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  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Del Taco LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Del Taco App

Get fresh deals each week with The Del App! Enjoy offers on all your faves, find nearby locations, and get news and special alerts on upcoming events and delicious new food. Plus, get fresh even faster when you order online at participating restaurants.

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Del Taco app reviews

  • Can’t place online order on Souther Oregon 1/5

    By Mis7er J
    Deals a good , but the whole point is to place an order online and pick it up.
  • Free tacos??? 1/5

    By simply sandyg
    I down loaded this app and no free tacos. Don’t bother.
  • What's the point? 1/5

    By ........z..z.z.z.z.zJ
    Not a single Del Taco location within 100 miles of me was available for online delivery.
  • Cant even order online yet 1/5

    By frickinapple
    This app has no value until you can order from it
  • Don’t waste your money. 1/5

    By Hgudhhudhyhduh
    Jack in the box’s tacos taste much better than these cheap made expensive tacos
  • Not ready for prime time. 1/5

    By Oh C'mon!!
    I pulled up the (just three) coupons on the app I just downloaded. I clicked the redeem option for the two free tacos to add to my order. I realized my local Del Taco didn't do app orders yet so I pressed the "hide" option on the barcode screen. I go to Del Taco to placey order only to find there is no way to pull up the barcode again. The option is found in the history section with a numeric promotional code number. There is an "(available)" attached to this as well. The folks working there have no idea how to work the app or resolve the issue in store. Off to Taco Bell across the parking lot.
  • Too young to sign up? 1/5

    By LuvWarrior
    App keeps telling me too young to sign up. Nowhere does it ask for age. Very frustrating.

    This app is useless, I’d rather use paper coupons. There are barely any offers in the app. As of right now I have 3 offers for a free drink with purchase of an Epic Burrito. I am not sure why they would load three identical coupons into the app. The other offer is for fish tacos. The paper coupons offer many more discounts and variety of offers. I feel like they only made this app to glean user’s info and track users. Not a fan at all.
  • No online ordering 1/5

    By mwaaaaahahaha
    What’s the point when i can’t order within a 50 mile radius
  • Does not work 1/5

    By _beto4
    Crashes on startup
  • No locations near me have online ordering available 1/5

    By Rico4u2day2
    I wanted to use this app primarily to order online but literally all locations near me do not have online ordering available. I like the coupons though!
  • Good food 5/5

    By shahavvdvd
    This place is to Taco Bell what Chick-fil-A chicken is to a McNugget.
  • Miss the old app 1/5

    By chaiffr
    Can’t even view the menu on this! No online ordering for any locations around me - not sure why this is a pre requisite in order to get through the app? Also don’t like that it’s pushing log in. Deleted & using the taco bell app instead! Even mcdonald’s, wendy’s, and jack in box have better apps. Smh
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By doug92706
    I downloaded the app to my iPhone 8+ twice and it shows every del taco in the universe will be accepting online orders soon—a month after it claims to be launched. The window priest didn’t have a meaningful input.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Imperial Pride
    I downloaded the app and it immediately crashing before opening.
  • So where is the Receipt Scanning feature? 3/5

    By Mdward2
    I am not seeing the receipt scanning feature as my receipts are saying the app should do. At least I see some coupons including my initial freebie Del Tacos.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By PrestoBay
    All i ever get when i open the app is the splash screen and then a black screen.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By RJ4ever
    I thought we were able to scan our del taco receipts into this app to get points? I use it when the coupons are useful. I wish I could scan my receipts in. If they don’t upgrade it to do that I’m deleting the app. That’s the only reason I downloaded it, the current receipts say you can scan a barcode in the app, when you can’t.
  • Lacks BASIC functions for a good app 1/5

    By Edldrdl
    I’m giving this app one star as the nearest Del Taco to currently offer online ordering is 1,000 miles from me. Which is fine. But seeing as none of the 15 near me have it set up I AM NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO VIEW THE MENU. How can you possibly make that mistake on a RESTAURANT APP? That’s day one stuff. Ridiculous.
  • Great app!!! 1/5

    By Manny dub
    Great app!! I love the way it crashed when you open it! Amazing!!!
  • App not able to launch on ios 12.1 1/5

    By Bring back pics!
    Title says it all. App not able to launch on ios 12.1
  • Offer Expires Before the Day Ends 2/5

    By apql05
    I downloaded the app to get the sign in offer of 2 free Del Tacos. My offer was set to expire 11/5. Well, 11/5 hasn’t ended, and my offer is gone. I wish they put the time the offer is going to expire next to the date because I and probably most people typically assume 11:59 PM of that day.
  • I want to give it a 5...but... 2/5

    By DouglovesDT
    I love Del Taco and would have been happy to give it a five star rating. I was actually excited to download it. First day the bar scanner didn’t even work. My second attempt (on another day) it’s scanned it but said “you are not near in Del Taco location” and I was actually standing in Del taco. Seems like the next generation/version needs a better scanner.
  • Clunky, chatty 2/5

    By Smak
    Too many notifications, usage is a bit weird. Not formatted properly for the X phones.
  • Love 5/5

    By nkveeokay
    The new and updated app is great! When you sign up you can use my code NINAV7853 for a bonus (: Not gonna lie..I love del.. I get their emails, and I look out for Del coupons in the mail, and while those tend to have more coupons available, the app makes them much more accessible. Location services in use while the app is running, sign up bonus when you download the app. I think the only improvement would be, bring in more deals.
  • Gaaaaaaaaaeiiiiiii 1/5

