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Day One Journal

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 3.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Bloom Built Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Day One Journal App

From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure. Award Winning: App of the Year and Apple Design Award “Day One makes keeping a journal delightfully easy.” —Wired CREATE HABITS: Make journaling a part of your life: • Reminders • In-app and System Notifications • Calendar LIFE-ENRICHING BENEFITS: Reap the rewards of your consistency: • On This Day flashbacks and Nearby entries • On-the-spot memory enhancement • Book printing PRESERVE EVERY MOMENT: There’s no limit to the memories you can save in Day One: • Unlimited photo storage (Premium only) • Unlimited journals (Premium only) • Unlimited audio recordings, with dictation and transcription • Social media with Day One's Activity Feed and IFTTT integration SECURE YOUR MEMORIES: Day One Sync provides peace of mind: • End-to-End Encryption • Sync across all your devices (Premium only) • Passcode and Touch ID lock QUICKLY CAPTURE: Multiple ways to capture a moment • Share extension from Photos, Safari, and more • Siri Shortcuts make voice commands to trigger audio or photo capture • Dictate, record audio or check-in from Apple Watch • Activity Feed provides a historical view of your location and photo history to make it easy to catch up on your past week APPLE WATCH: Always listening and tracking • Dictate an entry voice to text • Check-in at to insert a placeholder entry that includes the name of the current place • Record audio for up to 6 hours per recording • Watch app works independently from the iPhone FOCUSED WRITING EXPERIENCE: Day One’s clean, distraction-free interface makes it easy to write down what’s important: • Powerful rich text formatting with Markdown • Templates • Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop, and watch) • Draw with Apple Pencil or your finger to illustrate an idea or moment, or write your entry by hand. RECALL EVERY DETAIL: Metadata automatically records the finer points of life: • Location & historical visits • Time and date • Temperature, weather, moon phase, altitude • Activity—motion and step count • Music playing ORGANIZE YOUR ENTRIES: Finding any memory is fast and easy: • Powerful search • Multiple journals (Premium only) • Tags • Favorite entries • Browse by calendar, timeline, maps, or photos SHARE YOUR MEMORIES: Our export options make it easy for you share your journals: • Export to PDF, HTML, JSON • Print your journals with Day One Book “This superb journaling app remains pleasant to behold, easy to use, and a tough act for any rival to follow.” —Macworld “If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.” —The Sweet Setup DAY ONE PREMIUM INCLUDES: • Unlimited photos • Unlimited journals • Unlimited cloud storage (end-to-end encrypted) • Sync to all Day One apps, iPad, Mac • Audio Recording • Drawing • Dark Mode • Additional Journal Colors • 25% Book Printing Discount • IFTTT integration (Automated Entries) • Prioritized customer support Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. It is available for monthly or yearly periods. $24.99/yearly (USD) Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. For technical assistance or other inquiries, email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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Day One Journal app reviews

  • Needs Handwriting for iPad Pro 3/5

    By TriGuru
    There’s something therapeutic about journaling with “pen and paper.” It would be great if Day One supported this.
  • Can’t synch or Record without annual fee? 1/5

    By Pmcbee
    Maybe I’m missing something but it appears that I can’t record voice entries or use across devices without paying $25 a year. Not positive what that leaves for the free application, but it looks like I can much better functionality for one time purchases under $10. Disappointing, but not interested in having access to my journal dependent on infinite fees.
  • Almost perfect app 4/5

    By Viiv
    This journal has been a game changer. I really love everything it does for me, especially the reminder of entries from years past. There are two reasons I didn’t give 5 stars: 1. Case sensitive hashtags — If one instance of a hashtag is capitalized and other instances are lower case, the capitalized instance will not show up when I search the lowercase tag. I don’t see a reason why #Dream and #dream should be two separate lists. Whenever I enter a hashtag on the fly, I have to remember whether the original instance was capitalized or lower case. Obviously I should just create all tags lowercase, right? Tell that to my autocorrect. If the hashtag is at the beginning of a sentence, autocorrect will capitalize it. If I’m dropping a tag somewhere in the middle of a sentence, it will naturally not be capitalized. 2. Advertisements — The idea of providing a book printing service for the journal add-on is great, but I feel like I pay enough for this app to avoid advertisements. They aren’t frequent, but once in a while, when I open the journal to create an entry, I have to click out of an ad trying to get me to buy a printed copy of the journal.
  • Endless problems 2/5

