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D&D Beyond App

Access all of your Dungeons & Dragons content anywhere you go with the D&D Beyond reader. - D&D products. Browse, unlock, and read the entire Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition library. - Offline access. Never miss your books, even in areas without wifi coverage. - Bookmarks and Search. Find the rules you need when you need them! - Display options. Read as you like in book, clean, or night modes.

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D&D Beyond app reviews

  • No character builder 1/5

    By TexasSailorKS
    I cannot see ever paying full price for books I own, just to read in an app that I can’t even use to build my characters.
  • Spell listings are incorrect 2/5

    By Croggon72
    So far as I can tell, not a single spell that has Concentration as part of its duration in the PHB is listed with Concentration in the app. This is a pretty significant oversight, and calls into question the accuracy of the app’s entire body of work. Please correct this as soon as possible!
  • Characters 1/5

    By MoriorOmnisDies
    How can the critical role people access their characters for like 2 years now but it’s still not a feature for anyone else with the app? COME ON!!!!
  • Characters? 2/5

    By Kial Narsones
    I love DnDBeyond but this app doesn’t get me to my characters which means I still have to just use the website...
  • Search is ATROCIOUS! 1/5

    By brandenlee nickname
    This app is my preferred way of reading D&D content, and it’s AWESOME for that... however, if you’re trying to look anything up using the Search feature. FORGET ABOUT IT. It’s not even worth your time. It is so fundamentally broken that it’s unusable. The Search either crashes when you try to apply any filter...or it shows EVERY entry that contains the words your searching for. Example: Short Rest It doesn’t show you the section/entries for Short Rest AT ALL. What it does show you is EVERY entry that contains the word "short" and every entry that contains "rest". You’ll get spells, class feats, monsters that have those words somewhere in their stat block... the list goes on and on... but it never shows the entry for "Short Rest". I don’t understand how the Search feature is so bad?! PRO TIP: If you need to look something up, go to D&D Beyond’s website and look it up there. Short Rest is the top hit. WHOEVER NOW OWN’S D&D BEYOND, PLEASE MAKE THE SEARCH FEATURE WORK AT LEAST AS GOOD AS THE WEBSITE. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF VECNA!
  • Tried looking at the polymorph blade rapier and app keeps crashing 3/5

    By Black sword knight
    While looking through the magical weapons and accessing the polymorph blade rapier the app crashed tried with anything with polymorph blade with same result occurring
  • Fancy D&D Reader Needs Character Sheets 2/5

    By AJ Farnham
    This app is great for references if you don’t have any devices around to look it up on the browser. But that’s about as good as a Kindle reader exclusively for their marketplace booms. This app badly needs to integrate character sheets. Allow users to access their characters and campaigns. It would be a bonus if users could even create characters on the app. Hell, even allowing users to merely download their characters would be infinitely better than this over the top limited DND wiki.
  • Purchase twice? 1/5

    By Winderoth
    I already own all the books as hardcover books. I really wish I didn’t have to buy them all again to be able to look at them on my phone. There should be a digital code inside every hardcover to unlock the content on the app and online.
  • Not getting what I purchased 1/5

    By ragedviper99
    I was loving this app and using it to reference to so I decided to buy an adventure book “Hoard of The Dragon Queen”, now after being charged 21$ I cannot access this adventure and it prompts me to buy again, even though it shows my receipt in my email, purchase history, and bank.
  • Really should just be a packaged version of their mobile web app. 2/5

    By Chevcast
    It’s okay. It’s basically like having all the content you bought in kindle format. I do like that it downloads the text for offline viewing. However the search feature in this app is horrible, whereas the search on their website is wonderful. Really though, this app should basically include a packaged version of their web app which is already responsive and great on mobile. It would be nice to access the totality of dndbeyond from an app without the need to open a mobile browser.
  • Good Ap, could be better 4/5

    By Cadrial
    Is it a useful app for looking up rules and other information but it could definitely benefit from adding the ability to review character sheets and campaign information.
  • Great 5/5

    By Tyhotard
    This app has helped me soo much in my campaigns. Dm for 5 campaigns weekly and without this app I’d be so lost. It is a Very good and reliable Quick reference
  • Not working 2/5

    By Battgang
    The app is not loading at all. Just stays on the opening screen.
  • Dude, Where's My Character? 2/5

