Dead Cells

Dead Cells

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  • Current Version: 1.06
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Playdigious
  • Compatibility: Android
2,911 Ratings
$ 8.99

Dead Cells App

Death is not the end. Play as a failed alchemic experiment and explore the sprawling, ever-changing castle to find out what happened on this gloomy island…! That is, assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers. Dead Cells is a roguevania action platformer that will require you to master frantic 2D combat with a wide variety of weapons and skills against merciless minions and boss. Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat. First available on PC and consoles, the indie hit Dead Cells is now slaying foes on mobile! Main Features • Roguevania: The progressive exploration of an interconnected world, with the replayability of a rogue-lite and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath • Frantic and Dynamic 2D Action: Learn your enemies’ patterns to stay alive, or prepare to be sent back to your cell before you can say “baguette” • Nonlinear Progression: Unlock new levels with every death, opt for the path that suits your current build, your playstyle or just your mood. Surely, the ramparts can’t be as bad the sewers, right? • Play at your own pace: Will you explore every nook and cranny of the castle, or rush to the end? Carefully redesigned for mobile with a revamped interface • Two game modes available: Original & Auto-Hit • Custom controls & More touch controls options available: Change the buttons’ position and size to your liking, swipe to dodge… • MFi external controller support • Pay once to get the full Dead Cells experience! No ads, no F2P mechanics! If you run into a problem, please contact us at [email protected] with as much information as possible on the issue.

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Dead Cells app reviews

  • Love the game but there is one inconvenience 3/5

    By Long Term customer #42069
    You can’t listen to music. It’s not like the audio affects gameplay. I don’t need to here in game music or sounds but sometimes music affects the way I play and your in game music isn’t one that helps. To put it in simple terms I would rather listen to Lizzo or fifty of the worst sound cloud rappers. For gods sake even flappy golf 2 can play music in the background.
  • Masterpieceee 5/5

    By igotredstone
    Masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece masterpiece
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By realslamdancer
    Incredible highly addictive one of the best mobile games I’ve played
  • I rate game 5/5

    By Lukanan
    I rate this game as dope Ending of rating -James Cameron
  • Great game 5/5

    By azfgmr
    We need Chinese and there are many Chinese players waiting for it
  • B U G 5/5

    By 244dgdg
    One word: Ossuary.

    By duck966903
  • I am a Chinese 5/5

    By b站乱搞biss
    I love this game.真好玩!我为了玩这个游戏找了个美国账号!
  • Impressive work of art. 5/5

    By Jared374926392
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Jammer III
    This is the first rewiew I’ve ever written but I just can’t get enough of how fantastic this game is!!!!!
  • My dislike 4/5

    I give dead cells a 4/5 stars because overall I love this game best mobile game EVER but I don’t really like the fact that once you die you die and you have to rinse repeat all over again.
  • 👌 5/5

    By MatthewSad
    Dang this game is good
  • Fantasticly addicting. Hundreds of hours sunk into this one. 5/5

    By ChAaron
    This game is a masterpiece on the PC and the same level of quality is found here on the iOS. I’m playing on an older iPhone 6plus and find it a bit laggy at times but still very playable. It lacks a lot of the expansions that the PC version have and I’m looking forward to them being implemented here as well. I deleted this app because it was interfering with me living my life. It’s that addicting. If you have a gaming addiction problem, stay away. Everyone else, you have to try this one! It’s worth buying across multiple platforms.
  • Nothing can beat this game 5/5

    By TomMorrisMusic
    This is the perfect game for mobile. I own it on steam and it is incredible anyway, but on mobile because it saves when you quit and the design of the game it’s perfect to just pick up and play or just sit down and grind. We need more mobile games optimized like this seriously. Talk to team cherry guys we need HN next. Hope u guys are friends abbreviated for respect to u
  • Mobile PC game basically 5/5

    By Itskale
    If you got it on steam. This is the phone version. Buy it.
  • Please support Chinese ,thanks! 5/5

    By Beauty12315
    I believe it wound be a great game.But it’s inconvenient for Chinese players.Pls support Chinese,thanks!
  • Portable dead cells? YES PLEASE 5/5

    By Gobstoppers34
    This game is exactly what it seems to be it is dead cells on your phone. A blast to play and meets every standard and goes above and beyond at every turn.
  • great game bad port 3/5

    By helicoptank
    love this game on switch. got to 3 boss cells on that system. playing through apple tv is significantly more clumsy and in a game where consequences for a mistake are huge to have a timing/input error cost you games consistently is really frustrating. i still got to 3 boss cells but it was far less satisfying than on switch. i’d imagine on ps4 and pc it’s as flawless as it was on switch for me
  • Worth it! 5/5

    By Jesse macZ
    Amazing game. Thanks so much!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kewdranz
    Amazing. Best mobile game ever.
  • best game I seen in a long time 5/5

    By MaybeOrYes
  • I like it 5/5

    By Braylon Bowman
    Very good game
  • Great game 5/5

    By ThunderThigh69
    It’s great for a pass time or looking for something to get into. The game has lots of mystery to it with a great story line. This game can never get board with its hard enough for you to enjoy it. Great art and concepts. 10/10 game
  • Game progress 4/5

