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  • Current Version: 2.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Del Taco LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Del Taco App

Get fresh deals each week with The Del App! Enjoy offers on all your faves, find nearby locations, and get news and special alerts on upcoming events and delicious new food. Plus, get fresh even faster when you order online at participating restaurants.

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Del Taco app reviews

  • App is broken 1/5

    By Sbmluver
  • Receipt Scan? 2/5

    By Firefly201
    I cannot find where on the app to scan the barcode on the receipt. It should be obvious but it’s not.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By Tajmari2013
    I wish I didn’t have to write this. The app is horrible. It never saves my credit card info. It routinely refuses to apply the promos I’m entitled to. But, today was the worst experience I’ve had with it. I made an order, paid in advance, and went to the Del Taco I always go to—the one that is ¼ mile from my job. It sent my order to another Del Taco several miles away! And, neither store said they could refund my order. Really? Terrible.
  • Change store open/close hours 2/5

    By Gaysian_Sensation
    I understand the inconvenience of the virus situation but I work overnights and been to three different store locations and they've all been closed early. If the stores are going to close early I understand and hope everyone is safe but I'd also expect the courtesy, like ALL OTHER stores are graciously and generously doing, and change the hours on your app and Google (I double checked before I ordered!) too to match the stores. I had to cancel two orders because the app said they were open and still allowed me to order! All other fast food chains I've been through have changed their hours.
  • Going down 1/5

    By killshotog67
    I used to tell everyone about del taco but when the del taco you go to everyday starts going down you know it’s no good anymore disappointed you guys lost a regular customer who also would have others come and buy from you so you didn’t just loose my business you lost all the business I would bring to you
  • App 1/5

    By Fuzzieone
    Worst app does nothing waste of time had to give 1 star to rat it as zero
  • I would order using the app if.... 3/5

    By Moondeath1
    I would order using the app if the offers could be applied. Fix this and I order through the app every day.
  • When food is prepared 2/5

    By CCC One user
    Why would I want you to cook the food when I get there? Isn’t that defeating the point of the convenience of the app? Other fast food apps don’t do this.
  • Steals your money! 1/5

    By Four on the Floor
    Placed an order using the app. Went to pick it up and the restaurant said the app doesn’t work - it rarely send the orders thru to the restaurant. Even when I showed them my email receipt and order in the app they refused to give me my food. Tried calling customer service - no answer. Now I have to flag the charge with Visa. Don’t waste your time and money.
  • Unable to check out half the time 2/5

    By Clumsyxroyalty
    On multiple occasions, I’ve gotten all the way to check out and had my card declined, the only error message being a very cryptic “invalid billing account.” Then it works if I reset the app and reenter all my info. This makes the app virtually unusable.
  • Can’t order thru App at any local locations 1/5

    By Dumbledore's Navy
    You would think that with the global COVID-19 pandemic that all stores would be scrambling to make online ordering through the app work. Nope. The closest physical store location to my home is 1.6 miles away. However, the closest location with online ordering available is 10.9 miles away. Nope! Not driving 10 miles. Yes, I’m aware that my location has a drive thru, but I prefer touchless payment, so until the pandemic has passed or my location enables online ordering, this app is useless. I’m sure I’m not the only customer they’ve lost during the coronavirus outbreak because of this issue. I love my Del Taco, but I’ll see you when COVID-19 passes or when my local store gets their act together and adds online ordering. For now, FAIL.
  • App log-in not working! 1/5

    By Donnie in LA
    Unable to log in. Pop-up says”Get notified...”. Freezes at this point. Unable to continue. Am a daily customer..I need the coupons. HELP.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Del Taco App Siucks
    The app states the closet store near me is 86 miles but there is one 2 miles from me I put in my city name and it says there are none.
  • What happened ??? 1/5

    By ThePrincessofTides
    I used to be able to order from my local location via the app, and now I can’t? I have to use your “delivery partners” and pay extra fees just to use their online systems??? So upsetting.
  • Could be cleaner 3/5