    By kirfly
    I bought this app for my Mac at the App Store but I couldn’t sync with my iphone. I contacted the developers but they couldn’t help. So I ended up buying a subscription for my phone as well. It finally synced but only once. As much as I like Day One I think I will switch to Evernote or even Word.
  • Day One Ditching Old iPads 1/5

    By Delta_Petra
    Why are you stopping support for older devices? You used to be welcome on my Gen 1 iPad Mini; now you don't support it? Come on now!
  • Please Help? 1/5

    By jr10012
    I must have one of the old versions of your app, but I’m not too sure why it didn’t just update over it? but that’s beside the point. I had a lot of important notes saved in your app, but one I try to open them it doesn’t work. I can still see pictures that I had saved in your app, but whenever I try to open the notes section, it force closes the whole app. but for some reason it says that I haven’t downloaded this in the app store yet. I can clearly see the app on my phone however and can open every section except the notes. which ironically is the only section I need to get too. is there anything you can do? is there anything I can do?
  • Best journaling app 5/5

    By sandyjjr
    I used to worry about people reading my journals. It always prevented me from journaling because I was so worried about my privacy. When my dog learned to read that was the final straw ;) I knew I had to switch to Day One. In all seriousness, there isn’t a better journaling app out there. I can’t live without it. The Apple Watch support is tremendous and the “On This Day” feature is my favorite. It encourages me to journal so I can always review old posts.
  • No instagram native importing 3/5

    By --**
    The biggest apps in their respective fields don’t work together 👎👎 Support is like over 10 days to answer a support ticket 👈 ⚠️ Edging way too close to pricing users into a monthly pay program; the last thing that a journal app should be ⚠️
  • Great app 5/5

    By Adco59
    This product has all the features and then some. Im really glad Day One has stayed in the game. Thx
  • Beautiful App. Fantastic Support! 5/5

    By OliverAbreu
    I’ve been a Day One user since before they were a subscription service, and I’ve always enjoyed this app as a journal and memory discover tool (“On This Day” feature). I recently switched over to using Day One for Android (cross platform FTW) as well as iOS, and when I found that syncing was giving me intermittent issues, I decided to reach out to Day One chat support. I was blown away by the high quality of their response time, and troubleshooting ability; they were fantastic. This is a great app and service that you should buy if you are looking for great journaling software that also has stellar support should you find yourself needing it. You won’t regret having picked Day One.
  • Keeping my thoughts... 5/5

    By 1uscalumni
    I wanted to leave a review for the developers for this app. Back in November I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. I was emotionally distraught and had a very difficult time dealing with this issue. A friend of mine told me that I should be writing my daily thoughts down. I wasn’t a fan of writing, but I had to clear my head each day otherwise I would never go to sleep. I googled best journal apps and Day One was at the top of the list. I downloaded the app to my iphone and it was so user friendly it took no time at all to start my first journal. I use my MacBook Pro a lot so I downloaded the app to my second device. I looked at the price for the premium version and what you get. I really enjoyed using the app and writing my thoughts down, or even using the microphone to speak my thoughts. Writing in a journal daily is a commitment. If you choose not to pay for the full version its still a great app. I have multiple Apple devices and I wanted my journals to be synced. As I write this review the app had an update. Apple Watch now has a complication for Day One. I use my Apple Watch a lot for my daily activities. Now I can just tap on the Day One complication go to journal tap the red microphone. I have a long road ahead of me and Day One is going to be my go to app to hold all my thoughts.
  • This app. automatically reminds me it's time 5/5

    By J.Lopez Richmond, CA
    to make an entry in my journal! It often tracks the locations Ive been that day. The interface is easy to use so I really enjoy the whole process.
  • Day One Review (Long, thought out) 5/5

