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CVS Pharmacy App

Staying healthy. Saving time. Spending less. The official CVS Pharmacy® app makes them all easier. Here’s how: Checkout. Easier. • Get ExtraCare® deals and pick up scripts in a single scan. • Enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after the first time you prepay for your prescription. Running errands. Easier. • Pay for your prescriptions in app and choose to have them delivered once they’re ready at the pharmacy. Saving money. Easier. • Get app-only deals and access all of your offers when you link your ExtraCare® card. • Opt in to notifications so you never miss a deal. Receive photo and Rx updates too. • Pre-shop local store sales with myWeekly Ad. • Enjoy free 2-day shipping on app orders (restrictions apply). Refilling and picking up prescriptions. Easier. • Order refills and track them on the go. • Scan a barcode in the app for easier, private pickup. Turn landscape to sign. • View your prescription history. • Check for drug interactions and information. Printing photos. Easier. • Order prints from your phone or Facebook for same-day pickup (select stores and products). Family health care. Easier. • Find a nearby MinuteClinic® walk-in clinic. • View wait times and hold a place in line (restrictions apply). • Check services and insurance. Please note: Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease phone battery life.

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CVS Pharmacy app reviews

  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By P.I.T.A.77
    This app is extremely inconsistent. Most times I login and I am unable to view my prescriptions. That is my main use for this app, so I can not speak for the other functions.
  • great app ! 5/5

    By bsminkc.
    great app !
  • Prescription Refill 4/5

    By MLHowe
    I had a problem with the app trying to refill a prescription that required the doctor to be contacted. I clicked it and it said they would contact the doctor, but when I asked about it at the store, they said they had no record of my request. They suggested I report this in the app. It seems this is a new problem with the app because I have not had this happen before with similar requests. I hope you will be able to fix this as, otherwise, I like how the app works.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By idratherusewalgreens
    This app is anything but easy to use.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By johnhunter247
    Ridiculous that I have to individually click on every coupon to add to my card. Just give me the coupons offered automatically. 👎
  • Utter crap 1/5

    By DrKaiju
    I can only sign in 30% of the time.
  • So Convenient 5/5

    By SP35907
    So easy to keep up with the many coupons and specialty discounts that replace the printed coupons, which I could never keep up with.
  • Every updates seems to be worse than previous 2/5

    By energi3
    Wondering if the developers target is to get as many bugs is possible.... or maybe they don’t want ppl to use coupons anymore...
  • Fix The Archiving 3/5

    By BigThelonious
    Sending a prescription to archives freezes the app. It’s been doing this for a while now, not just this release.
  • Password doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lord Raahhh
    All of the sudden my password stoped working in the application for no reason. I tried the web site and was told I have to periodically reset my password (excessive and unnecessary for a strong password). The application said nothing about this. Buggy. I don’t want to refill a single prescription when I press the refill/view button. Just show me the list of prescriptions. It never shows the correct prescription anyways.
  • Mayki 5/5

    By maikarli
  • Simple, Convenient, and Easy 5/5

    By Amber C Mole
    I love sending coupons to my card and utilizing extra bucks. I’ve saved so much!
  • I <3 cvs 5/5

    By mslfbreezh
    I love using the app. It’s super easy to use and can easily upload coupons into the account. I save so much money using the coupons and never have to worry about having to find/clip coupons. I also like how I can find nearest locations and look for items through the app.
  • Cvs is the pharmacy and store to shop 5/5

    By Harley #1
    Wonderful service great pharmacy
  • Scan to Refill Never Works 2/5

    By AZCruiser
    Please fix the scanning feature so I can just scan the barcode on the bottle to refill. This feature worked at one time but not anymore. Thanks
  • Very convenient! 5/5

    By Mindprbr
    Getting my prescriptions filled has never been easier!
  • CVS Your app is killing me!!! 1/5

