Deep Sleep Fan for Bedtime

Deep Sleep Fan for Bedtime

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kitefaster
  • Compatibility: Android
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Deep Sleep Fan for Bedtime App

Fall asleep faster with two high quality fan noises. Don't bother lugging around a sleep machine or turning on a real fan. This sleep app will help you fall asleep faster, better and cheaper. Conquer your insomnia and fall asleep tonight with the most realistic fan sounds app. The white noise that this fan app produces will help you relax and drift off into a deep sleep. Works great with newborn babies and kids to help calm them down and let them know when it's bedtime or nap time. On screen controls allow you to easily adjust volume, oscillation, fade out and timer. Features include: Fan sounds at two speed levels (high and low) Oscillator - simulates the sound of a fan panning left and right Fader - adjust the fade out duration Timer - automatically turn the fan off Play on launch Plays in the background Control animations 24 color themes AirPlay support On screen volume control 3D Touch Zero advertisements In app purchases allow you to increase the timer from one hour to twelve hours and give you continuous play mode, increase the fade out duration from one minute to one hour, and increase the duration of oscillation.

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Deep Sleep Fan for Bedtime app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By ry4566
    Works perfectly as a white noise machine, never ever cuts out like some. Continuous sound. Use it at home for loud neighbors above and also works great at hotels. Awesome app.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Deacon315
    This is a trash app don’t get
  • The noise 3/5

    By Go get this app now!!!!
    I love this app and I had it for 5min, When you turn your phone off you can hear it and it’s like your listening to music bc it has all the controls out for easy reach, The noise. It sounds like the rain crashing and not a fan. I would like to hear more off a fan noise. I said I loved it but the more and more I hear it, it sounds like rain.(fan app playing on phone) those are the two reasons why I gave the app 3 stars and it’s not an app I will be keeping bc of the noise!🧐🙄
  • Works like a charm 5/5

    By jesticsiahew
    My 10yr old will start it himself, to get ready for bed and in a matter of minutes he’s fast asleep. Grateful I found this before buying another device.
  • fan!! 5/5

    By Memesoc
    its nice but the only thing i dont want it on for a hour only 5 mins it still good
  • I must have a fan. 5/5

    By ReandJodo
    Went to the beach and forgot my small fan at home. I download this app since no stores were open near me and it was the best ever. I didn’t have the breeze of my fan but the noise helped me sleep!
  • Volume 3/5

    By sleepless in Merida
    I can’t adjust the volume.It use to work!
  • Love but wish it went longer than an hour 4/5

    By Anonymous3687321285869391
    Love this app so much. I use it on the daily. But I wish it allowed us to listen more than an hour without having to upgrade. :/
  • Get It! 5/5

    By sarahc376
    completely satisfied with this app. it has saved me every time i forgot my box fan and refused to sleep in silence. it is peaceful to fall asleep to that i use it every night along with my bedside table fan. 5/5 stars all the way.
  • It works 5/5

    By meilss
    I feel like I’m a sleep
  • Amazing 5/5

    By berghlau
    I sleep with a box fan at home so when I travel this is perfect for noise because it’s so easy and it sounds the same!
  • Continuous play in background doesn’t work 1/5

    By Cynmoe
    I was told to gorse stop it and restart. Still doesn’t work. What did I pay for?
  • deep sleep fan for bedtime 5/5

    By briancarroll85
    Can you put the app on android device to? I love this app

    By she believed and he lied
    I’m burning up, I was buying this app expecting a nice cool experience. I downloaded it and it turned up as trash, the sound is like a cat dying. I just want a pleasant fan to keep me company at night, but no. Very disappointed 👎🏻🤮
  • Works Perfect 5/5

    By Cooper likes apps
    I bought the paid version because the App Creator deserves every penny for the perfect traveling sounds machine. I love the medium fan and it is so nice to have a timer for when it should turn off for special occasions too! Thank You App Creator!
  • lol d okxelo 5/5

    By xomededexoldxdlo xe
  • Sleep fan 4/5

    By therealfloridaevie
    It helps me sleep.It is just one of the best apps
  • Happy Snoozing 😴 5/5

    By zzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Happy to have this simple little app instead of having to take an oscillating fan on our trips. Have used it several times and have recommended it for those who need soothing noise to drift off to la-la land! Thankful to have this sleep aid. 💤
  • Meh... Coupd be better 2/5

    By GamerGirl1213
    I like the noise, but I can only have it for 1 hour!!! I also have to pay for the full ver. to get it for up to twelve hours.
  • Never leave home without it !!! 5/5

    By Trickedooo
    Time to pack for camping trip, first item SLEEP FAN Time to pack for vacation, first item, SLEEP FAN Time to pack for hospital stay, first item, SLEEP FAN Time for baby’s nap, first item, SLEEP FAN Time to show out of town guest their room, first item SLEEP FAN I have no idea why everyone does not have SLEEP FAN ! I think anyone that gives this a try will LOVE IT.
  • Actually works!!! 5/5

    By random kiddo yeet
    My fren wet my pantssss cuz of wudder! 💦 and i used this app to dry them, and i actually felt the wind! And it dried my pants completely!!
  • The best! 5/5

