Danger Notes - Writer's Block

Danger Notes - Writer's Block

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  • Current Version: 2.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Villegas Ventures LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Danger Notes - Writer's Block App

Don’t stop typing. If you do all your work will disappear and be gone forever. Danger Notes is the ultimate writing tool to help fight writer’s block. Whether you are writing a term paper, an essay, a book, your best-man speech, promising rap lyrics or just free writing, Danger Notes will help you fight writer’s block by forcing you to keep writing in order to save your progress from being deleted. The theory behind this wonderful writing tool, is that by pressuring you to keep writing, you will be forced to formulate an actual flow of written work instead of just staring at a blank document for 2 hours with no progress to show for. The more words you type the easier it will be to break past your writer's block and keep typing. Break writer's block with Danger Notes.

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Danger Notes - Writer's Block app reviews

  • WOW! 5/5

    By Khatoon1___
    This app is the most amazing app I’ve ever used!
  • The Juices will flow. 5/5

    By RoyalT4848
    This app is perfect for my long road trips in the passenger seat. 🤯🤯🥳🥳
  • AHHHHHH 5/5

    By claudiaqsanders
    The sense of panic you get while writing is highly motivating. At least for me it is. Good way to jumpstart your brain if you’re struggling, or if you’re wanting to write in a stream of consciousness type of way. Def recommend.
  • I truly don't get it 1/5

    By World's Foremost Expert
    I have tried this 3 times, and in all three cases, it tells me I 'failed' and destroys my work. This is apparently because I took 3 seconds to wipe sand from my eyes? I had no idea that there was even a risk of having my writing destroyed. I just can't imagine anybody being 'helped' by the threat of destroying what is being created. It's normal to pause for a few seconds while writing. It's part of writing well. I am a huge fan of their "list of things to do" app, which is hilarious and fun, but I can't see this writing app as anything other than a self-crashing bicycle. One that is oddly proud of itself, no less!
  • Simple, easy, and motivating! 5/5

    By CursedInk
    This app is fantastic, especially for something that’s been made free for everyone to use. The design is simplistic, lacking all the bits and baubles that could distract you during a writing session. It’s very easy to use and user-friendly. The app is also highly motivating. It provides around a 5-second grace period for you to stop typing during a session before the built-in anti-procrastination timer kicks in at the bottom of the screen, just above your keyboard. That grace period is something I really appreciate, as someone who just really can’t stand leaving behind typos in my writing to “come back to later”. It also has very, very few ads when compared to other freely available apps. The only ads I’ve ever encounter are one tiny banner across the top of the screen, and one fullscreen ad with a dismissal timer that only ever pops up if you fail your writing challenge. Plus, as far as I’m seeing, if you choose to donate some money to the developer - which helps minimize the prevalence of ads - the ads disappear! Already very minimal ads, and all it takes is buying the developer a cup of coffee to permanently remove those, too! (As far as I can tell; I haven’t actually confirmed this.) Overall, it’s an amazing app, and it’s been great for my writer’s block. Highly recommend it for anyone who needs that extra kick.
  • This is cool 5/5

    By jose tocino
    This is cool I like this. Helps you get it out.
  • Just what I needed. 5/5

    By nicole the dev
    There is a sense of urgency this creates that is great for my procrastination bug. I really don’t want to lose my work. I just can’t do it. So I keep my fingers moving and I write. I love this app. It’s so simple but it makes me so productive in writing in a way that no amount of pepping myself up, reading self-help books, or watching motivational speakers on YouTube ever has. Thank you for making this. P.S. Just a small request: Is there a way I can get a dark purple theme (like royal purple)?? :D)
  • Great 5/5

    By bear1246829204
    This is a really good app, it really helps with writers block and is good to just get the ideas flowing!
  • I wanted to badly to like it….but all of my work in it is gone 1/5

    By Shep209
    I loved DangerNote when I first used it. I was on a roll writing an important piece for work, over a thousand words and nearly done! DangerNote said it was saving the work but when I reopened it to fact check the piece, nothing. Everything was gone. Now I need to start over on an even tighter deadline. So heartbroken and upset to have all of my work lost that DangerNote said it was saving…I would not recommend writing anything you want to save in this app.
  • Exactly what I was looking for 5/5