    By quantamx
    I had to reset my device when i redownload this game i had play from very beginning 🙁🙁
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ignition!
    I have the game on Xbox and it’s easier to play there, but the controls are as good as they can get on mobile. It’d be nice if I could link accounts, but otherwise I have no complaints
  • A good adaptation 5/5

    By TheAdorableKoko
    It’s a good adaptation for mobile
  • Hecking great game 5/5

    By Bot inky
    No complaints, play it
  • Great game 5/5

    By GetWr3cked
    Fun, addictive,easy to play plus now you can play with remote amazing
  • Wow 5/5

    By itzmejofrs
    So f*ckin addictive!!! Love the game for real!!!
  • Best Mobile Game Yet 5/5

    By MlgTray101
    I really feel like dead cells is the first mobile game that acts like any other console or pc game. It is a game that makes you not want to stop playing. Their are so many different weapons you can get and have fun with and I haven’t even beaten the game yet. I assure you, it is well worth the money.
  • Awesome, but I can’t really play it 2/5

    By Butter parade
    Loved the game until I found out I can’t play music while the game is running. It takes control of audio and mutes everything even when all the game’s audio options are set to off. Since I’m almost always playing the role of the DJ in life, I really can’t even play the game 😣 Would gladly change my review to 5 stars if I were able to play the game while playing music.
  • Great game 5/5

    By jxrr5
    Really great game, good way to pass some time
  • Perfect Roguelike-Metrovania game experience! 5/5

    By GTgame947
    Absolutely good mobile game as the title described! Love it!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Varit
    Best rouge like game. Just as good as it is on the pc.
  • Awful controls 1/5

    By Swiftnynja
    This games controls are atrocious. Every time you try to walk to the side, you duck. Because of this you have to aim diagonally on the control pad to move sideways. You also have to aim up on the control pad to climb a chain. This makes it exceptionally difficult to move away from a chain instead of climbing it. This makes the game literally unplayable. I paid $9 for this ripoff. I’d like the devs to fix this issue so I can get my money’s worth.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Funksoulbro11
    Great game. I’m usually all about the great graphics about games and this one even though it’s old school is just quite satisfying. Love it and keep going back to it to pass time.
  • Worth the money 5/5

    By Siflore
    Countless hours of game play
  • Very good old school feel 5/5

    By Chucky Nine
    One of those games where it seems you can keep upgrading yourself. Then at the Same time it feels like you can play it casually and not have to worry about long term. Because you die a lot lol.
  • Just a great game 5/5

    By lawdog40000
    I like it a lot I can’t explain it I just like it.
  • Console quality iOS game 5/5

    By thinayr
    Super, SUPER fun. Core gameplay mechanics are very tight and satisfying. Highly recommend using a PS4 (or other Bluetooth) controller as the quick reflexive moves are much harder on a touch screen. I’m amazed at how this game always keeps the challenge right in the “sweet spot” - very addicting and the permadeath will make you not want to stop while raising the stakes with every step forward. Fun!!!
  • Great Game Small Audio Bugs 4/5

    By IlIlIlIlII
    This game plays very nice with a bluetooth controller, however if I have my airpods connected also, audio cuts in an out at some points.
  • Good game 5/5

    By The me-ist of me's
    Yeah.... the game is good....
  • Rogue like for those who dislike them 5/5

    By Automaticg
    I enjoy many of the dynamics of roguelikes except the full restart each time. This game gives you the ability to improve your hero permanently so your restarts carry over some abilities, and you get farther and better over time
  • Awesome 5/5

    By [Overhaul]
    The game is amazing and what makes it better is that it can be played over and over and over (similarly to Enter the Gungeon) and for someone like me who gets bored easily, the re-play-ability and action packed content makes it hard to out down. Over all an amazing game.
  • My new favorite mobile game! 5/5

    By Nin_mk2
    Dead Cells is the mobile game I’ve been waiting years for. Gameplay has always been fast paced and engaging with a good degree of challenge. The combat design and vibrant art style pair beautifully and lend themselves perfectly to the comically macabre world of Dead Cells. Weapon and skill variety provide countless ways to engage a myriad of enemy types. Shifting area layouts and tons of-upgrade unlocks make every round feel like time well spent. I’ve loved this game since the first hour but since the addition of external controller support playing Dead Cells on a DualShock 4 has elevated my enjoyment to new levels. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a proper controller this game is a must have for any RogueVania fan and all those longing for a truly well crafted 2D action platformer. Absolutely worth the buy. I cannot recommend Dead Cells enough
  • Good game 4/5

    By Dark Lighting
    It’s really fun, but I’d like it better if there wasn’t a backlash to being hit for approximately 15 frames.
  • Great game 5/5

    By X00roh
    Excellent controls. A great Port
  • Good game! 4/5

    By TheRealKermitTheFrog
    One of my all time favorite games! I only have one issue with the game. Once you launch the app you cannot play anything in the background even if you mute the game. Many mobile gamers, myself included, enjoy playing games while listening to music so I hope the developers can rectify this issue.
  • Nice 5/5

    By WM_Lord

Dead Cells app comments

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