    By Carlosbluevillalba13
    It doesn’t even work. Crashes right away.
  • Crashes my phone 1/5

    By kingmankid
    All this app does when I try to sign up is crash my iPhone
  • They never give coupons! 1/5

    By Mjroth002
    I am disappointed with Dell taco and this app because they never give coupons. They have a section for coupons but it’s always empty? Other fast food establishments such as Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. always have coupons. I don’t need this app only for locations, I have Google Maps for that.
  • Simple 5/5

    By Presto : )
    I love how simple the app is, and hope it'll NEVER gain an online ordering feature. If so, we're going to die. -Your Friendly Del Taco Employee
  • Great way to get deals! 5/5

    By mrerikcollins
    This Del Taco app is great! I get deals often and I use most of them. It’s a good way to save on one of my go to places to eat. No order ahead in my area yet, but that’s ok since they’re already fast and the deals are great.
  • Uninstalling 1/5

    By F.Dux
    No point of having this app if they don’t have offers.
  • The bits are always flowing slowly 2/5

    By Sharapstar
    Will barely load. Can never check out and it gets stuck on validating basket screen for 20 minutes before failing.
  • Locations 5/5

    By DelTacoLover
    Please include more locations like Anaheim, Fullerton, Santa Ana, those types of locations please. (And if you can send me free tacos, that’d be awesome 😩) Ps my man loooooves your bean cup
  • Worthless 1/5

    By donmontalvo
    My guess is unnecessary layers of management getting in the way of good coders making good apps.
  • Doesn’t have Las Vegas stores 1/5

    By ShackandFord
    Typed in my zip code and it said they don’t have any stores in my location. I downloaded the app because the bag I got, at my Las Vegas store, was advertising it. Good one Del Taco.
  • Can I Just See The Menu? 1/5

    By Richard Samul
    I get that online ordering still isn’t a thing, although I fail to understand WHY, as it’s been a few years. Seems like you’d be done testing and be rolling that out by now. But for those of us who aren’t luck enough to have a location that supports online ordering, it would be nice to be able to see the menu like we can on your website. Can we get that? Or do you prefer us to use your website? Come on, guys! It’s 2018! Let’s get in the game with that online ordering thing!
  • Ordering and offers not accepted 1/5

    By Jaime Nacole
    Useless app if EVERY location doesn’t accept ordering or offers. It would be nice to look at the menu, but that’s not possible either.
  • There’s a bug in the app - wish I had read other reviews 1/5

    By hungry and overworked
    There is a bug in the app where if you order food items and go to check out, but then decide you want to ADD items, you need to cancel your entire order and start fresh. If you don’t, you’ll be charged your full price but the only order that goes through is last item ordered. In other words, I literally just paid $12 for somebody to deliver 1 soft taco and a $1 ice tea (total if I had picked it up: $1.68). It was supposed to be 5 soft tacos and 1 ice tea (a total of $4 if I had ordered in store). I went back last minute to order one additional taco. Why? Because my $9.50 charge for original 4 tacos and 1 ice tea seemed absurd for a typical $4 order. And I somehow felt more justified in my laziness by adding another taco. Odd, I know. But when I added the additional taco, my total bumped up $0.69. Makes sense. All good. Until I received only one taco. And I live less than a mile from the store. Complete laziness, I know.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Arty313
    Not available at over 5 different locations, wack app
  • Still can’t order online huh 1/5

    By richboyel
    This is so sad. I saw in another review you use Uber for deliveries which isn’t a great sign, but in my area you STILL haven’t made ordering online possible. It’s been YEARS now. WE DON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH TACO BELL’S APP!!!! Do better. Deleted.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By alwayswantsmore
    No good confirmation mechanism or order number. No problems ordering but no integration to Apple Pay so very annoy to rely on credit card scanning.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Jarrrreeeed
    So happy there’s an app now! The best fast food deserves the best app there is, and here we are. Keep it up Del Taco!!!!
  • Bad app 1/5

    By tacothekid
    You can never redeem a ''free'' offer
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Every ZYX name taken
    I like del taco so I’m deleting and reinstalling. Sometimes that’s what it takes to fix the problem. Still doesn’t work. Deleted!
  • Add the Go Bold option 2/5

    By Tonight We Fight
    I always use the go bold option when I eat at Del Taco. I can’t use the app because of this.
  • Offers don't work 1/5

    By Pgold30
    Tried unsuccessfully for a while to redeem an offer with an app order. No matter what combination I tried and what offer and menu item I tried it would not work.
  • In reliable and bad app. 1/5

    By Sprstoner
    The app is badly designed, you will likely go through the whole process of ordering a few times before you figure out how to get it to take your order. But the worst part, the use Uber to deliver the order. Uber is way to unreliable at this point in time. Only order if you have back up food options, you food may not be coming and you won't know for 45 minutes.
  • Hurry up with the app zip 92277 Twentynine Palms California 1/5

    By Stupidmeiguess
    Handicap senior without transportation. I depend on meals that are available online and my caregiver picks up the order. I live in the Southern California desert ❤️ Please!
  • Want to use this app... 2/5

    By Ladysouthpaw
    I haven't been able to login. The login page won't even load 😔😔😔

Del Taco app comments

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