on app orders (restrictions apply). Refilling and picking up prescriptions. Easier. • Order refills and track them on the go. • Scan a barcode in the app for easier, private pickup. Turn landscape to sign. • View your prescription history. • Check for drug interactions and information. Printing photos. Easier. • Order prints from your phone or Facebook for same-day pickup (select stores and products). Family health care. Easier. • Find a nearby MinuteClinic® walk-in clinic. • View wait times and hold a place in line (restrictions apply). • Check services and insurance. Please note: Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease phone battery life.

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CVS Pharmacy app reviews

  • Usability 1/5

    By UX-Design1
    I’m not able to type in my information, or link with with the RX task. My birthday is automatically put in wrong and when I change the year, the app puts down a different year. The app tells me to try to access it again in 24 hours then closes me out. I’m unable to see any history or updates related to the Rx Task
  • Sorry app 1/5

    By MostlyMe999
    App is poorly written bugs galore it will raise blood pressure for sure don’t waste space on phone or your time move on to Walgreens.
  • Glitchy as hell 1/5

    By Yin11
    This app is horribly glitchy, I tried to get some medicine refilled at a new store, tried setting it to the store I could pick it up at, and every time i was almost able to complete the order the window I was in would grey out. Then when the order did go through after another grey out, it was to the wrong pharmacy in the wrong state. There are no ways to cancel refills, and no way to change the pharmacy my refill will be sent to. They have a section where you can transfer refills, but the refill that was just put in doesn’t show up as an option to transfer, it’s very annoying and frustrating.
  • Marc K 1/5

    By Marc unhappy customer
    Stop calling, texting and emailing me pushing prescription refills.
  • CVS 4/5

    By Virginia Friday Garrick
    They are too slow in Clanton, Al. Thinking about changing to Walgreen.
  • Great 5/5

    By angela brooks-judd
    Good store
  • Great tool but tons of issues 2/5

    By CouponLucy
    This app is a great tool for saving at CVS however it is always freezing and logging out no matter how many updates or which device I use
  • Cvs 100% 5/5

    By Jackel88
    I love love this store great stuff
  • Efficient 5/5

    By salsita1
    Reasonable prices with the offers
  • Annoying beyond necessary 2/5

    By hdtrc
    I like the app for it’s ability to let me prepay for a prescription and show up with a barcode on my phone. Other than that navigating this app is like being stuck in a maze. It has a bunch of dead ends and half of my taps take me to a screen that I wasn’t looking for but I though was heading in the right direction. Each time I open the app I have to work to recall how to navigate it. It’s not intuitive.
  • Coupons never work 2/5

    By ajboard
    I got this ap for coupons but whenever I add a coupon to my card, it never works at the register. I usually have to wait while they call a manager and still sometimes I don't get to use the coupons.
  • Better, but not up to standards 3/5

    By Dread Lord CyberSkull
    The CVS app seems to have abandoned their poorly conceived in app wallet, but still hasn’t added support for Apple Wallet passes meaning I have to login to the app at the check-stand to use my card.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By jjonzee
    This is the worst app I have ever used. I gave a 1 star rating, should be 0. I get a text that tells me that I have a refill due. I click on and it tells me that it is Not due. Also, if a auto refill is filled and ready, I cannot prepay. I get refill notifications and I only get the first letter of the script. I cannot easily find the entire spelling. Why the guessing game when I am securely logged on? There is a need for this app but it is not easy or clear on how to best use it. jeff j
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Hoosier Rose
    Very helpful on getting refills. It's nice to be able to just go in and have meds ready .
  • Muy buenas ofertas en mi amor cvs.. muy augusto con l tienda 5/5

    By chojobo
    Muy augusto. Con mi súper tiendas cvs
  • Question 1/5

    By 🙁sad
    I love the cvs app. I just don’t understand why I have to call to have some medicine filled. What’s the point in the app if I still have to call to have my medicine filled. Or I get told that my medicine is not ready and can’t be fill. But was told the day before that I could have it filled the next day.
  • Troubled 4/5

    By BCombs60
    Far too confusing and you can’t figure out what meds are needed to be refilled. The first few letters and no numbers makes it hard to figure out.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Papothetech
    Takes too long to load Have new residence and the is no easy way to change pharmacy unless a prescription is transferred. I have 6 medications and all I want to do is change store location in one easy step.
  • Prescriptions that require renewal don’t work 3/5

    By 808Nikon
    Unable to request prescription renewals through app. Instead it can’t process expired prescriptions.
  • Impossible to maneuver 1/5

