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Daylio Journal App

Daylio enables you to keep a private journal without having to type a single line. Try this beautifully designed micro-diary app right now for FREE! Pick your mood and add activities you have been doing during the day. You can also add notes and keep an old school diary. Daylio is collecting recorded moods and activities in the statistics and calendar. This format will help you to understand your habits better. Keep track of your activities and create patterns to become more productive! You can review all entries in the statistics on charts or the calendar. To make it even better Daylio allows you: - Use a big database of beautiful icons for your personalized activities and moods - Explore interesting statistics about your moods and activities on monthly or yearly charts - Customize the names of moods - Set reminders and never forget to create a memory - Turn on PIN lock and keep your entries safe - Write notes - Select colors that reflect your moods - Create goals and build new habits We treasure your privacy. Daylio does not store any of your personal data. They are fully under your control. Journaling has never been easier! --- Read our full Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Daylio Journal app reviews

  • Time tested 5/5

    By Ziegoat
    I love this app and have been using now everyday for two years! (Note: I do miss days every once in awhile, but I just go back and fill them in.) I really like taking the few moments each day to reflect on what happened in my day, especially noticing how often I’m able to do more of what I want to be doing and less of what I don’t. The mood option gives context to that and I always make at least a few notes or comments each day. I keep making minor modifications to the activities, which is easy to do with no real limitations. I always take a look at my Fitbit stats before I go to Daylio to see how I did on steps, sleep, cardio, etc. I added those activities in Daylio and the combo of the two apps works great for me. (Note: they don’t sync, I just look at both and log my activities, e.g. “10k steps”, into Daylio.) It’s interesting to look back at the stats in Daylio for the month or the year and sort by specific activities if I want. Just want to give five stars to an app that has served me well on the second anniversary of my using it!
  • SO EASY! 5/5

    By Brickierm
    I seriously LOVE this app. It makes tracking my moods/days so easy and fun. With a range of color schemes and changeable activities and moods, this app is certainly worth your time. Also, to the creators of this app, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a version for Apple Watch!! I’m eagerly waiting for it!
  • Great app, but i would love THIS... 5/5

    By Gotabae
    I wanna be able to include pictures in my entries!!! I’d even be willing to go premium for such a feature 😩
  • Great 5/5

    By fhcrgjgtrg
    I use this app every day and I love it.
  • So amazing 4/5

    By LoverGirl550
    This app is truly amazing, it feels like a online journal. I definitely recommend for people that struggle with anxiety and fear.
  • Really good 4/5

    By nerainmakr
    Really nice app, the only thing that is keeping me from giving it five stars is that you can only have one goal at a time, multiple is a pay to get thing. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but with the kind of app it is, it would be nice to have 5-10 goals you don’t have to pay for.
  • Severe price change 1/5

    By Flinx16
    This just went from $8 for premium ($4 when on sale) to $36/$24 per year subscription. Say that you use it for 3 years. That’s a 900% price increase, best case scenario. Delete this app and move on.
  • They will spam you with “sales” 1/5

    By somenicknameokayapple
    You’ll have ads put in front of you all day until you start paying for their service. Great for their revenue I’m sure, way to feast on people trying to get a handle on their mood.
  • Apple Watch Support 5/5

    By sincerelyqueer
    Apple Watch support please!! That would be the perfect companion to log daily diaries
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Iamon2u
    Finally an app that makes the task of keeping your goals on track super easy and fun. I look forward to checking off my accomplishments for the day. It makes your goals fun to achieve and inspires you to do more and more every day. I truly feel like this app is making me a better person. 😀
  • Most comprehensive and easiest 5/5

    By Megggggggg1777
    Awesome interface- easy, allows for notes, get the year/monthly to export info/graphs- really eye opening. I replaced noom with this and am getting better results
  • Not to be mean 1/5

    By wolfpaxhd
    You can still make it free with banner ads at the bottom if you wanted to make premium go off to the android app store but premium is really useless there are other journal apps that are actually useful compared to this
  • Y’all played me 1/5

