Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

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  • Current Version: 8.27.00
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation App

No.1 Yoga App Since 2012, loved by 60M+ people! Would you like to find both a yoga fitness pose video and meditations in one app? Daily Yoga is the platform that provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple yoga poses, various guided yoga classes and weight loss yoga challenges. Here are dozens of beginner-friendly yoga classes that are easy to learn and perform. Start your day with a yoga workout. Choose to increase flexibility, improve strength, maintain good posture, or get fit and healthy! WHY CHOOSE DAILY YOGA? - Lose weight & burn fat - Increase flexibility and get fit - Decrease your stress with meditation -Personalized Custom Yoga Program - Beginner friendly with Smart Coach to find courses to meet your goals. MAIN FEATURES: Daily Yoga challenges, Weekly New classes! If you're a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily Yoga provides beginners-yoga series to help beginners learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes, sequences, and flows. If you're advanced, new courses update weekly, so you won’t have to do the same yoga workouts over and over again. Yoga for Weight Loss and Fat Burn! Daily Yoga provides different courses for weight loss. There are easy and efficient full-body yoga exercises that help you get visible results in a few days. From beginners to advanced, the range of difficulty levels makes it possible to practice step-by-step to achieve your goals. Easy to Follow! Everyone, from beginner to advanced, can reap the benefits of yoga. Follow the detailed guidance in the app, and enjoy your exercise. Smart Coach to Keep You Motivated! The Smart Coach feature prevents having to search for a good class every day. Smart Coach creates a 28-day schedule of classes to help you reach your monthly goal. Download Your Favorite Classes! Download yoga class for offline use and take it with you anywhere. Practice in your living room, in a hotel, on the beach, and anywhere. Track and Record Your Progress! Personal data can be tracked if you use different devices. With the smartwatch, you can track the exercise duration, calories burned, and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals. We integrate with HealthKit for you to export calories burned and exercise data. Meditation for Mind and Body Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. Boost your energy, release your stress, or follow a peaceful voice into a sweet dream. Join The Worldwide Yoga Community! Connect with 50M yogis around the world. Discuss your experience with each class, tag friends or other people doing the class, and encourage people to finish yoga challenges. It brings yogis from all over the world closer to one another. HealthKit Daily Yoga integrates with HealthKit (Apple Health), so you can export calories burned and exercise data from Daily Yoga to HealthKit. We also perfectly support both Intel and Apple Silicon. Daily yoga is a health and fitness app to give yogis around the world a better yoga experience. Join this best yoga app and start your day with morning yoga stretches or practice yoga for bedtime. AWARDS ⁃ "Top Developer," "New and Noteworthy," "Essential App Collections and Editors' Choice" ; ⁃ "Best Yoga App" since 2021 by Healthline; ⁃ The Wall Street Journal – "5 Addictive Fitness Apps"; ⁃ Evening Standard – "the Best Apps for Londoners". FOR MORE INFORMATION: Terms of Use: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/terms.html Privacy Policy: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/privacy.html CONTACT: Feel free to contact us anytime! · App usage problems and suggestions: [email protected] · Business Cooperation: [email protected] Come to Life, Come to Yoga!

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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Valdezcb
    Simple Yoga exercise that I can do. I’m a guy and definitely not flexible so by using this helps me have more energy throughout the day without being an expert in yoga
  • Really great way to comfortably learn yoga at home :) 5/5

    By MidoriMist
    I am definitely gaining a lot from this. It’s what I have been needing after trying to find something catered to my lack of knowledge.
  • First Session 5/5

    By Sussex County NJ
    Not too easy not too hard. Perfect.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By J9Suvak
    Highly recommend
  • Excellent & so calming 5/5

    By Jaz23goGirl
    I had to tell everybody that this app is the best app out !! If you want boding calming mind relaxation and peace this is it !!!
  • Súper Relajante 5/5

