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  • Current Version: 3.5.1
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  • Developer: Bloom Built Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Day One Journal App

From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure. Award Winning: App of the Year and Apple Design Award “Day One makes keeping a journal delightfully easy.” —Wired CREATE HABITS: Make journaling a part of your life: • Reminders • In-app and System Notifications • Calendar LIFE-ENRICHING BENEFITS: Reap the rewards of your consistency: • On This Day flashbacks and Nearby entries • On-the-spot memory enhancement • Book printing PRESERVE EVERY MOMENT: There’s no limit to the memories you can save in Day One: • Unlimited photo storage (Premium only) • Unlimited journals (Premium only) • Unlimited audio recordings, with dictation and transcription • Social media with Day One's Activity Feed and IFTTT integration SECURE YOUR MEMORIES: Day One Sync provides peace of mind: • End-to-End Encryption • Sync across all your devices (Premium only) • Passcode and Touch ID lock QUICKLY CAPTURE: Multiple ways to capture a moment • Share extension from Photos, Safari, and more • Siri Shortcuts make voice commands to trigger audio or photo capture • Dictate, record audio or check-in from Apple Watch • Activity Feed provides a historical view of your location and photo history to make it easy to catch up on your past week APPLE WATCH: Always listening and tracking • Dictate an entry voice to text • Check-in at to insert a placeholder entry that includes the name of the current place • Record audio for up to 6 hours per recording • Watch app works independently from the iPhone FOCUSED WRITING EXPERIENCE: Day One’s clean, distraction-free interface makes it easy to write down what’s important: • Powerful rich text formatting with Markdown • Templates • Cross-platform support (mobile, desktop, and watch) • Draw with Apple Pencil or your finger to illustrate an idea or moment, or write your entry by hand. RECALL EVERY DETAIL: Metadata automatically records the finer points of life: • Location & historical visits • Time and date • Temperature, weather, moon phase, altitude • Activity—motion and step count • Music playing ORGANIZE YOUR ENTRIES: Finding any memory is fast and easy: • Powerful search • Multiple journals (Premium only) • Tags • Favorite entries • Browse by calendar, timeline, maps, or photos SHARE YOUR MEMORIES: Our export options make it easy for you share your journals: • Export to PDF, HTML, JSON • Print your journals with Day One Book “This superb journaling app remains pleasant to behold, easy to use, and a tough act for any rival to follow.” —Macworld “If you’re looking for a fantastic journaling app, or a great app for logging and recording various events and milestones of your life, then by far and away the best pick is Day One.” —The Sweet Setup DAY ONE PREMIUM INCLUDES: • Unlimited photos • Unlimited journals • Unlimited cloud storage (end-to-end encrypted) • Sync to all Day One apps, iPad, Mac • Audio Recording • Drawing • Dark Mode • Additional Journal Colors • 25% Book Printing Discount • IFTTT integration (Automated Entries) • Prioritized customer support Day One Premium is an auto-renewing subscription. It is available for monthly or yearly periods. $24.99/yearly (USD) Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. For technical assistance or other inquiries, email: [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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  • The Big Oof. 1/5

    By LeoCronis
    So you locked dark mode as a premium. Ouch. That's a no go for me. Some minor features also make me go OOF from roblox because many other apps set some features for free. It's like making a handicap pay a fee for using a acessability ramp that they need. Nah, not even gonna write up my Naval experiences on this app. Might go back to Evernote.
  • It’s great! 4/5

    By MasPollo
    I just wish that I could export entries correctly.
  • Best journal app available and great support 5/5

