다음 카페 - Daum Cafe

다음 카페 - Daum Cafe

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.10.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Daum Kakao Corp.
  • Compatibility: Android
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다음 카페 - Daum Cafe App

Daum Cafe has served as a place to share your stories since 1999. Now you can enjoy Daum Cafe's special features more conveniently through the app! ◈ Decorate your own home screen. - Add your favorite cafes or boards on the home screen for fast access. - Choose an image you like and set it as the background image for the home screen. - Tap "Gallery Mode" to see "only" the background images you have set. ◈ Easy posting & commenting - Now you can easily attach KakaoFriends stickers and links as well as photos, videos and maps. - In the writing screen, long-press and drag any text to change the order of texts conveniently. - A special feature only available on Daum Cafe App! You can write comments while looking at a post and its comments. ◈ Notification features - Set Favorite Boards and Friends to receive notifications for new posts. - Set "keyword notification" to receive notifications for posts including the pre-registered keywords. - Set Favorite Posts to receive notifications when a new comment is added. ◈ Bookmark and other features - Bookmark posts that you like. You can group them using tags and access them from PC too. - Get in touch with your Cafe friends using the Chat and DM features. - Other useful features are also available such as Cafe Theme, Password Setting and 3D Touch. ◈ Real-Time Popular Posts - Top 100 hot posts are displayed in real time! Time will fly while you read them. - You can also see weekly and monthly popular posts for the past six months. ※ Popular posts are collected based on posts on cafes which are open for search. ▷ About App Access Permission 1) Required Permission - None 2) Optional Permission - Album: To upload photos to a post and for the app home & member information. - Camera: To take photos - Microphone: To record videos - Contacts: To invite a friend to the cafe from Contacts ※ You may still use the service even if you do not grant optional permissions.

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다음 카페 - Daum Cafe app reviews

  • Can’t make a acc 1/5

    By little small potato
    I tried to make a account but it is in Korean and I can’t change it. The only reason I got this app is to text Jungkook
  • Translations 2/5

    By caroldongsaeng
    Please consider getting better translations for all the fan cafes that are in Korean that you need to level up on in order to comment or see post. How are people who speak 0 Korean supposed to understand questions in their own language that don’t even make sense??
  • So Lost!! 1/5

    By N. Row
    So the app details state it’s in both Korean and English, but it doesn’t give you instruction on how to change the language, mine kept going back to the log in page, and it doesn’t provide you with an English option. This app is so confusing...and reading all the other reviews, it seems we are all having the same problem. If your app does not support English, please don’t say it does or make sure it does...
  • Need help!!! 4/5

    By peachy jimin🍑🍑🍑
    What do I need to do to get a service so I can see posts and blogs?
  • Help 2/5

    I just downloaded it and when I choose the language(English), it tells me to restart the app. When I do restart the app it’s still in Korean😭😭😒
  • Really...? 1/5

    By Uqhehdbnbhfjdkfahajs
    I honestly don't understand why you have to do all of this to change the app the a different language...why do you have to reset the app? Why can't it just change on its own please fix this problem!
  • My Comments 3/5

    By preorder ly: answer instead
    I love this app generally. It does what I need and want for the most part. However, when i want to comment on a post, it says there’s an error. I don’t know what’s wrong because the comment limit hasn’t been met and I’m not swearing or anything. What is happening???? Please fix it immediately.
  • Restart? 3/5

    By kwidjsjskx
    How can I restart the app so I can change the language to English?
  • please help 4/5

    By 8unny123
    how do you change the language from korean to english? it just says to restart the app and when i do, it just goes back to default. i wanna log in but i don’t understand the korean :( please help!
  • English Translation 4/5

    By Neonstars3
    I cant use the app if I don’t know the language. It says I can switch the language from Korean to English, but then it tells me to reset the app, I do not know how to do that.
  • How to login 1/5

    By Castro 808
    Okay so I created a kakao account but it said I needed to login in one of 2 ways which I don’t know how bc it’s in Korean so when I translate it tells me one thing but idk what my ID is for my account
  • Please help 1/5

