Darkroom – Photo Editor

Darkroom – Photo Editor

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  • Current Version: 4.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bergen Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Darkroom – Photo Editor App

Save yourself from the multi-app workflow and discover the most well-designed, integrated, and powerful editing app for iOS. iPad support, RAW support, Portrait editing, hashtag manager, custom filter, content-aware frames, and so, so much more. ## Praise for Darkroom • “Darkroom [is] the new champion of photo editing for your iPhone” — The Sweet Setup • Best of the App Store 2015 — Apple • “One of the best photo editors available for iOS.” — The Verge • “I think @usedarkroom is the best photo editing app on iOS platform.” — Om Malik ## Main Features • A Single Universal App From the smallest iPhones to the biggest iPads, Darkroom has the most responsive interface among iOS photo editors. The interface is hand-tuned to look fantastic in every size. • Library Sync All your photos are instantly available. Delete, Hide, Favorite, and Export are all synced to your Photo library automatically. • RAW and Large image support A full range of cameras formats supported, up to 120MP and support for arbitrarily large JPEGs. • Depth Editing & Depth-Aware Filters Edit the foreground and background of Portrait-mode photos separately. Apply Depth-Aware Filters that extend the contrast intelligently. • Pro Tools The most usable Curves and Color tools on iOS. A dance of functionality, simplicity, and power. • Content-Aware Frames Darkroom analyzes your photo and picks out frame colors that complement your photo's aesthetic. Choose from a range of aspect ratio, custom widths, and built-in color palette. • Hashtag Manager & Siri Shortcuts Create sets of hashtags that you can export with one-tap from anywhere: Home screen, Today widget, Export sheet, and more. Create your own Siri Shortcuts to copy all your favorite hashtags from any app. • Create your own filters 10 bundled filters, and 20 premium filters. Edit to match your photo. • Batch Processing Edit, manage, and export multiple photos at once at blazing speed. • Transform Crop at full zoom, get the perfect perspective, flip, rotate, add borders, and many meaningful aspect ratios. • The Full Photographer's Toolbox Brightness, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Saturation, Vibrance, Fade, Vignette, Sharpness, and Split Tones. • Export Options Export uncompressed TIFF and PNG files, or save space with 100%, 95% or 80% compressed JPEGs. • Live Photo Editing Edit, view, and export your full Live Photos with their sound and their videos. All edited to match. • Photo Strip Quickly scroll through your entire library to jump to a different photo or to compare version of the same composition.

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Darkroom – Photo Editor app reviews

  • Could benefit from more features 4/5

    By cburke34
    It’d be incredibly useful to have an exposure slider and blacks slider to go along with the highlights and shadows specific sliders
  • Create and save your own filters for free. 5/5

    By Compliments iMovie
    The rest of the stuff you have to buy that’s fine with me. I love these filters that I can create on my own.
  • language problems 4/5

    By timeXway
    when starting to edit a photo from the iPhone albums it, it shows weird languages. please fix even if the iPhone language is only English
  • Big fan of Darkroom! 4.5 stars 4/5

    By Malik Blasingame
    I moved to Darkroom from Lightroom CC about 2 months ago now since I’d rather pay a one-time fee rather than a subscription. My experience with Darkroom has been great! However, the only thing keeping me from purchasing the full app are the lack of a few key features: - Selective Adjustments (this is the main one) - Healing tool (spot removal) - Noise Adjustment These are listed as future features on Darkroom’s website, so hoping these will be coming very soon (especially the selective tool!). Nonetheless, Darkroom has been wonderful for my photo editing, and I highly recommend it! 😄 P.S. This is my first time writing an app review. I decided it was worth doing so for Darkroom since I’ve gotten lots of value from the app and wish to see it succeed. 🙂
  • Wow 5/5

    By hehe_hehe_hehe
    i love this app. it is so amazing and SO helpful! all of the photos i have edited are spectacular and absolutely brilliant. Recommend to anyone who love bright and vibrant photos!
  • Great professional in every way 5/5

    By cvalentinr
    Recommend to any pro
  • Best App!! 5/5

    By Mille_lago
    This is honestly the best picture editing app I’ve ever had. Just the fact that you can create your own filters that actually look really nice, it’s very impressive. I really recommend it. Great Work, great App!
  • Great 5/5

