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DC Universe is the first-of-its kind digital subscription service that gives fans access to exclusive content and experiences not available anywhere else. WATCH exclusive original series, epic animated movies and classic films and TV series. Be the first to stream the highly anticipated live-action Titans, watch the newest season of Young Justice: Outsiders , and relive the classics like Batman: The Animated Series in stunning HD. In 2019, look forward to our newest original series with Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Stargirl and Harley Quinn. READ from an extensive list of curated DC comics in our state of the art digital comic reader. Follow your favorite heroes like Wonder Woman, Justice League, Superman, Batman, and The Flash through storylines like Flashpoint and Rebirth. You can even download and read your favorites offline. SHOP from a selection of exclusive DC collectibles and merchandise only available to DC Universe members. Get your hands on the exclusive Justice League Animated actions figures and hard to find DC merchandise. CONNECT with other members and discuss your favorite DC rivalries, latest comics, theories, and DC memories in our moderated forums. EXPLORE the epic DC encyclopedia and learn the bios and origin stories of all your favorite DC heroes, what their alliances have been, and their appearances in movies and TV through the years. Read the latest news about the DC Universe and be among the first to find out about new shows, comics, features, and more.   Sign up for Access DC Universe to receive exclusive movies and comic books you can’t find anywhere else. - Stream Original and Classic Series & Movies – only with DC Universe! - Read Modern and Classic Comic Books   - Watch videos and read comics anytime, anywhere - choose between monthly or annual plans and cancel at any time. - Offline viewing to watch and read your favorite DC content wherever you are! Still unsure? Start a free trial to experience the full benefits of DC Universe now. (DC Universe subscriptions auto-renew within 24-hours before the subscription period ends and you will be charged through your iTunes account. By continuing, you accept our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Billing Terms. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a full subscription. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions provide access to premium content and are available in either monthly or yearly subscriptions. See the app and https://wb.com/terms for details)

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DC Universe app reviews

  • Great Service, Terrible App 1/5

    By Nadams90
    I love the DC Universe service, but the app is at times almost unusable. I’ve never used an app with such an awful Chromecast experience. I have to tap the show or movie I want to watch several times before it finally starts playing. When it does play, it sometimes starts in the middle of the episode. Sometimes the video will go back to the “ready to cast” screen, while the audio keeps playing. Very frustrating experience. So again, I do recommend this service, just not the app. Fix it DC!
  • I like it but... 4/5

    By Rawdog73
    I got it on my iPhone but it won’t let me get it on my iPad. It comes up but it won’t let me get past the review section
  • Poor performance 3/5

    By Valouris
    I really wanted to like this app and watch all of the shows that they offer. However no matter what platform I try to use the app on it consistently crashes. I’ve only been able to watch the first season of Titans, which was pretty good.
  • Worst interface ever 2/5

    By imBatmanBitch
    The content is as advertised but the way you access it is unacceptable for a paid service. Nothing is organized in an orderly fashion. You do not pick up where you left off on other devices. No option to start next episode until you sit through the credits. They finally aded a skip the title theme song witch is a start but the service is in need of so much improvement. It’s actually frustrating to navigate. Everyone wants to be Netflix but falls short.
  • Need more platforms 4/5

    By GomAjax
    I stream through Xbox, ps, etc. this app is rare on devices. Please add to more devices
  • Great TV and Movie Selection, Comic Selection is Slowly Getting Better Too. 5/5

    By AWOR42
    As an early adopter of the app, it’s nice to finally see that the comic book selection is starting to get good. Originally they only had half runs, or runs but nobody cared about. Recently they begin to add runs a comic book series that are much more popular, and add them in their entirety. It’s a long time fan and supporter it’s great to see that my number one complaint has been answered. Water features that I don’t typically use in the app, like watching their daily episodes of DC daily, but there’s also a ton of features that I use every single day anyway. Young justice season three is incredible Titans season one was pretty good too. Overall if you like dc this app is well worth it. As a DC can I look forward to seeing even more as the app grows.
  • Great content nightmare app 2/5