    By No it wasn't good
    Love this app and it works wonderfully. It’s similar to the website Fighter’s Block, which is basically what I was looking for in a writing app, except that the motivation to keep writing is stronger with this since you don’t want your work deleted. I also appreciate having a time goal rather than a word count goal, so that you can more easily commit to a writing session knowing how long it will take (and you can adjust the amount of time too, which I just learned recently!!!) Does not fix procrastination, though (hence me writing this review instead of using the app :P ) Only problem: word count is off. It counts contractions as two words, which is kind of annoying. But still a pretty great app, just an inaccurate estimator
  • Gets me out of my writer's block 5/5

    By mswam
    I usually get writer's block because I can't think of the perfect way to word something. This app forces me the stop caring about the wording and get the idea down. I can then go back and edit the wording later, but I now have a body of work to actually edit. The only thing I wish was different, is once you reach a time limit and the work saves, that you can go back and reset the timer when you continue in the same note, and if you failed the time check it would only delete what wasn't saved.
  • Could use some tweaks to be more effective 4/5

    By djdkdkkddk
    I'm a big fan of these ultimatum, use-it-or-lose it productivity tools, because as someone with ADHD I tend not to work well except under threat of catastrophe, and dangernotes has helped me a lot when writing a paper. I think it would be even more helpful if some of the "lifelines" were removed, like being able to select-all > copy at any time to prevent from losing your work, or maybe even not counting backspace as a key input so you can't press delete to stall the timer.
  • Gets rid of writers block 5/5

    By -6;,6;.7(,
    I was struggling so much to come up with simply and detailed writings. But this definitely got me going, as I set mine for 30 minutes the first time I used it, and it worked wonders. I was able to get going and just kept going. So definitely a 10/10 !! But seriously be careful if your serious about your work !!! I love the thrill, so this was wonderful.
  • Lovely App 5/5

    By Elpelli37
    Great app for brainstorming and sparking a creativy flow
  • This app is one of my favorites. 5/5

    By Evelyn Faith Rapo
    I struggle with writers block like every other author out there. This app makes it so I’m put under pressure to just put the words in the page. I’ve written entire chapters in under an hour because of this app. I love that it has barely any adds and if you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to. It’s not forced on you to pay either. Not buggy or glitchy at all. Five stars!
  • One of the best writing apps I’ve ever used 5/5

    By TheOneOddsOut
    I’ve always had a huge problem with writer’s block, and this app really helped out a lot! Here’s my pros and cons: Pros: - You have the ability to adjust the time you want to write for - No ads! - You have the ability to save your work if you don’t stop typing and you can edit your already saved notes Cons: - Literally none Overall: 10/10, couldn’t recommend enough!
  • Great app but I paid for no ads and still get them. 3/5

    By shanes3030
    This is a must have app. I start out with the forced 5 minutes and the next thing I know I have been writing for an hour. I will rate at 5 stars if my issue with ads is resolved.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By hey grl hey
    This app made me feel so much stress relief and it made me determined to write, I have so much on my mind and I got it all out on paper but it doesn’t delete it instantly it asks you… “ undo typing?” Or “Cancel” but make sure when you are don’t you click save work or it will ask you. It was such an inspiration to me and when I am bored I can do it and it doesn’t need internet or Wi-Fi but if you turn you internet off you don’t have adds! Mind blown. But best app ever.
  • Great idea, no way to avoid ads 4/5

    By Omikun
    I love this app so much I donated right after using it for the first time. I believe app developers should be rewarded for their efforts. However, I’m sad to find that there doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of the ads even after making a donation. Also, this app is pretty bare bones. I wish it could be formatted better on the iPad. Extra margins in the writing view and past notes in a side drawer. Maybe a way to share the note besides manual copy/paste?
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Chaotic-Enby
    I love this app it is amazing!! I do have one question though. Once I do a session on a note I can’t do another on the same note. I was wondering if my phone is doing something or if it is just not part of the app. If so will you consider adding it? Overall I love the app and it helps me write when I have writers block.
  • Cool idea 5/5

