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  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Kiloo
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dawnbringer App

Experience an epic RPG adventure in the palm of your hand! Enter the demon-infested realm of Mourngard. Explore the ruins of a deserted world. Venture into the darkest dungeons and vanquish an unrelenting demon horde in this grand fantasy adventure. A forsaken land. A banished hero. Two brothers in strife. As you blaze towards the world of Mourngard, your angelic wings burn to ash. You and your brother are oblivious to the cataclysmic events you are about to spark, but your arrival could also be the key to salvation. Can Mourngard be saved? Uncover the truth behind the corruption destroying the once peaceful land. Challenge your reckless brother, and purge Mourngard of its demon occupation. The fate of the world is in your hands! Game features: • Discover an immersive open-world fantasy adventure! • Experience thrilling hack’n’slash swipe combat! • Dive into an engrossing RPG campaign that will take hours to unravel! • Craft and enchant powerful gear to aid you on your quest! • Grow in strength as you forge the fate of Mourngard! Presented by Kiloo and Copenhagen Creators.


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Dawnbringer app reviews

  • Given up?? 3/5

    By Battierules
    This game is awesome but what now it’s been a year since an update love to see it expand if possible
  • Me 4/5

    By BladeKing101
  • Great offline game 5/5

    By Hhfhjfg
    A great offline game to pass time with in the car. Runs fine on iPhone se
  • Screen size issue for iphone x 4/5

    By Navjots30
    The game is very good but it’s not that much fun playing in iphone x please make the screen size of this game to be able ro work on iphone x i would be really greatful...
  • Different 4/5

    By shybaby
    Took about 10 minutes to grasp the combat system now I’m addicted.
  • Dawnbringer 5/5

    By Kamiely
    Me gusta el juego tiene bonitos gráficos pero tiene el defecto de quedarse en standbys
  • Super Fun but Repetitive 4/5

    By kingprinxe
    This game is very fun at first but once you do a couple of missions, it gets very repetitive.
  • Horrible, just horrible. 1/5

    By Pugshotgun
    The combat is trash, good luck trying to parry. The only good thing is the starting cinematic.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Marqueezy23
    This is an awesome game
  • Great single player 5/5

    By Wow other
    (No worries guys the second map woods is awesome!) Interesting concepts implemented, love the game this far, loss of farming though but it's the type
  • Good game but... 5/5

    By War gamer
    I absolutely LOVE this game but I'd like it a bit more if it was multiplayer ALSO. That way players can work together in fights and guild raids or whatever. Please add a multiplayer feature to this game.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By RanchoJoe
    The game crashes whenever an ad pops up, making it almost unplayable.
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By Pard3sh
    It's a really fun but hard game however the graphics could be better
  • Need some impruvments 3/5

    By pulgi
    Adding a touch pad controller will give this game a so much better way to move around instead of touch to walk, but off course thats mi opinion!
  • Great game!!! 5/5

    By Mysterytrex
    I love this game. It's so much fun to just run around a fight people!!
  • Boring 1/5

    By HendershotBleak
    This is one of the most boring and broken games I have ever played. The only good thing about this game is the opening scene where two angels are fighting and fall to a planet. Turns out they are arguing brothers from some higher realm. Anyways you have to gather skeleton pieces of dead kings or whatever. It's a bit fun to upgrade your gear at first since you start out looking stupid and get cooler looking over time but the upgrade costs get totally ridiculous over the course of the game. I managed to stick it out and beat it even though it started crashing and lagging all the dang time near the end. I was just too stubborn to give up. It's garbage and I regret sticking it out.
  • Super Fun, Good sense of adventure 5/5

    By Cracks lacks
    This game gets a little glitchy in the movement at times, but generally it is a solid free-flowing 3-D world with good graphics, fun fighting, and a nice pacing in advancement. Currently one of my favorite games on the device
  • Good game but 5/5

    By WaldoEDW
    Great graphics and fun to play but needs act 2. Was expecting more after going through act 1.
  • Niiiooccee 4/5

    By Mitchytet951
    This game is saweeetaaa

    By Arik1983
    Do NOT waste your time with this game! It has a lot of potential & nice graphics, and it used to work fine, but now it can't sync & it literally crashes every 30 seconds. I got it when it was first on the App Store & I got to the top level & opened up the sandbox area (when I did that, it started getting laggy after ~30 min of playing), but then they "upgraded" the game and added a rift, it just can't handle itself anymore (maybe combined with the open sandbox areas like Winter's Teeth?). The developers have known about this issue for MONTHS now, and refuse to do anything about it. I'd contacted them for help several times, but they kept blaming my iPhone 5s, or Facebook or anything else besides their app, even though it's the ONLY game on my phone that crashes all the time! I waited a couple months for a new upgrade to fix the issues, and it's EVEN WORSE now. Now I can't even go up to the tower to get my daily watchers without it crashing. I would have deleted the game already, but since I'm at the top level and it can't sync, I decided to leave it on my phone for now and wait for them to fix this sh*t, but they don't seem to care. That's why they only have a few reviews out yet the game has been out for almost a year now...
  • Love ! 5/5

    By Kiki199641
    Was looking for an rpg somewhat similar to skyrim and this here is a perfect time killer and im enjoying my time while playing .
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lucifer666x666
  • Great Game!! 5/5

    By ProAtStuff101
    This game is fun and challenging. The gameplay style is very interesting, in a good way. I love the graphics, especially the demon styles. The voice acting is also something to appreciate. The entirety of the game is fantastic!!
  • Needs voice actors 4/5