    By BlueInTheHouse
    I’m trying to switch the language into English but it won’t work I’ve restarted the app but it’s still in korean what do I do??
  • Language translation 4/5

    By Maddiethesavage
    I pressed English under language but I don’t know how I restart the app. Please help?!?!
  • Help!!! 3/5

    By AshleyC718
    I can’t change the language to English, it keeps saying to restart but still doesn’t work and I can’t log in because I don’t understand the language since it’s in Korea plz help!!!
  • Asked for something I didn’t have 2/5

    By Jug hubbub
    Asked for an ID code I didn’t have/create. I even tried my Name, Nickname, and Email and no luck.
  • PLS Help 3/5

    By aArmyWeeboo
    I can’t change the language to English.😩 It says I need to restart the app but I don’t know how to restart the app on iPhone. Pls fix this. 😭😭😭
  • 북마크에 검색기능 4/5

    By 다음카페조아요
    다음카페앱 북마크 한 목록에 검색기능 생기면 진짜진짜지이이인짜 좋을것같아요!!!!! 저 지금 북마크 표시한 글이 너무 많아서 (10000개 넘어요,,) 검색기능생기면 정리할때도, 찾고싶은(다시 보고싶은) 게시글 찾을때도 훨씬 편할것같아요 ㅠㅠ
  • How do I log in? 3/5

    By Edit4life
    I tried switching the language to English, and it keeps saying that I need to restart the app but it still won’t work. I also can’t figure out how to log-in since ya all in Korean. There is one log-in in English, but it doesn’t automatically connect me to the app so I’m really confused.
  • Language 5/5

    By jaidbejdnaks
    How do I change the language to english?
  • Creating account 3/5

    By Moonlightcastle
    I’m having a glitch where every time I try to confirm my email it glitches and goes back to login after I look at my code. And I can’t make an account with it cause of this.
  • English 4/5

    By monbebe_1993
    I still do not appear the app in English u.u, what can I do?
  • Thank you for having English! 5/5

    By AfroArmy
    I’ve been using this app for a few months and loved looking at the photos of my favorites! But not having to translate all the settings is so amazing ! Thank you!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Selena Van Clarke
    Thank you for adding English, it makes things so much easier to navigate! I have not had problems with the app in my many months of using it. Easy to switch between cafes and fun to customise the home screen XD Thank you!
  • 앱 화면 영어로 뜨는거 한글로 바꾸는거 어떻게 하나요 4/5

    By Clwidn
    다 좋은데 캡처할 일이 있을 때 영어로 캡처하는건 정말 싫거든요
  • 언어선택이 가능했으면 좋겠어요 4/5

    By app usrr
    해외에 살아서 언어를 영어로 설정해놓고 있지만 어플은 한국어로 사용하고싶어요.
  • 자꾸 카페앱에서 튕겨요 1/5

    By ㅗ너나튜ㅜㅏ미
  • 댓글창 왜이래요? 1/5

    By Hongkun-
    업댓 후에 카페 게시글 댓글창 계속 사라지잖아요 별표 하나 주기도 아깝네요 ㅉㅉ
  • ‼️아이폰 X 로 카페에 글쓰기가 안돼요‼️ 3/5

    By ㅋ;
    아이폰 x 쓰는 사람들이 다 공통적으로 카페앱으로 카페에 글쓰기가 안된대요. 카페 글쓰기 누르면 바로 먹통되고 터치 아무것도 인식 못해서 앱을 껐다가 켜야해요. 모든 게시판에서 글쓰기가 안됩니다. 업데이트 부탁드려요!
  • 로그아웃좀 안되게 해라 1/5

    By 제대로좀만들어라
    뭐 만 하면 로그아웃이래 개짜증나네
  • 건의사항이요 3/5

    By Grace's_Nickname
    1 홈화면 너무 안드로이드스럽고 쓸 데 없이 공간 낭비하는 것 같아요 2 게시판에 영문으로 글을 써야 할 때가 있는데 자동 줄바꿈이 안돼서 영단어가 줄 끝에서 다 잘려요...
  • International Viewers 3/5