    By PinaG70
    Me encanto
  • Lots of Options 5/5

    By Danielle_MP
    I like that I can choose the difficulty level, type of focus, and duration I’m looking for in my practice.
  • Easy 5/5

    Easy to follow
  • Yoga&cats 5/5

    By JessLRoyce
    I love this app!
  • Good for a Beginner 5/5

    By Vada88
    I like the convenience of this app. I've not done yoga before and it is a good way to get started learning the poses.
  • Great for absolute beginners 4/5

    By SMS257
    Free version has tons of options for beginners, with a la carte sessions as well as goal oriented programs. If you get more advanced, then you will need the paid Pro version.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By PillthePill
    Really enjoy this app. Covers beginner to advance movements and lets you design plans that work with your schedule! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to do yoga but does not have the time to do out to a group class.
  • This is the BEST APP!!! 5/5

    By jenniferlane1985
    Love it! Love it!
  • App 5/5

    By C Coakley
    So far so good. It’s straightforward & easy
  • Great 5/5

    By i'm so freaking stupid
  • Great 5/5

    By Cinnamon2.0
    This my first time using an app like this usually I just go to YouTube, but I’m really like this app so far and would definitely get it again. It really helps to relax you and has meditation music as well as yoga!
  • Easy to follow instruction for a beginner! ❤️ 5/5

    By jenvision
    Great instruction and great pace.
  • Back On the map 5/5

    By Ru Tunes
    I have not had anywhere near a consistent practice since last August or so. I have had to go to Florida multiple times to help my father and my late stepmother. My husband was starting to have to go to the hospital almost continuously 5 admissions from sept to January.I am glad he is feeling a little better now. And I am very glad to be doing yoga again

    By luluubellsy
    Who was in charge of painting “hip dips” as a flaw? Why is it that this company runs an ad that promotes weight loss at the top, then below the words shows a before an after of a body with hip dips, and then the same body without hip dips (with a color shading in the hip dips showing them being “fixed/filled in?” The stomach, legs, etc all are the exact same weight & shows just curvy hips being corrected as if that’s a flaw? Hip dips are completely natural and not at all an indication of bad health or being overweight. thousands of girls with natural hip dips see this ad and now think it is a flaw or unattractive to look this way and that’s horribly damaging to their body image and self esteem. These ads need to stop. If they want to show weight loss on their before and after animations, then SHOW THAT. But to paint curvy hips as something that should and can be fixed, when people of ALL weight and sizes have them, when even the fittest athletes who compete have them, especially when it is caused by the bone structure you were BORN with, is harmful and sad. This is so much more damaging to people then they realize. Years ago, these ads for “fixing” curvy hips were never a thing. But these days society follows icons like the Kardashians and people are now praising butt enhancement procedures like BBLs which fill out hip dips and now all of a sudden fitness companies send out the message that you’re flawed or unattractive if you have hip dips? Society already made curvy hips an insecurity for young women/women & now you guys are using that insecurity to make profits while perpetuating these ridiculous beauty standards. If you really care about the health and well-being of women, you will take those ads down and not portray hip dips as a flaw. Start making profits off of actually helping people gain self confidence, not off of their insecurities with something they’re born with.
  • Good 4/5

    By RosieRina07
    This is a very good app if you want to be stress free, it helped me feel calmer and feel good.
  • 5 stars😍😍 5/5

    By yeira2014
    I absolutely love how they ask you all the personal questions just to know you better and get you to your goal
  • Love it 5/5

    By oakwood ga
    Great for beginners like me!!!!
  • I feel successful 5/5

    By Fitchy1967
    Literally after 1 session, I feel super charged to start my day. Great voice, soothing and poses are customized based on your preferences, prior injuries and goals. Love it so far!
  • Glad I Got the Full Version 5/5

