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  • Current Version: 1.5.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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D-Sappli App

Sony's D-Sappli is a free app that lets you play music anytime you want. "D-Sappli" also optimizes the functions of the Sony speaker docks. [Basic Function] D-Sappli lets you make simple settings to the speaker dock function. The Music Play Timer is a function that lets you play and stop music at your desired time. The Sleep Timer lets you fall sleep with your favorite music while the music stops automatically. 7 unique designs available for clock display. The brightness of the clock screen changes by sliding your finger vertically on the screen. [Sony Enhanced Functions] D-Sappli has more valuable functions by inserting your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad on the speaker. - D-Sappli can memorize up to 10 alarms with your choice of the time, dates and alarm tones. For speaker dock with AirPlay function: D-Sappli supports network settings, providing a simple connection to a network already connected to iPod touch/iPhone/iPad. For speaker dock with Clock function: D-Sappli will automatically set the clock by synching the date/time information from an iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, and let you setup the alarm easily using the touch screen of the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad. For speakers dock with radio function: D-Sappli helps you manage preset stations by showing the preset list with editing the name, sorting orders, and changing the frequency on screen. For speaker dock with Sound EQ: D-Sappli lets you enjoy the music of your choice with several EQ settings or customizable graphic EQ. *The functions that are available on D-Sappli will differ depending on the speaker dock model. Please refer to the Instruction Manual of the speaker for further details. [Notes] - Please make sure to update D-Sappli to the latest version. - Use the alarm, music timer or sleep timer after while D-Sappli is running. The timer may not operate correctly when other apps are executed or when the home button or the lock button is pressed. - D-Sappli is an app for enjoying music. Playing contents other than music may cause incorrect operation. - Deletion of music selected with the Alarm or the Music Play Timer may cause incorrect operation. - If you wish to use the Timer function or listen to the music for an extended period of time on D-Sappli, please make sure to charge your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad while you use them.

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D-Sappli app reviews

  • D-Sappli 5/5

    By W.412
    Will this app be updated so it can be used with ISO 11 software? I get a message saying need to update before ISO 11 is released by Apple Inc
  • App is junk just crashes 1/5

    By Guierzilla
    App works until you connect it to a dock then it crashes. Changed the clock type stayed on then I got a message that said. “App does not support this accessory”
  • Time 3/5

    By Phoenix12121
    So the App works great but I gave it three stars because when my phone synced with the clock it completely set the clock to the wrong time
  • Get an update?! 2/5

    By jthanso
    Can we PLEASE get an update so that iPhone 6 and newer can work on the ICF-CS15iPN?! Pretty please. All I use this thing now for now is to charge my phone at night.
  • Works with iPhone X 4/5

    By filmguy5
    I used this with my iPhone 4 on a Sony radio. Recently purchased the lightning adapter (only works with official oem Apple adapter) and it works perfectly with my iPhone X. My only complaint is I’d like to program each day of the week for waking up to a different song each morning and it only lets me select weekly. Needs an update as I don’t want to wake up to the same song every morning.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Girthy Gonorrhea
    Honestly, I don’t see how this app is useful with the speaker. Also you can only select songs from Apple Music which nobody uses.
  • Not much to it 3/5

    By TIkiRoomFritz
    Basically, the purpose of this app is to sync the time to your Sony iPhone/iPad/iPod sound dock. It does what it needs to do, and nothing more. I grew concerned that they wouldn't update the app to work with iOS 10, as it had gone for 4 years without any updates. Fortunately, Sony FINALLY updated the app.
  • iPhone X Support needed 2/5

    By Katja Miller
    Please can you make this app work on iPhone x’s new screen size? Thank you.
  • @Dad2theBone 5/5

    By NinGamer17
    I actually just got my adapter and to say the least I have no issues if others are still having issues it might be the fact you need a adapter can use video and not just audio quality.
  • I was shocked this app was even updated for iOS 11. 3/5

    By DeAndre R.
    iPhone X support would be nice.
  • It works again! 5/5

    By sea_matt
    I have a RDP-XA700IPN and an iPhone 8 so I am very very happy to see this app get updated and working again. Thank You!
  • Updated 3/5

    By Breadtoenail
    Wow it has finally updated after 4 years
  • Support update needed 4/5

    By CJAM613
    I have had this app to go with my dock for several years and it has worked wonderfully it to now!! Please get iOS 11 support!! This app is my primary alarm and at home program. Please hurry!!
  • Update needed stat! 1/5

    By Dj jas1ne
    Please update!
  • Won't work with iOS 11 1/5

    By iHateMSFT
    It's as good as dead. Too bad Sony doesn't want to update it. This will severely limit functionality of my alarm clock.
  • No Longer Works 1/5

