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DC Rider App

DC Rider is the authoritative D.C. Metro app, from The Washington Post and Express. - The latest Metro train arrival times, for each station, direct from WMATA. - Plan your trip, estimate fares and save your commute for easy access. - Alerts, SafeTrack data, and closures, right in the app: never wonder about your station again. - The latest transportation news from The Washington Post and Express. - Tell our journalists about any Metro problems you encounter, right in the app.

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  • Like it 4/5

    By $chwarzPfeffer
    I like that it will show you how to get from one place to another, but it’d be great if it let you look up restaurants, buildings and other locations and let you know what lines/stops you need to make rather than just the stop names/general how-to.
  • Trip calculator back in business! 5/5

    By Terp2011
    Thank you for fixing the trip calculator!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Yoga Wench
    Not sure what the deal with the app is, but you can’t see the line alerts, and when you try to calculate how long a trip is between stations (ex: White Flint to Farragut North), nothing comes up....just keeps saying “calculating”. Used to be a great app. Now it’s terrible.
  • No longer working 1/5

    By DCTraveler123
    Was previously amazing, now will no longer load trip information
  • Huge help 5/5

    By DRM38R
    Newbie to Metro and girlfriend hooked me up with this. GREAT APP!!!
  • Useless in the actual Metro system 2/5

    By Mattochan
    A previous version of the app would allow you to do trip planning and look up travel times between different stations even when offline. As in not having a cell signal. As in 90% of the time you’re in the Metro system... For some reason they dropped offline functionality in later “updates.” So now, when you’re stuck in a tunnel somewhere or forced to offload at a foreign station and need to tell your boss exactly how late you’re going to be again (once the trains start moving) you can’t even figure out how long it takes between station X and station Y. Travel times and travel routes among stations should be fairly static — you don’t need an Internet-required dynamic lookup each time! Please PLEASE restore offline functionality into an app whose primary use case is in an underground Metro system with little-to-no cell coverage. And no, the new spotty station Wi-Fi is not a panacea.
  • Reed1 5/5

    By Woodwindservices
    Very useful for my purposes.
  • Trip planner calculating 3/5

    By starlitdazzle
    I no longer commute by metro but the latest update for trip planner it just stays in “calculating” and never tells me. Also miss the station exits feature!
  • Metro Review 5/5

    By T Renee's
    Like the app! It is helpful for day to day commuting.
  • Buggy but useful 3/5

    By Skh013
    If you don’t mind having to press way more links than necessary, this gives you a handy list of arriving trains. However, the “work” and “home” take up most of the main screen even though they’re useless until you’re standing on the platform (since trains are running every few minutes at commute time anyway). Also, it has a bookmark feature to save your favorites, but it will only save one location (or it just hates Cleveland Park, maybe)—either way, the only way to see when trains are coming is to click “near me” and then find your station.
  • Very Helpful App 4/5

    By GDoofles
    It’s not perfect, but I use this app almost every day for my commute and find its quick and accurate information extremely helpful in tracking where trains are to maximize my commute efficiency as much as possible.
  • Doesn’t have closure info 1/5

    By Steve91ihdf
    No information on closures can’t be relied on.
  • Cole Warner 5/5

    By Trenton Cole Warner
  • No love 1/5

    By hastobeabetterapp
    It’s as inconsistent at DC’s metro system and the trip planner is a joke
  • App is incredible! 4/5

    By Gig4951
    I use it everyday. I couldn’t commute to work without it.
  • Alerts 3/5

    By TX Sal
    Wish there were actual notifications instead of just an alerts section
  • Ad-Free Version Please! 2/5

    By Tamzarian
    Please let me kill the ads. I hate them. Just give us an paid version, PLEASE! So tired of Trump’s fugly face on the ads.
  • Shady Grove 2/5

    By PSUdia
    It never shows you the status at Shady Grove. When is a training coming or going? Also the directions changed from the old version to the new. It no longer tells you in what direction to catch metro. The gps location is also gone. So I just use google maps to get to places. If it says 2 minutes or any # of minutes until the next train. Don’t believe it because it is not in sync. It’s actually a minute earlier.
  • Won’t stop crashing 1/5

    By VonKuzniczci
    I don’t know anything about this app because every time I open it the app crashes after a few seconds.
  • Had to reinstall after 10/2017 update 5/5

    By Thomas8675309
    Great app. Lets me know whether to rush to the station because the train will be arriving soon or whether I can take my time. It was crashing after the 10/17 update. However deleting the app and reinstalling it fixed the problem.
  • Prefer previous version 3/5

    By Ahnomaly
    This app used to tell me the closest metro by entering an address, now I can't find the feature. It's good to know the metro time tables but without real time updates on actual metro times & site information this app got a lot less useful it seems.
  • Broken hearts 4/5

    By hammerman58
    In reviewing this app it is important to separate its performance from that of the D.C. Metro system. That app is good, but it also makes it clear that Metro provides poor service at every opportunity. Be prepared for heartache.
  • Doesn't load station info 1/5

    By Noah Landay
    Fire your web dev
  • Wish it did more 5/5

    By AustinFilmMaker
    I appreciate this free application but wish it did a bit more like published current information good to know when waiting on the dock! Like what is going on so it it's going to be more than 23 minute wait we can Uber to make a meeting or go home.
  • Update!! 1/5

    By lilkmonie
    Need to update with safe track! The calender at the bottom needs to be fixed, it doesn't reflect anything going on!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Avisitems
    More often than not the app won't have the info of the ETA of the next metro at the station you selected. Frustrating & waste of space on my phone! Deleting now!
  • Good App 4/5

    By Eaglewolf420
    Nicely done and easy to use.
  • Lost a feature I loved, gained one I don't 3/5

