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Daylio Journal App

Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Try this beautifully designed micro-diary app right now for FREE! Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. You can also add notes and keep an old school diary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities in the statistics and calendar. This format will help you to understand your habits better. Keep track of your activities and create patterns to become more productive! You can review all entries in the statistics on charts or the calendar. To make it even better Daylio allows you: - Use a big database of beautiful icons for your personalized activities and moods - Explore interesting statistics about your moods and activities on monthly or yearly charts - Customize the names of moods - Set reminders and never forget to create a memory - Turn on PIN lock and keep your entries safe - Write notes - Select colors that reflect your moods - Create goals and build new habits We treasure your privacy. Daylio does not store any of your personal data. They are fully under your control. Journaling has never been easier!

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Daylio Journal app reviews

  • Money 4/5

    By the weirdo named chloe
    Overall I think this is really cool and helpful but I don’t think you should pay 8$ to unlock password or mor emotions
  • DAY-LIO 5/5

    By Popopopopopopip
    I LOVE THIS APP. Its so helpful to me when im struggling with friend problems. I use this app on any occasion and defenlly reconmend it:)
  • So many insights 5/5

    By Utopian19132428
    I have bipolar disorder and this has been a tremendous help to me in seeing when my mood starts to shift. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and don’t see that stopping any time soon.
  • Hate Journaling | Love insights and habit tracking 5/5

    By Iztirun
    I don’t enjoy regularly journaling. I love buying journals and stationary, but I have about 20 journals with 1-10 pages of notes written in them. I love Daylio for many reasons: - Data driven approach to understanding yourself. Can see which activities are linked to your various moods. - Way to track habits and then apply things you learn from cool books like the Atomic Habit. - Can vent or write more details about why your mood is a certain way only if you want to. No pressure to write anything if you don’t want to. - Beautiful interface and design. I absolutely recommend paying for the upgrade. The customizeability you unlock is awesome and I think that the price is very reasonable. Plus, the team has done a great job with the app and our money can hopefully help ensure that they continue to support it for many years to come!
  • i love 5/5

    By Laurabeck420
    daylio has been so helpful to me, helping me know where i am emotionally, and is a bit like keeping a journal. it’s so awesome. only thing that would make me love it more was if i could add pictures to the days.
  • <3 Privacy 5/5

    By unixf_g
    I’m so glad they did this all on-device. I really would love a non-iCloud backup option, like they allow with CSV export (which is great!)
  • Feedback 3/5

    By Mmarkw
    It will be great if the space for the “add note...” is bigger so it encourages us to journal a little more about our good and bad days.
  • Good app 5/5

    By wildfiremyst
    Easy quick journal tool
  • Great app for low energy 5/5

    By Nyyark
    I don’t always have the energy to do a journal and knowing I can just click a few options to make an entry removes all the emotional effort to start. Very helpful for me. I’d love to see a quizzes feature added where you could do a 1 to 5 assessment on a set of questions daily. I feel it would be a great fit.
  • Right of the bat 1/5

    By wolfpaxhd
    You have to pay for premium ugh
  • I recommend this app 5/5

    By 123gbabies
    My therapist recommended this app to help identify stressors that trigger depression and anxiety. I love that you can add comments throughout the day as the day evolves. Would highly recommend.
  • Visual 4/5

    By Kaylabaldwin28
    We should have the option to insert pictures or videos to remember the day. That would make this app perfect!!!
  • Not perfect, but cool. 3/5

    By CsMom17
    Daylio is good, but it has too hard of goals. And every time you get on, it tells you that you just have to get Perineum which is annoying. Almost everything needs Perineum. There’s no passcode to get on it. So everyone can look at it. I much more recommend Secret diary. It has a passcode and it doesn’t cost money like for perineum.
  • Almost Perfect 4/5

    By -iPodTouch4g
    Edit: it appears my “iCloud Drive” got disabled somehow and that was the reason it wasn’t working. It’s odd because everything else was still using iCloud just fine. I still say you should be able to back up to more than just one online cloud storage. Having only one backup is always a bad idea. Redundancy is the most important thing when backing up data. Original review Until iCloud backups started failing. I don’t know why since I haven’t touched iCloud in awhile. I have updated the app and iOS but it still fails. It’d be great to allow backups to google drive or Dropbox.
  • Android to Apple? 2/5