    By Crooktide
    I had this alarm clock for not even a year before the app stopped working. They stopped updating it and now my phone doesn't charge or play music when plugged into the port. I had to delete the app because it was in fact slowing my phone down.
  • Orphaned App 1/5

    By GoodMusicPlease?
    It's a shame that a company like Sony, once a leader in Consumer Electronics has let this app go into oblivion. My iPhone 6+ will not play upon insetting into the adapter then insetting into the deck. After pressing on/off, audio in, mode, iPod&iPhone, OFF in some random order, then stopping and restarting my phone maybe I'll get some music. If the app were updated to iOS 10.3 I doubt I'd be having this issue. It's shame seeing apps left by the wayside, no longer supported due to other profitable projects within a company. And no I will not be buying a 4K Sony DSLR, nor will I buy a Sony OLED TV. There are better products for less money available. The savvy Consumer has spoken with his checkbook once again!
  • UPDATE IT! 1/5

    By Fcotjpr
  • Has not been updated in years 3/5

    By Kithrenn
    I own the speakers and they still work and I use it still everyday but it's not updated for iOS 10. Hopefully they can update the app sometime.
  • App Update needed!! 1/5

    By Ntowneagles99
    The dream machine worked great.. but the past week for some odd reason my alarm isn't working right, the machine itself is saying my alarm is going off.. but no sound!! But can play my music on the thing and it's fine! It keeps telling me it needs an update on the app. Maybe that's what is wrong!? Help!!
  • Sony has long abandoned this app 1/5

    By Bt3of4
    Update past ios8 breaks it partly, past ios9 breaks it almost completely. Last app update was 3/2013
  • Does not work with iPhone 7 1/5

    By Samnsung??
    Many times appears can't recognize the device and can't update alarms
  • Broken 1/5

    By Gainsa
    iOS updates break this dock.
  • Doesn't work with iOS 10 3/5

    By Sushi_cat_4
    I used this product religiously everyday until I downloaded iOS 10. Now it doesn't work- please fix! I loved this product!!
  • Does not work with IOS 10. 2/5

    By Michael Trull
    While its user interface is disappointing, I've enjoyed programming my Sony alarm clock using the app rather than the alarm clock's buttons. But it does not work since upgrading to IOS 10. Hopefully they will fix the app soon.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Golden419
    Works perfectly just purchased the device and downloaded app with no problems
  • Your APP is broken 1/5

    By Rachaelthisnicknameistaken
    I upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus and now this app doesn't work. Can you update this horrible app please?
  • Please Fix this 1/5

    By Aggglhddtjb
    I loved playing music on my docking station!! I was disappointed when my iPhone 6 said that this device was no longer supported after I updated to iOS 9. I have waited and waited to get an update to allow me to use this, I have cleaned all connectors. My docking station is now just a super big and expensive phone charger. Please please fix this.
  • Not compatible with iPhone 6???? 1/5

    By Camidei
    Too bad. Looks like I will be looking at iHome products instead of Sony products.
  • D-sappli 2/5

    By Mugcityyy
    When is a update for the app coming. Not working for iPhone 6s. Works fine for my old 5 iPhone.
  • IOS 9 - Dream (Nightmare) Machine and iPhone 4S 1/5

    By Frustrated Consumer33
    Since updating to IOS 9 (now 9.1 as I write) the wonderful features of this app (auto Time sync, set alarms, tune stations etc) are no longer working. So the journey began, contacted Sony Technical Support - their suggestions: try cleaning terminals, try resetting both phone and dock, still no luck - "This accessory is not supported on your iPhone”. Sony Tech Support final advice - call Apple, they made the change on their side. So, as futile as you would assume it was going to be, I contact Apple Support. Again, similar rhetoric, we don’t support 3rd Party Applications or devices - best bet is to contact Sony and request an app update. So, contacted Sony support again, spoke to an agent who explains they have no way to contact Sony Engineering, best advice, put something on the Customer forums and hope the community can advise a fix. I now have a very expensive cook radio next to my bed that is unable to sync, play music or program from my phone - hence the 1 star. If there was a lower rating I would give it - very poor support from, what I thought, a reputable company with quality products!
  • Not compatible with iphone6 1/5

    By 1245ww
    A mediocre app, but the sound quality on the dock/stereo was good, and now that I've upgraded my phone, the dock no longer works. Thanks for nothing.
  • Needs update 1/5

    By Mightygoose
    Does not work with iphone6 and 30 pin to lightning adapter.
  • Was simple & great! Now, not so much... 3/5

