Daily Practice for the SAT®

Daily Practice for the SAT®

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  • Developer: The College Board
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Daily Practice for the SAT® App

It’s not too early to start practicing for the SAT. Download the Daily Practice for the SAT® app and make practice a part of your daily routine. With breakthrough technology and hundreds of new official questions, Daily Practice for the SAT® allows you to get ready for the new SAT whenever and wherever you choose – for FREE. Key features: • SAT Question of the Day o Answer a question every day or binge from our pool of exclusive official content o Get optional hints and answer explanations to help you improve your performance • Scan and Score o For the first time ever, instantly score a practice SAT by taking a picture of the grid through this app to receive scores, feedback, and personalized instruction. Go to sat.org/scoring to download the practice test and grid Supporting features: • Personalized progress tracking and comparisons • Connect to Official SAT Practice at Khan Academy for personalized practice • Access to SAT dates and registration deadlines

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Daily Practice for the SAT® app reviews

  • Scanning bad 1/5

    By mine248
    This app is bad at scanning accurately
  • won’t scan 2/5

    By Banana.Girl.54
    i mean the daily questions are nice to have but it won’t scan my practice test :( i even put the answers in MANUALLY and it still gave me an error.
  • Literally Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Dr.Why?
    Doesn’t scan and doesn’t even work when you type in the bubbles yourself manually and selections are buggy for the grid ins so you have to read it like a blind person does with your touch btw 3 vibrations = 0 and the You can count up repeat for every single grid in box. 1 vibration is a period and 2 vibrations is a division sign for fractions this is a huge waste of time just grade by hand trust me and the majority of these reviews don’t use this app to grade you are wasting your time
  • Scanner Processing Error 1/5

    By kitsel01
    I used to use this app a decent amount. If I had rated the app a year ago, I would have rated it 3 or 4 stars. The app worked alright. It was sometimes slow to scan. It is super picky about having a complete box to position the scan. Without a complete box, it won’t scan. It made errors from time to time, but scans were mostly accurate. It has been about 6 months since I have been able to use the app. Now, after scanning all of the pages, I get “Scanner Processing Error”. I get that codes break and bugs need to be debugged, but I don’t get why they haven’t fixed such an important feature of the app. Deleting the app. It isn’t worth the space on my phone.
  • Awful, useless app! 1/5

    By RooBell1234
    I got this app to go with my SAT prep class, and it doesn’t even work! I try to scan the paper, and it says that there is an error. And then I spend hours trying to input each separate answer, and it doesn’t even work then! This app just wastes my time and is very frustrating.
  • Fills my heart with hate 1/5

    By AA-12a3
    The college board is literally just the worst
  • useless 1/5

    By 15794563367808643
    didn’t help at all
  • Literal trash 1/5

    By xioskcic
    Can’t scan
  • Great idea, horrible performance 1/5

    By qbcorn
    I got this app as a suggestion from my SAT prep teacher for the main purpose of scanning practice tests. It’s a horrible app that doesn’t work! I keep scanning and manually putting in the scores and it keeps saying that it doesn’t work. I keep the app only because it is the only one from CollegeBoard and the only one with a scanner.
  • Wasukame 1/5

    By llkjhasdf
    Easily the worst app I have ever downloaded. I genuinely thought this app would help me grade my practices but first the scanner would not work and when I did it manually the numbers wouldn’t show up. IT TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR TO TYPE ONE NUMBER BECAUSE THE SCREEN WAS PITCH BLACK!!! After I wen through that awful experience and went to submit my answer, THE SCREEN SAID SCANNING ERROR!!!! I mean are you serious?! So then I proceeded to rage over this moment and close the app. I do not think that this is one thing or just for my one device because IT DIDNT WORK THE WEEK BEFORE OR ON MY OTHER DEVICE! I suggest that instead of using this awful app you just use the answer sheets online to grade and use some online scoring system.
  • scan and score does not work 1/5

    By Pizza lover 1 rocks
    i only downloaded this app to see my score i see the areas that i needed to improve on. only it did not work. fix this. it is ghetto.
  • Will not score test 1/5

    By bskshdjwowhdvjswhqiskb
    Every time after I scan or put in the answers manually and try to score it, it would not work. It keeps saying error, and I end up wasting 30 mins on this.
  • Okay but can’t sign up 2/5