    By Ashley N. O
    How are you supposed to switch from Android to apple? There’s no way for me to log in through google drive so please find some way to fix it.
  • Exactly what I’ve been looking for 5/5

    By andygirl007
    I’ve been looking for a straight forward and highly customizable mood app where you can see daily and long term changes and statistics for FOREVER. I swear I’ve looked through them all. I don’t know why I only found this today but I am SO GRATEFUL. Bought the full version because I was starting to lose hope my dream mood app would never exist. Thank you devs!
  • 👍Best App for Reflecting👍 5/5

    By Jenny liner
    I am SO happy I got this app. I have been looking for a digital bullet journaling app, but they are so hard to find. Though this app isn’t for bullet journaling, it’s a great alternative. Great job making this app.😉
  • Helped me heal. 🌱 5/5

    By Kkitty_dog6💕⭐️💕⭐️
    I’ve been using Dailyo since last June. As an emotional person who had ADHD— I have tons and tons of thoughts that need to be released. This app was the perfect place for that. I would feel so overwhelmed without my phone to write them down ahhh 😅 I highly recommend this app to anyone, it’s great for tracking mood and writing down thoughts and everything. It’s the best thing I’ve downloaded and it’s helped me emotionally heal. I’m so thankful Dailyo exists!! In the future I hope Dailyo could be available on PC and that adding a picture to your entry would be a cool tool to include. Big thanks Dailyo, couldn’t have gotten through everyday without you 🥺
  • Terrible and a waste of money 1/5

    By joe wiehe
    First of all you cause people with mental issues to throw cash at you just to journal more and see what there average is for a certain mood. Second of all it does not even do much if you do have premium it does not help mental issues. Last of all of you plan on getting this app don’t technology is the last thing we should use to get better our mental state. I will use this app the day that the developers care more about your mental health then their own greed and money
  • great app 5/5

    By Jessygirlllllly
    this app is such a great way to track how my days go and how my mood is. it’s almost like a little diary and it forces me to reflect on my day and think about how i can do better.
  • Wonderful App 5/5

    By Fytnsu fan
    I have depression and anxiety along with being very forgetful so this app is wonderful for keeping track of my moods to see how I’m doing and for therapy purposes. The free version is so good I paid money just to show my support. Plus it’s not a lot of money for all the features you get.
  • Pretty nice 4/5

    By azzy🌺
    I really like it, I just wish it would elaborate a little bit more on the day. Overall it’s a very nice app.
  • 5 Starts 5/5

    By allisonbaumann1
    For most of the time, it's very difficult for me to consistently keep track of not only my activity, but also my mood. This app is based off of five moods- rad, good, meh, bad, and awful. What I loved about this app is that you can choose a specific time each day where it asks you for your mood, however I wish it had a more extensive list of moods so that I can identify more specific feelings. What this app has really done for me overall is seeing what influences/activity in my daily life have a negative or positive impact on my mood overall. Seeing this has allowed me to steer my life in the right direction on spending more time on things that put me in a good mood. You can also use this application as a daily journal, and also track your physical activity which is a plus too.
  • Great for mood monitoring 5/5