    By Aharo756
    In this multimedia engulfed universe, journaling has become a rare but precious art for few. Writing down something as simple as how you’re feeling in the moment can be a foundation for building a healthy routine. While the idea sounds tedious and time-consuming, the most convenient and visually stunning app, Day One, was created just for the purpose of making journaling effortless. I have always been into the concept of journaling, but I could never keep up with it until I discovered this conductive app. After Paul Mayne, Bloom Built Inc. CEO, kickstarted the app in 2011, it won the Mac App Store “App of the Year” a year later. Day One is an incredibly simple yet groundbreaking journaling platform that is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Even though the app was started quite some time ago, it still regularly pushes updates. After a long search for the perfect one, I haven’t found a journaling app as proficient as Day One. While specifically designed for the purpose of journaling, its versatility allows it to be used as a planner, checklist, notepad and even as a vessel for self improvement, therapy and education. This is one of the amazing things about Day One; it doesn’t restrain you to a certain format or even require you to journal. Its inviting interface welcomes you and notes that all you need to do is create a new entry. The rest is up to you. I use Day One as a daily journal. When I first downloaded it, the app’s captivating design drew me in right away. That was quite a while ago, and with their newest update, version three the experience is much more enjoyable for new users. The first thing to take note of is three dominant icons: a camera for inserting pictures, a microphone for recording and transcribing and a pencil for creating a new entry. In each entry, Day One records the current weather, day, time, location, words and step count. Even while listening to music, the song you were listening to is documented in your entry while you make your entry. Also, I use different journals that act as folders to divide my entries between daily journaling and school, which is extremely nifty and convenient for keeping myself organized. One of the downsides of Day One is that, like most good things, they don’t come free. While the app itself and its basic features come complementary, a purchase is required to unlock everything. An unlimited amount of journals, pictures in each entry and encrypted storage all come with the premium version. With the new update, perks such as dark mode and audio recording and transcribing also become available if they choose to unlock the full version is unlocked. The app is already amazingly useful without the premium version, but if you’re looking to use Day One for long-term journaling, it’s $24.99 per year, a steep price I winced at initially. However, I would consider purchasing it now since I’ve been using the app almost every day now for the entire year. To top everything off, Day One offers a service that prints your entries and creates a book for you; a perfect feature when writing about a summer vacation, new experiences or even just a year in your life. Day One is a magnificent app tailored not just for professional writers or journal keepers, but for anyone and for any goal. I have found great satisfaction in this app, helping me get everything from my mind into a personal digital vault, only for my eyes to see. From all of its innovative features to its easy-to-use format, Day One deserves an A in my book — or journal, if you will.
  • Help! 4/5

    By lovenews
    I love the app. Have loved it forever. However, I after I journaled today, I went to my album to add a picture. And nothing. There are no pictures coming up. I have given Day One access to my album. This is a true mystery. Please help!
  • Unsure 2/5

    By cawlbz
    I canceled my subscription because I was unsure about the safety of social media a couple of things I would like without having to buy the entire package like dictation, dictation really helps me and my eyesight is poor I’ve had multiple surgeries so sometimes it’s nice just to be able to dictate. I want to just keep it on my iPad And keep it private. I can’t see purchasing the premium package just for dictation although being able to dictate would be nice. They say talking is good talking out loud is even better my mind seems to go faster than I can type. When I start typing I forget my train of thoughts.
  • This is a free app to collect and use your inner thoughts 1/5

    By Moored8
    Read the privacy statement. They can and will use what you write. Anonymous they say but even that my thoughts are t for their use. Dont install this thinking no one will read it. They 100% will!
  • Would be 5 star if book printing worked 3/5

    By Lboogie250r
    I’ve been using this journal for 2 years now. Printed my first book last year and it was very nice. Went to print my second book this year(actually would be 2 books due to the number of pages) and the app crashes. I asked the support staff about the issue and I was told book printing was in beta and they have “known issues.” I had zero issues printing my last book so this was very disappointing. I print the yearly journals as keep sakes for my future generations. I was told to try and print from another iOS device but that yielded the same result. App crashes trying to check out. I really hope they find a fix for this “know issue” soon. Super disappointed that 365 days of journaling cannot be printed.
  • Bring Back iCloud Option 1/5

