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  • Current Version: 1.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Curse, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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D&D Beyond App

Access all of your Dungeons & Dragons content anywhere you go with the D&D Beyond reader. - D&D products. Browse, unlock, and read the entire Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition library. - Offline access. Never miss your books, even in areas without wifi coverage. - Bookmarks and Search. Find the rules you need when you need them! - Display options. Read as you like in book, clean, or night modes.

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D&D Beyond app reviews

  • $659.78 for all content 2/5

    By nexj
    Interested in learning the basics, they have some free basic rule sets, but anything in-depth will cost you $29.99 per book to add on. There’s 22 different marketed books.
  • It’d Be 5 Stars if it Didn’t Crash 3/5

    By NohawkMike
    To be clear, only certain digital content will randomly cause a crash. But it's frustrating to have everything downloaded into a great compendium app like this, to know that there's a solid chance clicking something like Volo's Guide will crash the app. Otherwise, I love this app. D&D Beyond is helping me get newbies hooked and this is a great way to keep all my digital content downloaded and available.
  • Needs some bugs squashed. 2/5

    By PaulC99
    Potential, but frustrating to use at the moment. Big issue is the app crashing when opening content and lately, refusing to download purchased content. Opening support issues has only resulted in “try reinstalling the app and re-downloading all your content,” which does not give me a lot of hope that are actually interested in fixing it. On top of that, there’s is missing functionality from the web site such as your campaigns and characters. If I have to go to the browser for those, it’s just as easy to forego the app entirely and at least be able to use tabs to have more than one item available at a time. I do very much enjoy DnDBeyond on the web, but the iOS phone app has way too many issues to depend on at the moment.
  • Ok 4/5

    By Lique57
    Good, but when I select the basic rules, I am forced to exit the app
  • No character sheet support 2/5

    By Nosox
    Not sure why I can put my character online but not in-app making me use the site instead. Why have an app?
  • Pretty cool buuut... 3/5

    By ryanjyanez91
    I like this app but I can’t find my character I created here. I have to go to the actual website. I wish I could at the app tho.
  • Functional and yet useless 2/5

    By snurtz
    The access to compendium content is nice and easy, but when your site is more useful than your app in 2018, you may have some issues. I would rather use the mobile site and have access to my character sheets than go back & forth between app & site.
  • Great for the books! 5/5

    By crusificton
    I enjoy reading and navigating the books on the app. I wish they would add my character sheets to the app as well.
  • Functional but not useful 3/5

    By FullMetalSeraph
    This app provides access to purchased info but process much less useful for gaming because I cannot access our modify character sheets. I feel better off using the mobile browser until this is implemented, which really stinks if I need offline access.
  • Bugged 1/5

    By ernestfartingway
    Crashes every time I try to open a book on my 8plus
  • It can be good! 4/5

    By BenHill
    UPDATE: Ok, it's a lot better now. Thanks to the devs for listening. ____ I am really rooting for you guys. Search (really the most important thing)really needs work. What should speed up the game actually delays the pace. There's pretty constant crashes. Would love actual hyperlinks within the articles. Would love tabs I can have open on monsters / items. And then...yeah...character sheets. But i would say the app needs general stabilization first.
  • Works sometimes 3/5

    By tryg gessner
    Amazing when it works! But a lot of the time it says no results. If it worked all the time it would be awesome!
  • Personal Content 4/5

    By Some Random Guy Writing Music
    My only complaint is that I don’t have access to my character sheets or anything else I’ve created through D&D Beyond.
  • Crashes on iPhone when trying to open DM guide. :( 3/5

    By EnderAZ
    The app crashes from my iPhone when trying to open compendiums.
  • Lacks website functionality 3/5

    By Monkafust
    Basically just digital reference PDFs. The most useful feature of the website, the character builder, is not included.
  • Elemental Evil Crash 4/5

    By OnionsTheCat
    Great when it works, but the Elemental Evil players guide crashes the app every time.
  • Can’t even use it 1/5

    By CinnyJJ
    I tried signing up for a twitch account and it just wouldn’t let me, it would either say my email is not valid or that I was “signing up to fast” really?😒 I learned about this from critical role and frankly it makes them look bad, and from what I read on other reviews, even at five stars people are saying that it has some major issues, either fix it or take the app off of the store, or at least respond to people and get feedback to fix things.
  • Needs more functionality at the table 2/5

