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Dark Sky Weather

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  • Current Version: 6.7.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jackadam
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dark Sky Weather App

Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly when the rain will start or stop, right where you’re standing. (It’s like magic.) Featured in: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Wired, and more. YOUR WEATHER, DOWN TO THE MINUTE Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-by-minute predictions for the next hour and hour-by-hour forecasts for the next day and week. BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ANIMATIONS The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future. PUSH NOTIFICATIONS Dark Sky comes with advanced notification options: Receive down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location, get notified of government severe weather alerts (for such things as thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, etc.), or even create your own custom notifications covering the next 24 hours for things like temperature, wind, precipitation and more. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, Dark Sky will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it. TODAY WIDGET The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what’s going to happen in the next hour and the next week, so you don’t even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out. TIME MACHINE Explore weather in the past or future. Choose a date and see historical weather data or future predictions based off of seasonal averages. APPLE WATCH Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next week with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

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Dark Sky Weather app reviews

  • Among the Very Best 5/5

    By Boombatty
    This app was recommended to me by a friend who is a professional golfer. His approach to each round and his planning for future competition is governed solely by this app. After hearing some of the situations he has been able to prepare for- based on this weather app’s proven accuracy- convinced me to get it. A recent trip to Bandon (Oregon) was actually made better by trusting the predictions and getting updates on wind and rain- in real time. This is a must for people who need moment-to-moment conditions. That should be everyone who is interested in what is going to happen in five minutes, let alone five days. Well done!
  • Poor watch interface 3/5

    By CashCareWins
    I got this to get more accurate daily forecasts on the Apple Watch. While it does this, the complications interface for some reason leaves out the most important information, the temperature. Instead you get a current conditions icon, pretty useless since I can see that looking out the window. When I go to walk the dog, etc., I want to see the temperature so I know what to wear. I hope they fix this so I don’t have to use two weather apps on my watch.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By SocialMediaProfessional
    My favorite weather app
  • Widget Now Requires Always On location 1/5

    By Mesengel17
    I used to love this app. But as of late the app now forces you to have location services always on and cannot recommend this app to others. Many others here have complained about this and jackadam have not addressed this issue after several updates. I cannot recommend this app for this one reason alone. There is really no excuse for this when AccuWeather and Weather Channel only require location services set to “Only While Using” and they function fine.
  • Beautiful App and Horrible forecasts 3/5

    By iJobsFan
    Forecasts ware way of the mark and not even close to Weather.gov estimates.
  • Please revert to previous home screen 3/5

    By LeeDSkuney
    The time machine distinction is not user friendly and I preferred the previous 7 day forecast on the main screen. Big miss on the UE team part.
  • Used to be the best, now disappointing 1/5

    By jdtomchick
    I’m not sure what has changed with this app over the last few months, maybe all the way back to the redesign. It used to be eerily accurate. Now it can be pouring down rain outside and it says no precipitation or could be very sunny and says it’s a downpour. It’s really frustrating and even more so because it’s a paid app. Update: everyone who’s paid for this should get a refund. It just is never accurate anymore. I just got done driving through a mix of rain/snow and the app says no precipitation. It’s absurd.
  • Eh.... Future radar is junk 3/5

    By Player7563 (2?)
    So I do love the animations on their past radar. But, we're in a storm right now (Blackstone, MA to be exact), and there's a persistent dry slot that is not moving from over us. I keep getting notifications from them that snow will be starting soon. It never does. We're in a dry slot. Their future radar doesn't take into account local model predictions or anything. They just take the last frame of past radar freeze frame it, and keep it going on its last heading and speed. It's not accurate. Their hourly forecasts mirror this error. Keeps changing constantly. Dev needs to invest in more computer model info and less radar derived info. Other than that, it's great. But.... Their claim is that they have hyperlocal, down to the minute accuracy. That just isn't true in some instances.
  • No longer works on newest iPhone 1/5

    By everettbouwer
    Loved this app but it has completely stopped working the last few days. Running the newest version on newest iPhone and no dice.
  • Bring back dark mode option 4/5

    By WiscoYoop
    Awesome weather app; always accurate and timely forecasts! Please bring back dark mode option for when phone isn’t in dark mode.
  • Cool Features, Not Reliable Forecast 2/5

    By spg94
    This app came highly recommended, and it’s features are very, very impressive and user friendly...but it was almost never very accurate. The cool 2-hour display of how much rain to expect would update and adjust about every five minutes with a different model, essentially making it as reliable as looking outside to see if it was raining. There were also times where every other weather app my wife and I had would tell us something like a snowstorm expected to drop 6” of snow, and dark sky would simply say light rain all day. This is an awesome app, and I really want to love it, but it’s awesome look and features can not make up for its poor forecast.
  • Could make one big improvement. 4/5