    By rvbberglves
    I love this app, but I’ll never use it again without an iCloud option. The explanation your staff constantly offers is that people had “problems” with iCloud. That’s fine and may well be true for “some” people. However, “I” never had a problem. All any of us are asking is for the option. Let the user decide, don’t mandate that we use your “day one sync”. If it doesn’t work for “some” people then ok, turn it off....but don’t act like removing the ability to sync/store your day one journals on iCloud is anything more than a “lock in/cash grab” by your outfit. “YOU ARE DISHONEST, aka NOT WORTHY OF TRUST” Original Review: Let me start by saying this, I love the original version of this app. I am extremely irritated to realize the fact that my favorite writing/journaling app is soon to be short lived. Yes, I understand they ‘say’ that they will continue to support the older version of this app, however, I find it hard to trust that notion. It is a sad realization, but I find it hard to trust this company’s direction/motive, which leads me to write this review. I will not go into features nor the experience of this app in either version, as I feel that it is the best writing app that I have ever used and has dramatically increased my need & desire to journal/write. There is one GLARING FLAW, the removal of iCloud sync. This make no sense and only appears to underline Bloombuilt is looking for a further way to monetize this app over the course of the forthcoming year/years. The real problem these days with trusting third party developers, is not being able to believe that they will be around forever. Every day you hear about a new app being acquired by a larger company and then being shut down shortly after. I fear for the day when day one disappears and I have to resort to finding my data and then find a way to export it to my local machine etc. The idea that I would allow for my journal entries to live exclusively in the ‘day one sync” cloud is wrought with errors of thought & judgement. I fundamentally do not trust you as a company and therefore certainly do not trust you to store my data, more importantly…to keep it secure. I don’t care what you say about your encryption yada yada….the mere fact that you have access to it and that I don’t trust you is the real problem. iCloud is genius in the fact that it does not allow the developer access to your data. It gives them a location to store the information that you generate with their app, but they have no access to it. This seems to conflict with day one’s desires & vision for the future, one where you spend tireless hours painstakingly pouring your thoughts and feelings out in hopes for self reflection at a later date, only to find out that they will want you to pay for that access….hey….here’s a novel idea…..well charge your for our app, then you pour your heart & soul into content that is ‘unmistakably you’….then we’ll charge for access to your own thoughts in the future. It is true that this is not the case now, but it is certain that it will come one day. The simple fact that you cannot control our data when we use iCloud, seems to be the one reason for which you no longer allow it. The inability for you to charge for something that you have no right to own, hold, store, nor access seems the paramount reason for your lack iCloud support. Its funny because as one looks at the reviews for version 2, you see 2 extremes. People who rate this app at 5 stars and those that rate it at 1 star. There is quite a polarity with this app. The 5 star reviewers love this app for the same reason that the 1 star reviewers do. The app is functionally great, remarkably great, but where the two parties differ is in the ‘syncing’ options. The 1 star reviewers feel much the way that I do, they hate you for the lack of iCloud sync and they find it unacceptable. The funny thing is you recognize this polarity, you stare at it directly in the face, but you accept it as a cost of “doing business”……its unfortunate, and is exactly the type of business that I don’t want to be doing. In a matter of a few hours you could easily turn this app into the highest rated app on the app store by reinstating the one thing that people have a problem with…..iCloud sync….but we all know that you won’t do it, because after all, its not about us……its about the future of your company, one that you are willing to sacrifice for a few dollars in the future rather than a belief in now…….I wrote this review on the 1.0 version of this app, so its data lives in iCloud…..therefore I will post this on the app store otherwise you would never be able to see it……However if I wrote this with version 2.0….you would be reading it right now without me posting the review to the app… there you have it, my 2 cents, which is 2 more cents than I will ever spend on day one ever again. Handcrafted
  • And what we all expected. 1/5

    By Mommy2my2girls
    In this app you can do one thing without premium service. Write. You can’t use any other feature. I would understand that these people need to make a living obviously. If it would stop shoving it in your face. Every five minutes I get a pop up telling me to buy it. If I wanted to just write random crap down I could have used the notes app that doesn’t have pop ups constantly telling you to buy a 25 dollar service that is absolutely unneeded.
  • Great Journaling App! 4/5

    By Mytello
    I have used Day One for a a few years now but last year I realized that my the Day One app on my iPhone did not sync when I purchased my new iPhone. I also realized that the app was running on my iPad as it used to. The one on my iPhone 8 Plus demands that I upgrade to Day One Premium in order to sync with all my devices. Is the service now paid? How come the app doesn’t ask for subcription on my iPad? How come the same app works differently on my iPad and iPhone? Besides this sync issue I think it’s a great app. They have added new lovely features. I highly recommend Day One.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By wendyhhannah
    A journal that actually makes me want to journal!
  • Upset 4/5