    By Trustmeimsmarterthenyou
    I love the comics and exclusive shows are amazing. Titans and young justice have made the subscription fee worth it. However 98% of the time this app doesn't work as intended. Every time i open this app i have to fight it to get to what i want. For example you hit a tab or menu option and the whole app crashes or it just stays on the screen your already on as if your not clicking anything. Tv shows and movies offer the option of screen casting then it doesn't work......ever. The news menu option rarely works and lastly its annoying to have to try and read all these amazing comics on a time crunch. You get to comic 10 of 12 then they remove that series and even ones already downloaded aren't available. So please improve the app functionality and allow us to keep the comics we have downloaded even if removed from the featured list. Only then would I recommend to others, only then will i view the 75$ annual fee as a great value and give 5 stars.
  • App will not allow log in on TVOS or iOS, especially if you have to log-out to change password. 1/5

    By Kal-Dusty
    Absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used, why did I spend a year worth of money but can barely use this app once in a blue moon? I say avoid this app like the plague until DC can get their stuff together. F-
  • Very spotty 2/5

    By Damson knight
    App is usually blacked out when I’m try to watch a show. Very glitchy in the home screen, where it makes it nearly impossible to scroll. Not happy at all I paid a years subscription
  • Pre Warning all D.C. content is not available in this app 1/5

    By mlks14
    So when I had the Marvel app I had access to all Marvel Comics yet I don’t have the same thing with DC. I’m a fan of both businesses but you guys are really starting to make me lean more towards Marvel simply because they handle their merchandise alot better than D.C. ever does. Ps. Where is Reign of the Supermen? Why did I have to buy it for 20 dollars just to watch it on my ps4 when I’m already paying you guys money each month?
  • A big headache for comic readers 2/5

    By mightyfat
    While there is a decent selection of comics, the experience of reading those comics is very poor. There’s no way to mass download a run or a series so each issue must be downloaded individually. Considering how slow it is to navigate the app, this makes the process incredibly long and tedious. Meanwhile, if you decide to hold off on this process until you’re done with your current book, the other book you want to read may be removed without warning. The reader itself is no help, with guided view cutting off word bubbles and skipping panels. As I said, there’s a good selection of content on here, but until some serious improvements are made to this app, experiencing that content will be very frustrating.
  • Good content, horrible app 3/5

    By brianw1128
    I love the DC universe app. It has amazing content, and has added new exciting shows like titans and outsiders. That being said, the app itself is horrible. It almost always freezes, glitches out, or doesn’t work and it’s only gotten worse with time. I’d say 75% of the time I have to restart my IPad to get it to work. If they could fix these issues and get the app working correctly they have a home run on their hands.
  • Can’t even open it with the latest update 1/5

    By colhogan999
    I really want to like it and enjoy it. I switched over from marvel app but I probably will switch back if they don’t fix the app and make it more reliable and user friendly. Marvel’s comic app was so much better. It is really frustrating.
  • Stop trying to be fancy in design! 1/5

    By tejaspadekar
    Can you guys stop trying to be fancy with the design and focus on the content?! I have no complaints about the content, but the UI is just horrible! Parallax effect is so 5 years ago! Heavy images in the background and custom scrolling mean that whenever I scroll, I end up on the wrong content rows. Play controls are not up to the mark with competitors like Netflix. Chrome cast connections are flaky at best and quite often, I can’t scrub once the tablet locks and I come back to it. I have to log into my android phone and then control the playback from there. I would seriously advise going back to basics and keeping things simple. People are subscribing and paying for the content. Not for the fancy over the top UI.
  • Not enough comics 3/5

    By Hayden Larson
    I would definitely stick with this app and pay a monthly fee for a long long time if there were just more comics, they don’t have a lot of my favorite ones like “a death in the family” with Jason Todd’s death, “Flashpoint”, “Batman endgame” and the “injustice” comics based off the 2 injustice games, if there were just more comics I’d give this 5 stars for sure, but besides not having enough comics it’s a pretty good app!!!!
  • Almost there 2/5

    By Gdubs1212
    So I heard good things about this app/service. I even right away bought a month. I did it for titans and young justice. But that’s literally all there is. Maybe a handful of other movies, but not as much as I’d thought there would be. Not to mention it periodically freezes on me, and it’s the only app that does that. In a nutshell I cancel my sub yesterday, it’s not worth the money
  • ?? 1/5

