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DealDash - Bid & Save Auctions

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  • Current Version: 3.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: DealDash Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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DealDash - Bid & Save Auctions App

DealDash auctions offers discounts of up to 90% on brand new electronics, kitchen appliances, and more. Bid on overstock brand named goods at up to 90% off retail. As seen on TV, DealDash guarantees free shipping with every purchase. Bid on new tablets, cameras, household goods, furniture, gift cards and more! DealDash is a shopping app that combines fun and excitement of games to discounts far better from what you would expect from a coupon app or a reward program, not to mention your local mall. Shopping has never been this fun! Clash with other bidders and crush them in an auction where the highest bidder takes all! What makes these savings possible? We offer overstock inventory auctions in which everything must go - no matter how low the winning bid is. Register using your email address or log in with Facebook. Featured in the Financial Times, CNBC, Huffington Post and accredited by the BBB. DealDash now finally also on iOS! Download the app today and try us out!

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DealDash - Bid & Save Auctions app reviews

  • Teds dirt on the Deal 5/5

    By alipop321
    This app is one of a kind in that it offers you deals on stuff you can actually use and the prices are very reasonable.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By damnitqppyousuck1234
    This is for people with no life have to stay on constantly to win mostly useless items
  • Great app 4/5

    By DeplorableMatt
    Good auction app but my only issue is that the buy now price is misleading because you can buy the stuff on Amazon or direct from manufacturer website for waaaaay cheaper.
  • Deal dash happy 5/5

    By nando 521
    I enjoy the great deals I get on this website and the fun of winning I have a wonderful time bidding against other people . And the great products deal dash has to offer and the shipping is FREE‼️ now that’s a deal right there. Well have to go my auctions are ready to go I hope I win the auction ‼️‼️
  • Amazed in San Diego!! 5/5

    By It's aMee
    Joined just 1hour ago !! Now I have won a lovely ring for only .71!!! I am so excited!!! Thank You & God Bless
  • You Win Some, You Lose Some 5/5

    By Painless Ken
    Deal Dash is like a box of never know what you're gonna get or, if you're gonna get anything at all!?!?!? Today I caught a big one, thanks Deal Dash!
  • Winning a Product 1/5

    By Ladyburd2
    If I cannot stay on all day I’ll never WIN ANYTHING! I feel that I have wasted valuable money and time trying to win something! It’s a RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!
  • First win yeah. 5/5

    By topofhill09
    This is a fun way to shop for great things for the family. Awesome
  • BEWARE ** 2/5

    By Alice91427
    Husband and I had it for less than a week and ended up spending more than we gained. The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the stuff they offer is pretty cool BUT you end up in a bid war with people who will spend HUNDREDS for something worth DOLLARS. Not to mention I was in a bid war with someone for over an hour and had pending bids. All of a sudden it glitched and that person won NO EXPLANATION. The next day the SAME USERNAME entered last minute and the same thing happened, glitch and win (husband witnessed both accounts). After that, I’m convinced this game is rigged. It would’ve been better if an individual could enter auctions with single bids instead of a robot lining them up because either the creators or hackers found a way to manipulate it. Scary to think what else is available to hack. Like I said beware, I won’t find out why that happened but- $800 down and nothing to show, I deleted this app. Save your money.
  • Ummm NOO 1/5

    By uhc861012
    Okay so let me get this straight. I pay for my bids. I bid on auctions and WHEN I don’t win I lose the bids that I paid for. THEN if I do win with my PURCHASED bids I have to turn around and BUY the product for what I won it for. What kind of craziness?!?!? This is highway robbery! I’m sure they are making a killing.
  • SCAM! 1/5

    By km1223444555
    Total scam. Took $30 off my card and I hadn’t even bid on anything. I created my account and put my card on and poof $30 wasted. 😡
  • $30 buy in 3/5

    By jlockhart18
    Please make it more noticeable that in order to place credit card on app, the automatic $30 will buy you bids instantly instead of choosing a package deal
  • STRAIGHT BS, you looose money without any products 1/5

    By CoOLMiSt347
    Straight f**king scam!!!!! You’re buying bids for AT LESST 30$. Then their robots ensure you don’t get a good deal in any bids, I hate how fake everything has become in this world, but this is some extreme BS
  • Forced me to pay $30 1/5

    By dch218
    It forced me to pay $30 just to enter it and then it gave me the option to buy more in smaller quantities bids I mean I don’t have a lot of money and now there’s only $17 available in my bank account so it’s not like I can buy anything from them anyway unless you got money to spend I don’t recommend that you get it
  • Not going to Bother using nor should you 1/5