    By BUnit94
    I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now. And loved it till recently. And that why I can’t give a five star review. When I get a relive a memory for this date. I push on the notification and it takes to the app with no memories to relive. So hopefully you can bring that back. Thanks
  • Keyboard not popping up.. 4/5

    By Jtirish03
    Overall, this is a great app. My only complaint is regarding the keyboard not consistently displaying when writing a journal entry. I do use Gboard so that may have something to do with it. Usually going into another journal or other entries and repeatedly trying to get the keyboard to display will eventually work. I would say this probably happens every other time I use the app.

    By RDanielIII
    I downloaded the app and then cancelled due to customer service not open til Monday. Cancelled during the 3 day trial period.
  • It’s no longer a fit to me 4/5

    By Andy_pitt
    With the new version, many of the markdown formatting no longer work. Years ago, I chose to use DayOne primarily because of their good support of markdown formatting. Unfortunately, the team chose to downgrade it. Sad that I will have to take time migrating all my notes out to somewhere else.
  • Not right 1/5

    By Angrysocialist
    I used to love this application and used it every day, but when they went to subscription I immediately stopped using it. I am not buying an application that I have to pay rent on every month or year. That’s just not right.
  • photo browse 3/5

    By carandash
    In the 'real' (classic) version of this app if you clicked on a photo, you could scroll to the next, and next, and any photos you'd added to posts. now, you have to back all the way out & go back in through each entry. can you please bring this feature back?
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By Stephen Miner
    I have been using this app for just a short period of time. I love being able to have all my entires stamped by location and have photos attached to each one. I only wish that it would support linking videos to the entry some how. I think it would be so awesome to be able to talk about a moment from your day and have a video of that moment. I’m thinking for things like kids learning to walk, ride a bike, dance recitals, or any other random thing that you’d find on a cherished home video. Other than that, I haven’t found myself wanting anything else and I have used just about every other feature. Overall, GREAT APP.
  • A Great App 5/5

    By HarryRonHermioneRowling
    I got this app a few years ago because it was the free app of the day, and I have used it ever since. Every now and then, I may have to delete it to free up storage, but as soon as I redownload it all of my previous entries are there. I love the many different things you can put in about your day, such as the time, weather, what music you’re listening to, and more. I will definitely be using this for years to come.
  • Complicated upgrade path 2/5

    By 26333333
    2 different login approaches are confusing. Couldn’t get my data to load and it’s bloated with new ‘features’ - Evernote-style. Too bad. Simplicity is why this was always great. Got a refund from Apple.
  • This is the beat journal 5/5

    By Lauriecarol
    This is the best journal I have ever found, it has everything to keep me informed of everything that will occur in my coming year to include photos of my day, location points and beautiful journal entries that can even be transcribed from recordings. I love it 🥰
  • Drawing on iPad doesn’t work 3/5

    By CarlosBdez
    The drawing on the iPad leaves a lot to be desired (no erase option)... I used this app before (have plus) and I’m willing to give it another go, but this needs to add handwriting to be considered my go-to app
  • My favorite way to journal and scrapbook. 5/5

    By Crystsl b
    Best way to journal on the go. I love that i can keep multiple journals - trips, my personal journal, journals for my children, etc and print books of adventures, and scrapbooks for my children.
  • Photos are not synced 1/5

    By joe73354
    I have reported for more than 20 times to them but they just told me they couldn’t repeat it and case closed. Gave up!
  • Lost all my journals 4/5

    By Jazzymb7
    I’ve been using this app for years too I simply love it but what happened to ALL other journals and how can I get them back please!
  • Disappointed with Day One and Siri 3/5

    By Greymonk
    I got Day One specifically because it says it integrates with Siri. However, despite creating a shortcut within the app for a text entry, using the shortcut just makes Siri have me open the app. While it does open to a text entry, I don’t believe using Siri to open the app and do nothing else really qualifies as working with Siri.
  • Frustrated Long-Time Paid User 3/5

