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Dario App

Dario – Smart Diabetes Management A complete diabetes management solution, tracking your blood glucose monitoring for you in an easy-to-read and shareable diabetes logbook with insights to better understand your diabetes and controlling blood sugars. When used with the Dario Smart Glucose Meter, glucose readings are automatically uploaded to our secure, cloud-based server. Add your carbs and insulin doses to give yourself and your caregivers real-time tools and actionable information towards improving how you manage your diabetes with control of Blood Glucose. Dario Smart Diabetes Management Solution features: · Real-time, easy-to-access and shareable information – your diabetes data can be accessed anytime through your mobile devices and through the web portal using your log-in credentials. Share your logbook directly from the app to your doctor or loved ones. · Data insights, analysis, and pattern recognition – understand why your blood glucose levels act the way they do · Actionable alerts and reminders – Dario reminds you test your blood sugar and notifies a loved one via text message in case of a hypo event · Add and track your carbs, calories, and insulin. Carbs and calories are simple to find and add from the FatSecret food database. · Syncs with Apple Health and RunKeeper E-mail suggestions, improvement requests, and feedback to [email protected]


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Dario app reviews

  • My Dario 5/5

    By redjzie
    Simply awesome!
  • So Easy 5/5

    By Bigred0341
    The thing I like about it is it’s all in one handheld device which holds your strips the control module that goes into your iPad or iPhone and it’s so easy to take with you wherever you go😄
  • Truly as “user friendly” as promised! 5/5

    By peachypatrixe
    I have had many meters over the years and am now limited to those only Medicare approves if I want insurance coverage. I debated but purchased the Dario at my own expense and it is AWESOME! No regrets! Easy setup and use.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Royandclio
    I absolutely love my Dario app. Honest! Convenient and easy!!
  • Product works but privacy is abused by Dario 1/5

    By Spooferrrr
    First off, the meter is nice, compact, and works well. However, you get an endless amount of text messages and emails and you have to give them your Personal information to use the app (so you can use the meter). Immediately after your first use you get more messages saying congratulations on your use and tracking. I’m sure this means they are selling your information to people like healthcare providers etc. I DO NOT recommend this unit if you have any information on your phone or if you are worried about being tracked traced and your life becomes open domain. I have tried to block the data gathering and it makes the app unusable which in turn makes the meter unusable.
  • Tired of no answers 4/5

    By lauriejw55
    Update: Finally a new meter that works with my phone makes me a happy camper Now if only I could get some test solution that has been out of stock for a long time :) I really loved my Dario but I’m to worried now that my readings will be way off I have iPhone 8+ I’m thinking of heading to another meter sorry to say let me know when you get updated for new phones maybe I will come back
  • Wonder tool for diabetics 5/5

    By dyunini
    Taking my glucose level is never this fun and easy no fuss at all. And very informative. This machine is a heaven sent.
  • So far, so good. 5/5

    By bjpkroshay
    A new broom always sweeps clean, but so far I like both the app and the meter.
  • Love the Dario 4/5

    By DizzyD1303
    Love the Dario blood glucose system compact all in one and runs off your phone . But I think the app could use a few things but all and all I give it 4 out of 5
  • Love Dario!! 5/5

    By kbinohio
    This little contraption and it’s app are the answer to keeping track of your blood sugar and logging food and insulin. Too bad insurance won’t cover it and you have to buy out of pocket.
  • Very Happy 5/5

    By GTown 1305
    Cost is about half of what I was paying through my insurance co-pay for testing materials. Really like the ease of use of the app and it’s tracking/log book abilities
  • Suki 5/5

    By SukiNGeorgia
    I have been a Type 1 diabetic since 1986. Glucose monitoring has changed tremendously and often since that time. Seeing the Dario advertisement, my husband and I thought that it would help me. It has done even more. I don’t have to carry a big glucometer in my purse or on my person. Just having an iPhone, which everyone has, is all I need. All the information that is needed to help me monitor my glucose and A1c readings. This app also notifies my husband when my blood sugar drops and where I am. Like the previous review my doctor also was impressed with it. Thanks, Dario!
  • Best Device on the Market 5/5

    By A FL App Master
    This App and Meter are the best. Ease of use makes it the best.
  • iPhone X isn’t compatible with Dario 2/5

    By garbecw
    iPhone X isn’t reliable with this app. I have to use a lightening to Headphone Jack to plug in the device. I keep getting error messages. I turn off the phone and turn it on and only then does it sporadically work. I’m going to go back to my AccuCheck when I run out of Dario test strips.
  • MEED IPHONE 8 Adaptor 5/5

    By maddie_boo
    Love this system! I can even add foods to each reading and it has the scan barcode option. I’m just “Tired” of carrying around the iPhone 8 adaptor. How soon before Dario gets the connector for the 8?? Smile
  • App doesn’t work as of 5/21/2018 1/5

    By Ezra Brooks
    Skips the insert function. Comes back with blood sugar sugar low without a test.
  • iPhone X really? 1/5

    By Marty Rob
    I ordered mine and it doesn’t work on my iPhone X. I don’t have a audio port.
  • Very User Friendly! 5/5