    By juliaainslie
    Please add more achievements so I can have the illusion of progress in my life,, I find myself checking the achievements constantly and it would be helpful to have goals!! Please consider (an example would be a streak of good moods or if your average mood goes up things like that). Edit: ok so since this review you added goals and goal streaks and you thank me by charging me 3$ a month? For tracking my mood... now I have to find a new app 🙄
  • In love this app 5/5

    By KellyLD26
    I’ve been using this app since July of 2019. It really help me to see how my moods are doing and I use it for my fitness and other things too. I sometimes check in once or twice or three times a day! So thank you for everything!
  • A lot packed in an app 5/5

    By Miranda45
    Okay, I’ve been using this app for 2 weeks and it is far by the cutest “journal” app I’ve gotten. I put journal in quotes bc it is so much more than that. It’s a mood tracker and a very good one with the option to add more moods than just default. I’ve been looking for one for ages that isn’t expensive or requires too much creativity. Plus, having it on my phone where it can show me my progress in graphs and tables? It’s really visually friendly for those who like to see their progress and moods. It has achievements so I keep wanting to come back. It tracks my goals (you have to buy the subscription if you want more than 1 goal, sadly) and it keeps me on track. Plus, it’s a great and convenient place to vent when I have a bad work day or just want to talk into about something personal. Thankfully this app doesn’t kill my battery and it’s overall something fun to use everyday. It’s friendly to those who don’t want to pay the subscription either, but it’s honestly so inexpensive you might as well to get the extra colors and goals if you plan on using the app for a while.
  • Honestly, an amazing app. 5/5

    By em.redrum
    I don’t tend to leave reviews. However, I enjoy this app tremendously. It’s helped me figure out my feelings and helps me journal without feeling like I’m wasting time. This has even helped my boyfriend and I understand each other more.
  • Love Daylio 4/5

    By LukeThor87
    I’ve been a Daylio user for years on both iOS and Android. I wish there was a way to sync up entries on both platforms, but understand the reasoning behind that not being currently possible. Currently, there is an issue with notification badges. If I have a notification for adding another entry, the badge marks it as 2, despite there only being one notification.
  • Needs a watch app 4/5

    By KRKapple
    The format for this is so simple it's great. And would be easy to implement a watch app. Make it we can scroll through our icons on the watch face. Developers - get to work
  • Daylio’s A Hit!!!! 5/5

    By Bgould605
    Love that I have both options of not having to type or write it out or both. This works so good for me.
  • Get Daylio🤗🤗😄😃 4/5

    By RTC Dreams
    Listen to this review.I think Daylio is a very nice app.It has helped me in keeping better track of the little things .🤗☺️😀It was very well thought out and thoughtful of all the people who might need this app.I would very much so recommend this app!It will really improve your life!Very well thought out!Try Daylio out,it’s great!!
  • premium has been changed from a one time payment to a subscription service 3/5

    By DRattman
    i like this app a lot, i think its great. i am a low income person and i thought the price for premium was well worth it, but as such i dont have flexible spending money. i was excited to buy the premium version of the app as soon as i was able, and i even remember thinking to myself how nice it was that premium was a one time payment instead of a subscription service like many apps are now. but that was short lived, as now i will never be able to afford premium because it has been changed from being a one time payment to a subscription service. and if you need incentive to care, i know i am not the only person who can afford a one time payment but not a subscription to something. they are going to opt to not bother and keep looking. thanks a lot
  • Daylio 5/5

    By the black night 07
    The app is super help full and makes me more optimistic and let’s me vent how I feel and barely takes up any time from my day.
  • Monthly payments? 4/5

    By Ajhernandez1234
    I’ve always thought this was an amazing app but just as I’m about to buy premium I see it’s been switched to monthly payments. I’ve always thought this was a good one time buy app and that’s what made it worth it. I will not be paying monthly and I really hope the developers decide change it back. Thank you.
  • Good enough 4/5

    By #O.A.T.
    I love this app! I can write in a journal without anyone finding and reading it! The only thing is that to put a passcode on your journal, you have to buy “Premium.” You also have to buy Premium to get many other fun things. I think that paying for an app is no fun, and I think that many other people would agree.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Sydney9999
    I am using this app as I attempt to wean of antidepressants to track how I feel. It has also been very helpful by allowing me to see how my anxiety is higher when I fill my days with too many things. Easy to use and love the reminder feature to remind me to track.
  • Very useful and easy 5/5

