Dancing with the Stars : Game

Dancing with the Stars : Game

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  • Current Version: 3.23.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Donut Publishing
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dancing with the Stars : Game App

You’ve seen the show, now live the life! Become a glamorous celebrity and begin your exciting journey on the world’s most popular dance competition in Dancing With The Stars, The Official Game! Combining popular match-3 gameplay with innovative features, 'Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game' will give you the dancing experience you’ve been waiting for. - Addictive and sparkling Match-3 gameplay! - Incredible and authentic dancing, just like on the show! - Win beautiful prizes and build your wardrobe collection! - Collect stunning and exotic dance dresses, and show off your unique fashion to your friends! - Choose the path your celebrity will take with intriguing dilemmas! - Compete in a weekly leaderboard, dancing your best moves in front of judges in the Live Show! One of BBC Worldwide’s most popular global brands, Dancing with the Stars has been licensed to 52 countries, and a version of the show has been seen in over 75 countries, with over 250 series aired around the world to date - and now YOU can take part. Follow us on social media: Twitter: @dwtsthegame Instagram: @dwtsthegame Facebook: visit our ‘Dancing With The Stars: The Official Game’ page This App contains: - links to selected social media sites - in-app purchases that cost real money - push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content - advertising Privacy Policy: http://www.donutpublishing.com/index.php/privacy-policy/

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Dancing with the Stars : Game app reviews

  • I like it 4/5

    By dhdjfjdhdnfnfndjd
    I love this game but this one little thing I don’t like you have to wait a day for the live show I am a beginner other than waiting for the live show I like it.
  • Amazing however.. 5/5

    By Wipeoutfan14
    I played it for a little over a week and by the time I got to A tier the game kept telling me that there was no connection even though my Wifi was strong.
  • Dance moves 1/5

    By baybeeblossom
    It won’t let me level up or unlock new dances

    By 20sam11111111111
    Overall it’s so good , and such an amazing game . Though u have to wait 3 days to do a live show which make it a little less exciting but overall all that it’s amazing love it . 5 stars
  • How to bug fix Dancing with the stars 5/5

    By one d wife
    Can you fix Dancing with the stars upadate
  • Add a story line 4/5

    By Ayame Maya
    This game is awesome but would rock if there was a story line!
  • The dance cost 3/5

    By A.Limbrick
    Long time player actually good game for past time, but I wish that when we go to Paula the gem cost would be a bit less than 1200 to unlock more dances. Like we as players already have a hard time just trying to get gems as it is. I’m not saying the login rewards 10 gems a day, or the challenges that we have to do in order to receive gems, also moving up in ranks aren’t enough. It’s just not equal as spending/using gems out the booty to get JUST 5 more moves. I hope this really does get seen by the teams of this fabulous game.
  • Kate 2/5

    By sjedhdns
    I love the game but I am now on level A and I still don’t have any new dances and I refuse to pay money or waste gems for dances I stopped playing this game three years ago and just started playing again, and back then every time you reach some point on the game you would get new dance and hair styles. I liked that version better Please fix this game.
  • Updates 4/5

    By kimbrielle18
    Since the game had been updated it hasn’t been working properly Overall good game Wont let you log in to Facebook . Other than that good game
  • It is ok 3/5

    By AriaBadaria
    I wish it was more interesting
  • Love 5/5

    By JEM90210
    Love this game only play when DWTS is on!!
  • UPDATE IT 4/5

    By Ipoohbeargotsnacks
    last time I played it looked so clear and now it’s looks fuzzy and bad.

    By TVD_loverVL
    This is truly a frustrating and pushing game. You will get obsessed with it and everything but then it pushes you to spend your hard earned diamonds so much toward the end, that you end up doing it, by accident or not. Usually, the game lets you watch a video for more energy and extra moves, but it completely stopped doing that, so now I am have a harder time with dress rehearsals because sometimes the requirements of the rehearsals are totally unreasonable and unrealistic, and probably requires extra moves to get past them. Once, I tried to watch a video to get extra moves, but the only option literally was to spend 50 diamonds, and I accidentally clicked that and used my hard earned 50 literally just for energy. I really hope this game stops this pushing, so everyone will enjoy this game, because honestly, I am never coming back to this game because of this, unless this gets fixed. I don’t like how this game pushes people to spend money on this game so much.
  • DWTS 5/5

    By Claw flow
    I love this game so much I always wanted to be on dancing with the stars jr maybe you should make a game about the show that would be sooooooo cooooooooooool pls 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Reset 5/5

    By farrahprincess
    How do I reset the game
  • It’s addicting but the stuff cost to much to buy and I never have enough moves 3/5

