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Daisie App

Welcome to the playground for creative collaboration. We are proud to reveal the new Daisie, where creators can access the community and tools they need to bring their projects to life. Daisie users can: - Connect with creators locally and globally - Work collaboratively to take ideas from concept to reality - Find an audience and be inspired by a vibrant community With Daisie, creators of all types and backgrounds can take up space in their chosen field and build a lasting career. From those just getting started to industry leaders in film, photography, literature, design, art, digital, makeup and beyond, Daisie brings creators together and supports them to do amazing work.

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  • Confusing and useless 2/5

    By itsbrandon150
    Does the app even allow you to post new content or just browse? I can't find any way to edit existing projects or post new ones. It seems like you can only view stuff and follow people. The old app had more functions. If those things are still possible then this app hides them and doesn't make it clear at all how to find them
  • Amazing Potential 5/5

    By tiiRaps
    This app has the potential to be the future of collaboration but it needs an update just to improve quality and functionality. Believe in you Maisie!
  • Nice concept but confusing 3/5

    By bbyewe
    I really like the idea of the app but I’m having a hard time navigating. I also don’t understand how to use my profile properly or view others to its fullest extent. Maybe a tutorial or something to explain how to use the app.
  • Good app, tricky to get the hang of 4/5

    By honey dew dood
    It takes a little bit to get familiar with this app, but once you do you’ll love it!
  • Can’t get past the main 3 category pages 2/5

    By bugbuster1.0
    I’m so excited for this app and it’s so cool, but before I can even put more energy into exploring it, and other’s projects, the bugs need to be fixed. I can’t get past the few pages and it’s beyond frustrating trying to reopen it. Still, it lunched, but I feel this is a soft launch. It needs some serious work, but still very excited!
  • Glitch - Can’t Sign Up 2/5

    By PurpleSix
    I was excited about this app. I watched Maisie’s TED talk and loved the idea instantly! Plus, I’m a huge GOT fan. However, I didn’t get very far - like past the sign up page. I couldn’t come up with the right username combo no matter how many variations I tried. Needless to say, I didn’t make it very far using this app. Hopefully, your experience will be much better than mine. Good luck.
  • Can’t give it an actual review 3/5

    By Jtaff
    App crashes upon opening. Have a newer model iPhone running current iOS
  • Won't even load. 2/5

    By nehakhvnsr
    Keeps crashing.
  • I want to sign up, but..... 1/5

    By A1Torres
    I love the idea of this app, but it needs some kinks worked out. I can’t even sign up due to the constant pop up that states my user name is invalid. Not going to give up on it tho.
  • Polishing 3/5

    By Artsy Lena
    I love the app concept and I know the app navigation will most likely improve so I look forward to using Daisie as it develops more. A few things I’d like to see are; a search bar, the ability to adjust where I am in a track/podcast while I listen, and a separation of project I have previously visited and new unseen projects. I love the paneling of each type of art. I love the lack of a follow count. I love the tools this app provides to connect artist with one another to create super cool things :)
  • Yay Maisie! 5/5

    By miadig
  • Design good but there is space for improvements 2/5

    By desiner1410
    Hey, I just installed the app and just at first glance what I saw is that you don’t have any kind of verification for emails I added invalid email address and I was able to sign in, also after that I tried to log in with that invalid email and I was able to. Also while looking through the profile I expect to be able to change my profile photo but I am not able to even if I go to Settings/Edit your profile I can’t change profile picture.
  • I really do love this app BUT 3/5

    By AlexCent
    I really do love this app!! BUT, my page is pretty much a giant playlist for people to listen to awesome music and I upload YouTube links and on the mobile phone the YouTube link isn’t accessible like it is on the desktop version... which is a huge bummer! But if that was corrected I would have nooo issue with this app, I think this is an amazing creative space for people and I adore the concept!
  • Pictures 4/5

    By Pieman2298
    Just make it so you can zoom in on pictures.
  • The app won’t even open 1/5

    By J__S__S__
    Can’t even open the app it keeps crashing.
  • Go Maisie!!! 5/5

    By Katie Wiatrak
    I love this app! I love seeing everyone freely expressing themselves! I’m sure the bugs will get worked out in time. Let’s be patient and continue to put ourselves out there! Thank you to the creators who made this happen, and thanks to Maisie for getting it done in 8X3!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Taylorx98x
    Love the app! Had no issues and so cool to see all the creative things people post and being able to have an outlet like this! 10/10 recommend
  • Not the concept, but the app 3/5

    By rajeev :P
    I used the beta for daisie and honestly it’s a good platform because people post stuff with the same mindset, help collaborating. I already came in touch with two others and am waiting for them to send their tracks. However the app is lagging so much that I don’t want to use it. Many bugs and thus the app needs to be fixed because otherwise, people are just gonna go away.
  • A great start. 5/5