    By 0904John
    If the radar portion could show the type of expected precipitation, IE: frozen type or liquid, it would be the best app out there, but this is a big miss.
  • Best weather app I’ve used 5/5

    By JoeBlane
    I never review anything. The widget is perfect. I love this app and yeah it’s worth the $4 or whatever.
  • Great app but some annoyances 4/5

    By Z14yu
    I just started using this app and really like the hyperlocal forecast. One big annoyance for me is the behavior of the app when you switch from temp to feel like temp the numbers shift to the right despite being lower/colder. So instead of telling the severity of the windchill at a glance you have to actually read the temperatures and process the difference. Instead It would be a cool effect to show a shadow bar/bubble on the same chart as temp that reflects the feel like temp.
  • Great app 5/5

    By hdjdiwnfield
    Great app, but it seems strange that they use a white tile to represent clear skies. When I see the tile I automatically think white=clouds. I suggest changing the clear sky tiles to blue!
  • Stable and very functional 5/5

    By hackworks
    Weeklong forecast with all details along with time machine helps better understand weather trends. Very handy when it comes to vacation planning.
  • Overrated 2/5

    By Rust96
    This app is okay, but in my experience the predictive features are completely overrated. I’ve been standing in rain while looking at the app that tell me to expect rain in 5 minutes. There is a much more simple way to predict the weather: just look outside. All of the other features are available from the NWS. This app is for people that don’t want to look up information on their own. I rarely use the app anymore.
  • Dark Sky Is #1 Weather App 5/5

    By Boredom Rules
    Dark Sky is easily the #1 weather app and I have tried most. It’s by far the most accurate usually properly informing me rain starting or stopping to the minute. It is well designed, constantly improved and not selling your info to the big tech companies. It’s the only weather app worth paying for and the best for tracking your favorite locations worldwide.
  • Great features, not great predicting 2/5

    By 32gpl
    I love the features in this app, great notifications, great interface, and simple. But I do construction, And the weather is very important to me. It constantly shows the next day as having a 5 - 20 percent chance in the hourly, but then jumps to 100 percent the current hour. The percentage predictions are so far off it’s not even useful in the slightest.
  • Really? 2/5

    By not impressed0
    Editors choice? Really? Weather Mate trumps this app in every possible way. No wind tracks, no lightning strikes, no local weather meters, no satellite cloud view, map NOT customizable. This is so weak for $4. Sorry I’d like my money back. Better spent on a large coffee.
  • Getting worse - side bar is not helpful anymore 2/5

    By 12yoyo
    I used to love this app but it is getting worse. The side bar that is supposed to show a QUICK or glance when precipitation is coming is basically useless now. The screenshots in the App Store are not accurate. It does a good job of showing cloud coverage but the only time it shows blue or purple for precipitation is when it is CURRENTLY raining/snowing or if the chance of precipitation is very high (60%?- not sure). Even today we are getting 6 inches of snow, forecast to last all day, but the side bar is only purple now (current hour) and not blue at all the rest of the day. Yet the DarkSky app even shows snow coming all day with 0.3 inches per hour or more each hour. Maybe the chance of snow is only 30% in a given hour but that is pretty high in my book and the chance of snow the rest of today is 90%. The side bar should be blue all day - even if light blue to reflect the chance of snow in a given hour. The side bar was not always this bad. It has only been this way less than a year. The WeatherUndergound app on the other hand does a great job of showing when rain/snow is coming at a quick glance via a graph. Only other issue is that my 6am daily summary notifications are flaky. They don’t always work. I have to set it for 6:10, wait for it to go off, then change it back to 6am and it will likely work the next day.
  • Inaccurate forecasts 3/5

    By Decrssh
    Nice app but if you want the forecast, look elsewhere.
  • Watch App needs work 3/5

    By disonviosdnvsiodn
    Watch app has no refresh option and often shows old locations with no way to fetch new data. The layout also needs some improvement compared to the default weather app layout. Complication is very nice though.
  • Best in class 5/5

    By Joewat64
    Very good weather app that makes reading the weather simple.
  • I want to love this app 2/5

    By These Dogs are Barkin'
    As a UX Designer I love the look, and functionality of this app. Sadly it is always wrong. It seems to always have polar opposite info than the built in Weather App, and not in a good way. If I could trust what I was reading in this app it would have stayed my go to weather app.
  • Complication? 1/5