    By sweetiecatgorgeous
    I hate your app. It makes it harder than need be to refill my scripts and also to cancel a ship and save item. I never was able to figure the later out through your app. Now I have to take time out of my day to call and cancel. What a hassle! Will not order online ever again!
  • Awful App for Rx’s 1/5

    By Lilylou98
    The prescription part of this app is CRAP. it tells me it’s time to refill and I send it but then get a call it’s far too early. There is absolutely no excuse for that. If it’s synced to the pharmacy then the records should be accurate. For my husband’s it will tell him it needs a refill a good month before it is truly eligible. It also loses extra bucks that I receive on email and send to the card, but when I go the store they do not appear on my card. Thankfully I save the emails to prove it to the cashier. Terrible app!!
  • Too many updates 2/5

    By louisianaguy
    Every time I go to use the app, I have to update it.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Mamitimes4
    This app is terrible. After twenty minutes of “unexpected communication errors” then a “failed to complete the request” and for good measure, then they locked my account. Save yourself time. Just delete the app now and move your scripts to another pharmacy.
  • Medicine Reminder Function TOTALLY BROKEN 1/5

    By camargo_marko
    The app is okay, kind of lags, but the worst part is trying to add medicine reminders. When you go to add a certain medicine or prescription, anything you try, the app closes or just freezes saying there is no network available. Needs to be fixed. It would be four stars if it wasn’t for this.
  • I never get store coupons loaded to my card 2/5

    By libbyfle
    I used to all the time and I still shop at cvs and I don’t get any of the store coupons to load to may card when I used to get them all the time.
  • Another Failed Delivery 1/5

    By Diesel715
    Signed up and paid for my Rx to be delivered yesterday and it still hasn’t arrived although I have a email confirmation for delivery between 11:30 -4pm today. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Also, different sections on the app fail to reflect my payment which has already cleared my bank. Wasted a half day waiting for delivery. EITHER YOU DELIVER OR YOU DON’T. GET IT TOGETHER !!!!
  • PITA! 2/5

    By ciueiejxjcifx
    The app freezes every time I try to archive a prescription. Every. Single. Time. It’s been doing it for months. It works on very rare occasions, but usually it just stops and I have to shut it down. Very tiresome.
  • Below one star 1/5

    By gleebk
    If I could rate lower I would just wasted an hour of my life dealing with... “Mira” with 0 consideration of the cutoff time and I missed my delivery cutoff. Asked to speak with her manager John Rimerez, to no avail. I get it if tech is difficult to get right sometimes but don’t be dismissive. Bye bye for now.
  • Not an easy app to use 1/5

    By YoureAJagoff
    This is the worst app ever!
  • CVS a savings place to shop 5/5

    By Julia KB
    I absolutely enjoy all the coupons that I receive in my email’s. Although the prices without the coupons are quite comparable to anyone else around.It is nice to get the coupons to even save even more. The stores are always clean. Oh, and the bathrooms are also always clean which makes it nice if I’m in there for a while shopping. So overall it’s an enjoyable experience!
  • Buggy 3/5

    By ashbash_05
    Lately, I’ve found the app to be very buggy. If I go to archive a prescription, it freezes; if I change the pick up location, it freezes. I’m able to get to other areas of the app when this happens, but it’s then it never processes my change. Also, in the times I had been able to submit a store change, when I showed up at the pharmacy to pick up my prescription, they said I had to call it in anyway when I want to pick up at a store different from my last pick up. Not sure what the point is then. Given I can just use the website, I haven’t looked into further troubleshooting because it’s a waste of time and energy, however it’d be really convenient to actually be able to use the app without a fuss.
  • CVS The Great 5/5

    By apitt61
    The CVS app is so simple to keep up with ya prescription refills. Even let’s ya know when to take meds. Read all about ya meds on CVS app. Shop for most everything ya need right there on the app. Use the coupons also.
  • Dissatisfied 2/5

    The site won't let me change the store location. It has no way for me to communicate that I don't want a refill on several prescriptions and harasses me to come pick up these unwanted items.
  • Trouble signing in to account 1/5

    By shammy63541
    I tried to log in to my account and I had to change my password. Then when I logged in it states that I do not have any prescriptions and that MY prescription is linked to another account. Very frustrating!!
  • Pretty good.....BUT 3/5

