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  • Current Version: 3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bloom Built Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Day One Journal App

From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure. Award Winning: App of the Year and Apple Design Award “Day One makes keeping a journal delightfully easy.” —Wired CREATE HABITS: Make journaling a part of your life: • Reminders • In-app and System Notifications • Calendar LIFE-ENRICHING BENEFITS: Reap the rewards of your consistency: • On This Day flashbacks and Nearby entries • On-the-spot memory enhancement • Book printing PRESERVE EVERY MOMENT: There’s no limit to the memories you can save in Day One: • Unlimited photo storage (Premium only) • Unlimited journals (Premium only) • Unlimited audio recordings, with dictation and transcription • Social media with Day One's Activity Feed and IFTTT integration SECURE YOUR MEMORIES: Day One Sync provides peace of mind: • End-to-End Encryption • Sync across all your devices (Premium only) • Passcode and Touch ID lock QUICKLY CAPTURE: Multiple ways to capture a moment • Share extension from Photos, Safari, and more • Siri Shortcuts make voice commands to trigger audio or photo capture • Dictate, record audio or check-in from Apple Watch • Activity Feed provides a historical view of your location and photo history to make it easy to catch up on your past week APPLE WATCH: Always listening and tracking • Dictate an entry voice to text • Check-in at to insert a placeholder entry that includes the name of the current place • Record audio for up to 6 hours per recording • Watch app works independently from the iPhone FOCUSED WRITING EXPERIENCE: Day One’s clean, distraction-free interface makes it easy to write down what’s important: • Powerful rich text formatting with Markdown • Templates • Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop, and watch) • Draw with Apple Pencil or your finger to illustrate an idea or moment, or write your entry by hand. RECALL EVERY DETAIL: Metadata automatically records the finer points of life: • Location & historical visits • Time and date • Temperature, weather, moon phase, altitude • Activity—motion and step count • Music playing ORGANIZE YOUR ENTRIES: Finding any memory is fast and easy: • Powerful search • Multiple journals (Premium only) • Tags • Favorite entries • Browse by calendar, timeline, maps, or photos SHARE YOUR MEMORIES: Our export options make it easy for you share your journals: • Export to PDF, HTML, JSON • Print your journals with Day One Book “This superb journaling app remains pleasant to behold, easy to use, and a tough act for any rival to follow.” —Macworld “If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.” —The Sweet Setup DAY ONE PREMIUM INCLUDES: • Unlimited photos • Unlimited journals • Unlimited cloud storage (end-to-end encrypted) • Sync to all Day One apps, iPad, Mac • Audio Recording • Drawing • Dark Mode • Additional Journal Colors • 25% Book Printing Discount • IFTTT integration (Automated Entries) • Prioritized customer support Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. It is available for monthly or yearly periods. $24.99/yearly (USD) Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. For technical assistance or other inquiries, email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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  • sync does not work properly 2/5

    By jeftay
    I’ve used Day One for years, and only now just switched to the premium version because classic stopped working properly. Premium doesn’t sync — entries on my MacBook Pro don’t show up on my phone. Support said to wait for the update and hope for the best, which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.
  • Missing more formatting options 4/5

    By Dibau Naum h
    E.g., nested lists
  • Day One Apps Crashes 1/5

    By Rangdol721
    The newly released DayOne app keep crashing on iPhone and iPad as well as on Mac and no solution was provided so far. Now main worry is that all the memories are lost forever. Hope they come up with something that will export the journal in more popular format like MS Word.
  • Excellent journal, a few suggestions though 5/5

    By alaraway
    I have used this for years to track my family’s special moments. I love the interface and it’s totally worth the minimal amount to add more photos to an entry. I would love to see an option to add multiple locations per entry though. I use this a lot to track our family vacation adventures and would love the ability to add stops on the location. Instead of adding multiple entries for each stop? I’d love it to read like a story for the day. Even if the location option had stop 1, stop 2, etc. it would be great to show all the places we hit in one day and one entry. And I always ask for this, but a video option would make this the greatest journal app ever. I use this as a digital journal and would love a video option, even with a 2 minute limit or something. And would totally pay for any extra storage chargers. I get the limitations when it comes to printing a journal but for those that use this digitally- video option would be so great!!
  • Msbamp 3/5

    By beticanes
    Love keeping notes
  • And it’s suddenly a bad app 1/5

    By The unlikely architect
    After having used this app for over four years and thinking it to be a great app, I’m suddenly faced with the reality that it has flaws in it that are horrible for a daily diary, The dates are all totally unreliable. My brother passed away on the 17th of this month. Of course I put an entry in the app to memorialize it. I just looked in the app and saw that the date had been changed to today because I added a picture to the app.
  • Great for journaling 5/5