    By DelBttrfly
    The older version provided a google(?) map that showed where I was located and marked all the entrances to the Metro stations. I've used Metro my whole life (at least since the Vienna station opened at least--which was several decades ago now ...) and this feature showed me station entrances I never knew about! I loved it! And used it regularly--"Which exit should I take to be closest to my destination?" I could confirm! While the new version provides some really good features, despite my pointing out via the app's feedback button that the SafeTrack schedule was severely outdated, several months later it remained so. Also, the trip planner is worthless--it tells you the stations along your requested route, not when the next train is coming at a particular time--just go to wmata to get the info you actually need, not a list of stations along the way that you can easily figure out with the main map. (I'm actually insulted by this feature--we aren't idiots and most people can read a map as simple as the Metro map.) Despite these shortcomings I still rely on this app daily for my commutes due to the ease of access and accuracy of the timetables, but wish they'd add back the live location map with the stations marked and keep new features updated and accurate or get rid of them. I give it three stars for ease of access of the station time tables and their accuracy.
  • great app. helps me get around Dc 5/5

    By Jas123456789
    I use it regularly.
  • terrible! the update took away the fare features 1/5

    By shannyn126
    the latest update removed the option to see fares in trip planner. please bring that back!! without that feature this is totally useless. also the trip planner only tells which color line to ride but does NOT specify which direction aka does not name the routes. why would you push out an update that took away features?!
  • Awful update 1/5

    By TigTed
    This app is was fantastic - my daily go-to. But the update us rendered it useless for me. The stations, train destinations and times and written in tiny little font that is ridiculously hard to see which defeats the whole point of the app. I've switched apps until they fix this.
  • Great app l, please make apple Watch version 5/5

    By Snichtrte
    I love DC Rider, because it's always super accurate and amazing and useful but I would love to see Apple Watch Version
  • it's okay 3/5

    By djhidan
    it's not bad but you removed a really good feature which was the fare price from one station to another and I need that feature back so I can plan my trips more efficiently
  • Terrible overhaul 1/5

    By Brianpnp
    I've used this app for years, it's been great. New version now has tiny font, more clutter on the screen, home screen isn't intuitive anymore, unless they can make this better, recommend going elsewhere now. There are other better more intuitive options that you don't have to read the screen and squint to see.
  • Update? 2/5

    By Tulip Petunia
    Why make the change in the update? The new screens are difficult to read. The print is smaller and greyed, rather than black.
  • Station exits! 3/5

    By LisaJP
    This new version no longer has the station exits. I used to use that feature to know which exit to take to get me closest to my destination! :-( please bring them back!!
  • Where's Wiehle-Reston East? 3/5

    By tiggywrinkle
    This app would deserve more stars if it ever displayed data for Wiehle-Reston East. It doesn't. All that ever shows up is a NO DATA CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR THIS STATION message. Data shows up for other Silver Line stations but not for Wiehle-Reston East. Since that's my jumping-off point, the app is spectacularly unhelpful. How about fixing it, please?
  • Make this app better 1/5

    By SpookieShayLo
    What happened to the feature which tells the amount of cars of the trains? Everyone would like to know the car amount before rushing to catch a train. Please add this feature back, thank you!
  • Almost there 4/5

    By SwedishSully
    I wish you could bring back the fare feature on the app. I think it's missing or it's at least hard to find. I use that feature the most from this app, please bring it back.
  • DC Rider App 1/5

    By Kbinva1
    Went from a very functional and useful app to junk. Fortunately you can buy an app that does exactly what this one does for a buck.
  • Difficult to read 2/5

    By Profhawk
    The previous version was visually clear-- reasonable font size and font color for quick viewing. The times for next trains are now presented in a faint grey and very small font size. Also the app icon is horrible.
  • No pop-up ads please! 2/5

    By Low Rant
    Tiny fonts... I will manage. WP metro news. ...Nice. Pop-ups?! WAIT. WHAT?! Haven't you irritated your riders enough?
  • Good start to new app 4/5

    By SirJaquesMaximus
    The interface is much improved and nicer to use. However the main complaint I have is like most reviews, the text is too small and grey so it's hard to see the times for incoming trains. Also having the number of cars back would be great.
  • Train length no longer shown 1/5

    By nuttyturnip
    I like the new look, but why take out the train length. The main reason I'm using the app is for standing on a portion of the platform where I can't see the sign in the station, or determining if I should wait for the next train. Knowing the train length is crucial, so I know where to stand on the platform. Please fix.
  • Looks better, but how many cars are on the next train? 2/5

    By Vodakas
    I liked the look of the new app, it looked great, until I couldn't see how many cars were on the next train. Huh? You keep telling us to spread out on the platform and use all doors, it'd be nice to know how many doors I have to work with. C'mon!
  • Issues with new version 3/5

    By D.C. Metro rider
    I like the new features of the app but there is one major issue. The font size has been reduced and in some cases the text color is a light grey. The smaller font and the lighter color make it very difficult to see station and train information at a glance while riding on the metro and trying to determine when the next train is coming when you're trying to switch trains
  • Not updating, based on current feedback 2/5

    By Time Squire-in-Training
    Will reconsider updating this app, after it gets properly sorted out with an update.
  • ..... 2/5

    By Mecca4BA
    This app was one of the reasons I got my iPhone. This update, although it is pretty, it's less functional. The train info used to be centralized and provided the number of cars. Now it's spread out, the text is smaller (making it harder to see) and the TIMES are grey.... I actually have to stop and focus just to see how much time I have before the next train arrives. And why did you get rid of the fares on the trip planner?!?!? Please fix this!
  • Boo, hiss! 1/5

    By UninstallingCommuter
    Gray text on white? No train length listed? This went from a great little app to nearly worthless.

DC Rider app comments

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