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Dairy Queen® App

Why You’ll Love This App: • Get access to exclusive mobile deals* • Save your favorite DQ® location • Get updates from our team, like the BLIZZARD® Treat of the Month And at select participating locations only: • Order ahead on your phone • Customize your favorite Fan Food • Earn points to redeem rewards How It Works: 1. Download the Dairy Queen mobile app for iPhone from the iTunes store. 2. Login through Facebook or create an account. 3. Start redeeming deals and so much more! This app is not compatible with iPad or tablet devices. Valid at participating U.S. locations. Texas locations use the DQTexas mobile app.

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Dairy Queen® app reviews

  • Menu and Texas use 1/5

    By Dissppointed Texan
    Why don’t you have your menu on your app?? Why are Texas fans not able to use your app??? Don’t your restaurants want customers??? Disappointed Texan
  • DQ is fantastic, this app? Not so much. 1/5

    By KortneeBo
    I’ve received non-stop telemarking calls since giving this stupid app my phone number. I never received them before now. MAYBE the app isn’t responsible, but somehow I doubt it.
  • App useless 1/5

    By Floridian 5454
    Even in Orlando my DQ doesn’t do mobile ordering. What good is the app? Won’t let me view menu unless ordering which I can’t do. Useless
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Jonvito
    This app is useless, it doesn’t function with any of the dozen stores in my general area and you can’t even use it to look at the menu. Been checking for months to see if they finally fixed it but no. Still a waste of space on my phone.
  • There is no available name do you use 2/5

    By ThereAren'tAnyUntakenNicknames
    I tried to write a review and it wouldn’t except it, I can see why there’s not very many positive things anyone has to say. That’s a shame because the ice cream is an all-time favorite and many enjoy the other items on their menu and have for years. It’s a shame you take the time to do it and it won’t except it. I’ve had the same coupon issues everybody else has had Which is why I haven’t been back in I can’t tell you how long. It’s frustrating and you have to jump through so many hoops when Life as you doing enough of that and there’s too many other options that we have that are much easier. If they want to customers to take advantage of their coupons and offer specials they should just make it as such and stead of some kind of a cat and mouse game. It’s a shame because it actually just shows that they have a little respect for their customers instead of a place that welcomes their customers.
  • BoGO 2/5

    By Joycie1
    There are no more buy one get one free coupons anymore! DQ raised the price to buy one get one for .99! Really, raise the price???
  • Must log in or sign up? 1/5

    By jfgjdjydubdswied
    Do you seriously need to login to even look at this app? All I wanted to do was see a menu and couldn’t even do that without a Dairy Queen account.
  • Needs some attention 2/5

    By RDnMD
    Last two times I went I had my coupon ready on my app. Since they’re only good for 15 minutes I wait until I order to use the coupon. So right before I got up to the window the app just went off back to my home screen and when I go to the pickup window it was gone. As if I had already used it. Losing some serious money this way when you go because you’re saving a few bucks. Not so sure I have faith in the app now!
  • Facebook? Email? 2/5

    By dallashawk1175080
    Why do I need a Facebook account to access the app. Why do I need to give all this personal info to find out if the DQ near me has buffalo chicken strips. The two stars is because of the nice interface, but I uninstalled the app.
  • No honored 3/5

    By BanditParker
    The coupons would be great. Except the 3 local QDs to me don’t except/participate in the app. The store locator on the map needs to only show the store that participate. Closes QD to me that excepts the coupons from the app is a 30 min drive. Just doesn’t make sense that a store doesn’t participate in the program.
  • App 4/5

    By funddog
    The app is a great place to get the deals when they come out and sent right to me
  • Silly business 3/5

    By fombabies
    My granddaughter and I came into the Jacksonville, Nc store. I got a #6 and she got a kids burger meal that comes with ice cream. When the food came to the table, on the kids bag was a year off coupon for $.50 off a regular prices mini blizzard or you can redeem it for a free kids cone. When I went to use it the girl said that I had used on my granddaughter's ice cream which I'm sure comes with her meal. So when I told her it didn't make sense as to why they would give me a coupon for an item is already bought... She said I'm trying to explain it to you as if I'm an idiot. Well am I?
  • Logging in 1/5

    By YoungTay😎💭
    Won’t let me log in knowing that my credit entails are correct.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Fredsowner
    Downloaded the app because advertising in store said you get a free blizzard if you download the app. Still waiting that was 3 days ago.
  • Great 5/5