    By turbolarry52
    Update 5-21: All of CVS? None of the wait? It's actually none of the CVS, ALL OF THE WAIT! It's good for what ails you- because your app makes you jump out of your skin! And lo and behold, another update! Is this the daily update? Thanks but no thanks! You didn't fix the last friggen issues last time--why should we believe you fixed the issues this time? Still no Rx's in the last 30 days? You are the institute for the hopelessly confused most definitely! Here you go, read and review the complaints here- mine- theirs, etc. list everything we say is faulty. Remedy the problem. Forget the sugar coating! Because the text messages with the Rx abbreviation- useless! When it leads you to the useless app, Update 5/20/19. Unlike most apps, that respond to a review, good or bad, and even respond to the review, requesting the user call or email them to try to remedy the issue, I'm hard pressed to find an incident that you respond to- mine or anyone's! So tell me CVS , why on earth do you keep having updates to your crAPP, and yet you fail to address the complaints that I as well as many other people have? My pharmacist concurs that many of his customers express dissatisfaction with the app. So the next update, is that going to be Mr. CVS Milktoast voice on the phone and on the pharmacy PA? " one driveup call. Lane 1, 17,000 pharmacy call. Lane 6. Is he a DJ with WCVS? Seriously - how is it the app shows no history of Rx's for last week, last month, etc. I give up ! I have spent more time on the phone with your fake support than all apps support people COMBINED. Maybe you should get an Rx to help your apps problem with confusion and lack of proficiency . That's right CVS delete the criticism,, only display the sugar coated complements . I've submitted reviews multiple times. Today the pharmacy manager at my local store even verified what I suspect, that multiple customers are finding your app problematic. What are you actually doing with all these updates adding little emoji's?. You haven't fixed any of the problems. I have dozens of apps, And make no mistake about it, your app is clearly the worst! I have yet to see you responding to any of the comments or criticisms in the App Store regarding your app. Calling your customer service line is an absolute exercise in futility. I could probably fix all the problems and debug all the issues better than your people, in a coma That last phone session was almost 2 hours long. I was about to change pharmacies so I wouldn't even have to look at your problematic app , or hear your Mr CVS sugar coated voice, or fall asleep on hold with your sleepytime comatose hold music. There you go! I'm so p.o. 'ed at your disfunctional app- I could care less about the other issues. I only by non Rx items when I have many bonus rewards and coupons. I can deal with your outrageous prices with having the rewards and coupons, but it's ridiculous navigating that app . How does it show me 0 Rx's in the last 6 mos. there are 7 Rx's ready for meat the store, yet the app, after signing in, shows 0! Time for you to respond! Time for you to fix the problem. This is not amateur night - Fix it already will ya??!!! I simply do not have the time nor tolerance nor patience to be agonizing, deleting reinstalling the app I don't have to do it for any other app!! And many of them are much more robust than yours, yet they work. I am not calling you folks up again and having to go through 17,000 menu options. I don't do automated and I don't do the menu options.
  • Glitchy and still prints mile long coupons 1/5

    By nicole alia
    The app coupons do not sync with paper and mail in coupons and still long lines in store
  • CVS App 1/5

    By foregranoutit
    This App will not update! Please help!
  • Canjear cupones es muy bueno 5/5

    By mamapalma
    Me encanta CVS porque ahí muchas ofertas y con mis cupones no pago mucho solo pago los taxes
  • Kind 5/5

    By mshagler
  • Great idea but not best 3/5

    By Cathyyyyyyyyyy....
    I love the idea, but I can’t pick the pick up option or the free delivery option. No matter which button i press it keeps taking you to the same option of $8 delivery. I just want to pay in my phone and pick up quickly at the store. It’s very frustrating.
  • Good app. Slow performance 1/5

    By Terrible design
    The mobile app is great but background infrastructure very slow. Not good when in line at drive through. Need more or faster servers. Buggy Med reminder doesn’t work
  • Worthless since update 1/5

    By 2011 Sil.
    The last update destroyed this app. I can no longer log in because the server is never available. The developer doesn’t respond. I’m deleting and moving on, no time for stuff that doesn’t work.
  • Inflexible, not user friendly app 1/5

    By Hawaiiantarheel
    Useless. Cannot scan. Waste of time using the refill scan function. 100% of the time needed to enter Rx # manually. Easier just to call the pharmacy. Furthermore, response of “not ready to refill yet” should be followed by when is the next refillable date? Duh? Unable to update user profile through the app. It states I have another account in my name. Even so, it should be able to over-ride old accounts and update new.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By cuponeando 1
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By samyuehl
    Prescription reminders basically don’t work, not able to search or even add my own medications to the reminders. UI needs improvement to work more smoothly.
  • Weekly add and coupons 3/5

    By cvs app doesnt work
    In this weeks and other weekly ads the Tide pods 12counts you advertise use the 2.00 coupon in app well there is no coupon available to use for the 12 count of Tide pods. Please inform customers accurately when advertising its misleading.
  • CVS 1/5

    By DOE1244
    Slow. And kicks me out
  • Server is never available 1/5

    By trixie2001
    I have had nothing but problems with this app. Have deleted and reinstalled numerous times and I always get the message “oops server unavailable...please try again later”. Super frustrating. Resorting back to a good ol phone call to the pharmacy.
  • What happened to request Rx renewal? 1/5

    By Zwolairdfam
    I liked this app until now. It isn’t allowing me to ask the pharmacy to get a Rx renewal the has zero refills left. It used to have that. Now, nope. If I cannot use for requesting renewal if Rx, what is it truly good for.
  • Bad 1/5