    By hippierocker
    This app is great for editing on the go. Worth every penny.
  • Use it for every Instagram post! 3/5

    By F.U.N.G.A.M.E.
    I love this app, but have one problem I hope the app developers will fix. I run into a problem where it will not show my most recent photo in my album when I go to select my picture to edit. Sometimes I have to restart my phone or wait a day for it to show up. Hopefully they figure this out soon!
  • Works good but crashes too much 1/5

    By Angel Gutierrez (Panda)
    As the title says, the app is great but it crashes on my IPhone 7plus
  • AWESOME!! 5/5

    By transman008
    This is one of the best editing apps I have ever used in my whole life!! It’s even amazing without the pro (I don’t use pro but it’s probably amazing)... I have gotten so many compliments on my pictures and this app just makes me wanna keep on editing and taking photos. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH DARKROOM!!!!!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By aberrantartist
    It supports exporting to HEIF when basically nobody else (not even Adobe) is supporting it! It’s very simple and fun to use as well.
  • Annoying nag-a-thon 1/5

    By Tom Steele
    I get it, you want money. But I haven’t even so much as given you permission to look at my photos yet and you are demanding $6.99. I try to load one of the 45 curated filters to try it out and you hit me up for $9.99 - seriously. It’s like the bad date that “forgot his wallet” wanting me to pay for everything and we haven’t even hugged each other yet. Thank you, next.
  • App does not sync properly 1/5

    By Ar-By
    A big selling point of this app is that it supposedly preserves edit history. It does not do so. If you make edits on your iPhone, when you sync, the edit history is preserved on your iPhone, but it is not preserved on your iPad. The developer admits this on the help page, saying: “Edit Syncing: sorely missing, and very complex. But there is a hack! Export your photos and use Modify Original. In that case the edits and original are bundled, and we can restore those on your other device.” Obviously, there should be no need for a hack. In addition, the hack does not work for me when I sync between my iPhone and iPad. This app never should have been an “Editors Choice.” Shame on Apple.
  • Amazing editor, great drop in replacement for Photos 4/5

    By sitheris
    I’ve switched from editing in Apple Photos to Darkroom (using RAW captures from Halide) and it has drastically improved my mobile photography beyond what I could imagine. Darkroom is a great editor and I absolutely love the workflow and editing control it provides. My only gripe is that sometimes the app crashes when zooming in on RAW captures, but other than that I highly recommend Darkroom for any serious mobile photographers.
  • Possibly the worst photo editing app I’ve used 1/5

    By JoshSP2022
    90% of the time edits do not take. The exported file looks nothing like the edits I’ve made the vast majority of the time, to the point I have to create 4-5 different random edits and hope one came out correctly. No ability to dehaze, control noise, no control over distortion. Literally the only reason I’m using this and not a vastly superior app like Polarr is because that app has yet to be updated to work with the file-type of my new camera. Avoid at all costs, not worth the money.
  • RAW editing needs improvements 4/5

    By masnun
    This is a great app. I love the UI and UX. Love the integration with Halide. The filters are great. Copy hashtag feature is absolutely great - love it. But what I think needs more work is raw editing features. The photos are underexposed sometimes. Even after increasing exposure and brightness, they remain underexposed. With Adobe Lightroom, the same photo gets a lot of light when I move up exposure a bit. This is my only issue with the app. I am quite fine with it missing some other useful features like selective editing. Darkroom in app purchase is a one time thing, so compared to Lightroom, Darkroom definitely offers better value at a lower price. If the under exposure issue is fixed, I will continue using Darkroom for almost all my photo editing.
  • Great App 5/5

    By MarkinMilton
    I bought this app yesterday. It is intuitive, simple to use and elegant. It is a powerful tool for converting color to black and white images. Nice work.
  • nice but.... 3/5

    By Sun:Time
    i love hue saturation control, i love grain, i love coping and pasting effects and love modifying photos without having duplicates BUT! there is so much bugs 😩 end filters are really poor! add some good vintage filters like agfa or fuji please 🙏
  • The best 5/5