    By agdndbdh edjdjehrd
    I love the app Super fast upload Great quality Great Deals
  • We need to be able to load funds 2/5

    By Sticks-In-The-Mud Woodshop
    I am looking forward to earning points and getting free, sweet treats! However, the DQ app suffers from the same problem that the McDonald’s app does, there is no way to load funds, as there is with the Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s apps. That is a major shortcoming. Otherwise, I am happy with it.
  • Great Blizzards! 4/5

    By Rambo1421
    My family and I love the Blizzards. The only problem I have is, it’s to difficult to figure out which stores accept the app coupons. I’ve had the same store accept app coupons on one visit but refuse app coupons on the next visit. There needs to be a listing of stores that either do or don’t accept the app coupons.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By marceloatilano
    They lie to you to get you to download their app, a free blizzard if you download the app and create an account . I did all of that and it’s only buy one get one free.
  • Order 3/5

    By sexylexy97
    Everything is fine beside wish it will be more accurate on the deals. A few months ago I got a deal for a burger and shake for $2 and something but the employee didn’t understand it and I paid more then what the coupon was. But want to be able to order off the app and doesn’t allow me at any dq for months since downloaded the app. Please fix and allow the mobile order
  • DQ on Stirling Rd in Davie 1/5

    By Sjcdwc
    Would not honor the BOGO Blizzard for Valentines Day! They excuse... We’re not part of the app!! But the App showed us that location as participating!! BS Hate being lied to ..... SHAME ON YOU DAIRY QUEEN!
  • Wish I could give this zero stars 1/5

    By BROok the beast
    I just got the app a decided to go DQ, and they said they don’t do the scan thing. so I wasted my time to drive to DQ and told they don’t take it. I’m warning the people who download this app don’t get your hopes up.
  • BOGUS APP 1/5

    By young broke people
    listen up. me and my buddy over here just got back from mcdonald’s which had excellent service! we downloaded the mcdonald’s app and we got 6 piece mcchicken nuggets FOR FREE, my buddy even got 7 accidentally! high quality service! THEN we decided to download the dq app because on the advertisement for the app, it said that we could get a free small blizzard! THEN WE DOWNLOADED THE APP AND REALIZED IT WAS BOGUS! now we’re sitting in the dq parking lot and are trying to download the 7/11 app in order to get a free coffee and donut and if it doesn’t work you sure as hell know i will be in the reviews for the 7/11 app!
  • Too slow! 3/5

    By Meatball60
    When you open app, it takes forever for the coupons to load.
  • Not Yet Available 1/5

    By The-Fireman
    I’ll give you a better review once we get to use it. Also, why did DQ let the guy go in marketing that came up with the spoon door handles?
  • Free small blizzard with app download? Where? 2/5

    By lm0624
    I loaded the app off the offer link, says it would be in my account. Not seeing it. Only see buy one get one .99 deals. Not bad deals either but would be nice to get what is advertised.
  • Yay 5/5

    By malakuukalam
    Good job
  • Can I give it a zero? 1/5

    By PaHiker
    The vast majority of the time the app just sits there on its opening screen with the food icons changing, never getting past that screen. Can’t review an app you can’t get to work.
  • Very clean 5/5

    By DQGal
    I go to the Dairy Queen in Mount Dora and it’s very clean and staff is very helpful.
  • Useless 1/5

    By kathyb53
    This app is worthless since my local DQ doesn’t accept the so called “ offers”. Very disappointed.
  • Just when you thought Dairy Queen couldn't get any better... 5/5

    By smoothemove
    I love DQ. I grew up going here with my friends and family and I continue to be a loyal customer through my adult years. I didn't think the DQ could get any better, but then I downloaded this app and I was proven wrong. My kids and I love seeing what discounts are available and some locations even include loyalty benefits.
  • We love the place 5/5

    By 50 year fan of DQ
    My wife and I have been frequenting the Toms River NJ store for the last two years and the new location on Rt. 70 in Manchester NJ since it’s recent opening . Both location are under the ownership of the same fine fellow . The food , service and store maintenance has been excellent. We just downloaded the DQ app and look forward to a continuing rewarding relationship with this purveyor of great cold treats and now hot fan food. The Fogarty’s of Manchester NJ, US of A
  • Great app design! 5/5

