Dancing Line - Music Game

Dancing Line - Music Game

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dancing Line - Music Game App

Dancing Line combines fast-paced gameplay with a carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience like no other. Featuring different worlds of increasing difficulty, each one paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The key is to not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also play to the music. Listen to the beat and the melody, and after a short while you will find yourself doing better and better. Come on! Test your reflexes and rhythm skills! See the surprises and wonders every level holds for you. Gameplay: Guide an ever-growing Line through a multiple of environments, listening carefully to the music. Tap the screen to make a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the World changing before your eyes. Game features: 1. Original background music 2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories 3. Very simple practice mode with only one finger tap 4. Music is the key to guide you Support: If you need any support, please send email to [email protected] or you can reach out us on Facebook @DancingLineGame. Business Cooperation: Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutual success! we are looking forward to the great games! Contact us on: [email protected] Privacy Policy: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.html Terms of Service: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html Ad Choice: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/ad-choice.html

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Dancing Line - Music Game app reviews

  • Get the faded original back 2/5

    By yakima konlin
    I want the faded original I never played in my life
  • Dude this is great 5/5

    By Senior Panda
    I think this is actually a really cool game I could spend a good amount of time playing it. I think that the music is really cool being a music person myself. And I just love the concept.
  • Irritating 2/5

    By edezwhatedez
    Gives out too many ads. Everytime I lose here an ad come it’s annoying
  • Dancing Line Creator! 5/5

    By Polyshfere peeeps
    Ok, there are a lot of levels, and I’m used to it, but can you add a place where you can create your own levels and share them online, like in Geometry Dash? You can add music already existed in-game, put in IDs, and even get your own songs from different apps! You don’t have to, it’s just a suggestion. Otherwise, great job! Keep it up!
  • Dear Developers, 4/5

    By Feed up with bugs
    I would like to know if you are adding any new levels soon if you can read this please get back to me because I love your game. Sincerely, Feed Up With Bugs
  • If you consider getting this please read 5/5

    By Sandoval2006
    This app is amazing, it’s fun, and in a way relaxing. I have no. Complaints, don’t listen to bad reviews, they don’t know wat they are talking about.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Loveable Livi
    Hi I am Levi. I don’t care about this game much.
  • It’s Pretty Good 4/5

    By Gutless Fish
    The game itself is very addicting. It is fun to play and daily levels are an easy way to get new levels. There were a few issues though. First, when you get the points to unlock a level it just gives you the option to buy it for the gold bars. Even after you claim stuff it doesn’t always turn out to be worth your effort to get points. It is very fun and creative and I absolutely love the scenery in the game. My main other issue it that there was an update about a month or two ago but I had lost interest briefly in the game and did not log in. When I went to log in a week or two ago all of my progress was gone. The bars I had saved up so hard to buy levels or skins were gone. The skins I had bought suddenly disappeared. The event prizes I earned were nowhere to be found. All the levels I had completed over the past 2 years were suddenly worth nothing. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but personally it was very upsetting to find all my progress gone.
  • only fun if u pay 1/5

    By almost a one star
    the game itself is amazing. very relaxing and fun, but unless u pay for the premium, it’s a bad experience. without paying the absurd amount of money for the full game, there are far too many ads and not enough levels. i can barely play for two minutes before a thirty second ad begins. i played this religiously a few years ago, before the premium payments, and it was great. but now, i’m spending less time playing than i am watching ads for other games. don’t recommend unless u plan on wasting $7.99 every week for a game.
  • Outstanding game! 5/5

    By GiraffePrincess2005
    I usually don't review games, but this was a must. I have had this games for years, and I am STILL in love with it. There's so many levels to choose from! Each level creates a chilling experience for the player. The music and production is absolutely incredible. I have no complaints, but I few suggestions that I believe will improve the game and make it more enjoyable. First of all, the ads are very annoying. To unlock most levels, you have to watch an ad. I feel as if there are already enough ads in the game. All levels should available! No ads! Also, I have some ideas for future levels. What about a super hero level or a Disney level? More sports such as hockey or surfing? Gymnastics? How about a city level? A traveling the world level? It could feature world landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China. I think there should be more stories like The Ugly Duckling level. How about Star Wars or Tangled? (...or other Disney classics?) Overall, this game is a must and I definitely recommend!
  • I like the game but there is a bug 1/5