    By Alicat!!!!
    I’ve been using this app for just a week now and I’m surprised how helpful it has been. I have bipolar disorder so my moods are ever changing and this is the most simple way to view the ups and downs. This is the best mood tracking app I have come across and I definitely see myself using it consistently every day. It’s so quick and easy and only takes a few taps to enter your logs. You can also add a journal log if you want for any of the mood entries, which are great for viewing your whole state of mind at that time. I really like how you can enter multiple entries in a day and how the charts and colored emojis are set up- it keeps everything neat and easy to view without it getting too cluttered and confusing. The charts will be useful for me to closely monitor any drastic changes so I can hopefully prevent future mood episodes. And I LOVE how they show which moods are most often associated with certain activities and put them into categories like that. So you can see how the activities you do are affecting your mood and track the patterns. You can also input a goal you hope to achieve and for mine I put in “no caffeine.” So far I have not stumbled. Thank you for this app!
  • Awesome 5/5

    First off, I just want to say this app is amazing. It gives free users a great experience while also having appealing premium features which is hard to find in ANY app these days. Please keep it this way!! There are so many annoying apps that are “free” but make you subscribe after a limited trial time. This app is different and I appreciate it doesn’t have ads either. Also I love that you can customize your moods and activities. That level of personalization is so rare in apps. The interface is also clean, esthetically pleasing and intuitive. Altogether it’s just a well thought out, quality app. I would suggest that adding the ability to format the text of notes added or create longer written entries would be nice. I know it’s a mood journal but having the option to use it as a regular journal too would be cool. But seriously, shout out to the developers for creating an awesome app.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By LeMiniz
    I used it for a few months of 2019 and plan to use it for the rest of the decade starting today! Only thing I think it could use is a way to add an image for that specific day. Thanks for the service!
  • This App is Everything in One 5/5

    By KitCat417
    This app is my mood tracker, diary, and goal tracker all in one. I love how versatile this app is. I wish I would have found this sooner. As someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, this app is great for marking trends and figuring out what works and doesn't work in my day. I love the statistics available to me. Unlike other tracking apps, the free version is still great and doesn't limit the amount of time you can use the app. My friend just uses the free version while I recently moved to the paid.
  • Fantastic app!!! ❤️ 5/5

    By Cactus_lover🌵
    I absolutely love Daylio! It’s a great app and an awesome way to unwind during the day and reflect on how you felt and what you did. I use it every day and have no complaints and/or issues with the gave and I love it sooo much! By far one of my favorites. My best friend actually introduced it to me and I thought it looked pretty cool! 😎 And so I got it, tried it, and fell in love. ❤️ You can even write little notes or paragraphs about your day, too, whether they’re little ones or long ones. 📝 It’s a great alternative to a diary or digital journal. Also, there are no ads and there’s no stress about like passing levels or anything, which I appreciate. ❤️ Anyway, overall it’s a great app and I highly recommend it for anyone who is stressed or frustrated or even anyone who isn’t stressed or frustrated and just thinks it looks fun and neat like me! Thank you if you’re reading this!! You should get the app!! You’ll love it!!!😁😁😁
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By jcwillia1
    I’m normally very critical of apps but this one just continues to impress even after 2 months of use. Customizable notifications to remind you to enter your daily state. Group by activity. Reports by date, by activity, summary and detail. A number of different visualizations. Really, really impressive and extremely helpful and simple to use.
  • Its awesome 5/5

    By MaxKnight0x
    I love this I write in it every single day
  • December 2020? 2/5

    By smit5270
    The app is pretty simple but the annoying thing is that the date isn’t adjustable and it says December 2020?! Last time I checked we’re still in 2019. I’ll adjust my rating once the glitch is fixed.
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By ssamanthaam
    This app is perfect. I can see all my data easily, and it really helps me see how my year has really gone instead of how I feel it went. I had a much better year statistically than I was expecting. Being able to title my own moods (I use great, good, meh, sad/angry, and worst day ever) to make it personal, design the colors, and write my entries is just perfect. I love this app so much.
  • Great but i would like to be able to add more moods 4/5