    By DMan1664
    Not bad and certainly workable bu I’m giving 3 stars because Apple Pay is not enabled. This is the only payment method I trust with these smaller company apps.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By MikesterAZ
    Probably the most glaring omission is nutritional data. The Taco Bell app actually calculates your whole meal as you go including the effect of substituting ingredients. If I say no beans extra cheese it subtracts and adds accordingly. Unfortunately the Del Taco app doesn’t even give you the standard recipe nutrition much less detailed control. Also, as with many fast food apps, the cashiers seem to have a hard time integrating mobile orders into their flow. There’s the now familiar long confused pause, iconic “can’t find your order”, having to be reminded at the window, and attempt to collect your prepaid order twice. Why is this so hard? Last, my chicken items had several gristly bites which isn’t a prep issue, it would be systemic to their supply chain so I feel it’s a valid critique of the experience. Overall Taco Bell is doing a much better job although it’s a mile farther from home, I’ll probably stick with them for now when I want US quality “Mexican” food.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sahara5150
    I’ve tried numerous times deleting the app and downloading again. It won’t let me log in with Facebook or through my email address. I asked for a password reset 3 times but never got an email to do it. I love Del Taco, but this app is useless.
  • Why won’t it recognize stores yet 2/5

    By eatlasagna
    The closest del taco to me is not listed on the app... when will it show up? The only thing this app is good for is the menu
  • Pretty clutch 5/5

    By r4ph431 42
    When working properly, this app hooks me up with freebies and discounts that other apps don’t. BOGO, discounted fries, etc The delivery option subcontracts postmates and other delivery services which is less than ideal but it works. If you love Del Taco, it’s worth signing up for and downloading.
  • Apps doesn’t support mobile payment, WHY... 2/5

    By DSMART2003
    Pay is not available as a payment option, please added to the app. Thanks!
  • Here’s what we offer but you can’t order it from here 2/5

    By HalfCarrot
    The app is well laid out but most of the stores (at least the two dozen in my area) are not available for ordering ahead. Under “Store info”, it states “Coming Soon” but it’s stated that for over two months since I first downloaded the app. For now, it’s good for seeing the menu and finding locations but you can use the Internet or search engines for that—no need to waste space with an otherwise useless app.
  • Cant launch app - quits after a second 1/5

    By Ace101Boss
    Get an alert “app cannot be launched” then the app quits
  • Wonderful deliciousness yay! 5/5

    By MooMoo22!
    I do love me some Del Taco. This app gives me free Del Taco and that makes me so very happy you have no idea.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By This app rocks!!
    Install the app for the first time. Stuck in “pulling up your account”. I don’t have an account yet. Someone didn’t qa the app before release.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Z1352
    Fix needed. When ordering, “customize” is an option. For some items function is flawed. (Specifically the epic surf n turf burrito ) In order to customize, EVERY ingredient needs to be changed (either to none, extra or substitute) for the “add item to bag” selection to work. No ingredients can be left as is. So either change everything, or change nothing. Those are the options.
  • Receipt scanning feature?? 3/5

    By valvalsj2003
    I cannot for the life of me find where I am suppose to scan in my receipts to earn credit for my visit. The apps directions say to scan the barcode on the receipt but I don’t see where that feature even is.

    By Elijah's Myth
    I LOVE DEL TACO and all they stand for. They’ve fed me during the tough times, I use their app to order and save money but haven’t been able to use it because the app crashes with a black screen after opening each time you select the app. This seems to be a common issue among users. If any developer sees this it would be greatly appreciated to look into and fix so people (who love Del Taco) can actually use your application.
  • Fix App!!! 1/5

    By un😡
    Same thing happened with me lost all my offers because the app would not open. They kept saying it was my internet when I went into the store to use my coupons. I previously downloaded again because I received an email from Del Taco but as soon as I try to open the dang app it’s absolutely useless.
  • Useless 3/5

    By LizetteCasa
    It just shows del taco logo then nothing but a black screen, all deals lost what’s the point 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Awesome 5/5

    By BlazeKing2009
    Best app ever I go to del taco every morning and get a coffee or whatever I don't know why everyone says it shows a black screen it works fine for me I'm on iphone 8 plus running ios 13.3
  • what’s going on it’s not opening 1/5

    By seasonal alien
    app isn’t opening... why
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Trollingemu
    Same as another user. App would go to black screen. Had to delete app and redownload. Couldn't use app at restaurant because of this... #lame
  • What a sorry app 1/5

    By kmitchell0720
    Can’t even log in without this long error message popping up.
  • App die sad my scan check ins 1/5