    By ElaineFrench5
    As part of the treatment for depressive disorders, cognitive-behavioral therapy has patients monitor their moods to identify situations that could possibly trigger a low mood or to identify situations that trigger improved moods. Daylio is a simple app that allows you to choose from five different moods: awful, bad, meh, good, and rad. Each of these has a corresponding face that you can click on that matches the mood. After choosing how you feel, the app allows you to choose what activities you have done that day. You can add your own activities, or you can just use the ones that come preinstalled with the app. A few examples of activities you can choose from are work, relax, friends, movies, reading, shopping, and cooking. You can also archive any activities that are no longer relevant, while still being able to view the past moods associated with them. After logging your entries, you can view a monthly mood chart that provides a line graph of your moods for the current month. This is a fast way to see how you have been feeling during each month. There is also a mood count that provides another graphic to monitor how many of each mood you have had during each month. Lastly, there is a function called “Often Together” where you can choose a mood and view which activities are associated most often with that mood. You can also choose an activity and see how often each mood occurs when that activity was part of your day. Each of these functions in this app have guided me in identifying how often I have lowered moods, an important step in identifying a problem. It has been instrumental in helping me to identify situations or activities that are associated with my lowered moods, which in turn helps me to either avoid said activities or to help myself prepare if the activity is unavoidable. This app has helped me to carry out a part of the cognitive-behavioral treatment on my own. I only have the free version of this app, but it provides all of the services that I need for my purposes.
  • PLEASE READ !!!!!! 5/5

    By Nyc Yeeerrrr
    It would be great if you could record your voice or take a picture/video of you for daily moods.
  • Great journal 5/5

    By tootsie2307
    This is a great app especially if you want to journal but don’t have the time to write for 10 minutes. No glitches and you can do lots more than expected with it. Try this app!!
  • i can’t 1/5

    By squid207907
    i’m confused
  • The best journaling app ever 5/5

    By Game reviewer2,000
    I was needing something quick and easy just to let out my feelings and being in a very busy family I couldn’t do like a diary kind of thing,so I went to many apps but they needed money to use I then found this and it was completely free so I liked it and it takes thirty seconds and you don’t need internet for it and it doesn’t use up your data either which is a extra bonus so over all it is a really great app for busy people who want to get things off their chest like me
  • Have you struggled to consistently keep a journal? 5/5

    By Mojopo73
    I’ve always wanted to keep a daily journal, but never been able to keep it up. This app makes it easy to do so, giving you reminders if you want, and not making you type anything unless you want to add a note. You just set up a list of activities that you regularly do and choose from those. I’ve been doing it consistently for about a month now. Really works!
  • Amazing 4/5

    By bruce da sark
    It’s so great. It really helped my anxiety and depression so much
  • If you don’t have this app your dumb 5/5

    By blox_gamer
    I got the app 2 days ago and I already love it. You can choose what you have been up to lately, and your mood for the day, then it marks it on a calendar, so you can see how your mood is all month. There’s tons more awesome features. :))))) 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻🙂🙂🙂🙂😇😇😇
  • In loving it so far 4/5

    By Onesti Brew
    Every time I have a change of feelings I try to write a review.It has helped me so much in the past week.And I am so glad It does not have any adds.
  • I love this app, i do, but... 5/5

    By botan313
    Okay this app is great, it has an intuitive UI and its easy to learn right off the bat, but hear me on this, i know 7-8$ isn't much of an investment in this app, but it still is a lot compared to free apps, and i personally think that the developers should make sometime for an apple watch app, nothing too fancy, only an app that can let me enter daily mood entries, and choosing the activities that I'm up to right now and that's about it, all in all, i love this app
  • amazing!! 5/5

    By bruh the persons
    this helped a lot with my mental health and having a physical visual of how I was each day gave me an idea of how I was was pretty cool. I showed my entries when I went to therapy since I have a hard time verbally expressing my emotions this app helped mi track down what I was feeling so it was easier for me !
  • Great for Mental Health 5/5

    By Baseballface
    As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve found this app very helpful to track my symptoms and behaviors. It also really helps when I go to therapy because I can actually remember everything from the week and remember the right timelines. I’ve found no need to make any additional purchases; it’s truly met all of my needs thus far.
  • Great But ... 4/5

    By prettyGhadah
    I like this app so much but i wish if i can add a picture . It would make it 5 stars for sure
  • Awesome, but 4/5