    By Sunnymn
    This is a great app for someone who loves to journal and/or wants to jot thoughts on the go. I love being able to snap a photo right in the app and then write a journal entry to go with it. A photo adds a lot to the entry. It’s great compliment to my paper journal. Entries are organized in a list with their photons displayed on the left side so they are very easy to view and review. I have used it for 3 years and enjoyed it. I have never paid for premium because I don’t need or want multiple journals or photos per entry. For free I can add a photo to each entry and write as many entries as I want. I am not at all interested in the social media interface. Yuck. The reason I journal is to get away from all that phoniness and tying to put on a show. This is my place for my real thoughts.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Soul Brother Show
    This app is incredible!
  • Auto transcribes audio messages! 5/5

    By theanthrogeek
    It will now auto transcribe my audio memos to it. This is a huge game changer in my personal journaling process. Because even if it doesn’t transcribe perfectly the fact that I have the audio and the transcript really makes it easy to use in the long run. Bravo developers!
  • Seems to work for many, but not for me. 3/5

    By j.rokkit
    I found the app to be extremely unintuitive and clunky. Of course it took longer than the trial period for me to realize that I was never going to feel at home with the app, so I’m out the $25 anyhow. LOL I tried to give it some time so I could get familiar with the apps nuances but it’s just not working for me.
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By Rsyjsgk
    Keeps crashing when rotating in many areas. End to end encryption cannot be turned off. It keeps turning itself back on.
  • Can’t sync with Windows!!!! 1/5

    By jTag77
    Cmon guys, u have iOS and Android platform but I can’t use this on my Windows PC which is the majority of market share for computers and a better way of typing longer entries. So disappointing
  • I Like This App. I'd Like to Love it. 4/5

    By Stacey'sRobyn
    I'm using Day One on my iPhone X under IOS 12.3.1. Since I'm never without my iPhone, I'm never without my journal(s). I've tried many similar apps, and agree with Apple making yours an Editor's Choice. I do, however, have one itty-bitty request: would it be possible to fix it so that I can use an alternate keyboard than the Apple keyboard? It just takes too many steps to add, say, an apostrophe or a comma. To be honest, Apple's built-in keyboard was not designed for writers. Thanks!
  • Wonderful evolution of an app 4/5

    By nehpetsca
    I enjoy the DayOne app, it’s pleasant and well laid out. It is easy to move around within it and customize for different types of entry recording. I especially enjoy how much information it pulls in to give a solid feel for the moment of the entry when looking backwards in time. I find the subscription price and features to be reasonable — but I’m concerned with the effort to lock Dark Mode behind the subscription fee. It’s one thing to control personalization and colors with a premium cost — but dark mode keeps my eyes from pain and lets my face relax. As far as I can tell, this company sees dark mode as just another premium as they’ve locked it behind the full cost subscription. Not everybody does dark mode well, and I’m disconcerted at this - my decision to purchase will be made on my evaluation of the company’s current support efforts (necessary to trust their efforts to sell you on their future.)
  • Not easy to navigate 2/5

    By Marv&me
    I pay about $25 a year for this journal and for that I get something to record my days, but at a cost of much aggravation. I waste a lot of time trying to do things I never figure out how to do. It definitely could be improved if the creators of Day One would start over and make it EASY, not difficult to navigate.
  • Best Journal I have found 5/5

    By ermachum
    I started using DAY ONE in 2014 after experimenting with many others. I n ow use it fro every "Event" in my life. Gives me a quick recall of the pictures from Photo with my comments on the event in an easy way to record and to later call up and review.
  • Best little diary of all 5/5

    By Pitman NJ
    Keeps me aware of what I’ve done, where I’ve been and what I’m thinking. I just bought the upgraded version that lets you show more pictures and make voice recordings.
  • Journaling 3/5

    By Wasseeeey
    Great except the price, a little too much, but the printing option is cool
  • It’s great for capturing ideas and organizing them into more. 5/5

    By chasporter
    I’ve had Day One in my pocket since 2014, and every day I use it to capture ideas as they come to me. The ability to easily tag each entry and organize them into journals puts related ideas together. That’s how I build my larger pieces. Thanks, Day One!
  • Deleted all my entries and short stories 1/5

    By Mindyo81
    This app just randomly deleted all of my entries and short stories. There’s no way to retrieve them. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP!!!
  • Really great product 5/5