    By Joeyng431
    Every time a mess up It makes me watch a add for no reason not for a life or anything so I won’t give a higher review unless you get rid of that
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By hsinto
    Like the title says. Back in it’s former days, ads weren’t too prevalent at all, but the game has turned into somewhat of a money grab. However, with an adblocker, the game is still an amazing rhythm game.
  • Good 5/5

    By zoa.B
  • This is getting ridiculous 2/5

    By IceCream512
    Hello, I just downloaded dancing line a a month ago and I think it is an overall good game. I like the idea and I used to have it a long time ago and deleted it. I would say I like the old version better because now you have to pay gold coins to get new levels and you have to pay a lot. There is no way you can get gold coins fast either. It now seems impossible to unlock new levels. Also, the number of adds in this game is crazy. It feels like every time you try a level an adds comes, and it is ridiculous. It was a way better game a year ago than it is now. I would be very happy if they could change it back. They make it seem like it was a giant update but it was a giant step down. If you get irritated easily I suggest you not to play this game.
  • THE SAMURAI!!! 5/5

    By TBFa21
  • Hear me out 1/5

    By Piper326
    I used to be obsessed with this game. I loved it and played it every chance I got. That was when the game was a whole lot simpler. There were only eight levels. I can’t remember why because this was a long time ago but for some reason I had to delete the game. I believe for storage purposes. Recently I was bored, so I decided to download the game again. I really wanted it to have that same kind of excitement that I had when I played the game 3 years ago. But it didn’t. Some might say that is because I grew out of it. But I don’t think that is the reason. The game is a lot more complicated. For example, I used up all of my checkpoint starters (the things that allow you to start form the checkpoint) in the first 20 minutes of playing the game. Not because I meant to, but because I would click out, and it would say something about the challenge canceled. If I clicked out, it brought me to the same spot where it would ask me if I wanted to start from the checkpoint. I thought that was the only option. I eventually learned to click the arrow at the corner of the screen, but that just brought me to the journey page and I would have to watch another add to play the level. Second reason why I don’t like this game is that there are way too many adds. They are long ones too. And the adds are annoying and the only thing they do is guarantee that I won’t get the game they are advertising for. Third, I found issues with loading and lags. When I played the game three years ago I never had that. Fourth, the game has become to money hungry. They are constantly asking for you to spend money on a certain thing. I ended up spending more time watching adds and getting asked to spend money then I did getting to enjoy the game. I know this review doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But just trust me when I say it isn’t worth your time. The only good thing is that the music is good. other then that I don't recommend. It makes me sad to say that because of how much I loved this game three years ago. But now unfortunately, I am just disappointed in it. Thank you for taking time to read this, I hope you found it helpful.
  • Good but needs some changes 3/5

    By SUGAAA💜💜💜💯
    When I play the game sometimes the beat doesn’t add up the same as when ur supposed to click. Also there are way too many adds.
  • Too many ads! 4/5

    By Little_erin1
    I absolutely love this game. The music is enticing and the scenery design is beautiful. But, you literally have to watch a 30 second ad every single time you mess up, unless you pay $6.00 for them to go away. I don’t mind ads once in awhile and I understand they are necessary to sponsor the game, but does it have to be after every pause?
  • Great gameplay but... 3/5

    By yeet🌞
    I downloaded this game knowing that I had it in the past. I really liked it then so I thought “why not?”. I finished the first few levels perfectly, but it said I still needed points to unlock it without having to watch an ad. Another thing about that is the fact there are no ways to monitor how many points you have. Also, I noticed that there was no shop to buy lines. This has good gameplay but ai feel like these flaws should be fixed.
  • Great game, having trouble with challengers rewards? 3/5

