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CW Seed App

Stream 1000+ hours of your favorite shows for FREE, no login or subscription required. Binge complete seasons of modern classics or discover original comedies you can’t find anywhere else. Series include: - THE CARRIE DIARIES - SCHITT'S CREEK - ALCATRAZ - GIRLFRIENDS - THE SECRET CIRCLE - CONSTANTINE: CITY OF DEMONS - EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS - HELLCATS - WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? - FOREVER - THE GAME - PRIVILEGED - AND MORE… CW Seed. Free for all. Features Include: * FREE: No login, no subscription, no authentication. * COMPLETE SERIES: Every episode of shows like Pushing Daisies and Ghost Whisperer. * DC SPOTLIGHT: Watch animated series set in the Arrowverse like The Ray. * ORIGINAL COMEDIES: The exclusive home of award-winning series like I Ship It. Ad Choices: Terms of Use: Do Not Sell My Personal Information: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information.

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CW Seed app reviews

  • No search 1/5

    By nameless2383
    There is no way to search the show you’re wanting to watch. On top of that some shows restrict certain seasons. CW you need to listen to your fans!
  • not the shows i was wanting 3/5

    By https_alyssa
    i honestly would love to have seen the vampire diaries because i have tried to weeks at a time to find it and watch it for free and i figures it would be on there along with legacies. you cannot start from the beginning of riverdale which i was also wanting to watch from the beginning for free. it starts at S: 4. E: 07 but other than that it is a good app
  • Needs to be updated!! 3/5

    By dhb8802
    This app is missing the ability to have an account so you can choose your shows and return to the last one you watched. Having to go through a list of shows to watch the last one is a pain. I think it has quality shows, but quantity is missing. I enjoy that there are some different shows then other steaming apps.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Jett Michael hall
    The cow shows are cool but if I want to watch the flash or something I go into search and I search flash and it gives me everything except the flash it’s a garbage app that’s a waste of time
  • CW 5/5

    By lmnichols
    I really like the CW app. I like most of the shows that they play on CW and CW seed. Entertainment that’s action packed, SYFY, supernatural and comedy everyday. Thanks
  • Commercials so many commercials 1/5

    By Antichemtrail
    You cannot subscribe to this and pay to get rid of the commercials. Good shows but the commercials are repetitive and there is a lot of them. Makes me hate the ads. Not ever buying the ads I have seen ... :(
  • Great app 5/5

    By 1asdf456
    Very useful
  • Mad. 3/5

    By allk2006
    Im lowkey just mad they took away the secret circle I spent so many hours watching it just to find out it they stopped working on it and the only way to continue that story is to read it. Then even then the series and book is a whole different story so id have to read all of the book and deal with the confusion of 2 different plots going on in my mind. And i know im not the only one that was bummed because the secret circle ended especially with that twist at the end. I want to finish the story even 8 years later.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    By bkahekrgdhge
    The cw app is amazing and has stuff all the time. This app literally... has nothing but one show that’s worth watching. All around this is is horrible.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Anonamous88665566
    The app doesn’t even have 3 of the most popular shows on the network and those 3 shows were the only reason I downloaded the app.
  • Keyboard Stays Up When Searching 1/5

    By AJilian
    When you try to search, the keyboard does not go away. This becomes a problem when trying to scroll and select episodes that are below the keyboard. Very frustrating.
  • The Flash 1/5

    By Tryn27
    Cool app or whatever, but you don’t have the flash. That’s the only reason I downloaded it cause I thought you’d have it but you have episodes that start at like 13 and skip to 15, 17, 19. I need the whole season 6. Thank you
  • Not Good Layout 2/5

    When you hit the search button and search up your show it only brings up one or two episodes. It doesn’t even give u the full show so if you want to binge watch something you HAVE to find it in the discovery section.
  • Stream Without Use???? 1/5

    By Myaa ❤️
    This app was streaming without me using it. Checked my cellular use and it said I used this app more than netflix which an absolute lie! Uninstalled it immediately. Won’t install again. Incredibly creepy.
  • add more shows 3/5

    By julie-bruz
    the app is kind of glitchy but it’s alright .. i just hate that supernatural isn’t on it. the animated version is cute but i want to watch the original.
  • Important 3/5

    By App reviewy
    The app is great I love it ,but why so many ads in one episode why not just have on in the beginning.

