Daniel Tiger for Parents

Daniel Tiger for Parents

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  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: PBS KIDS
  • Compatibility: Android
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Daniel Tiger for Parents App

Help your child learn life’s little lessons with their friend and neighbor, Daniel Tiger. Daniel Tiger for Parents is a parenting app that provides parents and caregivers with popular and catchy songs and videos from the hit PBS KIDS series, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger for Parents uses songs and videos to help your toddler learn important social-emotional skills and life’s little lessons! Whether it’s potty training, sharing, or working through feelings, you can sing and play through each learning experience. Each song and video in the app offers a fun, yet educational experience to help your child learn and grow. Designed with busy parents in mind, this free app is simple, educational and entertaining for caregivers and kids alike. This app features over three dozen Daniel Tiger songs, videos from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and helpful hints for parents about the skills children need to be ready for school and life. Help your toddler grow and learn with Daniel Tiger. Sing along and play and learn together with your child. Download Daniel Tiger for Parents today. Features: DANIEL TIGER SONGS AND VIDEOS • Over 30 of the most popular educational songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood • Sing along to the songs with your child • Over 60 video clips to watch and share with your child, showing how Daniel Tiger and his family use these songs LIFE’S LITTLE LESSONS • Songs and videos help children learn important social-emotional skills like: • Feelings • Self-control • Responsibility • Potty training • And more! HELP YOUR CHILD GROW • Over 90 conversation starters & parenting tips with practical ways to use Daniel Tiger songs in everyday life • Custom picture frames for each song to take photos, capture moments, and share with friends and family BILINGUAL SUPPORT • Available in English and Spanish Help your toddler practice important social and emotional skills with free songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. There’s a perfect song for every moment and learning experience – you can share those moments with your child using the Daniel Tiger for Parents app. Download Daniel Tiger for Parents today and use Daniel Tiger’s songs and videos to help your child learn and grow.. "Parents, this app is like having a preschool whisperer right in your phone -- for free." - Common Sense Media Daniel Tiger for Parents is based on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by The Fred Rogers Company. For decades, Fred Rogers and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood helped generations of parents and children navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and this app extend that philosophy to empower parents and caregivers with confidence in their ability to help their children learn important social and emotional skills. Check out the other Daniel Tiger apps for children: "Daniel Tiger's Storybooks," "Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty," “Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night,” “Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings,” and “Play at Home with Daniel.” For more family fun with Daniel Tiger, visit pbskids.org/daniel ABOUT PBS KIDS Daniel Tiger for Parents is part of PBS KIDS’ ongoing commitment to helping kids build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life. PBS KIDS, the number-one educational media brand for kids, offers all children the opportunity to explore new ideas and new worlds through television and digital media, as well as community-based programs. Privacy Across all media platforms, PBS KIDS is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for children and families and being transparent about what information is collected from users. To learn more about PBS KIDS’ privacy policy, visit pbskids.org/privacy.

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Daniel Tiger for Parents app reviews

  • he’s in my what now? 1/5

    By Loser Boo
    ummm I wouldn’t want this short raindrop singing at my doorstep in the ghetto at 3 am, he thinks he can solve every problem in the world, pshhhhh, shut ur trap
  • Lovely app but needs to be updated 4/5

    By 1990shay
    The last update was made 11 months ago. Videos crash and there’s many new songs that could be added.
  • Love it! Please add more songs 5/5

    By SprigWY
    We love this app. However the "stop stop stop its okay to feel angry but it's not not not okay to hurt someone" song really needs to be on here. I use that song a lot with my 5 young children.
  • Short videos and songs 4/5

    By Slgrimmer
    We love this app for quick and free access to the songs. The video clips are maybe 2 minutes long. There are songs that say ‘new’ that are actually quite old by now. I can’t wait for some of newer songs to be added.
  • Love this app! Please add more songs? 5/5

    By limey_blimey
    Daniel Tiger is my son’s life coach. He has autism and Daniel’s cute and catchy songs help him for almost any situation in his day-to-day routines. He always wants me to sing a song first so he can sing it second just like Daniel and friends. The “Use your words”, “Give a squeeze”, “Daytime routines”, “When you can’t get what you want”, and “Frustrated”, just to name a few, all help him immensely and I am so grateful for this app whenever he needs a little short reminder, because it will always work for him :). The app plays any song choice clearly, has the lyrics, and has a clip from the original episode for reference. Runs very well, never had any issues. Please add more songs, like “Countdown to Calm Down”!
  • Would give 10 stars if I could! 5/5