    By Johnny Boy ***
    I have journaled for years from hand written, to a word doc, to several apps. I have used Day One for 3 years and fall more in love with every day. -I use it across iPad, Mac, phone, and watch, it’s everywhere I want to be, thus making journaling easy and fun. -I print a hardcover book(s) for every year. They are an easy to create, and great looking way to preserve a physical copy. -Adding pictures and location data enhances the experience and makes looking back so much more fun. -Customer Supprt has been quick, effective, and they do more than expected. I had an issue with a book printing incorrectly and I can’t say enough about how having real, live, responsive support is, it is so refreshing. They took a little annoyance and turned it into a huge positive interaction with Day One Journal. -The premium price is less than the discount when I print my book at years end. Bottom line this is the best journal app with the best feature and the best support available!
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Cybervet
    Hard to login then difficult to learn how to make entries-Not user-friendly I should’ve run it would be trouble when it was difficult to figure out whether I already had an account or should login using my Apple ID, need to make a new account? Trying to figure all of that out I somehow got my Apple ID linked to two separate journaling accounts. Decided to go ahead and give it a try anyways and to be honest could not even figure out how to make my first entry ! Perhaps this is because I am using an iPad as my first device but I didn’t see or read anything indicating I should have a problem with my iPad. I’m going to cancel my subscription before it kicks in and look elsewhere for a journaling app.
  • Apple pen 1/5

    By BreannaJanay1991
    I have use this app Off and on for a couple years. I redownloaded it because it states that it supports apple pen. It does not, only for drawling I have a Procreate for that, I would love for it to support the apple pen for writing so until this app adapts to that I would Have to remove it.
  • R.I.P. Day One 1/5

    By changxyu
    This software is worth only one star now. A lot of synchronization problems made me decide to find alternatives.
  • Great app... but fallible 3/5

    By SusanElliott
    I got the basic or classic Day One a few years ago, which I used intermittently, and this year decided to go Premium and switch over from handwritten diaries/journals to Day One. My handwriting has become increasingly illegible, and I like the speed of typing, the ability to include photos and audio with my entries, and above all the ability to search entries. Weather, activity, and location are all automatically included, which is cool. Being able to access the Journal on my phone, my laptop, and my iPad are all pluses. Overall I am really enjoying Day One. But a couple weeks ago I spent over an hour writing an entry on my iPad, notes that I also needed for work. I noticed when I got to my office and checked my laptop that the entry hadn’t synced, and when I got home and checked the iPad, the entry was just—gone. This occurred at the same time there was some sort of syncing glitch (according to the help desk person). I sent info as requested to that person, who was going to forward it to an engineering person, but I never heard back. I’m guessing because they weren’t able to discover what happened. So: it’s good app. But not infallible. My Moleskine entries never disappeared on me! It’s unfortunate that it was THAT particular entry that was lost, since it was a detailed account about a work issue that I really didn’t want to revisit and therefore did not recreate, but am very sorry not to have as a record. I’m uneasy, now, about relying on Day One. Probably this won’t happen again, but the fact that it CAN happen, and the customer service/software engineers can’t figure out why, is unfortunate. I’ll see if it’s worth renewing my Premium subscription next year.
  • Nothing but trouble👎👎 1/5

    By ol'jesusfreak
    Although I invested substantial time & effort into creating 3 Journals with a number of entries & also threw away $24.99 to purchase a 1 year subscription, I had to cancel the subscription, (with no money back, of course), & delete the app. My iPad and iPhone would not sync after a month of usage. I’m tech-savvy & am no newbie to iOS apps. After investigating on the net, and on the Day One journal website, etc.… a lot MORE of my time & effort was wasted by trying all of the possible ‘fixes’ but with no success.
  • Where's keyboard? 1/5

    By May1209
    I want to write a journal, but the keyboard does not come up. I can't do anything!
  • Worst Sync Service or Close 2nd 2/5

    By S*M*P
    They are constantly moving backwards. Happy to pay if they could move forward not backwards. If they can’t provide a secure and reliable sync they should use a provider that can.
  • I Like This! 5/5

    By Zach37473772
    I really love this! I had been using day one classic, and decided to make the jump to this. Despite the price jump, it was worth it. If you can, use the day one sync service instead of iCloud, since I found with iCloud, it will try to save space, so not everything will want to sync on my Mac. I also love the draw feature, which makes it fun to do little sketches with my entires. It also supports the newer iPad pros, which was another reason I switched. I do wish it was cheaper, $25 a year is a tad bit more than what I want, but you do get the organization of all these features, and it works well.
  • Amazing app, few suggestion 4/5