    By Jcidajhdjskxjdnkxmds
    Amazing game, like the graphics, art style, all of it! I really liked the idea of challenges too. But for the rewards, we are supposed to get a level at some parts. I’ve already ‘unlocked’ the West and the Ocean, but my app still says they are locked! I’m really confused becuase I thought that the reward was that I got to play those stages, but it appears not? It’s there just a big or am I loosing it? Any help would be appreciated:)
  • sound 3/5

    By salvty
    we should be able to play without the ringer being on. even though i know i can put my phone on do not disturb, i'd rather not because i like to receive notifications. so being able to play without the ringer being on would be nice.
  • This is not fair 3/5

    By DarkoneGaming
    When I play the map carnival the yellow bumper car always kills me until when I go to the first checkpoint after that it doesn’t kill me (but still a good game)
  • I need a small number of apps for me and this is one of my favorite ones 5/5

    By Lil sis getti'n mad🎀
    I picked Messenger kids, Walmart, Roblox, Aquapark.io and this game of course for SIX apps I need to control my apps! This is the best game, no offense to the other games.
  • Too much ad 1/5

    By puttingtoomanyads
    I used to love this game until they put way too much ad. Before I was watching ad once in couple games but now I have to watch ad almost every game
  • Corrupt developers 1/5

    By BiggggChungussss
    I loved this game with all my heart. This game had the potential to go down the path games like Geometry Dash went, and it was all thrown away by these awful greedy developers. Purchases with game currency became in app purchases, and in app purchases became subscriptions. Do NOT encourage the developers behavior. Play geometry dash instead.
  • Mwahahahaha 4/5

    By Lohollie
    I found a secret way in the catheritral
  • Too many Ads 4/5

    By Lemonatorin07
    I had this game a few years ago, and back then there were some ads, but you got infinite lives and revives. You also had access to every level. All the ads were skippable and hardly ever played. I LOVED the game back then, but eventually forgot about it. I came back, excited to replay all the levels. When I came back, I found that the all of the levels were locked. Then all the ADS! This game was a lot better before the developers got greedy. I still play, but this would have got a 5 star review a few years ago.
  • It’s fun on one condition 4/5

    By cbjyddvjubn
    I think this game is really fun but I don’t want to watch a ad to unlock levels or get a chest I would rather buy it with gems but there is no option for me to do that so the gems are just there and I can’t do anything with them because I get the option of a ad and only a ad

    By itsjjgurl
    This game is really fun and entertaining the levels are sometimes difficult but I really enjoy playing this game:)
  • I want to delete my progress 4/5

    By ihatethisappdontgetit
    The app is great, despite the ads, however I want to delete all the progress in the game and I’ve tried so many methods to delete it but none have worked so far
  • Great but laggy 4/5

    By heuhotruhe
    I love playing this game, but I kind of think it’s laggy.
  • Worst game I ever played 1/5

    By Im not enter my nickname
    The taps don’t work
  • TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/5

    By ad, not game
    First of all, there are what I call “fake ads.” I call them that because sometimes you get to play so little before you have to download the game, and bonus, they are rarely just images. And there are just too many of the ads. 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 PLEASE have there be less ads.
  • Too many ads!! 2/5

    By alexandra_decrosta
    I used to LOVE this game. I miss the old version of this game that didn’t play an ad after every single turn. Literally after every turn no matter how short. Don’t bother, it’s not worth it anymore it’s just frustrating.
  • Please stop!! 2/5

    By Vonn E Coyote
    I used to really enjoy this game. Now, every time I mess up, I get an ad... and I can’t mute it!!! The ads are significantly louder than the music in the game. Forcing me to see an ad every time I mess up is one thing, but the sheer fact that I can’t shut up the ad makes me not want to play anymore. Please fix this so I can at least mute the ad and not have to hear the same three ads every time I make a mistake.
  • Does this even work? 1/5