    By Kdom330
    I like the overall functionality of this app. However, it is so very S L O W. Please fix the responsiveness of this app before trying to further “improve” anything else. When CVS originally introduced the prescription pickup feature, it was great! With the last several updates, however, the functionality has slowed way down. The pharmacy techs tell me that somehow the software updates in their system don’t really “talk” with the app updates. It’s pretty frustrating! Why don’t you have the pharmacy software developers and the mobile app developers work together on their updates so that CVS is sure the overall customer experience is excellent??!!
  • App is so slow on older phones 1/5

    By vegancatlady1
    I use the app on my iPhone 6 and it is so painfully slow. I have to plan my cvs trips ahead of time with my computer because it takes forever to open and load. If you press something too many times trying to get a screen to open the app crashes. I love cvs but this app is no good for older phones. Might be more compatible with newer phones
  • Weekly Ad? 2/5

    By CCZQV
    Where is the weekly ad??? It’s no longer on the home screen. Frustrating.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By NotEverDoingAnything
    It is very annoying to have a prescription at CVS but being unable to add said prescription to an account because recipient is under 18. Please change so I don't have to keep signing in as a guest when there is a prescription in my name. This would be especially frustrating for teens living away from their parents.
  • App is fine, service isn’t 3/5

    By Christine RN07
    I’m sick of having to call the pharmacy and remind them to order my opiates from their distributor. They receive the prescriptions in plenty of time, and yet they still don’t have them ready when they are due. Withdrawals are not a joke, and I have had that unfortunate experience more than once. The only reason I stay with them is because they have all my records. I am seriously considering switching pharmacies now.
  • West Hempstead Cvs location 3/5

    By elitoni
    First off whenever I go into your cvs stores everyone makes it their business to say hello and if I need help. Especially this location on Hempstead turnpike. And I was excited that I had a 30% coupon addressed to me thanking my patronage to cvs. I thought I could use it to purchase a hair product that was on sale. It took a while for the cashier Rosemary who was very nice and patient that it was not going thru we entered the two cvs card numbers I thought would be linked. And then Javier the other cashier jumped in to help but immediately shouted out it’s not going to work if your not using the right card number. I am on line and feeling humiliated by the minute and a line is building up. Rosemary then called for the manager who never came and a woman came by with her coat on like she was leaving and a shoe boot like she had surgery so now I am feeling more humiliated cus I am holding her from her leaving of her personal time. I felt bad she just wanted to help. The manager on board who is also rosemary never came to assist. I believe this other manager name is Monica. I think. She began to read the entire fine print to me of the exclusions and that I could not use the coupon my item was on sale. Again it felt like torture cus I am being humiliated again and all I wanted was to buy my product use the coupon and get out. Now I have 3 Cvs workers taking care of me and customers behind me waiting. Finally Monica was trying to please me and allowed me to use the 30% coupon and gave me back the coupon to use again. My final perspective is that the manager on duty should of come out to help instead of someone who was dressed and ready to leave. And Javier side cashier who was the one who really upset me was automatically saying NO you can’t use the coupon because you don’t have the right card number and every one else heard. I felt embarrassed. Thank you for the coupon that was personally addressed to me and was not worth it. It was just bad experience. A. Medina
  • Rx part of app takes too long 3/5

    By Katlink
    Prescription part of app takes to long and it is hard to find all Rx’s and it has to reload each time you go back. Terrible bug, needs to be fixed. Makes the convenience non convenient.
  • Bug city! 2/5

    By d4v1dd
    This app is riddled with bugs. It’s taking me 30 minutes to sign up because the app keeps freezing up or crashing. Absolutely horrible user experience. 😩
  • Insufficient. 2/5

    Does not manage prescriptions well. No info on meds and locks up when some changes are made. Slow.
  • Slow slow slow 3/5

    By wjbrown1974
    This app would be great if it wasn't so extremely slow
  • Saving rewards 5/5

    By Thy word!
    Like the savings I get at CVS!
  • Poor design and functionality 2/5

    By slclemens
    Additionally store staff not familiar to provide assistance.
  • Add ExtraCare Card to Apple Wallet? 3/5

    By Isthisnickname taken?
    I see no way to add the ExtraCare card to my Apple Wallet. Assuming this option does not exist, why? Walgreens offers this feature regarding its savings card, and it has for at least a few years.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By 212121 Kdon
    The pharmacy is very disorganized.
  • Great app. Need Apple Wallet pass. 5/5

    By wtf88skullu
    Love the CVS app! The only thing that’s missing is customers need a pass to add the CVS Extracare card onto their phones, without having to open the app completely to scan the card.

CVS Pharmacy app comments

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