    By Ms.Chris
    The app is great love the tutorial videos and love the all the information provided about diabetes. Also love that you can set reminders and goals and can plug in your daily meals and exercises that is so cool. My old glucose meters didn’t have anything like this!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By gapeanut
    Love the convenience of the all in one place.
  • My Dario 5/5

    By celebratewDcsgnSng
    Love love love it!
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By Newlyn6789
    Love using this, the logging and tracking features are great.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cchennaul
    The app has been so helpful at tracking and charting my readings. I love how easy it is to see the trend of my readings with the dashboard. It is also so easy to send those readings to my doctor. Christy C
  • Uses data, battery, mines private info, over rides phone settings. 1/5

    By Elli237
    Nothing plan to change spoke with a Dario Rep. no return call and no changes. Background app refresh is a fake. Over ride the phone and the app. Have to log out to stop app from using battery and data. Not helpful at all. May not matter to those who have unlimited data but Mine is limited. Use 10% of battery life last night while sleeping. Needs a-lot of work. Dario response to reviews but only to look like there interested. They are of no help and dint intend to be.
  • Dario 5/5

    By Farmer Strve
    This is the best system for testing my sugars that I have ever used. It is painless and requires very little blood and works flawlessly with your smart phone. You must check to make sure your phone is compatible. It is easy to use and there is no waste involved.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Shaganasty
    Last year I was told I was diabetic and my Dr put me on medication. I'll back up some, had an issue with seeing flashes one night, saw my eye Dr next morning. He suggested I see primary Dr and set up an appointment with eye specialist.... he asked about history, told him the Dr just said I'm diabetic. He said I'd like to see a history of your blood work. Told him my Dr didn't think I needed to do blood work at this point. So, I took it upon myself to get a monitor tester. My research led me to Dario 4-5 times. I ordered and started monitoring my blood sugars. I also put myself on a very low carb diet, increase excise and monitoring my sugar.... my eye Dr was impressed with my logs and my primary Dr was impressed with my numbers.... I'm no longer on medication..... numbers are very good. In part, want to thank Dario.... but sure would be good if I didn't have to use my adapter on my iPhone 7+.... yes, the Dario works both on my iPhone 7+ and my iPad Pro.....
  • Easy Compliance 5/5

    By The Old Fluffy Diva
    What an innovative and compact design! It is so easy to be compliant with testing because the Dario is so handy. I love that the test results information is so easy to retrieve and review. I will be recommending Dario to all my diabetic friends.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By luzmbarber
    Love this Glucose monitor! It’s easy to use and it’s everything you need in one place. Hopefully they’ll release one for the IPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X etc. SOON!!!
  • Dario Meter 5/5

    By Enenbenzicron
    The beat and most convenient and affordable
  • Very nice 4/5

    By Jagerha
    Knocked a star because there’s no way to delete inaccurate readings. On the one hand, this keeps you honest and means you can’t delete scores you just don’t like, but on the other, now my stats are screwed up because there wasn’t enough blood on the strip, I tested from a bad site (scab that came off and happened to bleed. I’m lazy, so sue me) and got a wonky reading, etc etc. Also, I have to undress my phone every time I want to plug in the device (I have an Otterbox for a reason, and it’s not so I can take it on and off twice a day and risk dropping my phone) Otherwise, I really like this system.
  • Works with my iphone7 plus 4/5

    By Wizisname
    Awesome solution. Fantastic customer support. The dario has been very accurate and i love using it. My wish is that it could incorporate a record of other medical issues and this could be a total medical solution! Temperature, nausea, flu symptoms, and general health issues would make this app untouchable!!!!
  • Design flaws 2/5

    By John4ns
    1. Lacks a facility to calculate insulin requirements based upon current reading and expected carb intake. 2. Lacks the ability to record insulin injected and carbs consumed. 3. Lancing device is a wimp. It does not deal with fingers callused by many years of testing. 4. Lacks a place to store used strips until I'm somewhere near a wastebasket. 5. Needs to recognize that MediCare pays for the strips for many of us. The touted convenience does not justify the cost of the strips, especially in light of the flaws cited above. Summary--great idea, but not there yet. Update. Right now to utilize your your device, I need to get the Dario out and set up with my phone, eventually get a reading after two to four tries and ruined strips. I then go to Glucose Companion, insert the bg result and the expected carb load. I record the results in GC, take my insulin and enjoy my meal while it's still reasonably warm. Or I can start with my old meter, good lancing device, not a lot to put together, get a reading, plug the data into the onboard calculator, record bg, time of day, units of carbs eaten and units of insulin taken All done in about 1/2 the time; meal is delightfully warm and tasty.
  • I got the dia-beetus 4/5

    By Cain & Wendy
    Newly diagnosed with Type 2. My Dr rx’ed me with the one touch meter, except for the part that it would keep getting turned on in my purse because of the constant bumping around. I didn’t like that...what happens if I need to take a reading and the dang thing is dead? Did some research and found the Dario. I absolutely love the fact that the meter is powered by your phone. Now I have the iPhone 8+, and the little dongle cord is awesome and keeps the reader far enough away from my phone that I don’t have to worry about getting blood on my phone. I don’t use the bags. I would recommend this style for anyone who is adept with today’s technology.
  • Dario my new way to get better control. 4/5