    By AndyKnick
    Months after release and the app is still missing what is probably the biggest draw of D&D Beyond: quick and easy access to your character sheets.
  • Useless without character sheets 1/5

    By Prairie_Grl
    What’s the point if I cannot access my character sheets? Also should make ALL core rule books free or ALL content needed for character creation.
  • Would be great IF 1/5

    By nooneclose
    This app would be great if it had character sheets like the online website does.
  • Purchased content unavailable in app 1/5

    By Jasoncb
    Purchased online content (spells, races, subclass, etc) are not available in this app even though it has access to your twitch account.
  • Won’t access your characters 1/5

    By gudfunhavluk
    No option to use your characters from the app.
  • Mostly Pointless At This Point 3/5

    By RondyR
    Like numerous other reviewers have stated the app lacks the features and accessibility of the website, which is pretty much the complete opposite use of an app. Until the app receives a massive update I’ll just continue to use Fight Club 5 as that app is currently leagues ahead of this one. You could be good, DNDBeyond app. You can even be great. I believe in you. It’s time for you to level up!!
  • Still haven’t received my digital player hand book purchase 1/5

    By bebeaux64
    I bought the phb through the dnd beyond app 2 days ago and haven’t received my product. I have sent numerous emails to customer service only receiving one asking for order ID. Silence for another 24 hours and haven’t received an confirmation this is being handled, or refunded. Terrible experience and almost certainly not going to be purchasing anything else from 5e.
  • Great Start, character sheets needed 3/5

    By Gerbigovitch
    This has been an amazing resource when playing and running games of 5th Ed. D&D. As mentioned by others, there still seems to be an issue with the search function not always showing results from books you have downloaded, as well as having issues with App crashes and content loading issues. I’d give it 4 stars hands down if you incorporated a character sheet in-App, instead of relying on the website... I’d give it 5 stars if you would include (even if purchases were needed) tools to allow for greater ease of actually running a campaign, such as: -an ability to quickly populate a folder with all of the Monsters, Spells, Etc. for a home-made dungeon. -an ability to use the Dungeon Tiles that can be purchased in the Marketplace to create Dungeon Maps. -a slightly better interface than the “notes” section for actually making a home-made adventure.
  • Love it, but 3/5

    By B.Denman
    I really hope at some point this app gets merged with the website. I have an online account and dont want to rebuy the books. I would also like to access my characters from app.

    By stokedinstokesville
    Paid $30 for Volos guide, am unable to unlock the content. Just prompts me to buy again. Unable to get a response or a refund from either app or iTunes Store. Very disappointed and frustrated.
  • no longer working on ipad 3/5

    By Vanitas 42
    still works on my phone and It’s supposed to be compatible with my ipad but there has been a constant error logging in to my account. worked before.
  • I love this app just one issue 4/5

    By Poopfart McBunglehole
    I love being able to access any of my D&D books in this app but if I found anything to really “complain” about it would be a lack of character sheets. I think that would be an extremely useful addition and would help put players, such as myself, who prefer keeping their characters online instead of on paper. Overall though I love this app it is truly great!
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Mazer1425
    This app feels more like a beta. I have all of the DnD beyond content available online, and so far online access is much more reliable that using the app. Accessing the individual Compendium items is unreliable. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. You cant download purchased items in the background while accessing a different app. Downloads also get interrupted when the ipad goes to sleep.
  • Why use it? 2/5

    By MyNameAintBaby
    The absence of character sheets makes the DND Beyond website much more useful. Other than having the option to purchase books that you probably won’t read on your phone, the app doesn’t help during play when a reference tool would really help.
  • Missing something 3/5

    By RainbowCaterFly
    It’s a good app for looking up rules but I really wish you could access your character sheets from it. The mobile website is fairly buggy and when I’m playing it gets in the way. Another complaint with Beyond in general is that I own almost every companion book and really don’t want to spent hundreds of dollars to buy them again so even if I use DnD Beyond I still have to look stuff up in the books. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to implement something that allows me to prove I own the books but I know it’s not that hard to add character sheets come on guys
  • Mediocre attempt 1/5

    By gnomercee
    Mediocre at best! Without the character sheet this is pretty much useless. Just the ability to see and manipulate character sheet that was built on the web would be a great improvement. Add character creator and this would be awesome! Since I must use the web for my character I might as well only use the web.
  • On the computer, dndbeyond is awesome, on the phone it’s a waste. 1/5

