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Dance School Stories

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  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crazy Labs
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Have you ever dreamed of dancing on stage, the spotlight on you, the crowd going wild? This is your moment! You've been accepted into the exclusive Fame Dance Academy - and now your hard work REALLY begins. Your new school is cutthroat - you have to impress your teachers AND the tough headmistress who had doubts about you since the beginning. Choose your dance classes and master new moves in ballet, hip hop, jazz and Latin dance. But there’s drama off-stage too…Sam, only the hottest guy you’ve ever met, has eyes on you. This could be perfect, right?! But guess what: He has a girlfriend, and no other than the cold-hearted (but great dancer) Victoria. This girl is not playing around and will make your life a living hell, so watch out! And when the end-of-year duet gets closer - the tension rises! Who will get the lead part of the show? Will it be you, or...? Features: >> Make your own choices every step of the way - build your path to success! >> Which dance styles do you love? Pick a class and set your own schedule >> Advance to the next level by completing tasks >> Rock your audition! Repeat the dance moves in the exact order your teacher showed you >> Being a ballerina is hard work - practice your plies and pirouettes in the ballet studio! >> Pick out a killer dance outfit for your big performance! >> It’s battle time – show off your hip hop skills in the ultimate dance-off! >> Professional dancers need to stay fit. Lift weights, hula hoop, and bike at the gym >> You’ve mastered your jazz technique - show off that fancy footwork! >> Show everyone that you're a versatile dancer - amaze them with your Latin dance moves. >> Uh oh, you're caught in a love triangle. Go for the one that steals your heart >> It’s time to perfect your look! Give yourself a makeover with new clothes, makeup, a hairstyle and accessories. ABOUT US
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Dance School Stories app reviews

  • Great Game but Outdated 4/5

    By Camille in Texas
    Ok this game is amaze balls! I love that you can customize your person, the many ACCURATE representations of dance styles, and the interactive story line! I have so many things about this game I enjoy but sadly, there are some downers. This game is extremely overpriced for what you would get for the money you pay! Yes, I get that the company needs to make money into the end, but sheesh! $12 for a game! Not today Satan! And I really wish that the story line would keep going! It’s been saying that the company would update the story line.. it’s been a freaking year!! I know that you guys care about your customers I just wish that you would take care of the pricing and updating the overall game! PS thanks for all the bug updates!
  • Dane 5/5

    By you have to read this C$
    This game is amazing and I love it so much and it is my favorite game to play thank you so much for creating the game dance is my favorite so that is why I love the game
  • Good 3/5

    By Bob123456789qwertyui
    Why I give it a 3 is because you need to buy a lot of things and the importing stuff cost money and I think it’s u fair but otherwise it’s a really good game.
  • Ugh 4/5

    By Matilda gorilda
    I Love LOVE this game but when I I’m told to practice my ballet in like the 4th year its so hard I can’t do it so I need a new game I hope you make it so you can get through it it’s easy to get two stars from it but now it’s super hard to get three stars why can’t you just make it to be two stars or make it easier till then I’m going to play other games till this is fixed cause I’m so bored now that there’s no fun games 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😩😩😩😫😫😫😫please fix it
  • Love yes 5/5

    By feaxtfqxeyqwxywxv
    I love this game xoxo
  • When you don’t pay for the full 4/5

    By Bill 19665012
    This game was soooooo fun but, now that I finished all of the assignments that I was given it wants me to go to the doctor.... I CANT GO TO THE DOCTOR BECAUSE I CANT PAY FOR IT!!! so now I can’t do anything
  • Ok 3/5

    By wowsupdog
    It is a very fun game but it has taken months and the writers still have not finished
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By 🐡🐏🐕🐃🦏
  • itis asomsom 5/5

    By ewwuiekedhamkuidehwhkjedwf
    it has so many choses and that is good.there are no adds.But everyone of these games you have to buy the: doctor spa and more
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By fabulous fullout
    At first I thought dance school was a spam game that makes you take fake classes for turned out to be an amazing game.and it’s fun like no other game in my whole wide world life
  • Buenísimo 4/5

    By Dania W
    Es muy choro para la gente que le gusta el ballet y el hip hop
  • Great but needs more options 4/5

    By guerrencia 🌸
    I wish they had an option to where you can dance with just a partner ex: a male or female
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By lolirock fan
    This game is actually pretty good and fun. The only part that I hate is that when you do ballet, the shoes are locked! And for hip hop the shorts and jeans are locked too. In Latin it is the same shoe business. But I do like that as the semesters go by, you unlock hairstyles and dance moves. But that DOES NOT mean it is ok to lock stuff that you NEED to WIN THE GAME! Thanks I hope you enjoy!
  • 100% completion almost done:3 5/5

    By IcePrincess66
    Thanks yet again Crazy Labs for making these games:3 It’s like a crossover between GameHouse games and Coco Play
  • This game is so fun 5/5