    By Arkryxen
    As a fellow creator and artist, I am very pleased with the app and can honestly say it’s the best of its kind. Yes, there will be a few mishaps but it’s a new app and I’m sure they will be cleared with time. Thank you Maisie for creating such an amazing platform for us to collaborate on!
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By Delilahblake
    It’s like a very bad but slow and glitchy version of Instagram but harder. I don’t see the point when you have IG snd Tumblr. How is this app useful?
  • Great intentions, not so great execution 3/5

    By staeB looC
    I love the idea of the app, but in its current state, the app is very close to unusable. Posts don’t refresh, notifications sometimes don’t appear at all, and the app will spontaneously freeze for no reason. Needs some updates for the vision to be fully released. I do recommend getting this app though, because when it is all said and done, the potential for this app is through the roof.
  • App doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Jt11143
    The app just doesn’t work. I open it, find an empty feed, and if I search for something, say “dance” only one profile shows up, which I can’t click on even after three minutes of loading. Not only that, but even if it did work, it’s just an Instagram feed... not sure what it will be useful for... I can reach out to people on Instagram to collaborate. Don’t need Daisie for that.
  • I want to love this so badly 3/5

    By Ariana m.
    So many bugs! I know it is new but until it is fixed it’s unfortunately waste of time. Will keep the app, but won’t be using it until things are sorted out. Much love to the creators!
  • great concept, platform needs work 3/5

    By kaitemckenna
    i really, really love the idea behind daisie. i love its ambition. i love how it’s community focused. but, with that said, i can’t wait for it to get better. the app has quite a few bugs and it’s clear that more money/time needs to be put into QA testing. it seems as though the servers are constantly overloaded. i’m not sure what platform it’s built on, but i highly recommend that they jump over to something that can aclimate to a user base this large, such as azure or AWS.
  • Waste of Time. 1/5

    By Alex Payne
    I wish that I could review the actual app and platform itself, but unfortunately I am unable to use the app even after receiving an invitation code. The original code that I received did not work, and upon contacting support and proving I received a legitimate invitation, they promised to send me a new code. It never came, so I contacted them about it, and they said they’d send me another one. Surprise surprise, that one never showed up either. At this point I don’t even care about using the app anymore. I understand they’re a small team, but if they can’t even send someone a work code after three tries then I can’t imagine that the app works well. Maybe one day they’ll figure this out, but today is not that day. Edit: I’ve since received my invitation code and was able to create an account. Unfortunately, I’m unable to post anything (it’s starts to upload and then the upload bar disappears and nothing happens) so this will stay one star. What a colossal screw up this entire app is.
  • New favorite social media platform 5/5

    By KitchWeezy
    I have consistently used Daisie 25% more than any other social media app since I was invited to join. The process of getting invited & joining is flawless and really helps to boost the quality of the app & it’s users content. Be patient, you’re waiting to join a social media community that has a specific purpose of creating, sharing, and growing together. 100% would recommend Daisie to any aspiring creative out there.
  • Lots of potential 4/5

    By adelebrooke
    I was super excited about Daisie — as a creative person looking to expand my network and learn from others, I am thankful I was allowed on. There’s still some kinks to be worked out, but I do see many people actively posting and looking to collaborate, so with a bit of app adjustments, Daisie could be such a great place for us.
  • Released too soon 2/5

    By soulpulp
    There’s obviously a lot of bugs that need to be worked out with this app. There’s no way to find anything specific in the feed, no way to distinguish yourself, no way to find anyone with similar work unless you want to scroll through the endless void of amateur drawings of Maisie Williams (I love her, but it’s clogging up the feed) and a ton of little things that needed to be worked out before it’s release. Right now it’s basically Instagram with 5 tags. It’s a great idea. Creatives deserve a place to congregate. But real artists are refusing to use it, so what’s the point?
  • Great app 4/5

    By Tuttlekids
    I love this app so much, but right now I’m just looking for some bug fixes and it’ll be perfect. Two of my posts somehow got posted multiple times and now neither of them will let me delete the extra posts, nor do they load. Once some of these things get fixed, I can really see this going places.
  • Pretty Basic App 2/5

    By Redstar89
    I was excited to download the app and join the community. However after using the app for a few days now I haven’t found it to be that useful. The feed is just a stream of unfiltered random posts. The functionality of the app is very similar to Instagram, which brings the question. If you have Instagram why use this app? They have all the users and they have better filters allowing you to find the right people and personalize the feed the way you want. Many have tried to create apps like this before but failed to scale. I don’t see the future for Daisie. I thought this app would be different but it isn’t.
  • Yeah, but what’s it for? 2/5