    By jennasy
    The attention to detail with the DQ app is through the roof. My initial expectation was that the Dairy Queen app would feel minimally personalized like Starbucks and mostly focused on how much product can we push on our users. But I’m thoroughly pleased with the interface of my new DQ app and the convenience it has brought to my life. Thank you Dairy Queen.
  • WHAT? 1/5

    By GarminComeOn!
    All of the DQ locations near me advertise this app. Thought maybe I could use it there, but none of the stores honor it. WHAT? What’s the point of this app except to take up space on my phone
  • Joke 1/5

    By jum12543679
    Offer an app to locations that don’t take on-line orders.
  • Love the Deals! 5/5

    By emilysimone32
    App is fantastic! Wouldn’t go to DQ without it!
  • Very Limited Participating Locations 1/5

    By OSU_13
    Eight DQ’s within 7 miles of my home. However, none of them are participating locations. This makes the app useless for me.
  • Where’s my free blizzard 3/5

    By midgetmom59
    Said if you download the app you get a free small blizzard. I don’t see that on the app 😡😡
  • Madison Ohio Dairy Queen 5/5

    By Mama Bear of 3
    I have to say I love this Dairy Queen. The ice cream, sandwiches, cakes, dilly bars, etc. are great. It’s a plus for our community. Very family friendly. And the owner Ricki is very involved in the community. The app is great for all the extras of coupons and information of what is going on with my favorite hometown Dairy Queen.
  • Not Supported in TEXAS 1/5

    By jtr02a
    I suppose the “Texas Stop Signh” is no more. One of the best economies in the country yet Texas is not supported. I had hoped this would replace the silly practice of REQUIRING ALL COUPONS BE PRINTED rather than simply scanning from your phone like LITERALLY EVER OTHER RESTAURANT SUPPORTS. Get you stuff together and get into the 21st Century DQ!
  • Bad food 1/5

    By John the First Baptist
    Had chicken strips today at Dairy Queen in Donna Tx & they were so hard as to be inedible. Told Mgr she said that’s the way they are. Took survey with my receipt but didn’t need a validation code as I will not be returning to this Dairy Queen.
  • Went to redeem and it deleted it 1/5

    By cheating isnt cool
    My sister and I went out to get ice cream. She had a coupon here and went to redeem it and it froze and when she opened it again it told her her coupon was expired. She said it had done this before. So I went to download the app (it took 10 minutes) and it said there were no deals and It wouldn’t even let me order. Terrible app. Very slow. I’m deleting this right away since why have an app that doesn’t do anything??
  • No scanners 2/5

    By Jtoss19
    DQ does not have scanners at the registers so it is impossible to earn rewards by purchasing anything. Not a good app.
  • Reward problem 3/5

    By itsyerboiyevan
    I downloaded the app and I didn’t get the free blizzard. Please try to fix this problem.
  • Don’t count on using the app’s coupons 2/5

    By carlacarlacarlacarla
    Joe720 is right! My DQ app provided a B1G1F-Blizzard coupon as an earned reward – but when I handed my iPhone over to the cashier I was promptly told, “We don’t have a scanner”. I’d be ashamed to work for such a bogus outfit. And when I attempted to *Place New Order* just a minute ago, the app wouldn’t proceed past its *choose which DQ location* screen – after I chose & tried to continue, it just sat there.
  • Coupons 5/5

    By rem65100
    Theres was know problems when I used the coupon off the Dairy Queen website
  • Disappointed Texan 1/5

    By The Cowboy Spike
    As someone who loves Dairy Queen I was super happy to learn there was an app for it, but what do I find out when I start it up? It isn’t available in Texas. I’m very confused on why this would be, and hope I can get a good explanation, I also hope this will soon be fixed if possible
  • Texas Stores Not Supported 1/5

    By lindieluu
    I downloaded the app only to find out that the DQ stores in Texas aren’t supported. Sucky app.
  • My account history shows 20 coupons but... 3/5

    By FairyBug428
    They are not useable, they’re just listed as gifted. any of the best coupons have been removed from my available coupons and replaced with less desireable coupons. Why have them if you won’t let anyone use them DQ?
  • No gift card compatibility 3/5

    By nodiddlenoquiddle
    I wish there were a way to link my DQ gift cards to the app so I could pay for my treats a bit easier and save some space in my wallet. Good app otherwise

Dairy Queen® app comments

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