    By Palmerland
    I got my meter for Christmas, it is reliable and I trust it s results. I take four shots a day, and the reminder is priceless, so I don’t forget. The information that it collects for me encourages me to keep on keeping on. I like it’s compact size, and all in one feature. The only thing I wish were a little different is trying to get a test strip, I have neuropathy in my hands and I can’t feel so it’s difficult to get the strip for testing. Thank you Dario for helping me manage my health.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Cmichelleg
    Downloaded this app after paying full over the counter price on two containers of test strips for OneTouch ($40.00ish/each). Love that I don’t have to have a prescription to get test strips!! Very convenient using your phone & small device for meter. I have had it give me a error message a few times but if I unplug the adapter & reopen the app I get through fine. One thing I don’t find easy is using it while driving and/or if my phone battery is really low (both items not their fault).
  • Love this!! 5/5

    By Konhygt
    This is the easiest test kit I’ve used. The tracking on the phones so helpful and keeping the kit in my pocket is the bomb!
  • Linda 5/5

    By tweetycrazy
    I love it just wish there was a spot to store extra needles
  • Excellent app and machine 5/5

    By Thinking voter
    I bought this just to be aware of my readings and find it to be affordable and easy. Highly recommend it.
  • Needs some more features 3/5

    By Xapmat
    So far I like the system, but I wish it had a better way to track medication. I’d like to be able to put in an entry of when I take my medication so I can correlate that to readings. Also it would be nice to have more choices when testing other than pre/post meals & bedtime.
  • Dario Diabetic Meter 5/5

    By Jace0915
    App is pretty easy to use. Directions ans detailed drawings very easy to follow. My only complaint is that my blood sugar value is way off with the meter. I tested with my old meter and with the Dario and Dario is about 60 points higher. Tried four times and same results each time. Ease of use 5 stars
  • M Roberts 5/5

    By Maggamus40
    Love it! Easy way to keep track.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Tinabeeze
    This app is easy and convenient, I can check my sugar levels anywhere and anytime. It’s so easy to keep track and show my doctors. I highly recommend this app!
  • Dario 5/5

    By Bigbutty1483
    This is a great app and the device is great too. I do wish there was one of the in 2004 when I was first diagnosed with diabetes but I have one now and I will is it daily. It is worth the price i payed for it. Thank you very much and have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Good at first, disappointed now. 2/5

    By Mr. Generic
    I liked this app and the accompanying device at first. It was more compact than my regular kit so it was great for travel. The last two trips have been a different story. On this trip I can’t even get the app to open or the device to register and read the tests. Complete waste of time. The last thing I need is an unreliable device when I’m traveling.
  • Great customer service!!!! 5/5

    By Jodeonline
    So easy to use and the best customer service of any app I use !!
  • Easy, well organized system 5/5

    By betctru
    I just started using Dario and am very impressed by how well it all works together. I love that it syncs between devices. I mostly use my iPad, but when I go to my doctors' offices, I have my iPhone, and the data is there, too, for reference. The reader seems very accurate and works great.
  • Too Complicated 1/5

    By Darrien Ashoka
    I have to change my phone case to one of those that doesn’t really protect your iPhone because the dongle plug is too long and the dongle itself is too wide. Once you start using it it isn’t any simpler or more convenient than the meter I used to plug in and download the data from. You still have bags and lancets and strips to keep track of, it’s just a more tidy compact package but you could come up with one yourself that works almost as well. The app itself isn’t any great shakes over others you can get, maybe a little more integrated but only if you buy into the whole gadget scheme: fitness tracker, carb counter, weight management, crap you can do on your phone already.

    By J9libka
    This app, even if one uses it only for blood sugar and nothing else, yields a big plethora of information for one’s doctor. Yesterday, My doctor started asking questions I didn’t expect. I told him give me a minute and I pulled out my IPhone 7 which retrieves information from my husband’s IPhone 6 to be able to tell him my average blood sugar. Not only that it would show my Highest and lowest blood sugars over a span of time. He had never seen anyone use Dario. The next time I go, I plan to print out the information. He thought it was very easy to get the information he needed without having to calculate it himself. So I’m hooked. I can wait for the approval of the IPhone 7 adapter. What’s really nice is that I can have my account on two phones and that they’ll sync the information.
  • Love my Dario 5/5

    By Suprcindy
    Having my Dario makes everything with my diabetes easier. It’s convenient, accurate and economical. The Dario support team is absolutely amazing!!!!
  • You broke it 1/5

    By lostcause627
    iPhone 7+ With the current version, the app no longer retains tags (including notes). Without the ability to tag meals, fasting, skipped, etc, there not much advantage in using the Dario system. Strips are more expensive, anyway.
  • Bad readings 1/5

    By HateHughesnet
    The Dario is on avg 29 points lower than my Bayer Contour Next meter! The blood sugars level is just not accurate! Poor excuse for a meter

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