    By Island_ Boy
    I could never sleep with out a little noise in the background....... I know.... it’s weird right😂?! But this app is the app where it could help you sleep or just to relax, with the peaceful noise of the fans!
  • :) 5/5

    By Hamilton!993
    Love it! Simple, but perfect! The extra options are nice to. Just curious if it will cost me 4.99 a month or just one time.
  • White noise dream come true! 5/5

    By bikkyBoiBluzn
    I used to turn my alarm clock dial all the way in one direction to get white noise while I sleep. Every now and then it would sort of tune in and music would play. This fan app is straight up great!!! No variation in noise!
  • This doesn’t sound like a fan at all 1/5

    By why did you gut the app
    Just loud whooshing noise. Deleted immediately.
  • The perfect sound for my toddlers 5/5

    By JillianMarieC
    I found this app while desperate for something to take over the silence while away from vacation. This app really was just the right noise in comparison to our air purifier at home. It also has become a great addition to our at home noise and will help my toddlers fall asleep sooner! That’s a big WIN in my book.
  • Great sleep 5/5

    By FatCamp31
    Great app for travel and my kids’ room. Bought the continuous play upgrade and love it.
  • Nice smooth sound. 5/5

    By A Fan tooo
    I have always had the Hammacher Schlemmer white noise sleep machine. Since they’ve gone out of business I’ve tried many alternatives: real fans, apps, etc. Bingo! This is the one. The sound is nice and smooth, a true fan noise (mixed w a slight ocean tone. It will play continuously if you upgrade for $2. That’s the catch but it’s worth it. Perfect pitch, perfect sound.
  • In App Purchases 2/5

    By Kafismyname
    It works well but only if you know ahead of going to sleep that you have to pay to keep it running past one hour. I didn’t know that cause I didn’t look deep in the settings for how long it would be running and woke up after an hour in silence.
  • Fan shuts off on its own 2/5

    By Ktkuhn
    I have tried everything to get this fan from not shutting off on its own and it continues to do so every morning, which wakes me up. I read the FAQ the app has and out my phone on do not disturb and once again something caused it to shut off and wake me up. I'm a busy working stressed out mom who needs every minute of her sleep. I don't recommend this app.
  • Big ~fan~ 5/5

    By Anna.M.R
    Really glad I found something like this that actually helps me. I love how much control you have within the app. I just finally upgraded to continuous play after having it for awhile. It’s worth giving a try!
  • Gg 5/5

    By elsamcallister11
  • Deep sleep sounds 5/5

    By ESF14
    Love the sounds, cannot fall asleep with out it!
  • Great but... 2/5

    By fgkcrynv
    Great app! Only problem is it stopping working in the middle of the night to ask me to write this stupid review!!!
  • Pay for a full night..... no 1/5

    By Burdfeeder
    There are apps that do the exact same thing as this one but they are free. This app only plays for an hour and then shuts off unless you pay for the the full version. Considering all this app does is play a noise... I’ll take the free versions that play the entire night.
  • Most realistic sound!! 5/5

    By Cheequi
    Thank God for this app!!
  • Not gonna pay for a dumb sleep fan app 1/5

    By wwertyuippoiuytrewqasdfghfsgjg
    Only lets u use it for an hour :(
  • My favorite 5/5

    By VWTig
    Best fan noise app I found in the App Store and I have tried many! I also have a “fan” to help sleep when traveling!
  • Love it 5/5

    By kat2438
    I got this app for my little brother and he and me fall asleep within minutes
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By 😎😆😀😃
    This app is awesome and energy - saving!!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By RoyceAnna
    Perfect for this addicted to the “sound of a fan” to sleep!!
  • Stumbled on this app in desperate times 5/5

    By carolynrodd
    This app is a life saver, sleep saver actually! My only thing is I didn’t know the option to buy immediately was available rather than have the fan shut off every hour first nights use.. I figured it out though and I use it nightly’s GREAT! No more bringing a fan when traveling!
  • Works 5/5

    By C17TriGuy
    Great fan sound. I recommend it.
  • Exactly what I needed! 5/5

    By ER_Sister
    Great app & the fan was just what I needed while on a business trip in a very quiet room.
  • Fan 4/5

    By Bc bcc
    Have the machine last more than an hour please
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Natattack vlogs
    I am a terrible sleeper and set bedtime for 9, but end up being awake till 11. This app helped me go to sleep faster. One problem though, if I choose oscillating fan, it doesn’t sound like it’s oscillating. I hope I can get help with that!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rick Blue
    Great app. It really helps me to sleep
  • Love this app! Best app for box fan sound! 5/5

    By BooKitty0505
    I have tried many different apps that play box fan noise and this is the best one by far! What I love most is that if I receive a notification on my phone, it starts backup automatically. Other apps stay off and that made me wake up instantly when the noise stopped. Thank you!
  • 5 stars!! 5/5

    By ORA89
    Sound quality is 👌🏼, and very authentic. Best of the fan/noise apps I've used. I fall asleep almost immediately and am sleeping more soundly through the night. Highly recommend for anyone who has trouble falling asleep!

Deep Sleep Fan for Bedtime app comments

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