    By unicorn 5650 7899
    I like dating school because I love to dance my most favorite hobby is dancing that’s why I download the game because it’s so fun it’s three in the age that you can be but why do we have to pay for the clinic like I don’t have any money and that’s just wrong for pay for clinic that’s so unfair that you had to pay for other stuff to every game so I have to be free everything has to be free until we get everything free in this game I will delete it and never played again let’s make everything free in the game instead of paying for it you just want money and some of my birthday so I’m not spending my birthday money on a stupid game🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • This is so fun of The Game you could be ballerina any dancer so fun download it 5/5

    By ashleyleegirl976
    It’s so fun to make a sure love it
  • You should 5/5

    By Rio74h
    What I think you should do is give us more clothes.
  • I think it’s great but... 4/5

    By DanceSchoolQueen
    Well first of all, it’s such a great game. Second of all, I reached level 4 and my XP is full and I won’t level up. Besides, I spend 8 dollars on the pass for the makeup dance moves and hair but now it doesn’t say I have to do anything on my to do list. Maybe it’s because when I was getting a call on the game from a Parker guy it said they are still working on the rest of the story, so I think they will extend it to semester 5. Great work! Also I wish when you did a dance battle that you can dress up your two partners because (no offense) they dress kinda trashy. Thanks for making this game but PLEASE extend the levels!!!! I’m obsessed with it. At least it lets me do unlimited arena battles and performances. Have a great day!!!!
  • Good 3/5

    By poopeiy
    It’s a good app, but you always need to either pay or watch a video so when you don’t have WiFi, oh really can’t play anything!
  • Whiskey 5/5

    By madeline and davids trip
    Like this game but the only problem with this idiot to buy something really annoying yeah they should make a better version my vote is Amagansett sorry
  • Good ,needs improvement 5/5

    By peanut bread reviews
    This app is awesome but when your getting graded you only get B+.
  • Amazing by a few mishaps 5/5

    By gfshwnagd😦🤔👩🏻‍🎤✅🤲🏻✅
    This game is so cool u get to do dance battles u get to train, get dressed, put makeup on you get to glam ur self up. The only thing I don’t like is that the videos pop up most likely every time u click on an little spot in the little city.
  • What about the men 5/5

    By Grammy Carmen
    What if a boy or man plays? Maybe you should ask boy or girl first!
  • A few things then WHY?!?!?! 4/5

    By dogs girl 58
    So I'm at the point where Sam says it's me or Parker and I've finished the semester and I look at my to do list and it says nothing and then I tap on the performance hall and it says you need to complete tasks before putting on a show and I'm like WHAT!?!?!?!??!? Because I have nothing in my to do list so umm I dont get it. Well the rest of it is fun but is the style like the clothes or how you do the moves I need an answer!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and why do you have a thing to by no adds because I figured out that if you by that thing you can't have the thing that you press to unlock cloths by watching a video so if you could fix that it would be awsome! And if you fix all the things I just said then I will edit and make this five stars! Thanks a lot please write me back I'm counting on you😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 so umm do you chose who you want to go with for the final pemormance? Like Sam or Parker to dance with for the preformance or is it like to be with cuz I like Sam better. And could you add a best friend because Brittany got suspended and could she call me and I say why did you do that to me then she says why please. I want to know really bad. By the way I edited this please write me back again😆😆😆 Thx sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! P.s I probley ask my mom like once two days to get an app of yours I LOVE them. Oh and this game makes danceing look soooo fun to me I never really liked danceing until I got this app and I realized there was other types of dances other than ballet and jazz my fave is hip hop. And the daily gift so why can't it be when you first get on because I have to wait till its dark to get it When I look at my to do list and there only one thing which is doctor(this was when I didn't have it I have it now) and I say I don't have the doctor I'm like what do I do but then I just try finishing the semester by putting on makeup and go to class and the gym to practice and it always works LOVE YOUR GAMES 💕💕💕💕
  • i love it 5/5

    By crystal1342🦊
    i love it because it gives you a strong chance to dance. except one thing please make everything free! But i can understand why you want me to pay.😻🙏👯‍♀️
  • Okay 3/5

    By ILoveCalmApp
    So when I first saw this game my first reaction was “cool!!” and I got the app. At first I really liked it until I started getting these messages popping up all over the place telling me I had to pay a bunch of money to do certain stuff. You can’t get very far into the game if you don’t pay! That is why I give this app only 3 stars.

