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DealDash App

DealDash auctions offers discounts of up to 90% on brand new electronics, kitchen appliances, and more. Bid on overstock brand named goods at up to 90% off retail. As seen on TV, DealDash guarantees free shipping with every purchase. Bid on new tablets, cameras, household goods, furniture, gift cards and more! DealDash is a shopping app that combines fun and excitement of games to discounts far better from what you would expect from a coupon app or a reward program, not to mention your local mall. Shopping has never been this fun! Clash with other bidders and crush them in an auction where the highest bidder takes all! What makes these savings possible? We offer overstock inventory auctions in which everything must go - no matter how low the winning bid is. Register using your email address or log in with Facebook. Featured by the Financial Times, CNBC, Huffington Post and accredited by the BBB. DealDash now finally also on iOS! Download the app today and try us out!


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DealDash app reviews

  • 100 our of 100 5/5

    By Kh1130
    It is the best app ever
  • Bots for sure 1/5

    By AcAttAck
    Yeah the last review says it all. Some people will use thousands of bids to get one product ending up well exceeding the price of the product. Not to mention the occasions where your about to win a bid and instead of the next bidder jumping in 9 seconds after you a brand new bidder starts 10 seconds after. Very fishy.
  • Get free stuff if you know how to play 2/5

    By sandiprpatil
    This is addicting. You get free bids daily as well that is why you can get free stuffs if you know the bidding tactics.
  • Reduced daily bid allowance is bad 1/5

    By Supportthekingdom1914
    Reduced daily bid allowance is bad
  • Deal dash 5/5

    By Matttoby
    Convenient app to have
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Niggasgonnanig
    I think deal dash is a huge scam . I spent a lot of money was winning then last second always lost . Law suit against this site FRAUD
  • patience 5/5

    By GTO321
    Great deals if you are patient enough. Won a few items!!!
  • I’ve done my HW and i put this on my mom this site is rigged 1/5

    By therealappeal
    And i love my mother. This site is full of bots scroll down a few comments and read about the guy who worked for a company that made fake user accounts to interact with real people. It’s not a hard script to do, the algrothym is easy. Take a person like you for instance. In the BEGINNING (which all the good reviews mention they are new) you win 2 or 3 gift cards.. well mine never came in the mail and the “wonderful customer service” you hear all the fake reviews talk about did absolutely nothing. But whatever back to the story. You win a cew you feel good and like y oh got this game figured out... cut the future you’re $300 in the hole because you convinced yourself you could would win if you threw everything u had in this one thing and you lost. Don’t think its true then be my guest and lose your money. Their other site Total Trivia same thing full of bots total BS don’t do it. Don’t belkieve me? Look up their items on Amazon, none of them have certified purchases click on one of them and look at that’s users other reviews... they may have some DVDs or random things but then you’ll find a list of all Barrell Shack or that artist company they all review the same items from that company barrell shack which those products dont even exist. Why has no one bought them? why is a piece of wood with dividers $499 why is underwear $129 because its all fake. NOt one verified buy. Don’t believe me look it up.
  • Mailing 3/5

    By jaxxb69
    I’m very disappointed that you don’t ship to Alaska, my new home.
  • Bots Win most auctions and Collusion/Manipulation 1/5

    By Lakersfan:)
    Save you Money!! I have been using Dealdash for a while now, wasted a lot of $$$$ on buying bids to bid on items, that are always won by the same 25 people (bots). They have unlimited bids, while you are wasting 15 cents a bid..sometimes they bid 10,000 bids ($1500) on a $300 item and you can never compete. Also people create two accounts and manipulate auctions and Dealdash doesn't do anything about it. The audits they provide saying they don't use bots are from 4-5 years ago and are not valid anymore..
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By Apogee214
    Spent a few hundred investigating how it works. Seems as if I was 2-3 bids short every time. Odd how that worked out. I never won a bid but watched many winners just moments after I stop. Hmmmm scam maybe? Ya most likely. That happens to many times to not be a bot. Don’t throw your money away. I won’t ever again. Also the cost they claim an Iran is, is total fabrication.
  • Bids 3/5