    By Islander1163
    Game and story line are good but the characters having their own voices would make it even better!
  • Lagging + crashing = bad game 2/5

    By Touhou Fuhai
    Please fix the lagging and the crashing at once, because it is very annoying!
  • Review: 5/5

    By Mr.Aces
    This is a great game.
  • Loved it! 5/5

    By Yasish.95
    Love this game, can't wait for act 2!😁😁
  • Awesome graphics and great gameplay 5/5

    By D. PicOddso
    Its kinda like a zelda for my iPhone
  • Arthas? 3/5

    By Sokasz
    Seems like something like wc3 but I prefer you guys to add Audio. I'll rate it 3 stars because of no audio speech. Would be more fun such as breathing, pain, dying sounds and more conversations important Lacks speech
  • too be... 4/5

    By alikdbd
    where is act 2?😝😝
  • Chunkyrock 5/5

    By Chunkyrock
    I love this game graphics are great but I expected it to be longer. After act 1 there are no more story line quest. I expected act 2 to begin right after. Just a thought.
  • cool 5/5

    By Djcm4
  • Lots of fun 5/5

    By Areleon
    Epic intro scene, intermediate difficulty gameplay, all around fun swipe to slash game.
  • Entertaining 4/5

    By Andomania
    Good game
  • Great gameplay for mobile 5/5

    By Shiwoon
    The game is fun and difficult to dive straight into! Currently (I am not far into the game) I have had no issues and recommend the game to anyone
  • Great game 4/5

    By Legion7784
    I have spent a pretty good amount of time in this game and have not ran into any problem other then the minor lag. The fighting mechanic is almost similar to Infinity blade. Had a lot of fun
  • Was an awesome game. Please fix! 3/5

    By Big Johnson 78
    Was an awesome game and had me addicted! Since the last update it glitches all the time making it near impossible to win battles even with no other apps running like support suggested. Please fix!
  • Not even close to Infinity Blade 2/5

    By EnviousMuse
    I played this game for a decent amount of time and I enjoyed very little of it. Someone here said it was like Infinity Blade. Honestly, No it is not. Infinity Blade is far superior in mechanics and graphics. This is practically a bootlegged version with really bad parrying detection and to make things worse it lags during 75% of battles. If you want a game like this trust me when I say that this game is almost garbage in my opinion and you'd be better off spending money on an Infinity Blade game.
  • Wow 5/5

    By UltraDude7651
    Wow. This is a great game! Thanks so much for making a game like this on iOS! Now I don't have to haul my PC everywhere to play wow 😂 it has good graphics and is a really satisfying grind. Good fighting mechanics. Thanks!
  • Great Update 4/5

    By Mnysmiles
    I was dead in the water until the update. The power ups (Rifts) are great, the added equipment levels are good. The level 30 restriction may be an issue. TBD It does glitch every so often, it is annoying if moving, and can hurt in a fight. Garbage collection? Never have figured out how have 3 potions! The second potion vial is extremely expensive!
  • Needs Fix 3/5

    By John 3:16....
    Controls are not responding .
  • I love this game, it's Awesome! 4/5

    By AJBG001
    This game is takes up much of my free time. 😉 great new features in the update. Only complaint and is a major one one is there is way too much delay during fighting, soo much that many thumb swipes do not register as attacks and being able to time a parry is almost impossible. (Even after closing all other apps, restarting this app and restarting iphone((before and after latest iPhone update)) I love this game so much frustration doesn't begin to describe the pain. Please help!
  • Need A Band-Aid After Update 3/5

    By Toy_Squirrel
    This game was fun until the latest update, now it lags a lot during fights and I get beat up.
  • Crashing 4/5

    By angelanddawg
    Absolutely love this game! That's the first thing, second, it crashes repeatedly..... I would love to spend hours on it but can never get more than 5 minutes with out a crash, have plenty memory, 10 g left? Would love game even more if crash issue was fixed and be able to play without Internet.
  • Only 30 levels? 3/5

    By Dr. Big Mc
    You stop earning experience at level 30! Also, the weapon upgrades are hugely expensive. Add more experience levels or make it so that experience is turned into materials. That will give you 5 stars.
  • Well done. 5/5

    By Sir Ornot
    I appreciate that I can play this game without an Internet connection. And that I don't have to play a lot of money to play it. I like that the monsters can be avoided. I like the graphics and the battles.
  • Better than infinity blade in many ways 5/5

    By Gaskination
    Anyone who likes infinity blade will like this game. I love it.
  • Developers, please listen to our reviews. 3/5

    By Voxol mixer
    Developers, you had a 10 star game before this new update, and the Max is 5 stars. But, after this update, it lags and crashes, WAY TOO MUCH. I know it's not my iPad, (iPad 2), because before the update I could play for 3 hours without crashing, now I'm lucky if I make it 5 minutes. But, let's get into the meat of the game: The RPG elements, the combat, and, the exploring and environments. An interesting, simple, less sophisticated version of the infinity blade combat. At times, it will lag during combat, making the boss battles very difficult. One wrong hit means you're screwed. The RPG elements are great, and I adore the War Chest. Final commandment? Fix the lag and crash issue, please that is all we ask. Maybe even give us a chance to tone down the graphics.

    By Blazzy_Blaz
    I like this game a teensy bit, but when I play this game and I'm fighting a boss the swiping has terrible reaction time like I swipe left and then I still get hit in the face and die. If you ever get this game just know about this bad flaw and thank me for the feedback.
  • Me 2/5

    By Behaaaa700
    When act two will launch

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