    By buck2trill
    Come on Reign of Superman?
  • I can’t do anything 3/5

    By $upreme$avage239$$
    When I first got this app I thought it was free I mostly got it to watch young justice outsiders so when I was going to watch the first episode I saw that I needed to pay but I have no money so I whent from exited to very mad you should make the app like $2.00 or something and make the shows and comics free
  • Great service but STILL way too many problems 3/5

    By er__c
    I love this service but I just wish the content was easier to access on a mobile device. I was just trying to catch up on Young Justice and when clicking on an episode, it crashes before it even plays. The same happens with some comics I want to read. Please fix this DC!!!
  • Comic selection stinks 1/5

    By slatey75
    Marvel Unlimited has tens of thousands of comics and they are searchable by event, character, artist, etc. DC Universe has less than a thousand, and they aren’t organized in any way other than by title. The video content is nice, and it is something Marvel doesn’t have, but it’s not enough for me to keep the service. I will not be renewing my service. I also recently saw an ad that Titans is coming to Netflix! One less reason to subscribe, I guess.
  • Superman Season 2 4/5

    By B-WarEnd7
    Great way to watch some of my favorite DC shows, but none of the episodes from Superman the animated series season 2 seem to be working.
  • Enjoying the app, but 3/5

    By jr0d56
    I really do enjoy the app and the shows and movie that they have. I wish you can have a app on it on the Xbox and PlayStation to watch it on. Overall it’s a real enjoyable app and I do enjoy reading the comics and entering the sweepstakes.
  • Only phone? 1/5

    By Valmane1
    So its not on xbox so i can only watch this on my phone? Lovely i have a 60 in tv in front of me i cant watch my subscription on. Crap
  • Mmmm 2/5

    By Vlexxo
    Don’t know how to feel about the app lately. I was reading crisis on infinite earths and the app made it seem like it got rid of it I couldn’t find it anywhere even if I searched it up on the search bar!!! Also reign of supermen came out 2 days ago and it’s not even there! I can watch that movie on a website but not on the official dc app? Garbage. The only good thing about this app is the titans and young justice... everything else you can pretty much find it on the internet. Not worth 10 bucks a month imo
  • Content Fantastic...App Awful 2/5

    By t08888888888
    THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE FIRE TV APP: Love the content on the DC Universe App. Worth everything. $8 a month for my favorite show (BTAS) of all time? Fantastic. However on the Fire TV TV app, I can’t pause, rewind, or fast forward. So each episode I have to start from the beginning. I could certainly open up the IOS app, fast forward to where I left off on an episode, and continue on my Fire TV, but should it really be that way? Fix the Fire TV app, and I’m in.
  • Only got it for Young Justice 1/5

    By Origionalsmith111
    This app is trash...young justice is awesome tho.
  • It’s got it’s bugs, and can do with some added features. 4/5

    By googleisshit
    Chromecast controls don’t work once it starts playing, I think if you buy a years subscription you should be able to watch everything all at once if you want to and not wait every 5 days for new content, and it would be cool if you made something to work with the iWatch, even if it’s just a list of workouts you select by hero name and it gives a routine, or like a crime solving thing where steps and completed goals can get you clues and it gives you a rating at the end of the week. Something interactive.
  • Good setup but really slow load and buggy 2/5

    By engelmc18
    I have the issue on my phone and Apple TV. The setup and general format of the app are good. The loading of content is very slow and buggy.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Wormflash
    Content isn’t the problem for some reason it doesn’t recognize my subscription with some services. I already paid so I want the access I paid for!
  • needs iphone x support 4/5

    By goloog
    when reading comics, i shouldn’t have the notch at the top of my phone cut out bits from the panel. aside from this, the app is incredible. great selections for a low price, easy UI, phew just please fix that lol
  • Downloads 3/5

    By king__xl_
    This app needs to have the option to download movies to watch offline just like you can tv shows if I’m going to be paying for the service. And when you go to delete something the app crashes every time that needs to be fixed as well.
  • Terrible app with limited content 1/5

    By Steve9919
    The main focus of my review is the app itself. You have limited content and I get that. However, the app itself is crap. If I stop watching something in the middle, it gives you your past videos on the movies tab so you can resume, much like Netflix. Except Netflix actually works. Tap all you want, this won’t work. Want to watch a series? Good luck. You’ll be buffering like crazy. I’ve had to close and reopen the app several times to get it to work. And you’re charging for this?? I tried the $4 monthly special and have already canceled. If they ever fix the buggy app, I’ll reconsider.
  • Frustrating 4/5