    By marialejndra
    I really want to enjoy the app can you please make a english version or a translation button. 난 정말 당신이 영어 버전이나 번역 버튼을 만들어 주시기 바랍니다 응용 프로그램을 즐기고 싶습니다. ???
  • HELP US 2/5

    By Jordynritterbostick
  • I have no idea what I'm doing😅 5/5

    By Vianneyph
    It's great! At least I think😂 I don't understand anything but I'm trying my best🤙🏽 you should still get the app though
  • 😭😭😭😭 1/5

    By SuperMom8711
    I'm only here for BTS and I can't even understand what's going on. I'd like to make an account. Please, please, please make this in an English version. International fans will appreciate it!!
  • 가로모드 지원해주세요 3/5

    By Dsleecom
    가로모드 지원 안되요
  • The Best~ 5/5

    By Kimmykittymaster
    It's so fun and easy to use that I managed to sign in without knowing a lot of Korean A.R.M.Y V.I.P
  • 업데이트 부탁 드려요 1/5

    By Djqeptwhadu
    실행 시킬 때마다 튕기고 인기글 밖에 안 들어가지고 자동 로그인 해 놨는데도 들어갈 때마다 로그인 계속 해야돼요. 문제점 개선해서 업데이트 부탁드려요.
  • 업뎃좀여 1/5

    By julie.c.
    빨리 업뎃 좀 해주세요. 나갔다가 들어갈때마다 튕기고 로그인을 계속 해야하고 너무 불편해요
  • 너무 튕겨요 1/5

    By rugiada0311
    너무 짜증나서 리뷰 남겨요 하루에 수백번 튕깁니다. 로그인을 수천번을 해야되요!!!!
  • Features are good, but 1 problem 4/5

    By harrymaeng
    It has features that are promised. No problems there. However, this app somehow doesn't follow the protocol for "go back" command by swiping from the left of the screen. You'll have to work it to actually swipe to go back, instead of using the button. Funny thing I found was that it'll work almost every time with the left thumb, but 1/10 of the time with the right thumb.
  • I'm new😜 4/5

    By Lunn.Ort
    Can someone tell me how to change the Korean to English please I would appreciated so much.
  • Support english 4/5

    By Douachee
    I can't understand Korean. Bts has lots of international fans. We have to understand to be able to do stuff. Please support English app too
  • Stuck and does not work! 1/5

    By Sucky ads
    Stuck and does not work!
  • For Foreign people 3/5

    By Lydia 😠😓😷😠😩😱😓😨😠
    영어? 그것은 주시면 감사하겠습니다 ^^ . Sorry for poor Korean! It would be definite 5 star!!
  • 대체 이게 뭔가요? 사업포기 하는것도 아니고 1/5

    By jongil
    가독성도 엉망에 모아보기 때문에 카페앱 쓰는건데 킬러 서비스도 없어지고 오류도 너무 많아요 깔끔 하게 삭제 했어요
  • Help 3/5

    By Ashtonmysunshine
    how do I change the language from Korean to English ?
  • 맞춤법좀 1/5

    By 방종현
    업데이트 내용 맞춤법 좀 제대로 써주세요 손발이 오글아 들어요
  • 대놓고 맞춤법 파괴 1/5

    By 올라주원
    이건 뭐 아무리 젊은 티를 낸다고 하더라도 대놓고 앱 업데아트 내용에 맞춤법 장애 초딩 글씨 쓰는건 아닌거 같은데 무슨 십대가 만든 앱도 아니고 장난하나
  • 제발 홈에 refresh 버튼 하나만 달아주세요 2/5

    By Jace2000yang2000
    가장 자주 사용하는 앱이지만 해외에서 또는 간혹 국내에서도 네트워크 사정이 좋지 않으면 홈 내용이 자동 refresh 되지 않습니다. 그러면 앱을 종료하고 다시 실행해야지만 '**시의 인기글' 내용이 최신으로 업데이트 되는데 매우 번거롭네요. 여기에 refresh 버튼이나 아래로 당겼다 놓으면 refresh 되는 기능좀 고려해주세요.

다음 카페 - Daum Cafe app comments

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