    By MrEdaniels
    It would be great if the iOS version was able to access character sheets like the android version is.
  • Filters need to be fixed 2/5

    By hofer18
    The app is great. It makes finding things very easy but when I tried to filter monsters by either movement or location it showed no results. If this issue gets fixed I will change my review

    By AndrewAnonymous
    Perfect but it needs the characters I create.
  • good reference 3/5

    By anti142
    This app is good for reference on what spells do and such. I would definitely prefer if you could access character profiles like on the website, but otherwise it’s a good app. Functional, definitely.
  • Good Start 4/5

    By Loreador82
    Review would be higher if all quick links worked properly in all books and if it had character sheet support.
  • Needs character slots 2/5

    By Benjis angel
    Good app, but wish I could see my characters and the content I bought
  • Latest update completely broke app on iPhoneX 1/5

    By Daniel1986
    I’ve tried singing in and out of my account and restarting my phone. Event uninstalling and reinstalling the app. No dice. The app will load, but tapping on any compendium content, even the basic rules, immediately crashes the app.
  • I forget what it’s for 4/5

    By Rare Candy Gamer
    The update helped, I guess. Why doesn’t it come with character sheets to download, copy, fill, etc?
  • No sheet 1/5

    By SquirrellyDo
    No character sheet, no point.
  • Missing spells and other things 4/5

    By murrayzz1
    This is not a review but I wanted to say something’s 1. Can look at my characters 2.missing spells for the blood hunter That’s it, this app is still great and I love it Also I wish there was a way to put your books that u brought at the store onto this and make them online and not just paper Incase something gets damaged
  • I regularly run games with this app 5/5

    By jollygreengiant53
    The listings addition was a game changer for running games from my phone. Love it!!!
  • Good app, having troubles 3/5

    By Dragonwar54
    So I used this app for a little bit, but now I can’t open the basic rules. Plz fix
  • Fantastic concept, average execution 3/5

    By GTLongshot
    Cons: - Sometimes doesn’t load quickly, or at all. I’m hoping the offline functionality fixes this. I’ll come back and change this if it does. - Search function isn’t very “smart”. When I search for something specific in the books, it usually comes up with things that have nothing to do with what I searched for. I usually have to hunt through all the entries to find something that even applies. This is bad when you search for “longsword” and the weapon equipment section isn’t even the first on the list. - There is a lot more to D&D Beyond, but we haven’t heard a peep about adding new functions to the app. There have been promises, but the app has been out for a long time now. How is having access to the characters you created on the website not a priority? - You can’t read through the books like they’re the books. Well, not efficiently anyway. There is no page numbers, nor is there any easy way to get to a table of contents. It’s like they took the worst of the search functions and the worst of the scrolling functions and placed them both into the app. Pros: - The app is getting better, slowly, but it is getting better. And when they do an update, it usually works properly. It’s good that they’re not rushing updates just to make consumers happy, and instead focus on a quality product that doesn’t crash every other update. - It’s great having all the information for the game at your fingertips. I hated having to lug around all my books with me for every game. This makes using the resources available to much easier. - Subsection selections. This is new, I believe. It makes it a bit easier to search for something specific like a monster or a piece of equipment. All in all, I’d recommend the app, but just have patience when you use it. It’s not always intuitive, but it is always improving.
  • A Fantastic Start 4/5

    By Goblinkatie
    Running this on my iPad 6, I have not had any stability issues. The app currently only supports the access of published resources, no personal content -such as character sheets- is available at this time. That said, what it does offer, it does well. It’s worth the download for the access to the books and the instant access bookmark feature.
  • Don’t 1/5

    By Gman likes Minecraft
    No. Don’t waste your money here. There are thousands of ways to get these things for free. For instance: Summon a demon lord, give time your soul, and BAM.
  • Needs character sheets at least 1/5

    By onetruth1988
    Ideally it would be great if we could do all on the app as we can on the website. Creating characters, seeing character sheets, seeing your teams and characters, reading the players hand book, while also still having access to Downloadable content. It would just be nice to use an app instead of getting to the website format on my phone...
  • its just to make money 3/5