    By Fujchfft
    I love this app and have used it at least daily from the beginning months in 2018 to these late months of 2019. I find it very insightful although I don’t have the paid version. I don’t like the goals thing as I find no need for it. I just wanna write my emotions and feel done, cuz I can get very emotional and stressed and need to let it all out and have a lot of emotions in general. I like the new app colors but there is another reason why I’m not using paid. It’s because I screwed myself over in the settings and can’t remember the pin to allow in app purchases and am stuck there. Not even sure if it’s possible to set that back to without a password without being a pain. Thank you app, and I wish the csv also had a time stamp of hours and years, and not just days and months. I guess once the subscription comes, I’m glad I recorded all my info down so I’ll have everything once I’m ready to move on. I loved the app a lot otherwise tho. I really did.
  • Great 5/5

    By redhairstruggled
    Awesome for expression
  • 100% Recommend 5/5

    By PandaCookie2404
    Daylio is AMAZING. I absolutely love it. One, you can do a ton of features without even having to use premium! Second, to get premium you only have to pay $7.99 once, not monthly/yearly (unlike other apps) and the premium features are great too! I always like to keep track of my moods and what happened on a specific day, and Daylio is the only journaling app that I have found that has this many privileges for free. 100% Recommend this app.
  • Perfect & Easy 5/5

    By Lamp ring Bangor
    I love this app so much! It makes tracking my mood easy, and it provides a simple way to see how my mood has changed through out the month, year, or years! I love being able to add activities; it helps remind me of how my week has been or see how they have affected my day. This app is essential to my daily routine!
  • Great free app, better paid app 5/5

    By yaygo
    The only think I wish this app had was a 1-10 mood scale instead of 1-5 to better track mood.
  • Good but...... 4/5

    By sbshsusuwuwusiiddoodpsos
    I’ve used this app for over 150 years and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. However I wish they wouldn’t change it to a subscription service cause I chose this app specifically because I didn’t have to pay for it. I will be buying it for a one time fee of 8 dollars primarily because I don’t want to lose my progress. Other than that I highly recommend this app!
  • Great app on thing 4/5

    By I guess its ok.......
    Hi I just got the app not that long ago and it’s great! At first I thought that it was a boring app that I was probably going to delete later on. But it did surprise me an how much it has helped me! Although there is one thing that bothers me..... I noticed that a lot of options were premium. I would like if I could see my monthly progress, make more goals for myself, have pin lock etc that is my one recommendation.
  • I’m Very Happy With The App! 5/5

    By lessIsMoreDuh
    I have been using the app for about 6 months now. I was worried because I had meh experience with other apps. I appreciate this app so much. They have really thought out the design and user interactions. It provides data both in numbers and visually. It allows you to compare to past data. It is a rare app that I will allow notifications rights. I’m just very happy with it. If you are looking for a simple mood tracking app that isn’t all windows 95 looking, you won’t be sorry - this is that app.
  • pay extra for mental health improvements ? 1/5

    By Brooke_Marshall11
    this app requires you to purchase the “premium” version for $7.99 to unlock many features presented. the app in itself seems great, but you miss so much without premium. it would be so much more enjoyable to navigate the app without feeling that you must pay to help better your mental health to app designers that appears to be offering free help to those in need.
  • Love it & great update 5/5

    By 🍥Bri🍜
    I use this app every day and have a 60 day streak finally. I love that I can look back at previous months or days and get some insight on progress I’ve made or some setbacks I’ve had with my mental health. Plus it shows you what activities go hand and hand with each emotion. This new update is really cool to let you customize your mood colors, and being able to see the days where you felt more than one mood on your calendar. Before it just chose the first one you added to display on the calendar. Anyway, I like the app and I will continue using it all through the foreseeable future.
  • Julio 3/5

    By Hmswhrhs
    I love this unique journal for the most part. Still have to type most journaling in since there are not enough emoji’s, but at least it gives you the opportunity to do so. It’s hard to make out what some of the emoji’s are; however, making it up is part of the fun.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By khubbnj
    It’s a very user friendly way to track your moods and leave little diary entries if you want. It’s feedback with statistics and charts are super interesting and insightful. It’s also customizable to different moods and activities. I love it!!
  • the best app for recovery 5/5

    By slitsticker
    i’ve been through a lot personally and writing down parts of my day has really helped me along with being able to track my mood. this app is worth the download.

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