    By tbakersimmons01
    I love this app and I have been using it for a few years across multiple platforms. My only wish we could write in it with Apple Pencil as so many people state you need to write things as oppose to typing. But overall this product is excellent!!! So many features and way in which you can utilize it!!
  • WannaBe SaaS Devs, take note 5/5

    By TreoRenegade
    This is the FIRST time I actually smiled at seeing an SaaS notice, AND jumped on it! These folks rolled out new GENUINELY useful “LawdHaMercy!” smile-inducing features, even dropping the annual price for a reasonably short period of time. NO empty promises. NO encyclopedic excuses. NO lies during roll-out. THIS is how you coax more money, people — treat us with respect, to get respect. Day One team, my hat’s off to you. Just imported my IG. Happy Campers R Us! I’m wondering: only one IG? I’ll figure it out. And puhLeeeeease → write a book or article to give your colleagues a MUCH needed clue. — 6.16.’19— Add: Yes, we can import multiple Instagram accounts. One huge irritation though— it’s MUCH too difficult discerning where the pics will land. Why not simply allow creation & naming the journal for new IG entries, within the same sequence connecting the IG account concerned?
  • Memories Saved 5/5

    By Jen Stein
    I’m a fan of social media, but I sometimes want to keep my thoughts and reflections private yet keep the pictures to enjoy at a later date. Day One keeps things easy to use where just a brief entry can be captured to cherish at a later date!!

    By RDanielIII
    Has this been fixed yet. Adding pdf files to day one!!
  • Awesome journal I’ve had it for years 5/5

    By kool sho-nuff
    Naf the great
  • The best journaling system 5/5

    By Rayb2009
    Love it. Could not be more pleased with an app.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Ava07111111117
    I’m young, and I was never able to keep up with a journal. Until now. Busy day? One that I wanted to write about but I didn’t have time? No problem. I just write the day after and change the date! What I think is AMAZING is that if you don’t have premium (which I don’t) the app is still awesome! I also played around with the settings and found that you change change the font!! Being a girl who loves to make everything my own, this FREE function is pretty amazing. Would recommend to literally EVERYONE of ALL ages.
  • Diary for a 90s baby 5/5

    By bwestffl
    I use this app to keep not my todo list or reminders but as a diary or personal journal for self reflection. It has been fun to look back and see how I was feeling day to day. I have tried many apps like this but this ease of simplicity in this app is something worth trying.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By DiaryDork
    This is the best diary/journal app out there. I’ve tried different apps but always come back to this one.
  • Surprisingly Useful 5/5

    By Simple Theory
    I like this app, Day One. I am using it as a personal journal but you could use it in your business day, like project planning and meeting notes. It can stamp entries with date/time, location, and weather. It has the note taking functions that people now need: audio, photo, and drawing. I am using it to note things during my day and to ruminate. I see myself creating a pdf of each month’s entries. The design is thoughtful and uncomplicated. I enjoy using this app. It’s array of features open many possibilities beyond Dear Diary journaling.
  • Crash and delete multiple? 2/5

    By WYQ-1996-2013.5.31
    I added import Spotify save to library music feature a long time ago and disabled that. Somehow the app synced my data and hundreds of now songs I added to Spotify library showed up. Ruined my journal. The app doesn’t have delete multiple function. Imagine clicking one by one for hundreds of times. Fix it!!!
  • 4.5 for what its worth ... 5/5

    By Finesse P.
    The app is wonderful. Like it’s such a seamless fit into my daily life; I just wish every app wasn’t designed to make money. Having to pay to have separate “folders” seems .. pointless. Otherwise no complaints, and I love the design.
  • Getting better. Still slow pics upload. 5/5

    By JT Music
    Bugs are less frequent but pictures still slow to upload.
  • Great app and great tech support 5/5

    By bombarde32
    I normally don’t write reviews, but my experience with this app has been so wonderful. I have been a DayOne user for at least 5 years. This is, hands down, the best app for journaling in terms of features and ease of use. Not only that, but tech support has been equally great. I accidentally lost some data when switching encryption modes as I had a bad internet connection. However, Adam at customer support responded promptly to my emails and restored all of my journals! I’d give this app 10 stars if possible!
  • Avoid. Use plain text files instead. 2/5