    By cparker2000
    Is the complication ever going to work again?
  • Good app, useless support 3/5

    By Ismarketing
    When Dark Sky works, which it used to flawlessly, it’s great. It’s been buggy for the past 6-8 months, and messages to support go unanswered for weeks. When you do hear back, it’s nothing more helpful than reinstall the app or we’ll look into it. Dark Sky used to be the shining example of iOS magic. The mighty have slipped in a big way.
  • Downgrading after testing 1/5

    By petenbama
    UPDATE #7: widget forecast for Monday 11/25/19 says temp range 62 to 41 degrees F, but main app says 36 to 62 for same day. CONFUSION supreme. Of course the problem is that the app uses two different time methods willy nilly. I wish I could rate this app below zero. UPDATE #6: A few days later so another check to see if any better. Ok app says rain percentage for my location in two days, Friday, is 89%. National weather service, weather channel, say 10%. I triple checked that. UPDATE #5: Are the current winds and gusts just made up on the fly, pulled out of a hat? Just checked winds on this app and it says 10 mph with gusts 27 mph. But not a single station in 50 mile radius has any reported winds over 7 mph and no gusts over 11. And it’s grossly off on winds every day almost. Looking out my window now and it’s calm. Can I rate this crappy app below zero? UPDATE #4: Lots of rain this week in south Alabama. And lots of instances of inaccurate rain alerts from this app. Do yourself a favor and don’t make my mistake of wasting money. Go ahead and make a one time payment for Weather Mate Pro for $5. EDIT: UPDATE #3: downgrade to one star. Yesterday several hours of mostly cloudy to overcast but app kept telling me it was Sunny with 2 or 4 % cloud cover. I feel ripped off. No I am ripped off. UPDATE 2: I’m downgrading this app after three days of heavy usage testing it out from 5 stars to 2 stars. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Weather app that is as inaccurate as this one is for current cloud conditions and precipitation. Temperature reporting seems to be accurate. I am most disappointed that every rain alert I’ve gotten has been false and I mean grossly false as there will be zero precipitation of any type within a 50 mile radius of my location. Same for cloud cover it will be overcast or mostly cloudy at my location and the current weather tells me it is clear with 6% cloud cover for example. judging by other customers in recent reviews they are also having very similar problems. Dark sky you have a serious problem when you promote yourself as being ultimate accurate with hyper local weather reporting. That is your calling card and you need to fix this. and why do you have the reporting button? I’ve used it over and over to try and tell you that it is overcast not clear etc. But lnaccurate current weather for sky conditions in cloud cover percentage remains an hour after I’ve reported several times. Is this just a gimmick to make your customers feel like they’re helping other customers get accurate weather on eetheir dark sky app. UPDATE: it happened again at 2:45 PM today. Alert said drizzle in southeast Alabama at my location but closest rain was 100+miles to east. At same time the little pop up box for current location weather stated 2% cloud cover lol. I KNOW, I checked my best in class radar app Radar Scope. What source are you using for data, your pet chimp maybe?
  • Location services not needed 1/5

    By Imagination to reality
    Location services are not needed to provide weather reports. The watch app is particularly bad about this. The small complication does not update temperature automatically if location services are off. You have to the tap the complication and dismiss the complaint about location being off then it will update the temperature based your preselected location.
  • Great app, one bug 5/5

    By Griffin Davidson
    Hi Dark Sky! I absolutely love your app, it’s design language and scary-accurate predictions of weather is awesome. There’s one bug that I have noticed for a while however: one iPad on iPadOS, when in slide over, the home bar clips into the tab bar at the bottom of the app. It’s a small UI bug, but I’d love to see this fixed. I would also love to see Dark Sky integrate with the Siri watch face in watchOS. Thanks!
  • Wind 1/5

    By Brian J O'Donnell
    If you hunt, this is not the app for you. The wind is always wrong and I have to consistently check other apps for the right wind.
  • Feature Request 3/5

    By tma17
    Please add more info when haptic touching on the icon. Currently it just shows current temp weather and what it feels like but there’s tonssssss if extra space. Would be super helpful to have the current temp and the next 3 or 5 days forecast at a glance when haptic touching on the icon.
  • UPDATE 2/5

    By Djsbdhdnfnd
    SHARP decline in accuracy. The app says it will rain at 2am on the quick view forecast and when I click to open the next day forecast it shows rain from 6am to 1pm so wth am I supposed to believe here? I have used this app since it came out. It has always been VERY accurate, now it feels like a bunch of bs. Not happy
  • Cartoonish design 1/5