    By hzuahnss
    First of all, too many ads it’s annoying that you only get like 5 minutes of watching the show then it would go to like 6 ads just to watch 5-6 minutes of the show. This is so annoying I might as well get Hulu and pay more instead of using this trash.
  • horrible 1/5

    By sailor fhdjsjd
    I got this app to watch all of river dale season 4 not just the newest which is what it advertised there is also only about 10 show’s featured on the main page otherwise you can’t watch the whole series do not download this app unless they update there software
  • Supernatural 1/5

    By Steph3877
    I have looked on CW app and the CW seed I cannot find the first episodes of Supernatural season 15 in either one. I enjoy that show and just got caught up on Netflix and now I can’t even watch the shows that were in the first of this season. If you want to give consumers a reason to use app., you might want to give them what they want to watch.
  • It’s trash 2125 1/5

    By hi21352
    There are barley any shows and the good ones like arrow they canceled so what is the point

    By rdoggzz
    Exactly as the title says... The Ray/ Constantine..etc??
  • Title 1/5

    By Atwood ropes
    When trying to watch episode most of them were not actually episodes and the first episode of the season was not there.
  • Wow 🤩 4/5

    By llifeistooshort
    Fantastic app but could improve Could you please add old tv series like 90210, gossip girl , hart of Dixie etc
  • Not helpful 1/5

    By riverlps444
    I wanted to watch Riverdale season four and on this app is has the last few episodes but none of the other episodes.
  • ADS ! 1/5

    By mynamemyname😦
    So I downloaded this app to get some good shows Hulu and Netflix don’t have. When I found a show to watch I had to watch 3 long ads every 5-10 minutes. It’s so stupid. I can’t just sit and enjoy my show with ads. If there were ads only once in each episode it wouldn’t be as bad. I would not download this app!!!!
  • To much ads. At least just have an option to get rid of ads 3/5

    By -NO-ADS-!!
    In my opinion CW should have an option that allows you to make a once a month paid membership on the CW with no ads and those who want a free membership receive ads. And finally I could have a paid membership like vip, you know something like Netflix. and I won’t get any ads or the episodes won’t disappear after a period of time. You guys should think about this
  • Meh🤨🤦🏼‍♀️ 3/5

    By @mpenrod1120
    Its ok. Not the best. I would not recommend but if you are interested then I would definitely try it out. The thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t give very many options....
  • Here’s the thing about CW seed 1/5

    By kaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddd
    I love the shows but the thing is almost ever single show on here ends in a terrible way so I start watching a show just to be left with a cliff hanger finally like L.A complex, Forever, privileged, and The secret circle. And those are the same shows you promote like are you kidding me?????!!!!!!!
  • Downfalls 2/5

    By toya-riyah
    They have all the best shows but I don’t like how they don’t have all the episodes. Like for instance. Supergirl starts off with episode 16 of season 5. Seasons 1-4 are not there and that’s stupid because what about people who need to watch it from episode 1 of season 5 like me. And what about people who never watched it and need episode 1 from season 1... y’all need to fix that fr💯
  • App fails constantly 1/5

    By Jutty Bird
    The app times out at least once per episode and won’t come back for 30 min or so. And I have fiber internet at around 300mbps.
  • It’s okay but the app is wack 3/5

    By Malaika Jabbar
    The description says I can watch any show I want so I opened the app and first it only showed like 15 maybe shows so I tried to search for the show I wanted to watch and then there where a couple of FULL episodes but the first episode was only a clip and now I can’t watch the first episode because all I can find is a scene😤.
  • WHAT THE ***k 1/5

    By Jesusdestrys
    There is no shows that I like like dude what the ***k
  • All American Season 1 and 2 added? Please 1/5

    By Erik Garcia-Romero
    i don’t see why they shouldn’t put the full 2 seasons of all american, i wanna rewatch them, and i don’t got netflix atm, i’m disappointed.
  • Was 5 stars but... 2/5

    By laybay201
    I was binging Ghost Whisperer, and I went to go download the app on my moms iPad since I know she loves the show as well. After downloading I go to search for the show, and cannot find it. This seems weird to me, since I had watched it just recently on mine. So I look on my iPad and it isn’t there, either, which probably means they took it off. This makes me sad, since I was super into the show, because I had watched this show when I was younger and I had loved it then and now. That was the only show I watched on the app, although there are others I could check out. Maybe keep the shows on permanently, if you put them on. I loved it while it lasted, though!!
  • Favorite show 5/5

    By Country-mom911
    Love the secret circle
  • Show 1/5

    By jesspalomi
    You took off ghost whisperer
  • I normally love this app but 3/5

    By Cigarettesaremybestfriend
    I'm currently having issues. Chose whisper says I can click on it and watch shows, but all the content has disappeared and I just started season three and it's my birthday and I'm really sad right now. The only other criticism I had is that the screen image swing with how your holding it. It's doable if you don't fix it, but a little dizzying reading sideways.
  • The cw seed 1/5