    Never works. Not user friendly.
  • Precios excelentes 1/5

    By kludes77
    Me encanta su farmacia CVS
  • makes stupid choices for you that you can’t change 1/5

    By Flinterest
    Hopelessly complicated and unfriendly user interface. Makes stupid decisions like setting the default prescription filling date to the next day with no warning or chance to review. No way to cancel orders through the app, even if placed seconds ago. Have to call the store to cancel, which means waiting on hold for 20 minutes. And that defeats the reason for using the app. CVS should hire a real design firm that understands UX, instead of outsourcing it to some unlearned clowns overseas working for minimum wage. I’m so fed up with CVS and their cheapskate race to the bottom ways. Switching to dedicated delivery service instead. I heard AMAZON just bought one. They understand customer service so should be miles better.
  • Good for the pharmacy, poor for the store 2/5

    By app user 98
    The app is great for managing prescriptions. In using the app within the store it is poor. Payment only works sporadically. Coupons and specials are almost never applied when using the app.
  • Photo portion of app is buggy 3/5

    By AlanLaRue
    Here’s the problem: I wanted 5x7 photos, and when I clicked to edit/crop, it gave me a square format. When I selected other sizes, the edit box was okay. So I cropped them offline, uploaded them with the app, then ordered. When I went to pick them up, they had been printed on large enough paper, but they were 4x6! This isn’t the store personnels’ fault, as they don’t have anything to do with this part of the process. The app simply has bugs.
  • Med Reminder 3/5

    By liesse00
    I’ve tried to set a med reminder and it was full of errors and it wouldn’t let me set it. I think there might be some bugs you need to look at.
  • Just as terrible as everything else about CVS 1/5

    By kyelelelee
    Just another way to waste time inside a CVS. Hope you like Michael McDonald because you’re going to fantasize about killing yourself to his dulcet tones while struggling with this useless app.
  • Photo app 👎🏼 1/5

    By AmyF4
    I have spent HOURS the past few days trying to load pictures to send to be printed. I would do it in the store, but I can’t get the $.09 rate of I do that 😑 I would literally have 100+ pictures chosen and the app suddenly shuts down and I have had to start over again REPEATEDLY. Then, I go through and verify sizes and crop, but if I add any more pictures, it resets or SOMETHING and all of the cropping (even though I click apply) vanished and I have to redo EVERYTHING in the cart. You guys need to get my husband to work on this app or something because this feature is 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 has been a big waste of my time the past 2 if getting ready for a graduation is not stressful enough.
  • Impossible to set up 1/5

    By CC The sweetest driver
    Cannot find my existing CVS account. Called IT support to no avail. TERRIBLE APP.
  • Not so good 2/5

    By Alexisz88
    It doesn’t show bar code or card number without internet connection. It is also quite slow. And 150mb, what is that for?
  • Hit & Miss 2/5

    By Zerosum2
    Mostly miss. Prescription payment using the app rarely works. No rhyme or reason.
  • To much work 1/5

    By Menemsha2
    To slow. Just download the coupons onto my card. Don’t make me select them
  • Fix it 1/5

    By coupon alot
    The stupid Rate my app pops up every minute so annoying
  • Not a good experience 1/5

    By mjoycarter
    I had trouble logging into my acct on my computer. I used the app to refill, I thought, 4 rxs. The app told me pick up 11am next day (yesterday). I really needed one of them so I called. They said one hour. I confirmed all 4 rxs by name. He said they would get them ready. I elected to go a night w/o the meds and pick up the next day. When I got there last night they only had 3 rxs ready and told me it would be today before I could get the other. I’m leaving town this morning, so will not be able to get until Monday. I appreciate the miscommunication could have been on my end but I dont think so. And the CVS team didn’t seem the least bit regretful that it had happened or willing to work with me to get me my med more quickly because I was going out of town. So I will not have one of my meds while traveling. I am generally very pleased with CVS but this was not a good experience.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By camy7998
    Been using for years until this update, wants a 4 digit pin ? I don’t have one lock me out I’m not calling ... deleting app ..will refill through text for now on don’t have time for this , apps are supposed to make things easier not complicated
  • Worst App Ever! 1/5

    By PlanesTrainsAutomobiles
    Always takes forever when trying to load. Constantly going in and out when using the app!
  • Trash 1/5

    By xcpcx
    App keeps crashing. Absolute garbage

    By BrooklynBarracuda
    It used to be fine until the last few updates made it annoying with a LOT of issues. One issue is it will NOT let me stop the auto-renew of medications. The other is it will NOT let me use finger print ID - when I try to turn that feature, the app freezes ALL THE TIME. FIX THIS NONSENSE!!!

CVS Pharmacy app comments

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