    By jhabdas
    I used to keep my IRL and dream journals in plain text files named by date stored securely on my own computer. In 2014 I gave Day One Classic (the free version) a try. I created 360 entries and synced them to iCloud—which the EFF now reports uses fake encryption. Whether it has occurred or not this app has led many to possible data collection under the unconstitutional PRISM program made possible by the Bush administration in the United States following 9/11. I will never again be so foolish as to not use text files to keep my intimate thoughts private and away from prying eyes such as those of post-Jobs Apple, the US government or a capitalist institution interested in coercing me into their revenue stream by attempting to sell me privacy with potentially buggy E2E encryption. Bottom line, I wouldn’t use this software even if I was paid to do so.
  • Hard to download 3/5

    By Loralee6MacDonald
    I’ve made 3 books so far from Day One Journal app. My last book is finished and ready to print but won’t go through the final steps so I stopped using Day One for about 4 months. I’m hesitant to start up again because my last book is still hanging in oblivion. If I can’t get it figured out soon I will quit altogether.
  • Very Useful Tool 5/5

    By Duepur
    I like Day One and use it as a travel diary. But you could also use it as a regular daily diary. It is easy to negotiate and fun to add pictures to your entries.
  • i lost everything. 2/5

    By bridgebby
    i got Day One on the first day of 2018 bc it was my new year’s resolution to journal every day. i loved all the features, i think it was beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and it had everything i needed. on june 10th 2019, this app kept crashing and closing on me so i rebooted my phone (which i have done many times before) and when i turned it back on, everything i ever wrote on the app was gone. everything was deleted. i had music, pictures, thoughts, mental breakdowns, happy moments, sad moments, ideas, and so much more in this one place for over a year and a half, and it all just disappeared. i’m so angry and sad and devastated and have completely lost my appreciation and love for journaling. if you’re going to use Day One, be careful about SAVING literally everything because i don’t think anybody deserves to suffer the loss that i did. otherwise, it’s been a great 1.5 years. i just wish there was some way to recover the information. you’d think they’d save it somehow? i’m just disappointed
  • I love this app and the employees! 5/5

    By CKA757
    I had started using this app about four to five years ago when I found out my online sharing of my thoughts got me in trouble with work. I thought I was being careful, not mentioning names, employer, etc but I wasn’t and I wanted a safe way to record my thoughts and feelings and keep it from prying eyes. I started using this app. I’m glad I found it. When they went to premium I was set back at first for the yearly fee but with end-to-end encryption of my data I went ahead and took the plunge. I cannot day enough about the support I get from Cameron and the others whenever I run into a snag, which is not that often. Maybe three times in all the times I use the app. If it’s late in the evening I get the closed message and I am content waiting for their response but it’s usually not long at all. Most of the time they have responded to my query within 10 minutes of my submitting the issue. Every time they have responded, their suggestions have worked to correct my problem, which most of the time was a sync issue. For a really well thought out app, excellent design and customer support I wish everyone offered, I tell all my friends about how great Day One is. I’m a user for life!
  • Useful Tool 5/5

    By Bushish
    It keeps memories etched into my mind and soul. I can refer back, take pictures and record
  • A great way to ease off social media 5/5

    By hella33
    If you’re trying to reduce your outbound posts, what a better way than to just post to yourself?
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By Leedsly
    I like Day One for a couple of reasons; the option for having multiple journals. I currently have one for memories, one for special moments, one for normal day-to-day entries. And you can make them different colors. I also like that I can use emojis and upload pictures. It would be perfect if there were more fonts available and if you could make the writing different colors for emphasis. Currently I have only been able to use bold and italics.
  • Almost perfect but 4/5

    By tequila tiger
    2 suggestions and 2 complaints Suggestions 1- make the search bar accessible within the home screen user interface instead of having to click on another button just to access the journal search function just like in previous versions 2-allow the custom tags to show up with in the search results Complaint 1- for some reason my Day One online back up says I have three more images than I actually do based on what my home screen UI says on my phone. I can’t even identify which image is missing since I have over 1000 images throughout my journal entries 2-When I upgraded to the new Day One version it turned most of my image is blurry and since a lot of my images are pictures of text they are almost now unreadable. This is a huge one for me.
  • Amazing 😉 5/5

    One word for day one AMAZING
  • Great App. Performance Issues. 5/5

    By l4zarus
    I have been using Day One for a while now and really enjoy it. Makes my scattered thoughts look very nice, definite improvement over the default Notes app. Lately I have noticed serious performance issues though. Latest iPhone (or maybe last gen I forget tbh) and when I go to edit or make a new article it lags like crazy. I’m fairly proficient typing with the default keyboard and I can type out 2 sentences, but need to sit back and watch it for 15-20 seconds for the cursor to catch up. I also make many spelling mistakes so this makes going back to fix them unbearable.. but really the lag throws me off so it’s kind of unusable in general at this point. Never used to behave this way so I’m guessing it’s a result of a recent change. Please fix! Love the app otherwise though keep it up.
  • It’s ok but you cam no longer sync to iCloud 1/5