    By App.... doesnt work !!!!!
    I tried 3 different occasions to scan a receipt while at the Del Taco and continue to receive error messages oops not near a location . I was not able to claim any of the promos and any del taco location employees always tell me they can scan the app problem w the system. Basically no point in having the app if you can’t claim or obtain promotions
  • This app is absolute trash 1/5

    By Mr. Darlington
    There is no way to login when you purchase a new device. Facebook Connect doesn’t work and neither does Del Taco’s own login system. Del Taco has successfully taken my business and given it all to Taco Bell as their app works.
  • What a joke!! 1/5

    By itsme302
    This app is the WORST food app on the market. It never works anymore and back when it did you didn’t have access to the “deals” until the cashier scanned your phone... and when you’re in the drive through that doesn’t make sense. What’s also sad is that Del Taco wants to join the world and become tech savvy but the app is garbage and they don’t even take Apple Pay or any other electronic cash free forms of payment. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • App stopped working 2/5

    By BCFeher
    I’ve been using the app for months and today 12/13/19 it stopped. Hope you fix it soon
  • Next To Worthless As A Loyalty App 1/5

    By Romana D'Votre
    I don’t see the point of this app. I thought it would be like the Starbucks app where you could order plus earn points towards discounts for purchases. But I see no way of scanning in receipts for purchases made at a location or anyway to link purchases to my account. The only way of keeping track is online order purchases which doesn’t make as much sense because they DT drive thru is quick compared to Starbucks so why would I bother. Anyway I expected this to be a loyalty program app but is only good for online ordering loyalty which isn’t how most people order DT.
  • Service Food time 1/5

    By del tacozzz
    Your La Quinta CA store is HORRIBLE. Service in drive-thru is 20+ min. There were 4 customers inside-(3 in line)drive thru 4 cars in front of me. I ordered #1 got no drink; ordered #4 without cheese and didn't get burger at all. Went back for correct burger and it had Cheese on it. Please fix it. We like the food when it’s right!
  • The app just shows a black screen 1/5

    By Kristyn770
    The app hasn’t worked for me in several months. I have tried updating it, deleting and reinstalling it, and nothing helps. I liked it when it worked but I’m not sure what’s happened all of a sudden.
  • No Apple Pay Support 1/5

    By Bliyts 002
    With all the breaches happening to large corporations, I don’t feel comfortable leaving my credit card information on an app of a fast food restaurant. PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR APPLE PAY so that my sensitive information stays protected!
  • Often goes black 1/5

    By SylverWeddings
    Every few weeks I have to delete and reinstall this app to make it function. It’s a pain.
  • Does not work on iOS 13.2.2 1/5

    By RickenBat
    Open the app to the logo then a black screen. Useless!
  • App not working 5/5

    By Rachel.F.H
    Revision: I heard that phone updates sometimes cause apps to not work properly. I deleted this application then downloaded it again (IPhone 8). The app is now working and I have been able to use my offers again. Thank you! I have received many offers from this app. I really loved using it until recently. Now, When I click on the app I get a black screen. I drive over 30 minutes to eat at Del Taco and would love to have the great offers this app used to provide. I hope this issue is fixed soon.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mirose777
    Everyone has been complaining for months. The app doesn’t work. When I open it the screen is black. Why isn’t this being fixed? Does anyone from Del Taco read anything here?
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Fraspusha
    Get a pop-up which read "App could not be launched." Then closes.
  • Your Stupid Coupons NEVER work 1/5

    By Dulce CaraBella
    I’m sick of the miserable Del Taco Old lady Hag Workers at the Culver City/Jefferson location in Los Angeles, CA. They are bullies. I’ve contacted Corporate and they don’t do crap about it. Every time I try to use a coupon it NEVER works and the employees decide to humiliate me in front of the all the customers.
  • Potential... but a long way to go 1/5

    By jbravo306
    The layout and the menu are easy to use, and overall in-app experience is good, but this means nothing if the restaurant you attempt to place an order at never gets yours order. Arrived at the restaurant 15 mins after placing the order, was the correct location and they said they never received the order. Also there should be a way to cancel a redeeming coupon code, should you change your mind. Would advice staying away from the app ordering till they improve it and work out the kinks with their franchises.
  • Best Fast Food Place 5/5

    By God Del Taco
    Title says it all, if you go here, and don’t like any of the food, that’s a you problem not them problem! Mexican food isn’t for everyone, so how can this have anything less than a 5 star rating !

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