Darkroom – Photo Editor

Darkroom – Photo Editor

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  • Current Version: 4.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bergen Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Darkroom – Photo Editor App

Save yourself from the multi-app workflow and discover the most well-designed, integrated, and powerful editing app for iOS. iPad support, RAW support, Portrait editing, hashtag manager, custom filter, content-aware frames, and so, so much more. ## Praise for Darkroom • “Darkroom [is] the new champion of photo editing for your iPhone” — The Sweet Setup • Best of the App Store 2015 — Apple • “One of the best photo editors available for iOS.” — The Verge • “I think @usedarkroom is the best photo editing app on iOS platform.” — Om Malik ## Main Features • A Single Universal App From the smallest iPhones to the biggest iPads, Darkroom has the most responsive interface among iOS photo editors. The interface is hand-tuned to look fantastic in every size. • Library Sync All your photos are instantly available. Delete, Hide, Favorite, and Export are all synced to your Photo library automatically. • RAW and Large image support A full range of cameras formats supported, up to 120MP and support for arbitrarily large JPEGs. • Depth Editing & Depth-Aware Filters Edit the foreground and background of Portrait-mode photos separately. Apply Depth-Aware Filters that extend the contrast intelligently. • Pro Tools The most usable Curves and Color tools on iOS. A dance of functionality, simplicity, and power. • Content-Aware Frames Darkroom analyzes your photo and picks out frame colors that complement your photo's aesthetic. Choose from a range of aspect ratio, custom widths, and built-in color palette. • Hashtag Manager & Siri Shortcuts Create sets of hashtags that you can export with one-tap from anywhere: Home screen, Today widget, Export sheet, and more. Create your own Siri Shortcuts to copy all your favorite hashtags from any app. • Create your own filters 10 bundled filters, and 20 premium filters. Edit to match your photo. • Batch Processing Edit, manage, and export multiple photos at once at blazing speed. • Transform Crop at full zoom, get the perfect perspective, flip, rotate, add borders, and many meaningful aspect ratios. • The Full Photographer's Toolbox Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Saturation, Vibrance, Fade, Vignette, Sharpness, and Split Tones. • Export Options Export uncompressed TIFF and PNG files, or save space with 100%, 95% or 80% compressed JPEGs. • Live Photo Editing Edit, view, and export your full Live Photos with their sound and their videos. All edited to match. • Photo Strip Quickly scroll through your entire library to jump to a different photo or to compare version of the same composition.

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Darkroom – Photo Editor app reviews

  • A200 5/5

    By A200 fan boy
    A200 is my favorite filter ever. Love you darkroom. < 3
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Fayaz Linkon
    Thanks for listening my voice! Keep it up.
  • Where did the curves and color go? 3/5

    By Besosbabes
    Hello does anyone know why the curves and color tool has been removed when I go to edit a picture through iPhoto? Rather than pulling up the actual app? :( it was amazing when I could edit everything through my gallery.
  • Intuitive user interface! 4/5

    By Danielle Pan
    After playing around with some of the editing tools (love that you can try out the paid tools before purchase!) I’ve decided that their app is the most comprehensive and intuitive. I would love if you could display presets/filters in a grid-like or continuous scroll design, favorite them, and rearrange the order. It’s time consuming to manually click each preset and remember which ones I like better or worse.
  • I am an old school photographer & artist & need HELP! 4/5