    By TheCarpetGuy
    I’m not sure if this app is for little kids or what, but it looks goofy. What are all of the oddly arranged whit bubbles? They don’t go up and down like temperature or left right as in a timeline they are random almost. As far as the radar, I like the speed and duration, however, I must take your word for what’s coming since these clouds of weather moving accross the screen have zero detail
  • Waste of Money 1/5

    By bellscroft
    Paid $3.99 for this app which is claimed to absolutely cover everywhere in the world. Upon opening it displayed ‘no radar coverage’ so I get nothing better - if as good- as I already get for free with many other apps.
  • Bug with notifications 4/5

    By ksattic
    I have the daily summary notification off but it still notifies me at the scheduled time so I had to block notifications from the app. Please fix!
  • Dark Mode missing 1/5

    By mdddpmd
    Dark mode appears to have disappeared for me in one of these updates. Help anyone?
  • 3am high surf alerts are constant. 2/5

    By thestaton
    Sick and tired of being woken up by alarms about high surf. Who cares? Night surfers? Also tired of the app saying it’s raining when the sky is clear. I’m moving on.
  • Failed to start on Apple Watch 4 WatchOS6 1/5

    By jackfruit2002
    Failed to launch upon installation. It says “The operation couldn’t be completed. (DarkSky.DarkSkyError error.0)
  • Good 4/5

    By dodohouse_
    The app is good, precise and nice to see. The only problem I found is the lack of radar in Europe.
  • Easily the best weather app! 5/5

    By Keane208
    Easily the best weather app and I’ve tried many. This app is far superior to: Accuweather; The Weather Channel; Weather Underground; Weather Bug and the Apple weather app
  • Accuracy Declining 3/5

    By TS 2019 03 09
    I am changing my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. This app used to give shockingly accurate hyper-local forecasts. That has changed in recent weeks. The app now gives persistent false signals of current rain and snow (with high probability) when there is not a cloud in the sky! Clearly something has gone hugely wrong with the mathematical algorithms Dark Sky is using to feed its forecast.
  • Pretty app, but incredibly unreliable radar 2/5

    By tjallen73
    I really want to like this app. It’s so well designed, intuitive, and uncluttered that it almost epitomizes how an informative app like this should look and work. But, and it’s a big but, I don’t think there has ever been a time where I opened the app and it has not said (radar station is offline). They have a post online saying they get their info from noaa and that it means the government radar station is down in my area (Bellingham, wa) and that they have no control over the stations. However, I also have the noaa app and the radar feature has never not worked. Same with accuweather. Same with twc. I’m not sure what dark sky’s issue is, but they just can’t seem to have a functioning radar component. It’s a shame, really, because everything else about the app is great. It’s just that a disfunctional radar component makes it just about unusable.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By yungstud
    This app is great and worth the cost. It gives up to the minute forecasts on the weather for the week. The daily forecast informs me on how I should dress for the day and their predictions are rarely wrong. You can submit your own weather conditions so their information is more accurate. There are more hidden functions like refreshing by tapping on the hourly forecast and showing all the current conditions by tapping the temperature. Those kinds of things aren’t that important, so I love that they hide those features, thus streamlining the look and feel of the app. I’d suggested a while back that they add a little color, which they started to do. They didn’t add much though, which is kind of a bummer. I think they could add a little more without making it look too busy. They obviously have their own style that they want to adhere to with this app. As is though, it’s still an amazing app that has been invaluable to me on a daily basis. It’s worth the price of admission.
  • Apple Watch app needs a default location 1/5

    By damejia6
    I don’t need Dark Weather constantly pinging my location to update the temperature on the Apple Watch face like the default weather app does. Please fix this.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Arazonan
    Lows are allways too high by 5 degrees. Default weather app is more accurate.
  • What happened to this app? 1/5

    By Greenheart whimsy
    Three years ago this was THE best weather app. Crazy accurate. Now it’ll tell you it’s clear skies and sunny as it’s pouring rain or no snow in the forecast as it’s dumping 4 inches. Really disappointed with how it’s become so comedically inaccurate.
  • No wind speeds 1/5

    By sbmarina
    I would expect a weather app, especially one that you pay for would include wind speed. No more accurate then any other weather app I used. They all get there data from the government run national weather service.
  • Not worth it, waste of money 1/5

    By Spinoti73
    Save your money, there’s plenty of free options out there. There’s nothing extraordinary about this app, I wish I could get my money back.

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