    By AntonioValencia
    I want to start by saying this app has changed my life. I wish the developers would improve the “draw” function of the app. I journaled before I have always preferred writing it. Please “Bloom Built” make the “draw” function more robust just like some of the drawing and writing app. I don’t expect it to function like “notability” but at least improve the UI so my writing look decent. Lol. Thank You for developing this beautiful App.... Looking for forward to future update.
  • Deleted all of my data 1/5

    By ElijahM
    I was a long time user of the paid version of this app. Every once in a while, I will take a hiatus from journaling, and uninstall the app. Upon reinstalling today, I was surprised to find that all of my journals were gone! In the past, reinstalling would always resync past journals. Not only was everything missing, but the app claims that I don’t have an account registered to any of my email addresses or Apple ID. Absolute bs - do not trust this app.
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Mess With It!!! 1/5

    By thinker,08
    I have the subscription version of this app and I should be able to download 30 photos into each entry. I am not able to. It no longer works. Also no longer working is the time date stamp the photos were taken. It now only allows for the date and time the photos are imported. Skip the subscription app. Skip also the Mac version because that one has been missing features since the last several updates and only gets worse with each update. It’s extremely clunky and consistently crashes. It takes ages for entries with photos to load. I go on to do something else on my computer instead of wasting my time trying to add descriptions to my photos because hey, who has all day to wait for the little spinning ball? I then can’t click back into the app. We are paying extra for features that DON’T work. Customer service responds yet the problems persist. If you find a similar app that works better, please let us know.I just canceled my “premium” subscription.
  • Best app 5/5

    By morgs12123
    This is my favorite app. Journaling has helped save my life for real this app is better than any ordinary journal. Love!!!
  • Printing journal does not work 1/5

    By wont take the review
    If you want to purchase a journal app that you can print DO NOT purchase this app. I have been trying to print my journal now for two months for the year 2018. It freezes up in the preview part of the printing and I can’t continue any further. The support person will text back to acknowledge the problem but no progress in fixing it. You can’t call and it’s hard to carry on a conversation with just texting. I would not recommend this app. However, I would really like to print my journal. 🙁
  • Pricy - but the basic features are still great! 5/5

    By Landon98
    I use the basic features - I am not a premium user. I plan to be, however. I love being able to see where I make an entry and when. It is so cool to be able to have a map! I also love the interface and everything about it. I’m always scared I will lose my entries so there should be a free way to back up our entries without paying. Maybe downloadable?
  • Simple and functional 5/5

    By Phenahmahna
    I like apps that do one job and do that one job very well. About a week into using Day One I am finding that the UI/UX has exactly the things I need and nothing more. Logging to my journal feels easy and seem less, especially with the Premium syncing between my phone and laptop.
  • Stop repainting the room and fix the plumbing!!! 2/5

    By lowbudgetfun
    Using Day One is a pretty good experience... until you have to get your data out. Then it’s like stuffing your most precious digital memories into a tinderbox. If you’ve ever watched a news clip of a family watching their house burn down you’ll know what I mean. What’s most frustrating about these developers, former Apple Design winners, is that they just don’t get it. A journal is one of a person’s most cherished possessions. And if taken seriously, something you’ll want to take with you for the rest of your life. Therefore thinking that my journal will outlive Bloom Built is a valid concern. So rock solid exporting options are a must. And here they drop the ball again. And again. And again. And again. For the last two years I’ve kept a fatherhood journal of my wife’s pregnancy and daughter’s first year. When I went to print a book, A FEATURE PROMOTED WITH MUCH FANFAIR, on her birthday in November; didn’t work. Could I print this book a month later for Christmas? Nope. Two months after that at Valentines Day? Nope. Instead we’re told that this feature has been demoted to Beta status. That’s not the way this works guys! Software is supposed to get better. AND one of the “benefits” of being a Premium user is 25% off book printing. Do you know what 25% off of a nonworking feature is. BS. Now if the only problem were book printing that would be bad. But this is only the beginning. PDF export; problems. Regular sync troubles; of course! Ability to export entries with a certain tag; nope. But hey you can usually export a rtf without all of your pictures, so there is that. Bloom Built desperately needs to “Snow Leopard” Day One app for the next few months or years. Stop repainting the bathroom and fix the plumbing!!
  • Redesign makes it harder to use 2/5