    By Killersixx
    Get ms you to pour your thoughts out and clean up later.
  • Fast Paced, No Time To Pause 4/5

    By AtlasAndTheMess
    Recommended for the fact that it forces the writer to put all their ideas (ugly, unpolished, rampant) on paper.
  • Love it 5/5

    By brysontillerswife
    I truly love this app. I just downloaded it today and already it’s cured my two-day long writer’s block. Just writing and getting whatever ideas you have down without thinking is far more affective than some might believe. This is exactly the type of app I was looking for to help improve my writing!
  • 5 star IF no adds. 3/5

    By EDP479
    I wish there was an option to just outright purchase this app and do away with the adds. 5 stars all day long if it wasn’t for the adds.
  • Peace at last 5/5

    By Crazy Beautiful aka Tera
    I have been a writer in the mix of social media for almost a decade. I have felt both emotionally drained but also emotionally drowning in a place where connecting was a risk on all sides. With this app I feel peace moving through me as I continue to keep my passion in writing thriving without feeling all that I felt in the eyes of too many. -Tera
  • It’s great but…. 5/5

    By Adelina G.
    I like this app for first drafts because it gets stuff out on paper without overthinking it too much. But I would like a pause button cause sometimes I get interrupted and I lose several paragraphs of work. I can’t really use it unless I know I have a couple of minutes but other than that it’s really good!
  • Amazing app very helpful 5/5

    By Pixsirus
    This app is wonderful and I believe it has great potential to be an educational tool for young writers like myself my only complaint is that I wish you included a few more options for tipping because I want to be able to support you more😅 keep up the good work
  • Very Nice 5/5

    By Gino Cakes
    For what it is, it’s great! I was pretty intimidated by it at first. When I tried it out I was able to write for 5 minutes straight, just pouring out my ideas. This is a great motivator and is good for writers trying to write down ideas for stories, scripts, etc. I’ve heard thinking too much about your ideas while writing can be bad, so this can prevent that. The design is nice and changing the time you have to write for is easy. Overall, it’s great! I’ll be using it myself to try writing/typing everyday or two.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Saba402
    Love this . I miss danger text though
  • Adrenaline Junkie Satisfaction 5/5

    By mommybrown
    Well hot dang. I’ve spent the last semester wasting hours each week with writer’s block on one stubborn repeating assignment that I struggle to wrap my head around. Like, literally *hours* each week (maybe 8?). In any case I’ve been suffering. As a perfectionist, I was shocked to see my initial note disappear before my eyes as I paused to go back and correct a typo. Oops. Not accustomed to failure, I tried again and on the second attempt had enough workable material from free flow thought to finish this week’s paper. Altogether I spent less than seven minutes in the app to get unstuck. Those seven minutes just saved me the next seven hours this week and many more for the next several weeks. As an adrenaline junkie, this met the threshold of registration for me. I can see this turning into a game with friends to see who can beat the clock with the best story. Thank you Danger Notes.
  • a HUGE help 5/5

    By supercow.com5081
    I suffer for major writer’s block and this app has upped my word count tremendously! Helps get you out of the mindset of every word having to be perfect!! Highly recommend!!
  • So good for a quick creativity boost 5/5

    By Black-Ranch
    I usually use DangerNotes whenever I have a chapter due, or when I need to think of a quick plot. I often pass the five minute time and write for twenty minutes instead, writing for 15 minutes even after I’m no longer in danger of losing all my work. I love it. It’s great for my creativity. It’s also great for ranting, writing about things that bother me and I always feel better after.
  • What fun 5/5

    By lovewids223
    As a song writer this is a fun way not only to make a song it an amazing way to get over a block because you lose it all of u stop
  • Feature request 5/5

    By Micah Gatley
    Love this app! Really helps me with my struggle of not knowing what to write. It would be awesome if there was a setting that sends you a daily notification to remind you to write today. That way you could build up the habit of writing every day!
  • A Wonder 5/5