    By Auntsann
    Not happy with the reduction of daily bids!!!
  • Oof 1/5

    By ltgamer0226
    Accidentally bought bids for 70$, can’t even win bc bots spam. Basic rule of thumb, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Beware 1/5

    By It's jfweefgjbvfhh
    To all who plan on using this app, there are many participants who don't care how much something is worth. Some people bid way too much on items regardless of what they are and how much they are worth. It makes it very frustrating for people who are looking for deals. Also most items are blocked once won for a week. Meaning those participants get to overbid and overpay every single week. I have been playing for a couple months and honestly I have spent more than what I have won. Occasionally you will win something for an awesome price with not too many bids placed but it is a rarity. Too many "retirees" who have nothing but time and money on here. Also be aware that a lot of people that win often are selling these products on eBay(which is prohibited however DealDash keeps allowing them to bid)so money is no object to them. Most of the time, you are NOT getting a deal. If you are looking for the thrill of auction bidding and don't mind losing money, you will enjoy this app.
  • Bids 2/5

    By Luc Gatterdam
    It would not let me buy less than 600 bids wasting 75 dollars
  • First timer!! 5/5

    By GrandmaGina53
    Very easy! Just won a $10 gift card for two cents! Too much fun!
  • Great deal. 5/5

    By Retemadd
    I got a $10 Walmart gift card for 1 cent. Used the card with no problem. Can’t beat that deal!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Lindavwyatt
    You have excellent customer experience
  • U have to pay 💰 for bids 3/5

    By soccer#99
    I would really like this app BUT U HAVE TO PAY 💰 FOR BIDES
  • Fakeass mutherffffuckers! 1/5

    I've worked for a company where we've had to create a bunch of fake user profiles to interact with new users who were joining a new website that we were developing. This site however has programs built in running action scripts disguised as user profiles which are obviously fake if you pay attention to the details such as their usernames and their profile images. The programs are built to outbid against real people for items that may possibly not even be in their inventory because those scripts are designed to win against real bitters who will lose their money against these action scripts/programs. If your gut feeling tells you not to do something listen to it. It's always looking out for your best interest. Pay close attention to the little details and ask yourself the basics. What are the "users" names? Do their profile pics look the similar? How many bids are these "people" running simultaneously?
  • Fun times 5/5

    By Idolj
    Deal dash is the fair bidding site. Have fun. Win prizes.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By 👍🏿skm👍🏿
    Do not waist your time yes you might win something for $5 but you have to sit and wait for super long like hours. I wasted my $30 on buying bids and I won nothing.
  • The bots are horrible these days!! 1/5

    By Snickers96
    I’ll admit I stared playing deal dash with some extra cash back in 2011. I won 2 small items was happy and put down the game to save myself from spending too much. Now fast forward to 2018 this is FULL OF BOTS!! There’s no way the same person that seemed to be a man from his profile was bidding on extreme womanly items and dog items at the same time with me along with 2 other of the same bidders from the auctions i was also bidding on. It got horrible, I waisted a lot more money than I previously did years ago. I understand play hard on these auctions but it truly brakes my heart to see how bad this specific auction has gotten. Save your money and hope they get a lawsuit in the future.
  • Fun way to spend time 5/5

    By Gypo357
    Good app keep it up
  • Not very happy 1/5

    By Michael45601
    Well so far I’m out $60.00 and haven’t gotten anything...... I wish I could just bid a dollar amount !!!!
  • Walmart card 5/5

    By Caljosh2
    First buy!!!! Live this site
  • Having fun 5/5

    By ministock13
    I love Deal Dash. I’ve been able to buy quality merchandise at incredible prices. Thank you Deal Dash
  • Fun bidding and winning!! 5/5

