Delivered, by Lowe's

Delivered, by Lowe's

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  • Current Version: 3.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Lowe's Companies, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Delivered, by Lowe's App

Third-party drivers can update delivery status, capture photos and more all within the Delivered app. This powerful all-in-one tool has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and headaches. From your morning pick-up to the last drop of the day, Delivered by Lowe's has you covered with all the information and reporting you need in one simple app. We’ll be constantly adding features to the app as we make improvements, so check back often for updates as we create the best app around for Lowe’s third-party delivery drivers.

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Delivered, by Lowe's app reviews

  • 🤬 1/5

    By CML92
    How about we act like we’re in 2022 and add a remember me on the login. Pain to have to go find the generic email and password they assign you to use. Makes logging in real aggravating
  • Password change 1/5

    By NickDick001
    New phone number to call and change password send me it now
  • We need a map like dispatch track had 2/5

    By founder of the GoatSquad
    Honestly the app is decent. in function it does at the very least serve it’s purpose as delivery app even though it is annoyingly through when it comes to record keeping… navigation works fine as long as address inputting was done correctly otherwise it’ll pin your customer In a field so still presents the need to double check every trip Calling is nice again as long as number is correct Notes are the only bravo I have but it comes with a but on the up side it’s great that it updates and records every time you or anyone logged in takes an action on the app BUT I have to agree with broadway up there and say the location of notes needs to be moved up to very top since communication is the most vital part of our day it should obviously be the first thing you see or should pop up as seperate window as soon as you select the customer order and have to be closed out before moving on like you have done so well with the other much less important information sections like haul away documentation etc. Last but not least why on GODS GREEN EARTH can’t we have a map I mean is it because the coding is so complex, I mean I’m no software developer but no one exists on the lowes app dev team that possesses the knowledge to get this done? Because if not I will personally fund every dollar needed to get a map added to this app it’s been done before with dispatch track so let’s get it done right!!! First things first let’s get Somebody on the phone with dispatch track and talk to the map guy see what he did! Let’s be real y’all know that guy has already seeN this app and is waiting for the chance to add his genius and put a map on here and that’s the only way to improve this app!! Recap Step 1 Add a map Step 2 put notes on top Step 1+2= delivered by lowes finally becoming an actual delivery app Regards -THE GOAT PS I WANT MY MAP
  • Trash , by Lowe’s 1/5

    By cynthia boss lady
    As a dispatch Supervisor I have to say this app is just horrible. The drivers spend so much time trying to get this to function right and is the cause of some drivers quitting. 1. Notes seem to be at the bottom not easy to see causing drivers to not add notes and then causing more working finding out what happened to the delivery. 2. When drivers put pictures in and I log in from my phone I cannot see those pictures makes no sense for a subcontractor who does not have access to the lowes portal. 3. Where is the instructional video on this app we can show drivers?! 4. Updating from the app to the lowes portal is terrible causing multiple emails about closing deliveries that are closed on the app but not showing in the portal. 5. Seems to be issues doing add on in the app also some stops just get deleted off the app causing miss counts. 6. Drivers just hate this app and basically throw their hands up.
  • Delivery Driver 1/5

    By Jihad Nasir
    This app doesn’t deserve a single star it is The Worst delivery app ever created. It drains your battery, it’s not user friendly at all. The moment you install this app it IMMEDIATELY takes up 50 percent of your battery and if it goes offline then you could find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere
  • Meh 1/5

    By iamtheonewhoknocks76
    I would give it zero stars, but it won’t let me. Constantly logs you out. Gives the “an error occurred, please contact support” message CONSTANTLY. Will tell you that your username and password are incorrect even though they’re not. When it DOES work, it only gives you room for 5 pictures which is not helpful when you have a large order-and it doesn’t let you delete a picture once it’s uploaded. But, what do I expect, I delivered in house for lowes for 12 years and they’ve got a habit of doing things half-a**ed and on a low budget, why should this be any different?
  • Hi 1/5

    By kahywnmdldjs
    Need new updates right now won’t let the customer sing and the manager release
  • Update 2/5