    By Crisscrossk
    This app is absolutely wonderful. There’s a song that fits for anything! My 3.5yr old’s behavior is improving and he sings some of them during times that they apply. I recommend this app to all parents!
  • Good 5/5

    By happy mother 929
    Very good 10/10 gold stars
  • Update? 3/5

    By FalmielEvenstar
    My daughter absolutely loves this app!!!! But with the most recent update, all the videos crash the app. Is their something in the works to fix it? Other than that, this would DEFINITELY be 5 stars!!!!
  • Crashes consistently on iPhone 3/5

    By misterxav
    We love this app, however since we switched to iPhone X with iOS 12, the app crashes while attempting to play videos. Pretty please fix this soon!
  • Videos don’t work on IOS 12! 1/5

    By DJZ44
    The videos do not work on IOS 12!
  • Technical help 4/5

    By appusermikims
    Love the app for the little guy but have had issues with watching the videos since updating to iOS 12. Anyone else?
  • Videos crash the app in iOS 12 1/5

    By mrclymer
    My wife loves this app for our little one and I downloaded it this morning after I updated my phone to iOS 12 but the app won’t play the videos for me in my iPhone and it crashed the app. It works on my wife’s iPhone which has not been updated to iOS 12 yet.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mamalion20
    I was excited to find this app and I was even more excited to find out that it’s available in Spanish too! Our daughter is bilingual and watches Daniel in Spanish, so to have the songs when we need them available in both languages is amazing! Thank you! The app has been very helpful in helping remind her of important life lessons.
  • Sincerely love this show and app 5/5

    By chuston
    I have a 4 year old (4 and a HALF, Dad!) and a pair of 2 year old twins. We watch Daniel Tiger together almost every morning and almost every day there’s a teaching moment where we can talk about the emotional challenges Daniel faced and how it applies to my kids current predicament. I don’t know the science behind making everything a musical aphorism but it’s strikingly effective. I think it only works if parents participate but it’s an amazing library of stories, emotions, and moral choices. The app puts the right video / story / song at your finger tips for that tough post-timeout talk and provides positive alternative example behaviors for “next time.”
  • use this at bedtime a lot! (needs fixes for ios12 though) 5/5

    By TobiasIsQueenMary
    use this all the time, love it. it will need an update for ios12 though!
  • Great jingle at your finger tips 5/5

    By Cypa2
    Finally watched DT with my daughter since she loves it from babysitters. I fell in love but always mix up words to songs. This is a great tool.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By Dianaduran
    Please add more songs and videos!
  • Best Daniel Tiger App EVER! 5/5

    By KaraHorseg
    I love Daniel Tiger since I grew up watching Mr. Rogers! I would love to see more songs added since they are a BIG Help to me. Songs and visual Cues help me learn Best! I share the app with anyone I find that has Kids or that loves Daniel Tiger! This is My Favorite Daniel Tiger App!!
  • great app! 5/5

    By girly321
    we love to watch this show with our daughter. we even find ourselves singing the songs in certain situations. now we can listen to the songs with our daughter any time!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Gasga9
    I love Daniel tiger. I love the lessons they teach and the songs that go with it but there are so many to keep up with. Love this app because it always comes in hand.
  • I love Daniel Tiger! 5/5

    By Vgleason
    Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a great program. This is the only app for my son on my phone and he loves it. The songs help us in so many situations. Thank you!
  • Great for parents 5/5

    By N~DiZ*
    I love this app! Lots of great songs and videos!
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Djjftgfffgh
    My daughter and I love this app. The songs are catchy. She loves Daniel tiger! Great app! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • This is my happy app 5/5

    By Ben1977may
    We love this app! Thank you Mr Rogers for changing television.
  • We Love Daniel Tiger! 5/5

    By TroylovesDanielTiger
    This is a great app! Very helpful for the little ones! I am such a big fan of the Daniel Tiger program! I absolutely love how it has it's relations with Mr. Rogers. PBS please keep the program running for as long as you can! 😊❤️
  • Perfect tool for a rough emotion 5/5

    By nbstrite
    Was the perfect tool to have at the ready when trying to help my son calm down. He was wound up and struggling to regain composure when I pulled out the newly downloaded app and found the perfect song. He was so caught off guard by a new way of helping that he immediately started following along with the song. Was perfect!
  • Daniel tiger is grrreat! 5/5

