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DC Universe App

DC Universe is a first-of-its kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and experiences not available anywhere else. WATCH exclusive original series, epic animated movies, and classic films and TV series. Stream our critically-acclaimed original programs like Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing -- and look forward to our newest series, Harley Quinn and Stargirl. READ from a library of over 22,000 DC comics with our state-of-the-art digital comic reader. Follow your favorite heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and Aquaman through storylines like Flashpoint and Dark Knights: Metal. You can even download and read your favorites offline. SHOP from a selection of DC collectibles and merchandise only available to DC Universe members. Get your hands on our exclusive Justice League Animated action figures and exclusive DC apparel. CONNECT with other members and discuss your favorite DC comics, rivalries, theories, and memories in our moderated forums. EXPLORE the epic DC Encyclopedia and learn the bios and origin stories of all your favorite DC heroes, what their alliances have been, and their appearances in movies and TV shows through the years. Read the latest news about the DC Universe and learn about new shows and comics, in interviews, features, and other exclusive articles. WIN - members get chances to win sweepstakes and giveaways , including exclusive event access, movie tickets, stacks of comics, jaw-dropping collectibles, and MORE! Your monthly or annual subscription begins after your free trial. To avoid recurring charges for your subscription fee (which may include local tax depending on your location), you must cancel before the end of your free trial or current billing period. By downloading the app, you agree to the DC Universe Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (New). Ad Choices: policies.warnerbros.com/privacy/en-us/#adchoices Terms of Use: policies.warnerbros.com/terms/en-us Do Not Sell My Personal Information: privacycenter.wb.com/do-not-sell

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DC Universe app reviews

  • False ad. 1/5

    By 0199 Montoya
    Saw this app advertising an opportunity to stream the long lost Teen Titans. My late uncle showed me the show as a child. Now, I try to share it with my kid sibling, and it crashes every time I try to watch. Thanks, gents. Because of you, I now get to watch descendents (For the literal 32nd time) and probably Disney + for the rest of the day.
  • Animated Movies 4/5

    By TheMonitor23
    It would be even greater if we had all DC animated films from 2007-2019
  • Needs 3/5

    By E-class82
    I really love the app but !!! U guys have other shows & great series on other platforms for example the new series deathstroke ,I think everything DC should under one roof , one entity thank for listening but I do enjoy the app, but like I said any movie like the Snyder cut or series should be on this app in my opinion you guys are DC THEN BE DC!!!!!!
  • Great but 4/5

    By reviewsrevealstrue
    I love dc they always seem to come up with entertaining shows and movies but the app it’s self could do some work looking more modern I couldn’t stop thinking I was on the wrong app.
  • Should be more 4/5

    By liloddest
    The app was fantastic at first, a lot of dc animated titles and and a couple of live action movies, what really shines about this app is their comic selection. Tons of original DC titles that you can read some of their most famous titles too but most of the time the comics don't load or if they do it will only load about 2-3 pages. The dc animated originals are great too but their animated movies are a hit or miss. Batman beyond the movie was on the app for a while but now it randomly isn’t on there even though it’s a DC original movie? Or the fact that “new animated movies” not live action big budget Ben Affleck or big studio movies are on here, but made for tv animated movies don’t show up here and you still have to purchase those through renting or buying the dvd because they don’t put them on the app until much later. The app just needs more adjusting especially for if you use the app on the Xbox one bc my smart tv dosent even support this app, but when I use the app on the Xbox one if I’m watching one of their shows every time a new episode starts I have to turn captions on for every episode they don’t just stay on consistently.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By superslover55
    I paid for the monthly subscription and couldn’t read any comics. The app only had the first season of the Young Justice TV show, which, has 3 seasons.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Sgorr
  • Ps4 app 5/5

    By Rhinomac22
    Need to get a ps4 app tired of always being in my phone
  • WOW 5/5

    By Nebojša Djukanović
    When you realize you’ve been paying $7.99 to watch Netflix that has max 10 DC movies and you find out there’s literally DC Netflix for the same price with comics, movies and animated series 🤦🏻‍♂️ Seriously though, can’t wait to try it!
  • Adding new movies 4/5

    By freshkiddsammy
    I love this app only thing that bothers me is that it takes extra long for the new movies to come on this app i pay for the year subscription and wish they came on here just a little faster for all that i can just buy the dvds but then what would be the point of the app for example justice league dark: apokolips war and superman red son but other than that i love this app with a passion all the comics when i dont feel like reading anime and all the new characters i never heard of until now i can just come here instead of google I really do enjoy this app
  • This app is very annoying 2/5

    By ZayBetts
    I paid for my subscription but for some reason I can’t watch anything. I would click on a movie or something and the subscribe menu would pop up, I would then click the 7.99 even though I’ve already paid. Why can’t I watch anything?
  • Great App for DC Comics Fans! 5/5

    By Shyneart.
    This app is definitely worth it. Exclusive shows, access to online comics, and DC cartoons. Lots of fresh content! I love it.
  • Contacting support 2/5