    By dctvfan
    I find it very frustrating when you pause the video and sometimes you can’t resume it so you have to actually close the app then try it again but other than that I think the app is great
  • Underwhelmed. 2/5

    By SirSoul
    Not a good bang for buck. I would go into details if I thought it might be addressed but an overall three star review, doesn’t seem like DC is listening to us.
  • Chrome cast options disappeared??? 4/5

    By nieto-av
    Love the app but what happened to the chrome cast options??
  • Slow and crashes 2/5

    By cresencio0212
    The content isn’t the problem. It’s the bugs, glitches and speed of this app. What the hell DC. You can do better
  • Crap 1/5

    By djjxjdjjd
    I bought a year subscription and it just stopped working and I’m mad
  • The idea was great the execution not so much 2/5

    By anotherplayerinpubg
    To start this off I’m not saying I’m of the majority but why is it required $8+ to pay to view only one show, respectively I’m only interested in one but can not figure out how to work this app and start a free trial and deactivate before it is charged to my card.
  • Laggy delays needs repair updates 2/5

    By JECohen
    Super delay and laggy. Especially with watching the shows. Unresponsive a lot of the time. Spinning wheel of death. Please update this problem
  • Honestly just wait a month 2/5

    By ayeitzralph
    It’s ok young justice is amazing but the app is mediocre at best for a streaming platform. Theirs are too many bugs the happen way too often. Like leaving the app and rejoining makes it dark. I’d say just wait a month till they fix all these bugs and issues. Also sometimes it doesn’t even recognize my subscription. Doubt marvels is going to be this bad of a streaming site.
  • It’s great But it doesn’t work 5/5

    By TheBigFEeshGuy
    I love this app it’s great for all my exclusive dc needs but every time I try to cast to my tv it just fails Iv tried every single way I could think to fix the issue but nothing could soothe my troubles finally I’m faced to give up unsubscribe and completely forget about all the juicy content
  • Loading issue 3/5

    By Villian Boy
    I’m trying to load a 7 day free membership on my phone so I can watch Titans and Young Justice but it leaves me loading I’m trying on my iPad rn
  • It won’t let me comment 3/5

    By anIKfbj
    The way comments are handled on the app are not the best i. E posting them the button should be at the top not the bottom Also why can’t i watch full movies they won’t even load a little bit
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By frgudino
    Don’t download dc universe because I sign up for a free trial and I ended before the it was over and they still charged me
  • 4 not 5 4/5

    By H.E.F
    Having issues casting to my Vizio. Can get an answer of how I can fix it or if a fix is coming soon?
  • Great for DC fans if worked 1/5

    By Sgt Amazing
    This app is great for DC fans who want to watch tv shows and movies. It also has comics, interviews, and a bunch of other content. However, the user interface never fully loads, freezes constantly, and crashes often. It is like some kind of sadistic mini-game to get to the actual content.
  • AWFUL STREAMING. Pauses an screws up JUST LIKE HULU 1/5

    By skoobz69
    The concept is awesome they have everything you could ask from d.c., but the streaming quality is awful. You can't even sit thru a whole episode an watch it without it freezing up jus like Hulu. and having to close the app an restart it several times jus to finish one episode is annoying to say the least.
  • I got got 1/5

    By Apulmadiqou
    Read reviews, saw the warnings, subscribed and was willing to commit for a year and than went to watch some Young Justice and instead got stuck in an endless loop where I’m told to subscribe (even though I did) and couldn’t watch a thing. All I want is to give a provider my money and enjoy what they offer. “I wish I had more hands so I can give this app* four thumbs down 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Great Content, Lackluster Platform 3/5

    By Carzo15
    I am a huge DC nerd, I was super excited for this, and the content on the app is amazing. The amount of movies, tv shows and comics you can watch/read is amazing. But the platform itself has a lot of problems. When on tablet or phone, you have to download the comic to read it, which isn’t a huge issue, except that it’s very difficult to delete the issue from your downloads. The app also glitches and will auto shutdown occasionally, this does seem to be happening less recently, but still does happen. All in all, the content you can consume is great, but the presentation needs some work.

DC Universe app comments

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