    By totallythetruth
    It is an okay app and a great idea, but I can’t sign up!
  • Bad 1/5

    By MJfan04
    Piece of crap
  • App doesn’t do what it says it will do! 1/5

    By polar mom bear
    Scan and score does not work even when choosing to manually enter the scores yourself. Waste of time.
  • Terrible. Hardly works. 1/5

    By NimbleTie
    It is so difficult to score tests. The scanner hardly works and when it finally detects the page, there’s an error and it can’t process the score. Not only that, I can’t even manually input the score because the full in boxes don’t work. Very disappointed.
  • scanning 1/5

    By Gdbhvnngvnidcbhfvv
    i didn’t want to waste my time scanning with the picture because i felt like it wouldn’t work. i tried it manually and guess what... didn’t work
  • Scanner 1/5

    By jrbriduwgvebtf
    Scanner doesn’t work
  • this app gives me ptsd 1/5

    By matthew8565
    I hate this app so much it traumatized my life so much and made me cry a lot. the scanner is horrible and the whole sat and collegeboard system gives me bad vibes. 10/10 would not recommend to a friend.
  • Can't scan tests easily 1/5

    By ueurhfifej
    Spent 3 hrs taking the test, spent 1 hr just to scan it
  • Waste 1/5

    By asdfghjklrest
    The main reason I got this app was to score my PSAT, but it just does not work!! There are many reviews about how the scan feature does not work so I tried inputting my answers manually and it still does not work. Horrible design.
  • Scanning hardly works 1/5

    By Boomer Clan
    Obviously most people downloaded this app to scan their practice tests. Unfortunately, even with the clearest and least folded paper, the app only scans your answer sheet half the time. Then, it only accepts it a fourth of the time because it constantly bugs out and displays errors, even when it has the entire test scanned. It’s an extremely infuriating process to go through after spending three hours on a practice SAT test.
  • Doesn’t give scores 1/5

    By lizbiz1231
    I spent hours completing the practice test and nothing works when I try to check my scores... I’ve manually entered, scanned, and so on more times than I can count.. really disappointed
  • Crash and Burn 3/5

    By Pandagirl2172
    I got this app to help me practice daily for the SATs. I used it for almost two weeks without issues, but then the app started crashing. Now, it doesn’t crash as soon as I open the app. Instead, I hit the daily question button, and then go. After I hit go, the screen goes white and the app crashes. This has been going on for a few days now. Please fix this bug so that I can continue practicing!!!
  • Great for daily practice, but cannot delete former test records 4/5

    By zodyck
    I accidentally put in a wrong test, and the record cannot be deleted. I really hope you guys can improve on that, and develop a button that can clear scan & score records. A low score on my khan academy home page just makes me super uncomfortable.
  • scanner 1/5

    By Abbydabby167
    tried to scan my practice test and it doesn’t work when you use the scan option or manually put in the answers
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kren522
    You can not scan the test to receive your practice scores and manual entry does not work. You need to fix this.
  • Fails at its one job 1/5

    By nckane13
    Never once have my attempts to score my tests (which is a main function of the app, and the reason for it existing) worked. It either cannot scan, or it cannot process my manual scoring, or so on. I have wasted almost an hour trying to get my practice test scored, and at this point I’ve had just about enough. Find another book, find another app. This one isn’t worth it, and there are other ways to prepare for the SAT.
  • Why College Board? Just Why? 1/5

    By rackethatchel
    How can the one organization that is responsible for the test that decides whether or not a lot of students get accepted into colleges not make a working scanner. It’s so frustrating to use this app to score your test. You just get the same error every time. Do not get this app
  • 0 star if possible 1/5

    By IWSGK
    The fact that this is made by college board doesn’t surprise me. The app doesn’t even do one thing that it’s supposed to do. The scanner doesn’t scan, and the manual input system also glitches out.
  • BAD 1/5

    By kinzabarrister
    If the app does ever actually scan the answer keys for practice tests, it always says error scanning it after it’s been inputted! I cant ever score my tests.
  • Fix it the app so that people can grade their practice tests and use the app College Board. 1/5

    By DaffyTWizzle
    Fix the app so that people can grade their practice test and use the app College Board.
  • Garbage Waste Of Time 1/5