    By Corinna8334
    I love this game!! But 250 gems for a pair of shoes is ridiculous! It takes forever for me to get to 50 and I’m lucky when I even get there, the price for outfits is stupid like I get the 450 for pros but it’s just annoying! Plus the gem game, there is never enough moves! When you advance to 4 dance moves, I can’t even get one star!! I love this game but you guys are putting to much on it!! Not to mention I can’t get the rumba or any other I have to use 1200 gems when it’s impossible for me to get gems!
  • The last move is useless! 3/5

    By Chloe124689
    I love this game and the concept. However, I find it really annoying that the last movie of the performances are absolutely useless. I’f you get enough gems with the last love you can’t even use it! It doesn’t make sense to me.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By kkaaayyyylllllaaaa
    It’s so Good and I love everything about this game, Makes me feel like I’m in the real show
  • Great 4/5

    By MartinTarique
    I think it would be cool if you guys did fusion dances like they do in the show. For example tango/Cha Cha or Quickstep/Jive. I think it would also be cool if you guys had the opportunity for trio dances and if you guys had theme weeks like Disney week or eras week. I also think it would be nice if you guys added Foxtrot and Samba to the list of dances or even added a special dance like Jazz. Finally could you please consider another way for us to get free gems and again consider making special weeks like Halloween week or movie weeks and make seasonal dresses for all 9 dances. I know this is a lot to ask but I know this game has the potential to be one of the best games ever! I hope you consider all of my recommendations!
  • BEST GAME EVER!!! 5/5

    By chanel ballesteros
    I love this game! I totally recommend it!
  • I like it 5/5

    By dhdudjsks
    I really enjoy the choreo and the outfits but can u add like more stuff and we can pick the songs for practice and for the Live show but other then that I like it
  • Very sad to write about this 1/5

    By nerd4life144
    I hear no volume
  • I love this Game 4/5

    By Emma Lee 33
    I have played this game on many devices, I find myself playing during my spare time and even when I’m supposed to be doing work. I love everything about this game. The only complaint that I have is that most of the dances are locked, and are very expensive to get. We used to be able to get all the dances when we moved up a rank, but now we have to pay. I am very sad about this feature because I loved being able to dance my favorite dances like the Paso Doble and the Viennese Waltz without paying. I would really love an easier way to get these dances rather then spending 1200 gems or ten dollars. Other than that I love this game. I would give it five stars but the locked dances are my one reason of giving it a four star. Thank you for making this game, and I hope your whole team stays safe during these trying times.❤️ Much love to you all!
  • Awesomesauce 5/5

    By TheBigFatBai
    I love this game so much. I played in fifth grade with my friends and I just got it back and now I’m going into ninth grade. I LOVE IT
  • 💩💩💩💩☹️☹️☹️☹️ 4/5

    By lola raaaaa
    I am kind of sad cause I mean the live show is so long away and the judges never give you a good score like all I get is 5,5,4,6 like can a girl get a simple ten 3 times please
  • I’m bored with it 2/5

    By Jhadealexis
  • Give us the two new dances for free please. 3/5

    By rebelgirl9119
    I have been playing this game since 2016 and frankly I’m bored of it. We got two new dances that we can’t even play unless we buy them frankly they should give them to us for free.
  • DWTS 2 5/5

    By sweetoea🤗
    The only thing that I would say is that you should make like a 2 DWTS so there’s more dances and outfits.
  • Love this game! But a bit glitchy... 5/5

    By Tegsma
    Love this game but a bit glitchy so try and fix those bugs! Once it was so glitchy I tried to claim my three hour prize box and I did but got no reward!!! But overall I would recommend this game. I'm a dancer so I really love the fun interactive dance and wardrobe! Get this game!!!
  • Weird? 4/5

    By Douglas Howser
    Every time when you run out of lives, it’s gives you a count down, which is fine but you here weird breathing wen you lose. But the game is still fun
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By The spectacular reviewer
    I had this game a while ago I played until I unlocked all the dances BY PLAYING! Now I am starting from the beginning. At first I was excited for the new dances. I earned 4 out of I believe 6 original dances. Now if I want to get back where I was or progress I have to save up weeks of gems or pay for the new and the OLD dances /:
  • iPad Pro won’t Download 1/5

    By Anonomosly
    Been playing the game but when I tried going in after the latest release, get a faux pas error with a download button that won’t work. Go to App Store but there is no update to download. Can’t get past the faux pas error to continue playing the existing version until the error is fixed. Frustrating
  • Updated: March 2020 3/5