    By GodBody7
    The app was fine until I updated to iOS 16. Now, the “submit” button isn’t visible on the signature screens/pages. So once the “manager’s release” and/or the customer’s signature is obtained, there’s no way to submit it in order to move to the next step in the delivery process. Please fix this ASAP!!
  • signature part 1/5

    By luisrhinf
    c can't do management releases because it doesn't rotate the screen in the signature part. we are having work to do the delivery day, why don't they demand them
  • iOS 16 1/5

    By JA10Now
    App is compatible to the new update on the iPhone.. Can’t sign the manager release tab to start the route..
  • iOS update 5/5

    By lowes driver store
    App does not work correctly with iOS 16 will not let you go past the manager release screen. There is no select for manager release screen
  • Garbage 1/5

    By another lowes smuck
    Garbage Garbage Garbage, Lowes company get your money back from developers Invest in real ones I had to put one 1 star to move forward but its truly a -2 star
  • Dogwater 1/5

    By $daneking$
    This app is an absolute pain to use. Yeah wasn’t fortunate enough to be around for DispatchTrack but all the supervisors for my DT, XDT Logistics, and CGD Logistics all say this app was like taking 100 steps back. I truly hope for the sake of this business, current and future drivers/helpers that y’all do something about this app. The delivery windows are always off, I’m constantly having wrong phone numbers/addresses, and the simple fact that you guys updated the app where we can see delivery instructions yet they are never there, baffles me. When I start the transit to a CX’s house, they should be notified that the delivery driver is on the way. Because when you can’t even put the right phone numbers for us to call, do you expect us to just pull over and waste more time contacting Spirit or our routing manager to find a number? Because we’re NOT!
  • Hum 1/5

    By beboski 63
    Can’t even sing in any more how do I work
  • 🤬😾 1/5

    By perez el cojonuo
    Just look at the reviews brother do something with this app,
  • Drivers have lives too. 2/5

    By Jonny Showtime
    App works ok. I would like to be able to see tomorrow before midnight. Hard to plan when you don’t know if you have 5 stops or 15 for the next day
  • Dr 1/5

    By donpelagqtos 12
    Muy mala app
  • Driver1231231 1/5

    By driver123423
    1 dollar app for multi million company the worst
  • Needs a map 1/5

    By i hate fridges
    Please enable a map would be nice easier to map out in case of deletes r/s etc ! Simple also everything the other guy said before me ! Please !
  • Totally disappointed 1/5

    By holland59
    Going from DispatchTrack to this app is like going back to the Stone Age,Lowes do yourself a favor and the hundreds of drivers and contractors,update your app or bring back DispatchTrack,but after working for this company for 15 years I know you don’t care and never will,it will always be about the company,not even about the customers,employees or sub contractors this app doesn’t even rate one star,I see the fine job your tech people did with Sterling and think to myself why don’t you leave this part of the business to professionals because you are failing miserably A VanderSpek San Marcos,CA
  • App is trash 1/5

    By DripZstar23
    This app is trash , the people that keep it “ updated “ are trash . The apps performance is trash . If I could give it a 0 I would 🗑🚮
  • What a joke. 1/5

    By .beeswax.
    Lowes delivery is a complete joke, you guys should pay attention to your reviews and do something about it. The routing is a complete mess, no two ways about it. The app is also worthless and very much a pain to use. Good luck if you lose service and need directions to the next delivery which is probably an hour or more away. They do not notify customers of anything and delivery windows are constantly wrong. I hope that you guys do better but I highly doubt it, extremely unsatisfied.
  • Trash..made it harder for everybody . 1/5

    By Lowe's Delivery Contractor
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By mr_1215
    App constantly kicks you out and you have to delete app and reinstall everyday for the updates
  • Losing Money 1/5

    By Roy McMiller
    Our company and Carriers are losing money daily due to this app. Stops disappearing, statuses not flowing over correctly. We are having to supplement our carriers for this. It should not be so hard to get paid correctly. On top of this major concern, is the limited visibility for the carriers - no visibility through the app for the contractor to look back at pics/notes uploaded, and no way for them to lock the route in / without stops disappearing. This was to mirror Dispatch Track, but is failing miserably.
  • Forced to use but not worse. 1/5