    By Happy to be a parent of 2
    We already use Daniel tiger songs with our daughter when she's having emotional breakdowns. She knows his songs and sings them herself, too. The songs really help get across to my child what she is feeling and how to handle it. Two of our favorites are " Grown ups come back" and " If something is bad, turn it around, and find something good" . Thanks for putting them all together organized in list to help with certain situations, we love this!!👏😄👌✋
  • Thank you PBS! 5/5

    By PBS FTW!
    I'm so grateful for PBS. Starting with the original and amazing Mister Rodgers Neighborhood and continuing to these awesome apps, PBS has always been supporting our children. The social and emotional lessons that Daniel Tiger and this app teach are priceless. Thanks again for this app!
  • Songs 3/5

    By ChelleyLoo
    There's a good amount of songs, but there's a good amount missing, too! We need more, please! I would even pay for the rest of them.
  • Great App, Please Add More Songs 4/5

    By BBReeder
    I'm so happy to have found this app. Daniel Tiger plays a huge roll in our house when discussing behavior and feelings. Could you please add the songs about being quiet and also having alone time? That would really round out the song list and it's behavior that all parents deal with!
  • Everything I hoped for and more 5/5

    By spidenola
    I had been keeping a note on my phone of Daniel Tiger links to songs in YouTube. I never imagined all that and more could be on an app. These little songs are so helpful in dramatic situations with my 3 year old and they almost always help her snap out of an upcoming meltdown. Thanks you PBS for providing tools for parents to better connect with their kids in healthy and supportive ways!!
  • This app is amazing! 5/5

    By Walterkr2005
    Absolutely LOVE this app! It is well organized and easy to use! My kids LOVE it too! And the best part of all... it's free!!!
  • Meaningful parental support 5/5

    By PV 8
    Not many cartoons speak to life's daily challenges like Daniel Tiger does. This app makes it easy to play the tiny snippet my Terrible 3's toddler needs to reset and recenter. So far, it's helping!
  • Update- app fixed! :) 5/5

    By HalfCrzy13.1
    UPDATE-- thank you for the fix! We love all the Daniel Tiger apps. I'm sure this one will be just as great when it gets fixed. It never has loaded, just crashes during load screen. :( Help!
  • Great for parents and kids! 5/5

    By bchiang81
    Great app! Helps me get through the day with my kids =)
  • To open the app 5/5

    By EnochSanchez
    I just tap twice on the word install and download it the app, try it. Grandma
  • GRR-rific!!! 5/5

    By Coo413
    This is awesome! Tons of songs on demand to help teach life's little lessons. These songs work miracles!
  • App won't open 1/5

    By EmmyLeone
    So bummed. The app crashes immediately after opening. I'm hoping it is an easy fix because my son LOVES Daniel Tiger and once it works I will happily come back to give a rave review.
  • Cannot open App 1/5

    By Jlmw1190
    Would really like to give this app a proper review...if only I could actually open it! Please fix bug.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By M8creates
    Haven't been able to open it.
  • What? 1/5

    By Poop flies
    I can't open the app either! It crashes 1 second after I open it!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Cgorg
    App crashes immediately. Please fix.
  • Videos crash iOS 1/5

    By Jesusrt10
    Videos won't play back on iPhone 6.
  • I'd give no stars but it won't let me.... 1/5

    By Not paying to upgrade
    Immediately crashes. It only shows the first picture of Daniel tiger just to crash within seconds..it doesn't matter if I try reinstalling it or restarting my device, it simply won't work.
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Weodot
    Crashes instantly. Would love to actually use it.
  • Works great on my iPad Pro 5/5

    By specialappssk
    Wish I had this when my sons were younger! What a great resource to use with young children who are learning about routines, feelings, bring responsible etc. This is great for both typical kids and kids with special needs! There are a wide variety of topics covered, with relevant mini song, and video clip for each! Good job!
  • Crashing immediately on iPhone 7 1/5

    By ridleyripley
    Really looking forward to this; hopefully gets fixed... lots of 1-star reviews for this just due to crashing....
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By RoseberryL2
    I'd love to rate this app, but it keeps crashing every time I open it. I had to delete it from my phone. I was looking forward to using it with my toddler. Please work on crash issues.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Iluvmuzik81
    This is awesome! Daniel is already an incredible show. I sing these songs myself when the situation calls for it. This app makes it even better. The fact that it's free is equally awesome! Thanks PBS!

Daniel Tiger for Parents app comments

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