    By Mom of 5 designs
    I love these apps and since I’m reviewing ‘Dark Room Editor’ I feel like I never developed film in art school, I hope you don’t mind if I give everyone what we had to do in order to get that ONE perfect shot..So go in your mind, if you’re as old or close to my age..1978 at ‘School of Visual Arts’.. Every night, in my attic no less, I would literally put my finished roll of film in the developing canister mix, from there I would sit in the dark, gentle move the canister a few times to develop the film. After it developed I would hang it to dry, it took forever, then place the developed film into the projector, pick the shots I wanted printed, take it to my developing trays WHICH was very volatile & I always had a sign up ‘do not smoke in darkroom’ (that we always ignored) had 3 trays of developing liquid including a stop & rinse bath. After I reached the time where I thought the picture was perfect, I’d place the photo in the tray to stop it, went into the STOP rinse, turned on the lights and, boom 💥, i usually had the picture I HOPED I had done perfectly! As long as I didn’t OVER develop the original film or I had pixels the size of HAIL!! Well not that big..but it was all done by trial and error..So WHY as a still pretty good photographer, only 59 yrs young, I feel like I have NO CLUE on how to get that ‘perfect SHOT! Can anyone STILL teach an old-Er lady how to use these apps?!! I’m assuming most of these apps are downloaded by ONES YOUNGER than me! Yes I gave it 4 stars because I am also an artist (NOT by computer) but I can follow directions. I’m just not finding out on ‘Dark Room Editor’ directions? And if they’re there, how come I feel like I’m trying to interpret another language??!! Of course the examples I see are fabulous and I want to achieve excellent results. So as a beginner in these photo apps, does ANYONE have basic advice for an advanced old time photographer?! Sorry so long, but I just want to take full advantage of a great hobby :-) Thank you, Donna (mom, artist, grandma..and trying to learn new ways & changes old things) 👊👊
  • Like the App Interface, good basic editing 4/5

    By asteroidbooty
    Lovely interface! Would like to make this my primary editing app, but there are still a few features missing (see other reviews). Overall, it has most of the things you need to edit photos quickly. The asking price for additional filters is also pretty reasonable. However, pre built filters aren't what I want most. If prioritizing new features, please work on retouch tools next and add a way to resize images easily. Edit: I would like the ability to resize photos to reduce file size for easier sharing. Also crop for upload to social media - the popular aspect ratios are 1:1 , 4:5 and 16:9. Thanks!
  • What’s Wrong 2/5

    By 🌀BönBön🌀
    After the update/ feature of background and foreground gone ! Help !!
  • Great app 4/5

    By srtRish
    EDIT: Bought the pro tools ie the color adjustment curves from my iPad & it still shows them as locked on my iPhone, not sure what's going on there. EDIT: I restored previous purchases & that fixed it. The latest update has it all glitchy and freezing fairly frequently. (On a XS) But other than the few glitches as indicated above, the app is amazing. I personally am not a huge fan of the built in filters but we can create our own ones so that covers it. Also, not all the pro tools you might but the ones present are implemented well enough. UI as well as UX is on point & not gonna lie I've gotten some pretty amazing results from it. So good work developers. Also, the FAQ section on the website time & again highlights "we couldn't do this or we removed this feature because we're only 2 & can't maintain it.."; while I can understand this, I definitely do not appreciate it. When you have one of the higher priced popular apps on the Apple store, managing the number of developers or maintaining required new features should come with it. Someone who pays $30 for an app shouldn't have to hear X or you can't be fixed or implemented just because there isn't enough manpower. But rant aside, if you're reading this & want to know if this apps with it, yes it is. I didn't buy everything simply because I'm more of a DIY kind of person but for a one time price & no subscription fee, this app absolutely does what it says & does that amazingly well. Cheers!
  • Dark room 1/5

    By paularella
    The developer of this app needs a attitude adjustment. Your response to that customer was out of line, childish, and unprofessional not to mention childish.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By ivanlesko
    I just deleted VSCO from my phone. This app is so much easier to use.
  • Not free 1/5

    By Malkawi111
    Too much free apps are available with better editing options than this app.
  • Fun app 4/5

    By Dave 2347
    I like this app for doing quick changes to a photo the fact that it will link and send right to Instagram and other sites is nice. The things I would like to see it do is allow you to pick just a certain spot on the photo to change and a little more control over whites. We do a lot of outdoor waterfall, lake, ocean etc shots. I would like to be able to just take a section of a bush and change to colors on it like in Lightroom. Overall a great app that I use a lot.
  • Reading the reviews... 3/5