    By difficult ordering
    It doesn’t register the taps. The turns are being made when I don’t touch the screen or they are far to delayed that nearly every move I make is guess work. This game would actually be fun if it worked!
  • camera moving and ads 4/5

    By harmonicpawn
    i have been playing this game a long time but the only thing that stops me from making it perfect is the that when the camera moves it distracts me from focus,and the ads are really annoying it also says gambling and 18+ stuff which is really illegal because this is for children
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Persin22
    This is a game I've been playing since 6 years ago. Sooo addictive. The one complaint I have is that there are no ads for this game. At least not for me. I feel like so many people are missing out on a great experience. GET MORE ADS OUT THERE!!! This game is fun for all. It has tons of levels and fun challenges, 𝓔𝓪𝓼𝔂 𝓽𝓸 𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓭. Everyone should have this app 👉📱. Download now!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The ads are RIDICULOUS 1/5

    By quoia2592
    I used to play this game a lot 2 years ago and I absolutely adored it, but I decided to stop playing it for awhile because I was able to beat all the levels and wanted to wait till there was more for me to play. Well let’s rewind to now, I decided to download the game again a few days ago and I was shocked with what I saw! As soon as you open the game the first thing that pops up on your screen is an advertisement, at first I was just like “oh one little ad is okay” but once I started playing the different levels I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the amount of ads there was!! As soon as you fail a very long advertisement pops up and when you try choosing a different level more pop up. It has gotten to the point where I don’t even bother watching the ads, I just leave the game. They make the game very unenjoyable and they have ruined the fun of the game. I understand that it’s a free game so it’s okay to have an ad every now and then, but these people are very hungry for money and it takes the fun from the game. I was really hoping to enjoy playing this game during quarantine while I have nothing to do, but I just can’t stand all of these advertisements I have lost my patience with them and I will be deleting this game.
  • It’s pretty good 4/5

    By green-eyed-trumpet
    Okay, I’ve been playing this game for a while, I deleted it for a bit and then decided to download it again. It’s the same as when I had it last time, but for some reason I can’t get new lines. I’m stuck with one line and can’t view any others. I don’t know what’s going on with that but other than that and the amount of ads it’s a pretty good game.
  • Fix It! 1/5

    By rush chainsaw
    You better fix all your silly little glitches and on the second thought don’t putt so much adds up.
  • Good...with flaws 4/5

    By TheClapper45
    I love this game, its catchy melody and fluid movement is astounding. The game developers have definitely pulled off a true “musical adventure.” However, the ads swarm the screen and what seems to be forever:a simple solution is making it so you only have to watch half or a small segment. Furthermore, the checkpoints, which were once amazing and prevented annoying setbacks, have become tedious and time consuming as the ads seem to take up more time than the actual playing. This all being said, the game is great and I’d highly suggest it to anyone with a musical touch or even anyone who wishes to tap along to the music as they play.
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    By Lovenia Paddingdon
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  • It’s fun, but... 3/5

    By Porschaudi
    It’s fun, and has cool music! But there are SOOO many ADS!!! You also have to unlock several levels that you can’t play without winning certain stuff!
  • I love it, but the adds bug me 5/5

    By TheDragonAndTheLemur
    I love the app! It’s addicting, and gives me a challenge every once in a while. However, there is one thing that bugs me. The adds are just annoying. But other than that, I love the game! Good job producers!
  • AMAZING 😝 5/5

    By 'RandomShit'
    This game is so calming! I recommend that you get this NOW!!
  • Good job 4/5

    By analeighs
    This was a great game and I hope you buys this app and it’s kinda hard but you’ll get youse to it it seems a little odd for it pentathlon but it’s ok to get right now but it now I rated this a four star because of the odd but I like this game and I hope you like it too.
  • Doesn’t open the app. 1/5

    By omar100712
    I tried to open the game many times but has failed, to do so.
  • Headache 1/5

    By fnd85
    To many ads. Too expensive to get them off. The flashing lights even during the ads strain the eyes.

Dancing Line - Music Game app comments

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