    By Bsw71
    The old version of this app was much easier to navigate. Now, if I want to look up entries by date, it takes more steps & is more cumbersome. I work for a software company & know firsthand the benefits of real-world usability vs. "being pretty."
  • Search feature 4/5

    By mthso
    Hello, Could someone please make it possible that when I look up things in my journal I can find it. For instances I’ll search wedding and it’ll say I have zero wedding words in my journal. This is frustrating when I’m trying to find something. Especially when I know I have used that word. Thank you I really enjoy this app and have used it for many years now. But lately the search feature isn’t working and it’s frustrating. Please fix it!
  • Can’t Publish or Free write 2/5

    By bdavis22
    Please support handwriting or just sync with notability. Our team can’t keep subscribing unless you support automatic sharing. Preferably, we would like to publish to AirTable.
  • Nice app. I am missing these features 4/5

    By Av7890
    Ability to add files. When inserting a link, a description of the link is not inserted as in WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Love it, but .... 4/5

    By JMo0412
    I love the journaling capability and the ability to sync social media and add photos as well as voice memos. Please consider adding Apple Pen capabilities. I sometimes feel that actually writing can be more personal when journaling. Including this into the functionality this would be a wonderful add!
  • won’t even start! 1/5

    By Bunny Rox
    this app truly is day one, because thats exactly how long i’m keeping it for. would love to try it out, esp after reading the reviews, but every time i click on the app it CRASHES immediately! ugh!!!
  • Finally, I think I will journal as I have always wanted to do but failed! 5/5

    By WA Gran
    I have always wanted to journal and started several times but never continued. I love the convenience of having my journal with me all the time and that I can add pictures to build the story. I plan to do the publishing so I still have a more traditional journal. I hope this app will help people reflect as we should and not as a billboard of feelings on Facebook!
  • Question about the design 5/5

    By Weeziejean
    I love this app so much. I love adding photos from the day to spark memories. I do have a question though. What happens to my existing journal if I no longer subscribe to this app? I’m paying for premium which I don’t mind but was just wondering.
  • deleted 1/5

    By Fr1endz4evr
    I deleted this one. My criteria was finding something better than onenote for daily journal keeping. onenote search on iphone is crippled so it passed at first. then I found only the premium version is cloud equipped. so I reverted back to onenote (which is hoted on onedrive in a distinct file)
  • Outstanding app 5/5

    By servnhim
    This is an awesome app and the premium is priced right. I love the fact that you can get your journals printed. This is great for family and for reflection. They need to add different papers for handwriting and more functionality with the Apple Pencil. Other than that, I highly recommend this app.
  • Day One is Amazing. 5/5

    By WWHTICE1988
    There’s nothing that this app can’t do, at least that I can think of. Keep it running smooth and your consistently the best, in my opinion.
  • Privacy, gone. 2/5

    By Scott Bo
    Care about privacy? Look somewhere else.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Remo3.141592654
    Do you want to load more than one picture at a time $25 do you want to see what kind of features the app will do $25 if you want to have a look at anything that might even get you to use it 25 dollars, it might be a good app, can’t get past the greed to find out. 25 $ forma journal, it better write itself.
  • $25 per year - no thanks 1/5

    By God's Music #1 Fan
    All of the important features require a yearly subscription fee.
  • Printing feature doesn’t work 1/5

    By Albernsy122340
    I started using the app as a journal when they came out with the ability to print the journals. But after printing one journal, I have been unable to print any more. It freezes anytime it tries to upload and gets stuck somewhere between 10 and 20%. I am so frustrated because these important memories and photos I have used day one to record cannot leave the app. PLEASE FIX THIS DAY ONE!!! I want to like the app but the printing feature is false advertising.
  • Needs Dyslexic Font and Single Spacing 5/5