    By Kyle Bachman
    While using it as a reference is alright but a simple safari google query is often free and faster access to all content. What makes dndbeyond special is the character sheets and character management which the app just doesn’t have....
  • No character sheet availability? 1/5

    By disappointed1976012365432
    What’s the point then? No thanks.
  • I expect better 1/5

    By 111111111111222222222222333333
    -Using iPad mini 3. -Just crashes when I try to download owned resources. -No access to character customizing or character sheets. I don't see ANY reason to use the app at this point in development instead of the website.
  • Needs more. 3/5

    By DeepSeaScout
    This is a great start. Really needs to have character sheets and campaign information added. With a sync option for offline use.
  • Useful. But mobile is so so 4/5

    By knughtedangel
    The iPad edition and website are fantastic and my #1 go too. However the mobile app is extremely slow, along with crashing quite often. It would be nice to have the capability of the website on the app. But I also understand hardware ;).
  • Eh 2/5

    By Kitchen_Dweller
    The only reason I have the app downloaded is the hope that one day it will have character sheets
  • Very Convenient Unless You Are a Player 4/5

    By Jdgsksjsbd
    I enjoy the convenience of having all of the resources right at my fingertips, however, when I’m the one playing it is very frustrating to have to use Safari to reach my character sheet. Aside from that major issue, everything else is fine for the most part. Of course minor tweaks and fixes here and there, but other than that and the lack of character sheets, the app is very useful. Please add character sheets.
  • The app we need 5/5

    By Boochboochy
    This app is missing a few key features, but is the best thing players and DMs have going for them. The dev team communicates openly with the consumer base on Twitter about vision and future
  • Great app 4/5

    By Acid venom
    Very useful app , but would be even better if they had created character sheets rather then going to the website it self for quicker reference and access as well as homebrew stories
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Wolfknght
    I am a huge fan of D&D Beyond but find myself not using the app anymore due to not being allowed to download any content without the app crashing. This happens on both my phone and my tablet. Great website garbage app. DO NOT USE
  • Almost Useless 1/5

    By PigfartsIsOnMars2
    May I suggest that you look at ' Fight club 5' and 'Game Master 5' to get an idea of what the community wants in an app? I mean, seriously, I can't have a character sheet in the app? I can't set up an encounter, let alone a campaign? This app is a bad way to look at ebooks, nothing more. If that is what you were going for, then sell them in the apple book store so we at least get the features that their reader app has going for it. Just use the official website...
  • What they said... 3/5

    By tensider_T
    Like others have noted, the lack of character management options here is glaring. That would change this from a nice pdf reference broswer (and store) to a genuinely useful tool at the table.
  • No Campaign details? Whut 3/5

    By NeedsMoarDragonz
    The app would get 5 stars if it had character sheets and campaign availability in it. You guys HAVE to fix this ASAP. It’s ridiculous that it’s not in here.
  • Always well done 4/5

    By CountlessEidolon
    Have been using the website for awhile now, until my laptop broke. This app has covered for most of my loss, except for loosing the character sheets. Hope the add that soon
  • Feature request 3/5

    By Silrosriv
    The only thing that would complete this app is the actual character builder.
  • What’s the point? 2/5

    By Arksyne
    You can’t even view or manage characters from the app. Save your bytes and use the website.
  • Needs lots of improvement 3/5

    By TylerCorp925
    The app itself is great. However there are many spells missing and often times things don’t load or the app crashes. I would give it five stars if they could fix these things.
  • Great, but can get better 4/5

    By sweat-e
    This is an invaluable tool for running published adventures. Being able to open monster stat blocks directly from the encounter description saves a lot of flipping back and forth through source books. Some content is a bit buggy, with links not always opening the correct compendium content. That said, it still has some key features missing: * Ability to easily filter only content you own in searches * No ability to see your characters from the app (makes this a DM only app) * No ability to use Homebrew content * No ability to write notes I did not factor in
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By Cccc678
    Wish there was a zero star choice
  • Big Dud 1/5

    By Stormrider78
    I downloaded the app to my iPhone 7plus twice and could never get it to load/open either time.

D&D Beyond app comments

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