    I’ve just downloaded this to try it out. But let me say after reading the responses by the developers to some of the reviews I’m hesitant to put money towards the app. My question, why come across as offensive and upset whenever anyone gives you less than all stars and makes suggestions? Apple, how can you continually highlight this app when you see some of the responses by the developers? You continually suggest you aren’t a pro app, only a team of two etc. That’s fine, then I would suggest making the price less, or even free, until it’s fully ready and it might help you build a loyal following. Most would consider that price point to have a fully polished app ready to work in every way. Just don’t be offended when people who really care make suggestions. By the way I rarely review, this just really caught me by surprise. Not a good way to build loyalty with your brand. Accept the criticism and use it to get better...
  • Best photo app 5/5

    By cocoahma
    As an adult user of a photo app I like a serious app. I am not interested in putting noses and ears on my subjects.I want to work with the basic elements I have already in the photo. I have the serious tools to do that with darkroom. This is the only app I use for over 100,000 photos. I love it’s simple but serious tools that give me all I need to enhance and style but never alter by basic photo. Thank you. This is the only app I use ever. I deleted photo shop. To complicated for my goals. All the rest were meant as a playful apps for the most or they lacked the order and directness of Dark Room. I will not go back to an android phone because you cannot get Dark Room. Thank you so much for this app. It is the best!
  • Good, it could be better given the price 2/5

    By Jase1125
    Also, deduct a star for the dev giving snarky replies to honest reviews. That is not a way to gain customers and loyalty.
  • A little question 5/5

    By ixland
    Hey dear Darkroom team, Firstly, it was a very nice experience to use your app. You know, you guys have got the best interface in a market, But I do need to ask you a question that if you want to add a precise editing feature to your app because your app has been nearly perfect except for the absence of that one little feature. And I’m really sure there are a lot of people out there who are willing to pay you for that. To be honest there are some apps which have already had this feature and charge less, but I believe Darkroom will still be the best if that feature has been added. :)
  • Great app! 5/5

    By fairly.squishy
    Its a great app! I just found it in the “app of the day” section, and I’m glad I clicked it, I love the colours they have, etc. Definitely recommend it!
  • Great editing tool 5/5

    By Incrediblemike
    Enjoy using it every time I use it I come up with a cool look. But yes also love it cause it take tile to get the look that satisfies you. Very, very good app.
  • Buggy with EOS R raw files 3/5

    By kyslowe
    My primary camera is the Canon EOS R and when I import raw files from the camera it crashes the app on editing and exporting. It might not just be the app. It might also be Apple's raw system for this camera.
  • Not worth $11 1/5

    By Nowisee2012
    I bought Affinity Photo on sale for $10. Blows this app out of the water. I lasted about 10 minutes and deleted it.
  • Pope 5/5

    By PopeAlvin
    Great tool for updating pics and its user friendly for us beginners... Lol
  • Best of the best 5/5

    By CMaderaTM
    I find myself only using this app to re-touch most of my photos. Simple and amazing app. Keep up the great work! Follow me on Instagram @MrAperture to see my work all retouched using Darkroom.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mr chainsawsome
    Even though I didn’t purchase the premium, I still love everything. It does enough magic already.
  • افضل تطبيق لتعديل على الوان الصور بكل سهوله و ما يحتاج تكون محترف 5/5

    By onlykhalidx
    انصح فيه جدا و يستحق ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • No Histogram, No Noise Reduction 2/5

