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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Xiamen Marketing Sifang Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Dealfor App

Dealfor providing the best coupons, deals and much more. The Dealfor App help you save your money, make your shopping smarter. Browse the Dealfor App for deals, discounts & coupons on products you want. Most offers range from 50-99%off. Deals and coupons in Clothing, Shoes, Beauty,Personal Care, Home Baby,Outdoor and many other categories are added Daily in Dealfor App. The Dealfor App support multi-site like America, Germany, France and more other sites. Before shopping, come Dealfor APP and get the deal to save your money. Feature: ● Wide variety of goods. ● Lots of coupons. ● Use points in exchange for coupons. ● Discount up to 99%OFF. ● Save money. How to earn points: √ Successfully registered and earn points. √ Daily check-in and earn points. √ Browsing products for more than 10s for the first time every day and earn points (only once a day). √ Invite friends to register and earn points.

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Dealfor app reviews

  • This is one the worst ways to loose money 1/5

    By Aby Roy
    Don’t trust this app, you are paying more than Amazon, I saw this on Tim Tok and couldn’t believe, only to find out it’s fake.
  • Password trouble 1/5

    By Jazimmer1357
    Didn’t even get to try the app out because during registration it wouldn’t accept my password which was between 6-20 characters. This app needs some serious work if users can’t even register.
  • Doesnt work 1/5

    By Nick fjfdjndujf
    Doesnt work
  • Great App 5/5

    By DeeScott1950
    I’ve been using this app for several months now. Since it’s linked with Amazon products and with the coupon code you receive a discount it’s great. I also check in everyday to gain more points. I’ll admit I was apprehensive at first. I ordered using my points. To my surprise I received everything I ordered. The one thing I ordered was a hand held game for my great grand kids. They love it it has over 200 different games kept them occupied for hours. You can’t go wrong with this App if you’re an Amazon shopper. This is amazing
  • Can’t even sign in - tried literally half an hour 1/5

    By sindh23
    I can’t even sign in, I entered 10 letters password still I got error displayed “password should be 6-20 characters”.
  • Convenient and easy to use 5/5

    By Shirlina Nesbeth
    I have been a buyers for one week.I have enjoyed it the whole time! I shop on here to save more money, the LED is really cheap.
  • Well worth it! 5/5

    By Heathe Fagan
    I have really enjoyed shopping thru dealfor!i've ordered a variety of things that have turned out to work very nicely for my needs.
  • Really good 5/5

    By Danette Lammerts
    I love this app and have purchased many items on here like clothes, jewelry, gifts,etc... Many have worked out, The prices are awesome and affordable.
  • Love    ‍  5/5

    By 彭7豪盈
    It's wonderful thing.Find many great deals.I've got all my friends hooked it. It's awesome!  ‌  ‌ 
  • Amazing      ‍ 5/5

    This app is so good it also helps me save my money!I am getting free phone cases and everything! This is such a great app!      
  • Amazing        5/5

    By 瑩林6妃
    This app is general is amazing!This app is truely save a lot money for my parents. She loves app she can trust keep up the good work.  ‌‌  
  • Your app is GREAT! ​ ‍​   5/5

    This is probably a good shopping app. I have used it many times, it helps speed up the searching time.Thank you  ‌ ‌  ‌
  • customer service    ‍‌  5/5

    The one thing that makes you received five stars, is because i can reach a live person and get my problem taken care of. This is extremely important atthis time is life.    ‍  
  • coupon       5/5

    By Joseph seFeandnr
    The app is fine with me. This is about Amazon's save.i had many itemson it and realized the item was cheaper.Thanks a lot.  ​   
  • good  ‍ ​‌ 5/5

    This app used to be amazing! I have found some really good things on it. Thanks a lot. ‌  ‍  
  • Supper cheap stuff ​     5/5

    By RuMind lail
    This app has so much cheap stuff. I am surprised how much cheaper the stuff can be and how fast it arrived.  ‍   
  • used   ​    5/5

    By MorcoF srailetta
    i used to love this app so much, before shopping, you can search the coupon to save money. some up to 90% off.      ‌ 
  • great code​  ‍‌  5/5

    Very surprise that the code is actually works. They codes save at least 50% off original price and some all the way up to 80% off! Very plseased and have shared with all my family!   ‍   
  • SCAM!! 1/5

    By NewStyleZZ BeatZ
    Picked a item, copied discount code to Amazon, didn’t work! Don’t waste your time like I did☹️
  • Registration error 1/5

    By zarrewgjjvdfhfdg
    I could not create my account. They have programming issues!
  • Please help? 4/5

    By Skywatcher007
    I’m having a little trouble. Each item I click on, it gives me a “tip” in another language and there’s no translation option. Can someone help me out?
  • Questions 3/5

    By _dhaareal.t_
    How do you delete your personal account it tells us nothing on how to delete our account and why can’t we change our username
  • Tried to fool people 1/5

    By Toni519
    If you search the same items in amazon directly,you can see the original price is usually cheaper then the deal they are offering using a amazon coupon
  • Deal codes 1/5

    By sbrnst
    deal codes do not work on amazon and there are limited items
  • Half price massgae gun       5/5