    By Phil19799
    Great site that gives free bids for daily participation. Some good deals can be found! Have to play smart!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Reneestew
    This site is just a big disappointment
  • For real that’s the? 1/5

    By Juniebuggers1
    How does a squirrel win a nut never does
  • Nunz14 4/5

    By Nunz14
    I've only been in deal dash a little over a month and have won over 50 auctions. This is a very strategic game so pick and choose your battles. Customer service is second to none. I would like to see more gift cards and more manufactures. Buy bids when they go on sale. Update- its gotten very crowded so be prepared to bid a lot on something everyone wants. They need to add more products, Barrel shack seems to be their choice of manufacturer. The bid stomping has gotten out of hand. Players should be penalized for stomping.updated- even more players on the site now. Guessing it's due to all the advertising. As of late, a few of the items are arriving damaged due to poor packaging. However, their customer service is superb at rectifying issues. I still enjoy playing. Update- Deal Dash has done an excellent job stopping the bid stompers. There will always be someone who chooses this strategy but 9 times out of 10 they will lose. A lot more folks on the site so best advice is pick auctions that you truly want the product and bid with in your budget. Customer service is still phenomenal!
  • Seems like a scam 1/5

    By duv1n
    This site seems to be a scam. They get you to buy bids by showing how cheap merchandise can be sold for through their auction. I participated in several auctions, only to realize it is probably rigged. In addition, the items up for bid are mostly unknown brands and are overvalued. Buyer beware! Fooled me once but never again.
  • Awesome bidding site thank you DealDash 5/5

    By 13232asa
    No scams I saw many people talking scam its not I actually won a lot of thing here. I’m kind of addicted here.
  • Winning 1/5

    By suzy55912
    I have the most fun this is great
  • First bUy 5/5

    By Twinkie B 12
    Everything was great for my first time.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By XmasSanta
    DealDash is fun, exciting and you can win some awesome items you can use!!!
  • Fair and easy to use. Less loss more win. 5/5

    By Balkrishna upadhaya
    Easy to use and it's fair play.
  • Deal Dash 5/5

    By BoxTop Kid
    Wonderful company.!!
  • Won gift card 5/5

    By Nicole m b
    Won two gift cards in one day
  • Winner 5/5

    By greatt deal
    This was the greatest deal yet!
  • Can’t seem to win!!! 5/5

    By JDDBall
    I spent 180.00 and got 10.00 gift card 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😥😓🤮
  • Robbing people Money 1/5

    By Laura R. Thompson
    You have to pay a fee to make a bid. Than you have to pay a fee for again once you win your bid. They cut off once $3 or $5 is met but your starting at $.01 for your bid so that leaves 180 or 300 people to join. No max of time for bidding as long as someone bids every 10 seconds which someone always want to win. Your paying twice for the same product. Best advice to everyone if it’s too good to be true than it’s a fake. Another way to robbing people. I asked for a refund because it false advertising and advertisement commercial. Don’t do it
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Realshit925
    This app steals your money. Marks up retail prices. Do not give them your money.
  • The best app. 5/5

    By mu yea
    I love it.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By greenwenvy
    Have so much fun with this!
  • First timer 5/5

    By j1jv
    Won headphones for less then 20$ awesome
  • Dash into deal dash 5/5

    By SirButtons
    Great customer service. Loads of fun. Great products!
  • Good Times 5/5

    By Arts Anvil
    It's now been a 1 1/2 years since I came across deal dash. I've won a TV, mountain bike, multiple pairs of earbuds, Schultz bluetooth headphones, paintings, metal sculptures, expensive hand bags, and countless bid pack! Take your time to learn how the Bidding works and how other people bid. Pay attention to the usernames! You'll start to recognize them, they're on it all the time. These people know what they're doing and know how to win the auction's! Have fun and use your bid buddy!!!
  • Cost $30 to bid 2/5

    By chrisa clark
    Not what I thought..., spent $30 to use
  • Deal Dash 5/5

    By immudslove
    What a great site. Good products for great prices. Just have to bid.

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