    By Brianlizar
    After reading the reviews, I decided not to even think of using the app. There’s a differences between one person writing a bad review then a whole lot of people. I did a little bit of more research and I also think this is a scam just to get more for your money. If you truly want to auction things then physically go to one or just use EBay you have better change there then using this app. Don’t throw your money away for something people already experience and try to warn you. Make common sense common again!! Don’t you the app!!
  • Biggest Ripoff Ever 1/5

    By Big413
    I have been on DD, for roughly 6 months. And I just won my first bid, sheerly because I was the exclusive single bidder. I studied the auctions for hours a day, everyday. Upon spending hundreds of dollars/hours there is only one conclusion to be drawn. I wish I had took the reviews online to heart, I would have saved myself a lot of grief and money. DONT BOTHER, wasting money or effort on bidding on anything remotely useful. There are a group of supposed “people” that “somehow” win any decent auction. Just search online for any of these names; UncleTan, TexasGmen, Podewiz, Fantasysports, Maxwell44 and a few others, to understand. These same supposed users have been complained about by hundreds of ACTUAL users. I don’t know if the above mentioned work for DD to raise prices or use DD as their warehouse or what. It’s a joke, when u look at past winners, it’s always the same names. Shockingly, if someone else was actually able to win something useful, the same names somehow tend to get the best prices. Repeatedly. Now I am a scientist, with a very high IQ(just lending credence to my research on DD). The only way the aforementioned supposed “users” could possibly be in fact genuine human patrons, would be that they just like to lose money regularly. EX, who would spend over 500$ and over 1,500 bids @ .13$ a bud for a bid pack that to buy now only costs just over 100$. Doesn’t make any sense, even to a toddler. As well as it’s expressly forbidden to buy and resell from DD. Yet UncleTan, TexasGmen, Podewiz, and Maxwell44 have wine soo many jackets, that I guess they only were it once. All this and the fact that quite a few times I was just about to win finally one of the products I’ve been religiously watching, I was the only bidder, and suddenly when the last bid’s (mine) time ended, out of nowhere some other bid popped up, and yet the timer never reset, essentially rigging the auction. FYI, there are lawsuits currently being pursued against Deal Dash, as well as Class Action suits. But ripping people off is lucrative enough to keep advertising and growing especially when there is no oversight.
  • They took money out of my bank account 1/5

    By ty8675998877
    They take money out of your bank account even when you don’t bid on a product and can’t refund it
  • It’s awesome! 5/5

    By Jjmcballer
    I’m excited! They refund your first bid package until you win!
  • Mostly robots 1/5

    By imlucky_11
    Most of the winners are the same robots with unlimited money and bids
  • Good but just one thing I don’t like 2/5

    By yay
    I like the app but the only thing I don’t like is that to start bidding you need a minimum of $39 for the bins. They should have more options to start with.
  • TijLaug 1/5

    By Mr. Tij
    DealDash is a very good profitable application. If I can build this kind of application I will be millionaire in less than a year. At least twelve time the total bidders. That is amazing but not for customers instead for the developers of DealDash, very impressive.
  • Winner! 5/5

    By C Preci
    Great win for the holiday season! Excited to see the product!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Grandma Cher
    I won two quality items on my first two auctions. Since then, I have been outbid on every single thing clearly by bots. Bait and switch. Glad I figured it out before I lost much. Don’t bite!
  • Not a good experience at all 1/5

    By wgump28
    I used up 300 bets in no time. It cost just to much to try to win a auction I think it’s a rip off and not good at all.
  • It’s pretty exciting and different 4/5

    By Mo Smallz
    You can try for a huge variety of some inflated prices for inferior stuff, but there’s wonderful high quality stuff too, that is attractive and well crafted.....even new cars sometimes! Hoping there’s a central place to get the process clear for me, but I recommend it. Definitely! M Monnett
  • Brilliant! 5/5

    By akm1345
    Very good and genuine, but you have to use your brain! Got a new home with new TV...want to enjoy both! Awesome!!! I love Dealdash as your smartness can give you beautiful rewards-very pretty and very good quality! Wow!!! Wow!!! I like my perfume!!!
  • Hartless 1/5

    By Hartless2
    RIPOFF. I placed a bid it went to 0 then it said CHECKING. CHECKING flashed about 4 times then others started bidding. I thought if you were the last bid when it hit 0 you win. RIPOFF RIPOFF
  • Customer service 5/5

    By Brooke Leone
    I just got off the phone with the customer service agent Ivan and he was so awesome. I called for a refund because I was charged for $30 that I wasn’t aware of and he was so on top of it. I don’t ever think I’ve received better customer service before. Ever. If you need instant help, for customer service pick the Facebook option out of the two, write a message or call in the Facebook option and hopefully you get Ivan 👍🏼
  • Stuff are not worth what the value says 1/5