    By Jim Julian
    The iOS experience is very frustrating. It was great, and now it’s worse in recent releases. Examples: I just had to look up how search (for text), when this should be completely intuitive. Why is 'Activity', always turned on? I don't want to delete "Stationary" as an activity every time I add an entry. The app has no real idea what I was actually doing at that time (it's hit-or-miss at best), yet it puts in some sort of bogus 'Activity' every single day. Disable this as an option. Enhancement: What about "go to last edited entry"? One might create a journal entry and have to backdate it, and if anything is wrong with the date entry it's very hard to find what you just created.
  • Bad UI 1/5

    By JohnDoeSan
    20190101: The more they “upgrade” the app the worse it gets. I barely know how to use it now. I miss how intuitive and pretty this app used to be. 20180917: UI is still bad. I have been using Day One for many years, and it seems that their UI just keeps getting worse. Adding tags is such an annoying process now. The only good thing that has came out of all the updates is multiple photos in an entry, everything else has been steadying going downhill. Reviewed sometime in 2017: It seems like every time they update the app the UI gets worse. Adding photos is problematic. If you recently add a photo to your phone, and the photo was taken in, say, 2014, good luck finding it from Day One. For some reason even though you can see that photo down near the bottom in the Photos App (because you just added it), you will have to scroll all the way back to 2014 if you're trying to find and use that photo in Day One.
  • Now no audio 5/5

    By Sandy Campbell
    I was happily using this app, doing audio recording from my Apple Watch. Now suddenly audio recording is only available in the Premium version. This is an unexpected downgrade. Grr. UPDATE: I take it back. I misunderstood the recording icon. There is a difference between dictating an entry and creating a recording. The developer contacted me to make sure I understood that point. This app is invaluable to me for one purpose: When I get sick, and have to take several medications on different schedules, I can simply dictate into my Apple Watch what time I take each med. Right now I have a bad cold and am so sick I can’t keep track of anything. This journal is exactly what I need. I have other journals, too. This is a great app.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Phil_18
    Lifetime Value
  • Get outta here 1/5

    By francejon
    Won’t allow videos to be added and won’t sync across devices without paying for over the top services. Outta here.
  • It could be better 3/5

    By journaling nana
    • More fonts needed • Need the ability to change fonts & page color on individual pages • There should be the option to “title” your entries • Needs the ability to size photos & place them where you want them
  • Book Printing Problems 3/5

    By nanny hoat
    The whole reason I purchased this app was to have the year’s entries printed in a book at the end of the year. Book printing does not allow the user to edit content. The format and layout is automatic - so there were many pages with one photo or the entry description orphaned on a page without the correct photos, etc. there is no way for the user to make adjustments. I would purchase multiple books today were it not for this huge flaw in their book printing. The sample photographs of the books they have printed look nothing like what the books I processed look like.
  • Plans to make compatible with Apple Pencil? 3/5

    By Tech dumb/Financial savvy
    Looks like a great app and I look forward to using it, but I have to admit that making the transition from pen and paper would be easier by using a stylus. Any plans for this in the near future?
  • After almost 1y, still android blocked 2/5

    By Xfsjd jfkw
    It claimed to be cross-device, And even use this as a reason for you to opt in the paid version but when you really try to sync them there is a big problem if any blog post is opened by the iOS version and saved, then the Android version cannot edit it. This has been several months and they haven’t fixed it.
  • Can’t print 1/5

    By Ana9010
    Frustrated. Yearly subscription to keep the journal/ memories - you’ll have to keep up w payment/ subscription. unable to print to order a book.
  • Very sad. 2/5

    By Purple pup1022
    I used to use this app ALL the time, i wrote down dreams and just everything from day to day. I connected it to my Apple ID so i thought it was backing up. I hadn’t used the app for a while and got a new phone, and of course i didn’t realize that it was not backing up without the subscription until i reset my old phone with all my entries on it. I’m incredibly saddened by losing all my entries. I don’t think I will be continuing to use this app in the future.
  • Great, but almoooost there! 4/5

    It is a great app that has helped me build a habit of journaling! But my only problem is that exporting my entries does not record things like the music or activities associated with the entry - why not list the song alongside the weather and location of the exported pdf?
  • Love this app!! 😍😍 5/5

    By OMGisinmyeverydayuseofwords
    This app is amazing and I just got it yesterday! I love journaling and it this is so much easier than bringing a journal everywhere. If you want an easy to use journal app than this is the app for you! Five Stars!!

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