    By Ffffferii
    Very usefull
  • Great App 4/5

    By Ayush412
    I think its is a great app it has almost everything that I want. It just doesn't have luminance noise reduction and color noise reduction. If it had those it would be perfect for me.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By kuyadaveyjones
    Great simple clean app

    By GodBlesstheFreaks
  • Photo Editing 5/5

    By joelsierrapr
    De todos los app de photo edit, diría que es el mejor by far ... vale la pena comprar el premium, porque te ofrece otras opciones que puedes incrementar al editar tus fotos. Tiene muchísimo mejores filtros que VSCO. Fácil en su uso y manejo. Lo recomiendo al 💯👌🏼 !!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jozzmeme
    Amazing amazing amazing!! Just the app I needed! I love the fact it allows me to edit the background brightness, shadows, ect. Without affecting the subject of the picture.
  • Best photos 5/5

    By JulzisLife
    This my favorite app whether to enhance or edit a well or poorly taken photo
  • Please fix bugs 4/5

    By I've done this 10 times
    - sliders are not sliding smooth - photos already edited and replaced are not displaying correctly in app - pre-cropped photos are not showing up cropped
  • Not properly rendering RAW images 3/5

    By SpiffyDean
    I’m having issues with how images are rendering within Darkroom vs. after I export. For example, RAW images I took in Halide were pretty underexposed and display that way within Halide, but when I loaded them in Darkroom they look completely different. The blacks and shadows are significantly brighter within Darkroom, but after I export them they are underexposed again. Other than that, I LOVE the app. But it’s a challenging issue when I’m trying to edit.
  • My favorite image editor by far 5/5

    By _zakray
    So well laid out. The controls, export options, ability to create presets, everything is so thoughtfully done. I used to always take my point-and-shoot with me on casual trips— new between Halide and Darkroom I’m comfortable taking just my phone.
  • Best iPhone Photo Editing App 4/5

    By The Other Elf
    I like this app for editing RAW photos I take with my iPhone. While currently I don’t use it for photos from my DSLR, if my next body has Bluetooth/WiFi, I certainly will. One feature I think it is missing is local adjustments. While that might be a tall order for an iPhone app, I’d love to see it happen. I do wish the highlight/shadow tools were less destructive on RAW photos. They behave like they’re adjusting a jpg even on RAW. The temperature tool could also be a little more powerful.
  • Used to be great... 2/5

    By RDub76
    This was my favorite, go-to photo editor. The latest version is super buggy. Some of the tools don’t work at all without restarting the app. For some reason the app gets hung up on previously viewed photos; I try editing a photo, but nothing happens, turns out the previously viewed photo is being changed! This happens when trying to delete photos also; the app deletes a photo other than the one selected for deletion. These issues don’t happen constantly, but consistently enough to make the app extremely frustrating to use! FYI, this happens with .HEIC and .JPEG, I am not using this app to edit RAW.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lucy6956788
    What a great app!!!
  • Very useful even for Pros 4/5

    By Besdayz
    I use this app when I want to import dslr images (via google drive or canon) to my iphone and display these images on social media or photo share. Obviously I won’t be printing from iPhone files since it’s smaller resolution files. For pro work I would use the real file on my computer and adobe products to edit. But for a quick edit with some nice filters curves perspective cropping and sending previews to clients or even personal use this works well. What I really like is I don’t have to save as a edited image and duplicate files since all edits are non destructive and can easily revert to originals. My suggestion for the developers would be people like me would love more functionality that more closely resembles what I can do on Lightroom or photoshop. I know that means more cost but off top of my head I would really like things like 1) stitching images for panoramas 2) focus stacking 3) spot removal (brush tool) 4) masks (for local edits) 5) hdr 6) more filters esp for B&W. I would pay for these. Carbon has some good ones. 7) Gaussian blurs 8) gradients 9) selective coloring (making eyes whiter, teeth whiter etc) I realize this may be a sophisticated set of functions for a mobile app but hopefully in future it is available.
  • Good app but missing ALOT... 2/5