    By KeithShepard
    Cons: - No histogram. - No noise reduction. - No highlight, lowlight clipping. - Too expensive considering it doesn’t have histogram. Pros: - A set of lovely filters. - Nice integration with iOS. I want to like Darkroom, but it’s worthless as a RAW editor without a histogram or noise reduction. A histogram is extremely important and should be a requirement for any image editor that works with RAWs. You can’t eyeball highlight levels. Monitors lie, histograms don’t. The lack of noise reduction is also disappointing. Nearly every RAW file has some level of noise that needs to be dealt with. If you’re regularly working with RAWs, look some place else or at the very least, wait until they add a histogram. Don’t make my mistake.
  • Great I love it 5/5

    By Giovanni Afram
    I love this app so much, using it on a daily basis it has become part of my daily routine to edit pictures. I also have to mention I am not a professional photographer at all and these editing tools make it so easy to look like a pro and love the frequent updates keep up the outstanding work!!!!!👍👍👍
  • Ripped off?? 1/5

    By EdK Photo
    When I opened this $9.99 app on my iPad it wouldn’t recognize the fact that I paid for the PRO version which I purchased using my iPhone. So now I can only use it on iPhone which makes it useless for my needs. $9.99 down the toilet.
  • Nice but..... 3/5

    By Horserious
    It’s a nice app but needs a lot of work. The interface looks good, but it’s lacking a few key features such as white balance, exposure slider etc. As said, nice app but not worth the asking price of 9.99. If I apply a b&w filter and I notice that the saturation slider is set to zero, I’m out. Sorry. The idea is nice, so is the group of ppl you’re targetting I reckon. I’m not impressed by the developers answer at all. It’s not worth $9.99. What about an exposure slider, dehaze, WB, reversed vignetting, etc, etc. there are better apps for less. And if you say you enjoy this as a pro you’re not a pro. And I never said I didn’t like the app. All I say is that it’s not worth $9.99. I will be happy to give more stars if you come up with an app that’s worth the money. In other words, keep working on it and add pro tools in the future. Basic tools like exposure and white balance should be in here to start with. Then there are whites, highlights, blacks, shadows, vignette to the darken or lighten. Ah well I think you know what’s there. Oh and I have some positives too. Interface is nice, intuitive, it’s fast and frames are a nice tool too. When it comes to filters I would suggest not to put too much energy in filters. There are many (free) apps who can do the trick. And, in the bigger scheme of it all, “how many filters do we really need?”. Good luck, keep up the good work.
  • Continues to impress 5/5

    By RobinSparkles17
    Absolutely love love love this app! Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone! I use this app mainly for my business’ social media photos. The photos always come out better than expected and did I mention it’s so easy to use?! Just love this app! Get it, you’ll have no regrets!
  • This program rocks! 5/5

    By ark7825
    Intuitive and powerful photo edit tool deluxe. I’m a power user who appreciates the KISS power employed in the software. The people behind this product have proven their considerable skills in this freely distributed Apple app. Thank you Dark Room
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Just call me Yuyo
    I’ve used other apps for free that offer much more . Don’t waste your money .
  • Great App but... no noise reduction tools! 3/5

    By Bernedb
    This is truly an amazing app for post processing but it is lacks one feature that always makes me go back to other editors. There is no noise reduction tools. It would be awesome to have these tools within the app. Please consider adding these features as it would tremendously improve the functionality of the app.
  • Now with Photos support 4/5

    By eleanayoo
    A photo app without Photos extension support - a nogo. But now it has it :) - fast - easy - beautiful Probably going to buy Pro Tools...
  • Exceptional Lightroom competitor 5/5

    By Tallflip77
    It's a great app for the price point. I'd rather pay 9.99 to own it rather than to pay 9.99 /mo for creative cloud. The only thing missing is a clarity/structure slider, and masking tools like on Google Snapseed which is free. I like the batch processing feature.
  • Incredibly responsive! 5/5

    By johna30305
    I am an amateur photographer. But I must say that Darkroom takes my photos to a whole new level! Recently, I thought that I was experiencing an issue, and after a couple of emails to their feedback address, Jasper explained where I could find the screenshots album in the app. I would highly recommend Darkroom to anyone who uses their smartphone as their primary camera!
  • Impoverished 4/5