    By Arpus94
    This app has worked well through all the updates and iPhones since getting my Sony clock radio when I had a iPhone 4. I am now having problems with iOS9. When I dock the alarm settings don't display anymore so I have to adjust the alarm on the radio which takes me back to an interface developed in the 70's. Seems like Sony could keep a current app that would work with all their products. Can't imagine it would take much resources to do. As FYI; I've deleted and reinstalled several times - once in a while it would work for a couple days.
  • iOS update issues 2/5

    By mscross91
    Since the latest iOS updates came out, the app's performance has been spotty in a way it never was before the updates. The app will DISPLAY as if it's sounding the alarm, but the docking station wont play any sound.
  • Rarely chooses to charge my iPhone 5 1/5

    By CR Wills
    I suppose this is app/product criticism... I say "chooses" because it is seemingly random when my iPhone will or will not charge when docked. At first, I thought it was because the app hates certain apps on the iPhone, so I force quit them: no help. Then I thought maybe it was upset my other iOS products were making it cranky, so I force quit apps on my iPad, shut down Spotify on the laptop, turned off Netflix on the Xbox, still: no help. Yesterday it charged for half the night, then it choose to stop, so I woke up to a half-charged phone. This is simply an egregious oversight by a major corporation charging $60 for a product we expect to work. Do NOT use a device that requires this software. CAPITALISM ONLY WORKS IF YOU ONLY BUY WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS. EFF YOU, SONY.
  • Great app to go with Sony Home center 5/5

    By Smashnieto
    App always worked great and I never had to worry about missing an alarm. Thank you!
  • Are there any updates? 2/5

    By Rick VST
    I find it hard to understand how a company like Sony can drop the ball like they did on this app. Why is it that I have to go to Music to restart a song after it has stopped playing after the sleep timer has ended?
  • No alarm functionality 1/5

    By Mmmmnnnnjjjjj
    This app was working perfectly fine for me, but then I updated to iOS 8.4 and now the alarms are missing. I am annoyed as this app is required to make my Sony speaker stand work. Limping along with the sleep timer tonight.
  • Won't sync after iOS 8.4 update 2/5

    By Unclelizard
    I have an iPhone 6+ with an older 30 pin alarm. I used the Apple 30 pin to FireWire adapter and it worked fine. Then I upgraded to iOS 8.4 and it no longer synced. After reinstalling it, it works. I docked it before using the app 1st time.
  • It woke me up for awhile.... 5/5

    By Flipicaneze
    The alarm clock function stopped working. If acts like it's there but now won't turn on the docking station. I have been late because of this as I depended on it for an alarm. Sony fix this problem. I have it installed on two iPhones and am iPad.
  • They have not updated this software for IOS 8 1/5

    By JimL521
    If you purchased a Sony IPhone/IPad docking product and they require you to use this d-sappli app to make it work correctly (for sounding alarms, etc.), return the product because this software doesn’t work with IOS 8. It effectively bricks the Sony docking station for any IOS 8 device alarm clock functionality. Bluetooth and Playing music while docked still works, but you will not be able to use any alarm clock. Repeated emails to Sony have been ineffective. Better to buy the iHome products - at least they work.
  • App broken since IOS 8 1/5

    By GJB-ATown
    Sony- please pay attention to your customers! Applications had been broken since iOS 8.1 issues continue with 8.2. App broken , Sony ignores issue and offer no way to get assistance!
  • wish 24-hour clock mode worked.. 1/5

    By Zmott
    Currently running iOS 7 with my 5s, at first I changed the time to 24 hour clock mode but all of a sudden the docking unit switched back to regular 12 hour clock.. I'm unable to now change it.. it's like tinge dock an phone are no longer communicating.. this app is a good idea just needs a update an a few bug repairs..
  • Update 4/5

    By Epic fun 88
    When I plug my phone in, it tells me that I can't use my ihome to charge my phone. There should be an update.
  • New iOS 1/5

    By Matthew Harrington
    This app worked well on my old 4th gen iPod touch, but ever since I updated to the 5th gen and downloaded the new iOS it doesn't even open the app. Needs new update for compatibility rework...
  • Does what it’s supposed to do 5/5

    By freewayjim
    I don’t understand the low ratings and complaints, this is just a complimentary app that Sony made for the iPhone and the ICF-CS15iPN to communicate with each other, (works great on my iPhone 6) no it doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, what do you want it to do? play movies and balance your checkbook? It’s fine for what it does. I do wish the app were easier to find and had a name that made a little more sense but that’s splitting hairs.
  • Works to setup clock radio, not much else. 3/5

    By fallingrock
    Works fine to configure my clock radio, and that's all I use it for. Seriously needs updating for new phones and ui standards.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ufkcjcj j
    This app is the best app that can be connected to any other device!!!

D-Sappli app comments

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