    By Jloxar321
    Every time I fill out the “manual scoring” it sends me a pop up saying “Scan Processing Error”. It takes a VERY LONG TIME to input the answers for each section, so receiving this notification after inputting scores for 20 minutes is EXTREMELY aggravating. FIX IT NOW. There is also no “save button” so it can scan your exam later so you must redo the WHOLE process again.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Liberal56
    The job of this app is to scan and score SAT Practice tests. It is unable to do that. Even if you manually input the answers, the app still fails to score it. The collegeboard needs to completely re-do this app.
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By Bowbin
    This app was totally useless. Do not get this app. It is practically unable to scan tests. Even when I manually entered my answers, it still failed. What a waste of time. If I could give this app 0 stars, I would.
  • Wasted time 1/5

    By LWGcool
    Tried both the scan and manual input on this app multiple times and neither worked.
  • Waste of time. San doesn’t work 1/5

    By amosdad
    Don’t bother getting this for scan. You spend hours trying to scan OR manually entering and it doesn’t work.
  • No 1/5

    By 673859593/5/
    Just No
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By trashiest app in history
    Scanner barely works and then when you put your answers in manually, it says there in an error when it tries to give you a score. This is a pathetic app.
  • Piece of garbage 1/5

    By pile of shit
    There is always errors no matter how clear and bold the shading is. When some answers are questionable we are forced to enter them manually and by the time you enter all the letters manually there is a “processing error” on the letters.
  • Couldn’t grade my practice test 1/5

    By r4che1.l
    I tried to scan in my answers and it wouldn’t let me, saying that I had some corrupt answers (idk what that means) so I decided to do it manually and it still wouldn’t accept it. It said that there was an error. This is really unfortunate because I just spent 2-3 hours doing the whole practice test only to not be able to grade it.
  • The app is horrible 1/5

    By Ri-dog2003
    Not only does the scan feature not work at all, but the manual input simply to receive a score doesn’t work either. After tediously inputting each and every one of my answers with the already garbage and frustrating to use interface, I finally submit my answers only to receive a message stating that my results could not scan when I manually inputted every single one which has nothing to do with scanning. Horrible app. I hope the developers rot in hell along with the collegeboard.
  • Useless for scoring 1/5

    By lmeigh
    Scanning will not work, even with adequate lighting. Also, the app will not scan even manually inputted answers half of the time. Complete waste of time and distracted me from studying because of technical issues.
  • this app does not work 1/5

    By slc#9
    i got this app to quickly and easily score my practice tests, but neither the scanner nor manual enter feature worked. i ended up wasting a fair amount of time trying to get the app to work and did not even receive my scores. i do not suggest getting this app.
  • No way to input test 1/5

    By Bobkin Georgis
    I tried scanning, and I input manually twice but it gives the same error. Complete waste of time and energy.

    By Trout_Sniffer
    The thing won’t scan. The first practice test I had ever done, SAT practice test 10, scanned fine and gave me my score report and everything. The second test and all others refused to scan. This was the whole reason I bought the book, to scan my answers to see if I had improved. Now I have to waste my time manually grading, when I could be doing more questions. When you may y’all grade, they don’t give you a conversion to make it out of 1600. You just see how many you get wrong or right, and why they’re right. I regret spending the money on this book but it’s too late now, the SAT is only 2 weeks away...
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By BigfootFLG
    If there was a zero star option, I would hands down use it for this app. I would think that a nationally renowned organization like the College Board would sink a little more time and money into developing a usable app to help kids succeed on their tests. But I guess not. The grading feature for practice tests is totally bogus. I have tried both the manual input and automatic scans of each page, and each time I press “Score Test”, I get a message saying that the scan failed and I should try again. Also, there is no help section in the app with a number or email to use if you run into problems. There are a lot of flaws that need to be worked out to make this app more user friendly and operational. Guess I should have read all the reviews before I wasted three days with this app.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Izzyxoxox
    The only reason I downloaded this app was to be able to score my practice tests. I have been trying for hours to no avail. A faulty “error” message keeps popping up and telling me to retry; believe me, I have. College board, PLEASE fix this.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By SATME123
    The scan feature doesn’t work. Even after entering the answers manually, got the same scan error. What a waste of time!!! This app is supposed to make SAT practice efficient but it is quite the opposite.

Daily Practice for the SAT® app comments

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