    By Pasbar2
    Worse delivery application ever. No way to truck your stops or back to check any off them. This app serve Lowes only but not delivery contractor. Turn on ability to checkout previous delivery stops by date.
  • Garbage the worst app 1/5

    By adriantgegreat24
    The app is garbage it won’t even keep you logged in😑😑😑
  • How hard is it to fix this app 1/5

    By Kuntry kracker
    Almost everyone who uses this is still complaining. It constantly logs us out. We then have to reload the stops. Manager release,put back in transit,then back in arrive. Why do flat bed still need to do anti tip disclaimer to close out stops. We don’t do appliances. We need a map that shows us all our stops. Move the notes. iPhones can’t even select reasons why we can’t drop me deliver. Not enough options. We’re constantly questioned because no one can see we finished calls. Fix it already.
  • Major step back. 1/5

    By bengi frank
    Major step back from the previous app we were using. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to see all stops especially when the routing is so terrible!! Literally going from point A to C back to A then F then B. It’s madness and frustrating to say the least. Please. Get it together. Fuel is too expensive for this whole operation to not make sense on all ends.
  • Avoid at all costs 1/5

    By XPO log
    Horrible app always freezing and lagging. Doesn’t have a map with the deliveries and since it is controlled by lowes the store can promise whatever delivery time they want to customers making our job 10 times harder. They will schedule a delivery in the morning and you will drive by 4 others just to get to that 1 stop that they promised the delivery time for. The app always kicks users out and deletes all progress done on route now today 3/2/22 I have not been able to get my route on the app at all because it keeps saying there was a problem which just made me more frustrated and decided to delete and will be going off the loading tickets given to me in the morning load out and will continue to do so until the app is fixed. I have written to corporate and IT as well and if not fixed by end of week XPO Logistics will pull contract.
  • Basura 1/5

    By chimbo47
    No sierve para nada
  • Worse app ever 1/5

    By 1965 ryan
    Lowe’s got rid of dispatch track app which was really good to go with this trashy app. It’s awful if I could give a zero star I would I guess some companies like making things harder for the driver and go backwards.
  • Si 1/5

    By Anselmo Rodríguez
    Ustedes son unkk oh s singáos
  • This App Is Horrible 1/5

    By LowesDeliveryDriver
    I am forced to use this app for work and i am very close to quitting my job because of this app alone. It was built to disappoint the user.
  • Adding GPS coordinates 3/5

    By RTLFM
    Can we please add GPS coordinates as this was an amazing option we had with our previous app (dispatch track) which allowed full visibility for not only management but for the store and contractors. Every delivery app has this tool- door dash- Amazon etc If we are competing with the big delivery companies then we should be equipped. Next Route visibility isn’t available to the driver until after midnight. This is another issue that would be helpful if addressed
  • This app not good font use it !!! 1/5

    By Bdbdkv
    This app is the worst app that someone can use to work honestly , so many things going on its just unbelievable
  • A Broken, Pathetic Mess 1/5

    By BroadwayBrittany
    I’ve been forced to use this app for my job (call center dispatcher) since March, and the experience has not improved in the slightest. PLEASE make this more user friendly, because I am sick and tired of troubleshooting for drivers who can’t work the app. For example: notes should be in a location that is obvious for the driver to see—I cannot stress how often crucial information is left in the notes only for the drivers to miss it entirely, thus resulting in a failed delivery. The delivery notes should not be at the very bottom, they should be at the top and one of the first things they see. Also, for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE make it easier to switch between accounts. All you have to do is have a simple “log out” or “switch user” button, and that alone would speed up the process by so much for us who are stuck logging into multiple driver’s accounts and helping close stops out. Additionally, it continues to be an issue of drivers having issues with info transferring over into the Lowe’s portal—they’ll close stuff out on their end, but nothing comes through on ours. Just…please fix this app. I’m begging you. I’m sick of dealing with this broken excuse for a delivery app day after day. There’s plenty more problems, but I don’t have the energy to go into them. Just fix this mess.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By sammysweethart2580
    This app doesn’t work well at all it has so many glitches and takes so much time trying to find out what is going on since the app doesn’t work correctly
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By Tris1738
    Unable to load , glitches and freezes, logs out every 5 mins, please fix the issues for your drivers