    By Andkimme
    I, too, was excited to see something like this come up on the market with some star power behind it. Creatives need to be supported. 7 days in though and I see no real reason to keep using it. There’s not really an explanation for how this app is supposed to work. It’s not really easy to find a project to collaborate on or to really understand someone’s body of work. The app doesn’t facilitate collaboration so the feed feels like a slush pile. So you wait for a while to get in, make a post, and then say to yourself, “Well, now what?” For me, after obsessively checking my queue number for days, Daisie is now relegated to my last page of apps. It has been quickly forgotten because I don’t know how it’s different from shouting into the void or trying to make connections via blogosphere. This is in addition to it supporting visual like photos better than text or film and being a smidge glitchy (You’ve bumped two things but you haven’t bumped anything yet!) Maybe a tutorial, folks? Allowing videos? Suggesting matches on geography (here’s app users within x miles of you interested in the same things!)? Or, hell, here are some people looking for help on a project.
  • Please come out with an update 3/5

    By sroseque
    There are just so many bugs that it’s hard to use. I love the app and the idea behind it. I can’t wait to be able to full use it! It the glitches are unreal! It only posts when it wants to, the same posts remain at the top of my feed for days so I don’t see anything new, I can’t delete posts that I want to delete, getting double notifications for every bump and follow. This has such potential but it most definitely needs a corrective update.
  • Update... 5/5

    By NotReally1
    Posted prior to official access: [Patience is a virtue, right? I’ve left 3 stars simply because I haven’t been given the chance to play yet... I’ll revise when I’m finally given access. No worries. 👍] Access, finally!! WOOHOO!! Worth the wait - Love the format, easy to use, terrific idea. Looking forward to connecting within the ‘artful’ worlds 😉👍
  • Can be so much better with some fixes and updates 2/5

    By amblaczub
    This app has so much potential, but we need updates! Nothing loads without a few attempts, sometimes having to exit the app and open again. I want to use it but basically can’t because it doesn’t function very well yet. Hope to see it improve soon
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By @glorimagi
    I am addicted to this new app. I love how the main feed has tons of talents posting daily without the bother of ads. It is a refreshing platform for creative people to connect with and inspire each other. I have made a few connections and started new projects already that were inspired by the writings of fellow Daisie app users (I am a painter mostly). It is nice to be able to comment and ask questions on others projects in order to get advice on my own projects and how to execute them. I highly recommend downloading and using once it is available to you. I look forward to seeing what is added on every single day. So grateful to get to try it out.
  • Was sent an invite today after a 2 month wait 2/5

    By Mr evaluation
    So glitchy with the posting, posting works whenever if feels like, but looks alright if that gets fixed.
  • Love the concept, but the bugs are unreal 2/5

    By sroseque
    I do love this app (in theory) and have been so excited to use it, eagerly monitoring my place in line. Now that I’m finally in, all I’m finding is glitches. Every time I try to post, it only lets me post text and doesn’t display the image I’ve attached with it. Posts will not hold a tag or let me add a location. When I do post, it does not appear on my own profile. My chain says a number but will not show me actual names or people. My bumps aren’t showing either. I can’t wait to truly get to use this app but I will be waiting until there is an update with some major bug fixes. Will update my review as time goes on and hopefully the app become usable.
  • Has potential 3/5

    By BlaBlaBlaNicknameWhoCares
    I just got my invite code and it seems pretty cool and I want to use it but it still seems pretty glitchy and is really not very polished I’d still recommend it because I think it has a lot of potential and although it needs work I think it’ll be great once they figure things out and update it a lot
  • Did not get a code via my email(s) 1/5

    By Non-Eth
    I have received a notification via Daisie app stating I received my invite. I open the app. The app states I’m on the top of the Queue and check my emails for code. I did not received any code or email.
  • Lots of things need to be reworked. 1/5

    By Ninjaboxer
    I can’t make it past the introduction phase where I select people / content I like—the app won’t let me. Other problems I’ve noticed include the sign-up page. Please fix that too—I didn’t like having to constantly shut down my app to get to the page I needed to. Lots of basic UI/UX problems that need to be solved. Looks nice on the pages that I can see, but it needs to be to at least some degree functional.
  • Unable to use 5/5

    By delicateevermore
    When Profile or notification is selected, it results in a brief loading period followed by a white screen. No further action can be completed. Have been unable to perform any action on the app for several weeks now Update 09/07/2018: this has been fixed
  • The concept is great but too many bugs 4/5