    By jenna unicorn 2287
    OML dis game is so fun like I love the drama good job to the makers of dis
  • Three star review 3/5

    By oofergirl101
    I am enjoying dance story,but when i switched to ballet from hip hop and it would not take the pants.also,when I had the game/app before every thing was unlocked but when I had to redownlode the game for some reason,a lot of things were locked and I had to rebuy it!
  • Insane 1/5

    By pldld
    When I first downloaded it I hated it the person who made it is dum and stupid ok stupid I hate it because there’s allot of adds when I come home stressed from school I get more madder with adds hate IT
  • Good but ... 3/5

    By evy rose🐠
    I like it but you have to buy stuff for your grades to get good. It’s not bad but It needs improvement
  • Dance story 5/5

    By Jkobeg
    Enter your innermost dance with dance story
  • Love it but its got issues 3/5

    By Nyerop
    Love it its fun But i cant the the latin music so i keep failing the ballet music works just fine
  • Ok 3/5

    By chocolatety chipy cookie
    I liked it but I am stuck on year 4 semester 5. They said they needed to finish the story. I have waited 2 months.
  • Good but problem!!!!! 3/5

    By sandy1111😘😘
    When I saw this game I was pretty excited to download it until I saw this: full version. I mean why?! Similar to Coco games and now I really hope they could really have no payments. I will greatly appreciate it. Plz read!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Goodness goodHhhhhnnnjjjjjnjnjnjnununununununu 4/5

    By Bekka323
  • It was dumb hardly anything’s unlocked. 1/5

    By pickle297
    I was excited at first but there’s nothing to do.
  • My opinion 4/5

    By Cassidysmommy
    Fun but can be boring at first
  • Dance academy in a game 5/5

    By Molmolmoo
    Best game ever
  • The Aphmau Review 5/5

    By TL Cookie
    You should do the fortnite dance Best Mates and hype as a move
  • Good game but a bit ... 3/5

    Look this game is amazing but I don’t like how we have to pay for things just to get it to keep playing better and the money goes to you . But like really I find that REALLY ANNOYING because I had another one of your games but I had to buy thing really it’s like what the heck dude who does this ?! I know your just trying to get money but it gets annoying after a while ok . Sorry is this review was racist or mean :( . And also to many things are locked and to many ads
  • Hardwork 5/5

    By dogpink153238
    In the game you seem like you’re like really good I like you to pick your name there’s like five slipknot actual like fist fight but like you fight with people in dance and you go against people you can like like there’s emoji‘s that you can talk to him with it is really good but like if you really want to when you really have to put in the work beyond it every day and there’s this gift that you get in the beginning but if you go in for seven days you get this really big package and take dance shoes like it outfit or something and like I really like it yeahAnd it’s good for young people young people and old people
  • Amazing 😉 5/5

    By AeMills
  • This game is amazing 4/5

    By Carly Jane 1214
    This game is so awesome the only thing I would defiantly change is when you get to a certain point you can’t complete the semester unless you buy something. I quit this game for a long time and now comin back to it forgetting how fun it is
  • Love 5/5

    By RobynMiller
    More content soon I hope really fun!

    By Postchevelle
    My daughter, Bralin, has been VERY badly influenced by your TERRIBLE game!!!😡😡😡 She has EXTREMELY strict restrictions on her ipad, but this game HACKED into her system! My husband, Jimxdd, CHECKED her ipad and said it was OKAY to play. So she did. Bralin played the game, and she started SCREAMING rituals about some NASTY game called "Fortnite". I checked the game, and GUESS WHAT?????🤭🤭🤭😖😖😖😯😯😯😑😑 She started DANCING. BAD, BAD, BAD, I tell you! She was FORTNITE dancing. Bralin was SHOOTING, and FLOSSING!! The only flossing we do in this house is FLOSSING our teeth (every night)! How DARE you hurt her like this, she is in EIGHT different mental institutes now!!!!!!!!!! DELETE THIS STUPID, UGLY, BAD GAME NOW! It is RAIDED with MEAN, BIG BULLIES! Developers, go delete this RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😑😑😑😑😑🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😖😖😖😖😤😤😤😤😤😤
  • Amazing! But I recommend some changes... 4/5

    By wengiel184
    The game is amazing! I love the story line and everything else! The problem I have is when I’m in the middle of something (like a battle or changing an outfit) it kicks me out! Also, I would really like it if you would finish the story. I’ve had the game for a few months now and I think the story should be fixed, along with bugs. Please fix these or respond explaining why these bugs and story line haven’t been fixed and/or completed. Thank you!
  • I wish 5/5

    By Briuuiiui
    I wish there was tap and contemporary mostly tap
  • Fun but Bugs 4/5

    By pandacorngal
    This game is really fun until you get to the styling. I like how there are many scenarios so I don’t get bored playing the game. When I am styling my character, I can only do half. When I am cutting her hair I can only cut one half. Then I can’t go any further. It also changes my grade. I can’t improve. It always makes me have a B or a B-.This also happens with the makeup. I can get certain areas but then one section I can’t seem to get. If i don’t finish that task I can’t go any further. I had to delete the game and reinstall it. After that, it still didn’t work! As you can see the game is really fun but it has some kinks to work out.
  • Dancing my heart out 4/5

    By unicorngirl132465
    I really like this game. I’m a dancer in real life so watching a cartoon do it is fun. I do agree with some other reports that the game could be better, but it’s better than nothing.

Dance School Stories app comments

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