    By crccav
    Not sure if this is the best place to do this, but I ordered a poster with my rewards tokens and would like some tracking info or any information. I never got an email, but I still have the tab open confirming I redeemed my code for the poster. Also on my Android when I searched for a comic series, I had a page where I could scroll up and down looking through the comic series with the search words in it, and then related series to what I searched for. On my iPhone I only seem to be able to side scroll through the different comic series, and the Android method was much more efficient.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By drdrost
    What a joke.
  • Great Comics App 5/5

    By Swanee2424
    Really great service for comic book fans especially those who love DC. Thousands of comics and lot of great shows and movies.
  • One change needed 5/5

    By justDoby
    I love the exclusive series to the DC Universe app I just wish there’s a little bit more and also I wish there was a PS4 version of the app I know that’s probably in the works though so I give this a five out of five
  • Love DC! 4/5

    By Dark knight 126
    Really great up love catching up on comics and love the new content of shows. Only a couple of issues the massive delay in releasing the newer dc animated movies or some missing entirely from the catalog. The biggest issue seems to be a glitch when watching shows I noticed no matter the device through apple or Amazon. The continue watch is usually a miss and I end up needing to remember where I left off.
  • Good but can be a lot better 3/5

    By nice746
    Huge DC fan. Been a sub since this app came out. But I have written the devs numerous times the past year and half. Telling them how I need to restart the app a few times before it will actually let u use it..they always say they know of the issue and will have it fixed shortly and stuff like that. Yet been almost 2 years now and numerous contacts with devs. 5 times have written them or gave a written comment. Also really would love to have the devs put all their content they have on the app. Does drive me batty that so many movies, series and animated stuff aren’t on here, yet have been out for years. Instead they put out some stuff for few months, take it off and put a few different old stuff on. Heck put it all on all the time like your competitor Marvel does.. Am glad they have given us a better selection to comics and made a lot of more ease of use to the consumer on finding the comics you want and have all the others of the same title easy to find. Rem. When they would put out a lot of comics. But they Weren’t complete at all, for instance a older comic may have a series of 56 in the set yet they would have only 30 on the app. So extremely happy they have gotten a lot better with the comics but still room for improvement. Still missing some issues In a series. All and all love DC so will continue to pay my sub hoping that they will give us a lot more content to watch and read then they do know and just keep it on at all times.
  • good app eh 4/5

    By chinken feet
    Good app but I had a though time trying to log in
  • A+ app 5/5

    By gamerguy556
    You need to get this app if u like dc best app I ever owned
  • Good app 5/5

    By hfufjfcj
    It’s a great app for people who have the time to go to a local comic book store to get comics
  • No air play 1/5

    By Elmenz
    Been reading that there are some issues with Ape Air play mode and I can also confirm it does not mirror the screen . Such a bummer some really good content. I’ll be canceling before the 7 day trial.
  • Pretty good app 5/5

    By Spectre00150
    I mainly use it on my Apple TV and some of the shows support 4K HDR. The app runs smoothly and it’s good quality.
  • k 4/5

    By mt24135
    need more content but it’s good
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By gassamap0824
    Wish they could do more seasons of Titans it’s the best show!!!
  • Hardly a Universe 3/5

    By Richgone
    The App works fine (it could be easier to navigate), and the content available is good. I’m just disappointed in the lack of content. Why isn’t Justice League Dark Apokolips War here? For that matter, why is only a fraction of the DCAU here? I would have assumed they would have worked out their licensing issues by now. No DCEU, no Watchmen series, no Arrowverse. The comics all seem to be here, but I’m not sure it warrants the price tag. Especially with such a crowded field.
  • Pretty good... 4/5

    By dhrbsjaianrbdbaja
    Please update comics more regularly! Especially the DC rebirth Batman series.
  • Perfect in my mind. 5/5

    By grinch97
    Honestly love this app. I’ve been super interested in different comics and storylines for years but never had the ability to go out and find and buy all The different series. Having so many different complete comics is worth the subscription alone. The app is well designed and fast. The dc universe tv series, especially Harley Quinn, are an added bonus and also amazing. Recommend the app for any DC or comic fans.
  • Upset 5/5

    By mrriveramartin
    I downloaded this app about a week ago and I was enjoying so much till all of a sudden I tried changing my email and after that I was unable to watch any show or movie it’s been 3 days now and apparently they can’t fix it no one has really gotten back to me I wonder if they’re all on vacation...
  • You have to login every time! 1/5

    By Timeboy
    Every time I want to watch on my Apple TV, I have to re-login! It’s exasperating! Every time!!!! I’m canceling just for this alone.
  • Airplay 3/5

    By QMaster69
    The app isn’t doing airplay to Apple TV 3rd generation as it had previously been able to do. Each update applied has not solved thus issue. It seems to be with certain newer episode’s content such as Harley Quinn or Stargirl as an example. Why?
  • App support 1/5

    By Solozay
    I can’t access my app even tho I paid for it
  • Love this app 5/5