    By nHayld
    I encountered a little problem when registering, but I contacted the customer service and found that my Yahoo mailbox could not be registered. If you can't register, you can try another mailbox.  ​   
  • Moms will love it   ​   5/5

    By gNyuCn ehinh Luu
    I am a mother and I pay a lot of attention to saving money. This app really saved me 65 dollars, so I recommend     ‌ 
  • Useful‌    ‍  5/5

    I was surprised that this APP has so many Amazon products, and the delivery is very fast, and the operation is very simple        
  • low price and good stuff    ‍  5/5

    By Lr Crahlos Merd
    Dealfor is really cheap, many things are only half the price, some even 90% off‌‌    
  • good freebie  ‌  ‌​ 5/5

    I participated in their sign-in and courtesy event, and it took only 3 days to receive the LED stripe lights from them, thank you very much     ‍ 
  • Great app‍  ‍ ​ 5/5

    By ZAlireiazNakb kht
    Many people say that email cannot be registered, but my brother and I can register successfully, maybe you can try gmail ​ ‍ ‌  
  • Coupon code  ‌ ‌   5/5

    Their customer service is very patient, I asked them some questions, have even replied to me, and helped me solve the problem​ ‌  ‌‌ 
  • Saving money     ‌ 5/5

    By JM kcaao
    Dealfor was recommended by a friend. He got a free gift for participating in the event. I recommend it directly, thank you‍ ‍  ‍ 
  • Good customer service ‌​    5/5

    By Mr RoduNf liedermeier
    This APP is really save me a lot of money, I used to buy a half-price massage gun       
  • Worth your time‌  ‌  ‍ 5/5

    By Brece nenuBtt
    This APP does not require us to purchase any products, it only provides coupon code, why not try it‍  ​‍   
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Suffield11297
    Tried to register SEVERAL times. Cannot put in the country—get an error message “area code.” Deleted the app twice and reloaded—same problem. 👎
  • T 1/5

    By moh komsr
    What’s wrong with it I tried toRegister are used 4 emails and kept saying invalid emails
  • Sign in 1/5

    By Alighaith
    Bad Can’t register
  • Girl, guess what? 1/5

    By rihky
    There’s no way to delete your account.
  • Cannot register 1/5

    By Nonicknameformoi
    I repeatedly get e-mail verification error, even after entering correct e-mail and code.
  • Very Amazing!    ‍ ‌ 4/5

    By .MicallefAropmIts
    I do not know how they got codes from Amazon owners, but they are very amazing, It literally just give the codes to you for free!! I also checked in, they really gave us the freebies. It was a camera. So Amazing!!   ​  ‍ 
  • Summer Campaign‍      5/5

    By Laczern
    I was attracted by TIKTOK videos that people got freebies from online. I checked in for 7 days and I really got a monitor!! That is so amazing. They just give you discount codes for free, only do is to check in every day. That is pretty great.‍       
  • Online deals and freebies. ‍ ‌   4/5

    By JimaliShar fa
    I saw online and some people told us how to get freebies on Internet. They have a lot of discounts that are amazing. I also got freebie from the check-in campaigns. But the product is not what I really expect. My wife also got one, she got what she like!!! so if we can do a wish product on the campaign, that would be nice. I saw people got a monitor, I really wanted that.       
  • The 5 star ideas but 4 star app   ‍    5/5

    By Yip gi knowh
    The idea is great when I listen to the introduction on Social platform, I do not have enough time for getting all discount online and This app helps me to get it. But sometimes they promote products in a particular period, after that products may offline or codes expired. IF they can remind us when time period of the codes. That would be very nice!!!    ​ 
  • Worth trying    ‌  4/5

    By txxPsFayQaithxx
    It literally has very good deals!! for popular products!! but codes sometime not valid or the price is same to that on Amazon shops. SO Please give the promotion duration.   ​    
  • Very good but sometimes codes expired     ​  5/5

    By Hoo Sei Wyeu
    I literally check every time when i shopping Amazon. They are amazing and I have saved a lot, but sometimes codes do not work. May be promotions stop before i got the code, so if they can remind when is the end of the promotions, that is great.      
  • Save a lots!        4/5

    By Alae doahmaM
    I saw many influencers from TIKTOK endorsed this app. And I saw it and downloaded it and they are amazing. You know I brought a lot of items before I saw discounts on the app. Such a pity!  ‌    
  • I love their jwellery.  ​  ‌  5/5

    By dr. LeMnorao
    My mom likes jwellery but she is very old-fashioned and do not know how to use online shopping apps for some good deals. So I just found the jwellery here is better than any other platforms that provides price-off to necklace, rings, etc. I hope I can find a golden ring one day.   ‌ ‌ 
  • Must have for game players  ‍     4/5

    I just went everywhere online and I wanted a PS4 switcher, since I am a game alcoholic. Many places sell good switchers for like 20+$, but here they only do 10$+, that is very amazing. But the problem is that codes sometimes expire and I am not able to get my friends a new switcher‌   ‍​‍ 
  • I like platform that is Amazon-based ​     5/5

    By nTa Alan
    Some people just recommended me to use other shopping apps that may give me a large disocunts to products. But I actaully prefer Amazon-based platforms, which I do not worry about information safety, etc. It literally just gives the coupon codes. I do not need to do anything like add credit card.       

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