    By soundrec.
    I see I can use some of the functions of the app without having to purchase the program. I really appreciate that. Don’t have the funds to have all the options but when I turn this around I would consider it totally. Thanks 🙏
  • New icon! 5/5

    By Maui Kid
    I actually liked the new icon!! Just remove the “b”. Great app and lots of nice tools. Bought the full IAP to support the development of the app! 5 stars!
  • I really want to move to iPad only photo editing, this is almost the app I need 4/5

    By zedkolk
    I would LOVE to sell my mac and move to iPad only photo editing, but before I can do that I need an iPad app that includes the functionality I have from Lightroom Classic (Lightroom CC doesn’t have all the features I need). I found Darkroom from The Sweet Setup and its definitely the best photo editing app I’ve tried but it doesn’t quite make the move for me. I shoot primarily events and landscapes, sometimes portraits. Required (for me) features that this app does have: RAW support Custom filters Paste edits across multiple photos (the batch edit feature wasn’t working for me, I wish it did) Batch exports iCloud Photos support Ability to tap to change adjustments instead of drag a slider Required features that are missing (or I can’t find): Brushes (for highlights, shadows, saturation, etc...) Spot healing brush or repair tool (I forgot what Lightroom calls it, the shortcut is Q) Wishlist that isn’t a dealbreaker: Dropbox support Ability to view iCloud photos with the date added view in addition to the chronological view What’s nice but isn’t a required for me: Modify copyright metadata on export Favoriting an image in Darkroom also favorites it in Photos
  • Awesome! But one thing missing 5/5

    By Charbuckeye14
    This app is amazing, i bought the whole package, but there is one thing missing. Im not sure if i just cant find it, or it just doesn't have it, but i wish there was a “wipe” feature for when your using filters, so you could change the filter of the image, but use an eraser and restore some of the image.
  • La mejor app de fotos 5/5

    By Francky Ortiz
    Tienen todo ❤️

    By Axfaro
    Great app
  • Can’t select photos in landscape orientation ... 2/5

    By mamat
    ... landscape is the natural orientation for this app so it could have been tested ? Update: launch in landscape => OK Rotate to portrait and back to landscape and you’re again enable to select shoots.

    By JonathanDusza
    Neat app but LOTS OF HIDDEN COSTS. I’ll stick to other apps that do all this at a flat fee
  • Wonderful editor 4/5

    By He's shah
    Only thing I might have against this is there are not tools to get rid of any blotchy spots. Like a clone tool in light room. But other then that this might be one of my favorite editing tools for the mobile.
  • Andreyln 5/5

    By Gay in black
    Darkroom allows me quickly make all necessary adjustments for the picture to make it look professional, correct vertical and horizontal distortion, make colors correction, emphasize highlights and shadows, all in minutes on the fly.
  • Need Apple Pencil support, dodge and burn 4/5

    By Terrybreedloveportraits
    I really like this app on my iPad Pro. I give it a 4 star rating and would be 5 star if I could use my Apple Pencil to dodge and burn and use other tools such as smudge precise areas. I will switch over to Adobe Photoshop full version when it arrives on iOS just for that.
  • Powerful photo editing 5/5

    By Drewd29
    Great photo editing app that is always improving!
  • Halide + Darkroom = 🤩 5/5

    By akazmucha
    Darkroom is by far my favorite editing app on both iPhone and iPad. And its seamless integration with Halide makes it even easier to shoot and edit in one go. The interface on larger iPads is also one of the easiest to learn, yet most powerful you’ll find.
  • Latest update kills RAW editing 1/5

    By mbouhsina
    I can't edit RAW photos anymore. All I have access to is the JPEG preview. The app is loaded with bugs and it crashes all the times.

Darkroom – Photo Editor app comments

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