    By Broken Toaster
    I do yoga at home every day. Over the last six months it’s been mostly the same. Things were getting stale. I tried out the free version of the app for a while and I was very happy with it. I was happy enough that I did the seven day trial of the paid version. I was definitely impressed. I’m very happy that I have the full version now and I use it every day.
  • Postpartum status 4/5

    By Fluffy2Unicorn
    First time trying yoga love it trying to get to pre baby weight!! Here is the first step!
  • Enjoy App 5/5

    By Jusud
    App is easy to use. Practices are easy to understand. It has a more traditional approach which I like.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sstephenson1113
    I feel really refreshed and calm
  • A great Saturday start to the day 5/5

    By 49AKCris
    Working on posture is so important and this lovely little session was just perfect for supporting that!
  • Nice format 5/5

    By PGita
    Relaxing videos
  • Loving yoga 5/5

    By Jen1613
    Great programs and variety
  • Not Bad 5/5

    By DarkRaveChi
    I really like this app
  • Good Stretch 5/5

    By Neenerssss
    Thumbs up.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Carol89!
    Excellent app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Exoticharry
    Helped change my life.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Nedacar
    Versatile, easy to follow classes!!!
  • Great way to start your day! Worth it! 5/5

    By CarmsBaby
    Never been this satisfied with an online yoga app than this. Worth it!
  • Daily Yoga app is AWESOME! 5/5

    By IslandHobby
    I have a gym membership as well, and enjoy the classes they offer, but there are times that my schedule doesn’t align with the gym’s workout class schedules. Therefore, I was looking into an app that could replicate that sense of being at the gym and having an instructor lead and at the same time still be able to follow along with being able to do the right moves. The Daily Yoga app is so user-friendly! I like how it is able to sync with my Apple Health and you are able to keep track of your progress of each workout. It’s definitely worth purchasing! You will enjoy it too! You actually break a sweat! I’m happy I joined this community!
  • I recommend!!! 5/5

    By Gracelessly
  • Just what I needed 5/5

    By Anita Milburn
    This was a grounding experience for me. Just what I needed to get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle again.
  • Back stretch= energy boost 5/5

    By rockstarbossbabe
    Exactly what was needed. 🙏🏼
  • Yoga is a great workout 5/5

    By LSBuckCT
    I’ve just completed a practice series and really felt like I received a great all over workout. I really like how the instructor explains each move to assure they were being performed correctly.
  • Picky about yoga and love this 5/5

    By Kfay
    I’ve done yoga for many years, and then stopped for a while while I have migraines. So I’m worried that yoga will give me migraines, but I did a practice this morning and loved everything about it. It was very serene and peaceful. My goal is to do it for times a week.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Gmn86
    So far so good
  • A great first class! 5/5

    By meganfox19
    I appreciate how it’s more like a flow yoga class and the poses are explained well. Thank you!
  • Giving it a go 5/5

    By evryday hustlin'
    Doing the free trial to see if it will be worth the money. As someone who doesn’t know how to relax and has to take many costly medications, hoping this will help and be beneficial.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Ittybittyteach
    Keeps me on task.
  • Confusing app Too many ads to upgrade 1/5

    By Moonfairy12
    I spent $50 on this app thinking it would unlock everything for a year. I am bombarded with ads IN THE APP to purchase other subscriptions. Confusing app to use. I want to try what is suggested on the homepage? Oh well buy a different subscription! Can’t cancel after trying it. I actually thought I was purchasing the 5.99 one day trial. I then got sent to another purchase page. Also… if you hate the app and cancel… too bad. You can’t get your money back. Otherwise, the 3 vids that I tried seemed okay. But I think they need a slower beginner course to give you time to learn the pose.
  • easy to use 5/5

    By Heather Horan xx
    the beginner classes and moderate classes are easy to use and a great way for me to start my day. i used the app over 7 years ago and redownloaded it to lose some weight again. i can’t wait to track my progress and see results.
  • Good variety 5/5

    By Testan85
    Good variety of routines to choose from at all levels of ability.