    By JohnBoy5562
    Update 6-9-19 Just saw a podcast from Leo the tech guy and the creator of this app was the guest. I used to use this app before they wanted me to upgrade and pay for it all over again. So I went looking elsewhere and found journey which I paid for the full service and have been very happy with. Not only do you not have to pay for storage to save your journal ( because it will sync to iCloud like this app used to do before they decided it was better to use their cloud service so you can pay even more money ) but it’s a better solution for me not wanting to be dictated do where I have to save my files. I just feel like they sold a bill of goods but now want to change the way they offer you this app. He said something about being grandfather in but I as far as I can remember I wasn’t offered it. And that’s how I found out about Journey and have been very happy with it. Example I use a product called Tablo and I bought it and the lifetime guide. When I purchased the life time guide you could add up to 10 Tablo without having to pay for the program guide on the additional Tablo,They changed that at the beginning of the year. So now you have to pay for each program guide on every Tablo you buy. But they did honor what they sold before the change so I could if I wanted buy a new Tablo DVR have the program guide on each one without having to pay again. That’s a company that stands behind what they sell. Update 6-24-18 With the update you should have added syncing to iCloud back. It seams you tell everyone that iCloud is unreliable but that’s just not true. I’ve been using iCloud close to 8 years now and have never lost any of my data from any of my apps. My health my photos my music that I use iTunes Match my sync notes even my photos stream. So something just doesn’t add up? I also sync to my iMac. You should let your customers decide where they want to back up there data. I bought your app when it had the option to sync to iCloud and that was the selling point for me. And if I lost my data it would me on me and me only. But in the 8 years I’ve used iCloud I never lost my data. And even if I did I have my data backed up on my iMac and a home server use drop box and amazon prime drive. So why should I be forced to buy yet another cloud service? If you want to host sync service for your app that’s fine but don’t force people to use it if they don’t want to. I just feel like I’ve been ripped off because I bought your app before the change and I feel like your double dipping. Seam to me your not going to add it back but that ok I’ve found a app that I like just as much as your if not better. Would have stayed with your app and never looked back until you made these change. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. I have also read reviews on here that your cloud service is not %100. That being said at least give the option to save to your local cloud or iCloud. And as far as supporting this app I did by buying it. If you run Microsoft or Windows they don’t charge you to back up your data. If you use pages or office when your done you hit save as and you pick as many places to back up as you want. Apple does not force you to use iCloud and Microsoft does not force you to use their cloud service so why are you forcing people to use your? Maybe I’m not using the app the right way but for the life of me I can’t find away to get my data off or to sync to iCloud. First review I didn’t use the old app that much and now it tells me I need to upgrade the the new version. This version is ok I just wished I could still use iCloud to sync. seams like you give the same answer to every one wanting to use iCloud not being 100% but I never had any problems with it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to give your customers a choice to where they wanted to store their data. Anyway I have found a app that gives you that choice and was like your app before you wanted more money to sync your data. If someone wants a app to back up their journals for a fee I say this is the app for you. But if you don’t use this app every day like myself there is a app for $5 just as good. If you would add iCloud back up back as a option I would definitely use this app but I can’t see myself paying every month just for the privilege of using your sync services.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By J-Daxter01
    When can we expect video support?
  • Great app for journaling 4/5

    By An iPad novice
    Love that you can now add multiple pics for a single day. Wish I could actually write instead of having to type everything without paying a monthly or annual fee - that’s a huge drawback and it really bothers me that I would have to pay for this “extra” service.
  • User-friendly, Quick Response from IT 4/5

    By JenniNliz
    I really appreciate how quickly and politely the support team responds. During off-hours, Adam even restored the content of two of my journals. I feel like the ap developers really care about improving the ap and supporting customers. I love almost everything about the ap—photos, customization, various journals color-coded, location-tracking, etc. I would give the ap a 5, but I have been trying for six months to order something like $400 worth of printed journals, and after six months of the developers trying to troubleshoot, only one journal has been able to be printed. If you don’t care about printing your journals, you will love the ap. If you want printed journals, a different journaling ap is your best bet for now. They are working on this though.

Day One Journal app comments

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