    By justinyoungidontcare
    They market off the same brands over and over again and the items are crap if you try any of the bigger items you won’t win unless you dump $100 into bids. The same profiles will bid for days until one of the bot accounts stops biding. Do not use. It’s a waste of money.
  • Muy buena App muy buena Idea 2/5

    By Beto uriostegui
    E ganado muchas cosas pero casi siempre ganan las mismas personas yo pienso que estamos jugando contra computadoras se me hace muy raro que a ellos nunca se les acaban sus Bids (apuestas ) en las subastas de los autos hasta gastan mas de lo que vale el auto 🚘 y si tienen oportunidad se ganan hasta 2 autos
  • Car auction 3/5

    By Montana Consulting
    I have been bidding on the same car for ten days. The message is no new bidders after 1000$ but I keep seeing new bidders. I hope I win, no one has bid as long as I have. I hope I can hold out
  • Please do the calculation!! It a big scam except for the lucky one 2/5

    By l1nhlvcky
    First : most of the price are inflated so it only 1/3 of the real price . Will you ever by a blender for 160$ no you only pay around 30-40$ . Second : It charge everyone 0.6$ for an auction ( one try to raise money by 1 cent ) For example if they sell a blender for 25$ Then the real money they took from player will be : 25x100= 2500 ( this is because each time entry it only raise the price by 1 cent so 25$= 2500 cent need to raise) 60cents each entry =0.6$ Next 2500x0.6$= 1550$ now the real price they earn from selling a 30$ blender you by from amazon or Walmart can be charge on total player with 1550$ . How smart they are genius. Be awake most of the gift are junk anyway . Best wish for everyone!!!
  • Hamet Perez 1/5

    By hamet perez
    I spent to much money on a product that I could have bought at the shop for same price or less I thought this was to save money
  • waste of time and money for me 1/5

    By beckyspage2
    didn't understand how hard it is to actually win anything.
  • DD 5/5

    By Pollywogmc
    Love all about DD great fun
  • Only bids I ever won were bids for other bids 1/5

    By Plana Terra
    From my experience the only bid I was ever able to win were bids for other bids. Certain objects that went for a certain amount would triple in price when I bid. I still have 200 or so bids left, once those are gone I will be done with this app.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Gabe m 3
    This app is a total rip off!! Must purchase bids. After betting you’re spending almost double of what you could have purchased it for brand new. Not very many good things for bid. also spend over $100 and you lose you get nothing back. So you can spen hundreds of dollars on bids and get nothing back when you out of bids. This place is making major major money.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By KatiDid8
    I'm pretty happy I still have bids left after winning a sweet portable blue tooth speaker.
  • Charged me without permission 1/5

    By nitsuagmartin
    Right off the bat this app charged me $30 without even letting me know. It prompted me to add my PayPal for future purchases but charged me $30 without me even buying anything. Ridiculous. I do not recommend.
  • iPhone case 5/5

    By ChadStaci
    Love this case! Great color too!
  • Good play 4/5

    By TiA G Pm
    Love it. Easy to use, pay and lot thing cheap
  • They Sold My Email 2/5

    By Kgslim426
    I can’t believe this company gets away with charging you $72 automatically when you sign up. I was just curious how it worked and wanted some experience using it. After realizing it was needlessly complicated and took far too long to win a bid, I no longer wanted to use it and canceled my membership. To their credit, they immediately refunded my $72 with no hassle. Everyday since I gave them my email I’ve been getting suspicious spam in my inbox. I rarely got these before and now have several coming in from random companies everyday. They have bate-click titles and sound even more scammy that this company. Do not get into this trap! It’s not good for your mental health.
  • Fun to Bid 5/5

    By Mommom Cat
    Great Fun hoping to Win
  • Fraulent 1/5

    By Prathima143
    Please don't signup for this website. It asks for payment method just after you signup and charges your card without even notifying you. I was charged about $72 for 600 bids and i was not even informed or shown about my purchase or the amount that is doing to be deducted. Everything happens without your consent. If just the signup experience is this bad, i cannot imagine how fraudulent this website/app is. Please don't get into trouble with this and loose your money.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By pracura
    I wasted $30 on this the worst impossible to actually win stuff and is way to expensive to do it. Not worth it imo
  • Always fun to play! 5/5

    By mattandgina
    Keeps me on my toes! I spend a lot on bids, but I also win things for like $6. Good times regardless!
  • Rip off!! 1/5

    By davidandrew91
    Near impossible to win. Bought 300 bids for 35 dollars and didn’t win any auctions and lost all my bids. So, I bought more bids and lost them all again. Don’t waste your money people!! Total rip off!!
  • Deceiving 1/5

    By yuk1345
    Bids plus cost tend to exceed actual cost. The listed is inflated.
  • Fakeeee 1/5

    By kilaaaasssss
    Fake scam horrible rip off have to buy bids don’t download

DealDash - Bid & Save Auctions app comments

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