    By Sameberhart
    i like the way the app is presented but its just to make money. you should at least let the started books like the players hand book be free.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By pyro-sniper_45
    I used the app before and it was just a way to use D&D Beyond on mobile, which was great! A little while back, you guys made the mobile app just the books for some reason. Since then, the app is just pointless, considering I can’t access anything the regular Beyond service provides.
  • Purchase error 1/5

    By azazael526
    I bought xanathars through the app, I was charged but I’m not able to use or download the book. I’ve tried contacting through email but there been no response for a week now.
  • Great website but HORRIBLE app 1/5

    By ScottBytes
    The app is nothing more than a simple e-reader....and not even close to a good one. It lets you read books and bookmark pages, and well, that’s really it. Character sheet? No. Ability to track campaign info? Nope. See who’s even in your campaign? Forget about it. The sole reason for the one star: the app is free...and that still somehow feels overpriced.
  • Work In Progress 5/5

    By ClayZeus
    These guys just started. It is a work in progress. But what we have so far is great. Looking forward to the character sheets in the app. The overall capability is worth the money. I have the Legendary Bundle and am happy I purchased it all.
  • Lacking Features 2/5

    By SoniColinK
    As a DM, having the books on hand is helpful with the app. This is speedy and clean. Not having access to character sheets is a tough draw, and not having more accessible spell lists like the site is another limitation. It’s frustrating to have my service fragmented between the app and site. Incorporating them should be the next step in its development.

    By NickySF
    This app has been out for a while. The lack of options other than just having a downloadable book is terrible. For the amount of money fans spend on DND Beyond, you can afford to have some entry level system engineer design a port from the website to create a mobile version of the character sheets, etc. This isn't that difficult! Make it happen!
  • Less Than Bare Bones 2/5

    By Michelle Branch Rocks!
    Just an app to access manuals. Hopefully they will incorporate character sheets. That is really what people want out of this app. Being able to access the manuals is nice too, but that should really be a secondary feature.
  • Horrible Search 2/5

    By wgappuser
    I’m fine with not having my character sheet on here. The mobile website is great for that. But as a quick reference guide I can’t search for anything. It just brings up the first word on any page that matches.
  • A good beginning 4/5

    By 1337animator
    This app is a great compendium source. Hopefully in the future it will incorporate character sheets, like if I go to dndbeyond in the chrome app.. but it’s a great resource nonetheless and the people at dndbeyond work really hard so I’m sure it’ll only get better.
  • Sorely Disappointed 1/5

    By Geekpreacher
    Why is there none of the same functionality as the website? This doesn’t make sense at all. If I have to log on to the website for most of the functions I want why do I need this app? I wanted an app where I could download my character sheets and make new characters. There is none of that functionality in this app.
  • Lots of problems 2/5

    By Attila_The_Fun
    Buggy No Offline mode Horrible search Can’t access character sheets offline Almost as expensive as the real books
  • Good, but needs more 3/5

    By Norr1n'sGotSk1llz
    As a DM this app is great for me. All the books I need are right here available on my phone. For players however, it’s a little lacking. It doesn’t support character sheets, which is a major let down. The lack of compatibility on that end is what brings the app down, but otherwise it’s great.
  • Useless and disappointed 1/5

    By DC181
    If you already own the books there's no reason for this app. There is no in-game functionality and it's worse than the buggy website. All the hype surrounding Beyond and it's just a cash grab for ebook sales. No tools, character sheets, or game running in this app.
  • Everything I Wanted 5/5

    By Dat Freak
    If you are looking for an offline way to use your D&D books, this solution is near flawless. The access is a bit expensive, but I found it to be very much worth it. The bookmark feature is awesome, Curse has a very responsive support team, and the ability to read every D&D book offline on planes and in dead zones is indispensable. Great job guys. Also, character sheets please.
  • Navigation stack issues 4/5

    By AaronLH
    Generally off to a good start but one really frustrating thing I've noticed as I used this to read the new Waterdeep module is that it will do state restoration into the middle of the book but the back button doesn't go to TOC but instead to the book library list. Makes it so you have to swipe/paginate back to the TOC again before you can resume navigating in and out of sections.

D&D Beyond app comments

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