    By Haganah
    I have been using Danger Notes for two years and this app ‘delivers!’ Probably some of my ‘breakthrough’ writing has been the result. Thanks so much.
  • Super fun! 5/5

    By skyleigh07
    Motivates you to keep writing! I’ve had trouble in the past when I pause in writing I start to get down on myself causing me to leave my work unfinished. This helps me keep moving and be inspired! Great way to pass time
  • i love this app. 5/5

    By clambert2025
    i have been on Danger Notes for a while now. i honestly think this game is a fun way to be creative and set goals for yourself. it’s fun to just let your creativity flow, but also be timed. it’s a really cool and unique app that i think every young and experienced writer should use! your mind will sharpen and your imagination will grow, along with your writing skills. i also love how this app is detective. it will know if you are wasting your time just sitting there, doing your own thing without actually typing for a few minutes. this app is fun to practice or just take notes in general. as an author, i believe this helps me with my writing because i am creatively typing quickly and efficiently. i would definitely recommend this to anyone. thank you so much!
  • I can’t save the notes 5/5

    By Sukinaaa
    I like the idea, it’s very encouraging to write but why I can’t find the notes saved when I finish my 5 minutes challenge.. sometimes I finish and right even more than the limit, then I get get a call or something interrupts me and when I’m back it’s GONE!!!! And I never can remember how it was to do it again.. PLEASE FIX THIS 🥺!! thank youuuu 💕
  • Really good! 5/5

    By Quetzal mata
    Ii use it to begin paragraphs and kick off my writing spree! Only thing I would change is it needs a better darkmode
  • Such an amazing app! 5/5

    By happy😋😋
    I love this app. It really makes me focus on adding lots of details and I never finish my thought before time runs out. I love this app and I only have one recommendation: I wish you could set a timer for how long you continue on another note. But if that does not happen, I could still write a chapter book by making the first line chapter 1, chapter 2, or really chapter____
  • Please add a function to remove ads 5/5

    By munisix
    App works exactly as advertised but I wish there was a way to remove ads. Payment is not a issue. Seriously, enough to buy dinner, none of this coffee nonsense. Otherwise it functions exactly as advertised and helps tremendously when you catch yourself overthinking. Perfect for when you need to step it up a notch at the beginning of a draft or project.
  • This is fun 5/5

    By ivysFlow
    It feels intense but it keeps your mind and hands connected.
  • Fun challenge 5/5

    By alanadafauna
    This app is a great way to get yourself focused on just writing and not overthinking it. I love the way it's gamefied so that if you stop writing for too long you lose what you were writing. It really helps get the free flow stream of thought going especially for creative writing or just getting your thoughts out. Once you get in the habit of just 5 minutes a day you'll look back and not believe how much writing you were really capable of doing!
  • Is great 5/5

    By 56109247
    Is great I did a story in no time
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By lillyb023
    I was skeptical at first, but after a week of using it, it has helped so much. I put on some music before hand, listen to 2 or 3 songs, it sets a mood I’m aiming for, and I hop in to writing. You don’t have time to think of “the perfect word” or phrase, or get distracted with looking information up. You get the most raw idea out and down and that’s the most important step. You can edit and revise later. I’ve gotten more writing done this past week than the entire past year. You have maybe 3 seconds you can stop, if you absolutely need another few, then just keep hitting space. But don’t rely on that as it defeats the purpose.
  • Amazing exercise for developing writers. 5/5

    By hannah from missouri
    I am 14 and I love to write and this helps me practice
  • 100% recommend to writers of any level 5/5

    By i im vety shirt
    This app is both infuriating and incredibly helpful. It really boots my creativity and the fear of losing my progress makes me really productive lol. It helped me get through weeks long writer block.
  • 500 words in 5 minutes 5/5

    By messina.bryan
    How clever not allowing people who are typing to se what they are typing. After typing for 5 minutes I think I know how to write a review.
  • Love it 5/5

    By obiiiiiii canoby
    Love this wpp