    By the best game is the milkyway
    I like because I can watch all of the shows movies and I can read it also gives you options to pick
  • I love the dc universe 5/5

    By DC Boy86
    Please keep up the good work people. This is a awesome app. Please bring back green lantern cartoon show. . Lol. This app is one of things I look forward to everyday. I love Dc daily talk show group. They have great chemistry and the love of comics.
  • Great App 5/5

    By freddylopez937
    Great App, good job!
  • Useful to those who want it 5/5

    By afroenby
    Great app, but the interface is still not that good. It works best as a comic depository. I love the originals. This isn't something I'd recommend the general populace unless you're a hardcore DC fan who never had access to comics growing up.
  • Dear DC 4/5

    By red brick901
    Dc if you are reading this, it would be nice to have restart button on movies a comics.So we are not flipping back to page 1 when we want to re-watch or re-read.and more movies plz.Beside that I think you are doing great!!!! 💣 🐚’s (R)
  • I only have one complaint. 4/5

    By Chandra1201
    I love this service and I love the app especially for comics and I personally haven’t had many problems with it, I just wish there was a way to easily remove things from the continue watching/reading list.
  • DC 5/5

    By Robjuly72
    It’s a great app for DC content.
  • The Harley Quinn series had me laughing my ass off 5/5

    By KindaRabidYT
    The Harley Quinn series is a must watch it’s funny as hell
  • A lot of missing content 3/5

    By Vilivagod
    This service is great, but there are a lot of missing movies and shows. We pay for this service to get dc content, but we have to wait to see a lot of it. A bunch of the DCAMU movies aren’t on here, like son of Batman, suicide squad: hell to pay, and Apokolips war. All the original content on here is great, but there should be temporarily exclusive things on here, like us getting content a week before it releases on other platforms, for example. I understand the CW shows not being on here, as I am aware about the Netflix deal, but there are a lot of other things on here that are needed for a better experience.
  • Mixed bag of content. Subpar delivery. 3/5

    By jchigene
    Fine if you enjoy comics, however the other content, is severely lacking. There are interesting series. Eg. Harley Quinn, but not much else. Some of the animated features you’d expect to be on there are just missing. So are live action DC movies that are popular. I expected a pass to most things DC. I got a few exclusive ideas, little that are good, some good animated films but far from all of them and to top it off the UI is just straight up bad. Whether it be for comics, the encyclopedia, or streaming, I constantly asked, why does this work like that? Why can’t I collapse this menu, why can’t I automatically go to the next comic in the run every time, etc. The service just feels like it’s it finished. Not all the ducks are in a row to make it fully worth while and it shows most through lack of must watch streaming content. The best thing here is the comic library. However, if you like comics you’re better of with other services. Try Shonen Jump. It’s only 1.99 and while they’re not perfect you still have access to a lot of the most popular Shonen for a low price and you can always go immediately to the next chapter. In conclusion, the service is just OK but that’s not enough today, with all of the services offered. Big question why is the Snyder Cut not planned to be here but on HBO Max. I’m not even looking forward to it, wasn’t a fan but that’s literally something DCU should have exclusively. No questions asked. Is everyone really onboard to this exclusive content service?
  • PASS. 1/5

    By triggeredtt.
    I don’t EVER review anything because I’m lazy and I don’t normally think anyone cares to read. However, super annoyed. Had the app for about 30 minutes, spent about 25 of those minutes trying to airplay to my tv and/or use my ps4 to watch DOOM Patrol. Huge waste of an hour. If content is not easily watchable from anything other then a smartphone it’s not worth releasing. AND NO, I’m not buying a f*^%#ing ROKU to watch one streaming service. That’s ridiculous. 45 minutes later, account canceled and app deleted. 👎🏼 That’s that about that. #Marvel #disneydoitbettah
  • Disappointed in content 2/5

    By nick1972
    Downloaded and saw such a lack of vintage and retro tv shows and superhero movies from 70s and 80s. Not worth the price in my opinion. Uninstalled.
  • Review of DCU 3/5

    By Romm 1
    It’s nice to binge watch shows but then when the season ends I have to wait a year or more
  • I love the platform but it needs work. 4/5

    By Jbmally
    This platform is truly great but it doesn’t have. Every movie such as son of Batman or Batman vs robin. They also don’t have the largest movie selection I think it’s about 20 movies or so, over all I really like the platform but it surly needs improvement.
  • Only audio works on videos. 4/5

    By luciblack13
    Either than that it’s fine. Any suggestions on fixing that?
  • Display needs work 1/5

    By Kiana_Banana
    I like the content on the app, but the home set up is more complicated that need be. It is frustrating that I cannot see a series page when I click on it. Instead, I have to scroll to find it and THEN see the series as a whole. It would be much more beneficial if the platform (on phones, smart TVs, firestick, etc) was more “user-friendly” like other streaming sites out there.
  • Needs adjustments 2/5

    By Maxo1297
    Ive had the app for about 2 weeks and i try to watch movies and a few shows but it seems nothing is working. Nothing plays. The app just closes each time

DC Universe app comments

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