    By HarryPotterFan427
    it is really great and i use it everyday but i can not add more moods that i would like to add because some days me or anybody else could have a different mood than what’s on there or what they added.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Sanajan1808
    I really like this app! But it would be better if it asked us MORE questions about our day or something like that.
  • It’s amazing! You should download it! 5/5

    By MyleenWolfie
    This app is amazing, not gonna lie. This app has helped me through some very hard times and has put me in my thoughts quite a few times, helping me make decisions. It’s an amazing app, and it’s free?! That’s even more amazing! I love this app! You do have to pay for extra stuff I believe but this app is amazing overall. I don’t regret downloading it. I’ve been using this app since December 3rd and I’m loving it. But, I do have one complaint. Talking helps, so it would be amazing if the creators could add some voice log kind of things so you can talk AND type. That would make even bigger impacts on people’s lives and I just think it would make it better for myself and others. But still, 5 stars.
  • Love the design and features! 5/5

    By jeremyj7752
    Great design, love the features to select an activity and mood. Great work
  • 太可爱啦 5/5

    By Maaxine
  • Great App for introspection 4/5

    By happyascanbeIam
    I went to a counselor who counseled me to track my mood 3 times a day and give a little blurt of what I had been doing since each log. Daylio was the cheapest, prettiest, and well integrated. It has been such a great app in my life because it’s neat to see how my mood changes and what specific things might cause the changes. It’s not perfect. It will remind you to log your mood for the day even if you already have. I wish that would change. It would also be nice to have a journal to write in because I think that would take away the need for another app I’d have to download. Either way it’s worth the download and your time to log your moods!
  • Needs a touch 3/5

    By uhhidk_
    this app is very great. however, i think you should let people write about their day so that way they can let things out about their day. also, some things should be updated or added..
  • It’s good if you’re depressed too 5/5

    By Sloth Junior
    As a fairly disorganized person who also has clinical depression, this has helped me keep track of my life, stay on top of my goals, and has given me a place to vent that’s completely secret from anyone else. There’s little to no chance of anyone ever finding and reading my Daylio diary, because it’s locked with a passcode. It gives me a color coded calendar where I can view the various moods I was in for each day, see what I had done each day, and try to make improvements based off of connecting the dots between what I do and how I feel. It’s like I’ve become my own therapist with Daylio being a great tool to help me do that. Now, if you want access to ALL the features, including the passcode, you’d need to pay a small extra fee. But, you don’t need to in order to use the app’s main and best features. Overall, it’s a pretty good journal.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By childfreegoodness
    Absolutely amazing
  • Good 5/5

    By Adr!anoob
    I thought how could this app be useful. Then I tried. Now I find it not useless. All the little things have made me like it. Intuitive and easy to use and clearly useful.
  • Spectacular app 5/5

    By Franko Tildon
    Does exactly what you need it to. No ads. Absolutely worth the paid version just to support the devs.
  • Great app 5/5

    By this game is redomended
    A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and started seeing a therapist and I have also had many suicidal thought ltaley I really needed something to calm me down and I got this app a month ago and I haven't had a suicidal though since although still suffering from major depression and anxiety
  • wonderful app with inexplicable flaw 4/5

    By hokesbluff
    you can’t login on multiple devices and see your data? i can run it on my iphone (love it btw), but i can’t look at my reports or customize my input on my ipad... unless i delete it on my iphone and restore it on my ipad? never mind my android tablet. no other app i have is like this. what is this, 2009?
  • Plenty of Uses 5/5

    By Mary9201
    I was initially looking for a nice planner and couldn’t find one. I searched for a journal I could use instead and this was the best one I found. I use this as a mood journal, planner, and a daily goal achiever. The ability to customize the activities and have a long notes log made this app very functional for the above mentioned purposes. I simply love it!
  • Great free app 5/5

    By kasia1996
    This has really made my mood tracking so much easier. Like I actually do an entry everyday now and it saves me a bunch of time and effort. Thank you!

Daylio Journal app comments

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