    By iJeydon
    This app is great, it has a ton of features and is always improving. I’ve been using it for years now and am beginning to really trust the service. That said, there are two features I’d like to see. The app has a lot of fonts, but no dyslexic font. The entries are also double spaced, meaning there’s a lot of space between lines of text. These two things makes it harder for me to read and write my entries. Thanks!
  • Lost tons of data so no thanks 1/5

    By Grace full
    Thought I loved this app. Used frequently. Then one day 2/3 of my entries were gone! When I contacted the developer, I was told only a certain number are permitted. That had not been the case for years. I was given no way of recovering the data.
  • Journal writing made extra fun! 5/5

    By Jessichilena
    I am so enjoying doing my journal with this app. It is very easy to use and i can easily go back to see what i had written on previous days. My hands don’t cramp up like they used to when writing long tomes in long hand. I type so much faster as well! I have the free version but am considering getting the premier version which would allow me to have more than one journal. I can see myself having one for story ideas and another focused on family. Great App!
  • Sad 2/5

    By Whispr99
    This is the most unintuitive app ever for something so unnecessarily complex. There is no how-to instruction, just a collection of FAQs. Very disappointed.
  • Add video support! 4/5

    By Seethisreview
    I have been using day 1 for a while, but it is missing a video feature. You can add photos but you cannot add videos to journal entries, which i feel like is a crucial part of tracking events and memories. Please add this feature
  • Good but should work offline 4/5

    By djkezako
    I enjoyed the app but when I am on the go without WiFi I can’t use it
  • Wicked App 5/5

    By Ian Warner
    Clutch!!! I don’t know what else to say
  • Google keyboard 1/5

    By 萁苷
    Not being able to use Google keyboard can be a downfall not. It just does not load the keyboard sometimes when opening up the app so I would have to reopen the app a couple of time to use it.
  • Best journal apps I’ve used 5/5

    By OnFireX
    This app!
  • Consumer hostile dev/publisher 1/5

    By Gabriel444444
    I've never seen a company paywall off the option to select a dark mode user interface. This is rather basic functionality if you ask me. Dark modes aren't simply an aesthetic preference. It's been demonstrated to reduce battery drain especially on oled screens and it can reduce eye strain. I'm surprised they don't put the ability to type letters using the keyboard locked up behind a paywall. Using smart color invert from the display accessibility features is a less than ideal but free way to get a pseudo-dark mode or simply keep looking for another journaling app or method.
  • Wish it was Windows-Compatible 3/5

    I love this APP and use it frequently. I really like that I can add numerous photos to it. I just which it were compatible with Windows. I write long entries often and would like to be able to write and/or edit them on my computer and not on my iPhone only. My iPhone and old iPad are only Apple products. The rest of my computers are Windows-based. Developers of Day One have been saying for some time they will make App Windows compatible but I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So I will keep checking out other APPS.
  • Cancel 1/5

    By Ruf$$?xCX
    I want to cancel this app. Beware! You have only 3 days to try this...then you are out $24.95. I am furious because I didn’t see the 3 day limit. Evidently my loss...
  • My photos came back 5/5

    By YeJun Su
    Previously, I give Day One 1 star as some photos not appear. After I switched the Encryption mode from Standard to End-to-End on macOS, the photos came back. That’s ok, 5 stars now.
  • Missing keyboard 3/5

    By Mr.Cigar
    Go to type a new entry and keyboard is randomly there sometimes, others, not.
  • Buggy with Gboard 4/5

    By Katillathehun
    First, I love this app. It's well-designed and simple without feeling like it's missing anything. But I'm finding that I often can't type in it. I've narrowed the problem down to my third party keyboard—specifically the Google keyboard. 9 times out of 10, the keyboard will not load at all, and I have to disable it from settings if I want to use Day One. This is the only app I have this trouble with, and it's bumming me out.

Day One Journal app comments

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