    By Missodessa
    I want to love the app but the bugs are making it hard. Some of my posts are double posting, posting without the images attached or the images are attached but in the wrong order no matter what order I attach them in which makes selecting my main image I want to display impossible. If you forget to select a tag or make a typo there is no way to edit and correct it. Also deleting post is not working no mater how many times I select to delete it. Part of the search feature pulls up an error message. I get a lot of these kinks will be worked out and of course because the app is new you guys are going to have issues here and there once all these things are fixed people will be able to enjoy the app so much more.
  • It’s not actually usable 1/5

    By osp-001
    No where in the app description does it say there’s a wait. There’s no way to use this app unless you have an invite code, so it’s not actually usable like the app description suggests. On top of that, I, and a little over 30,000 people, are in the queue still. On top of that, I’ve been in the queue since the app launched. Don’t download this app, it’s a waste of space on your phone and doesn’t work as advertised.
  • Unable to post and constant glitches 2/5

    By Baymarieb
    I was so excited to finally be able to use this app! I checked everyday while I was still in the queue to see how many people were ahead of me. Now that I finally have access however, things aren’t that great. The app constantly glitches with not showing people’s posts on my feed to the point I have to completely close the app and reopen it to see anything. Also, I’m not able to post anything. I’ve tried multiple times to post a project and a normal post and neither one will work. I wanted to share some photographs of a trip I took earlier this summer but nothing seems to work. When I finally thought one of my posts actually went through it wouldn’t display properly. All I got was a white screen. So I closed the app completely and reopened it. But when I went to my profile my post was gone. I was so mad as it took me half an hour at this point to even get the post to go through! Now when I try to make a post it will no longer let me select any photos or even let me take them through the app. This app would will be great once all the bugs are fixed. But to have something published and ready for users that doesn’t even let some people post is ridiculous.
  • Not good yet 1/5

    By eitanwolf
    A long queue, a buggy app, no real way to share mixed media, and tons and tons of problems. Wait on this until it's fixed.
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Fahaddays
    IT is a cool app! buT There is some problems ThaT can be fixed,Like slow loading, refreshing, when scrolling down iT freezes and do noT load picTure or browsing fast , slow Taking acTing on any of commands like p👍🏻 or sending msg or even explore , iT takes long Time To load anyThing in facT and i hope They fix iT and keep good work up 👍🏻
  • Nothing special yet 3/5

    By cominwithmoore
    I’m not really seeing any innovative features to this at all. It’s nice that it has people from the creative industries but it still doesn’t do anything to seperate itself from Insta, Linkedin, Remote.com etc.. I know it’s early goings still so i’m looking forward to some updates & what’s to come. It certainly has potential.
  • Good Idea, Poorly Executed 1/5

    By cocobuck22
    I’ve been following the progress of this app for about a year and I’ve been so excited for the launch. It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve been at the top of the line and I still haven’t received an invite code or any instructions on how to make my account. Emailed app support several times and have either been ignored or been given a response that offers no help
  • Buggy but has potential 3/5

    By FrstrtdCstmr
    I understand the app is still really new and the devs are probably still working on optimizing all its features, so that is why it is still incredibly buggy/glitchy and some features don't work properly. Some suggestions to help optimize the experience in the future: - Users need an in-app way to upload content other than photos (music, videos) - There should be a website that can work on desktop browsers. This way, we can upload work directly from the source (our computers). It would make it so much easier for users who want to upload videos and music and even graphic designs or digital art work. (I assume this is already in production, but still suggesting. Also I feel like a website first would have been better before an app. Since websites can be universally accessed no matter the device.) - There should be a way to edit posts. So far, there is only a delete option. (Projects can be edited, but the feature is still really buggy, not many people use it as often as the posts feature.) - There needs to be a more obvious difference between a post and project after it's been posted. I take it that most people would be scrolling fairly quickly like with most social media. So when you have a project where you can depict the beginning of a process, it might not look as enticing as other posts, therefore will just be scrolled past. And in order to see the contents of a project, you must click on it because these projects are more meant to be read and taken the time to look at and learn from. But again, because the thumbnail/photo/cover (don't know what to call it, but the first photo you put in a project is what will be shown alongside the title) might be from early stages in te process, it won't be enticing enough for people to want to click on. So besides a tiny little tag saying "post" or "project" maybe make the post itself a little bit longer and maybe focus more on the text of a project (as opposed to just the title and first photo) with a "see more" bit. - Profiles are a little buggy. It's hard to explain, but sometimes you can't scroll through a profile if their bio is long/takes up the page. Not really a suggestion, just letting you know that this is a bit of a problem. That's all I could think of right now. If I remember/see anything else that is needed, I'll edit this review. Edit: Also, the concept behind this app is a lot similar to the website/app HitRECord. Which a lot of my suggestions are based on. So maybe, dudes behind the concept and app, check out HitRECord for reference. Been active on there for years and they've really honed the collaborative community dynamics.

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