    By la Julia
    I’ve been playing this game now for months. I’m typically in the top 5 every week in the results. WHEN will I get new dances without having to pay for them??? I’m getting bored of the ones I have here. I receive “gifts” from Sonia of dresses that I will never wear unless I fork over money for new dances. Why can’t we receive gifts of jewelry, shoes or other accessories that we can actually use towards getting more fans each week??? Really close to deleting this. - The extra dances that Paula has are expensive. What level do I have to reach in order to get one of these for free??? Do you really expect me to pay (either by purchasing diamonds or pay outright) for these new dances? There should be a way for you to get them for free. I guess I will get bored and just stop playing the game since I only have the original few dances available. Why are the clothing accessories so expensive? If I use my diamonds to get those, then I won’t have them for competition days. Other than that, I’d like to see us given an option to change the music we hear for the dances. It’s getting a little monotonous hearing the same thing over and over. Those songs are like ear worms. You can’t get them out of your head. Why not change the music for each dance when you do an update to the app??
  • Love 5/5

    By Splitit7
    Love this Game so Much its Addicting. I do Hope to see more Dances and A freestyle Dance to as Well As More Things To Do.
  • Can not figure out how to unlock a new dance! 3/5

    By Allie&jason'sauntie
    I’ve been playing this game for awhile now & all four of the dances i have are over level 20 & I can’t figure out how to unlock a new dance! I have so many dresses for these dances but can’t unlock them.
  • Fun!!!!!! 5/5

    By EGC!2218
    Love the game do fun
  • DTWS 5/5

    By ujem
    I love the game I wish it was easier because I want more 10s
  • the more updates the worst it gets 1/5

    By Sarabi Martin
    At first this game was super fun to play but as of recently with some of the new updates it’s becoming trash. I’ve reached out to support but no one ever gets back to me, I’ve tried reaching out on social media and no one still gets back to me at this point I may end up deleting the app. Every time I play it it always stops and says it cannot connect to the internet which is a lie cause my internet works fine. There are so many things WRONG with this app that they need to fix or I will stop playing this game and will delete it off my phone and will never reinstall it again.
  • Dances 5/5

    You should make the other dances they shouldn’t cost so much. It’s such a fun game everything is so expensive to get. Great time playing.
  • New dances 1/5

    By MeggyMoMo
    I started playing the game again when I noticed they added Rumba and Cha Cha. I stopped playing again after it appears these games must be purchased. $9.99 or 1200 gems for one and 1200 gems for the other. In other words roughly $30-$40 for TWO dances. RIDICULOUS!! I think it’s time to just cut my losses and delete the game for good. It’s obvious it’s more about robbing players.
  • A little unfair 3/5

    By Maarriiaah
    I do enjoy the game, but sometimes when it comes to the live show part, it’s annoyingly difficult to even get past the elimination part. I know that those other people are probably buying gems or something, but it does seem a little unfair towards those who either don’t want to buy anything or can’t
  • It keeps closing 2/5

    By everynicknametaken!
    I like the game but since last week, the app keeps closing. I don’t know how to address this since there doesn’t seem to be any customer support.
  • It’s ok, but... 3/5

    By love dwts
    I like match 3 games, I love dancing with the stars. This game is ok, but I wish you could get more than just 4 dances without having to pay for them. 4 dances over and over gets kind of boring. Plus, don’t tease me by awarding me dresses I’ll never be able to use because I will never get 1200 gems.
  • Very frustrated 3/5

    By Marge0628
    Love the game.! My only criticism is that I lost 100 gems trying to refresh my energy to finish a dance practice while using internet and the game lock me out. I wish I would get my 100 gems back .
  • Dancing with the stars 1/5

    By lindseydeeds
    New update isn’t allowing me to buy gems please fix.
  • Fix the in app purchase 1/5

    By MommabirdAlane
    Hi guys - ever since last update- which took two days- I have been unable to make purchases - at any purchase location in the app. The + - to add points- is stuck on 1750 purchase on all sections and when I try to buy directly from the individual dance - nothing happens- please fix or I’m deleting this app and writing another bad review
  • Glitch after update 4/5

    I love the fame and even got a few of the extras, but when I’m trying to get more diamonds or open new dance sections it won’t let me
  • Enjoyable, but buggy 4/5

    By Meg1320
    Right now, the ability to buy gems is not working. I assume it’s related to the update a couple of days ago. All this nice, new, seasonal goodies and no way to buy them! A real bummer
  • Diamonds 1/5

    By sabrina vhiq s
    Since the update we can’t get our diamonds the games Glitching need help ASAP