    By Avinar
    To developer , As a photographer i really liked the layout... But thats all i can think off ! The app has alot of potentials but currently missing ALOT My biggest concern of not buying this app was the ability to edit. RAW format. Then missing : “selective editing” ; “masking” ; “lens blur” ; “editing vignetting “ ... These are the top main missing tools It could of been great if u could put “Sunray” effect (somrthing like Luminar has... (I think then it worth $10...) Many thanx and good luck
  • Best app I found ever 5/5

    By WH1T3DRAG0N5
    I mean it even the free version gives you so many options compared to the other apps and I have yet to come into a problem so my favorite app by far
  • LEGIT!!! 5/5

    By Soccer_lover ⚽️❤️
    LOVE ❤️ this!! give it a 5 star!!!!! i took a dark looking photo of my dog, and turned it into this beautiful picture!!! 😝😝👍👍👍👍i just wish their were no in-app purchases. honestly they do give u lots of filters, frames, frame colors, etc. so don’t spend the money!! i’m so happy with this app!!!
  • Great app! BUT! 2/5

    By fourNOfour
    UI is easy, much better than lightroom mobile, presets looks nice BUTT! it cost too much! Just for tools and some presets is too much! If you could lower it I’d be much happier to switch to your app but as of now ill stick to lightroom and snapseed i could just switch between apps to get your premium tools thats why $9.99 is unreasonable.
  • Instant haranguing 2/5

    By The Evidence
    Says "free" with in-app purchases. Baloney. As soon as you start you are bombarded with pop-ups demanding that you buy the paid version. Might be OK with some people, but I promptly deleted the app. Not technically lying I suppose, but total bull cookies. Hopefully they will fold.
  • DarkRoom 5/5

    By Amherst Owens
    DarkRoom is a fantastic iOS photo editing app that I have been using for a few months now. I really like the slider functions as it gives almost pinpoint accuracy over editing your photos. Also this app lets you edit Raw files as well as other more common file types. You have to buy other functions within the app, but most other notable apps like Polarr do the same. At $5.00 per unlock it can get costly. You don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to use the app and it even lets you try before you buy to see if you even want the extras. But over all its functions, and clean interface make it a wonderful photo editing app to use.
  • Great app 5/5

    By unpandon
    Keep it up
  • Terrible app/business model/don’t waste your time 2/5

    By Five0hFour
    This app uses the now ubiquitous “charge for every feature" model and that Isashame. The developer had responded saying they allow you to use all the pro features so it really is a "try it for free" app, I say that’s not accurate. Unless your workflow is done entirely on your phone then maybe you can get a solid feel for it, but I don’t trust edit until I’ve examined them on a monitor. YOU CANT EXPORT/SAVE A SINGLE PHOTO IF IT USES EVEN A SINGLE “PROFESSIONAL” feature So yea, you can “try” it, good luck getting a solid feel for whether the results are worth paying for when you can’t even export a file to evaluate the results
  • It not letting me buy 2/5

    By Chuaaaaannn
    I have 10.82 in my app credit and it’s not letting me buy anything
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By Mariannable
    Allows me to play with different photos without damaging or having to purchase another print that was not what expected.
  • Me Encanta❤️ 5/5

    By Soy 4rdon
    es asombrosa la uso siempre los filtros son increíbles😍 totalmente recomendable
  • Brushes 4/5

    By warrentotheg
    Love the features, UI and handoff from Halide. My only gripe is I wish the app allowed for brushes or targeting only specific parts of an image to adjust contrast, color, etc. I want to be able to adjust maybe just the sky or just something in the forefront. Is this in the works?
  • Won’t let me edit Raw photos 4/5

    By Chrisd559
    I love this app especially when u pair it with halide but when I try to edit raw photos it says error and I have to switch to jpeg
  • Darkroom 5/5

    By Suzetwo36
    This is really a lot of fun, I may have to buy this one.
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By JohnnyAmazon
    It doesn’t really do anything
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Lady_McBug
    I am using the free version of the app and it has more than enough features for me. This is my first time using an app like this and I managed to figure things out right away. I made all my edits in just a few moments and was able to save it as a preset for all my other photos. Super easy timesaver.

Darkroom – Photo Editor app comments

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