    By kate_123456
    First of the app is good but it doesn’t list off the shows I wanna watch and it doesn’t give the show you want to watch like if I want to search up a show it doesn’t list then in order and it doesn’t show them.
  • Me Duty 1/5

    By me unsubscribe
    Playback error stopped episode( it blended ) Plagued with this problem. iPhone 7. Metro PCS. This problem has been ongoing far to long not to have been addressed. To rate in order to send a review?
  • no full episode 1/5

    By nora padula
    i was really excited that i could finally watch riverdale season 4 free on cw but i cant even watch ep 1 as a full episode.
  • The glitches 4/5

    By Kawayla D
    The app is perfect and the content is amazing but there is one problem that make me want to delete the app and it enrages me a lot. This problem is the fact that I cannot turn my screen so that the home button faces to the left. I can’t turn this screen to save my life and it irks me a lot so it we fix this tiny problem and make it so rotation lock is off on the entire app i will give this 5 stars.
  • Good Shows, Poor Design 3/5

    By TheLiteraryFeline
    CW, first, thanks for the great content! I appreciate your shows, and watch regularly. However, my complaint is the layout, and the inability to resume a series where I left off. When I stop a show on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc, it picks back up where left off. Not so for CW Seed. You better make a note of which episode you were watching, or your gonna spend a lot of your TV time hunting. Also, why don’t you list all your shows? If I’m looking for something to watch, I have to know the name of a specific show. You can’t scroll through, browse what’s out there. I personally don’t mind the commercials... hey, it’s free TV with good content. And I also don’t have any problems with shows not running or stalling like some other reviews said. But the design/layout needs work. I feel like these a fairly easy fixes for your developers.
  • It great but... 4/5

    By flippypac
    It’s great I’ve been watching ghost whisper after years of trying to find it and now I can... only problem is that half way through the show I’m kicked out....I use the app on my Xbox so I’m hoping you guys can fix it? Please?
  • i just wanted to watch one tree hill 2/5

    By h e y !
    maybe i don’t understand the app or something but when i search up a specific show, nothing would come up. if i’m being honest, i just came to watch one tree hill and the oc and i was pretty disappointed when it wasn’t there but when i looked on the home screen of the app it was the same like 12 shows listed over and over again. so unless you’re there to watch the carrie diaries or schitts creek, (which are really great, i’ve just seen them both and btw are heavily advertised on this app) or especially if you’re maybe just trying to watch chad michael murray and rachel bilson in 2003 maybe not the right move for ya bud.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By DemonSlayer33
    This has to be the most horrendous streaming app that I have ever encountered. I am a huge fan of the shows that the CW puts out, but after seeing that this app lacks all of the shows that I downloaded it to watch, I feel nothing but disappointment and dissatisfaction. After reading some of the other reviews, I can see that I’m not the only one with a problem. Honestly, as we progress into the digital age where people want to have constant access to the shows they love, you’d think that more work would go into pleasing the people who watch shows from the CW channel.
  • Fix the part where you continue where you left of 2/5

    By omgfoodie
    I mean I know they have to get money to give us free shows so they give us lots of ads I understand that but when you continue where you left of in a show it starts in a complete different place and then you have to watch the ads all over again!
  • The app itself 1/5

    By kjunhottwheeler
    Here’s the thing...the content that CW provides is really good. The app though is horrendous. You don’t list all your shows (in fact, you have like 8 shows featured) the featured shows have no real rhyme or reason because age doesn’t seem to be a factor. Legacies, for instance, is an excellent show that i have to dive into the CW search engine to find. When searching for the show it brings up everything matching the keyword, but in no discernible order. Why do you not just have the shows listed and the episodes to the available shows in a sub-category? It makes no you just not want people watching most of your shows? CW is already a stubborn company that is fighting the death of cable tv harder than most and it clearly shows in this app that they have no regard for their online community. CW...this is why you will fade into obscurity. Failing to adapt to future tech is going to be your downfall. You had your time in the may not make all the money you used to if you convert your business to a more modern set-up...understand though that you won’t make any money at all if you just go bankrupt. Get over yourself and move on.
  • Great content. Doesn’t update Apple TV app. 2/5

    By M-Ku
    I like it except it stopped updating what’s playing in “Up Next” portion of Apple TV app on my iPhone. Even though they say they are compatible. Help please!
  • Great content, awful setup 3/5

    By Rhi.1.20
    It’s awesome the shows are free to stream but it’s frustrating trying to continue a show because there’s no way to show which one you left off on and if you exit the app it’ll make you restart the episode and you’re subjected to rewatch all the ads if you want to skip ahead.

CW Seed app comments

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